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Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: Really? The Jets?

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
September 25, 2017 - 11:00 pm


Dolphins suck again. Dwyane Wade and the Chicago Bulls reached an agreement on a buyout. Will Dwyane come back? Cavs are reportedly frontrunners to land him. Amber went to Zac Brown Band concert. She accidentally ended up with front row seats somehow. Zaslow thinks you've gotta cut ties with Dolphins linebacker Lawrence Timmons after reports of Timmons missing his old team and going to visit them. Slim and Romberg lost their humiliation pool picks. They'll go to a Marlins game and beg Jeffrey Loria to keep the team. The Steelers anthem protest did not go as planned. What will the ramifications be? We play You Was Whack.


Jarvis Landry needs to make more plays. Once again, the show is reminded how white it is. Tobin's Jags whooped the Ravens' butts. The Timmons story is super weird. Does Dwyane make the Heat better from a basketball standpoint? We play Shoot From The Hip. Do you want Dwyane to come back? Tobin says if Dwyane signs with Cleveland, there should no longer be a D Wade statue at American Airlines Arena. 


Who is to blame for the Dolphins' crappy week of practice? Crazy ending to the Lions-Falcons game. Romberg brings a bag of fresh buttered popcorn into the studio and stuffs his face during a segment. We recap the Hurricanes game against Toledo and preview their matchup with Duke. NBA is the best. Melo to OKC!

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