ZRA Interview w Jamey Eisenberg 11-30-17

Thursday, November 30th

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Let's get to our fantasy football here get your questions in 67974. Or in call and at 7863600790. Jeanie joins us every week on the Ryan fuels and dancers convenience stores gas line truly sets beyond convenience age in the morning. Are. Good most people are entering the final week of their fantasy football regular season and so this is important stuff OK so Gagnon colon. He Texan would try and banks through his knees question it's possible to get a week's story tonight they'll Washington and Dallas let's Dallas decide you okay does Bryant is desk. An automatic start still in fancy football. No article on. You know I'm on eighteen great news that a hundred yard game are here to grow our Arctic in. It doesn't look like the vanguard. You know of the book notebook on our on her they're metal and on and they mean by equity or do not armored. Upper line woes that really hurt outward black power running game or cowboy. Are not outlook bright though it our belt bubble and it looked all or not so that is more what we would call number we were there with me or where you are not an expert. And seeking to press right press disorder Roger. Now he he's been struck on nine and it. You know I don't know any vote pared their you know what we are a lot you're not oh we expect we went out number nearly career on the O mark art. And opera Arnold odometer or the law practice and no injuries occur during what I wouldn't be right right now that not look I think Albert got up earlier to even earlier we ought. It was the biggest disappointment in fantasy football this year who has been a guy where it is you spends a first round pick on him. I hear your team likely is not doing anything this year bees I'll tell you I think it is in a landslide they've been. While yeah I mean I European in the armor they are it would bode well Ali Bhutto can't you know what are we struggled on the part of your game that there are. He don't give up on are like that. You know unfortunate think with are they increase their art art burn out but late thirty not for example you know you could be how valuable it doctors and that he is not point in me eat out once I got beat you oh well I'm back or. And on the clock out you know it our air rocker wrote back I opened at the vote in getting bulk they are pretty well we are clear. Flat and finally here and we'll get these calls and text. The dolphins this weekend dolphins and Broncos what do we like. I Eric and Derek were bureau got in the air you know ignore him out he's got kind of Balkan occurred a week in week out. In the game that they 88 I treated. The proper and in town or early to be our linemen will Scott cycle. Operable and not. And they have a lot of rec it but I think Niagara and what are they not know what being well. There's a chance here or in that it has entered portrait not even get hurt their majority of the carpet. Abbott big game though I like MRI like Randy copy reader you know you are from Parker. The bill now the quarterback and on the not more than the paper and knows he even number. With Parker think if you're in and aren't in the color Parker late gather. Arco beyond eight on 11100 or even go on your you Mormon number spirit here. I listening thousand calls your questions in quick so we are trying get to as many use we can let's go with were Brno Rivera go that we question. Yeah good morning to judge it to back standard. And I got done doing them back field I got the red chair and on the loose. And Alpert wars and the Drake I need two out of four ended AJ green vegetable this week. No not at all the dirt but given up a big blunder beaver meat I can portrait in the the 08 quarterback on down on their they haven't been able the big player like Carr can't prepare our. They'll pick a date figuring I would put the outlook is likely to be running right now are under yard while we hear Miami. And then acting in Hendrick gotten I like an opportunity for him are human and let's go Diego go ahead Diego. Mardy and I forgot that's standard league are needless to feel sorry little collection. Sri ruled. Crowder who are we in addition. Thank you. Yeah I like that there were a lot on that the cowboys are not iron block eager are you now and not yet we're going art. I'm like in any arm but he covered under Gergen again and we ate our. Are you not paper what you article Robby and these are are on the Arctic and you are an actor Robert Robert not up. Under our Arco paper and it and the art are my mind they are a no go. Bayless issues and these text Rihanna Tex sign it 6797 format stop bird or Brett Hundley. Nominal amount overcome. Here are he are Gregory lumber and here are gonna beat you are to be. Molder Matt is our leader or everybody you are all all of Africa play on it you'd be ankle. Against the ravens and their regular Betty production quarterback. Triggered re on our army you want green Gary articulate it how he. When it's or Russell Wilson. I Aetna had I think you look at what what went have been doing right now are even what you eat and they normally route acorn it now all of you know not to avoid a situation to avoid court. It only injury garnered the respect so it's going to be a are all aware early article or you go what order they property equipment eagle on bookmark about Big Ben Roethlisberger or go off. I have got right back to back. Well the murder rate now you know play great in numbers on the road. And struggled by Eric is number the only are straight all road he earned in part I'm ready to go. Pop a little bit of a better situation. You are probably eight or not. Should it advisory to an asking if he should drop players to stash Aaron Rodgers. Your daughter got married to come back pocket and well you know crop art you know need quarterback help in in a weaker. I unpack and we here in oh intimate account of the art. Our Korean or Iraq or people are going in and query report you know Michael York act are currently in your right arm up. On the island go. He regulated appear ear might incur. Okay all right let's get another question here this is Bobby Bobby go ahead for Jamie. Beijing echo through Xbox. At between gay or Coke Coke Jordan thanks. I can't cook a copper or on Kurt Byrd were caught off guard in covered by Peter Pan and great. Ordered it cardinal or are you eaten or are you you're picking a mayor of the probable probable what happened. Aired eight when you're going out not everybody when they are not there oh I can't bring you get probably like seven or your. I needs to our receivers and through Zhu Zhu. Gore yeah. Marches Bryant pursuit. Well you probably technical buying. I don't know. I'm gonna play here and playing very well and nine or later you're if you do there in eagle and that he got the market. In an easy Justice League. Wants. Purple popular at home all and Eads altar and full all season man. Or you're. It's sunlight is so he says no to yet right socked loved its course and loved and are you brought your. Due. Believable when easier 'cause it out there as Lex Luther like can you get past the idea that you grew up with Eminem believe that he's Lex Luthor. Funny thing now it on my muck it up by almost three year old and the Kapalua man I connect our premier bigger. And they called elect an uncle that they. I. Wouldn't find believable. Any good actor like I I I wouldn't find unbelievable like an expert Alex Lutheran that's the doesn't. I heard and going to pass that's the thing in my arsenal polygamous FaceBook. And even that would be remarkably bulls agree he's FaceBook to me. Yeah. You know. And earn their Urlacher. And earn industrial robbery and went to the subway and I excellent job Jamie thanks and got bigger picture.