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Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: No Moral Victories

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
February 14, 2018 - 6:03 am


Happy Valentines Day. The show talks about there plans for this "Hallmark" holiday as Amber likes to call it and it seems like none of them have plans for today. Zaslow and Romberg are planning stuff for Friday to avoid the hassle of going out today. Amber says she doesn't expect anything from her boyfriend and the guys think he's a dummy for believing her. Zaslow talks about after many years of marriage he doesn't feel the need to buy his wife a card for Valentine's Day. The Heat lost after giving up 41 points in the turd quarter last night. Oh and the Canes lost a boring game last night as well to Virginia.


Max Kellerman talks about the possiblity of LeBron coming back to Miami, slow news day huh? They talk about Wade's new role coming off the bench and how he's getting used to his new teammates. More Valentine's Day talk and they mention if getting a gift from a sex shop is apporpriate to get your signinifcant other. Amber doesn't understand the concept of wining and dining your side-chick/man. Romberg asks Zaslow what he would do if someone gave his wife flowers for Valentine's Day. They also have a discussion about whether you should buy or adopt dogs.


They talk about the new stand up special by Chris Rock on Netflix, which leads to a lenghty back and forth between Amber and Zaslow about the Mo'Nique situation with Netflix. That damn Aussie official talking smack about Goran being an All-Star over Ben Simmons and Goran isn't having it. Everyone blames Tobin for everyone being mad at each other today. Plus, Pornhub premium is free for today. Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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