Fighter's Fury 11-26-2017 (Kovalev Back, UFC 218 Preview, Khabib vs Tony back on the table, Bisping KO'd in Shanghai)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, November 26th

Sergey Kovalev makes a statement in his return to the ring with a second round TKO over Slava Shabranskyy. Is Sergey in a better spot than before the Andre Ward fights, like HBO claims? What will be the next boxing Pay-Per-View hit? Will it involve Conor McGregor? Now Manny Pacquiao wants to fight the UFC champion. This fight will probably happen because of how rare it is to find bankable PPV cards. What's next for Kovalev. Why is HBO so quick to bury fighter's careers? UFC 218 is coming up next week. Tobin gives his picks for the fight card. Max Holloway is the least talked about badass in the UFC. 11 straight wins. Young champion. He hasn't got half the publicity a Cody Garbrandt has. Is Francis Ngannou the UFC Drago? Him vs Stipe is Rocky IV, UFC-style in the making. Bonus segment: Michael Bisping goes out on his shield in Shanghai. No one has any ground to stand on with criticizing the former UFC champion. Plus Kelvin Gastelum calls out Robert Whittaker. Why Bobby Knuckles needs to wait on a UFC decision before accepting that bout. 


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Mixed martial arts and it's time for fighters feeling each side. Here's viewing. Get over there will be the next. Box saying. A lot to get into it action last night early in the morning as well as you see over in Shanghai we had late last nights at HBO boxing the return of Sergey Kovalev. Who look nothing out less than outstanding and is in his return his first fight since the Andrei award. Rematch where he lost to via tko. With with the the controversy of of being low blows. Which day in note that that fight against Andre Ward I think if you're gonna look at the two of them in that series. I noticed a lesser Goebel I was pissed off about them because. A lot of people had the opinion that he he wrote when it came to the first decision that he should of came out of that by a champion that is a lot of affecting when it comes to negotiations. When it comes to. The setting up yourself financially for the rematch there's a lot of drama surrounding Sergei Kovalev for the rematch. Regarding stuff between the camp and I think of it if that were gone his way used and who's to say. What would have happened in the rematch if if you would've gone better for Sergey because. He didn't look as good in the rematch he didn't look nearly as good and not only that. He looked like he was stating he looked like he was out Matt fight. And so whether or not there was controversy with the the low blows or whether that I was gonna stop that but was going to be stopped. One way or another I mean I was in the building for that fight. And I was in an X through both sit there watching the same thing as right before our eyes that that circle I was now want to fight much more. In that Roger ward by just happened and do weird fashion. They gave you some controversy. And is a weird way and Andre Ward is retired he's not coming back. For now. You know that that always has DiCaprio and under wart living under award. His last big fight play is really the comeback fight. Because it kind of already have that once but it was almost he was that the point of the sport where is now where people appreciate. His record is accomplishments. His wind at his wins over marquee names so I think his his comeback this time where is not a promotion promotional hiatus. Would have a lot more meeting. But but but yet surge come back last night. Stay on Slava Sharansky. And he he look EU he was he was it was like a knife through butter he was he was massive V knocked him down twice in the first round. As Gretzky was. It though. Was ordered defense it was it was certainly united viewer go if you're go for laws that it was not for those who like defense let's say that my Georgia's wedged. It was great remain in the middle like defense but I'll take it all election. Night of fights he certainly got that last on HBO that card was was filled a lot of a lot of hay makers get ahead. But Surrey cobol winters risky real real easy real easy put him down the cameras twice in the first round. Did at the end of the third in the second round for a third time probably should have been stopped after that. About whether and when a couple more flurries before the refs decide to step in. You mean the before a knockdown was certainly on the way first Sergei Kovalev so dozens of big time win. And sets of sum up what they outlook they Asia at a at a board of issues with the HBO broadcast last night. But. The idea that this division is is. Healthier than ever without Andrei award or that. Surrogates in a better spot without Andre Ward. I mean I can understand of the opportunities are back there and so for Sergey the possibility that there without Roger worked his you don't have to convince anybody to. Give me dodger war fighting because it wasn't a commercial success of mean that was the big problem excellent fights. What was the first it was of the T-Mobile reassemble the mentally today I couldn't believe it you know this this is. That's why I had everything. Purist boxing fans. Complain about you know they say oh well all the matches these days are commercialize all the masters these days are. Our Nikkei give matches to promoters. You can't get the match is real wanna see take the match ups that are are truly the earned an add edit everything that. That had the argument to everything. And yet nobody bought it. Arrow the bio reads you know for the first fight as a man that's. I remembered thinking boxing was in a bad. Spot. Just shall lay just from a star standpoint because I know how good those guys are. I think they're good personalities auditor was a the most flamboyant guy in the world but. It's a good personality has has some star quality surgical eleven isn't. As good as charismatic as it gets. Especially for error for a guy who's coming to America I think. You know speaks really well could bleed talker. Has has an intimidating factors so that Howell I mean you know. America over Russia and had a lot of elements to it just didn't settle and that the fact that okay controversial rematch. A lot of people they get mad cobol have got screwed. Let's see you have them in the in the rematch. And it today and it's at a 5000. Capacity arena and the pirates even worse. It was a bit of a crushing blow if you're if you're a box in the amateur that same week. The same week that where there in Vegas. And we're doing radio row. The con there Floyd fight becomes official. And you would have thought that. You would have thought that the promoters roc nation and Kathy do love of main events you would have thought that. A best relative to just died late to do the bloods is dread the days they knew all the talk was was going to be taken away from that week. And so. Basically everybody storyline that we turn to from this rematch. What are your thoughts on this flight what are your thoughts on and the converse. Congress Floyd Floyd first Conner who's gonna win. And so all those things that I talked about a couple minutes ago. No no and no splash to it no no high jinks just the two best going at each other. The public the public told you what they wanted they wanted circuits they wanted. Hijinks they wanted the cross board was invited to listen I'm not I'm not above that we went out we covered up by two and it was fantastic. But. The point being was I remember thinking after that after the numbers came out for that rematch is a man. That's a that's a that's about as good as boxing has to offer. And that's what it got from a from a pay review standpoint. It's it really rough spot right now and I know I don't mean to do this and as it is and a plays right they boxing is that I certainly don't think it's I said this multiple times this year. Boxing has she as a show and as a person act covers both. The USC and boxes from approve pretty equal Singapore. Boxing has smoked the USC as far as entertainment value this year has the chemicals. Boxing is an amazing this year. But. There is something to there. To. That. Economic. Of how people consume the sport which is it's not it's not. Converting over to people being willing to fork over sixty dollars to watch the Sergei Kovalev vs Andre Ward. War. We got coming up in a couple weeks. This to a much echo verses give Oregon now and everybody is very excited to fight purist fight it if you talk about two of the best pound for pound pure skilled boxers. That are going to be on ESP yet and I think it's gonna do monster numbers on ESPN. But ask yourself this if it was on paper view. And he had to pay sixty bucks for how noted that. And I think that's where boxing and boxing is out right now you're boxing. They they have so many good young stars. They have so many entertaining fights or be put on but who is going to be the next transcendent star and I think it speaks to. What's going on with a lot of the legend guys you know this week been popular came out. And on its agreement and he says stay fit my friend with a post economy Gregor past I 2018 hash tag real fight. There are minority Jones then many rocky Al verses kind of McGregor. And used off that it is the act no way it's gonna happen. But that's not Cottam McGregor vs Paula Naji that's not common McGregor verses old ass Oscar De La Hoya. Who hasn't fought in forever. That's got a McGregor is the guy doesn't defend as well. Now nobody is our talk themselves into smaller guy does the Fed as well all action fight. And we're gonna do this again and that fight probably is gonna get made. I'd be willing to bet that at some blower to seek out McGregor vs Manny Pacquiao. Just makes it sets from economical standpoint. I don't wanna see it quite frankly. Because. It is it's still a step down in my regard late in my opinion. We we got the peak we got the crossover. Sport peak cotta McGregor hotter than ever. Against the best pound for pound boxer of the last fifteen years. And through the biggest draws in this sport colliding. Monster numbers still not what. Mayweather respond get it but Rudy Gay and close. Pretty amazing that we saw we had that many people fork over money to want to fight. Between a guy in kind of a Gregor who had never boxer four against the best boxer in the last fifteen years. And sell. Seeing him fight miss it best boxer in the last fifteen years. School but it's not quite what it you've got with. Floyd Mayweather it is the other people love Manny Pacquiao so that in that fight you're really gonna have. Connor be the bad guy. And I just added up Diebler going to be ads that you don't part of the appeal would you want to see Floyd blues will this be the direction explode lose. So. It's it's an NC spot but I am telling you because those pay per view mormons are so rare in boxing and UFC right now. I don't mean to sugarcoat their situation because there's certainly in you know lacking. Area right now says what I want got a back so bad and you know while they're trying to make tire with a vs Nate Diaz. And Wendy Diaz is asking for fifteen million dollars for that fight he goes the situation therein. The they had edited to stack. They stacked George saint Pierre for the best of all time biggest or one of the biggest draws votes on its Michael Bisping. According to our bread at first he did go shop probably. One of the best pound for pound championship fight you can make right now and in in mixed martial arts. Plus you ought to. And still. Didn't hit a million buys this loaded really awesome. But. But not what you probably would would think they were going to get. A year ago two years ago they had gone they had Rhonda which meant you were good for her. A couple. Or three million plus pay revise the year and now again some of the words just like we hope this breaks 200000. So. All around about way. The idea that surgical levs in a better spot right now than he was with the Underwood thing. Guess he gets this this new fruitful venture he gets his new opportunity. To defend his titles. To be the face of the division. Another crazy they were. There are put up that did Dmitry be evil yesterday be evil. I'd be surprised asserted does that fight I mean you know young hungry lion dangers do I got to see him play he was on that he was on the the card. Bad. Then the rematch of of Audrey award Sergey Kovalev sort of see the universe and really impressive. They republic of him hard last night. You know that he fought off Felix the Lara who was the co main event. And people literally only just known to clean somebody out around self. I would be surprised. If we get surgical. Against the Richard B roll this early. I would be surprised if they do like it did last night with a new Sullivan perera. And if they can get the money that was right apparently Barrera was upset with the pay that they were offering. So I would be surprised if that's the way they go what did Sergei Kovalev next I mean the diversity of something has been out there forever. Hoard to believe we're finally go to get that but maybe they've finally run out of options and they may nobody finally into doing that I don't know. I don't know. But added dating by last night but Bolero Barrera but I though is extremely good really really good but I thought that first of all. That refereed. That nobody was an assistant principal lake between two kids I mean it was. It was it Sig you had. Him being super strict. Take away points for low blows almost immediately from Felix Lara what to quake I mean the way abides go and I understand donated the guy low. But these guys and throw bombs at him and he's not doing that on purpose. And this guys out there and ease ease that immediately first first first warning. Don't do it again second that it happens to appoint a way to three points away from low blows. And end the fight previous. It took them like. To them all the way to the end. Two to take your reduce Jim ballots take a point away from holding with a guy normal time. I just thought. That person like a pose a lot closer than Harold adamant about it he had he had Guerrero personal when in the first round of the U stupid how you have to knock downs. And what guy gets woods gets cleaned up and the other guy basically a glove that's the case in this. And you're getting your boy the other got the you'd get that the weaker knock down the round. That's stupid. That'd that is dawn. And started it just felt like users you know all the antics like the antics mean it will slow start up. Crazy crazy moves. You know they did in the story of the told the story where. He cried when he met Roy Jones of the bra at the broadcaster fighter meetings it's always try to show off his Roy Jones tactics in front Roy Jones. And well I would say. 40% of them. Ended up working at the the fourth round when he was switches stances in the and cut open growers that actually that was the one that actually worked but he's cold rolled c.s do with the old. Swing around is doing some Ali shuffle he's doubled up and down public so it was entertaining fighter. You know sober ended up winning. I don't think he won by the margin he did and it's also hard to judge the margin needed because he got three extra points. For yet three basically 32 point rounds. Because of the low blow things so that public scorecards oh really really entertaining fight. So that was the fun last night we had to look at a USC Shanghai what went down. Over in China Michael biz big Megan the quick return and what went down between him and Calvin gas on the news and notes at UC plus. We are you of two to eighteen so we have by picks coming up later on in the show as well we've backward up to this beats miners feel. Act but as you're here on seven I needed to get. WA able to get until around 10 o'clock. So. The submitted some things going on with fewer seats shoot nineteen as we had some rumors about the getting end of last week. About tire will relievers is Nate Diaz it's a big planned it like to do that Tara has been. Really harp and get this by this is the big money fight you really didn't look into debt you know he's he's take all the top contenders is knocked out Robbie Lawler he's beat wonder boy twice beat. Damien Mya. A lot of those. Outside there on the lower but it wasn't very entertaining but they were effective go Europeans real specialist so. He's out of that marquee fight you know that Tyrell of these look into. Really cement himself as the blockbuster Guidant and beat that Nate Diaz I think would would certainly help in that regard. But apparently Nate Diaz is one of his drugs announces that. You have to pay and he wants fifteen million for this by. And that he knows that he is. The marquee guy here. That's why had a champion campaigning for. The fight with them. And it will say like what they did that some some point to a degree. The DS phenomenon is is is is no and people want to watch those guys fight. And so. Nate Diaz I a definite is think she deserves. Big pay for fifteen million. Mean you we are aggressively comic artist that you fifty million it is you have to return is a lot it's a lot of cash bomb. But. Do you think they should pony up to make Disney Diaz fight happen I mean this is you you've got. People had stood in the fight that has nothing to do with content McGregor I guess other than Nate Diaz. Haven't the Macgregor rub. But I just think that that end of the year it's always this is this a couple times where the USC has had. To traditional. Big gave her views. And I think the headline of them would be a little bit. It a little bit. Weaker than you'd expect. You know the album you had the it Daschle fight Ricard in July it's always a monster one. And it's. That is. That god. Heard because of injuries so it again that. And as it had to be in Shevchenko verses Amanda nude is so a great a great women's fight. But a big lacking the star power that you'd expect. And right now the main event stands as Chris cyber oversaw a very good fight very good fight exciting fight. Two of the best women strikers. That you have out there. But not quite what you'd expect I think for that ended the year car that blockbuster. At this what it staying. So Dana Cormier came out this week and he. He put out a picture of Caribbean in my amid off. And was basically saying that can be was told that the USC offered him. A fight with Tony Ferguson and Tony Ferguson didn't and except for the end of the year. And currently Huckabee is on the card slid to fight Edson Barbosa. Woods is a monster fight really advise me want to about clash of styles between those two guys. You have. Probably one of those vicious travelers pound for pound in the sport against one of the most vicious. Strike is especially kickers in the sport. Really really entertaining bout between those two guys but. The idea that. Could be should be in line right now for the title. Or be complaining about it I know that's kind of his role you know cabinda bleed talker. But now he's he's going music outside resources and use and did you Cormier and and again we all wanna see that flight we we all honesty can be verses delivers that I was crossed when that flight got taken away. What went when we found out that we were gonna get that fight I don't think there was a thousand afford two more this year than to beaver stony persons are still wanna see. The death lunacy. But the idea that he should get to Waltz right back into a title. And also for interim title to fight Tony Ferguson. That is so well me I'd like to see commuter volume Madoff make way for this fight against Edson Barbosa win. Then put himself back there I think it's it's a along punishment that can be should have to go through it but it's a long. Viewer called suspension if you wanna call it show we mode whatever you wanna call it. I don't think it's a lot but. I think he needs to do it once I think if you're gonna give you get a fight for the title you had your opportunity you couldn't make it to the scale. That's that's that's that that bothers me is as a fan of the sport and so. I'd like to see and do it wants make sure he's healthy and good to go at any give such talk radio go out there dominate at some Barbosa that we can talk about. And fight Tony Ferguson but yet to anybody anybody. Call out Tony Ferguson first ball. What do burgers and sign of the by you he's the one he's the one who made weight he's ordered did his job that we to the idea of the afraid of fights you silly. Yet did you have any standing in this is is is is is a little bit nutty. I think it's weird is Ari you have so you have your teammate. Did you Cormier news yup prominent voice in the have seized probably their lead analyst outside a Joseph Rogan yeah him calling. For you to step up to be a man of fight click. It's a three of these heavyweights does does does Tony varies have to go through with the Purdue because you know get into with them now Cormier is called enough for his toughness like. And in this guy's middle of the one of the longest winning streaks in the sport. What more does he have to prove what what what does he have to go out there and show you your your guy your teammates the one who didn't make weight. He's got the show me mode he's got to go out there and show you that he's personal healthy. Bomb itself. You know. We compete among Madoff. If what happened to him haven't anybody else it's like are you thinking that. He'd be dying to get out there and prove again that. These are professional and that he would make way for his country for for what he what he signed up to make weight for. It's like all right well that was supposed to happen when a march that flight. Ike is a younger recovery in our all the with the end of the year and you wanted to slid right in lake like nothing else happened. Like no we're in need Tony person to go out there and he had to go fight Kevin Lee who is that is the young stud. Probably. Was given that tell shut too soon so Tony kind of an all lose situation there. Take you on a guy who's a relative unknown started to come on a little bit with with the name recognition. You don't Tony Ferguson will lost that fight I mean he never did into the can't picture ever again. Right now Tony Ferguson as AA AA very very short window right here to hopefully get caught a McGregor whatever the hell he's gonna come out of retirement or or. His hiatus. And he's got the gold dig he's got the interim title and he earned it. And he gets to sit on it for a little bit until. Condit decides now guess what we're the job of the title we're not gonna fight it. But I'm Tony Ferguson until they they strip that interim. Label from a tell I'm not fighting anybody else what kind of McGregor no way. You got to make him you gotta make you gotta be gotta call the U of c.'s bluff and congress bluff and you gotta say I. Here's the deal. On either the undisputed champion title fight whoever you want and you gotta make kind of drop the belt and a total fee of you do that all of the kind of being that close range have to do that. War. Or I'm not played anybody else or by the governor Gregor that that's that's the that's the list the senate go to conference. I apologize I tried to call your earlier when you're still wrong by actually don't get back into the men don't worry about it. All right we have been on silent and around that much that I any idea why maker continental mode by laps right morally the ball cap. Adams alone. Yeah I gotta tell you. This was a second it's almost become obligatory politically. Every console them Guerrero arch to give those whose story the daughter and throw in his own political commentary on top of that. And finding a little uncomfortable. That's what that's one thing the check it was that they've got its merits and now. But because we're and and war and bring your children how global appended to open this up there. You know I dot cobol up wondering by announcing a bid to Garko who have won that first fight I'd start well war just ran out of routes. I mean as far as I'm concerned Kovalev Chad. One byte where he was beaten and that was the second award despite no question but weird it's almost become like it's dynamic and narrative that. He knows that overlap produce. Somehow lessened as a fighter based on two bad losses went back he. It's really going to walk him so bad to iron out what simple way it's so much blood as double or the other great when they. They kissed and yet it was it was and you think like Kovalev is even I was even like. You resolved that a guy who has an island Kovalev back. That's like really go anywhere you know attic a guy a guy simian residents through that you really don't you get to deploy he really didn't go anywhere. You lost one of the best pound for pound fighters. In the world. In odor is gonna come back sellout that that I think is cool to see you've got to see. You got to see the crusher again that that was what was cool about last night that we have an easy target would have a guy that put it all out the form. It means a rescue was not a AA hard. Target defined for Kovalev but. He didn't he would mess around with them late. Got an out of there is as as soon as he could he went in there and easily RA from the outclassed this guy. He's a sitting duck for me and you got the seal of the vintage Kovalev that. And it's hard I guess does to say that his is a guy who had Andre Ward on the campus for the first time in his career a couple fights ago. But that's a boxing as you know. I was a little annoyed last night with fury Yuriko scam Bala what you you know. HBO puts it out there and they're like job well let's see if he's got the the drive in the motivation to be out there it is you have the will and this is all after the press is that what he's taken us by the fifteen days notice. So he's stepping into a ring with a man on a couple weeks notice. On the postal wonder about. His drive his desire. Probably get it not a fight he shouldn't of one. It probably did I didn't think it was as lopsided as they thought it was like you were at thought that he was. Getting blown. Out in this buy it until that that the he's like. It's it's it's. It's just got to score three ago the entire time you like. I got its ideally I don't know where we're gonna see him we should have received about lowering its guys on. You know you wanna talk about that guy a guy he is getting knocked out late. The post shop for me is that that is always in what I felt like Roy Jones is getting knocked out cold and Australia and I was like you know Roy. If you three continents away and nobody gives you get knocked out. I think that's probably the line of as fair as we could say. Will call the career there. But for me. To say get Bowe is got a guy and his career because of how he's look at them a fight to get to reach those that. What are his party does it look that great he's probably not the prospect you'll body was. Everybody gonna turn out to be the best putt of about thunderbolt time and note that so but it may not be good for you on HBO anymore. Or a a marquee draw for you on HBO anymore. Does with their careers got and making go out there they can make a living for goodness sake. You have see to it teens go up next we will do so by picks next. Meets miners feel. Experience that I that again W Whitfield. Who got UC to eighteen coming up next week. From Detroit. And as we visit that we do that we got we got the river diving vessel that night. We have the AC championship that night my responses to be a long hole real long as that for me. But very very says about discard a little bit of a down there that we're not getting the original main event because a vote of tortoise sees Max Oliver's Frankie Edgar. And. I would said to Jose out of fatigue. It's just. I all of a leg it just out as has been in this picture forever and a lot that goes to his greatness share. But it's been since the Connor thing where he pulled out of the original flight. And lost the way he did the Connor then got an in terms shot immediately. Against frank yet here's that in no. Come I was gonna jump divisions. And you know then. Again and because he was the entered champion after beating Frankie Edgar so. I was just I was like I I was. You know it's it's cool we're seeing him news shows Al though that first close to noted it was competitive you know Jose Aldo. Especially the first couple rounds was doing some some good things against Knox College. I just think that you'll Max always just such is all right nothing about what's about guys who go under the radar. Any young stars yell I don't feel like this guy gets nearly enough of the shine that he should from the USC and I just I'm talking about between. Don't you think about. View the people a bit on Ultimate Fighter between TJ do a shock Cody guard Brent you know firfer weeks we're live up to his go to government he did village shopping him. And they were touting Cody Garber is he gonna be the next. Connor McGregor is he to be the next breakout superstar it's lake is good looking kid he's got neck that's that's awesome. What you think about that's always what eleven in a row he's beaten. Half of his top five. It's incredible he lost in four years he's amazing and he goes out there and he's a show that man. Every time because of that reason much with that with with the microphone as he much with. The the the flamboyant. Charismatic talk coming from baby not. But he thought about like you get back to his fight with the car allotments where the last ten seconds left fight diseases like points to the canvas we're gonna bang right here. All out. No reason to do that had that fight and put there's gonna do it because that's how we roles and it's always is awesome idea I think that's my bigger point here and I feel like it goes. Gritty unnoticed the jewel featherweight champion. Who hasn't lost in four years has won eleven straight. And he's never gonna get a chance that the economy going again you know what the distance with common McGregor. Backward kind of McGregor was was it was an undercard fighter was fight on the chills sudden. Showed an undercard. And in Boston. And since it hasn't lost that's amazing I was nineteen when he other foot I was nineteen at all wanting this that this is how good this guy is so. A little boy that he's not gonna face in new test and it gets only because I wanna see in the just against new tests. Because what else can he throw against Max Holloway at this point he's. He's cleaning out everybody. And he's doing it in unbelievable style he's shown. Tremendous grit he's shown he's shown and ability to up their finish in different ways he's he's sensational in the octagon. So it's just gonna be awesome to watch him fight I guess like big sell for this not that I am doing that for the USC. But even though it's a little bit lackluster as we just saw this matchup in the summer. Seeing how Max holly gets better is shallow enough for me. And I'm looking forward to and I think he's gonna retain he's probably the finished Jose Aldo again just because. I have no reasonably that's going to change alleged Jose out those nordic about that I do ever thinking. In that fight. Why do why it wasn't Jose all the uses his legs as much as he came out so that he was bid banged up so the healthier this this time around. Maybe it maybe that'll be the dynamic change in this where you know he's he's thrown kicks and ill bring more weapons to the table this time. But Max always has shown an ability to adjust anything so I I did I see no reason why he's not due to keep that title around his waist. I ever look at Florida the heavyweight matchup be Alice over in France and god knew. This. Is. Really supposed to be and got news coming out party. You know he's finally had to be there with a top contender has a really fought all year. And this is a guy Dana white's. You don't just moving over he wants has got to be heavyweight champion so bad or he at least wants him in a build up with Steve gave me osu GO. This heavyweight division has been. Were eighty bland as far as just in the same names. They're all older you know that's the other thing you know Steve page Jong. But high heavyweights in his bugs not yellow. And so are you having gone to in this in this mix and have a new fresh name in Ari. The new heavyweight free to use it looks amazing he almost every honestly he's almost like the U of c.'s struggling he trained that the you have C facilities. The is that he's got the nickname the predator. He looks like a monster they're putting them they didn't they where they do punching power he's got the record for punching power world record Audi would know via. Legitimately has the war record but he says he that Betty they say that he does so it sounds good. But I've got to know them and just think that we got over a lose lose deathly prone dude to get the stopped its. Is to know this year so over aim has looked pretty good. But I I think a bit ago with a got to abide divide and says he's going to. About as a double and make this about his Mia and hope for the just wanna see the new blood you know oust ovaries. Pretty Teflon at this point. All the accomplishments that he has on his resonate because the last thing he doesn't have is the USC heavyweight championship. But if you tell me I thought he could see his new Greek. The. Heavyweight who's getting all the bells and whistles it's funny his you have to have Fred's a god who's gonna get and read. Training admitted she'd get at the UC facility in video Steve day if that match or does happen like catcher in Cleveland and we'll firemen Lumia on the side and you know we go to cavs game would I guess is a good time to feel like watch and all the guys around and LeBron because of school. But either way that that's. That's me. Knowing that look how do it matches can go either way I don't have a great Reza man pressing on new. You know only see them fight a couple of times. So and I see you've got their destroy guys so. Why to why blue why why should resign and do that Alastair over him one of the most decorated strikers of all time. But. You know. Armies go with the help on Allen's over the for a minute picked France is to win that one. Put it on and I'm not going to be surprised at how sick of that there is a 00 you thought that. You thought this was like anybody else those are some stiff with with with two hands and lives is gonna go easy for you and edges and his body kicks of the death. And for as young as legal I don't feel good so that's certainly can go that way too. At a recent assertive 'cause that's exciting flyweight match up I'd like to call this the. The fight that's gonna make T did it was just head explode. Because whoever wins this is probably gonna fight. To Regis by the best Johnson and another team did it was also fight really really bad but I don't I don't think that the I don't think it is gonna take that fight I really don't. Does that mean there what's gonna close the shop like everything he had his little. Tantrum about that. And I don't know this is part of me that's I'm not I'm not into watching T did go shall go down 225 pounds and I I mean Davis I don't think he can do it. I think that's why the whole thing stopped in the first place. And I don't think we're gonna see got a flyweight I'd I will wanna see. Demetrius go up and wait and see what he can do eventually. And will we see that event that we see that's and I hope so. But I'm not into watching Cody or TJ. Or any of these guys say I'm gonna cut down and get 225 pound it just doesn't have the same luster. That going up in a way to get that titled us. It's similar to a GSP like TI the rumors that he's gonna go down all 155 pounds of like congress like. Why why why do you want you on all 155 pounds to go collective belts. That's weird to me he did Diller shop. Go down Jordan 25 pounds. I don't think it makes me. I just it doesn't it doesn't have. As it does have more of an impression on me that if you were to just fight do features Johnson and a 135 pounds. What might it just is tired of fighting and 120 about pounds. Either way you have the win over your resume and edit leases though like Ali by itself down with two little guys we classified beavers built. It is I don't know it did it doesn't go I can't wait this one. Puerto surge oppose the with a by the. Eddie Alvarez just engage she. I think this can be this can be a fighter of the year candidate. I mean just days she's already got fat and is resonate with his with his with his fight over Michael Johnson. Which was incredible and as UFC debut these guys are also fighting other you know you Alvarez comes a brawl. He's in no G. Mean only oddity of well the seal we don't know youngest of Rory as a woman you see tirelessly as he only got the belt or and you FC championship. In his career. He's awesome and you all lost to governor doesn't change that his fight with Dustin Torre day. Was also really good guy and by no contest because some illegal knees which was a bomber. And I think he's gonna I I like him. To come through the just engage you fire but no gates he's got a hot commodity right now and using little whether the storming of Michael Johnson. But you've got to think that the way he fights he's going to bite him in the ass eventually and I think this is going to be the fight that doesn't. I think this is going to be if I were Eddie Alvarez was a storm Yoakam for Malia and the Alvarez a lot of the times and it it turns out good for you. It didn't turn out good form against come McGregor that's common McGregor. And IE I have a feeling right now. That that any Albers is a big performance coming our way and we're gonna kind of remember the name of the bad guys that is Eddie Alvarez so. Those are my picks for that for those for those top four cards yet excellent fights all with three got the other Charles Oliveira Paul dollars that a lot of for the prelim that's a great fight. Karate Hadi mission Michelle Wallace having a cease Torres. That's a really good fight on the main guard. Some really really action packed card coming up that's that's that is a fun night of fights. Final note before get out of here. Was we'll keep you updated with what's going down on the heavyweight division Tyson fury. Has snubbed Eddie Alvarez is flirting. Eddie Alvarez Eddie Hearn promoter Eddie turns flirting to be his manager. And he is fine he has sided and TK global as his new manager first come back so. Don't exist says it does show that ties have here is serious about. Making a comeback he sounded management they're gonna go negotiate. By TV deals opponents whatnot. Look all of newseum budget Briggs as well one as the next fight I don't want to see him fight some run of the mill British guys don't want simply Tony bell you. We had two polls about it's only 5000 B Boehner on Twitter accounts that they want you see you'd want you to fight she embraced yet another was that another point 5000 both say they want unified Shannon Briggs. You have papers in the in London they say they want you to fight Shannon brings about people of spoke to see what they weigh in next upon the B they don't want to be some ball on the ex rival that you had they don't want to be for some flaw story. It's from delta flight result they don't want that. And they certainly don't wanna see if that occurs away so let's just make it known you gotta tko givers and CK ABC 123 global whatever the hell it is. Just just fight to be able to spite the man that he wants you see that (%expletive) breaks man that's it. Fight it's gonna get amazing by it and also that Phillies strong there was a picture this week of him. And Ricky Hatton review that is looking so good retirement and buy good. I mean you look at real real post Pritchett he looks happy news happy and I like that with forget I can't believe that he used to fight we need a 140 pounds. But there's a picture of all I'll put this out on a social media. Tyson's fury. And Ricky had with their bellies out it is hilarious. How good those guys I love the the the bottom of that there's the put out there it's fantastic. So that's it that's a show today. We'll talk to guys next week. For those you get to this by the podcast I would usually through on a a bonus segment of some a didn't get to. They're alive show an egregious of me did he gets his beyond super and boxing and very excited at the UFC card. And that is almost speaks to. I guess in the confusion of what went down and that was Michael Bisping fighting. In Shanghai against the killer like cal and gas alone. Where he gets cleaned up and around he's now lost twice in the span of three weeks basically less than three weeks. And erratic got a text and the other shows the Spartan while wants to the bonus segment but as I go through British would you be embarrassed the business and nobody. On any planet. Should be embarrassed by Michael Bisping he is a bad ass the fact that he went out to Shanghai. To get this loss off of his. They get the loss off his back. Get back in the win com. I think the motivation ports a little bit strange. I don't know of anybody should be fighting. In that close proximity to one another and it's very old school he is old school self. That's. It's tough to tell a guy like that don't go be a warrior like you have been. But I think of this case with the condition of this high. You know some of the health concerns do you have about Michael Bisping. I just finding motivation for was a little bit weird. You know like there was talk that he's gonna go and he's having his retirement by. In. London in the spring. And so was this a case where did Michael visiting have two fights left on his career honest on this to Michael visiting have. Two fights left on a Gypsy contract and you just want to be a free agent after words. Maybe I got a hard time might believe Michael Disney's not gonna be like the European ambassador. For the you have seat for the rest of his career. You know so imagine Connor is probably going to be too big time to do that so. I need to find a bit strange that he went and won in this spy and that management allowed him to have this fight. I get the opportunity financially want to go fight in China. And get that exposure to that market. So did they make it financially beneficial to them and it's just a money thing. Maybe I gotta be most of it is in that fashion and you can't fault a guy for wanna go get a paycheck. I don't think it should hurt his standing in anybody's minds. That he lost the fight the way he did I think a lot of new expected them to lose the way he did after the way he lost to. To ESP. We know that equilibrium gets messed up and I don't what they get had the tie undercover that it did so. Maybe that is thinking where. It's bothersome. To some people but did you gangster does the fact that he went out Andy any thought the way he did now. Kelvin afterwards he called out. Robert Whitaker for an interim title shot which I think is actually had a couple levels. One he had caught George saint Pierre which. It is self aware because I don't think anybody thinks George is going to wanna fight Calvin Gosselin. You know a guy who's. Mr. way it has had wind strips before we he has got suspended for we'd. I I think that's self aware are on Calvin it's part. To not call out George saint Pierre but insisting that he calls up the intern champ. Because. I think it speaks to a couple things in this self aware but also the speaks to. I don't think a lot of people in the circle. Or in the octagon at you wanna throw pom on it. Of the USC in the world of them of Liu of C think. That just his long for that division hourly anybody believes he's got to fight Robert Whitaker. And yeah we talked about this a little bit on the live show. That. You know if you're if you're Robert. I don't think keep you fight anybody until they definitely tell you pay. You don't fight you'd GSP's not come back you're the undisputed champion we talked about this with with Tony Tony can be. QB wants a fight Tony's doing caused Tony. Tony doesn't fight anybody. That's not kind of McGregor. Until they tell you not to interim champ near the undisputed champion and I think if you're Robert Whitaker that has to be your tactic here you don't. Fight anybody. Anybody until they tell you. You're the undisputed champion we've stripped GS PC where Tony. Use the undisputed champion we've shipped kind of McGregor but those are the only. Scenarios. Where I go and I fight somebody else because that's a golden ticket. It is literally gold around your waist and should be in the shape of a ticket in fact. I've I've been on this campaign for a long time how I want the interim championship to look different from the actual UFC championship. I think it should just PA gold ticket. I think that is what he should win Willy Wonka style. Golden ticket they can put it on adults the belt can be molded in the shape of a ticket but I think that's what it should be a golden ticket. And that take it either be to a fight with the undisputed champion or you could take its new UC offices and after you're named undisputed champion you could turn in your ticket bell. For. The undisputed championship bout we can make of the seven on the ticket bell will sponsor. Seven out of the ticket golden ticket belts for the USC. Undisputed championship. That's what it should be for so. Yeah I think Kelvin Bryant by probably her first of all that's an awesome fight. I'd love to see it but I do think that cover Whitaker should turn that down until he is told. By anybody in the UFC brass you know the undisputed champion gist he's not by union. And then do you have a problem with Calvin getting the title shot. And. Should be rock pulled if you're gonna talk about who deserves it in that regard probably should be their loot. War. This rug and it should probably Iraq cold and I would say it should either be rock cold or it should be. Rock cold. Or maybe. Fight between yell while Intel then and then the winner gets to gets a fight liquor. Or something and that something in that regard as his as you as losses two to Robert is super close so. I think that. I think those two should fight again I would like to see them terabytes in Robert Whitaker verses you all Romero again. Did you all should just be a win away from getting back to that title picture. So I erect that's our show that's our postpone a show segment here on the podcast. We love you guys. Busy static on Manley at the rip tide music festival will be presenting one of the bands there I think I'm presenting kids elephant that's why. Was told. I also think my program director doesn't remember what band saw over and be presenting a banner just don't know which one. And we got the AC championship that night which you watch of these cementing its sports oasis. And we also have the the USC that night. And so it's a busy busy night for me looking forward to to be fun they just have to an end we love you we'll talk to next time.