Fighter's Fury 11-5-2017 (UFC 217 recap, What's next for GSP? Deontay Wilder statement KO-AJ next?

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, November 5th

Tobin, Cima and Tommie Gunz are back together to recap an incredible night in the UFC. This PPV card saved the year for the promotion. Never had you had so many people be so happy to be so wrong. Three titles changed hands on one card for the first time in UFC history. Cima and Tommie were in awe of Rose Namajunas knockout victory over Joanna Jedrzejczyk. She was David slaying Goliath. She was saying the Lord's prayer at weigh-ins in the face of Joanna screaming anything she could at her. Then we saw TJ Dillashaw shake off nearly getting knocked out at the end of the first round to comeback at TKO Cody Garbrandt in round 2. If that wasn't enough, Georges St-Pierre is now the middleweight champion. His fight was exciting! It wasn't trademark GSP. He went throught a cut up face. He adjusted to an oppoent he couldn't keep down and dropped an bigger, better striker and finished him by choking him unconcious. He adds to his incredible legacy. Even with all these amazing moments, we have to discuss, what comes next? Which bout will get a rematch next? Will GSP and Conor McGregor ever cross paths? Bonus Segment: Tobin discusses Deontay Wilder's sensational knockout win over Bermane Stiverne. He did what he was supposed to an opponent he out-classed? What more can he do to earn a shot at fighting Anthony Joshua. Will the Tyson Fury factor keep a Wilder fight away from AJ? Fan Poll says they want to see Tyson fight The Champ, Shannon "The Cannon" Briggs in a comeback fight! Can The Champ ruin everyone's plans. Will the British boxing promoters even let Briggs in a ring with Fury? Tobin maps out the ideal 2018 for boxing's heavyweight division.


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Mixed martial arts and boxing fans it's time for fighters feeling. Inside the it's time for fighters viewing 1 PM seven. Take care. We have a lot to dive into we have I mean it was a fantastic night it was awesome last night Madison Square Garden we had ourselves USD 217. And may I'll throw a lot of what's been a terrible year for the USC a lot of guys miss and wave a lot of main events promise and not delivered. Lot of star power lacking a lot of lackluster results. Less there was none of those things it was. A lot of wow is that jump out of your seats and feel good moments. And shocking results shocking methods to get those results it really was it was one of those nights where as a fight fan. You cherish because it is it is a reminder that the sport is on forgiving you know who's. No bounds as far as what the results will be how they can have been. It was awesome it's it in the anybody who watches it. Regularly. And thinks they have a grass bonnet or a big stayed thinks of themselves as an expert or more knowledgeable than anybody. Put out the window leg if you are ever looking to me for hicks 00 what is going to happen on a certain night. I was terrible on the main card I was one for more last night the only fight that I got right was it was the one that was. As as obvious as we get through Johnny Hendrix getting it thrown throne like a lamb to the slaughter. Apollo pasta dish Droid him but the very if you want to talk about the cards that work the fights or. Evenly matched worked on all of them whipped on all of them. And it wasn't just that you've got. New winners and new champions you've got them in this packed dealer. Fashion you know the big talk after yesterday's fight card was. All you know what all the all the big talkers they all they all got there's and all the ones our humble and quiet days they may rose atop. And I didn't even think of it like that you go. If you wanted to about bleak talkers mean he'll make a visiting his Hui is there hasn't. Caused him to have a lack of success in his career. Go to guard ray and not really a trash talker I mean if you wanna say he's more so than TJ and team alpha male was. More talkative then he heat is that I and I guess. And in the ought to JJ harper her personality. Has had a lot of success to this thing I've found shocking us today. Was in the fact that all the quiet humble people one it was the fact that. If you're gonna go into last night figured hey who's gonna finish fights with strong right aches and who's gonna have. You know knocked down a change of the out she. Punches. Even dignity any of the guys or gals that have gold around the waist right now more than their right minds are Rosemary Eunice was good to. A it it eight pounding on you on NJ chick like that. And she that that was really the start of you know the one point Thompson must all fight. It was fine I was I was disappointed you obviously want our guys to get back in that title picture. And now he's told the last two and a more contenders. And so he's probably the back line situation that sucks because you obviously want a Miami guy to be in in the fold their butt. Does I must do all Muslim all lost wide on the scorecard does not like any other rounds were. Our complete blowout today get knocked down once. You know like it was tough veto what it was a tough he's a tough cookie to crack in. He's had that out troubled out his last two fights ago he beat you look at him flash his but. Ultimately at a job getting hit by the guys best weapon and I think probably what is separating or from. That next level is what we're Taiwan Lee was able to do is he took away the best weapon and then sell and he was able to maybe it's. Those boring fight ever. There's certainly footage of that of who was is he will be fight. But as far as. But must do dollars allowing himself to get hit with that went a little bit cell. From my standpoint you is it was a fantastic night now. The the championship fights I mean first of all rose nominee Eunice who. I just. I couldn't believe that she was able to to pounce on you ought to light that you ought to has just been such a slayer lately she's been able to just crack. And and demoralize. And just make you feel like you're dornin there against the wood chipper. And the fact that you saw this giant. Even auditioned on fifteen pound you got his proverbial giant in the division she's Dover on arazi is women's defense record and roses. You know been bin bin talked about the mental stability in the and they would she be able to a rise of she put all that stuff in the back part of that's up to him matter at all to her. And just went up there and executed she was she went there and excusing got on NJ chick just an absolute slayer to tap out on strikes. Ed and you're like wow. What's going. It eat kind of thought well what what I was look at the slate of it I. I'm not a fan of three title fights I we talked about as well as regulate I feel like were in for a long night I don't think this is gonna be one of those nights where. It's gonna benefit you to have these used. You know of the heavyweight you don't have a larger weight class in there and highest weight class that you have you have two guys don't finish a lot of people and visiting. And GSP. This is probably get a dragon like Chu in the morning late this is going to be a very very long night. And all hundred of fifteen pounders come out there. Racquet skulls immediately. And or debt and. Hole and. It was incredible. And it's so. The fact that she was able lifted to get the championship there. Unbelievable what a performance by her she was fantastic that we move on to TJ Diller shoppers go to Garber. And again going into this out they didn't. You know TJ he's been fantastic he's been a champion. You know once took out had a morale was one of large load the highest underdogs. In USC title fight history. And had a close slightly dom video dual MMA math there with you know he had a close fight against dom and putting it down look silly. It looks silly like was mocking him in the middle of fight. And it was even this case where I think Cody was having so much success. In the first round. As far as making TJ miss was just barely miss it with some of his stuff that. I may be it was a case of gotten around to because he tore rat him at the end around one practice I mean it was a case where. He today. Saved by the bell situation is he got up and he was wobbly. He he looked like he was walking on a couple stilts it was. It was rough. If we had a little bit more time there around I don't know how much your mind robbing condition might have been. Scrambled but I think that. Point of Cody getting to TJ liked that may be made a little reckless I don't know or maybe just give credit to TJ because he took advantage. A mistake. By Cody. Cracked him and don't fight was swung from there. EE he pounced on that fight was ended round to you know knocked him down earlier in the in the round with with the head take. It seemed like Cody was able to brush that off. Pretty good. But he did was able to deposit and it was so intense that flight because of the swing and you had. Cody looked like he had this when the bag maybe go you started do was dance moves in the in the early part of the second round. And oh it's showtime for for young Cody dog brand. And maybe TJ is a little little bit out of his his league here in OT it was throwing more he obviously has the more. Diversified. Striking offense but it does seem like he had such a speed advantage you didn't overused go to get caught I think. He bought into that almost a little too much that it was a case where he bit he possibly got reckless. Because he had that strike at the end of of the first round and what to got a taste the blood it fell my. May be fell again and SI does just that he wasn't able to. You he touched by TJ do a show. And wow I mean so intense as if you'd ever see that as it was it was so intense the stoppage of it. And I don't Prodi talked about afterwards Ito let me go out of my shield let me. That the you don't go out on conscious that would be dry and make you a lot of guys say that put. That spot the rest is just he's just helping you wore out it's just it's just it isn't how much damage are you going to take and he did village our guests of vindication. I I hope. This. Puts an end. To the alpha male TJ delusional thing I had you know we according to our brand on. This this week we got a month from 130. And I really do think that go to government has huge star potential. You do wonder if there was too much too soon he's a very very young fighter he was representing. Almost. Almost numbers getting too much it was a just representing Cody Garber M but a young man who. Has represented team alpha male was kind of the flag bearer for finally getting them a championship. He Jacob was the face of that TJ was leading at the same time so. They couldn't even claimed that and so the fact that they had kodi be the ultimate. Champion of now they beat a top madness aryan and Dominic Cruz and now he's gonna come out there and they're talking all this this stuff about heated bullish on that. He's the bad guy he turned his back on us all that jazz. And felt a lot to dig out for young fighter. At a certain point you also got to be about yourself Tulsa a young man where. The is he is you know held packs with his with his. Young friend and and made a matter Nixon you know has a book coming out about it. It's a lot a lot of new famous a lot of the stuff to deal with any talk about yet there's so many parts that come with being the champion this week. But there's also a lot of responsibility everybody's gunning for you and not only that he's deal with the injury that he asked to Muster through and still be at its peak performance that he looked quite as fluid in this fight. Though I thought it looked pretty good he looked he he looked like he was having a lot of success against heeded Alicia and you know TJ I think just came out and he kind of opened up the Swiss army that little bit more and perhaps that's what got audio balloting got him more mistake prone towards Amanda what's going accord. I. Remembered because he's filed last nine McCain's win meant party goes odds rocket to turn over chain all kinds of ways. That was goes that's the first tour title fights they were amazing we got to get the GSP fight GST biz being. Also awesome surprisingly for George saint Pierre fight George saint Pierre. I'm probably time to go to those rides and that you you're jumping out of your seat with the GSP fight he's made as a return hasn't fought in years. And here is looking to get the 185 pound strap. From Michael this being a lot of people doubt him I was down them plenty of experts are down George saint Pierre Davis too much time off. And he gave us perhaps. He wow moment on the night with the fact that. You know he's a guy who. By by all of us myself Sima W loves them. It's a CEO George you to get on top he's he's gonna neutralize use get a hold of you to death. And that's it that's how he's gonna grind out fights. Why this being is so fluid. Getting up from it downs. Personable. Once he got to it I think it was three times if you got to get an a for them it's I'm missing. But. You've got to you know the first time in the first round I think really solidified just be winning that round. Second round. He got to eat out again GSP. It's cool icing that face open with elbows slicing it open it was sold in our league. GSP was getting. Butchered and you think oh is not good for he has been just be never met a guy who handles. David well. The fact that he's going into this thing and he's cut open that actually already. 'cause he and analysts and and that he started seat of there was some questions of his party though. Would you SP slow down was the am amount of muscle too much she's a much bigger sigh he's now. He hasn't been in the in the in the heat of all of a fight like this for years was got into was the stress that get into him. Was he go too well did you know much misery not gonna well. And museum arise a man you give rise up. As he was popping up at least take downs and so GSP was made to be a stand up fighter and again you're thinking this is a standup fight. You have questions as GSP's party you already have him dashed opened. This is not gonna be a good situation for him and never has been it has had in his style. And portrait of Michael visiting you don't hear as he has been so good weathering the storm. On this site you think of his Anderson Silva fight was knocked out basically after the bell gets saved by the bell brought up got up. Fourth round the holy hell out of Anderson Silva. You think back to the Daniel Dan Henderson fight whatever you wanna save Dan Henderson is a contender he still or the most dangerous weapons in this in in this sport of mixed martial arts. And his I was. Collapsed it was closed up and was able to weather that storm with a close decision. And now that you know people who chronicled in two weeks no does that mean he has had a real Renaissance of of of his career. And GSP has been out and just he's always kind of note is a huge front runner as far as he. Playing as a way to take away your weapons he will you'll get on top of the view. And to be grind out city until he gets the victory this was the case you know he's facing a lot of adversity here he is facing. Ring rust he's facing a new weight class he is facing a game opponent he's facing he'd better conditioned opponent. And an opponent he can't keep on the campus. And all those things. And he's able to promote come across with a huge huge blow drops Michael Bay is being. Goes for rope on him still doesn't look like he eat and eat. It gets to that in between out all right is he going to get enough strikes here with is being on the ground to put him away. Gets. Behind him locks that show and chokes Michael visiting unconscious. Middleweight championship unbelievable that it on the believable night of fights. I think Yossi Fink got their money's worth it was it was an awesome night of fights it was. Fan. Has to really really great USC 217. I think was. The a much needed savior. For the year for this promotion this promotion has had eight crap year I don't care what Dana White talks about this is in the the best. Year for us by far. Financially. You know I understand that he is including. Their hard work and promotion with the Connor Floyd fight there. But as far as the floods they're putting on. It's been rough. And hasn't been exciting. And this title that that this had excitement unpredictability. Just just a lot of great moments for for fight fans it was also went back after the us. Each finder's Fiore. I want him back fighters hearing here on seven the ticket. Would you do luggage you guys. Does your deceased Siva Tommy guns in the building. Bit too damn law and the whole crew back together again while the family you reunion much needed. Me. Being 820 man it's on the and so aria. Analyze this chair. Still very squeaky. Now let's don't work that's the epidemic call I'm sure to fix a couple months handles. Yet. Set the mood at them in real romantic. It has and I have a Mary spent anyway. You and around and then I don't know the game content and game room. I'm ready now to music and afterwards they. Six Teddy can address Hannity hey there on the Kurdish area right that you were they units on the roads are you really sees that Teddy Pete and did you as to how awesome was last night. Another fun night wasn't it was. It was extremely Austin Leno there's going to be guys that are they re great. With the what they did a thing is being his dinner regret I have some regrets. I think Cody is gonna have some regret death I think they both in my opinion they've both got a little too competent yet especially biz thing. Visiting with start to tee off on GSM. GSP was dating I think probably just got sloppy probably especially after sliced him open from the Bob as a policy that it here. Yeah I think he's gonna have some regrets that could've been an amazing electric historical night. For him. And now. You know does he get a title shot right back I don't think he does. How will they sell his his hiring has been scrutinized are ready. I almost fell accused of retired laissez it's it's so it's always talked to Jolie Q is did he was kind of can gradually ever congratulating everybody it's still late. Okay saying goodbye. I guess it was the I want more time in London. And they got if they got a card coming up then in March or something and that might be his farewell fight. I think he's an editing fighter I would hate to see him again I think most fans would just because he brings yeah. He's old school visitors he's had such a it's it's it's weird this chapter of his career that he had to finesse things out. You was. I tell you what you you'll be what might his best us this team did you receive your excitement. He made it exciting. I was shocked he may make a Communist I don't let interested yeah I've put my seem and I we're bullish wow. I enjoy the hell out of that GSP fight. And I I don't know if I was expecting that if you look at GSP take downs yeah he had three take down to write down or they use their three. Two of them were insignificant is visiting got right Erica you know when sect which is great at. And then the third one I think that GSP was like I gotta I gotta stand and trade would this guy because look what he does that he. Scissors sliced my faith opener. I mean what he did from the bottom was was pretty amazing he was definitely prepared to be taken down. Definitely definitely he was and and tough is now that's usually is I mean he has things to some real damage. A lot of us like it's you gotta say though the blood didn't impact him as much as the east it. He was he was top flea market needs it being it was such as it was it was such a dust fly by Jia speed because. We're not normally see Hollywood that when that plan a goes out the door normally that's that's not great for Georgia usually looks like okay. He's not going to put himself in the fire and I'm surprised also that he's doing that at this H the fact that he was gone for four years I would have thought that. Almost the Rhonda factly as soon is that first crack happens. Is he easy going too busy going to wanna be in there anymore you know he's a rich man he's had a lot of success is what the hell is he still doing here he's even said. If I lose I'm gonna retire it would have been so easy. To not just wilt and he did it you got EEE rose above and props to him was amazing. I agree he was O'Grady last night in a different type of way ever so I dug it through that as much as I'm a G. SP. AA and Adam. I I really as a looked at the plate coming up to the week watching it watching it. Design that is being was going to take it I just felt that way so strongly. I want it GSP to land but I just didn't think eighty was gonna pull it out with that. Four years op. And number of people that is being has always EP as I did I I was going to be. No hard but I think as semen stated earlier that. It's what I think made it last night so amazing his if you looked at the fighters. Who won the way they did none of Ahmard devastating one shot. Artists and they all had just changed the game changed the flight eight. Strikes that news it was army to do is basically one shot counts on the it was over rose army units come whether it was not in knocking down the chair. And it's I was right David and Goliath. Did you see that did you see the wing. I didn't do that and did that nine do you view well you got to see the way away with a with a rose in Georgia. As in her face. Screaming at her pointing at her. In all she's doing is standing there stone face citing the lord's prayer that's awesome. And she's been enjoyed that are raised in. Dana's half and hold her back and she's just standing there. Recited the lord's prayer gives me goose as well as she goes out there and does he lives there thinkable. Slate is that giant. Meets on who shot an issue doctor down twice yet. And indeed the very end of it I mean gives me diss me goosebumps. Big girl is a wig. She has she's never been known for power. So. Just argument though argument of Letterman there was an amazing amazing performance the gravy is. Victory. In a title fight she was did do what did the greatest undergo. It title fight while debt one. No one yet lastly I was whom dole is this. Last week goes like point three title fights. That's never exciting because something's gonna get dragged out there was the last and they do that would it was too is the one reason aside within cyborg. On the welterweight title and then I think I think steep there was enough on the night there all had a lot lackluster. And even like sadly breaks I was going super long even resist. My god this can repent and none of these guys and Clinton none of these fighters have knockout artists I can see these all look all that happened. Olympics were wrong it was it was terrible last night all my pick and gratefully terribly homage by. And all of fights were wrong not just in the title fights just. Across the board it was a big I was a big loser last may put there by for the stand out by. Was there in the rose you on a fight did Rosie you know ultimately with the story read the book. It. Yes the the good book please check it out highly put it is everybody was mocking her mark in rose making fun of Ehrlich and got notion. Yeah like you whale were hit she win there and calm cool collected. Grow with three minutes 303 or something in his own machine. On wow. And and it also speaks do at the end of the fight her humility. When they are making it about her and she's like I'm nobody I know. This doesn't know this is just extra yes it is a section there's so many more important things in the world. And she's been through so much in her life you know the some. You know huddle had a lot of Stanley personal trouble. You know things out there with her father. And it what is. It's unbelievable to see them rise above and things like that that's what I you know I think that's what we all are always with the show just like those moments and so cool I mean you want and JJ is she's no joke and not. And I'll give you know. She was you know is she was very. Animated in the bill of this fighting this is her purse how she would have to do giver. Oh we will pause and of the guys watch the post I pressed congressman humble. Hope she gets the the rematch but you know. You're in the intimate you know people were saying oh he's she's like oh you do there you know compare me. In my emotions to Toronto arouse the itself the same you've got to give all credit to rose an army units that's what won this fight has nothing to do with the don't blame the USC insane and I had more obligations. It was all in all gonna take care of the kids to it terribly American top team. You know this is my rounds eighth anniversary of his WEC for I was like oh how the hell does she know that. Just this is very accountable and and and meter unbelievably likable. And wondered shall get a rematch I don't know what we'll do there. It abuses see out of these out of the trio here. Which one will they run it back for. That's that's an inch to one to who who I think they really begged for her because she's defend at so many ten. I would say I would say that's fair I think I think she'd she would probably deserve it out memorials seem like TJ TJ said afterwards they act. I beat him in two rounds I I given marinas to think that goes back to TJ. Figured he deserved a rematch when he lost the dominant dating Janet and also it doesn't like putting our brand so and. Not only that I don't think that he I don't think he wins the rematch. I don't know I can dig Garber it was. Our brig guard slot. Very similar to be is being a guard Brinker slap me and he was just. If you look at the exchange. You watch the final exchange and there were many of you exchanges throughout the fight there were like this. It's just every other exchange they both missed all their matches. And in that last exchange. Harbor and through college that she does miss Diller show and Alicia are rotated over the top of him came across and has caught. And these guys they Garber. Especially got sloppy we'll show you needed to have anything to lose he had to just throw punches right because when wind. Cody threw calculated jets. He was too you know. Will it also I think he. When he had that knocked down late in the first round he had anything in himself I got this I got this thing I had just got sick about about look at him walk back and staggered back to his corner. This is that this thing's over and so I'm sure that that issue a little bit overconfident as well. I would love to see those guys those guys do it again it was an awesome play it will take of it will be back right after this. Each finder's feeling. This area seven I didn't tickets opens seem Tommy guns all of the building altogether. There's just a guess a map brown cowboy pilots is next week you know yourself W fights about the best of more today. He's taken on Anthony pettis tough fight night from Pittsburgh. On at this one. And it's. Matt Brown's last night I'm browsing on the ascension that is. They'll play anybody vs the goes into this willing to fight yet we'll let that that's a smooth so to most insane. Brawler is in the cage together and let's see what happens. It's that that's an insane fight. So we got on that famed fight route Matt brown of the Matt brown goes out on top of it see that. Did you losses last pit stop to us by two races and morose Diego's last fight yes he lost ally went to remember that. Yeah I had I gotta go may have bro Matt Brown's been some wars but I think DA who. He doesn't have that Sima. It's Matt's lasts. He's lost trichet has lost three straight drive of his last six he's who she's lost decisions are Robbie. Johnny Hendricks. Beat Tim means they lost to date him and he in my eyes huge when street Jake ellenberger. And also roach who were just watching those absolute slugfest it's gonna be adjusting we're speaking at. Johnny Hendricks winner of what about the big deal the tale of two cities that was the oil and less and GSP. Yeah. Like prisoners are these are two guys that. Was it 56 years ago. Johnny Hendricks we all argued that he won that fight and even though you love GSP still agreed that he won that fight. Just which is our record he looked you are battered and after that fight yeah ended up then you know sort of a fight you know just few walks away. Johnny and the becoming champ over Robbie Lawler. And look at them crazier I. Well first of all the other major should be 17 speed get away in this did you see what happened that his way and he's yelling at the media is that no negative stories about missing way. They basically tell the media he's about mid swing his team he miscalculated. Indians make him by two tenths of a count. And and slam late it was really oddly. For one of the nicest guys in the sport X. It it's it's been weird to see this decline for him especially figure out how fast he rose up here and now where he's that. It's pretty weird. It is weird he's headed a very interesting story and our burst of all watching him last night. He should not be fighting. When he defied he king he's not the size of these guys used to ensure these 21 dimensional. His power really is only impact will at a at a lower weight class that we haven't seen in awhile either. And he's getting I know he switched camps for this right he went to Jackson wing he also at a. Worn by set. In the midst of the Robbie fights and I think that booze hurts perhaps that between the those that that trio of the GSP fight the Robby fights have any injury meters just attacks on the disease not the same. Guy he ever was a lot and you also seem to think that that the US that. Once you saw it came into play that he's one of those guys it really affected them via that he's even. You know got off whatever stuff that he was on. Whether he's there was whether B supplements a banned supplement that he's just not the same guy that he was free use out of your a dramatic here. Another really brutal force and Lisa Marie Rivera wrote all the Sean and John Jones can't fight in four years now. But those put those those fights I believe also took they're too alone on on Johnny which is what I was going to. This say about the fight we have coming up with with Matt brown. In Sanchez's they've both been in such wars this is like. The battle of the guys who who probably don't have a chain anymore and so I think whoever is connect seriously. Clean. Is gonna win the fight any any could be pretty quick could be around one round fight because I think these guys are gonna go out put it all on the line. Yeah knowing that it's probably close to Diego Sanchez and the road as well. It's also probably grid that is not a it's not the main event because what it was one of those things where they both just hop on each other's but they are able to withstand and in putting another five rounds of those bodies. Would be you know. We put much by the Mitt go Omaha and new Joseph Matt brown wanna seemed about storybook ending of of get to go out win because he's been as. He's been such an entertaining fighter currently director I agree with me that Koreans definitely articulate Matt brown is what about the main event. Korean status. It's not I am I wanna say. Head if they think he's more talent that didn't pouring. However. It is hasn't been even in his win last bite. It wasn't you know wasn't like. Palace last win was against Jim Miller. Those are returned to light weight after you saw Max Holloway got stop for the first time in his career. That was featherweight so whose back is series back to 155. Got to win over Jim Miller is definitely on the back end of his career. Dustin Hornaday. His last and was originally cousy Eddie Alvarez fight you remember that god that got lost because of the legal means in which stock that was really good fight who has really really good fight. Before that lost and vicious Kayla Michael Johnson and he was very good run before that. I did go on the to do with. Pour the milk. Let us that it knew that if I clearly think you can com I'm Julio or the they had just seen a lot more good out of him lately. Some video Dawson what I it's on the don't have that Williamson. Greed and cheat to get the best. So what do you as they what do you think GSP goes from here there's a lot of talk I mean data was very. Ironically. Title that was Mardy this is weird so yeah I don't this is rare that you see is berg I never doesn't get stops. Just didn't do any media last night eating go to the fox show which was immediately obvious that since he had a lot of that is but it's rare that you don'ts that you see a guy not only show up at a press conference. Or at least do an interview. After a mile lead it was a job. And was it I got we got nothing out of that use light to start apologizing for curse. When he was near lingers in responding I. He would show up to the fox at which I was surprised about because tyrants there. Anti I was obviously you're the China market for a flight. Cities that you say is that what I did which is a do you think he goes to a seventy charged and get the seven rebelled again. Do you think he stays at 185 and actually fight theater chair Robert Whitaker. All are the the money fight that everybody's out there thinking that somehow someway we're gonna ecology is it what you think is the most likely scenario. I don't think that he can drop to 170. Duties he's past that I think he's that's deceiving achieving tyrant tyrants and that he Buell to go to middleweight. Well I think that that's an interesting fight but first and foremost businesses the the business of unifying the belts you have a a temporary bail and that's around the the waste of Robert Whitaker. And then you have the real bail that was one last night I think you have to unify whose go. And then GSP can do what he wants to do advising and Connors in the same scenario I think. That Connor needs to while the Ferguson bite scares me for McGregor need to. I think that you know that looks like a fight at McGregor actually wants to be in. So. That's gonna happen but I like debt fight. Colored as a win that fight in it takes some of the luster way of from Conor McGregor in my in my opinion I think that. There's a way for him to kind of avoid that fight. If he's going to do that now's the perfect time coming off making nearly a hundred million dollars or every made on the paper view same you know what. Have these belts take him I don't care. I just want a modified meaningful fights and not. You know and dentists in. Yeah that's a dangerous fight to Leesburg. Suited him it's that suited discussions and Tony's been. Always say he's been active in those you know the lastly I was the first and had an a year you know Tony's been doing nothing but training. And getting ready for either he can be an in my argument off. Or or whomever Rory EO so. The fact that he's in there or or getting ready for for for Kevin Lee he's been he's been training and Connor was getting from boxing match well and now he's living off the the fruits of holding together. This crazy cross sport Friday and mean. So that's what worries me. About getting in there with a Tony Ferguson I do think that Tony for his it is very hit double. So that. I think is a benefit to Connor why. If she doesn't get him out of there in two rounds. Then you got to stow where about oh is that is according EO an issue again even if he is at a more natural. Wait for himself not only the Carty oboe we've seen Connor Connor can't keep himself from getting taken down gotten. For workers in a peek at them on the ground. He's just gonna be some wild submission that the place president yeah that's about it tricks he's gonna stand up and he's gonna have you know. Connor McGregor is. Arm you know above his header something like dates at the waited this guy can submit time and time again and his conditioning room is insane. What about Italians what do you think what do you think the next plan is for GSP DC a codified in the future do you think both guys are gonna take care business and and fight do you rightful. I guess interim champion I'm going to. What everyone called them. What is it about boxing. I believe that we've certainly that Connor. It would be and then it'll it'll be. Easy paid for him unfortunately and saying this is Angie it's ESP and by. I mean that GSP he's gotten a little too fluffy. And I don't think that he will be able to track that much weight we. Have a nice way to say that. What do you think is so fluffy will that they did that fight. I noticed you said that he can may want to do five I don't think he's fluffy. And then he was he was fatter I didn't he didn't see the particular. I had a deadly heat up the bulk year and I and you read a word of the conditioning a little bit he was Danson. He was gas and I but I did see a that you're you're probably off majesty of might is that that he's deathly look. To a thicker. But in I didn't feel I did do that you terrible at tougher guy his height and that's that's probably how we had a look at who's going to be unified like that. We can get to 155 to get the 170 again. Nowhere I don't know he cannot get to 150 privately that right now may be cut off is on. But other than that he's argued on the 155 if he gets down to 170 I think he would have to do it over the course of a year I have a feeling Connors notified before the end of the year I think he's gonna fight Tony before the end of the year. Let's is that that's who met with the good to see that New Year's Eve shoe yeah I just I have as to why did you what's yet one more big payday as the year goes and jumping on that Forbes list. Yeah that a big payday. God yeah I don't think he's come back LSU FC restructures or he gets whatever it is I think I think that Connors com accuracy by two big fight no matter who it's against. That's why don't you ways the Nate Diaz fighting the Nate Diaz trilogy is always going to be a big fight so why do it here. We fight like Tony Ferguson those guys will do a hell of a fight promotion the together. And I think Connors come back. Is going to build up would break a million buys no matter if he was played a peacock it doesn't matter he's been it'll be a big deal. And then maybe if and then if he defends that I think we talk okay GST by may be in the summer may be just he just drops the bell who knows I don't know. But I but I I think that's the more likely scenario though we'll see Connor in their defense I think it's more likely Connor defends that that his his belt against senator Jim. The dispute does against brown were to I don't think he's notify robber with a I got this feel like he's gonna just say big rubber Whitaker beats them yet and yet he does. The because Robert Whitaker. Those shots that is being its Breaux would acres uses a monster they. He's been called Bobby knuckles enough that he's he's he's an absolute savage. And I think he can absolutely stopped just and that averages he wants to sit around here and doing. Or or having young guys build their name off of him I think he wants to add these last buy it's be very memorable first career. So. It's just unified Alito fight to July anyway I'll be I'd probably we're gonna see just be for a while we're gonna he's gonna need to heal yet. I say that Connor of bites Ferguson Connor and beads Ferguson. And it made that GSP by eight with Connor yet it's absolutely and that's what we'll have. The Nicole. Do that is very very cool thank you for speaking that into existence. I think she's has she is a rare good because he's bitterness. And that's what will happen if the minister for a fee will fight the greater good for. Well she's getting old guy that be the only entity. He's duties in Zurich is generally easier on fluff here and then we get the in the media rather than just because I would be also. Mend. His humorous comment and we talking contest that's not gonna go well. Though. A second ago while it is not for GS pages is not going to be able to master. Noble Ferguson but I also think that Smart that he did in. Call out on the last night because I think it's better. If Connor eats Ferguson he does the colleges it. And he you whether it's people say he's the greatest of all time on the bridges of bullets and he's not the greatest of all time. Well all what is this you think does this all comes back gulf not a trophy. It's gonna steal that line of Nevada I trust. Definitely but I think that you know be there would be absolutely fantastic so we'll see we'll soon comes out so we got we all got. Obvious that I we have Gloria and you've got that is history we all Matt brown yes excellent it was great seeing as the it is it is amiss with this is great. Finley's back the famous back together friendly reunion the output of pregame show they are still here bright and early they're gonna get you ready for dolphins and raiders I'm sure DJ Williams's. Fantastically celebrating an awesome Keynes when yes they shout out to McCain's. Beat Virginia Tech got a big all match of a Notre Dame next week Serbian world that is awesome job that chain on the turnover chain. Terrorists are investing in sports so Miami it's all Miami and I love it looked at everybody's doing it in the stands Miami is the only team in the country that could pull that off. Right you know I had some slimy Alabama fan who's like. You Uga hasn't the EU just kitchen we the Debbie believe though we renewals late payment. That means you guys a stolen from the WWB. Didn't intend to WW he dealt. They invented the turnover chain. I mean like if you just says yeah you you guys were gonna have something that was steel related to you would be I know some moonshine jug up straight and then. Now while anyway it got more we gotta get out there or Tutsi as next week. I'll just give you little little bonus I mean we had any boxing. On the show and they seem atomic guns finally back it was great to have the crew back to lament a missed him so much. Boeing boxing you know we'll have somebody segments so much time in an hour. And UC was so crazy last night I think it's a devoted time to devote any time to Gionta while there. Who merely committed murder last night against promise to burn. That was a noses it personal. For beyond today it's been very tough. Because of his opponents falling out the way they have he's really feels like he's lost the arms race as far as getting in the national consciousness. Or really international consciousness of boxing fans in the heavyweight division. And so the idea that he went out and did what he did last night being remains stern and pretty much. Do we get all the span of a minute you know let it go. Up until about a minute and he has admitted six Torre put star Vern on the canvas for the first time to burn it looked too enthusiastic get up and got out. And water went like like a Tasmanian devil on him puts them on the campus again. Think it's about to be over some very gets double more time there's about one is that it's left pad Dion there Waller dues. The just absolutely berserk on him absolutely dessert. Stops them rev us to pull the out there while are often it was a brutal finish it was an absolutely brutal finish. And delta water adamant about it in the Anthony Joshua fight after words. I think he put a real stamp on it did what he had to do and I think that's one of the things with Deion tea some of the opponents that he's been in there with even if he's gotten finishes. There's been times where you've seen holes in his game you've seen him let guys linger around commits unity seeing guys touch them up a little bit too much. For guys that he's clearly better than even if you know he's got probably the raw skill set of all the good guys up there. And last night he would even let stubborn touch and do let's divert any offense on even it was a short notice matchup was as sensational as it could be. For the circumstances the opponent that he faced an opponent who's the only got to go the distance with them so. You know props the other one that was a great was a great showing for him yesterday and I think really put an exclamation point of putting himself. In everybody's mind the fight Anthony Joshua next now does that happen. That's the question what does he have to you'd actually get it and where is the fight gonna happen you know the idea that he was in Brooklyn last night I don't know what the attendance ended up being it sounded like it was pretty damn good. In the end up. Convincing Anthony Joshua to get his butt over here Q do fight in Vegas. I have a hard time believing that not with as much of a commercial successes. Anthony is over here. But if you talk about who had a better reports that TI they should easily handle both the law that eerily similar situations where their take on guys on short notice. And there's no doubt it ever rise that that you can't argue that if he Joshua looked better. And beyoncé did and so with that being said it. Does everybody starts and others the fight declare for and the instinct that's been wrinkle incidents there's the NC wrinkle that's been thrown into the mix and that is Tyson's fury. Tyson's fury. Has. New been campaign that is comeback is coming soon. And he has said that he wants the Joshua fight. It be hard to argue there's a bigger fighting in British boxing history. Then that I would be commercially AB it would be an absolute monster. The V lineal heavyweight champion who stripped of his belts and disgrace but never lost the minute by middle lost them to politics and lost them. Two. Tests and all that stuff. And any of the golden boy and if that he Joshua that that is an absolute monster but. If you are ties in very you've been out of everybody's consciousness for awhile even as great part promoter as he is. He's got to get himself. Back into the consciousness of people I think in London it would be big. But it can be worldwide big if you get Tyson fury back in in the ring. Back in front of the microphone. Back. Class having people clamor for that fight to happen so. Does he have a comeback fight now here's the interesting thing we we've been seeing how. Shannon Briggs are boy he has been. Campaigning to get this by. And people wanna see it you know there was a poll put up by addition boxing they're really good follow I recommend them highly. And they they put a pullout come back by advertising fury caused a Condo of white hey bay you winner. Or she and embrace that nearly 6000 votes and 40% almost 40% of the vote went to share embrace I don't four option race. 22%. Went to behave bay when they're 20% what you do and white. And the other piece don't Chu calls to come. So. People want to see that fight and look. I think she is gonna have some trouble. You that thinks Tyson would take that fight heart unit the things that's an easy fight he can go all day Shannon's gonna gas out. And you know the sessions pretty one dimensional and then he can shut that down. But. The thing that ties us to worry about as he's been out for so long Nash and has two but Shannon just kind of used to at this point. You know long layoffs and getting into the ring. And you know Russians share is gonna trying go and attack that saw soft belly. On Tyson's fury and try and and tried and him in a couple rounds you know nobody in the heavyweight division has more personal knock ascension embrace. So. The thing with that fight as you know. With a fight ocean embrace. And ties and Terry it's gonna be a monster promoter scary monster for promoters who got no work to do. You got those two guys in front of microphones in from the cameras promoting. Getting everybody. Excited to see Tyson furious fight again. Putting me at the colorful personality of these other guys that do nothing for I mean. You know David had a fine Tony badly bent though you it's you know they've barely heavyweight. And you know it took him ten rounds to be the guy on one leg. Dave today. Well past his prime. Calls to come look I have a lot of props Acosta Tom last week I don't I've but I don't have an desire to see him. Fight in the title picture again. You know it and then Dylan why it's it's Kelly he's so beside the heavyweight picture. It if you are. If you really do wanna set up a Anthony Joshua fight with Tyson fury. If you're there promoters I think I think Shannon makes a lot of sense I really do. And Tyson should be Shannon Briggs William Morrow who will say on topic ammunition and you know that. But I'm biases out and and and and and on apologetic about it don't care about we'll root for my guy but. I really do think a lot of levels. Having Shannon fight Tyson jury makes a whole hell of a lot of sense. And the question is will. The powers that be in Britain allow that to happen but I will say that's the other thing is Sharon's more popular in London and any of those bombs any album. Who Dylan Dylan way. Even hey Tony value shares more popular than the mole on those guys get booed they're not that popular. So I think that would be you have I would make a lot of sense. But the question being getting back to Dionte beyond today Anthony Joshua Tyson you're let's just look at that little love triangle. I think you've got to do. If any judge I stand by what I said last week you've got to do it of these Joshua Dionte while there this summer it's got to happen this year it's got out this year and the past happened. You know may is obviously the big fight's going to be owned by. Canelo in triple. But I would say you need to make if any Joshua. Gionta Waller in June or July. They you know if you want Iraq combat there's uses pot you know July you have big month for the UFC but wasn't this past year but. You know there are tomorrow's show maybe that's economy Gregor GSP showdown. But I would say I would say June. Jim there needs to be a big heavyweight pay per view needs to be there needs to be. And Gionta while I think did everything he could last night earned himself. They shot against Anthony Joshua. If you you know if you want to fight Dylan YE as as a package deal. Find that I guess security turn and you wanna get your guy won't fight RAI get it by. I think I think Dionte is definitely dumb enough. He has a piece of heavyweight title. He is he's got almost forty professional wins 39 knocked out there it's 39 wins and 38 knock outs whatever it may be. He deserves that he deserves a fighting its Anthony Joshua he really does I think he does and not always been the easiest on the outside but it's tough to devise a guy he's definitely earned it. And dozen Beers and of the at a eat even with ties spirit have the credentials. Not losing. The belts in the ring. Tyson furious I think needs one fights they get. People back on board OK he's actually fighting now he's not just talking in crap on Twitter he's not just throw little bread crumbs out there. We got us Tyson's fury in shape he said this past week I don't lose seven stone idol to with a hell seven stone was that drives me nuts. That I have to look up how. In in in in the United Kingdom there due to wait seven stone of the Sosa bat and so much that's in 98 pounds is they. Ole Ole Ole U seven stemmed. Regardless of Sosa on almost a hundred pounds million. Who shoot forty stone. Was like 250. Pounds oh great I'm glad you brought to lose an entire heavyweight. Yahoo! but you go but you gotta lose half February. So. We got to see Tyson fury. In shape. Training. Hungry. And actually up boxing ring before you can even trust I think promoting him against Anthony Joshua. And once he proves that and I think it should be and share in the Canon. Once he proves that and if he gets by Shannon Briggs if he gets by Shannon Briggs. Then you talk about the biggest fight in British championship history the biggest commercials fight in British history. But I think and it just this fight is an expert has to be against him out there really do and I think if he doesn't vitamin B by it's another guy. I think that that meg always shines gonna start wearing off Anthony because it. Because there's nothing in any divinity Joshua if it goes out there. He's gonna start doing the stance of of dragon out. Opponents. He needs to start beating guys like Dionte beats to burn last night and he really does. I don't wanna I don't wanna be in these things where you know he's being cute he's dragging these sites out there not tries to getting away from took calls to come. But Joshua fought a very very cautious by I know we got his nose broke by over your head but. Put it didn't even feel like he really closed the show it felt like the refs decided I know what that it. You've done enough view euphoria around enough for us tonight age you don't need to do this anymore this is this is beneath you. And I think he needs to go and show. By himself that these opponents are beneath him that's what the hunted alas that was so impressive. He told you diverted deserve to be in there with them it was going to be easy that's worked. And put on the campus three times in the span of sixty seconds and it was over whose ties and ask you know. I don't mean that I know that he threw that out there the most feared had louis' Mike Tyson that's a ridiculous claim but what he did less than it was Tyson asked the guy. Went in there in the ring with a guy who's not a this class and dusted them in a rounds time and really it took about a minute. Once he actually put the put pedal to the metal they take a minute so. That's what things in the heavyweight division on C Tyson fury Shannon Briggs. I would say. March. Of this year I wanna see Anthony Joshua. Vs Dion Tay Waller the summer of this year and in the but I guess yeah whoever wins those fights let's see here in the in the in the winter of nectar of both Tony team. Tightly held a picture of me if you ask me sounds like a fun year boxing. And boxing's had a good year I just don't see them screw up everybody have a fantastic weekend. And looking forward to a fun read it was a fun fun night for fight fans and I'm glad we got to. To experience not altogether us why that's why we do this show up that's why we enjoy this this. This type of sports and sports. Unexpected results sensational moments while moments. And it was all great ball great so how fantastic week everybody we will talk to guys next Sunday on fighters fury.