8-21-17 Josh Friedman Show Hour 1

Josh Friedman
Monday, August 21st

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Follow. Yeah see our pitchers. It gets to grab at that to get Miami. Drive an hour drive off the only look he can leave this trio going and answer. If this is Sports Radio. Well if you look I don't know how many more seconds down here in the song gonna recognize from 1983. It's appropriate today called total eclipse of the heart. All right so I weakened or now so people drive up to room thinking I'm switching station on an hour. Were missed the best part. To get that. This is president of the aunt Marie fan club next Erica a Greg likens that's his voice I'm free inaugural taking up until 10 o'clock. I think if you had glasses and I think peace for that I've bought a pair of glasses from beast he was scalping a for her dollars a piece here. No there's price gouging and that's right he was in I bought a pair. But if you had glasses and I wasn't sure how they were I mean they were sold dark I am thinking am I going to be able to. To see anything through these things they were phenomenal. They were great. I looked up at the son of blocked out all the raise the dangerous rays and it was terrific to look at it. If you had glasses I think it was pretty it was very cool. If you didn't like I was driving to work in my daughter called me. And she said daddy said it was could be darker I think you know it looked boards like it over quite cast date didn't really get is dark. I know but only 80% of them beat some will be covered by the moon thereabouts somewhere in that area. But I thought it would be darker than it was I was disappointed and I think a lot of people just reading comments on Twitter and other things were FaceBook were were disappointed. In cell floor in South Florida. Right well what do they know the glasses you're right I mean then you would be disappointed the air and I had radio series will be about 72%. Coverage in Miami. So you know with that being said I'm with you I mean I had. I was an outside staring up news guy is that in of the glasses but I was you know I had my. Shades open and I was monitoring that if the weather's getting darker during that ranger which disposal practices in South Florida. They got a little darker richer and if you don't know any better it felt like maybe just some clouds. Came grow. For a few minutes and got a little bit darker but otherwise its seem pretty bright one they had did notice Josh is I kept going outside but not looking up in the sky. It's got a little bit cool. At that I did I was really pay attention to that aspect it felt a little cooler outside during her 9594. Right exactly so it wasn't wasn't significant but it felt a little bit cooler maybe users in my mind but. Yeah it wasn't all that spectacular if you know the glasses but I'll say that's. I was watching when it started out in Oregon and and doubled the national news and you know set ups out there. That was one of the cool sings of saint. Not being there it was still really cool because. It started with. You know you'd get the reporter in some expert on camera on product people behind them with this field and all these people is like a pilgrimage to go CB clip from the exact place. And it starts off field right just like a normal day and then as is getting nearer nearer. And it's getting darker and darker darker toe to pitch black. And then all you hear is everybody erupting in applause like big losers it was a celebration. And I thought in there also sewing simultaneously. A shot into the sky of what the eclipse looks like it was safe for you to watch. I thought it was really really cool with it exceeded my expectations. It's I just all bad for people that made to use your word pilgrimages. To various parts of the country you're in that narrow path. That. You know that there was going to be totally dark curtain. And then clouds came and yes I mean it's something it's completely out of your control right as bad luck wrong place where all the time. Right in Nam apparently that a little bit in Nashville in Carbondale Illinois Booth the side of Southern Illinois University the salukis. They were at the football stadiums so they had a big stadium was moles big celebration. And according to the folks the weather channel. For the date they projected their resume the longest point of totality it's two minutes and forty seconds or thereabouts. According to though the experts the weather channel the clouds moved in from their vantage point exactly. For that a lot of times like it was a you don't for about three minutes they moved in and they moved out in accord them fifty yards away if you're watching you didn't get as much. All of the cloud coverage went. Yeah you're talking about in event it is 38 years in the making from the last summit occur that would wasn't wasn't sure there was 79 was without the last time the next one like in the two thousand twenties or doesn't 44 is an excellent so we don't have that much longer wait here longer to wait but by comparison but. A thirty years in the making unilaterally scientists rated he would do all these experiments and also in the cloud cover. You just can't control mother nature brings a sister of the event that also obscures our view the eclipse gods were not smiling and people in the video clips. Was eclipse that's right they're very good there I don't bomb. Are we you'll talk a little bit more about that later in a bottle that have fun with. I feel like I'm digging when the country is zagging. When it comes to game thrown such joy I'm one of ten people as I put into you on on the tickets FaceBook page last night that doesn't watch game with roads you like you to weeded out and yet we love the episode. We'll talk about that later I feel like just. All alone nationwide I just they're so Q was it don't watch it. We're going to be Adam Beasley at 715. I just a whole bunch of on things to to talk about tonight but first is gonna analyst. Use once. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. The injuries keep coming for the dolphins after projected starting left guard Tim Larson sustain a biceps injury that will force him to miss at least half the season backup Craig her back now has a knee injury. That may force him to miss the opener according to head coach and he's he's been deal with a back injury but the knee injury may require a scope. The dolphins are in Philadelphia this week they practice today and will practice again tomorrow against the Eagles before both teams were up on Thursday. In that third pre season game often referred to course as the dress rehearsal game. Gay said newly signed linebacker Rey Maualuga will not play in that game out for the second straight year Alabama all star. The college football season the top ranked team tied receive 52 of 611 place votes. Alabama as the number one team in the AP pre season top 25 for the sixth time in history and the fourth time under head coach Nick Saban. Former dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph who was now the Broncos head coach announced today that Trevor Symbian will be Denver starting QB beating out west yours. First round pick Paxton lynch now Joseph said the simian who was at 20157. Round pick. Our of that football powerhouse northwestern was the quote clear cut winner and quote. In its competition with lynch Simien was eaten six as a starter last season for the Broncos and those are your. Headlines I guess that's you know we're gonna talk about the door opens without him be easily. You know the importance of this how much stock you can put many pre season game is up for debate. But you know more I think for the Backus but this one is for the starters this one you're gonna see the starters go. Through assuming there healthy through the first half probably you know make halftime adjustments. Probably a series. Going into the second half where they give weight to to the back up so. It's certainly more of a measuring stick it's certainly an important was none of the starters are gonna play in that fourth game. No not at all and so this is the game and it's always a showcase game pre season but. I do think and I don't think it's a crazy argument to make this is one of the more important pre season games the dolphins have played in recent memory because it's not like. I know in the past Josh when we've been watching this dolphins team in the coming off a 79 season to come opposites intense season Arabia Nate Nate season. And we just not sure what to expect. In terms of reasonable expectations right every year you you wanna be optimistic but it's like god is going to be another dolphins' season. Some Adam days comes and suddenly the front office seems to be aligned. And right tale seems you're making the right steps and even though he got her the and Lester they go to the playoffs and win ten games it's like them oh well another reason. For optimists it's not like. You know when they did back in 2008. It was awesome I think there were some expectations went looking back it's like they did it with a gimmick offense. And did a lot of things went their way immediate turnover ratio was. Historically in their favor so you don't go to guy named Brady. Right so a lot of things went their way this summer around. I mean they they played some pretty good football down the stretch so I think that entering the season. You have reasonable we high expectations and because of that. And because you maker quarterback change it's such a drastic point before the season begins the boost their priest is game on Thursday night is vitally import. Plus you who you want treat colored get as much time during a game situation came in with his new receivers and because he's the new guy there he's got to work on timing he's back and do in the fourth game. He played twelve snaps this past Thursday and so you wanna get him as as as as much as you get as much or as he can how are you don't. I was as he was I was glad to see I mean out of first but after hearing his post game comments. You know he had shoulder surgery. Any landed on. The shoulder and he said he was Barney give it shout out to his surgeon in Colorado but you know I think when guys come back from injuries. They just whatever part of the body it is they just wanna get that first hit out of the way I think there's a bit of mental restoration there and when they can get that personal out of the way put it out of their minds and then just plea football I think that's a bit of relief that they come out unscathed and bring this Thursday. Agree DX and it and if he gets the most important thing in a pre season game have a clean bill of health summary text in runaways is the most important pre season game recent memory what do. I'm a private room number one will put put it within the context of bits yes we can all agree that no pre season game. Really matters right in the outcome doesn't matter but when you consider that Jay Cutler's is a couple weeks into his dolphins career when you consider is that. They signed him to that ten million dollar contract he came out of retirement not just to play quarterback you like okay now another whole home season like you did for years each Argo Josh. The reason they brought him in was to try to maintain the level of play that they were expecting from Ryan ten it'll. So they're bringing him in to try to build on the ten win season three year ago so no I'm not gonna say that. This is an important game but with in the context of pre season in the context of trying to win. Ten games again this year this is our first glimpse of what this team is gonna look like a reasonably. So that's where I would say yes this is one of the most important pre season games in recent memory and I can say with a straight face and mean it because you have to put it in the proper cut. Artisan and again it's either you need if the dolphins were three win team western color would not be on the team you be working on development. Developing a quarter right and he did a guy ten million. You know just to maintain the status quo you wanna go as far as you can and they think this team has potential to do last year what are this year when it did last year and so yeah. It's a look let's play that hypothetical out of there worst three and thirteen last year and they're they're developing a quarterback and we might say. Well we're very intrigued to see this quarterback play for an extended period time possibly for the first nominee dolphins uniform. But knowing the big picture it's like well they're not gonna go from three and thirteen to thirteen and thirty. More than likely so it's not as important. We talk about trying to maintain a playoff level of football and this would be our first sign is like. Last week Italy it's fair for us to evaluate the team by any means the rights of this will be our first. True fair valuation the you know probably the first half as you describe well Josh so. That's that's right I I look at this is that I did this is more important more significant than your average third pre season. Into the Garrett back decently here you're here you lover can remember pre season game. And I've never viewed one is important while it's in its support of the players it's important guys who were fighting for depositions it's important ones. Fighting for some for starting positions you know you've got to guide Denon gotcha and you know he's he's what six router that router is router out of LSU. Probably get on C Jordan Phillips you know who has. Entering what is thirty years now I believe and you always have the reputation is occasionally taking plays off not giving at all. He met with us at the end of easier mini camper routier's. And he came to the auditorium the meeting was set up period based who said Ayman. I'm a new guy and you know I'm gonna. You you're not gonna see me I'm paraphrasing your armor reading says specifically but you know you're not gonna see the same guy I'm not gonna take plays off from Gannett. You know be this new guy and and all of us in the media talked afterwards we were all okay let's talk in the talk lets you walk the walk. Can beat out by their product who probably. Short of the dumpster fire of a game this Thursday is gonna win that job. Right and it was interesting to here I don't know Chris Perkins said this Adam Beason said this last week entering. Games of the people are the no cover to cover the team there all the time. It said eight. This is the one god draws job to lose it got to that point where it's like it you know I was an impressive maybe it's still an open competition. And for awhile there at the role of the impression that they're just trying to light a fire under Jordan pills what again in there to put the rookie in front of them but no I mean. Adam Jason doesn't do is just a mess around and I think this speaks to the philosophy that he preaches. And then practices because he tells the rookie class whether there undrafted or whether they're draft pick teases you come and you play hard you can have a chance to. To play down on Sunday it's cannot be guessing you right. And so now we're seeing this play out as an example that got chart comes in and even though as a guy who was picked higher than him was more experience and him. He is getting to play ahead of him because he's just now playing. Well that's one thing we're gonna tell me later is as Denver situation the reason I'm better and you don't mention my updates his. You hope sports is a meritocracy you heard things I mean years Trevor Ximian a seventh rounder. Was entering his third season. Fighting once again as they get lesser Paxton lynch who was Denver's first round pick western 200616. And here's the seventh runner and he wins the job and if you look at. Astros of the dolphins defensive coordinator last you're not had had men and brought in in Denver it was not clear cut winner I mean an end he's only make it 600000 dollars. Or something like that it worse when Juno was a first round or all be only was making a lot more. Money be damned they're reviewing any you know you wonder is. You don't which may be eventually will start but their if there's a meritocracy a guy who if you just put those two resonates on paper. You say it's got to be the brochure write notes on it. You have to imagine so especially. Re here here's the thing between you and Trevor Ximian is it. You know a year your point is Trevor civilian didn't while in college now so there you go Ferrari's ever Webster and let's just last year he was an okay quarterback NASA football. Is big office series make a decision taken. I do we move up to get this guy the end of the first round right and now he still can't get on the field remiss this. Did who's played a northwestern up played very well still has been amount. He was a not a quarterback at north western of all places are coming up next Adam Beasley is gonna join us. From Philadelphia he was at practice today we'll talk about today's practice and look ahead toward Thursday's game that's next right here on the sick. Hi it's John Clayton ticket and invited me back my third annual NHR Levine fantasy football can't put my friend Jamey Eisenberg at CBS sports dot com. It's happening this Saturday at 6 PM as for the kings at. At gulfstream park and this is great. It's free. Jamie that we'll give you all the inside scoop to help you when your weight and gets an exclusive one on one time with me to answer your questions. Just you and me you know what else to get that. Registered out the ticket Miami dot com. See you this Saturday at sport of kings and remember it's free. To take tax plumbing get all the news first. It's going to. Seven for your message configuration may apply don't text and drive. Them. Threw me. And and in her hand. Times can you Eisenberg. It's this Saturday at the sport of kings at gulfstream park 69 PM and its three. It was an exclusive one on one time would translate salary loses right turnout today. Mean accident attorneys 10747. Point oh that's a 107473733. It's sponsored by East Coast public adjuster by god we'll solve one of my life story for more details on attending 440. Go to the ticket Miami dot com it is a fantastic event is your fantasy football player right will be they're out here. A lot of people from the station of course Jamey Eisenberg and John Clayton. I highly highly. Recommend that you attend 6:9 PM sport kings at gulfstream park also highly recommend. Adam Beasley and Allman Twitter Adam H Beasley he's the dolphins beat writer for the Miami Herald and our dolphins inside or your 790 the ticket. He joins us right now O'Neal Ryan fuels and downstairs convenience stores gas line they're truly steps beyond convenient so did you. Totally eclipsed today. Her. You know I did bury bury three years they have pretty small contingent of up all traitors here but. You know what you my AM my peers my colleagues. Or mark delegate leader a modest solitaire and I were talking about it and oh Marlins system that if you you can look at it to soak. Stop yourself don't want that collapses. And put this on your background you can see well that was turned that you really do need to glass although that immediately you are currently he would do that. I've I've heard of people that did the idea I bought the glasses from peaks he was scalping and here at the state yeah it charges now are either he charged ten bucks. Are at last seemed reasonable. That is reasonable thought I did you know briefly RRR. Our compatriots in the total you'll medium market they they had a trick glass is so like it's a peak it was majestic. It was cool I thought it was really need to I didn't I don't know how all the work is there were so dark but it worked beautifully it was a it was deathly. Worth the money so I understand as I said in my in my head lines top of the show years Ted Larsen project to be starting left guard he's out for at least half the year. With a biceps injury Kruger back maybe was gonna start their he's now on NBC's got a knee injury which may require scold the white you know probably likely to miss the opener. Well of Gates's response and you can tell people was when asked who might start at left guard as his answer was. Are basically warm body strength so that you can argue restrict freedom knew that you understand I talked to Burton and and Greg and and Curtis for the marshals are that I might do that you know to make a little normally. Well odd question as you eligibility I have tons olds who. Know it it's funny every year we seem to talk about. Guard position and I'm sure it was her eyes glaze over to once the bleak and talk about open to bind. But you have to you have to you have to be concerned because. Right now get Davis who I had not heard of this on two weeks ago is projected starting left guard. Again the pink bay Buccaneers in two and a half weeks and that. That the little more than a little bit alarming I don't know. How good he would simply because I had sort of medium. This time last month. It's yeah you should be worried about that decision. Now the good news is that a one can't come to shake it got my account back today he did basically everything my aunt and his aren't quite on Thursday. At your current injuries behind him two on gene is making progress from shorter degree at the you know. Right tackle without a lot public gains Eller console back even unit a personal under so that line that we thought we would she be eaten. Please support this so it is coming to focus now they'll look garbage in probably won't be settled. Told Larson get healthy and that won't be in November. Actually another year another reason we've heard about it opens on. See if you go to Vegas and two weeks ago ban on jet beads Jessie Davis being the starting left guard you could've finance your suitably supports son's college education. Up more than adequate probably bought the home that oh it'll. I'm curious we should be you got your listeners. It it if they hurt they get even a month ago that he was what what he was do you remember the hurricanes the Marlins the newspapers or even that he. It got no I didn't know it remember that all. These it does beg the question though and we were talked toss all these names out there optimize it does the job he is and in the mixer I mean that I you don't fifth round pick the use guided to I think they had the don't decently high expectations were considers a draft of what we're what have you seen from him up there it. Not much that looks more and more like Richard Neer Rask out and really hear that don't hit that that you really what you are. These other guys have been around the block for a little bit immediate interests. He spent some time and practice squad look I'm glad you're here so Alec. Pressure a college. But I yeah that is how he might get a little stronger my epic kill bit better technique might need to you know I know the cockpit mean streak actually yet. In practice meat market eighty picks a fight with. Somebody in the eagle at the current audience show we got him got quite known because well hey if you are playing well he started sport there's no question about that because. I don't I don't reject it is a great player and he's solved he'll win. At least he must be the same boat that got a I got they've picked correctly high in the well. You put you know it's entirely conceivable not not like it was partly you all that the first couple weeks. As that her record and hurry back in the eye candy if you will and eat eat at these Scopes so it could be a bit better part monthly back. You know that the the starting what part of the Miami Dolphins and we are here for Mike Madigan a roster right now. It's kind of crazy protest sorties go in the NFL now on one side of the ball you're gonna print throughout predicted it isn't labor laws are ages detailed the other side of the ball get a fifth round pick. It divide dot Shaw did he is playing extremely wanted last time. We spoke about this on the radio you were saying it's his job to lose and he had a great. Dame in the action that he saw last Thursday night so looks like he's got a strangle hold on that defensive tackle position doesn't. Yeah I watched that today and they gave he'll also look at where were the ones may have I think they still won eight remember patient who don't want. Got to all taken. Did you by sixty after the game and just eat meat right to your door every few that so I don't think it is they're in a couple Burton talks as they now. Put it mildly but certainly he's I got shot and a good deed that we practice the week. And a good team on Thursday and eat your weak ones are which is pretty wild because. Get round pick particularly non skilled position players you can take a long time to develop like like 23 years later released the and contributing have to be patient there's a reading and a perfect round picks they applause. But yet shown to many of them and again they're not gonna ask them get an 89 back to cheer but their harassment and the American Iran inflict collapsed pocket. And and just make teams think about that the defensive tackle position so that you visited double what looked capable people at triple or quad. Adam Beasley joins us covers the dolphins for The Herald in our Dalton's insider he's out in Philadelphia or the dolphins' practice today against the Eagles will do so tomorrow and then Thursday. Play against them in the third dress rehearsal game is a topic referred to. Speaking of that you know normally you want your starters do as well as they can in that third game to how important is it because color and his receivers need time together. Does take on particular importance just for them to work out some time because they're not gonna play and all that fourth game. Yeah I mean what's crazy it is it seems like a lot longer but he signed two weeks go today but it's only been fourteen days since the ended her apartment. If you took fourteen weeks or so much happened that time. But you're right read others still going to be some growing. It was a date for Kurt and my colleague Mombasa Garros an echo column on mat that at the line tack. Arbor Landry scored touchdowns in in the red zone G caller chill to grasp of the all ends. It may be we didn't see so much for week two weeks but he was here those are all good exit the tram line it's going in the right direction problem here is. We kept color cumin and actually were so far behind I mean it can go to work on timing with receivers since February and march. I know unofficially they didn't have the all your work out still only April but he gathered work out or that and and destitute just back. If that timing down it's not going to be perfect it's not recur by the opener might not be perfect by a weak day. But did it all those things that color raw ability is play making ability of players around them because this is probably best. That is skill position players he had as a pro odd combination of all that will be enough to get it done. The good news is we couldn't that is good news is the defense had been showing signs that occurred turns. Until today they would like bat eighth and the and I think they even obese eat patent accountable eleven on eleven. And and I don't seven granted at numbers skewed because they're there are a lot of red zone work. But they are so many got her will run a wide open. Fired axle wants to show actually want to show the equal that they made a mistake by our treaty and he didn't do that they gave up three touchdowns. Territories that. I and another went out on Jack very. He did not have a good day so they're gonna have to be much better and that. Not just Thursday but when the season begins because I mention it's not going to be corporate at all and just gonna need some help awaited the end didn't give them a lot of our 2006. So how alarming is an eight touchdown game it is just one practice probably when your at a gay senior Matt Burke in your meeting of the press reporting a meeting behind closed doors are two alarm bells go off preset Ari. This was a bad day at the office were better than that. Well I I think the fact that that it's a lot. From that eat and they did in the preceding game they know. What they have. It was not like. The sense of wonder key at all. On on a quarterback but that being said I didn't see much pressure at all. A big start up there as tired even predicated on that depends upon your doorstep and a blow your mind that is the highest paid. It took capped and so lied whole football. Our National Football League edit the highest paid depends a lot back to that tells me at the altar only at this year at that Eli is the Russian people now. You don't have to be the number one depends watched recently hacked it out by. No worse than top tend to want accurate data back our resources the one position. They weren't that today they made it kind of got the launch it into. I didn't you wait and pressured to shoot two and a whole lot. I need to play much spirit needed today as he got to be any good. Reason I know you've written an article about this occurs every two rated by how close was Adam Jason being the Eagles head coach not the dolphins had met. Well Steve brought to drag this beaten try to play so levered in a bad it is typically given the ease the kingdom which did. Even very well might be the coach eagle today he had urged Syria with Philadelphia. Dear to act as he meant it would wanna Ricci three or four teams that he interviewed with obviously the alt enter another. And I found out today the Eagles won it 82 interview with them. That will be and they each took the job that he wouldn't Philadelphia at adult content are offered the job. You would have been Philadelphia per second interview my guess is they would not let him leave because. Nobody else it nearly as quickly on those it would east Doug Peterson was hired as it used echoed eagle. An article two full weeks and other search. So I get my understanding is Mike gases that would educated guess that that that it was option number one the Eagles at all and just offered more money. Probably quite frankly that are better quarterback situation they didn't know put all we didn't know that they were in the cart and went but that's another whole story. How Byron Maxwell. Eagle onshore here today and part because. The Carson went to their quarterback. But that was a time like he looked at this situation salt and help a lot of join him. And that's a big reason why it took the job. Sounds like Don Peterson's again he's not neutered and you lose a camera there are very proper numbers aren't they pick a weight back back. They were opposing coordinators who did it 82 other able all but two coordinators in the US for. For a minute obviously the Broncos Doug Peterson with the chief so there's a good relationship between your grandchild is obviously to trade. I brought them down here but what brought mr. player down here repeat part of it. Yes I do think that Doug Peterson might not be a coach he fell right out Adam eve. That noted all into the dolphins didn't say yet that gates. No speculation on your part just double phone suppose gays had gone up there. Who'd been the dolphins head coach ray. Oh geez that's critical questions. Are being dubbed her own baby. You know and that lose out in the unit that without circle of one point. Who else and you Jackson maybe you check interject with probably a good one. But that didn't indicate a clear all along I don't know he couldn't couldn't interview right away right. Now you're on the playoffs. So adult and had to wait on that. And Mike cheat and right didn't he couldn't inner cities. Yes so I cycled yet there are a lot of regret involved there are electrical and they certainly Gillick got a bright guy. RB's I know you've you've been doing a lot of hard work in Philadelphia as evidenced by I mean you you've written a lot of articles Som Letzing anyways rebut. I've seen all these pictures pop up on social media I have to admit Eagles camp looks like it's pretty fought as his free ice cream there are actual live birds the Eagles. On this Layla to a text. That I was talking to Jason Jenkins is. EP communication gulf. You guys gonna pick up your game your first in class I don't mean flipper in all the I hear real all the people. And you and purple Eagles can't let that is that really is person class they were given away three Dunkin' Donuts coffee and go work today I guess is jaw dropped. I I always do you know it's solvent undergoes forgo the dolphins' practice so it ought not to they don't so you can admit just the car. I think she won't get Clark street it'll bring back there you know at the next site. I. Did you run until I see your face particular run of Iraqi stepson at the museum. Yeah yeah I yeah I am at now but coupled with the top raised my hand took a picture and I realized. And out of shape and I am way older than rock. Or abuse call himself fat piece that I wanted to do you think of an adjective that describes me. Might be my better half public if you get a look just like rock yet he freed. They look real WB's. Don Mattingly and Charles Barkley were there today. I didn't mean I didn't enter Charles let Andy he's probably of our a lot of clout and out right and obviously Mattingly appear that is out of marlin are or being set. Are you covering the game. I was I was down to cover one but I don't we get an app better OK. There you go. They've been based for coming on we'll talk to you soon appreciate you got a helmet on as we took him Aaron you've got to talk to that are now is Adam Beasley. Actually gives you and I'll be on the air during that pre season game. We will yes Thursday night can you do as they sometimes are free like host a show and watch something on TV it's it's guys duel well summer's do better than that is going to be difficult but we will be providing instant analysis right I do that's the thing everywhere will be the only people in the market who will analyze the game as it's going on so I think what what do Josh is. Just take turns concentrating on watching a game and then talking and we'll alternate between those two points finger on dump it right Jessica's disappearance yet because if Cutler gets his head knocked offers something you know we're gonna have to keeper rigger who dump. You lie and everybody else relation X I mean three other people watched game of throws last night again as I said the beginning of the show I feel like Ramsey when the country's sagging we'll talk about that next right here in the ticket. Fantasy football week extent tickets third annual and a jar and look. And clean fantasy football camp. What special guest and CBS sports Cheaney Eisenberg Saturday night August 26 that sport of kings at gulfstream park from six to 9 PM. Each week that's right free. But wait there's more. Yeah that one on one time when John Clayton Saturday after. 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Internist for a sneak in something here to give it to me I need to read something a little bit he's trying to be very quiet but I just out of here so I'm very effective though that's right go ballistic saudis wouldn't of known now and so I'm I'm I'm blowing him out of the water here. But tell we will read that in just a bit. But game throats. If you like and one of the only people put our FaceBook web page last night feel like a more ten people and as I watched it and most of the comments were freed auto washing either. By far seems the vast majority. Of people watch this way and you know people said you've got to sort of power through the first season and then it gets really good. A you've obviously seen all of them right. I haven't seen every episode including last night's and so we're not gonna give any way right now snow spoiler alerts American agenda details of what transpired last night so for and those who's in and are ready watches it when it's on. HBO last night and they're bordering Afghanistan. Yeah answering the phone. Wallets on yet. Your girlfriend calls a series who wants to get you know so if she wasn't there for whatever reason and she calls it's in the middle of the episode I pause at night I'd Ryan it's the market. But if somebody else called they do yachts and collect from people the funeral special for exactly yet deny it last night I didn't watch it live live his I had recorded that my fantasy football draft. Ornaments and talk so miserable drafted does not selected DVR that you know this oak. I watch that that there is a global draft went. Unbelievable episode last night so anybody does watch game at the Rosen has seen it I mean this was the second to last episode of this season. And it was just phenomenal I mean an epic. Epic show but you don't watch now is because you just count of. Are behind I was just kind of like that type of show doesn't really did that a medieval rate it's it's well it's it's could be conservative voice the genre fantasy yet. That's just not my type of thing and number not really into that mix and match I mean everybody. Seems to just be enamored with the show which usually if I want you really like politics. That's true I do 000 ruled. Driving force on the show is politics game was thrown its see who's going to be in power. So part of it is yes war and there's a lot of fighting in battle scenes and there's a lot of blood. Is also a newly politicians apparently was out of sex in this mess is a lot of nudity him medieval nudity is the same is normal that they saw me and I thank you so. Good good all around our budget but also I did there're a lot of the different story lines that they we've ended. You can draw parallels to kind of what we see now we know it's kind of a fantasy world. But then there's some elements Stewart there are completely fence and I give me any way I mean there are dragons in it. There are. On dead people in it and so what does undid people mean it's like people who have died what are coming back to life. And you could say they're not zombies necessarily but they they're like skeletons of themselves and they are bigger army of on dead people. For those you and I measure we have a lot of millennial listening. And for you you're you're too young to watch you showed Dallas. Were this is no long those line no W my number this. One of the main characters was an actor patch early anyway actor Patrick taught you played Bobby you. Jerry doing brother anyone the leave the show so they killed law. A year later became to a contract he'll return. Kill them. What do you do is they wanna Patrick dumping their white to music good part of the show. So they had his wife wake up one time for me dream and the premise was she'd dreamed. The whole season before you never died the whole season was just. I'll Kirk's. I had so in the next season when he comes back you're saying where and how can he do this because this oh wait that never happened it was all a dream you had really just. Race the entire pro. Season before that for your memory banks that's how they made Bobby Ewing undid that just reminded me of that interstate. So well. Via don't want you too much away. Be careful here but we don't wanna be the spoiler alerts they can all I know but I'm just saying it in a it wasn't this season but something. That were you just reminded me of something happen on game there was but it say who it interestingly enough. To get your perspective on what how we people watching this for the premiere episode this season which was in July. The first episode drew sixteen point one million total viewers. Ten point one million who watched on HBO and the rest are from DVR and streaming. Arms so. You know that you know HBO itself doesn't have the widespread audience bit were you know you would have on a CBS and NBC and ABC. Necessarily in terms of the television station but the interesting thing is. The people around the world watch this show because most of the past EU's foreign there on American right and based on the streaming methods that everybody has these days to watch HBO go anywhere in the world. Seoul when I was with some folks a last week who were in from out of town from Australia motel we watch him with a owns all the time. And because they constrain. And you go to Lou you know the you go to Europe and it's a huge show there are indeed they fill most of it there's so. It's amazing good yet so don't recover Stockton are American ways and really gay or were the ratings. This shows worldwide a phenomenal I I should watch out because it was a year or shall. I when I had my gastric bypass surgery I was in the hospital for two days where I went home. And I that app I was watching exit trails re runs I should watch it broke yet you could have just caught up you didn't watch it that's an NB completely caught up there I think. I will say this job stood to be perfectly honest it's a lot to taken because a lot of different characters. And there are a lot of different story lines and its sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of blood. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to invest the time but I dead at like seven seasons worth. A minute of other shell with your behind now it's difficult to get into it Durbin other shows in the past the breaking bad I've not seen an episode right now and by the time Italy really blew up. I was like three you know seasons Ohio and I was like our current pick FL what you did grows like oh I don't really have the time to invest to catch up. Sol I'm just gonna punt on the show I need to binge wash it's tougher now because with thought the door open season beginning soon and and and means everything I'm gonna be busier than ever was what I should I wanna binge watch house of cards not guessing that effort unbelievably. Great things about that you are we're gonna break that record is really sixers game with throws is huge with my coworkers in India great common lot that. The year ago so it's dad's sister it's a tough and not worldwide worldwide phenomenon so I mean I'm not trying to putting pressure on you Josh good show watch this show. Q do in my my girlfriend didn't watch the firsts. If I've and a half. Years of it but I got her to watch it with me starting last season and so she's not like officially caught up come to think is you want to want to own but I. The first few times we did it I just have to keep pausing and exploiting pausing aspiring. But does she enjoys it I do watch sopranos when I was out of Spierkel airlock and then watch every single source phenomena I couldn't get enough that showed up as good as. Any show I have ever seen before gonna break this is the Coconut Creek auto mulch up pre season update Coca electric auto mall. Friendly knowledgeable the price you want it sponsored by CN are real coconut grove home of the fish taco and named best sports are 2017. By the Miami new times and by Lexus of North Miami enemies in automotive experience the door opens up in Philadelphia today. As you may have heard Adam Beasley mentioned he's in Italy right now they practice today against the Eagles not so well Byron Maxwell. I'll let at least three touchdowns two to Torrey Smith there were numerous offside penalties just the dolphins Korean Beasley went up eight touchdowns. To the Eagles who was a bad day at the office for them Chico or got in some were as well Rey Maualuga. Recently signed linebacker who may play middle linebacker. Once everything it's all said and done he wasn't Philadelphia practicing what he will not play. This Thursday against the Eagles according to Adam gays and Craig herb who was projected to start at left guard in place of the injured Ted Larsen who's gonna miss half the season. Where they've ice hip injury. He he injured himself he's been dealing with a back issue but added he says he has seen knee injury. Which may have to be sculpt and probably will keep him out on that for a week's opener so at a gay said in the in. Responding to a question who'll play left Carty said any warm by. It's not a good sign new products to your front office is busy working the phones right or not but that's a direct message to Chris grew in my two animals are. The bigger and somebody anybody luckily. This was the Coconut Creek autumn all three season update Coconut Creek auto mall friendly and knowledgeable the price you want it's sponsored by CN mark roe coconut grove. Almost fish taco named best sports bar 2017 by the Miami new times and by Lexus of North Miami. Enemies in the automotive experience are we come back we're going to be segment called chants or no chance we'll tell you what that is next right here on its. U 790 and went 043 HTT tech ticket and Republic's president the memorial family birthplace deeply love that Friday September 5. Fifteen nerves at an attempt yet at the museum of discovery and science in downtown Fort Lauderdale expectations and you apparently is going to eat to building activities and about the latest and greatest products and they're growing families. The exclusive discounts celebrity photo ops and an amazing prizes. Brought to you by mainstream industry Kabila the first networks at pediatric death does that offer specialty care enough on it. Positive environments and AMP irrigation cooler doesn't mean clean air really in the air conditioning to keep your PC you're really helping the memorial. Bentley for a play date eleven event Friday September and and defense to be easy enough discovery and I yeah downtown Fort Lauderdale presented by the lakes park tickets and more info. Go to the ticket I am me dot com.