Where can I download a Podcast?

Go to the On Demand page, scroll down to the show you’re looking for and download via the 790 The Ticket iTunes, Google Play or RSS feed buttons.

Where can I download an interview and not the whole podcast?

Two places, first, you can go to the Interviews page to find all shows posts of every interview along with songs, bits and just about any other fun stuff we want to post. Also, everyday all the shows will be posting on the homepage a show summary of the day. Click on the post and you’ll see in the summary will be an hour by hour breakdown of the show including interviews available for you to download or stream.

Where can I see all your YouTube videos?

Click here. You’ll be able to see every video from Zaslow, Tobin, Beast, and the rest of the Ticket Team.

I’d like to submit an application for work, what do I do?

Log on to Entercom Job Openings by clicking here.

Where can I find directions to your station, your address, or phone number?

Click on our Contact page here.

If I have a problem with a prize I won or need to contact the promotions department, who do I contact?

Call the main office number 305-521-5100 and they’ll be able to direct you to whom you should speak.

If I have a question, complaint, or compliment about any programming on The Ticket, who do I contact?

Call the main office number 305-521-5100 and they’ll connect you with the programming department. We also love to chat on Facebook and Twitter.

If I want to get in touch with a particular show, where can I find a contact?

Go right to the Shows page and you’ll find their email address along with their Twitter handle to follow the shows you like.

I have a sports story I think you guys need to check out, who can I give the info to?

Call the main office number 305-521-5100 and ask for the sports department. Someone will be able to assist you.