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Wednesday, December 6th

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All right here we go. Very special Wednesday afternoon Curtis and the alongside special guest host they completely specials so today we are live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. For the Capital One orange ball. Coaches press conference call Chris and Mark Richt are here they'll be joining us here. Within hours so we are regret it's such a big Joey had to bring back our our big special guest Rashad Butler. Former university of Miami Dolphins on the third round pick. Back in 068 years in the National Football League and were shot was whether it's before we had a big showdown on campus before the Notre Dame game. It's yourself Reiman wrote Jon Beason and it's that man we got a big show out here at some art rock. Perkins off on Wednesday's lets you were shot a call and grit your great to see him a man Amir prison as they see. In elementary schools and you don't present you graphic content and so far it could it and now you're telling me now this is one of the great destinations now in South Florida. But I think maybe the United States in the world like everybody you come that everybody in the Seminole hard rock delegates you know they got the great concert venue they got the comedians come an end. They got off obviously all the other table games in the casino that you're only you know here's how all. Since the last on the simple ball was in Miami I literally I was. In the hard rock casino hotels doing that we can in 2000 and now in the courts to leave the the same so that's always been. Yes yes it's a minute that they've opened the incident that I ST I turned in Mecca through Juneau might parking garage inspected and it was just. So market you know like they have like Markham are these just you know we corn and just you know. Five part you've been now Michael Carrick. Well it's you have been here awhile but I think I've helped partly finance. That it recognize that that's going on record. We like to detect an effect it's it is. Eight years ago doing this approval in 2009 I'm pretty sure. I hope I'm about to. It's that this is not limited an amazing place via its early on to remove one of the great spots though himself lord of the southeast united state economy. Everybody comes in here and everybody's out and a great time at. Working hello we're gonna get the coach is on in the in due course here that leads right. Let's read into it. Here's the thing. It's the hurricanes in the badgers in the Capital One or more. And he got two teams that for the most part were in the top ten. Late in the season making that. Playoff push now Wisconsin wants the Big Ten championship game too well the one we know marker to the Miami Hurricanes. Stumbled against Pittsburgh lost in the ACC championship game. With a record of men and two. Both teams very very good. Both teams. The young guys at these spots. Wisconsin don't best running backs the freshman Jonathan Taylor we know Miami's roster up and down and have a lot of returning player. This is your team. That not only wanna finish strong coming off. Championship and losses but also I always like look at the pulled eight especially when you have a coach in place. Which is rare these days and you have the court your team coming back as somewhat of a springboard going into the next season in 2008. Team. So small Chris Mark Richt yes there in the capital and Orange Bowl but these two teams that are going to be in the mix. Next season on the national scene. And that's the biggest brought you nerds and aperture announcement Chris donors is your authorized today I dealer and has all your Joseph needs covered. New purchase repairs customization training sessions and more bits of that today its owners dot com South Florida guy in that those guys who shot. Do you agree with that how is thought that you get. The actionable practices. And a view of a good core of your group going back which normally you do knowledge you have to have a bunch of guys coming back. That it could really be a springboard. Into spring. Football no pun intended and then carried over into the following year. Rick -- always vote. Who wrecked will. The bowl season not really bowl practices because on the effective and we go wasted it was excuse for our coaches and our. Are we stances. Over workers put you know I don't think it's right that even more. Put bowl games of point especially if you're. Playing in but he CS school on though nowadays if you want to Leo Leo Leo what you know fortunately. Only Tutsis who keep the legal sports teams will be key in today I will like to see them expand its eight. Possibly down the mine put. Are big Miami and Wisconsin is a great match if you disagree. Our opportunity. For both schools to showcase their talent on a national level. Yeah a couple summits over the roof come off the lawsuit reckless relatively anywhere where they were undefeated new republic the week goes horribly Google book to be definitely were yeah we'll find out more about Wisconsin and we hope preview here which -- slow or stop by as well. Coach coach Mark Richt we are right. Right in front of the the Japanese steakhouse hero the Japanese they got so if you're in the neighborhood if your government over you wanna play. Plays placing gain or fear. The Mumbai anyway baby for proper. For a little late lunch early that are to Mumbai and and say hi worthy where the hallway near the football press conference is just starting right now to do that by the pool. Which is a tremendous set and you give Obama. And that do Dennis that you would have. Pretty sure the the BB modified in a needed it. A lot more time just entering had been changed by apple and especially Saturday as president I damage and yet this area today there is a lot of business or coach Kristen coach richt are split. The assembled media we're gonna get a 101 with both coaches here. And now probably is the sometime in the in the o'clock our workers markets to check in with him. Drama from David politically minded thoughts coming up here. It about the and about fifteen minutes we're gonna take you right up until 730 we got to an elongated show this evening that basketball. We'll take it right up until the spurs which is a big big matchup even though why not involved. We got a satellite that out of my meaning he sort of take you right up until 730 and that gets us to headline. So it's WXY. And South Miami W sat next to each teach our. Our doesn't just talk about the heat and the spurs this evening. No why Leonard is out for San Antonio Rudy Gay is also a game time decision for San Antonio some Whiteside continues to be out this the first of a three game road trip. For the Miami heat's first checked in with a record of sixteen today Miami one under at eleventh and twelfth time in its own separate thirty our coverage. With Jonathan as low ones on the title again. At 730 following NFL news the chiefs have suspended market's leaders the quarterback. In there vs their game against Oakland on Sunday and also Eli Manning officially. Re named the starting quarterback for the New York Giants they'll take on Dallas this weekend again. In college hoops my barricade men's basketball in fifteen point winners last night. Against the terriers of Boston the planes are now eight and okay. Often until Saturday when will head up north take on George Washington. For a noon tip. The other headlines sponsored by your local old Domino's Domino's love you so much. They're giving you 50% off the menu price on all of it is when you order on Domino's dot com. Online only invalid November 27 through December 7 only a couple of days left. Availability. And charges and days very heard estimates of alongside Rashad Butler here at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. They finished and into the Miami her and he boards both great game at the end great opponent. How'd how'd you how you look at the season as a whole. For the for the Miami Hurricanes. They'll lose their last two games that really that wasn't overly. Competitive in the ACC championship game against parts of the good electors are still beat this season with a huge success. You personally going into the season. I've told a lot of my close friends. A lot of former players from real close we you my parents. If Miami Hurricanes to win two games. That he would exceed my expectations. That is the realistically expected you to go obviously 93. So when they get on to this remarkable start. I was like you know what I mean they've done enough for you this year are. Through that university Miami. Is bad play through that. They're now back to where they're national powerhouse meaning that I think that game against Clemson. Do you approve. Bruce do a little bit. Away from where we need to be put at the same time nothing more repairs to decrease. In sixty years and heeding the program back to. National recognition. And so forth and I think you did it it has done wonders. Four recruiting class that even our recruiting classes in the future. I'm glad you mention recruit new. As the hurricanes got some of the good news just about an hour ago opener and I didn't mention this in headlines that wanted to make Canada a talking point here on journal Williams who that means. Have been on for a long time of the Mark Richt and and and John Rick via the quarterbacks coach. From Lawrenceville Georgia secret Padilla of the neck of the woods where we're coach. Formerly was six to about 205. The political recruiting service you look at the top ten quarterback in the country oh nine's pro style source Rex rubble and their very high on him he committed. About an hour ago. Greats always governors University of Miami you were revealed earlier role in January oh current the hurricanes beat out all over an Ohio State for his services both of those who directed SF I was I was one of the big debts. It wasn't a shocker. Goods. Kind of thought he was he was leaning towards my the last week or so. But he made that official at least that officials can be right now that's real that's that's another quarterback that's come within. And that's you that's you've got to catch Clemson. And the schools that are that are that are playing that final four is just stacked them up. And I mean you looked at pumps to your old as I got it was not just the starters who looked at what's behind it. In the in the depth chart and obviously when you came in to. Those kind of at the tail end of my at their huge successful run and we don't we all know the names but having that they were your talk about Judy all stars everywhere across the board. Yes and that's what it takes. Once you start talk about the public programs now which is out of them. Clint soon. Try and or house that you know how deep in the Q. I go on and on put the big being is always. Being buried the conspiracy the very deep bed pretty cool conditions are like the running back. Quarterback especially. You've been up front. Office alive and keep this alive those this is important. Or important. You have to be very good those this is it really really the day in day out at a competitive though. So journal Williams six to about 205. That. Top ten top five quarterback in the in the class of 2008 team. He committed to the to the Miami Hurricanes so we can ask coach about about that specifically but we will ask. Hurting. That's always good yeah I got there early signing period with. Know it is it is you know it's funny I was just. So they somebody you go to the other day since then you know are her neighbors you you better deduct that are pundits manual on how to I guess recruit because there's so many rules and car full well that. Doesn't apply to the NFL. Exactly. Exactly exactly exactly so. I know he's gonna be interest. In that intuitively. Manual on you know I guess you can call it guys that time period and so forth because even. You hear about them just like them. I want to be acog scope so you. Texting obviously both Eric about it you detect the video wasn't nearly as big notebook Twitter and the fact that exact out of all the good for you when European recruiter be nervous Yorker by basically everybody. Just phone calls that's it man you know me his phone calls and just go to school went through. My high school coaches you know. And things today in the tobacco only imagine now it is a decent solution media. Are used program Twitter FaceBook and this'll be out that's for. Who choose to give them all the plays and even for w.'s the beautiful who is going to be it's it's it's it's insane I mean I don't know but it scooter bed I guess it's. But that was it sort how many coaches broke the rules known to him that who they work out. If you. Can't act this way this. Role ousted as myself. Even now you depicting and we even though the rules I don't I don't it's is so he's. A pretty suited him on pretty humid out there liberal. Look and you know they've they've just got to put it out there and it's it's so up. It's so archaic what does what does that mean you mentioned Herm Edwards air and all the coaching change the public this public this whilst that. Mark Richt. Of the seven major football programs division one in the state of Florida. Has the longest tenure. In this. Potent. That missed a spot you have an idea how does he yet it's just tired yes did well ordered desired. Charlie Strong. Was tired and you're right a year ago on the mark there to here Lane Kiffin one year in which Davis when it. Pretty wild it is it is. I mean now now attitudes and that the Arctic about it and wound who's the boats to Florida Scott frost and I was just yet you know I didn't take on 200 somebody. Yeah while. While. And is this goes to the craziness of college football yes but then you'll selflessly look at it like that. There's whenever there's change. There's uncertainty correct so yes well it might be a great hire for Florida State noon but right now. But there's a lot there's a lot of there there's a lot of changes going on at Tallahassee ripped through things to fall through the cracks to represent there's about a cue that'd be commuted right and heavy. It's a real quickly so those who were workers by Jim bower yet for over it. And marks in there and he's got. The most continuity coming off a break here and that's what how that's an impact. The state of Florida in the recruiting him. No I agree I agree I think it is. I've of the has been impacted he admits the and I think that's something. That that our producers a tool that. Mark Richt has used to recruiting and I'm pretty sure he keeps using because on the car was in my outlook continue to use it because. You know that he is known like hey and you are big here are ready for you know two years three years now so I'm gonna be here for awhile so you know. If you put doubts in Miami there's a really good chance of being here Roche holding terror tenure. That's pretty wild man when you when we knew about it noted yesterday that he believes he can be really good schools no BR BR that of a yard that you guys will be. Mark Richt looked out the terriers this week he could do the job. Yet the press Roberts head. He's the longest tenured coach in the in the state of Florida I would approach thoughts on that also will check in on the Miami Dolphins. As as we've had today because Perkins will join us you're alive you're possible. Our rock hotel and casino level. Just right next to. Her Japanese steakhouse there with a table games. Nazi low far from a has got some slot machines right there were shot at. I and that that gold medal. And it. At some point in my pocket here at the burn and all want to that doubles during the break we will be joined by coach Mark Richt and and walkers were here for the Capital One orange ball. Coaches press conference to a kind of off the festivities. Of one of South Florida is a great events in the Capital One orange what was shall take place on December 30 we're just getting right. Live from some of the hard rock right here on 79 to. Does that. The take turns so long. The shot where former University of Miami office climate third round back to 2006. Beds. Eight years in the national football only eight year old years were accidental drug crafts they lucrative years in the National Football League that is our special guest those rejecting it Merck in just a moment. One reminder but we are live near the some hard rock hotel and casino we're here for the capital want Orange Bowl. Head coach's press conference which is going on right now between. Paul Crist of Wisconsin in. Mark Richt of the Miami Hurricanes both coaches will join us probably around India in the 5 o'clock hour so a lot of make up make noted that so. We're gonna have the coaches stop by here and talk a little talk about their teams and obviously about the the Orange Bowl. December 30 right here in our town the ticket is proud to be a part. Of who brought the archery the celebration of all things New Orleans coming to the company Teva theater. Field on Saturday march 28. This week to open decently Roy are giving you the opportunity went to get experience cajun food music and drinks. As you bask in the shadow of normally. From crawfish boil to art. Etiquette there you can visit the Big Easy without ever leaving South Florida your fan of mumbo Jumbo I've been gays oysters. And more get ready to win courtesy of brought about tree in aims of and any of that from 1043 HD to the tickets. Moments. You are you and it brought about three. You know not really in the crawled through split Lou new wounds. The food and a very Eagles I don't know. Alter a two people who lose reform groups who put growth is at it and you got. If that I think I can eat crawfish all day long all my god I would live to Houston after said the use. They were vehicle crosses our Houston I really was a more over the strip the sugar they you know work speaking of Armand is as a southerner has again from from Houston he's never return on the profits. This is not a debut at the with the Miami Dolphins that your rate to take on the no patriots like those Chris Perkins choices right now on the right field of thousands of its doors just like. They are truly step beyond him being perpetrated on today. Hey Rashad you you probably put the barrier to the public go about duke duke. Man listen more than you do to. But yeah I think almost everything project I was gonna continue lately but it but it I'm not doing. I'm good about mobile right now. Go and I don't I don't agree. And other local police. It or hired some. Cause you know you know perch so there's plenty of great food options here. But so we got the work to do first aired with video with the coaches here and and with you as as we check in on the the things here. I don't know you know I've been been know to place a wager from time to time per. I'd heard about it yes I know I don't know what's more. I would say disturbing. The fact that New England with 78 point favorite Paul the home gym a couple of weeks go for the dolphins are eleven point home dog. This week on Monday Night Football without Rob Gronkowski. Yeah and look at I think that that be part of this you little speck the dolphins and their inability to court now they have our political. I know they interplay up. Game at well he played eight points per game. Or brought medium yet picked up that thing you're Indo played in London and go to thirty by last week so they are but the point home. But that that this could look Bill Belichick the man who bombing you're better off with a weapon in order. I did apply whatever he will pick out of the Denny and eat great food out of the game so I. I am building still struggling that he helped open the gonna pour enough when. To really recover. I don't I'm not even talk about winning the talk about a cup or. I think that makes a lot of sense a lot of sense. The dolphins visit the dolphins do not have him inferior there 66 now right. But it's O five civilians on the don't have any rules here I mean because I mean the debate is the US. You have three teams at a time for first place. So. Someone's gonna win it it is in a pretty sure someone is prosecuted in the present it as a wildcard so. The thought Tuesday deserved the win out this whole day you know buffalo where somebody you know stumbles. Wrong doing in the AFC. Yes and books you know Rick Scott won the scene at the open really need. It going before they could even really start looking at the bill is well in the complementary football they play last week. The group is going lottery had them. We're poor munger corporate work them into spill all ears don't at least last week they did encounter some from the special teams with a lot art. Getty be good because that it would be pretty you know we're we speak. But they have to have hope they have to help so that'll be it good. Really I think that the speaker is being that the Pope would need to try to do this weekend. You know you don't win you always go into game we'll be winning 18 per bottle and played the way it is these. Completely. That have a sim metric that I think that really the focus on. Contribution from all at split with the main goal you gotta hope that all the. Dark green I think the main thing will play the patriots are similar to play the whole spectrum these you've been that high powered offenses. Every time you get on the field you have to get some temple points widgets don't yourself because you know every town are pretty decent feel it's gonna be presented by. Non title that he possessed exactly exactly I think the key for the dolphins. I mean I think that defense has been playing well and it's gonna get better. But I think demo into has to understand that you know what when every time we stop when to fill we'd have to get some political points to release date. In distance to have you know I guess make a run in the fourth quarter to help them reach it through these you know we have a chance to win this game. No and you know whoever that's exactly what Adam good thought the belt that. You know that the recurrent that he played the patriot boot like let your in the and the content this. They they hypocrite then and now eager to play enough he'll learn your current group. Rick Warren and it had all worked we've we have added they know what to do Lyndon. Everybody in the stadium know what you're doing and it would mean I would feel that operation at all in Horry hit. It took for Clinton doing being picture not the dueling it out then plan your trip go pressured and crap than Bo. Look it would make it it'll lead which they view Atlanta for the first time in awhile that would be BI field but. I'm not I think you're playing the best response they wouldn't but there's been. Want to get up we but I just stay within striking didn't you do though the chimp in the court order and that also sold at a treatment. Pittsburgh joins us from day Rashad Butler is our special guest host former NFL lineman for in the league for a break here's a wanna. Just got to let you guys go back and forth on the off at the line here a little bit. So what have you seen it up mark I'll start with you are talking about a big joke of how this I mean look they are a lot invested on the O line. In money and draft. Next like how did you see that. Position moving forward it seems like for ten years they've been trying to figure that thing outs and they have yet to. Yeah well there are things in Denver where do you tell me what you think. You would it would that don't been due to ramp up there under a left tackle and right tackle that's been my own left tackle every uncle. But my back on today and now Michael you're gonna when renegotiate his contract. Get him like a little less money than you do want to bring in training camp competition or maybe grab another dinner. But I nobody but me I'm not gonna open up any more hold I don't want certain. Dollar mixed. Her I'm just gonna pick that fight I can open up any more altered the poll though. Remember would've gone duke going into next season. 010 speech alone harmful almost want to lose. But I would ever have to do it every dollar they'll give them that poor where my so people are. I don't order state you know creating more older by very. You know art art. But by any means by getting rid of helping anything like that. No that you're a that you either on the hill I think the dolphins have a roof dude. Nucleus of guys that for a especially younger guys and new pals he's gonna go there. But you know prosecute still there and how Google India has proven itself that it's there and how noble his biggest us. Are staying healthy so I think if you can stay healthy the dolphins are in good shape now. From my experience is what confident really helps out opposite mine is. Getting the running game going I think the dolphins this year have struggled. Establishing the run at the line of scrimmage. Which are pushed him in a lot of positions that are not favorable to the opposite my mental argues passing situations. If it does say some Arctic. Play calling can help out to underwent complete with a young Texans but go to have a lot of respect for Gary Kubiak he was vehicle on. On staying in manageable down situations and I think Obama times this year. The dolphins have got behind mistakes in anybody that has plea all markets and you don't wanna get behind this that this person you're facing teams that have great pass rush is because we knew you have to in the you have to pass. Yeah no I actually don't let you brought that out of active and the other thing with the open that hole. And a acquittal and particularly preakness that'll beat. And that I'm opening development scheme and particularly do all in all here. Whether the ball or no doubt for the big scene or you haven't like gone all the building and now that government back here with English correctly and yet some gradient and the patriot. They had not hurt but also they got to play more football. I've been playing complementary football I think that number one but number 18. You gotta play Smart football but he sent. Know our until there when he is the I think it I think he starts. As a collective unit like us and I think. Adam gates and all the support it and they have to do a better job of putting I don't think since it. Better positions as far as the minutes with down's because that way every one this is everyone's job to be allowed exit. And look again not to harp on it but. They don't do a better job as that was in the room you can is that mr. Brunet opens up everything I mean. When you get the running game going now you that the defense is playing your game and now the defense is guessing you know you can't pitcher in the game going. I mean you'll you'd have to do one thing that's past opponent you know fetuses they love to sit back in Jerome. Exotic blitzes and alternative exotic zone coverage to succumb to sit there and just you know make you visible. Yeah you know that can hear the interesting thing about that serious you trade is that. You know whatever you wanna say about you guys being inconsistent. You know he got applicant Bjorkman in four game creek under darkening and a and a 100 yard game. Jacob and provided a typical mentality and an aggressive mind that could look at that all in the mind. And I think that is one thing that they have to find a way to replace often have not been rep. Been to a site plan. You know I can't say they've been put that they got the O Roland. From union break in Damian Williams foot. At least what they have done Ali even the people that having a hundred yard gain and bang and then that opened the going got that record on that. And that well being that this team is that lit the real. Yeah a little little edge there little to the reality certainly certainly entered the James ray did to provide that Merck help us out here you got a question for. Either coach Chris irked coach a coach Rick since you can't be here with us today he'd be. Man I. You know what purpose for Rick I wanna know how to stop. Been brave or really liked what it does. Do you do you hear load up the boxes that say that but being in debate or Brooke beat UN. Just decide they've done it than Baylor is not an upbeat U. I you don't complete the order of Peking duck boat people in the media are are the number one sort of disdain that. But it. Are they have they're quick on the good. Yes our gonna stop Jonathan Taylor. You know out of the equation strategy but I guess what a holding call on the backing the box against Jonathan Taylor wood with. Probably our credit we're certainly gonna mention department got him and he's it's a stunt a freshman on that front running back. Mercury spill and old CEO offensively in the studio tomorrow thank you thank you. We're having a blast man with good. Yes we we're real live to the civil hard rock hotel casino. Curtis Steele it's that alongside overshot Butler former. University of Miami alignment third round pick it back you know 68 years in the NFL he's our special guest post as we are live here for the Capital One or more had. Coaches press conference walkers and Mark Richt are just behind us in the the pool area. Having their press conference in both coaches will beat by. And we'll talk to both coaches. From the you know from the George will hear about yet about their season. And obviously the upcoming game December 30 we're just getting started they're probably gonna join us some time India and the 5 o'clock hour particular reminding me as we're gonna take you right up until. He basketball first of a three game road trip there in San Antonio tonight. We come back when asked you about. Although. Monday night but also beyond that got the ground in front suspension and some of the more news out of a coma easily as it that's nuts I group of football yeah but what's going on in the in the NFL. And how they are the morale that if they hand them meaning the the NFL we'll get to that with it was shot on the other side right here on seven I didn't take it. Good results though. The on side. Rehearsed lines of Rashad Butler here for a Capital One. Coaches conference and I'm joined by head coach of your mind hurricane. Mark Richt the coach of the year. The team coming off a ten and two season and a coach it's great to see Orange Bowl Orange Bowl pretty. That's a great place to be playing right now we're excited about it. Will be planet outstanding team. Wisconsin. Unfortunately. It as a what does defense in America. We just played one of those. We'll play another one. Their great team. Coached Crist has done a phenomenal job you know all the it was win. And they almost one at all so wrong. Really excited about the opportunity please great team. Absolutely but guess who as a coach you know pleaded on school before it down here. Was the talents. Of on keeping your guys who he's playing at home. It's the same every week to meet some areas that are legitimate media and all your words hold you know through so I mean what's the difference. You know at any given moment and guy could do substantive yet so I don't know that and they. They've done a wonderful job and not doing those that did really the last two years. And really proud of that but we know guys that needs to know did you find some of them do. But you know we will be doing some of our practice at home. And we'll have a Christmas break we might have one more at our facility before we go yeah. Off to the diplomat hotel on the beach which will be a beautiful spot on the votes and you existed in 2000 through the it will yeah six our wives are nervous about him a program and how they and there are guys live on the beach and and Saturday that it. And then we'll be price of over there I think you know we university so what it'll be. It'll be just like all the differences were our travel times about. Thirty minutes yeah you know. Powers not too bad that coach of the Miami Hurricanes Mark Richt is our guest here at some Barbara hotel casino. Coach and get a chance to looked at look at your season. And what does. Would you look at the film equipment to where you are now where we're grown the most in what you most proud of your football team I think I'm most proud. How we first of all handled. Them. Hurricane situation. As a staff as an administration has its players you know they do have a job. You know lifestyle from football lives god. For twelve days army days it was and there's so many logistical things that had to get done. And then guys you know had to help. Hold on the forward their families and maybe eat for a couple days because of powers out kid goes story can drive down the street because you. Trees are down power lines are down and all that and we came back. We really had to push the restart. And in doing so. We were out of shape we weren't we really weren't football found out that you know we're gonna go eleven games straight that was a long there. And we kind of worked their way back into shape little by little we can find it was the win kept believing in each other. And we got to where we're at. You know first time ever coastal division champions first time ever playing in the ACC championship. First major bowl in quite some time. And I'm just proud of these guys I'll say this to our fans have been phenomenal. I mean emisphere. If you take Notre Dame Virginia this the next week coming. We could've done without them you know I'm glad when they showed up big numbers. Again they had some cheer about. Not I don't agree. Deeply and often it's I dash is much. Now the deepest they have to turn over its name that's bribery instances of great Greek institute. Had you guys started thinking about we have to for the offense. I would think it I hope so literally about the touched down concurrent act act like a light on them a bit like that published in the senate. We'll keep an outer perimeter you know touchdown crap you see if you see Wisconsin right well we'll with a list of current view you know. They were listening to opera and I accidentally sit Kurds against the governor could. We are here right there's got to be stubborn and out. Really I was thinking about. A third down conversions and a you know. That's really not. Yet take off the field yeah got to drive just amazed that he. Some men do that as that what ACC championship game just to experience kind of prepare you. And your ballclub here this report obviously you wanna make that an annual thing. You really don't want the result of these same thing every year obviously. It's an exciting time to be there. It is a great event. Does that. It was very well attended. We played a great team and everything was on the line and we. Pretty much if we want it where in the playoffs and that's how close we were were within one game. Being in the stands right now so. That's when you get that close you can you can almost taste it. And we we do have a few seniors we and they have done an awesome job for us and they won't get the chance that the great majority that team that locker room. We're not suit and will be that and I think it'll be great motivation the entire offseason for us and I agree. What would you like to see next year is four hours in the maturation. Process as far as for your team sports scores to keep him over now. Well we've we've got to be most is cool Obama in the run game we. We see an awful that you don't try it some experiments with the linebackers yeah try to experiment with the car. He just wasn't right so we're we're gonna make sure we use them in the house. And honestly I formation that but we. We gotta have words to back. Run game lead. Things of that nature and continue to we just we got to run the ball better. Whether it's you know run of that run in and obviously QB run would you part of what do now. And then you know from both sides of the ball and continue to be strong as we would be gay troops richer. A coach Mark Richt is it is our guest. Coach what can he tells and lacking in specifics above about recruiting everyone's there once fired up but that got the early signing period right. He just kind of got a lot of guys committed at the route to when he won right now on. I think most everybody's gonna stick to it maybe one or two weeks. Little wishy washy you know that that happens in the current. Young kids. But for the most part we're in good shape it. Our goal is you know signed and committed players. On the morning of December this news. Early signing day. And we dole won't take a lot of the world and of course a lot of will be midyear enrollees get priced at 1011 though the company January while so that'll be. A nice time for them to celebrate their decision which they did have a sign in before so I'm thankful about that with the goal is here every committed players. Decide on that day in and again we already noticeable but. Were opened knock that out then. Finish strong for the February day. Coach congratulations on a great here yes December 30 daycare fast enough to be great we're excited about thank you thank you miles the head coach of the University of Miami. Mark Richt really joined by the head coach oh Wisconsin. Paul Crist here in on the other side just in just a few moments as the stuff right there. As got though two little dance here and Alastair coach all hooked up right here. Coach a coach Chris. Curtis David says this is Rashad must learn to SP two and South Florida. It's all the different than Wisconsin this time of year not just a little bit yeah beautiful got off the plane and it was it's about one in Wisconsin source that felt good. Yeah it's that this is the saw a great event for for our community is as you probably get get to know about your putts and subsequent opponent like Miami's federal exciting for you. It is an in and our players really excited and you know the Orange Bowl itself from in many fan a college football and I think everyone of our players knows that's. That's one of the bowl games then they'll do it against to a team like. Miami your kids should be excited about them to know when it's a big challenge but they're excited. Well I'm out of our expect Wisconsin because every year you guys are consistently you guys are. Especially the bigger than these affront myself monopoly office allow for. In years and in the film and and marquis and used. How do you guys is deeper rolled in crises like every year you guys have a great offensive mind like. A great core guys that this mall people look through your mind is that they got that Pretoria there and ask them how. That's what I know is that. As you know and then there's so much that frozen to be a good office I agree totally and and I think that gets lost in it you need to get out skilled. And in technique and I think that what's helped is. We've been lucky it's the younger kids see with a good one has to do and how they work. And it's not as simple as are some water you're drinking and you put the helmet on it's it's it's hard work yeah it's certainly got enough count I think it does help. When they see you guys had a problem. Whose plays it definitely. And it takes to do that and I think that they do great jobs to our players done. Of teaching the younger ones that they realize you know what if you wanna be good you can be good. But you've got to work your tail off. The head coach of Wisconsin Badgers Paul Crist. Is our guest Big Ten coach of the year 33 and seven in three years as as head coach twelve and one Saturday night's. And if you never get past it but. How is that experience for your club here I was like to say could be a springboard into knowledge the bowl game but also in the next season how your benevolent. What are every every game is. You get to go play and you don't know how to turn around and you just want your players to. And I thought our guys did and we didn't make enough plays to win and you hope that every game win or lose you draw something from and so. You know I noise it hurt our players but it should because you can put it all out there that's gonna hurt that's a risk you take but you know what. Hit balls back fast into the end it I think there were lucky that we've got another game. And so it you know this doesn't have to be the last taste in your mouth and so you know. We're looking forward to the bowl prep and certainly know that we've got to play well to give ourselves a chance but they're excited about them so you. You take it from Wednesday from Los anything trying to learn how you'd better. This bill O the rumors goes on our producer went in the big did you notice of that. You know you guys smash mouth football they're not as fast as I know guys an SEC your ACC. I think this bill goes rumors. I guess not only that you're pleased with just you know just people that made. Think okay beat in for Paula to smash mouth that fast is slow to grandma football. I think that there was a time. When those stereotypes are probably pretty true you know and and I think the style you really regional. But really you don't care what other things what you players. And and so I think that and you choose to and you try to recruit the best you can and in any. You help them played the best ability but I really don't worry about it don't try to but I think that that's. Probably talked about more than others. There's greats you know we fell and we saw a lot of really good speed Saturday night in the end you negotiated different teams and so I think you just gotta. You'll be the best can be any you know shall we wanna go out and recruit guys and has been in some tried his best team can. Yeah that running back he got Johnson Taylor I don't know what he runs the 45 something and if I mean he's a slow water right Emmys if they want every time America. As well funded everything that back he's going to be a challenge for Miami. On on Saturday night December 30 coach Paul Crist is arguments recruiting. We take a lot of pride in our high school football down here rightly so be one of the great place where's your where's your footprints. And how often would you come down here. James White a couple of years ago from down here he'll grab a player larger footprint and where self Fordham priority list. Well I think it you know certainly for us you know with sky and the state we're gonna have a lot of division one players but the ones you have. I think for us via best team we keep instant in state and we've been porches you know maybe got huge numbers we've had a number of become really. Hi and good football players and then. You know I think there's a natural part of the Big Ten footprint and know which would come down here every year and in try to give and then it's anywhere there's a connection. You know I think recruiting as of part of fine enough known certainly it's just expressing an interest but it's got to be the right fit for. You know those players we've got. The number of players from down here in key contributors. To our team and so that's why they're excited to come back home and and certainly we're looking forward from the other. Their hometown. At this is question because you guys in Wisconsin and you know we are in Miami. How do you keep your gas focused environment like this the producer a lot of guys that aren't from the flu carrier remind you area. You know this is something that they hear about these see on TV is always exactly so. What is that sound it's that you have just prepared cast with their boxes go step into his followers for. A weaker so that we knew there Preston and just know that loosened have a little fun it's a time. And you want to yet and it's a life experience yeah it is they've got them. Deals that this isn't that. Does the pick and stuff goblet. And that's I think that's part of the the bowl experience yeah I think that there's also responsibility. Suitable to bring you the best way that George schools do so many things for. Us as a team for our players in the best way they can thank the orange apple. Is being ready in played well yes and so I think you want to experience that you on enjoyed you this may be the only time in their life. That they get to be a part in deception of things that they see in the movies and they've got to survey but all year long bill handle it yet and no. Know where that line is and so they. Got a handle it and fortunate that bit about this group these two time and time to about it coach Paul Crist. Is our guest here what what did you see in Miami I was going back to Pittsburgh days you played them mobs mark wasn't there yet. What do you see this as far as on film and you're really haven't done too much and that. But just the kind of the season that they have which is kind of a charmed one missile right. And that's what it really you know have got a point where you're studying them and but it is impressive men and certainly. For a number of years have a lot of respect for coach Rick and then to see what that group is. And really short time you've known and I think from my time as to what we've played against these you do follow him in. And see what in two years they've done this it was the story you know during the year and its it was good for college football and they were fun to watch and of the games you got to see and now it will be less fun to watch as you study in. To play good you know but it's I've always been impressed. With coach richt and I think what that this group of guys. Certain questions coach thanks for the time. Welcome to South Florida and should be a heck of a game and aren't excited pierce locally throughout Wisconsin. And obviously Miami thank you coach thanks so much appreciate it coach Paul Crist right there from from what's not to the head coach. That the big W on his on his lapel there and they. He's got a damn good football team twelve and one they were just about a quarter away from going to the college football playoff. And we'll talk a little bit about a what we heard from a coach richt and coach Crist as we live for the civil hard rock hotel casino for your for the capital on Orange Bowl. Head coach's press conference just heard from Mark Richt and ball Chris and doesn't get any better than that until we're here for knows of great stuff from both coaches. Curtis Davidson on cyber shot ma will come back and done we got a lot more to get to right here on 79 minutes ago. That. Your ticker this alongside our special guest host. Artists. That's Wednesday after shot Butler. University of Miami third round pick 2006. Year NFL veteran. Offensive line of a lot of fun bottles funds with the coach richt and coach. Chris they quick reminder now where every day on the ticket started out with a Coral Springs on a ball pregame shows dazzle gets you set for the game take a look at the match of the keys to the game and have you ready for tip off Crosby's audible. Well with the low cost car brought to you by. Com guys this is built for business. So that'll be yet Nicklas at 7:30 this evening that there play in San Antonio tonight that's at 830 tip off and we're gonna while we're gonna run you write a peninsula until 730. We also got. Fifteen minutes of heat coming up next we're gonna dive into were shot and you're a big hoops man beside him and this team is kinda trying to find its way here my credit the accelerator a little bit. Hello we're gonna dive in deep here but we've had a whites quite the start to the 5 o'clock hour here. And and that leads us into and to here's the thing. And I think the big thing have a both coaches on your Joseph Louis and Dallas that was a ton of fun. And you just see I mean. Coach Chris all the development Wisconsin is win yes twelve at one he's 33 and seven DE it is three years it was Johnson's amazing amazing you look at coach richt. With the wind straight you need from. Last season to this season. You know two and half weeks ago. They're undefeated billions into the top four the country yep not the finish you kinda wanted but there's there there's no doubt. When you look at both of these programs and who is this bill. Well these programs. We already knew about mark obviously from being down here but trip coach Chris just by talking to him you know he's got a handle on what was done to football's all about. Does he does it's going to be a great game. As a fan and as that you come on mom I just went to instigate a home within a Greek food Lovato people. At this stage. I'm not advise me of course are in for you rumba it's when the secret football is going to be an Arctic wolf with these these. At some stumbling blocks. Coming to the finish my book. Is still very great beauties Wisconsin who won't Lawson. You room with two losses but you know both of these teams have something to prove. And it's gonna be in a national level and I think it's going to be great and I really do. That's the match of December 30 the year here at the hard rock stadium all eyes on the Orange Bowl and the great events in town and I think ticket sales are getting gonna be pretty crazy. The suit and yeah I'm not I remind me on the news for Wisconsin fans and it was cold right now you have bureau of the travel you you jackets on they're just how sparse use go to these this and take the true. More than Miami because right now because about what 75. Of the disease actually it was a record high today I think they'll like it feels like three degrees the next really hung out most people this week I heard that I heard I heard that but it was. But the best thing is yes come down will take all your money. You could come stay here the zone are robins a casino open there didn't let others that we are the business of tourism down here this yard right results on giant. So come on down here and you know it's God's gonna travel well they are in for Miami it's essentially a home game knowing who did army that that is that we all know law. What it is and that's the that's the thing it's much about Joseph nerds and amateur announcement Chris join urges are authorized DJI the other it has all your Joseph needs. Cover new purchases repairs customizations trading system more. Visit them today Joan Hertz dot com South Florida's high. In this guy we had. The coaches Russia's here in the BO five what are so invested. The headlines as what do. Just remind everybody we got to either the spurs tonight 830 our courage begin at 730 some Whiteside out as is up. Why letter who still out for the spurs brigades game time decision. And also Perkins men's basketball team won last night there are 80. That a couple of and a vote means the start once again for the giants against Dallas and Marcus theatres was suspended by the league by his own team chiefs yes we are seeing now. You know I knew was adamant. This. Is on the markets TDs as the that you some great young players. But. I think the chiefs did it because they note that they need to do that when the control electing. Some of his antics that he has been mistreated. This season has been. Has has has hurt the team you put the team as far as the defense in you know some peculiar situations like they got beat did you more so. The casino calmed down and you know. Bring some control to him because I think he needs it when these communities that. It's great to greatly reviews man. But yeah those one what what. The funnier things I saw hood is that it will be it was what it is because the flag was on him on the if the flag was on him. Still doesn't explain the lone flag but be with you in that when Hutus went to be because. The penalty wasn't even on him right right on the I guess to us I mean who knows me. What thing about. Receivers and defensive backs there at their team so you know it's like why is that what they bring Madonna's quietly the well you know receivers don't wanna be next and defensive backs they threw their receivers or. In layman's terms saw you know obviously want to have control to freedom to view that such receivers those Alley cat and mouse game. I was I was thought it was because of the you know. There'll they're basically on an island by themselves a lot of aspects. Let those who are you know you'll be off the line it is like I mean there's a lot of things to true but he's like off the line is that you got to work with. You got to work in unison with the guy that you do you do you know the quarterback's got to work with everybody I don't. Running back right aligned to business and it's like when your receiver they say go outline. It's just out there it is you with a quarterback against one all of the quarterback in the same deal with the court's okay. While one go cover that yet and you're out there. For you know fifteen plays and this huge purses one on one against one guy I guess you kind of maybe you kind of get that. That's all the lands that's what I kind of thought we armies in the. You YouTube unit you hit it I mean receivers the divas Novo offense in the of their poverty. Guys you know be here how to Sox looked in managers. Running yet what you can't because you can tackle sort of hear it right back he's trying to be the -- you're trying to worry about you know your socks and movement he and so forth this. You gonna you gonna judge you so crazy but I mean on the other south applaud defensive backs Hussein would there always worried about. Do books as far as the Sox and New Jersey so you know you have two guys that are worried about the same thing Gordon beat this into the. We got now we know a lot more to get to hear is recovered to live from the Seminole hard rock. Hotel casinos recover station with the coach richt and coach Chris. We're probably ghetto replay of that here if you miss that. I gonna replay that and in about and about an hour or so willow will replay of that conversation there but one thing in order. Make mention this a little bit later but. Jared Williams. Is today. Wars bar. Quarterback out of Lawrenceville Georgia committed earlier today to the University of Miami. So we could not talked to coach richt about the over birdies yet basketball players in this and that you know it's real sketchy. It is so we ask coach about recruiting says things are going good. Would you get get me just put it this way. Yet little twinkle in his side you're seated when I saw her hit yet so I don't look out of the island. The old that is a a good get for the University of Miami it's another quarterback you said you've got so. The coast area believe Roger has got nothing here and what about average serves I don't know house are gonna work out all I know is this. Competition is great I assume that. Competition brings out the best and everybody just keep stacking them up agree you can never have too many good players you hit them the you see in the in the photo from week to week who the starting quarterback goes down. The second string quarterback is just not of the same quality so. Although I mean. That's one position we bring you back that you need. Guys that completed position and guys can come in in. Keep the tree move in deficit. And I've added if I had to look at my crystal ball Whitaker is somebody gonna leave yeah provost was heavily. That was a trip round always is always right always you know I'm allowed to play out our noses just to bring keep bringing in the very good players I agree that just that's how you can add to the Clemson though it is located at the last five years yes yes you can pick the gifts. The critical of them it would be that was it so. Darrent Williams no big shocker. But he he's gonna enroll early in January it is going to be on campus and and we'll see as great as at let me ask you this is not as great. Is I think Moly brook believe rosier. Outperformed any of my wildest fantasies but what he could be as quarterback on this year. And I and I and I appreciate that a degree or two yes. But. I think it's almost an out over the open competition. But it certainly is going to be looked down hard during spring ball. No it is. This is this. Is no. The confusion here in the or obvious this is no coincidence. Rosier. It has great composure. Put the stroke rules. As far as accuracy and be consistent you know hitting guys that are open. And I'm pretty sure Mark Richt knows them pretty should be coaching staff as far as importance of this is of the ball they understand that so. Going into spring I'm pretty sure it's gonna be moving X rules movie movie it's job to lose. But at the saints on the deficit you know competition brings out the best of all the lesson I mean I just wanna see the guys that are underneath them. Compete and say hey this is my job to and you put some pressure on him. To be moved the mark every Gettysburg bones are you know way. I have to you better and I have to you know me team into. You don't want anybody to be comfortable these enemy positions that does that and here's adding I think the gaming of Wisconsin is gonna go along way in determining. She always looked at the spring and let's not forget they opened up. In the University of Miami against LSU. In Jerry's world. That money on I do know that that's the first game next year while LSU. On the schedule. Video. So if I'm a bit of it about. Bambi because they give them the spring football and fall wrecked this should be fun especially and that position. So market await our way I'm OK we can see who's gonna who's really gonna grab it. And in and it didn't want to give you back you know with its roots here whether it's you know the guys behind them I'm excited. Legacy our our our little competition on the because if it brings out the best of the its. Recover this year it would do weed out. The week in on the guys that note just how would it take so on the. That's Rashad Butler right there eight years in the NFL he's our special guest host today. Thanks to Paul Crist and Mark Richt joins earlier. That's why we're here we're here one of the great spots in South Florida and some are rock hotel and casino where just outside the Perot Japanese they counsel you're in the neighborhood. But your coming over for a little bit of a late lunch early dinner or maybe you're maybe it's your Wednesday routine that hit the slots a little bit. Come on by and and say hi we're gonna take up until he basketball. Which reminds us we come back me up to two minutes he. We're gonna get another basketball club. Club a job well there's a big heat fans got some thoughts on now what's up what's up with the ballclub one game under 500. They got quite that's tonight against the San Antonio Spurs even without while Leonard picked him and. It is now at 0790 the ticket. I had match. That means customized by Jeff get more by yourself sort of that would keep trucking industry because he takes its job. You're guaranteed them the hottest four by four month exits down thought champion war by war. At 78650. To control for six or friendship we have four by court. Number Stevenson on cyber shot Butler. Our special guest cohost today at which we live from the civil war on Iraq. Hotel and casino were taken by an excellent basketball today thirty tip tonight there in San Antonio. To start a three game road trip which will send them that now the next. A city couldn't take on to take on Brooklyn on Saturday and then they go to Memphis. And so this is a personal three game trip for them tonight we know some Whiteside is our shot and also. Why letter who has played in all season long offseason rehabbing wide aha so lot throughout the the big guns here. But the story I mean it's San Antonio yet sixteen and eight. The idol I don't know who may be Golden State probable state. But if you had an inkling of of lots of crazy things David Boston. But San Antonio. Like. You would think there'd be a little bit of a million of them visit polite letter. And there's just been that none of that and Tony Parker yes it's the first nineteen games of the season yet they just keep winning. To me they are at the equipment. The New England Patriots of basketball. He does have a system in place and it it is luck guys in and poppies that great but the folks like Bill Belichick to where. Guys has fallen in line these guys is do as. They're told to do. So it's not surprising that the spurs are. Who thought they were we to San Antonio Spurs. They just a mean what. Just plug in play now Anderson's a guy and he that's got to take over the role for for wild letter. They do an excellent job drafting you know that the finding player he's been at all part whether it's a first round pick. Whether it's trade whether it's the second round of and they found a hall of famers will secular world. You know the spurs to a phenomenal job of finding. European please. I've done nationals yeah yeah I break them I think they're good this day you know finding international and national plays is just amazing I mean they have guys in the years that. I haven't heard about whatsoever that I mean. Have immediate immediate impact so. Mean you know. You spurs just remarkable in in in what they do all around. Spurs you mean. There will always favored yes you have you mean. But I almost feel a little bit bad for them. Hump because that they're they're just what their applicants at the western cops. That and look at the moment here but I mean many things are different weather does get hurt. In game one where they had that huge lead you in the Western Conference finals maybe it's an Antonio the files you'll we will never know. We'll never know what I doubt that I mean I think you would have been the difference is that exactly I think it would it would serve him well I just think. Goat in his statement that agents have to which found by father. It is is just amazing I mean the best chance in the team has. Impeding go to sleep is writing a letter to be in the unity and an EPA had that we make this like. It's the bulletin we're assessing who gave them when they see is just hard to beat him. Working on the seventh time so hard it's hard you know what you know we live that like yeah down here you know with a victory yeah I remember I mean I was on the radio. Edited to put all the break to do everything you talk about. The pacers all Roy Hibbert inside oh okay. If if abroad. And the wave and for us and another guy whoever was on. Play well. You're not going to beat them for being that snapped I agree. I totally agree with what's happened you took that step off one night that he might be off moments that hurt now. Which little bit of a plumber here if you like to watch their act. But like that okay yes you and you play extremely well you'll beat them yet but fort. You're gonna catch them. Off the art and you're gonna be on guard is asked him. That's tremendously hurt for great teams like you excellent or or Houston in the playoffs yet or her or anybody that matched the people at Miami is playing great teams don't base is really good team yet they were mr. Stewart and I got to the finals against the thunder yeah organs. You know it's whoever else they that's above and got a couple time but having try to be that more times. When you just don't have the town to do so some lights out again. I'm just gonna go that worried I am too much about the big Fella here because numbers don't lie Hedo and defensively is where this team has always said you know what. We are going to the thing yes. And when he's in the other top five defensively. And whether or not they're the ones yeah that's a by coincidence or anything like that so. You have off shooting night from a lot of guys who want that now will travel. Ed Ed Ed will accompany the Miami Heat every single let his defense they haven't had that consistency and that's why they've been so inconsistent so far this season plain and simple. Yeah. Woertz who weakness it's he's in the right yeah I got home bruises the this thing it's been that you'll back a month now exist. They're trying to that is that you're you're trying to get by Altria Group that we just hit by yeah you get by and all of a sudden it's like. You gotta sit down for too you know there are right now. With basketball players on the it always worries me when I hear about. You do that included the because those guys the news that they need to know immediately that it was an indecent. I think people the start to see and understand. Why did you see this on the money that the creative because you know the most prestigious. I mean they're remarkable when you would be guys. In there I mean there are five and NBA when guys and an image there you know in the bottom. Breath in India as far as defense so. Because that he are to sit them down in the back healthy. All star break. Is nearing and we all know and you believe that no one really starts to lead real basketball until after the all star break we mean it everybody knows that. While they got a mean. They they got to stay attached to 500 they do like it could be due to their evidence well that's what this road trip is very well time because it is but also spaced out well. But they don't play that puts Antonio tonight they don't play until Saturday. And then they play. One day I'm. So that's their three game road that you get a couple of days off there. And got Brooke with a Mexico City in Memphis who just won you have to lose to a literal those games that you would yet submit San Antonio tonight Wilson. They're a point underdog but. Point me it's. Got to stay attached the 500 until the pick 45 under 500 but that you know just to get the 500. You know your 500. That's it I'm not a mathematician he got a blog girl yeah so I mean you gonna have a street there at some point they were able to do it last year. I'm not gonna talk about last year anymore the last there was insult you it is you know we hug. There's just sports it's it's different sees it though it is it is it is amused received especially professional sports we're. You know you have to turn over every year and you have new faces. Sometimes you have new coaches I mean look we did he has had. Spoelstra. For some time now and I think that this core nucleus of guys they have are loaded. You know he reminds you it's that's when he ousted on the somebody a roof closed it reminds you of the young and hawks a couple years ago where they just had a great nucleus that he could he really have that once you post on Catholic the heat in a really have that was superstar put. Those guys the understand one another in the. Sleep heartened that there would take that right now they certainly that the hawks team if that's true hope. Yeah like that was the high end yeah like hey let's get two or three guys that are put it all star level assigned. Gore and somebody's gonna over yet whether it's the the whether it's you know James Johnson owner somebody's got to play and let's go that route yet until we hit it and ride this out and try to figure out. You know most teams go the superstar rounds yet but unfortunately there's not a lot of superstars to go around. So they decide to bring back this this unit which I think everybody was when you see how this would play out. Now. But next Friday you can basically trade all those guys you signed in the off season good for you can you publicly traded on million. Souls. And the and the body by the way who aren't like a bad spot there right now 500 but there. Like everybody every day is gonna be reevaluate the roster to if if there underachieving. No they don't but. You know I think that route the and now hold Miami Heat. Organization is pretty comfortable with the guys that haven't please I don't see the Mickey. Moves. At that time. But like you say I'm the if the heat all of a sudden starts to struggle he starts to stroke will through bad in the mean we could see some moves but you notice. Just knowing that round and to see how. The guys have been playing well together. And our I mean our our district are just the organization is happy with the guys that have a police right now are due. I don't know I I did that's that's true I'd like to see this play out little bit more not are due to Merck Merck is always talking about trading guys and what's out there. Listen I think that's what. I'd like that but I'd like to see this play out of the most public staring you in the face yeah yeah you know availability of davis' screaming I wanna from the Miami don't you go argued dozens or Daniel Miller yeah. You know Dave a guy. You know so I'd like to see this at least play out. Within me. And then you kind of figure out what to have than it is something pops up that obviously you certainly explore that exploit that opportunity. Our rely over the some are rock hotel casino fifty minutes that he. That would tonight and put it it's all gold stayed on Sunday and then San Antonio the best of the west for the most part that through the others in civic and get back on track a little bit here against a San Antonio we're gonna take threat until 730. Our coverage are you pretty good coach but it was as though atomic tied to offset for for a third to come back we'll put up 6 o'clock hour. Live from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Reggie Johnson and I didn't take. Rashad Butler. Received. Great time out here we've been figure for the capital and Orange Bowl. Head coach's press conference with the Paul Crist and now Mark Richt. We are talking the coaches earlier if you miss that we're gonna have that for you at least you're right up till he basketball's on about an hour we got a little little attack team here with. Coach Chris and coach richt and a great conversation and we've had a blast on here. Just outside the Euro Japanese steakhouse and so we got about another. Another hour and a half a cigarette until he basketball beat and the spurs tonight. So are a lot so a lot more to get to hear on the all the shoddy offensive and on the ticket. President gave that to get access to last minute these tickets sign up now at the game day tickets dot com and you'll receive an SMS alert. But tickets are available to get tickets for as low as ten dollars for the game on December 16. Verses the clippers beat game day tickets sign. Up now. We talked about this a little bit earlier. But I want to revisit it just a little bit here and only gets to your thoughts on this Rashad welcome Natalie does it right into here's the thing. The Miami area it's not a big recruit today. In Jerry Williams quarterback at Lawrenceville Georgia. The top 34. Powervu ranked quarterback in the country dual threat pro style it does at all. This that got yours in Miami in Marquardt incidentally really want. You and you'll look at what we're clubs it is and that's where you have to get to yes that's where you're trying to get to. That is not just the quarterback position where Miami is well within and we still don't know who's going to go pro. That is always another. I would say another form of attrition you know who's graduated you know you're losing Braxton very answer Jeff Thomason but if a pitcher Norton. Port RG Macintosh all the senses you know what I'm like myself that my tone of the pro waters you you know all about all of a sudden you're you're not you have to replace them. This is about talent. Acquisition. This is the ballots. This is about. Procuring as much talent as possible. The NFL does it college football is no different and that's what the University of Miami needs to do maybe that's why this recruiting class. Like all of them are so important to where they're trying to get to. You know this season that Miami has had this season. Definitely. Helped their recruiting class now and I think it's gonna help the recruitment so. In the future because a peak. Mark Richt. Has put it is stamp. On the university now shape that we had trained. And then also and now we're gonna see. How good of recruiting Mark Richt is on the New York food that easily recruited because you see the keys that he recruited at Georgia were in this. Can't it's football but overall does yet always guys so I think seeing that. It definitely Mickey you have fans. Did excited and understand that this guy as a recruiter in this this evening and the the cute that the Atlanta today that. You see it the always want to me that's. That's dances a sign and then your a great direction great direction yeah I mean I mean and. We don't know what what he's going to turn out to be I don't know I don't know but when there's so many we've done this so many times on signing day to look at force guards were shot. You know you you lived Avaya a higher high recruit cause it's one of those things where it is now look at you okay. That's how you posted at Clemson did for 567 years. Now mostly just. One on top of the other one on top the other one up the other correct top five top five top five class and before you know what you look like holding. Pull the plea. Look at how bit look at our football to him and that's what that's what he's trying to do mark said it after the press conference to Clemson. He's that we go lot of guys that are very good to compete against everybody in the country yet we got a lot of great players we don't we need more yeah we need more dudes. Right that's what it's all about how you need more do you do. And hubs and a lot of dude Saturday night and I didn't have enough to that's that's all it Alice's that needs to be done. We'll talk about. This and that. Add in the past rise in the penalties that. And and they should have made that the past way to Jeff Thomas yeah that's and had more guys my idiotic plated it will be able. He's the me it's like Garcia at the beginning we first talked about this. Miami is bad. We just not where we need to be you know who we are dead and at the RNC start to see them. And Mark Richt and it's cool to staff. Has definitely created some special. And that you have is on the right track and I think that clinching game I vote yes because deplete that are especially after it's going to be in the network I believe the reason that our defense stroking so much that game which is because. The offense could sustain drives. And our defense was on the field way too much you want to go by Clemson. You can it be on the field. Against him alive and you have to keep your defense some type a risk because Clemson. Is see her you know I've often think Clemson did going to be like Clemson. Salt you know harmful things to do in the going to include the gap the fealty to please hurry because they need to. That was there that are on defense if our kids to sustain drives restricted. Couldn't sustain drives. That's the thing is sponsored by John nerds and amateur and on mine as donor to draw tries DJ I'd the other and it's all eager to only cover new purchases repairs customization training sessions and more. Visit them today Joseph nerd dot com South Florida's guy. And this guy before I continue let's get to 6 o'clock headlines. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. Jeremiah. Are at the breaking news in the NFL looks like Roger Goodell has signed a five year contract extension to remain the of the NFL. According to ESPN. Will be about forty million annually so about 200 million dollar contract. It if it. I knew you'd laugh at that five years 200 million. For Roger Goodell to continue to run that these and have fell. Getting to Miami heat's there at San Antonio to take on the spurs tonight. Hassan Whiteside is out once against those wild letter who's been out an entire year so that quad once again brigades game time decision for the spurs. The tipping off at 830 our coverage begins at 730. With a Tommy tied in accord Jonathan dazzle you don't come in one game under 511 and twelve. Spur threat sixteen. And eight this is the first of a three game. Road trip. Or the Miami Heat of course you can catch all the action beginning following us. At 730 couple other NFL notes she suspended markets Peters Peters the count to quarterback. For the game against Oakland's. This weekend also Eli Manning these guys back as a starting quarterback for the giants take on Dallas this weekend and and I into hurricanes hoops. There birthday no last night with a fifteen point victory over the Boston terriers Saturday there and take on George Washington. So. That's one thing and real. We'll talk about. Wanted to talk about we got who gets so much stuff going on here at the other train that's coming down the track hurricanes basketball. We had such a fun year. With you know you're trying to and right now we're kind of searching here you little bit or shot. And those are your headlines we were trying to were searching Google we're looking at. The dolphins' season that you have coming down the innocuous. And you look at out okay what's gonna what's gonna captivate us next locally here you need that you do that last year. Her treatment basketball. That's that's that's another one that could become another trip is a little bit here and then the altitude so we do that's why do that and they have the votes to uh huh so. On. You were best book has has has the balls alive. Look the post that they have. They're nick you're correct to learn yes I remember it starts. Remember there Nagin always been huge cost us both and you can when I was young people and I was incompetent you received man. I remember in their Nagin. From George Washington Bono George crazies and yet when they had that that that run in 2000 to write the final four. It was yet 2002. Or three. None of 2006. I was OK you know to ours ours that we the gators won that year. The gators knocked them out today it did the ground. But he beat UConn that these I mean he went they went through a number or what team like Nelson but he did. And you took a home run hiring Mark Richt. Similar negative than that. Yes or has the for the hoops program which you know it does certainly don't know the history of a football. And how program when you agree like London but they have but the but the talent of the players are getting to talk about talent procurement. That that's in the paper for for basketball and if you get a couple of guys that can turn your team around very quickly and that's when out. Yeah I mean you know. The thing on the is that now we have guys from the northeast those are reasons that are known for basketball commits in my hand because of our those guys and those guys are going to. You know Kentucky he. Do North Carolina and the Eagles even those you can even some of those guys can go home now you know with the emergence of saint John's you know you find out restarted IQ back to the U Condo of Opel also. I mean just for him to land those guys the cute those guys that. Did out of what they're used to and into Ethan come down to Miami I think it's amazing it's amazing. Distribute another thing if you rely on their fuel that were submitted excited back excited about it to jump in the conference play starting up believe they're gonna Cuba. Well it's going to be probably for the I don't know why but after the holidays. Conference play in the ACC is that the better than that and that's going to be the next big thing you're just juvenile that if you run. One of the members of the excited about here obviously were given an island heats. And see if they can push the accelerator a little bit. On no on this season. Vehicle along wave that could take down the spurs tonight you can't wait to jump in the car. And did take a lot for me to get me out here because this place is the basis of our rock hotel casino and that's where we set up our shop. All afternoon long you need for the capital oracle head coach's press conference so let's take a lot to get out of here. Somebody do it Xavier. Because again I'm having been here since 2000. Listen it just looking around like man I gotta come. A few more but it is and you tell us it is you know back in. When nights to come in 2009. UPD fourth in he's the live not too Foreign Ministry every tour but now my. Moved all the way down south united in the mall in the span of a hike through the ticket appeared which you know it from seeing what I sold so far. It deceive. The additions to the horror since I afternoon I. Are definitely become more troops back to. What you gotta you gotta get through it you're gonna get the rule meant as they could make it and over the next day and that's that's that's you that's you handle that it is as a Rashad Butler is our special guest host on this Wednesday he's been with us. The entire afternoon. And we certainly. Have enjoyed his company. Throughout I'm. When McCain's pretend as though now. A ended. They were number two in the country. Did you think did you think they were the second best team in the country and I and I ask you because when you're in the moment it's great audience this. The seat you know okay. And they got a little bit with those of reality I would say the last couple weeks and add in for variety re clearly. They're not a constant level yet there but I look at you know there's a lot of people that are coming back now since he got told to select soldiers. Am going. They work I know they're not they work they're not the one of the four best teams in the country but during that time you won the C you'll want to see a proven wrong. Yeah well house it is defensively I vote that Weaver. One of the four best teams in the country if that's fair that's Europe offensively. I agree I don't think we were just because. We were there inconsistent at the U consisted front. Inconsistent. In the receiving corps you know our thumb on riches in other received injuries healed injuries in the you know they just dropped a lot of you know balls that he should cut in going to be even the quarterback them you would see it was as consistent. As needed to be so. Defensively yes the word. In the top four in the country and the RO put it with the acute in England are without the use of the gets an instant they do. If for all of this just able to sustain long drives I mean a lot of people. One acute heart beat the support Obama bought that game conspicuously Clinton he reacted to defense like you know. You know I don't wanna use that to my knowledge we do you or hurt the the furries. You you know you know what I mean I disagree with that southern phrased. I I disagree just because of the league football and then you know. Office needs defense as much as defense and offense and you know our deepest justice. On that field where the tomb was during that game eat a deeply team like Clemson. You can not cute doom chances like that I mean all these incidents do that it put sustaining drives and when they're on the field putting points and was so yes. Not to you know horror pointless I I think this offensively we've wasn't. With our physically burn. Up when it comes to put defense of the food that. We were nuts and that's the way that's good way to explain it yeah it was just their tennis no and apparently the double a lot of the naysayers and what they're not that who would you do that that was Wisconsin who might miss them when you're you know whether or not that but they haven't been any by the quarterbacks that that would averages. And it's like when your in the moment. And when you're a fan or supporter of that team or even a casual observer who disagreed story. You wanna let it see you wanna let it. Proven otherwise you have no idea what it would like to open the as the pit and let's quit as head coach richt really hear him coming up here. A little bit later on. Mike you eclipses that you are in the play yet but that was all still set up for Miami you know we know Clemson okayed you saw it. Firsthand and anybody knows anything about football against clubs at the lot better the Miami he had that's where the other four teams are yeah plain and simple. You know. I mean acting like coach Rick. Sit. Everything was in front of us. You win your game and I think being the competitor. But any sport I mean that's all you want to hear is you know you win your enemy I think that's why. College basketball is those of these scenes of the tournament because you know you win you keep playing this is it be pleased relate. The phrase that I gave says because you know you win you move on so everything was right front of us you know we just didn't seize the moment. And it's a great learning experience and going to be put it in the today I still I'm still. Happy with privacy that turned out because if you ask me going into the season but how many games do at the plan B. Wouldn't want I would have told you to give you and I'll be happy bush and the to have ten. Arctic and either. Our ticket in that that a lot of the lot of great economic I magaziner and and patter ball categorize the mall but you look at ten win season. You got your jumped into the playoff right yes your playing in the Orange Bowl you won the coastal division you have you played in the ACC championship game. Like that a lot of a lot of things to check off the off the checklist of Europe the university of Bobo Miami art so a lot going on here the sonar Rocca told is that we go back unless you work. About the NFL Oka and just the for the county of some of some of the rules on how we saw on display in Monday night against the Steelers and the angles. But just mentioned after that. Of what you guys talking loudly. And all sorts of that and about I'm just wondering is there they get a bill to do. Is or is it is that going to fly footballer to may have touched. It's everything else at the end of the okay do that the party. Not have done you're in the trenches rate year. Not you're just removed from the NFL so when you were shot mother's thoughts on that coming up here. Also we're gonna hear from a head coach of Wisconsin Badgers democracy Miami's opponent usual. As head coach of the Mcguirk it's Mark Richt as well as we are live here at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. That of the Capital One orange ball coach's press conference for the big game on December 30. Right here it's a benign that it. Got Kevin and thickness courtesy it's alongside John Butler. Our resident offensive lineman in the house here today with a say special guest host. Third or around that back in 06. So go. So these lightning it yet to its break. That is yet to its deal where that's off the you know with the only reason I don't wary. Round of the word because I was there to reassure the day you was that the bush you know with. Laying up it's as if he would. In 2002 which I am actually one of the but it was that you promised if you will be right now a lot more tomorrow and you know that ring the ring. I was always does. It's always does the house of what does that bring always does. What it should do. But it does it more so pleased that so hard rock hotel and casino you know this place is jumping involvement here and out of south page. Resolve and you've got some you've got some spots that you like. But unlike my region I'm I'm I'm not I mean I Miami guy so. So our rock you know it's just like just it's the nicest place to really notice news that is and there you go I just took a look and a bit. Right outside the bureau. Japanese steak houses picked my head in there just beyond beyond you know. Got the you know some GAO's ordered all sorts of wine in there is a I mean it was just it was it was funded obviously on the table games and united vicinity action that the settle for our velocity game so. Just just a tremendous place and them. It's always good to get out your we've been out here for the number one or we'll head coach's press conference we're gonna hear from. Paul Crist and Mark Richt coming appeared about to about forty minutes we had a conversation with them earlier in the show also gonna have that Gloria. And the a little teaser. Mark Richt he's kinda had an all the questions you asked you really pumping him for information I was your gonna ask the coach there and you wouldn't though for the offense. Is there a there it took a turn over chain equivalent. For the dolphins the football and he had an answer for that it was a good one ridiculous and if you're in the marketing business but I would start. It you've been answering these things pretty good to approach got to get operated so we'll hear all that lost about. You know Saturday night up at Charlotte in the of the match because Wisconsin and then and Paul Crist was was really. It's a good conversation with a coach of the badgers to grab all that come up for you hear about about forty minutes paid a helpful you into the holidays it's right around the corner. The ticket courtesy of donors giving away 400 dollar gift card. You go by the DJI spark at that price or use the 400 dollars towards other DJI. Products like them. It or affiliates of four pro. Fly on over to drove urged dot com check it out. Or visit either of the locations and average Europe or my crystal urged South Florida's high in the sky with a gift card taken by a drone. Register. At the ticket Miami dot com the holidays are certainly right around. The corner plugs when the students. Those products whether we are honoring them drone. Yes I do. Actually. The drone that I. Phone to him to succeed it was actually the it is actually these are brought it is the man. The have a pro so you know those are those agree products off the effort for time that's sort of a good it's not. There is joining us it is put the map the pro is this is is this everything is advertised. At the wheel Sodexo. If you are to flee the can about getting one who think about the war. Make the adjustments agree that this may now you trophy room and you know. All of them the whole New York's they'll have a moment but what what's your up through here you got a company that's bravado they're just. Our pilots you know what what it's all about your livable get back to these back to billable. Black schools are exposed Euro. Is Miami based found in Miami by myself. Street we're lifestyle program. Those accompany him slowly in the pero. Man we've lost in who wrote this past year and everything's going good. You wanna know more now on black schools go to the next schools dot com spoke B a CK ST you know those C dot com and if you wanted to take a look at some of our products in our continent. Go to our social media page form that it's actually yeah at black schools the hero. You spoke the only CK ST you know those the hero AP PA are you know. And yes on the trust me you do that MacArthur in black schools of their brash bold in your face her referring in. A lot of people have compared it to you know supreme before a supreme as we nomination like the are now put. Oh New York in your face. Vary vary due brash aggressive they're equal and you know I'm I'm I'm just excited about it in almost it is before closing out. We do have something going off or thousands so if you are interested in receiving one of our products for free. Not been given way. You're here with far less on. Elect's goals on the IG and youth of the with the BC we have going on in and and I hope that two street. Great stuff and always you know and they are very excited and oh yeah oh yeah about it and that gets me excited and always. The supporting. Knowledge and local guys but also business in the of the local dizzy yet and and I know how big you are on that solo flex both. People check it out to Muster for the for the holidays. ID checked out the game the other night yes ankles sealer pomp and Roger Goodell. Just got a big contract extension he's apparently yes and and and I haven't you would say other than making lots of lots of money with the NFL does anyway safety is their number one priority. Yes it is and it's not just those are the safety of the players and you could speak on this more than anybody else have a blatantly free years. But it is. These. It is the perception. That the game to save. For young children to play yes that is what this is all about and when you have guys knocked each other silly the other night and which I think is great food and I thoroughly enjoyed the of the dirty about 90% of those hits me. The NFL. Really. Is in kind of a really tricky spot are are are they not were shot. No they Theo Theo Rome. We're gonna start our Starbucks in this you know. Complaints vocal. Part of it is just like getting on a motorcycle. Whether it's with now or. Who will be whether it's weird without a helmet it's they are reasonable risk rim. Perk that the you know it it it is and enact so people. You understand which are signing up for now. And and if so we're not going out there we're not trying to hurt each of the renowned trying to do is going to be I never plead with you guys that. That in the wanted to hurt some of these didn't tell me they want to you know do. On the field. But the saints commonly the game theory that in them leave the game is partly why I like to call ourselves. Superhuman. Creatures going to be because I mean where else do you seek guidance. 666. In like tomb ninety less that two run you know. Under before nine going to be it's. One point 11 it says. Human species dead. When you talk about size me that's for the race in the ego or in in the U throwing you know. Guys you money guys beat him take him on this those with families and their families are gonna situations. It becomes competitive and you know I heard Damien Woody say this info guide you see it you know where else. Do you run around and moved it another romance without getting arrested more trouble for. Right you you updates for ever to beat people up yeah. Georgia right now correct correct and I was it is if you want outfit he loves it and it went out of that because justice. We all know it's in the heat of the battle in this competition a lot of with friends off the field. And for the most part we were on that too which is trying to compete which is trying to only make ourselves better in on the boat were trying to we gains for the team that we're playing for. Sometimes guys don't like them like nobody likes what does perfect it and don't nobody wanna chewing him out troop and they did it as legally as possible. And yet drew flak OK on your futures OK and that's I don't wanna see somebody laying on the ground Xavier ID OK I mean. They had this easier thing but junior earlier in the game. And Ryan from down here yeah you never really was just don't just football yeah dollars and a hit on anybody who just happened to him when a guy. Come back and and crack back to you or whatever it is. Like that was legal five years ago throughout the flight I get it argued to immediately but to say it was dirty. I mean or that and he's got thrown out or suspended. I just kind of like I think now's Greg play well if you don't think that Mike Tomlin. And the rest of his teammates the coaches were high fighting -- Shuster Smith inside the Pittsburgh locker room where they. Were urged the locker room. Our producer Beirut because accounts it is. Just just because the guys it had to vote would have. If it would have been somebody Yost. I don't that you would it be wise but you know boxes perfect. Is the plea that did that to everybody immediately if he does you know he knew he is known to be a dirty player I don't think he goes out yeah. Hurts people when it the he'd definitely go with you on the people's game did anything that you saw that they're on the arm and if so outline. No I'm only one thing okay our cities. But it did. I thought that interest groups Shuster should he stood over her RC that correctly though it products that you're economist that Jon Gruden suit you know it was disgusting is is like Joan I mean you know you lead here where there. You know you've had guys that return to today itself and I'm pretty sure he was coaching. He's got this through this a million on that you see here. It's about about you know John Bruno go and deal with the top it would it would it would. It would put it Vietnamese. Where attic area now where. You know in the info you know the fetus had down lawsuit that question I'd go the other part for some money you board. And now they have the lawsuit. With painkillers. Being so it's just on the they're losing one and one thing I knew about these owners these owners do not like losing money if they're not many human aspect systems are going to be in. They're losing money. The saints they're losing parents. Who have candies that one lethal blow with these past indicates you know playing football. But many of those it's the Miami Dolphins do that on the on the other side and army they actually got their act together a little bit against her but I do incidents they Iran. They are at another huge underdog yes as much as you how that plays later locker is your months of JD teams you sent us back and back in your career is that Europe by some big spreads namely that the colts in your division the couple times the appointment at some of their Roland. The patriots rolled out from a night football game so get your thoughts on that coming up here also were shot and I. We got the had a great conversation with Paul Kristi and Mark Richt. And though we're gonna have that for you here coming up this we're live here at the Seminole hard rock. Hotel and casino. It's been a great day it's been a fun day. We're here for the capital and orange ball. Coach's head coach's press conference and them both coaches were in attendance we sat down with them. And it's just been a great time out here that are ready for one of the a signature events in South Florida capitol or people which will be. December 3. At a Saturday night 8 o'clock from our rock stadium should be to be quite a game between two teams that are coming off while a loss but. We'll move. Right there with a chance to jump into the and the college football playoffs. With just a couple weeks ago I while all that coming up we have. On the other side right here on 79 ticket. John Paul. See you know if you that is. That's turned to evening here. I kicked out of the oh yeah. You'd be inspired reviews give me he's. I just artist who's look that good solid thank those who like to move. I guess that might affect them and I even like it's about a you know by some of the ladies' attire at. We've moved into the we've moved into the evening. Part of the festivities here you know as were out or bumped up its against 7 o'clock here. Quick reminder we're gonna have coach getting great conversation with Paul Crist and coach Mark Richt. That's why we're here. Where the press conference for the coaches. In preparation for the capital orange balls and have those particular year in about 705. And that we'll have that we're right before he passed our pregame coverage or some third because they're in San Antonio tonight the take on the spurs a quick reminder. To listen to the ticket all weeklong preparedness football updates injuries. Who's not who's not that the that the more. What's that about and as our Levine acts of attorneys at ebitda accidental when in hundreds of reports that for the 2200. Seven horse of a threesome with 33 spots where all the direct the right are always the right price device the public adjusters we've got grass that's covered call it but that he CPA. Or visit East Coast but the When asked about this Monday Night Football on. Which is still a big deal. I think even though it's been it's been watered down all the prime time games. The patriots are role in the town and they pretty much own Miami and the entire AFC's in the entire AFC and the entire bill for a long time. But Miami's actually played pretty well on home yes and in in the last eight or nine years or so. It's like 45 or some like that's what's fun. 2008 the wild card game we just on that show a couple of weeks ago my question is you were just. It. There there there up eleven point underdogs. And I'm just wondering how does that play in the locker because there by the Olympic analytical which he'll. When there were seventeen point underdogs. And actually the media to cover and LeRoy hoard food as an afternoon show. You know he's our mid day so he was all my got a I could never you have to wonder about it. I'd ultimately gonna go okay. But I'm like like. There's a reason but that's the search read the national. There's no we don't it's 22 tablets. Producer. You know you have your group the guys that. As we used to call them a lot of guys that are media guys guys that love interactive media and to read the paper like monopoly. Of the misguided death here with you you scored it was in the media guy gets UPS does marker. Read the priest always talked in the media to see those guys that you know he was very much in between we've. A lot of those serves. They're the players so you know is that he. Admitted you know actually written it. Coverage you when I was you know down here and it never went alive yes we did you know look at it before it's more direct whatever. Accommodate it began when gotten and you know. Though there's certain guys in the locker Eric and certainly what correctly and. Douglas MacDougall. I mean when monopoly. And that's simple quality I couldn't even though you are like yes. Sprays from week to week and the Texans for. Sixties and so I didn't read it to vote every where your artwork in this respect that. I think that all the time on the coaches righted a is if you know we root here you agree do you expect Arctic. Not to disrespect at all with the dolphins. You note the note that they have you know stroking. This season and in the habit Toledo expectations. But in saint I mean at the Chris Berman used to always say this you know. Image that he's always you know that's what it again this to me that's what you play the game Monday. The features Horry huge. That if speaker hugely. But the same time I mean you know hey you never know this you you never know beaches in in in that business. Everyone's professional. Professionals if we want it's so there's a bright that. While it is too and I do think we make media me and I hand outs that work. Make a bigger deal about it we have to play you have to UW had two of them blessed you guys do. And all that noise you guys understand India and sell it but I hope you know the particulars like you know when went. Which everybody on talk radio industry that you guys up yet but you don't regret when you're listening to it or no we'd a family member today that the equipment on here and I think it's the only. Hero that is now. Via Twitter and everything like Twitter and a miserable place at times. I mean well for over personal liberty will listen I think Twitter has embraced that. I'm the the the league with commerce now in who. Fool e-commerce team our show notes that it salts. And what about it though bush they have taught me that Twitter is deformed it if one goes to two. Right badly user list. And Hannity it's funny that would if you vote in today the army have been like for you know where it is when he went Twitter Beck in 08 was like. He solution media platform. You want to put it this week before mr. Graham and everything Jesus when he I'm now. Twitters the pleas to go like even now. Is this and you get sick it's everywhere has tickets. People want Twitter. Just look at. Wendy's. And McDonald's their Twitter page by the few weeks of on it via the bases in its eighty. It's funny it's meant as a that you afford yes yes yes it might be the at each other like that that is. And put it so when you know it's so funny but like its is but he notes it has become you know the mean that people when the house opening meego be testicles put. The end of the miserable yes under Islam is. Are we got a lot more to get to again we're gonna hear from ball Kristi and Mark Richt as we're here for the Portugal to capital and Orange Bowl coaches press conferences and come back and we go up ported it to live here it was a little hard rock hotel casino. Curtis Steve it's alongside Rashad Butler takes you till 730. We got the basketball for irregular and probably 79 ticket. Today. Shot bomber we enjoyed it we had a blast out here the last of the last lot of fun get ready for the capital and Orange Bowl was the coaches press conference kind of a kick off this event we've we've done this event many many years over the years and can't think of kind of a better year than have it that this year has got coach Mark Richt had a great season McCain to have a virtual home game. Playing in the Orange Bowl and Wisconsin. Move. You know might be what the fourth fifth best in the country who knows they got the right of my nausea to do we go there are twelve and winded. Miami's they're gonna your mind all that handle New York so that's a great team and we we had opportunity to talk to both. Coach Chris and coach Rex. Little more than. But what three hours ago so we're gonna have that conversation Gloria. We battled double header we're gonna have that for you coming up here in about it about eight minutes or so quick reminder defense. 79 that figure that he gave that to get access the last minute. The tickets sign up now and the game day thing is that common you'll receive an SMS alert when tickets are available to get tickets for as low as. Ten dollars for the game on December 16 which is coming up vs the clippers he. Game day tickets sign up now. Before we continue let's get to little 7 o'clock deadline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FX Ph.D. to Miramar. Are we're gonna take the seventh thirtieth that's wed them. The Miami Heat in the San Antonio Spurs are pre game coverage will commence with a dozen to as low and Tommy tied. 830 the tip off from San Antonio is on Whiteside once again as outs. While that are still out as Antonio also Rudy Gay kind of a game time decision to fills up more on that has minute marks on there. First of only three game road trip this week you are 11112. Spurs are at sixteen. And eighths news from the NFL looks at Roger Goodell has a new contract you'll be running the the NFL teaching. For the next. The foreseeable future contract upwards to. About 200 million dollars Rashad. Five years 200 million dollars. For an NFL commissioner also the chiefs have suspended quarterback Marcus theatres for their gaming it's okay as we can also be lemon he's gonna start for the G amend. Via the giants against the the cowboys. And the kings basketball notes when his last night there right now. Beat up beat Boston six and an affinity for the at George Washington. On Saturday at noon. And those are your headlines. On this so Wednesday evening we've batted and absolutely. Fabulous time here. I did a defeated. Proves you to be back in the car rock. Man you believe that we've gone for eight years ago slated W in its not to hear a little person is that yes Israel wow. Think they've done a lot of things around apparently yeah yeah don't allow more. It's always a severe here which was Super Bowl 2009 and you know we have to welcome him back within two years right 20/20. So. Miami is it uses is a hard destination for for the Super Bowl and others out of some RR puts on us and that's for sure this is the through. Giving it their building that make them make. I guess add on the hotel the tar Sands Hotel that. That'd be insanely feel that it is what it isn't and I heard his post be completed before oh yeah global mixes oh yeah no question so of course obviously the time it was hard rock stadium and a thing of witnesses. This is no joke. This this is this is big time what you know I have always suit this. The Super Bowl should automatically come back to Miami before you I don't care what anybody says I just think it's a great destination for tourist. And this is so it's always great read I mean I agree it's that you knew you have to do a ring you put. I mean anybody will look to sit in the rain and sitting in the cold like they had to do in 2014. When it was that you might stadium in. People were freezing so yeah so boast the measure before you as Giuliani we've had this conversation though we will leave with a Super Bowl committee chairman. Rodney Barreto we've Eric palms on a number of times. Air with us here today at the exit meeting right now. I mean of him try to. Granted him a little bit there at the basketball classic coming up which is a big event we'll talk more about that tomorrow but nevertheless. You know now if that was the key was the state yet to what they got that situated near Ross you know for the bill on that.