8-21-17 Josh Friedman Show Hour 3

Josh Friedman
Monday, August 21st

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It's we know you're working hard at the office just. Only time look at your. AB. So take a break and like our FaceBook page. You can comment on March dumb videos we post basically we're gonna waste more of your time. So it's great gosh 790 the ticket on FaceBook hell has frozen over. Basketball power by Ford is on December 2 blurb on for a lot of real beef Saturday features cage the elephant user were you doing man in the wilderness. Portugal the man and more Sunday features Casey in the sunshine and then reporters who have great unsolved how come more at stake in time with a tribute to prince. Loverboy and teel went to junior and more will be announced. It's presented by and a journal do accident attorneys call 1807 force some place that's 1807473733. Like East Coast public adjusters to settle for less one with life organic to Q a please drink responsibly tickets to sell the album the ticket Miami. Dot com and we decide there's a game here pre season games with the giants. And the browns. And oil Beckham took a shot to the knee and he got up. And it was from the side. When he got up and then went down on all fours and we got down on his knees and lower his arms to the ground and I'll make it personal we didn't know until we saw the replay. If I was in the or an ankle sure looked like the knee is wary got hit the Danny seem to walk. Off the field all right we didn't really see any kind of pronounced limp and you Solomon concourse in the bowels of the stadium again. Get down on all fours and not being a Smart restless is look like he was down on all fours like he was praying you know that's how. I'll add the pain was I mean he's their all alone doctor was around him then. And he was testing we're pain and I tell you who's in pain is my co host your Greg likens. Because for some reason your league. As a draft proceed draft we early mind is gonna be I think two days before the season starts yours was last night. And with the fourth overall pick you selected. Novak and you're you can do for an outcome walled mall depressed so that we don't know the extent of this right now he again he was walking off on his own power but that I see it tweaks. It's a headset for this is the funny part. It says photo Beckham junior takes a shot to lead a pre season game and I see my fantasy football chances flashed before my eyes and almost said. Greg here's a guy and Twitter you could written this. Oh you did write a few ports what. That was my sweet if off. You know what he Indies. It's not ideal at your fantasy football draft as early as we did but last night we had a draft because as. We got a league of teachers people mauled the country or present different. Work schedules some people in on families and everything so it just ended up that last night was the only. Night that we can all agree on told distract. So we had it that we do have. A provision where we can get two free pick ups between now and the start of the regular season should anything crazy happen injury wise their cots whatever. I certainly last night when I was on the clock at number four overall I was debating. After David Johnson Levy on bell and Antonio Brown were off the board I was in our re right I was like okay. I'm gonna go funeral of Michael junior and Leo Joseph Souza are two guys it was really seriously considering. I think Mike Evans had a little conversational level is really between Jones and Beckham junior so. I don't like hailed a bag of junior's 35 touchdowns is first three seasons. We all know this that because a reload Jarvis Landry here in South Florida but he in jars labeled the 288 receptions the first three years loses and and it told record. For receivers in the first three seasons so it's like you know what he's going into a year what you want to get the big contract I'm gold build a Beckham junior. And I pulled US as it was kicking off off the Ares I holed although both juniors is slavery much to us I'm scenery players you talk. Because that's what why on earth does he play in the pre season game anyway the second as their second it's their second pre season and even Bob and their play against the lowly Cleveland Browns and onto the clowns out there that are trying to make a name for themselves guy goes low. Hits him right in the left knee. And yeah I got a Don Vannatter was a great writer for ESPN former Pulitzer Prize winner. And he was a guest in studio wants a christening hero really want story on Jerry Jones or for espn.com. Any U lives down here so we came to studio for happ are on time. Rice this disease he's showing the replay and says if you do this meaning the defender pre season game you should be suspended the entire regular season and it was a cheap shot. It was to chuck no penalty you know flag was thrown. I mean you could blame the National Football League and the rule changes because you go high on somebody who did held now what they're gonna throw. A fly is so it's like you know you tell these guys not to hit apply. And you're supposed to go cup for the chest area in this case he went directly for the in the helmet on the in the its soul you know if I had had my. Just my hadn't had my parents draft last night idea like Al Lewis is is terrible paroled American junior but I would be taken its so bad by. Imagine even met Matthew very tweeted out coal man another 24 hours removed from selecting your number four overall my fantasy football season maybe dirty done. We do we have any superstitions or somebody that did help me out of this one. Look at for O'Dell trending right now he's not trending up and that's just means guess lazy and it's gonna be any minute. Browser Trenton. It's got to be O'Dell has got to trending very simply I see in on my Twitter trends review and O'Dell's the first one on all counts on why don't see that so. On. Anyway I'm I'm I'm not that I don't want to blunders on power Luis met Ronnie Brown walked openers on power 2007. After he when he towards ACL against the patriots in that ill fated one to fifteen sees. And plenty of guy like Brian ten ill walked off under his own power. After recent for the non contact enter this is true soul just as he walked off doesn't mean that is knees OK unfortunately. For those of you who don't like the giants who probably really happy right now. Those you earned a principled ball averting drafted the outlook on the cowboys and I like the giants but I don't wish injuries on anybody I don't care of the rival team. Or not I wanna see or know back and healthy I'm from you know my cowboys I wanna see them beautifully LB team. I would never I don't care it's Iran or not ever ever which an injury and what are their careers are short enough. You don't need me shorten any further by in order to the NFL. Once is sealed about junior always agree he's great for business is one of the most popular players they have in the league because he wanted to catch went viral last practice unbelievable. Yes I mean you wanna have that kind of football dupers many games as possible so. Disappointing development Josh says you'll see grow on the air for another hour so we'll see if we find out any news or any. Initial reports of from the broadcast is a Monday Night Football broadcast souls who forget anything. Yell Lisa salters three SPN is reporting you know obviously we the volume down maybe those guys. Tremor look through you can listen ES PNC which he says she's outside the giants' locker right now I'm sure when he wrote ugly two minutes ago the New York Giants official Twitter account weeded out there it's. Injury update photo Beckham junior suffered an ankle sprain. What it looked like his knee did I mean he was hit right on me right I hope it's just an ankle sprain. You oversight on highway one as I was for the hired as the lawyer. Right it's still that's that's preferred over in the end you know season ending niece or shorts open sort of okay clash of this is you guys to resident was sort of the man and I LB doesn't they give you its internal. Okay all right let's well for one last time it was gonna violence. And. Here's what's. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. Part one of it off with a hotel back. Junior has just got injured. In a free seizing game guys leaving the locker room with his head out covered a towel rack Gama further with the giants the giants tweeted out that the injury he has as an ankle sprain Lisa salters. Is also reporting issues outside the locker room that he is being evaluated forty and caution. Caution yet. What do you do head butt kicking now I don't it's voted out of left. They got a concussion after all that. Big Greg is and we we gotta talk mark Blanchard a helmet to the media now he's got a concussion 24 hours ago he made O'Dell Beckham has the number 14 picks number four pick in the draft. I don't have traps this. So we will keep you posted we get any further information forgo off the air will certainly like you know it's because of injuries they keep coming for the dolphins. After projected starting left guard Ted Larsen sustain a bicycle injury that will force him to miss at least half the season packet Kroger Vick was presumed. To be the starter in his place bad gay said that -- it has eighteen knee injury. In May have to be scope and he could miss the opening day of the season when less than. Who would be starting left guard Adam Gayssot they're looking at all warm bodies of the dolphins are in Philadelphia this week they practice today. Against the Eagles will do the same tomorrow before they play. In the important pre season game the third pre season game the dress rehearsal game that is on Thursday Greg and they'll be on the air then. During that game we will keep you updated and he's also added a new lease sign wind backer ray Maualuga. Will happily in that game. For the second straight year Alabama all star college football season as the top ranked team receiving fifty to 611 place votes. The number one team the AP pre season top 25 poll for the sixth time. In the team's history and the fourth time under head coach mcsame and Trevor Ximian has been named. Starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos cheesy 20157. Round pick he beat out 2016. Number one pick. Paxton lynch and that was announced by head coach in Joseph says he knew we head coach new head coach for the Broncos. It was the dolphins defensive coordinator last season and those are your headlines rook. And I was numb watching a replay of the hip again he did. He's he's helmet and his head. Hit the turf after that is well so I guess it's plausible Louise being about repercussions well it's it's just a concussion. And an ankle injury after that directly through knee LB positives. I was thing and a sex derisive and I was thinking of his exact same thing so either text or I agree ordered text is 6797 for the Coral Springs auto mall Honda text line. This giants may have dodged a blow like the national zoo Bryce Harper when you saw Bryce Harper going over for space and land. And just rise in teen you thought is you know knee surgery out for what six months eight months ten months whatever's going to be. In all he had was a deep bone bruise which would give us several weeks infinitely better. Then what would have been when everybody thought once I mean look at last your we saw you know how much worsen with the rank candles injury would be. And oh my god you know everybody was surprised. Right gap so. I would you have rice are one that's one of the worst looking injuries that didn't result in being a major one bit and Cyril while armed so we donated completely. Now Los sidetracked there children dazzled on a computer go to her but I am curious because we I teased this I was gonna ask you. As a sports fan possess we Thomas worst horrible huge fans are different teams. Do you have any superstitions are much. I have I'm sitting there lets him you know during the World Series like of the cubs would score I wouldn't move. You know we don't even after the bath or some guess what it's. I'm not moving from the scouts. If at all possible by standing up remains in the east start scorn. I'm remaining standing up I'm sitting down. I'm not moving in August and I'm superstitious about that I won't do things like that guy said you where's the same socks read by the way by the get way to Cairo back. Because he said if you Wear socks at the end of the dolphins win. He keeps where I am anti wall wash them until they lose and and Washington twice so why throughout their. Deceased you know to keep the Sox in the garage who got away for girlfriend Euro back. Yes and make sure to leave them in the garage now my wife will kill me but after many years together she understands me. You know they say happy wife happy life pay prince up to. If they go into priorities straight so those made ones I don't. That's pretty much did I just I. So so for example if during early between innings. You get up to get exploited drinkers are getting out of the refrigerator yet and you're walking back to deliver your Mort we watch the cubs game. If it just so happens that result comes of the play and it's a home run. The needle you'll stay standing out it. And that's sort of in motion right now I'm sort of the American way back to the couch put upon standing for any reason. An and they start rallying he had an amnesty standing I've done that the Rolex sports bars were of one of the sit back down but. You know they're doing well right wanna jinx even it's like. And how ridiculous is that we all think we have some cosmic control over the universally if we do something if we do any incident be the eight on the entire Chicago land base will be. Entrusted to us from price you have any. What what I at all. 24. Assert these basketball games visas are very longstanding tradition they give you go to redeem a Carrier Dome sure. Or even a road game and I did this one guy when metres of Miami most of them in basketball. He's he always standing clap. Until the first field goals made a bolt the first half and the second Yokosuka city thunder fans do better than they do they direct assault. And haven't been around as long assert his past and really connect. If it gets you're cute thing that we added it to pet a home but yes so I do that you don't you do that in the stadium I do that hole. As well or wherever I'm watching the game. And it embarrasses my girlfriend and he's still just a Derek but even if were like out it like it is only a sports bar whatever on the game comes on the and their class I'll stand up and clap. Well like it's a little catch electoral they'll likely I'm crazy. My girlfriend looks really crazy too but I do that I'll stand in front of the TV and there are times Josh really get to view it under. It was six under sixteen time outs your performance in the game they still haven't scored a field goal. And then I'm still standing and clapping during the commercial break because I that's tradition. And you would reduce the context this conversation that's superstitions well. I you can breathe a little easier according the giants Twitter account that commitment clear he's got no. Is so that is news as well look that's better than having a concussion OK I you ought broad based low without a doubt would brace and out of Halloween for you issued a drop like. Related do it some sort of standard is needed on oh by the way he tore this business and that's. I've by the way I do anything embarrassing and public like that like class town people look at me and they go what the hell's your problem you know and I say. I'm Greg likens what the hell is it to Ria. Hi it's John Clayton ticket and invited me back my third annual NHR Levine fantasy football can't put my friend Jamey Eisenberg at CBS sports dot com. It's happening this Saturday at 6 PM as for the kings at. At gulfstream park and this is great. It's free. Jimmie and that will give you all the inside scoop can help you win your weight and it's an exclusive one on one time with me to answer your questions just you and me. You know what else can get that. Registered valid ticket Miami dot com. See you this Saturday at sport of kings and remember. It's free. Follow us on Easter Graham and will start to we'll follow you right back. 790 the ticket on instant Graham. Fantasy football players win you'll really come to the tickets third annual in the journal of being. John Clayton fantasy football it was special guest. CBS sports dot com yeah Eisenberg that's this Saturday at the sport of kings of cold spring park. From six to 9 PM it's free and you can win some exclusive one on one time. Look John Clayton on Saturday afternoon. His register now with a ticket Miami back come in sharp will be accident attorneys call 180747. Breathe. That's 1807473733. Sponsor right East Coast public adjusters like god. All of South Florida and by flight storage for more details from attending again for three. This second Miami dec. 30 here alongside me worried and concerned. With the angry. Greg likens. Because this fantasy draft was last night. Okay the big season starts was September 7 policy yes seven. Yesterday was what he wanted to pony at Seoul Evans eighteen days before the season starts mine's gonna be I think two days before. And because they you picked O'Dell Beckham junior fourth overall. In for those who is listening got a really nasty hit looked like along the side we got roses need turns out it's a sprained ankle we don't know the severity of it but you're right now you're worried. I am warrior or use of brutal hit I mean if you're if you're new car listening tourists and when you get home. Do you go check it out it's certainly it looked back and he he look like he's in pain. You described it before app free got into the tunnel before he got the locker rooms some cameras were still on them. You went down both knees head down and look quite users in a lot of pain forums on the ground like he was praying and tell them at the the position he was it right so it's like oh my goodness you're kind of assuming the worst race and the visuals. Other giants Twitter count as runs of the use of I would for concussion is also his pal what on the ground. I'd city's been cleared for that but if there he was also evaluated for ankle injury at this point we're worried he was knee which is good because he took his directed through knee. Now in the process all this playing out there's been. A massive reaction on social media and his best friend dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Took to Twitter to express his spot after seeing that and he said this quote. This is why eight pre season in Iraq to repeat the last part but all abbreviating heat spell out recipients are. But dot dot Bowman room so yeah exactly so he he has spoken this is why it pre season and with the expletive soul. Tells join you know about how he feels about it and it does beg the question second pre season game. If you were yelled that giants' coaching staff why via Moldova and junior in the game catching passes over the middle of field. I don't know I just it's an unnecessary risk. I I we cure curious what oh what. Landry says to reporters when they whether they get a chance to talk with a moral. What he feels about the third pre season game that's one that you at every starter who knows. That and less your precluded. From doing so by an injury to your gonna play you likely into the third quarter certainly the first half Newton you know and it's just. Again the dress rehearsal game it's a warm up it's the close of the you know it's your west trying to repair. For the regular season award repeat mines pulling in that Warner he's really expressing this because again. You seem meaningless second pre season game and and again going up the middle it's unnecessary risk yes. Seoul and you're right it wasn't ideal time for us though fantasy football draft. I'd much rather be draft it's and you are hurt coming up by. I would you do need to and I kind everybody takes is emirates ray Reid drafted last week. They say wrists above I was alone have gotten mixed reaction from on Twitter is I tweeted out that I saw my fantasy chances flash before my eyes is that hit. It sold one person response to me like all who in the right mind drafts of fantasy team this early in the process. And it's a real city I had my draft to Louie did too and I victim are more so notes. See I winning and used to make fun of me because I look now from now to the end of the year as with everything through that. Fantasy football prism that's value every fifth and so. We went to break. I was leaving the studio for a minute I turned you preside spice I pick seventh overall I city you know. And I was I was reading a vote Albert out it all every fantasy draft I've seen. He doesn't last step but it's a PP are leaking that he never falls that far usually gets picked up between city born six. And I turn to Greg arsenal now he could actually following me because he can be of value pick appease her so that's how it. I feel bad for a moment like oh let's go to work out for me yeah it's still completely self is temporary that your idea editors there are you know minds is that how could this benefit me yet another Dick Rhode Island swing back in the second round and select Ezekiel. There you go. Yeah blowing and I know we talked about the last week in in the drafted did last night. Zito only when in the second round so Hugh Hewitt a big eighteenth overall. In coaching guys are came on our show and said if you get him there. Not. I don't think that would be it I think it depends Greg and I'm gonna say this at that the fantasy football and on Saturday. I think it depends where you pick you pick say last. In a ten team were twelve team PPR week and you get you know it's a snake draft and you get that burst picked. In the sec or I'm not piquant pickings he Kelly utterly no if your. Toward the beginning year's draft and you can get easy you'll. Toward the second. The latter part of the second round remember first part of the third round I think that's the ideal time to take him again based on what I'm seeing from mock drafts and what Jamey Eisenberg said. But if I'm picky I there's no way I pick him at the beginning of the second round just too early. The guy I'm with you Iraq the second round is surely. Is a six game suspension as it currently stands I mean that's a big chunk of the fantasy season especially. So yeah I mean I hate right obviously could have taken its seventeen united abuses go right. After me I got GA Jai is the seventeenth pick which are always pretty good value offer him that he's gonna have another nice season by. In that drafts again just a small sample size Rosie below it went eighteen and then Rob Gronkowski ninety and so he went in the second round and obviously be injury risk we believe the Altman boomer boss. Prospect and if you boom a seasonable we're a big way if he gets injured again then that's a loss round pick so. We'll see that the crazy thing though Josh which we all know part of blow the lock of fantasy football is that. Just never know who's deleted the big injury it could happen to any of these products. Gradkowski can give you enormous that I had him and he was just a stone every week. With him you just you don't know he's gonna be healthy if he's healthy he's just aimed monster fantasy players he's not. The boy you probably throwing a second round pick or very late first for more than likely sack out right. By the way just updated Ramona football game non photo Beckham junior. Cause is going on here geno Smith is in a quarterback for the New York Giants so he switched New York teams in the South Florida guy obviously and miles gear at the number one overall pick to sack the it's a period to a more of the same geno Smith and miles Garrard perhaps foreshadowing of things the common his career. How was your clips that I. This clips you know what. I didn't experience it like you do and soul you commissioners storm actually looking through glass I didn't have the proper glasses on wasn't going to our risk my sight in my red nosed. But you know what man I really enjoyed watching the coverage on television specifically. The first place in the country and origin. Which was affected by the path of totality right I thought it was an unbelievable scene even just watching on television where. You see the reporter and ECUs crowd gathered in this huge feel Hillary's looking up there all the glasses on and over the course of the report it gets darker and darker and darker and still. Literally you know its is daytime they do it's pitch black for about two minutes. And the place went nuts the atmosphere seem really cool and in the entire eclipse. Process exceeded my expectations I thought it was really really. Are a fun thing to watch and to witness says it was happening and it really brought the country together and everybody was who's really into this today. Now I did little research here okay and now you said the last total eclipse over the US was 38 years ago 79 Tony and thirty years. And the next one is 2423. Days away it's actually not that far. It's April 8 2000 torn for so a little bit less than seven years I yes seven years will bless the seven years away. But then after that. The next total eclipse across the US won't be until August of 204528. Years. From now now number you said that did one of the big places the people gathered was Carbondale Illinois and we Southern Illinois University is. And you send you some hotels were jacking up rates is right yet still says in this article one popular soap response sure to be Niagara Falls state park in New York. You might wanna make your hotel reservations and seven years in advance wow you imagine. That's critical eye over you when it's a beautiful site anyway middle of the scope there and well it was. You seem to see all these people who were you know making these pilgrimages to the various spots where the path of totality was and they re interviewed on national TV. And after experience in the clips are alike news it was so worth the created a lot of these people were moved emotionally after senior itself. I mean if they enjoy that experience today than they might be doing exactly what you just described or call up all the global local places around Niagara Falls and saying. How old for an advanced integrys I don't. Can tell you what I'm gonna private Wednesday tomorrow the call forty normal rates and are you jacked up prices. That. It's in order yes certainly think they are it this far to bits. That's a great question right speakers will the same management B employees aren't even making that far ahead deeply big cities. Occurrence has got them thinking in advance and then we should find out I'll I'll dual dual port in and on topic that I a bigger question task would be. Under normal circumstances how far advanced integrys but it because it said this that that. Eclipse. The mood channel touched ground north portal bar to Macs go with a troubled north these crossing from Texas which includes Austin and San Antonio. To Maine that the path a path of totality in North America ends in Newfoundland. And Labrador Canada and interest there ego so no looks like SE we will be. You know we won't have too much darkness here doesn't sound like muted sounds like as compared to today's. That raises its over the United States this will be a more international arrest there yet so. Did you say that you know we opened the show with. Bonnie Tyler Bonnie Tyler told local so hard she was on cruise sing and it's very puddle Royal Caribbean they're always is in the seas ship was a beautiful vessel. They had literally was the eclipse cruise that took off yesterday at a port Canaveral OK and as part of the festivities they had the pop group DN CE which one of the Jonas Brothers is through the front man for right. And they were performing and so was she. The time of the eclipse when it occurred on the ship. Is there are like 400 miles east of Florida and they were you know we in the path of totality she was singing total eclipse of the heart as it was happening. Kofi reject operates that's right I I can't you have number one download song on iTunes that wasn't yet the parent unbelievable who would have thought went. 24 years later she's only got seven more years it'll happen are played exactly and updating it and yeah how much of the Royal Caribbean had a pair of right. So. Interest so yeah you know I had the glasses. And if you look through the glasses it was great it was everything I thought they would be. I was hoping it would be I wasn't sure there were so dark and alcohol the good they'd be and they were great they were actually fantastic. My daughter called me I was on my way to work and she got home from school it's a dead idea by you said it was gonna be darker I thought it would be really wasn't that if it. If you didn't know it was in the clips today and he felt it was just a little bit darker you probably thought oh it's over it's. Right you want to know that today was in the clips down years were no you wouldn't apps as so big so we were disappointed low with the Mets stamp one but it the other classes what you did. And you're pretty cool experience and yeah I just you know beast he was scalping and charged a hundred bucks apiece for glasses when I was suckered. Peace it was acting like we know we have a hurricane threats and do your best bosses is illegal but some of the gas station just have the price you price gouging he was president clips hundred dollars a pair of glasses and I and I I was one of the troops. Got any idea yes ten bucks so I thought those trees most it was a good investment so. I didn't Wilfork left home because the peak time was just before 3 o'clock my daughter's got home at three when he. And I just left on account and a columnist ago outside put these on the go outside fickle so yeah that was an. Focuses a big anti semitism or spirits and while it was no burn retton is in the premarket. At 38 years in the making that's. You were even alive I was. It. So. You know dolphins they practiced today in Philadelphia and they'll practice tomorrow. I get the data stinker practice day but I don't think it's that much to be worried about just one day. And I don't Matsui there and I hope with a bounce back in the intraday we once you put on the team builder practice whoa. Not a big deal would play well on Thursday night yet you well beyond during that game so give your kid to play by play is I don't know back he's back on the sidelines. So there I was at anything ideas a replay is everywhere aren't I'll ask him to do coming up next Adam Beasley right here at 790 the ticket. Fantasy football freak accident tickets third annual and a jar and look. Clean fantasy football camp. What's special guest and CBS sports Jamey Eisenberg Saturday night August 26 that sport of kings at gulfstream park from six to 9 PM. Each week that's right forty. But wait there's more. Clues that one on one time when John Clayton Saturday after. Register now with the ticket Miami dot com let's take its third annual John Clayton fantasy football camp would Jamey Eisenberg presented by Annie -- Levine. Accident entered this call 1807473. That's 1807473733. Also brought to you by East Coast of the protesters call 855 get easy PA or visit East Coast I'm in the desert dot com don't settle for. Talks Boris cus we didn't make varsity. No we didn't even make JV who wore the kick ball seem. Only pre season. Football updates on the ticket. Coconut Creek auto mall for a million dollars for the price you want also sponsored by CN Barbara coconut grove home to Chicago was named best for our 2017. By the Miami new times and by Lexus of North Miami an amazing in automotive experience the kids are under way on AM 798 after a moral. Moral worth reading. The ticket at a easily installment Woodward academy Beasley he's been. Dolphins beat writer for the Miami Herald in our dolphins inside or your 790 the ticket. He joins us right now O'Neal Ryan fuels and downstairs convenience stores gas line they're truly steps beyond convenient so did you. Totally eclipsed today. Her parent and a you know I did very very re years they have Kris small contingent a ball and traders here but. You know what you might have my peers my colleagues. Or mark Kelly yet we hear a modest our bureau and I were talking about it. And Omar was insistent that if you you can look at it to a sell like yourself be yourself don't want that collapses. And put this on your background you could see well that was turned out you really do need the glasses although that immediately you are increasingly view that. I've I've heard of people that did a I've bought the glasses from peaks he was scalping here at the states have already charges now I did he charge ten books. Our it would seem reasonable. That is reasonable thought I did you know briefly our our our our compatriots and total you'll medium market they they had a check glasses like this week at peak. And it was majestic. It was cool I thought it was really need to I didn't I don't know how all that work is there were so dark but it worked beautifully it was a it was deathly. Worth the money so I understand it as I said in my in my head lines top of the show yours Ted Larsen project to be starting left guard he's out for at least half the year. With a biceps injury Kroger Beck maybe was gonna start their he's now on enemies he's got a knee injury which may require a scope the white you know probably likely to miss the opener. Pal of cases response and you can tell people was when asked who might start at left guard and his answer was. Are basically warm body. AstraZeneca. If you can argue restrict freedom you that you I don't know and I talked to Burton and and Greg and and Curtis before the our show started I might do that you know to make a little normally. Well the question as you can eligibility I have tons old school. No it. It's funny every year we seem to talk about the guard position and I'm sure it was her eyes glaze over because you want the bleed and talk about the open to climb. But you have to you have to you have to be concerned because. Right now get Davis who I had not heard of this kind two weeks ago but what is the projected starting left guard. Against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in two and a half weeks and that. That the little more than a little bit alarming I don't know. How good he is simply because I hadn't heard of the name. This time last month. It's yeah you should be worried about that decision that a good news is that a one can't come in the shape they got. My account you back to date he did basically everything my assumption is going to play on Thursday. That victory injuries behind him. Chew on gene is making progress from shorter period at the you know right tackle out the last couple games Eller console back. Even unit per wander so this line that we thought we would she be at ease in which corporate civic is coming to focus now about what our position probably won't be settled. Told Larson get healthy and that won't be in November. It's yet another year another reason he'd heard about the open on. See if you go to Vegas and two weeks ago ban on Geoff beat Jessie Davis being the starting left guard you could've finance your soon to be support son's college education. Yeah up more fanatic or probably bought the home 020. I'm curious we should be you got your listeners. Yeah it if they had heard that he can't eat as a month ago he was what what he would be a member hurricanes the Marlins for the newspapers or even that he. It got no I did know is remembered at all. These it does beg the question though and we're we're talk toss all these names out there optimize it Ghazi ot he is and in the mixer arena I you don't fifth round pick the use ignited Terry I think they had you know decently high expectations were considers a draft but who what where what have you seen from him up there. He would not much that looks more and more like a redshirt year rust out and really hear that I'll pick that that you really what you are. These other guys have been around a block for a little bit Egypt gators. He spent some time and practice squad I'm glad you're here so Alec. Pressure a college. But I ya but that is you know and my skeptical stronger in my epic guilt that better at the technique might need to you know I know that cockpit mean streak I haven't seen it yet. In practice meat market eighty picks a fight with. Somebody in the eagle at depends upon the show we got him got quite known because well day if you are playing well he beat these sort of sparked there's no question about that because. I don't I don't we just gave us a great player and he's a solid feel when. Increase speed he must be the same boat that got a I got it it must pick. Correctly hired him as well. You put you know it's entirely conceivable not not like it was apparently you all that after the first couple weeks. As of her record and hurry back into my understanding if you will and eat eat big bet he's Scopes so it could be the better part monk is back. You know that it of this starting web part of the Miami Dolphins and we are here for Mike Madigan a roster right now. What's kinda crazy protest sorties go in the NFL now all on one side of the ball you're gonna trip throughout predicted it isn't labor woes it is detailed the other side of the boy get a fifth round pick. It divide dot Shaw did use play extremely wanted last time we spoke about this on the radio you were saying it's his job to lose and he had a great. Dame in the action that he saw last Thursday night so looks like he's got a strangle hold on that defensive tackle position doesn't. Yeah I watched that today and they gave Phillips a look at where were the ones may have I think they stole 18 remember patients who don't want. Got you okay. 5560 after the game and just be me straight to your door every view that so I don't think and they're they give an outdoor and hopes this thing you know. Put it mildly but certainly he's I got you all and a good game but we practice this week. And a good game on Thursday and use your week once or which is pretty wild because. Get round pick strictly. Non skill position players you'd take a long time to develop like like 23 years you really seat. And contributing you have to be patient there are reading and a perfect round picks they applause. But yet shown to many of them and again they're not gonna ask them. It and he knocked back to cheer but their harassment and the American Iran. It's like collapse the pocket. And and just maybe teams think about that the defensive tackle position so that suited to get double what we're capable people at triple you'd ever quad. Adam Beasley joins us covers the dolphins for The Herald in our dolphins inside or he's out in Philadelphia or the dolphins' practice today against the Eagles will do so tomorrow and then Thursday. Play against them in the third dress rehearsal game as it's often referred to. Speaking of that you know normally you want your starters do as well as they can in that third game to how important is it because color and his receivers need time together. Does it take on particular importance just for them to work out some time because they're not gonna play and all that fourth game. Yeah I mean what's crazy it is it seems like a lot longer but he signed two weeks ago today but it's only been fourteen days since the editor are. It's cute fourteen weeks or so much happened that time. But you're right read others still going to be some growing. Today was a date for Kurt and my colleague. Armada sub air as and I can't call mom mad that they had the line tax. Arbor Landry scored touched down in in the red zone G caller chill to grasp of the offense that may be we didn't see so much in the first week two weeks. But he this year those are all good big that the trend line is going in the right direction problem here is. We kept color cumin and actually were so far behind I mean who can who work on timing with receivers since February and march I know unofficially they didn't have. The all your work out still early April but he would gather work out before that and and destitute just back it their timing down. It's not going to be perfect it's not recur by the opener might not be perfect by a weak day. But it at all who think that color raw ability is play making ability that players around them because this is probably best. That is skill position players he's had as a pro. Odd combination of all that will be enough to get it done the good news is we couldn't that is good news is the defense had been showing signs an occurrence. Until today they were great bat eighth at the end I think they even police eat patent accountable eleven on eleven. And and I don't seven granted at numbers skewed because they're there are a lot of red zone work. But they are so many got her will run a wide open. Byron axle wants to show you actually want to show the equal that they made a mistake by retreating and he didn't do that they gave up three touchdowns to Torrey Smith. And another one out object very. You did not have a good day so they're gonna have to be much better and that. Not just Thursday but when the season begins because I mention it's not going to be pervert at all that this could need help awaited the end didn't give them a lot part 2006. So how alarming is an eight touchdown game it is just one practice probably when your at a gay senior Matt Burke in your meeting of the press reporting a meeting behind closed doors are two alarm bells go off preset Ari this was a bad day at the office were better than that. Well I I think the fact that they exceed a lot. From that each and they did in the preceding game they know a pretty good at what they have. It wasn't like. The sense of wonder key at all. On on the quarterback but that being said I didn't see much pressure at all. A big start up they are tired even predicated on that the kind of watch your step and a blow your mind that is the highest paid. To the capped and so why whole football in our National Football League edit the highest paid depends why back to that told me at the top which are only at this year. At that Eli is Russian people now. You don't have to we'd and number one depends on physically act out by no worse than top ten depends on accurate data beat back our resources the one position. But they weren't that today they made it kind of got the launch it into them I didn't you wait get pressured to shoot two and a whole lot. He'd played much spirit needed today that he can be any good. These are I know you've written an article about this occurs every two rated by how close was Adam Jason being the Eagles head coach not the dolphins had met. Well Steve brought to practice beaten try to play so levered in a bad it is typically given the keys the kingdom which did. He very well might be the coach of the eagle today. He had a first interview with Philadelphia. Air to act as he meant that we wanna Ricci three or four teams that he interviewed with obviously it all and you're another. And are bound up to date Eagles won it 82 interview with them. That beat and that he took the job that he would have been Philadelphia at adult content are offered the job. You would have been Philadelphia for second interview at my guess is they would not let him lead because nobody else in nearly as quickly on those that it would east. I'm Doug Peterson was hired as it used a coach Eagles. But an article to school week another search. So I get my understanding is Mike gases that would educated guess that that that it was option number one for the Eagles at all and just offered more money. Probably quite frankly the part better quarterback situation they didn't know. Don't know we didn't know that they were gonna get cart and went and at best not a whole story up how Byron Maxwell. It's eagle on or here today and part because. The Carson went to their quarterback. But that was the key time I gave look at this situation salt and help all ought to join him and that's a big reason why it took the job. Sounds like Doug Peterson again he's out to dinner and idealism yeah I know what they're very profitable car on the day they go way back back. They were opposing coordinators who did it 82 other terrible offensive coordinator in the US for. For a minute obviously it the Broncos Doug Peterson with a cheap so there's a good relationship between these two franchises obviously to trade. I brought them down here but what brought mr. player down here repeat part of it. Yes I do think that Doug Peterson might not be coaching NFL right now Adam eve that note the dolphins the dolphins didn't say yet that gates. No speculation on your part just double phone suppose gays had gone up there. Who'd been the dolphins head coach ray. Oh geez that's critical question. I mean got her own maybe you know and that lose out and named it that without circle of one point. Well and you Jackson maybe you check yet you Jack is probably a good one. But that meeting date indicate a clear all along I don't know he couldn't couldn't interview right away right. Now you don't playoffs. So adult and had to wait on that. And and Mike Shannon Wright didn't get in her little she's. Yeah so cycled yet there are a lot of regret involved there popular at all and they certainly Gillick got a bright guy. RB's I know you've you've been doing a lot of hard work in Philadelphia as evidenced by I mean you you've written a lot of articles Som Letzing anyways rebut. I've seen all these pictures pop up on social media I have to admit Eagles camp looks like his pretty fought as his free ice cream there are actual live birds the Eagles. I'll display it what the text. A lot of that I was talking to Jason Jenkins is Kiki communication gulf. You guys gonna pick up your game your first in class I don't think flipper in all the talk about here I hear real all the people. As you and for the Eagles camp that that is that really is person class they were given away three Dunkin' Donuts coffee and go work today I guess is jaw dropped. I I always do you know its suburbs undergoes forego the dolphins per episode ought not to they don't so you can admit just the caught right trawler it Clark street or bring back there you know at next. Do you draw until I see you entries were to drop Iraqi stepson at the museum. Yeah yeah I yeah I almost pass out a couple of the top that raised my hand took a picture and I realized. I am out of shape and I am way over the rock. Or beast called himself fat piece that I wanted to do you think of an adjective that describes me. My idea of my better apple. He looked just like rock yet he read this stuff. Hey look look Luby's. Don Mattingly in Charles Barkley were there today. I didn't mean that in Peter Charles put Andy he's probably of our a lot of clout he's an account right and obviously Mattingly appear that is that a moral or were being set. Are you covering the game. I would I went down to cover one but I don't forget perhaps better okay yeah. They're go. They've been based for coming on we'll talk to you soon appreciate you got odometer on Rick and hearing our thanks Adam Beasley for joining us so beyond leader in the week from Philadelphia Greg likened stripping job appreciate you and I'll beyond. Again tomorrow from seven attend the Trevor Marie great job by you thanks for all you do less wrote the new intern welcome aboard stripping job. Coming up next a seven on the ticket. ESPN radio. U 790 and 1043 HTT tech ticket at Republic's president of the memorial family birth place deep love that Friday's September 5. 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