ZRA Interview w John Clayton 11-30-17

Thursday, November 30th

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Hey John good morning how is your holiday. The holiday was very nice Sally yours. It was good what what what's the what's the age you know I guess so what's your favorite side dish on Thanksgiving dinner what are you digging into first. Bob I think obviously. It was going to be there for the stopping that's going to be good and and you know whatever potato or whatever is going to be where there with you whether it's going to be. It's some kind of a at NATO at all that's not the big thing is no cranberry and academic pampered. On with demand idol final agreement is huge not like gum that's nothing we can comment. I. Sentences I'd slayer and Graham series that's right so tonight we thirteen Indiana delegates auto in Dallas and Washington and let's let it get into a little bit of some panera that game but specifically wanna talk about press Scott and and Dez Bryant first mall Dez Bryant still only receive. I'm not now now is really joke in the last year to just really dropped pop. I mean it is gone from being eight yes solid number one to probably being at number two. And I know this is geologic. Our rightful criticism about the way by. He's got the ability to make great plays but he's not making them and if I that is anything they're Tibet or anything of that nature. But they've got to make some kind of a decision like okay they irritate talented receiver they can do so much. But right now he's not doing enough to really help that out because of you look at that pres got. I don't really see it drop pop in his game. These are very good quarterback. It is but without easy you Elliott a lot of big play ability of as prime because it's one thing to be able to go up and they catchers do they debated dude it's just not getting open. If you're not getting open as I can help the quarterback has much. Islamist sect which was going to be was talking about how the fact they lost a bunch of players on offensive line has up its weapons Jason Witten. Get a little bit up there I don't I don't see how the actress cut. After this week around talking about the the haters and you know don't worry about a moment ago and rise to the occasion I don't see how he could rise to the case. I didn't like what you're you're dependent on what's gonna be there is it Taliban if you really integrated that operate the line has been at the last couple years is that the best up its. The appointment but all and that'll operative wife that they really probably one of the better opposite quite put together it is at the performed at that level. Part of that has to be because it. 40% and it is the same as last year I don't the lawsuit does read. It is seem to be huge but rob Leary losing it that hurt a lot. And please see it crop probably will Collins is Alan that it is supposed to be at a really stepped up at the right tackle position and then if injuries particularly. Parents it has been hurt a couple games and then they've been banged up a guard position and all that and that's and it is kind of dropped out. I guess you can see the sport that they had worked. Get a great offensive line did a great running back is he do Elliott. A big play receiver in as I'd Wear it as not being there is the opposite one not being is that it is the New Delhi India on a suspension. Is just by the same and you do it it's so much has become on the op then. As much as they can do as far as rushing the quarterback which they can it is not that could indeed. And so one thing you could say it was back. He's a little bit of that it is the system by the quarterback is also quarterback that that does not do are coming from behind. Well what they're deep that's despite a. What you're Seattle Seahawks this weekend and other rearming as Philly they are pretty tough game coming up a little bit depleted on Seattle's side and Omar Mora Luke Wilson had to leave the game over the weekend he got a little dinged up. At least should be fine because it just a concussion it totally clear gushan protocol but I think he's gonna be able to play. If he's using spears and that was something a lot there yesterday I think he's going to be fine. That is gonna pitch out much. Without that can't chancellor without retreat chairman is not the same day that but. As bad that they People's Bank because you know if you lose too could it be when you really think about it. In that game on Sunday they were down three quarterback this you'll rip their rookie without the concussion. I think still haven't been able to get the shot ship back is their starter from last year and then they had the injuries but it at least every two term. I hear about recorder back. It's go to be able to put out Jeremy lane. Experienced starters in 2012. He put out Byron Mac so I don't debate not very popular they can't be able to a situation like that the be able to put a pirate act like they're. And they'll be able to as salvage in the last three games. If they had. Earl Thomas is in one game the through injuries at the quarterback position. They've only given up 214 yards as a cure conceded that they're not big but also they they called Matt Ryan under 200 yards. And they also able to contain Kirk cousins so. Is that about as bad in the secondary people back. You know the I want to get deal many with you and a second here but Minnesota okay you really wanted to surprise teams nine into their obviously fighting that top spot in the way in the NFC. Philadelphia ten and one. Minnesota hosts the super. This year and obviously it's never happened at a team. Has hosted a civil also miss. Actually has an opportunity here at home field advantage. The rule the Super Bowl judge ever going to see that or its team hosts the Super Bowl. Because. It's just so typical you know Erie in Europe via what it is that one year that your Abbott. And so for example if I look at Minnesota very much like it did ballot blasted out about the back post super vaults that. Yup there's a good and the bad they have something going rated quarterback position they'll I resentment going to be packed press got its gonna be hard it your first year to take it into the Super Bowl. Is the value of the case it now again I go to the week to week decision by that keep cases starter but he is certain is starter. Question is going to be at a very typical NFC with good quarterback. If he's even get a win two games in the playoffs beat it to the Super Bowl and I would say no. And so I kind of like the good and the bad you do last year that that was gonna go too far the buyout because of experience. What K police it is not going to be able to go as far in the playoffs because he's a bit of a very good back up. A good player but he's not going to be able to beat some of the better quarterbacks in Vienna state. What about the one that's upcoming this weekend Matt Ryan you've he's gonna get the better taste of the Atlanta felt. It was or not. But you look at interest in what bad is the fact that this closing schedules so out. And that's why I think gale is that this is about to win a game like this but they have like six by the two closings into. Is the opposite football and so that may be enough to take them out because you have to get and when they get in the NFC get why it is that top right now. I don't play and holds here but he gets Eli Manning also got a bunch of questions from techsters unease and calls do they wanna get in his while. Fighting on luggage on. John Clayton hear those John four dollar fire balls I mean that sounds pretty good market. Absolutely. Our rights if you wanna get some calls converge on you can 7863600790. Or you get text in 67974. The odd Eli Manning situation is is a mess. John Mara came out yesterday says that he wishes they would have handled it differently than use been thrown off actually that Eli did not accept the proposal of in sorting the game and then leaving maybe after half a football. What what what have been the the best way for the giants to handle this situation you think. Don't bench a simple as that because of it are you bitch at him to bring any young quarterback is not ready though you're pitching at the putting geno is that. Guess there's not gonna make it better and so that whole process was horrible. About it that is really can't give a quarterback that is 200 intense start. And you're gonna go to Yemen say OK okay at least some weight to be able to eat your streak alive it is. The streak was the most important thing mid career the most important thing Eli Manning. It's sort of take it like this and remember he's going to get get a label the last couple years but. He's still good. And he's still gonna not go to another team. To take it and do what state is that it was a others as I've seen. A quarterback situation ample. And one that I think that ultimately going to be. One of the many things as Italy to a coaching change because you'll ever know receivers all over. And they have a bad apple situation because of Eric block hours and all that though he has no chance. Gee those spec has no chance. So in the end I think it is by the editor and what and a bit a disaster for what's been a disastrous season but this guy. He's done in New York now right. Absolutely and I think it's his option by bank don't want the beat you he wanted to go down in a lot of great deep debt Jack to bill he would pop pop but. Option number one number two it would John always going to be looking for quarterback and their defense deep that was started to decline is still. Pretty talented. Is Lee what Ely there. Back at the possibility that third would be at risk areas comes back. There was a wave from Carson Palmer what parts of all retire he can maybe go to Arizona so those that extreme that they opted. There's others but that right out Jacksonville and Denver are going to be at a stop. It feels like Tom Coughlin was kind of laying the ground work that rightly that's a calculated move by Coughlin was running another team to so publicly. Speak about the situation in New York right. On the question about it and you can understand is like don't pop here's a lot of what happened to his former players and just like he would have thought what happened to him. If you've got to see these police spoke up about it. He felt bad about it and rightfully so. That's why I think it is it was a calculated thing is always try to recruit him because it's gonna be easy enough to recruit him because there's no doubt that that you might edit bays are done. With the New York Giants and they get a credit Eli brick taking a bit of polls like that they don't want to be distorted but we want to keep the streak alive what it is that and he says now. Like if you want somebody else pick somebody else. We think about. Just adding Eli to Jacksonville Jaguars did not make him something a little bit more urban league football team what they currently are you are renowned in the shares gained. Well I think as long. Isn't surrounded with good talent that you will visit go to Allah. On the topic. To make it work because it lies about Eli at 85 years ago at least it's starting to show the ad is downsized to his career. Is not as if patient as far as following the football he's still out of may have a tendency toward interception it is still good. Insult you know what I look at it publicly is same situation as Arizona couple years ago they make the move out of Oakland when it looked like parts of follows on the decline. And that it Carson Palmer their party kind of props them up and they had a nice little play off what do you look at heat light probably Jacksonville. Is basically play well does that. It's a break what you get quite order believe he's gonna play around it almost loses a lot of time. Brought takes six to make a mistake it with a touchdown and goes we but he Eli they're not gonna do that. As much choice if they throw the interception attitude but also make a big player this side that. It would Jacksonville packet in the mood to put that over the. I'd jump about war and what are some text questions in a minute here 67974. If you wanna get in for John claims and we time and lacy gets a asking the question yourself. On Eli Manning and the whole fame I think is a very tricky situation okayed because just look at that the body of war as far as regular season. I think it's I I I don't think he's all been quarterback in that regard. Two time Super Bowl MVP two of the biggest Super Bowl wins in the history of the league at. I mean has there ever minute two types of Mobil and BP that has been held out of the whole thing you. Didn't play in the war on you know what you do what you artists use Super Bowl teams what. He and play and won it wasn't too time Sewell and BP ME you're at US SU and hall of fame like what what do you make of that. Advocate borderline because what you have to do it get put in perspective if the other quarterbacks of his era. And that's where I think it a little bit tricky in the put them on the borderline. But I've never looked at him as being one of the top eight quarterback a leg up by it in anywhere between nine and eleven. As to what you go back and you say okay. Hey you accommodate that many quarterbacks into the hall of Spain. It's almost like when we're look at it Kurt Warner. If Kurt Warner is beginning to the end of his career at that little part. We had more of a back up role particulate Eli replaced him as a starter and it goes Arizona's so he had about it before your gap. Where he was back. So what you need of one more indicative over the top and it got it he went to Arizona and they get a chance to take his game is simple. I think you'll like it might be the like it was Jack and toward Denver and it get into one more Super Bowl winner Lou is get that over but here's the compelling they would talk about it. 200 and start to. Consecutive. Back is that he really helped light was always able to come to a play and it's reciprocal wins were over the greatest quarterback of all time Tom Brady. That argument might put it over the tops within the borderline he would help to get one more trip to the Super Bowl the dots it in the but I get up to speed and you accommodate that many quarterbacks in the same era for 2000. Want I guess we thought Brady gave it our but it Betty it end and where he put it that's why I think the big argument it. Getting Suzanne these tax free on the text line is 67974. John do you think Matt Stafford will be able to do an up with a below average running game to get the lines in the playoffs. I think it is all of a bit short. Because again and it'd be NSC you've got it up and went to be able to make it and other skit it was easy out respect. They don't take on a lot of teams with winning records but. Which you look at is that that they're probably will lose one game it will cost that it had the addition I didn't set a so I just think they're gonna all little bit short. Because again this might give you a victory that somebody is gonna be on and win. Because of the way the AFC NFC. Race is that their conference play. And as such as it is right now but it has EP a fight is that they're going to be one more loss away at a loss to the but at Thanksgiving Minnesota. Field of state I think India there was one more game and that'll cost that can't be in the wild wild card. It seems to me that things may be changing in Atlanta but attacks are asked why hasn't clicked at times for the falcons. I can by chipping them in that it that is Super Bowl hangover of party by point loss. That they had what they believe 25 points and expect after the Super Bowl and if these are these kids don't try to get the you'll be up and Sinbad had to work out. They had doesn't issued in the second half of being with their defense. They're giving up until they point they're not being able to get pressure the quarterback sarcasm Bailiwick is consistent running game. That was there last year the couch and it was able to get out and but the big thing is of Madrid 33 point eight office last year and for the most part of the 21 point out that. You'd take four point all the but he op Ed that you're sitting there. It is about 21 points. Pat White and win some games in the end they also need to lose some games that he had thought maybe it's just that they've just been a little bit off. And get the chance even elegant city get its spot right now the wild card in May not make the playoffs. Obviously the backers about the bad luck with the Rodgers injury but it text or asks will there be any huge moves made by the Packers weather coaching front officer players during the off season. There's a bit what they look at as a got lots of Eric Rogers was a big reason why there's been against. Spot that they are probably not they've been the play out there they've got to make sure there's going to be enough depth but they are as the wind because they've been. In there that didn't have any real back of the that upper injury. They got to continue to see now if they're gonna be good enough on defense and they had a bout I think about doing something to make sure that they have some long term replace the wave at you. As you know he start to show a little bit it is based but the big thing is if any Aaron Rodgers helping because what you have Aaron Rodgers is sitting there with a Super Bowl. Contender when he's not there. If there's been maybe it it was not going to be well. Great job John we'll talk to next week enjoy the games this weekend. It.