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Zaslow, Roms & Amber: All Hate, No Justice

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
August 03, 2018 - 9:31 am


The crew starts off Friday recapping an underwhelming day at Dolphins camp. They are split on going back for a second time. Amber seems to be the only one who wants to go and that's only to watch the sunrise. Only Romberg bothered watching the Hall of Fame game last night. Amber is trying to convince her fiancee to take part in a "joint bachelor party" Zaslow and Roms shoot this idea down as terrible. Ryan Tannehill is getting ate up in practice. Is there any worry setting in with Dolphins fans? Last Night: Former UFC bantamweight champ becomes the latest athlete to get chewed up by old offensive tweets. 


The hour starts off with a new Drake parody song from Slim Thickens "On My Dolphins (Kiko)" Kenny Still is still playing big brother to DeVante Parker. Should Parker still need a big brother in year 4? Zas is tired of discussing his potential. Kirk Herbstreit wants everyone to take their time in getting all the facts with the Urban Meyer case. Romberg says no one waited for the facts when it came to the Miami Hurricanes troubles. Amber fires back saying that it's silly for Canes fans to be mad at people wanting fairness. Flub Friday recaps this week's interview disaster. Amber gets boxed in by Tobin. 


Texters think Tobin talks too much. Amber refuses to hear facts on the Canes getting treated unfairly. The Canes have seven hall of famers after Ray Lewis goes in this weekend. How many will they have in 5 years. Could it double? Dan LeBatard joins the show to discuss his Mas Miami event tomorrow night. Zaslow and Tobin plan on arriving super early. Will live action Winnie The Pooh be good? Is Moana a top 3 Disney Movie. Romberg has his own version of "You're Welcome"

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