ZRA Interview w Damione Lewis 11-30-17

Thursday, November 30th

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I Osaka Damione Lewis he's got a party going on this weekend in Charlotte he and John beasts in before the ACC title game he's Willis in the grind fuels. And announcers convenience stores gas signed truly sets beyond convenient. Damian so you and you are obese and you put together a party Friday night for the canes fans. You don't got to look shouldn't be caught on they are there out. So how can they how can again talk to you guys like you send out messages and stuff on Twitter or FaceBook or what have you. Yeah out there ought to go well let let them open as dormant spirited what is going to be on our own it's short. If I didn't go to all there is not on our feet. I don't want to. I don't wanna talk whether it's for game but how how did you how did a hurricane great okay you care very much about the hurricanes how did you experience. McCain's Notre Dame game. World. Pretty beaten credentials on the were felt like it. One go about it won't applaud. Because. There are on their home game this really street. What reported Tuesday you know have a game plan you know we'd be here is what really view it in the beginning you know down one. Isn't pretty nice to see in a lot of big defensive studs up front now when finally we got a couple defensive tackles to go and let our linebackers do some work. I'm all we hear more about all about it here you know how are the blood blood on the radio were way better than what we've been given credit war there what they're mama gets motivated and move it wouldn't let them at all the what no more 21 game that we heard about all we all. It has now moved delve into the game that you know no about this all year. You made a lot more woman with a lot what. Will he go to those guys move great job or would say. Is even block blog get involved in you'll be involved if you don't record label called let it affect you. And their trip over shouldn't be capable. You can always cool guy great guy has put him out there. That's what your debut you'll. It is chained in the great technique and you got to buy these big big new. In mid Ohio and more mobile more of your big golf is that they're out there and dog. Of your quote today. Back in the day obviously you're really known for your good hand work remember going against your practice and then going as you in the league and Jordan never the biggest dude on the football field Europe what a schism your Hamer was really good and I noticed that Clemson Steve Pitts of fried their handwork is as is ultimately almost second to none to tell you the truth but I also set offensive line is very good at getting their hands inside on a defensive lineman. What are you gotta say about that in terms of possible coach ability for a lot of these defensive front guys to go and help them out this weekend. Well I don't know what it multiple. You know W orders would do that Mo beat well we get. It will be available on it and you know flawed because well we be church groups who majority vote. We're is very weak and Ramallah on both. They're called were going about a mile off the roar when they let go literally go. And rather they know a lot of interest in the knowledge that there were other normal little remote will. I'm very broad broad area that'd be my daughter of big body guy who. It was called all our people do when I was. This weakness. These are always boil. There are about them more experiment he working we don't keep it here you. Where who's not it is there where Brooke. And you know they've got well that got an article about him is that good double. One in the first mobile. Big physical. Well now is the mood the mood ring the door or there will be honored that you attacked immediately get a real look you and Albright. You know like I like them to highlight and you've got obviously your drama part of the night before Friday night you and he's got the party going on a different spots oak room and another one of what the volume Zoellick at the end of the rear my club. Don't doubt. We got open window period and Julia who have little to. I'm going to be paid at a local all the very normal little tribute will. Like I know your big time back home right there and you guys you got your spots and you took me to launch that one time I was almost like you took me to a seafood spot. Follow me that we look at a little off this where Margaret Mary knows it won't bore you go oh boy well well Oprah. It you know they got a bridge the goal book there. We've. That's what would it you know local involvement. They are all look like you have there though or weirder and may have brought. So they're going to be rolled pretty deep man claims is all about an hour an hour and a half time. Depends on our map more likely than any. Holder where we're like yeah. I'm almost all of it is because of the red Alamo speech yet Obama well I don't they don't bail letting you know. So what we've been there on the other they all looked clear got very little equipment and held down more than Uga. So what do you think is going to be rolled up north who's context your that they're going to be around town obviously I'm my guess is EJ will probably be up their quick right. There you are proverbial I already know our minority leader here. We. About this problem and now. You know. Were they pummeled the bottom but it you don't government beyond brief period. And one got lucky just tell me where he's coming up their to a mid July and August and I'll sleep marquis hotel room are gonna crash is a tolerant. Eighteen years apparently. They don't Romo it's a guy's shirt what are their. It's. It unions I think people are going to be a little sore for that afternoon met many people are going to be crawled around for breakfast or brunch that morning on Saturday. Your name at 8 o'clock game you know moment well there are a lot of people would really you know and I. I am I'm gonna send I I got ceiling come on send it out on FaceBook and on Twitter so the hurricane fans who are. I drive enough line after the game they could check you guys out front and I are sure. Sure. I'll have a good time Damien I think it's to be a lot of fun and obviously man ill be so called the canes can win that game means that it definitely in the playoff team and they win that game. Yeah I'll need I wanna bring that I've been a lot of talk about Ottawa what are we really are a Little League you know. Our personal Leo like you've been handed a big India but it would. Oh yeah and I would film what were they asked their. Children there aren't any other public about where you are not what. It was Obama I am sure it or switch. We words getting so it became what on Saturday getting left out of the top or is that worse than back in 2000. Yeah. Not work. You're right you're absolutely the worst McNabb who. It's just is back towards the cage he'd get as you head to head that a year and a it's war but it's it it's just as bad if the electorate out. Germany were. But there are you mocha didn't even know who drew the cartoon yeah freedom of the great game and that would put it probably won't do it occurred to. Bringing being great being there to be. We're just there have been purchased. There are quite if we don't have Oklahoma law or you know we don't. Not spoken like that apple in this whole community here duo what would you get it out there what would do everything they can develop them. And I will have a good time this weekend man and and that worries sounds a lot of fun excellent job Damien. Guys seem and that's Damione Lewis read these Dayne goes on board in my account and. It. All Barrett now boy I just yelling at Tobin did a talk magma and while he's onboard. Curry curry no cuts music man American Bret Hart. More controversial then cain's pertains I meanwhile. Really your last hit came on kink could barely be UNC sound like her real cup this is basically his script. In the in the queen of the hands may need back controversies so. I don't know persecution.