12-6-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2.mp3

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, December 6th

Tobin tries to get Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr to the Dolphins. Leroy and Beast take a point away from him for stupidity. The guys talk about the progress Canes basketball has made. Robbie and Leroy get into an arguent over drafting offensive lineman in the first round. Dion Waiters tells the Heat players to keep shooting and Leroy takes a point away from Philly Cheese even though he is not on the show. Tobin says Pat Riley is still looking for that high that was the summer of 2010.QB recruit Jarren Williams is making his college commitment and the guys dive into the Canes recruiting class.


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Stuff earlier but it's still a few on the ticket. You don't see that I don't Scheffler had dolphins then he lamenting is the possibility of Nixon. No one. When not to push him put objects I am Miami and that linked to the jags a little more but that's selfish of me. Listen obviously did the jags are the odds on favorite judge the other American in the Coughlin connection. Books that doesn't catch you well. It's not the Jack no cash it is serious question though yeah. If your dolphin. And what we've been to it to a company this year and he has his ups and it's all right. You wanna go to the another route of aging veteran well cameo let's say let's say ten hills and he's not quite ready to roll. All right. Be nice to ever have that at all insurance policy. And so you think I Eli is gonna come to be back I don't know. Hussein out looking so good food for for Ryan Denham RI. We don't know if he's going to be ready for next season that does the ACLU take a long time. Period among cheat somebody could take eighteen months should they eighteen months is poised quarterback. You know he's a running quarterback. Not Jay Cutler doesn't need to do it would have been running quarterback and running for your life quarterback. Well what does. He do it. You got case and Manning the Brothers. Were repaid before MVP season. Not. End about deaths. The judge to go to bill total rebuild right. Under Helene house. What failed American junior. One not. You'll package deal cherry Eli and O'Dell the dolphins. Pay handsome king's ransom he TM team the best friends. O'Dell. Jarvis lazy I Eli. Altogether. Ben's back together. Until Eli doesn't do you I don't. Bro you know Saturn Vue of utilizing an illegal and I get demoted and throw any surrounded by bombs. These are about bombs. You know yeah that Erik flowers is a turnstile. And then. Yeah it's it's thoughts about sport to McCain so what sucks about sports. Who got her. Try to combat. Should probably should've had the surgery probably less sugar via and didn't didn't have an art but now. And no he's just. He's been hurt for two years and I'm not just ball yet he was for two years you'd have the surgery the first year salary. Is he is somebody else that's not his fault. I make these ligaments. You're an idiot it's. Or you want you want Jarvis and you know minus one. Minus negative. Minus one because my slot. Yeah vote no no I don't want you get mine is one that's. Yeah it is now. Just didn't take your pitcher. No I'm telling you don't when you start we theory. That it just. Since our minds one. It's as simple enough you hubris and rejects. I don't know it's just drop in on down 95 not to save the Jackson doesn't work out. I don't know too well I'm I'm putting in this scenario on just on a passed in the wall you know he has a better chance. Gold gave them or waited. All agree that a chance that in the book Coughlin had a discussion on does does the agent interest. It would. It's hot button to try. To pop minus one and now. It is essential not only will go on a fund giant to clean house now just over. Money got a rookie or your ID month. Within three get out of it. Eli he's used to doubles. It takes up. I mean. Do you think. O'Dell is happy. Now. That he would have to be out there we don't. Know. I don't think he's happy that you could be happening with John I don't if know and now we Tino. I mean on and tomorrow has been doing little ball like here's the catch here's the catch what's the can't miss in this in this seems to be flying overhead. I'm putting him on a team with his best friend. Is his best friend of center or guard or tackle right. India is still going to be right things at XY but it feels so good on this team. Is he needs to be more elusive did an average quarterback. Ha yeah bring the statue here you cannot head a statue quarterback. And what this team got perfect mix got Eli. You have the coach that coach has Brothers and VP season 00 you've got a slot safety blanket. I would go back on the all a result threat and even he threatened Kenny stills that you have a. All of the giants and say listen. The budget barker organ out for us you guys a clean house set in order all the money. Take the month at Parker personal pick get a soda back him and Eli Manning he traded 21 round picks throwback that yet. But the dotted our is out for Shumpert he's bump. You don't have since 2013 year lemon and has 78 interceptions. Says Tony. 78 deterrent is try is try to make things happen 78. You won an ally he's the champion and he and off we ease brother with a bunch of foods. The EC guy who's who's coaching them. And and and let's not like Coughlin I mean look back I lost his fastball long time ago and now he's rejuvenated he said in the gulf garlic Parcells was back in the day. But sitting Emmett silent torture people wondered if you're up five minutes early or late. He was he thinks he's got into the ground with that. Somebody would suggest. That we come over to your acumen joke. In it. All awesome and as well I'm Paula. Also all you are tennis real fans it. He didn't know they're not and what I want to follow waste they're not cynical fans did you not you acting. The coach had a lot of success and his brother. No I'm not I'm not I don't want to a new name pay but this is my dream scenario you're not you're not you're not running on my imagination about. It's Eli without a Beckham don't Matty still got I got your own eyes you. Don't champion so what you know right now is it Portland or Houston Texans. Right. We'll give you a second round pick if you take Brock got so not really would give you owed back. If you're taking did you book Brock Oslo and he is the hall of fame. You're you put Brock Oslo is what he hasn't done. Not what he is doing. It's around about bombs. And you're saying this offensive line will protect statue Eli but at least he's got some talent around him got better yes you know what you're saying the wrong word. You're saying talent. And you need to be saying I Boca you don't have. I you know new android atlas is coach after the alignment because that's gonna happen no nothing's gonna know I just do what's gonna happen. They're gonna drop linemen don't go to we're gonna freak out I reminded the good portion of course she would in the draft another offensive lineman in a moment and I'm offering you. Going to be 37. Next year he's not getting normal well. That. Oil back. Was 37. Was 37 once the probable. To the Super Bowl Tom Brady Kurt Warner. You want the teeny left. The giants. Try to emphasize. Karma I think. My god he didn't just to. No legal black arrow and I'll go to Leo yeah yeah yeah now another. You've got to zero. They're older Kurt. The Kurt Warner analogy was spot until I looked up with stats I did it because he he threw it right to collect what about a hundred yards later he got minced. He got benched. For yeah. Headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS at this age age old Miramar. This hijinks that brought you by UBS jobs dot com what extra holiday cash UBS is seeking seasonal driver helpers in Miami. Bill license needed. Helpers are picked up close to home each day the blood UPS jobs dot com but still this picture summed it strapped in the back and eat MPE. Just sits at the bit and goes derive it around your neighborhood. I. A long guy ya bin Laden truck pulls in and they opened the seventeen people come out in eagle cut the whole neighborhood now. Smartest guy in the world that BC eight. I. We know why you laughing. You're sticker for my man somebody else does suggest that we drug test tube. He left for new employees. And android it's kind of Tobin. That it hasn't scored thirty points of the game in over two seasons Balkan followed up. My back you can give me minus points for a text as boy well it negates your point in the beginning at Texas section and open bull make you text your section. Headlines and heat spurs tonight 830 tipoff 730. Zones on Italian your pre game right here in your flex edition of the Miami games have an idea from 143 G to the ticket. There's your headlines that's. And mr. And McCain. What he united the tad more story and the oldest infuriated the Bruce brown injury. His bronze in Libya due to four weeks yeah that's a bomber with an outlaw any Walker's good he is that guy's good he is very gets pretty crazy man. I mean. Let's put all the jokes aside. This game of basketball Bergen is on the embryo like every year now it's it's it's enjoyable to watch what do you can't make this team is built. This has has the personnel the right places. So I think to consider if health Seward is to make. Some sort of a good run down man like that's that's pretty wild ones are about about LeRoy. The fans showed up for for and its games in football. The basketball arena people are goers those games that's pretty easy also tiny so it's very tiny but who cares a thousand seats. This tiny bit late. He cared about Bosnia like you know nobody you know before Joseph and me I mean they're everywhere agreed. So I'm an element out as a resident I was I was actually lasts as I have a sports. Edit and I was crazy and it's any watch McCain's last night. Is more amazing that I mean. When you think of top fifteen teams. Canes just doesn't roll off your tone no they've been there the last couple years yeah I mean. Listen the one thing about Larranaga is he's made them relevant yet. Yeah you doubly as I do I was also excellent site is Robert Texas is as Boston University is a Walter White on their team. They got highs and Merrick for some reason pigging out gonna go there and watch the break we got the break in bad hat on. Also Walter why not why. Eight is as tells me to Purdue it's different to his wife gave his wife the mood of the graphic that Lindsay is used to look on the glass. Give him minus one. Of the war on the glass and said. That home run then then wouldn't. That he's got this down merit and I shut the gains and coach during. Lost last night. Fun game they outlawed them rotating though in draft no line. I who'll lose my belief. Just regular international lyme and again like what are we doing it wide receivers cannot function when a quarterback in the quarterback cannot function without an offensive line. Good Indonesian draft of the usually. Yeah you can get. This sort that. Offensive linemen and see where they're from and when it got drafted a medallist is final but the climate in the first round under when I think about this. When. You're two in my adult. Okay. What you need more then anything. Our Jim fact players. Immediate impact players you can get wide receivers and slightly and running backs in the second and third or fourth round slip about quarterbacks. Cornerbacks don't drive one of you OK what about. Linebackers. You can traveling at one OK but the item I receive when he backs my point it is. Is that if the use of Roger a team with how I'm means you'll position guys. OK you can develop an offensive line. You just pick a guy who put him on the offensive line because he was drafted high. You still have them Dole's five guys still have to work together so well that I got in the first round. Orbits around you don't let go to the same process where is it your quarter. You can cover. Both bad guy you. Don't. If you what our receivers. But OK if you're allowed tiger if somebody. They know more about was that is another not polishing the same as regimes but had Jake Long. 21 James let me console near my pal Susie got through on the hips problems like. It's such a crap shoot. And I feel like you're not going get an impact guy a good. What's more wasn't a Ryan. It also Connell Dallas Thomas a Jameel Douglas and Billy turner three complete states but mid season. Those guys drop of the report round and a so what we're saying in this. Enlisted by in bringing this back home. That is not where their. Is and they are. LA right now I had on you look like Jones hunt for October. I never saw I've seen I don't know who don't Joan most vulnerable. Sorry that it is at least black he is a good dirt. Does a Louisville do this year because last year was called defense of draft you're gonna get a complete picture because. Rick on McMillan didn't play got hurt. Right. Did passable D. J. White. Edited they did Newt but we haven't really late Charles Harris is now he's. Flashed a lot this year but he's a pass rushers are did you give him a little bit more time. But they gonna go the route next nearly did it does go bass player to do you know it's going to be not re dead in the offense this time do not drop the running back or redo. You cannot trade at 12100 or Russia for fourth round pick and it's gonna run drug running back first. That's completely counterproductive. My god month's all black people must look like old with a hat on. And the glasses you'll likely be events and you show me a picture would a guy without a hat. And just you know in the movie he's gotten a hat and glasses. Dion Waiters gives the most Deion where is advised to those who issued well we'll blow it up that next. Okay. I'm a my mom no mom. Got to be ready as you but we'll see we'll come. Yeah. Hussein only Retief. They are easy to tell you it's. She's beautiful and both look really. Before it was a completely unsuitable. Goes into the books I was that notion. And so you know I'll tell you my man a saving away wings lead to winning we'll coffee he had to run this suicide. Doug should devote so maybe your thoughts you know open it up close soon. As Dion Waiters yesterday at practice leader. Now sends out of the day on the spurs that it emits heat is brought to buy Chevy envoy for south on someone Jeep truck and as you be customization shop. You guys got the hot has fought for modifications in town called him. At 7865023446. Or gonna champions four by four dot com Dion Waiters that rather that a big film session LeRoy and you know a lot of film a show on the the guys out on the wing or in the corner. There shooters miss in the kick drive offense has now pulled the trigger the ugly head man. You gotta you gotta do what I do. Yeah shoot. Ignorance you got to shoot. Chaudhry do here's what's gonna happen. Only give you a little heads up. Who's going to be in a corner life. Just went. And what set a new form these. Relate. He or she. I'm saying Batiste told me to shoot. And what's negative form. Is Vincent told him to dull or bored doing. Says those. Yet they he really is bastard. Honestly. I mean I'm in his career. If he'd just come to the conclusion. I'm only gonna pay play. After the bangs give. I'm before Thanksgiving do you wait before Thanksgiving I'm gonna look like I'm eighty. I out there that seem to me that's a doorway that ceiling of the LeBron thing did it ideally seemly LeBron tanked the first ten games of the season. When it has the Bruins there was more merit net working stuff out. Yeah Portland and it ever since he's basically the only there's always there's always a good. Six game stretch where he just doesn't feel like playing basketball or attitudes as well vacation to Miami one year dealt relate. I's gonna go rehab in Miami and it got my life. To go rehab. And delete the old people to his baseball they say extended spring training. You are terribly have to be to go to extended spring training. It's like. We we we sent him supports him Lucy he's gonna work it out and you'll play what he liked blurted out. Wage and he's been struggling at or sitting in due extended spring training in Jupiter he's going to be working on the back fields. You know we're in an ammo. Do you think Michael does the guts to ask anybody if they want Richard Burnham. Noticeably easier to shake up the hatred John color you got to take who'll. He you should be general manager. To move right there what I did live from Houston Texans who gave. X if you ain't rock gods while yet you haven't dimpled ball. Would you rather get the giants four top prospects who aren't apparently that great core of his all America lately and I've agree it's funny and would you rather have that. Or is basically a Miguel Cabrera deal. Or would you just traded. Stand body get wouldn't rid of the way into and contracts right. Just like at best 300 no 400 million. Yeah fortunate. Enough. And crazy. It except one is the MVP in the other ones like the worst pitcher. Ian -- throw in Ziegler. On zoo is his dissolve a multi year deal to seek god is a when you're left. Is he dead two dead men the whole bullpen. All the free agents as they try to get it to like nine closes door please take a ninety million. And I'll read like US trade all your guys after a yearly everybody's hit to it now late this. OK you can get any better when you want to come here no. End that does seat that was my larger point a couple of years. Is that. You can't as a organization. Of course in this about B. That if you treat your veterans wrong and they go somewhere else. They kind of put the word after what happened to this and I only. Eight. As I was vicious thing I was I was most afraid of with the Dwyane Wade thing. Dead nobody will come here because. To say that it's about look at it's about looked to to do that to your friends I jazz guys I think that's that I don't I don't did you do that. You know I know there's I'd go back and forth there's a lot of personal stuff back and forth between writers of my biggest fear even more so than the basketball thing. Is. That effect and you know look I'm sure he'd look at what Duane zero right now they're like. Mentally does this this threat passed in the money gets at all he gets when we're on two million dollars and he actually took the bench role. We're gonna do that Downey is quietly and no I'm Zach still nobody's come entries when he and he'd just unloaded a little bit. Tony Parker said he was supposed to come back sooner than pop said shone Tony Parker's. Yet but Tony are really let it slip views they always give it back to your recent bomb it said. Shut the bleep up don't tell people about how I am football telecheck we tell people not the. Okay here's an. Obvious to build an all time. As a coach is personality or just personality probably I'll probably says more public has more personality end. Is in there's light you know when he wants to. When he wants to unleash on something it's pretty good at it. Popovich collect Popovich on stilts and they like when he's got some than to really say and unleashed right. I feel like his certainly this is an act oh I don't feel like of course I dealers don't check it is genuine. Wikipedia. Like I I hope I don't Anderson different guy off the field now. It is it is it's well here's a big this is so weird I think. In both cases it's purposeful. But in pops case it's purposeful. As an act. In Belichick's case it's purposeful. Without needing to be that way. No I didn't not do an act but that's partly key that's him here but he's purposely bring you now that side of him back cameos perfect. Reason. Because in one sport you pay 82. In other sport you can sixty. Right and so Belichick's big proponent. I'm not gonna give. Anybody. Any information. That could. Hope the other tape. So once you have that concept. Did you listen to all the questions. You know why the answers or what dale. Because he he's a firm believer. I'm not gonna say do it even with injury report. It might be one guy who's actually hurt but eagle put twenty guys Lanier's so maybe it was neat about. There's also if they were Popovich to it seems like like Belichick only does it always seems like he's just one step ahead of people. Like public has been ahead with the maintenance stuff resting his guys. And seemingly with the lawyers because. When they traded for wide leader. What nobody right nobody mean the name move rough faces yet George Hill. So let the Georgia is a complete on the mean a fine player we like to yank alive we'd like to talk about the game. But he'd have only want to reach arms and list thirty years and rigorously. That's crazy Mendez now look up that none of us more I realized I was like shot. One of them was a boss reportedly went in the wrong weren't flat pass a law that was a good game. As good game. And then post season lies and only know how many that would slice slice the remember what was the what was the wage throwback game waivers where it was really element game four was like his revitalization and it was entertained no was deemed to and 2014 writing and that it should have been game one and Tony what team LeBron quit. So. Well nearly shrimp and yet when he you know try to already decide to plot his exit DC and then is it. Crazy. Did she apparently that was nice that they totally did you agree that there is say like in the the heat's locker room was unbearable meanwhile. In the spurs' locker they got stands. They got people by almost like they knew me is gonna happen. I had garbage like. I'll listen guys that we have to change the filter apparently. A good six months let's get real dusty they could blow any second. What's Elliot stands ready don't worry enough for them free. Trade. Juan crazy so I think every reservation serving fifteen to reporters and yet his. It adjusters here is his here's what he wants to see from justice Winslow. There's there's difference Erica hill. Just you know our guys play because that'd be an issue so that day Merkel a game every day yes you are going to get married that. I seem to themselves over. You know some time and I'm going again but don't touch you all know political illnesses like you know DT. The cookie Zhu also. Even though agreed going through there again we find it in the Soviet tank issue this forgot how you play. This team now is golf club and I want to judge New Zealand become. So. Obama lawsuit there's still some creatives are deserving guy because. And you go on you guys just it's. Out there they just opened up. It wouldn't. Diablo winners once so. Yeah. Do you that harsh oh. You kicked up quite a bit from Philly cheese. Okay you don't have the power went through the two every UK we we like any team I know you you might militia. I'm not just gold going to grow slow and my interview months. I the ones I'm I'm not all not. Gonna go admitted Derosa ma. Is completely witnessed. I'd remind us why you that you don't know the points system does not go to the athlete that's visitors with a busy box right there. So you can go to taxpayers. Don't know yeah techsters get a permanent bock says Phillies used. A lot of he's done a lot of I love his finger board and we've already had this season and complain about a satellite side screens and other shooters in shooting. I know whether the markets go and all the time like what do you not do one attend is that all the shooters. Not sure it's added. You've got good Ed Derosa always he would he sucked AD on the core the other night he's like oh only get money gets my buddy. Brick city I mean like street mpeg once double cross timeline. They drew a bag of formal public times an inch. Poll. The sudden bottom of that which is Dion Waiters you could like almost reach him out of like. Like a sealed Hydro container. Only when you're down like eight. We have five minutes left and that's what it's Philly cheese times. The other time he gets a little crazy. I mean. Beckham or right there says does is makes it a practice. He's unfamiliar with his own work. Well yeah I'm needed and just makes them practice yeah. You don't get to which import snow you know. I mean like guys to take over shots when I'm scared. That if ever buy into that mentality. Everybody be shown to reporters. And others. Yes I mean look it's. We've had a session of funny with this team you know if if they do have. It seemed like the games they win it's not everybody shooting threes they have a game where somebody gets. Scorching hot from three. Might usually wane a usually wailing sand gray maybe he ought to do it would. The person that has kind of gotten her more Joseph baca GA were. Yes all right. Tyler what what he's shown like he's shown that. He's gonna go through some slumps but he usually bounces back we see that he doesn't. It seems like that's self rolls off some really good right but Tyler. And so scared of that contract meant. To IO. Do you Riley ever weeks of the cold sweat thinking about it. Don't let. What we're in the Ellsberg did any of its verdict that there's any Ellsberg but he sleeps as like a beautiful mind relate. The numbers are just overs had thing about the salary cap. And just wait sabbaticals thinking about the twenty million next year. Certainly the problem. Here it here's the world. There's been two situation. Where I think of the heat is. For thinking franchise. Doing things you know with the salary cap and stuff like that. There's two situations Orton make it three. In the last couple years. Where somebody else is forced him. To sign a player to certain content. We saw in oh how Johnson Okur and Dublin where Chris Bosh. Yes to Wear. Like it took what they do aidid or hate them and any almost like. Okay. Just hit it and so now is coming back to vitamin. But I don't think of an organization that that day. Feel like they have to do so in those situations where. They're like oh no social given our guidance we gotta give it to this never really seemed like it also reveals I bet T. Yeah and and the other thing too when everything does come together as good as it does it did in two points and eight it's almost like. Souls like Robby play he chastened. You know it do you looking for high and it's is that sweet bread and it's you don't know it's never going to be the street again. It's so. Unless you accidentally. You don't draft three guys who developed three guys in that being. You know a Big Three am. That's gonna happen in war. It was it was a powerball was a powerful summer. It and so and you wonder. How much of that was actually eat. In how much of that we're an actual players to see it as we will both. I mean look they're both had to go ahead and then let the motherland and I'd destroyed she's got like his point lazy get to go over months is the game tonight as our. Yeah I mean the visitors points legal and how did you know seeing him take 10 shots none found out of Kuwait and all day and I'm proclaiming like if you like who we put a visitor up there. Not the textures the textures are gonna have a ongoing catalog literally last name to the show. It doesn't matter because that's permanent minus one I don't wanna see him taking a three from Tom. After one dribble. And then had those words ringing in my ear well then you can go back smog in months won't be back after this. At bullion. Out here today. Let's do away he had prepared tickets to brought about street food and music tussle to the public image empathy there. Knew most of south float crud about jury has lemon this looks. Yeah he's genuinely thought there incident a move to allay those guys. March 24 comedy jam at the very of the struts. Post a Louisiana man and a friend the family friendly environment giant kid zone kids under twelve are free right now give a VIP parity it's when a crowd about tree. Caller before the count the slide seven it's 6534 rows of now he gets the tickets. That's a key demand. Yet watching wild Russia today on Nat geo of course you're. And it's been pretty awesome we've got the C Wallace Kleiman big trees. Up filled lot of posts Nikita. That's the the dish to it there's too mammals that legs. Bottomless and that thing. Yeah. As Allen for a and oh my Nat geo wild lately. Gooden inside the bona with a that it's. It's again it's it's related to the ant eater and porcupine. Well a kind of feeling somebody got a little thin. And there. Like their in the briar patch simulated the you were you across species. Like you know lose. He doesn't happen. In. We animals. Into either. Art work. And Harden and frogs. Islam all honorable our oneness. In one hour. Only. I only remember our vote from Khartoum since when does he. He's somebody is texting and that we should and they interrupt the best eleven tar for the Jan Williams commitment to the U who is generally and that have militarily is 28 quarterback. Who. Is I think it's down to Miami and Ohio State. But. I left I got an email this morning from a source that told me the UN was pretty sure that he was going to. Commit to Miami today. Explained samba beats. In order. It has been where it if you can since the irony in this chair. Is dual threat quarterback. He's 62. He's only six to go. Since the garden spot. Them not only sixty. Mean. Dual threat army hold dual threat to you know I am new news we didn't HRG. Three. Or six. Alameda bridge on the spot in the approximately talent you looked into the did that light is there a chance he's going to be the quarterback exterior is unknown and I mean I I think. I know it's Jimmy Jimmy competition but I'd certainly I think they have a lot of faith and it's going to be because Perry can we sent him a couple of pot while waits. Or doce yeah. I think he looks anything like a quarterback from portable high school do you want to get is a quarterback like how does that work would like him to get at least over to Casey. He's a hook a ball 75 bring justice to some view on the bone and once Anglican one site listen listen as 63201. Terrell Owens their own and his high school so I. I mean I know zero point zero bottom but they've looked made McCain's suicide another got an awesome recruiting class supposedly it's like growing number three in. Hey man that's that you all Margaret flight that's that's what abrasion real recruiting. Me in a guy like this is good general ensues god. Schools like Ohio State Auburn Alabama that's due to being with lead to get them that's pretty good that means there at the table he's ranked as the seventh. A dual threat quarterback in the country. ZUS army all American bowl player he's from Georgia so Mark Richt obviously hasn't you know in out there. All the big schools martyrdom Ohio State Auburn Alabama blah blah blah blah blah I'm like to know how he's announcing a three. Like general n.'s late as parents is and then to make sure it's that tells the Miami and got marker to sit in the chair next. So all we're going to hate. Nothing else needs v.s that were going lower rated I think what I heard today just for you recruit X I mean I don't try I try not to follow it as strongly as I used to because it can drive you crazy. But I have a foot to all. She cares you know I love the coach how do coaching too I love it I I love it I don't. Well I think their result will entirely do you think he's you don't like like I'm in the pieces and lake Selig who they're gonna bring with them where the coaching trees are not. If any of the schools play yourself or UC. Kazaa or that. Not what it's wanted to play them you know this will invasive would be a big draw from Miami eight and is it a big school and you don't. Wanna play a school that's good enough to possibly be you and you sit pretty recently get something. Of recruiting wise out of you go to played UCF. No a couple of days ago they played UCF and US Fed's series with both of them is that there in Riyadh that it real that's correct or if they did it's not right now. So I'm gonna have between 2224 commits its early signing period it's going up in a few weeks sixteen of their. Players will probably sound their the sunny period only one guy. It's a really worried about that may go in a different direction of these being recruited by Al attitudes aside defensive back it's going to guess private school in Connecticut guess what. Don't cares and a. Any one I don't care either pass along info that I got people. Get paid millions. Of select kids out of college to play NFL team. You were gonna tell me. That you know my high school is going to be any good. Not I don't say it. If more kids right I let's see what I don't. So has text on eighteen I actually don't care ideas how to get some information this morning and afternoon alone and I don't. For the purposes of recruiting. It's a good. Went to say how good these kids are gonna be because you I have are high were clips again it is very meticulous. It's it's it's like why it's why the trade machine in the NBA is so popular people love. New and speculating and hope. You know it's it's the only ego crazy to you know all this you moves make our teams a way we'd better and you know people think that they're kind of scouting they're looking at recruiting grainy recruiting video on YouTube from some AV nerd whose life. Handing who's standing on top of the stay on top of the of the sports information to power and and that's of their breaking it down. Robin odds on recruiting commitment picks and that it looks had to do that there there are some and get any action on that Byron we're signing gators some celebs play. We even knew a thing with Robby and the Saturday night so you know how when a bell rings an Angel gets it's wings. Bonus. When there's a bad beat rowdy get to gray hair. What's bad me I don't know what he's got more gray haired and hitting good bad it is exuded misery and our board of news and a mountain. Place owed three. In the end study collected nipple clips are going to be up there anymore though what I have to work for. Bagger Vance who figured out the bag today. Hard. Indeed I can have a candidate plans of that though is we apparently have a lady who's gonna join in the dark redemption Indians I don't feel like you that tomorrow's thirty. Golf America and even have a replacement for you late that would be of that equal. We'll have to wait till next. Series. I don't know what's equal of middle class a little unsure that the launch media I'm Dina is doing this for the dark boarded doom. Only for our baltics for you want to throw now so for that this terrible rearrange the board yes it and say they are is are gonna kind of crossover with the last month. Of dawn reported him. Yemen you can you can put whatever up there for whatever day one aren't sold put some crazy the whips and chains of their for you who with a bull pickles will last through the temperature in which is January 08 actually you know what the audience would love. Left to do the show that gag ball. All that would be also. Awesome home. To Russia would look. Into it like to do from pulp fiction. I've. Sold. About Asia and I would gag accomplice.