ZRA Part 2 12-7-2017

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, December 7th

Jamey Eisenberg Interview. Zaslow's kid at the dentist. #DentureDonald


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It. I. Every morning property gets back up martian dust bonds of both front runners take the first section award winning boat trying to rob. From that it's not just agents but nurtured it since John Clayton joins us the 8 o'clock hour or so you'll separate legal fourteen ranked fourteenth. Fourteen units or a year fourteen. Tonight got to Atlanta new oil and that's a really good one OK both teams fighting for playoffs and all is trying to win the division of they're coming off a big hard hitting win over Carolina and Atlanta trying to make the post season and who'd they have this past week Atlanta. They're pretty good team to this past week and Baylor and a that. I can't member on the Obama has a they did so he did lose Minnesota. Yeah I think maybe it was a sound equipment and it was Minnesota and as you don't. An army recruitment solar didn't go into even attempting to Google Angolan minister you guys just. I think of them bootleg computers and from a so ominous irrigated and let's go ahead by 04 gets a sensible about it. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami and WS SP HD true mirror. It wasn't acting minister of certain. These headlines are brought to you Greg credit karma get your truly free credit score in Fred it again free credit monitoring from credit karma download the credit karma app today credit karma get knowing. Miami Heat fell to the San Antonio Spurs last night you won seventeen to one I'll buy you. Marcus Aldridge eighteen points he led San Antonio and scoring Rudy Gay sixteen points seven boards. Tyler Johnson when he finally got it rates 25 points at Stephen hi Abraham. Dion that 22 points gore on and did not speak as Dion and Goran can never get it going on the same night Goran put up only eight points last night was three for eleven. Thursday night football is to ignite the falcons host the saints 8:25 PM is kick off from New Orleans nor Allen's one point paper it's. Three game elements of that and like I mentioned GI EMA she saved fans the ball line and you likely your playoffs. Week fourteen gets going tonight got a lot of key players obviously a lot of offensive weapons both those clubs Buchanon saints. We'll talk to Jane knew he some advice on how to play. Hand in about five minutes from now. This kinky cavaliers won their air to ground they've read they king's one on 1 to 95 am. Dwyane Wade has posted on and stick around my have a look at yet but I saw an air of gays and that he posted that thirteen in a row feeling. Yelled we know of occasions on your phone. Well I got I got the mind amateurs like the social media sports guru at that a lot of youth. To treat him it tends to writing. In that. What to look alike red leggings they are very tight swift I read. Shoes that look like there wow issue is the way of wage use and you know he's he's Lawson is what he's through is what he's doing and smiling big. Even even really contribute to that thirteen that arrow in last night so. Get out here that weighed on Sunday though low rumble up 32 points last night eleven boards and nine assists. I saw. Derrick Rose. Met with the team yesterday for the first time since since abandoning them and and he addressed and that. Should around and and sends live August to have any sound from Derrick Rose. He's. Oh it's. Consumers sorry. What how serious military might couldn't. Talks very slow Ohio men. You only you where would you Wear those pants Romer now I just say I'm an MB sleep regularly like that bottom block threatened cross and maybe you're not tight pants the funky looking picture. Reportedly the giants look at the Dodgers is the biggest threat to get in Jon Karl. Yeah I guess the reason apparently the country it is taking longer than expect to. Where one and we ring against is all that if you want but some. It's it's funny because the giants giants are positioned against him okay. He clearly wants good Dodgers will know this we've known this for years located he's not gonna put Monty wants to go to the Dodgers giants and Dodgers. Are huge rivals it's one of the biggest robberies and baseball okay. A how to net now giant fans like they want him to located trade and ultimately he's only going to. Played the giants if he decides to play for the giants but if you're giants stand right out your sit back like you know or. You wanted to play for you. When he really wants to go to the Dodgers. So if he winds of accepting the trade to go to your team it's cut would grudgingly like what are Howell the giants fan. Reconciles that right now when he definitely want him to say hey. Oak camera go to giant heads go placed in me but you also know that. He's also really hoping that the team that you hate is the one is that he gets to go play for instead of view. Ladies want to play every other and you do that right now would anything once once once he does decide to go to the dodge that that is where is it going and you hate him for life. I mean just imagine you really wanna got to play for you dolphin fan you really wanna got to play for you okay and and you might. What he's holed about the jets. He loves the jets growing up. It did not just about though him loving. The jets I mean it is in deny your scenario you'd gave me he's from new York and he wants to live in New York. And I think that that factors and Raila that needs a little less batted colleague John Carlos just a fan of the team has gotten. OK but I mean I don't think that's really why he wants to play for them so bad I think it's awesome about wanting to. Live air. And that you can understand I mean I hater CN adults wanting to live where they wanna I wanna see so it's going to my career. I mean it's well it's not it's not wanting to get to eight hours by let's not only pretty far but it's also very different climate I mean as of this guzzle a lot cooler an awful lot. Well you know like apparently my allow their couple months ago you drive over the bridge when you from the airport. And you can have 12230 degree difference from the Bay Area. The California Southern California are very different I mean it's like what's the difference between Miami and Tallahassee. There's a big difference letting us yes yes that I would say there's a bigger difference in terms of climate slipping and southern and northern cal wanted to. Asked him one is trashed those realities cardinal fans RD Matta John Carlo because you reportedly doesn't wanna go to San Louis. So this treat them pictures of fiscal rings. What we don't want you anyway loser. Yeah player crazy of me remember the way admit that they treated Jason Heyward Wendy's they were left to go to the cubs knew him like death threats. They're crazy and Saint Louis. Or around the super classy classic baseball now via. He was gonna sailors is it like that trades happen. Can I just mention real quick but they're showing the wildfires are now on the TV at the in studio speaking of California so Terrmel wildfires that are happening in California right now and these firefighters and jobs they're doing trying to fight these fires that are now about ten golf the Getty museum in the situation there's unbelievable. And what these guys and gals are doing. Is amazing unbelievable work but they showed on the news. On an incredible mansion in winds flames just one put it. I hate can even imagine what people are going throughout their bidders goalie Roberto Luongo it's going to miss extended time with a lower body injury. To go to. Though the Panthers game tonight are now Nathalie have been regular season game yet this year. Yeah amigo the pandas on and I armed do arms I thought about it actually yesterday I was waiting embryo plate the plate it's. I mean. I understand why a it has to be like this were literally it feels like every time the Panthers have a home game the heat of homey until. Coming up the heat had a Verity career. Home and home set they played home on a Friday night into Saturday night that's really rare way back to back home games like that back to back days and guess what. The Panthers had the exact same thing. Friday home game and a Saturday home game which is also really rare in the NHL I don't know why they do that the scheduling and by the way I mean we all notes it's completely stupid. That that you have a hockey team of their own Maria and a bass Walton mother on it they they should be sharing but then again to play different counties so. Tennessee has offered a head coaching job to Alabama's defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt. And finally kind of McGregor may be done with the US seeing is the latest negotiations on that contract have failed. Let's get your questions here if you wanna as Jamey Eisenberg and CBS sports yourself to do that at 7863600798. Or you could texting your questions. On the call strings on marquis attacks line 679 some forging is with us me Ryan fuels. And downstairs convenience stores gas line truly sets beyond convenient hey Jamie good morning. A good man so tonight you guys week fourteen of the NFL starting this evening. Yes falcons and saints to good game let's get folks start off as an HMO has got delight upset. You likely got famous football playoffs that are starting tonight solo what do we like from both sides of the big games. Why I think you look at both quarterback they've really been struggling. Either activate the bigger amount well look and I you know it is you conquered it in the U it would operate. Great way to get other urban recently I think marriage track record. They'll play well. Going out there and they are the low point. And I figured he agreed be able to count the secondary. Clearly cannot figure it away from the running back Mark Ingram and Albert rapid rate the one thing. And our market but moat toe injury. If you doubt Comerica or are marking a bigger point. Come Mara is that guy this year who if he if he's on your fantasy football team. You're you're you're likely. All well eight year you're likely sources second place in your entire league because he's got a guy who. Yeah yeah added a free agent in the value there's incredible. Well Margaret I mean no would look back on it you know depending on how much. How much is over or under court opened the eaten probably minimal because you remember the it to the permit go there be any propaganda being to create a. Now for the dolphins OK let's fast forward there on Monday night dolphins and patriots. Divided caucus look you can't start them too obviously Andrew we know you're starting in the Kenny stills at this point. Is Kenny stills an option for fans of football players who in the playoffs this weekend. Regard to have a lot regain he's been great for the third one was to get great but in previous evening at knowing when you know last year Orton all the game. And could that go by what expected in grip could be which is probably New England and Miami eight point. Growing from art and I think that can only do no one target know what article injury. You know on target for Parker but he clearly there on the court I integrate a play well you know I'm an aggregate era to back you a lot of volume. And the patriot you know they were on court game go when when will impose a would go in the game William Billy up late in the game and then I lap equity deal with analytical work look well. Palmer I think is really a lot of cut their net very elite employing at least but it. LeBron being out Tom Brady's ability to hit other targets has been a going to be able to pick up the slack given. Well a couple of feet and so going out there and check it out but they're doing now. Going out there that I am glad iMac op game or not there's an inning at fox. Better our Allan nom. That America so accurate it detract the bank it'd be a paper that spoke out along our. Are we go if it would get back on the field for their money night. Back there were a couple of an operator of the market you know lean on their running and you know. I pick up where your pain and about. No rocking out there running back in your tip of the eleven are. Correct birchard impolite. They could see Yahoo! account you are regarded. It's playoff season in fancy footballs or text line is blowing up at 67974. For Jamie let's get to use some of these tax. Jamie big banner go off. I I I think Robert Berger and Maher are great ignore one of my favorite app is in the air or the best cornerback bought more outlook and recent period. Robert Urquhart bay and quite in the lap were beaten without any. And grown for nearly 900 yard aren't there are put under dark art or not there are not in our rob Burleigh mascot are you asking them. I caught a start in our own a lot of Oregon art beat back or he in my trigger in it. Golden Tate current pace cells. What they ate what you got to keep our eye on. Soccer injury if he can't play. They'd be bigger boat the boom but that's so what can go and be. Kenyan Drake. CJ Anderson. Okay great if Greek Peterson may not plane entered and I don't allow. And really in order to beat. I was Walters and calls here for Jamie try to make your questions quickly get Sheehan gets you out let's go with Greg Greg you're up first or Jamie. A price. Good sort here's Novell Novell glad for Jamie. Good morning guys are they really trust are what it is. I'll I'll quote more geo orbit exactly which one you trust more. Fatah copper are not what I thought we know where a reformer omelet on our part and I'll be able to run and are mostly but actor but I got incredible under. Here's re regulate your next. Chargers besides all against Byrd and war record these arms the problem. I I into targeted defense is playing great right now and and the written off but the martyr in the map to let it go to tackle drop it but I'm not apple play. It eagle would barker and I think our entry. Tex sorry Dan I'm top dog in my fantasy Wie mania flex option ticker any advice. Traffic but charter. Not last week when they know backed out he has were able. Julio Jones. Or Gordon. Really booked your nor in the record let's give the chance glad rob and up next. Yeah hi all my do I need to defrag took risk and related directly to target right it's chargers defense. Or Detroit defense which one doesn't enjoy open unemployment are. At Gartner a technical import are. Any else they're amber and I time in his time as reserves in the couple more Mike Evans or Crabtree in a PDR. He comic book after no market Peters and no Marc Cooper a lot of market by people aren't there are probably be great but I Patrick how are. We want more very special question amber here I don't know are very special. A man a lot of pressure well is a lot on grass is heard on more. A low of others there's at quite a few questions about Josh McCown there's questions about gotten Dalton are Macau on there's questions about Newton Germantown what would you go. And it's really sneaky ways assessed several question. That's why are on your armor Alan it historian. Not altered over my account. Our car out over your. Excellent job Jamie thanks a lot mammals off to next week. You guys yet he currently battling nick well only current growing non. Now he was good it's not congratulating graduates and stones at the because by defense team and finally an excellent job in ASEAN. Nine that's Jamie he he runs early riser the commissioner you are doing not being where. You snuck in Samir and questions I know joy used to do that almighty god Alley joy that was joins me who have been doing this did you see his candidacy. Segment enjoyed it easier it was his joy asking her on ban is a question we use is Julie and I teach here in the playoffs. It was I don't did you do at the beginning of the segment I wasn't paying enough attention to know whether you're I haven't and he's here why so much that it's not like what are we sure that he doesn't happen in. Heartland has been as I always ask about the game tonight. And I asked about golf and that's that's my ass then you have a team from the game tonight Nolan not known. But even. It has the same question every guy has about Thursday night and I got to dolphins leisure corner. Or I don't Russell Wilson again. Holy crap like no one cares about my fantasy team are doing does not fall back trap no one cares not my thing as team. I hate that guy that talks about SP and a C team. Talk that was bad beat bush you won't believe what government measure the music of course secondly what do you fancy team has our weekends bubble too bad becoming every single damn week there was a first round. Yeah hurts. Yeah. They eat sand that I didn't present he game day tickets. He had access a last minute he'd take its side and now do you game date tickets dot com you'll get an SMS alert when tickets are available. He had tickets for as low as ten dollars of the game on December 16 against the clippers. And that's he'd gained a ticket sign a brain. So I didn't experience yesterday. It was not fun out of body or no no. IA. Had taken my a younger son to the dentist yesterday to get cavities filled in and and look my kids go to the dances they go over six months like they're supposed to. Your dinner and a show your being all sketchy about it now have something else up. Are aliens get to and it's thousand seeger John mystery continued as is seated on and stuff. Bomb but I took my a I certainly am going to the dentist yesterday afternoon. He had to get a couple to cavities filled and. To a six assault. And menu in your. T genetics yeah I mean it's it's bad it's bad it's bad genes mean all the older ones ever to cavity but it's I think it's bad genes on many guys LeRoy it's yeah. Aideed Valdez. I've been brushing once a day fall ever and I just started doing twice a day maybe a couple of years ago and I've never had a caveat. Now they say they say it they say it is I mean I've never had a cavity in my late neither and I honestly don't think it's because I've been didn't care may lead but they say that it that it had a lot to do which anatomy got. Yeah of course the way it is an employer T this is an. How strong it is not that I take care my teeth and I I horns of cavities owns. Tons you know and you just get those soccer ball around a new one in some of them are some of the morning once. But anyway. So I'd take my younger audience you can have easy Russia's secret rusty is for me you know and let a new forum. Okay 06 when we brought Justine you still brochures on steep for a we got to make sure that he does a good job he had a teacher Amanda do that on his know what he does it and then and then that new duet. And we go over you know so it got a detail. Yet. Immediately easy yeah exactly so anyway. You know he had to go you seek to cavities filled in and we we I've. You know crime never experience that he knows teeth cleaning their fantastic kids no problem at all now. And this time had to get to cavities filled and I had no idea that was ago so it's like our man you know they break out that needle and it's long okay the. This is first time dealing with. Mean really in this capacity whereas he had other operations and that is like he holds now are you willing haven't either pane. Would have in the cavity is still they still inject your gum minority have man Ryan and pass like there you know they break out big needles like oh man I'm so it doesn't hurt to get them old. No not you gotta get some and I'll just decline in Russia can mosier psychopath. So say you know he gets first they gotta like look like the gel okay he's in Nomar the gum and and that's a taste awful you know. Leave your dog or crime with gels are vulnerable and you know you're an adult not to put your tong near the gel makes it taste. Awful okay but your kid you don't know so clearly what is colonizing. I include. And he wants or likes you wants some rinse out is now going no bloody camera answered an you know. And so these guys that's got to sit there and take it you know with a disgusting gel. And and then you know they're gonna break out the nearly break up and I'm like oh my god is this can't possibly go and I'll see it. Will no doubt heard do it now the doctors distracting him and talk gang and you know saint funny stuff. And and and my son took the needle like a champion really says it yeah gig maybe eight or using the you know lately but that was it totally chant. Noses or pediatric tent as this is a dentist you years no no PF and a say your families keeping those dentists are playing you're a little dances. Out early answer. It's going to be comparable maybe one or sounds I'll write it this is the talent. Well on its vibrating of the drilling and you now and this is not going to be fought. Does SP it's either do does CU that was down from Minnesota Marvin says given the speech right. And he's like slur in the hell out of his words we draw. Like crazy out these drugs on the Donald Trump drinks hindering and so late yesterday on Twitter you don't drink and drink he has he has a brother died from. From I believe from being an alcoholic government diction and so he is he's very devout apparently about a guy having never. Ben had much experience about call yes so yes or status say he's giving his speech and so it's learned in so innocent tourists say it's it's it's turning denture Donald. You'll think they don't trouble Weyers dentures 'cause the out of nowhere or seventy and this got to know he's he's a slight sound weird he says America's super strange. So today. Let us rededicate ourselves. To a path. Of mutual understanding and respect. Let us rethink old assumptions. And open our hearts in my age two possible. And possibilities. And finally I asked the leaders of the region. Political or religious. Israeli and Palestinian Jewish and Christian and Muslim to join us in the noble. Quest. The lasting peace. Thank you. God bless you god bless Israel. God bless the Palestinians. And god bless. The united cherish thank you very much. Oh yeah shares Sheehan that's obvious to us polygraph Tia dean is get the ball they don't sell it over there obviously injures from there on a polygraph. Whether from YUS in the religion news and you've been there you know bundling any good at all I mean Hollywood I got a good point Maria I'm he's the arms it's levels to. He's got that is your sons and whether any of the Nepal eager I think humanely and in the other god bless. United church. Hall Cole bombing at a table bubble. You have heard me brits and the liners he's. Go on there so anyway fusion age but god bless. The united church whose mom my son he's a hundred years. Him under the weather or no Paul. Don't forget readying the president does Biggio. He's only been the president though for a year not even yeah. I understand people like I don't understand billionaires you want it to the president. The united church community changed at least they still have faith pick his wife. The fake one of them the one other within Islam ascendant haven't seen that a controversy in a while the biggest dinner. Amazingly he Amber's right in the billionaire who has a great life and now all sunny sounds like that's united church who wants that and I'm tie ties and MIT I and I let my money center is being in a catch me doing. The president thing. Mario and I still do work to try to better country and all would mean a charity and stuff played and Randall on you know war seems like a lot. God bless. The united cherish my doesn't make us on summit but I. Some wondered how this is gonna go at my son sitting in the chairs and such a good job taken the needle it's regulated chance like dude I'm. How do you man and and and and the drilling goes on and everything it's taken a little log into it long but it's taken a little why don't members get to cavities guy gets filled. And slick late in the first one as the first was almost on. Think it ceased Arnie get on comparable so now I'm kind of stand you know like a hole in his hands OK one meal all this handsome woman is and and and just this way he's looking Emmy and just this this one lonely here. Going slowly down the side of his cheek this whole one lonely tear. And I think I felt so bad. And and the rent the rest of it was not pleasant for on the it was a little little whining and whatever meets OK you know you had taken but that one alone we'd hear your carrier. Won't know that I doubt felt especially bad you know what. I don't video tape around doctors they don't like that that's not called to videotape around doctors that day they don't they don't want Allred just zoomed in on his face and dad is still volunteer Abbott Staley Michael Korda was war so we lose here shame. Well so let's go to memory bank of our with our kid. He cried. With the with them is that that war as we want to video lonely tear is two ripping down his cheek. While he's being tortured. Any he was he was a bit traumatized afterwards you know ruin DA -- economic climate about her parents are almost be so all I mean by Telus for cleaning it's fine but at the emirates electric caveats. That's going to be this struggle which she's points or your braces there where you bring it to your breed yeah yeah yeah I'm giving your kids might be many braces in the older one is is going to needy consultation. I don't know the means don't need braces. But he's in line the next year or so to get a consultation. Off Reese is the worst many of races member embryo breeze are you. Needed braces on what's wrong with the tutor terrible. Henry is and vigilant than dole diet thing at the top of mount that spreads your Joba rules and I was worse. We need to put out his medal play. They play the top your mouth when the battery that permanent and yet to crank it yeah I had ends up the house. I had that Edsel sold to kids. Aren't back yet he's racing on a low key unit outside and playing we turn it all. It's it torture device. This parent figure to know that I did not have here but I Letterman's comment braces I have those. I I I may have had the kind you just. Keep your Russia Canada and my other guys and talk with them are back in her all the headgear they'll still do head to your username. Its own headgear writes if you you can leave it at ten degrees tell you that doesn't yeah he does not the street. One navy and I don't know maybe they do for certain cases but it now all. Things are so advanced I mean he's different in this line things and then I saw the other day ice. It competitor I think to and his line now they're just advertising unit entered dentists teachers they send your kittens and molding her teeth. And they send you back a bunch of and his line type. You can Wear headgear you dummy you hear about your kid behavior we're drives me nuts now and then I have a soft spot Meyer had no pun intended in my heart for. Is is accused ago were helmets because the machine Ted. Because the blame on the boat all that how easy that is all the time man on critical and we will see it maybe in like they think there's some in rock resigning wrongly it's really come right they you know I mean their babies I Angel then Intel like they're getting T because I'm. I have I was with my in my youngest my beard because she was such a monster in her head is so big. That when she would lay down for the most part you know you let them lay down and sleep for a long time. But like her her Mellon was so big. But the back overhead was certainly give us flat all day and a him loud and generally try to put on our side to go to Q and now a lot but you know for the most part you want them to do as much sleeping as possible so those like. Those first couple visits the doctor was like a that you get a big mallet so bad yet you might you my guy he might have to get fit if the helmet now is like you call that literally a tie my kid to the back of bicycle all the time did so common now so I just saw one and and into RJ the other day I saw one and I was a cycle typically in a wooden regular bottom up frowned a little. About a lazy with a thumbs up they have to be OK and I hear the compartments or how. There aren't. Ninety CC and you seem appreciative of your support. I smile letter might he really the bottom of power in talk I'm just gonna sky. United church. United church. United church. And it makes it as it did say it all week for your fantasy football updates. It is sponsored by auto dial arrests. The right call are always the right place East Coast probably just got dressed that's covered only by five get ECPA. From the East Coast probably just dot com and of course presented by and try and be an accident attorneys have been an accent. Call 807 or seven freed at 807473733. I do apologize I missed the Q. Read a call in to get tickets for sharp shooting games of you know instruction Ian was last night Gillis into the post game show we give these structures in the next morning. Scioscia sent fifteen executed coal so. Right now first person who calls on the contests line 786 by the board 079. Will say yeah with a pair of tickets to to CD coming up a home game and too little for packet to its giveaway for the heat will do that next hour. As walls of parenting is for all rock for the rock tickets I'll say what the port rock tickets will give that away at some point when we had John clay not okay John Clayton joins us at 815 he hangs outlets for about thirty minutes and I mean he he definitely wishes he'd go to four rock Zell a good time for a secure way for rock tickets do that when when John Clayton arrives. Music Romberg that your blaming earlier is that going to be at four rock paper he doubled with eight period hate his leg it was like the music of the angels he. Great hatred is phenomenal hate greed. We bring out your phone put that in your microphone you interview on dual hate you folks and give the folks and examples on this he read more than anything that needs to be bleep the actually opened for Danzig back in the day when I was school here in me ambivalent and I'm going to show but is there any year that's going to be in a probe of the radios we are right though that the words are going to be good. He's really essential mentally good god what a loser and hastily. This. Is called Roy everything. It is good to raise a diamond saw title. Hop lyrics. Ali. That's what's good eagle on four rocky amber I'm gonna go out and I'm going to music. Oil lyrical aboard the news today they write the lyrics out oh era we have some really convincingly irks you go you Romberg. See some folks are at or against some players are separately Tiger Woods I was introduced. To the Florida State media was yesterday leaves Andrews yesterday. And he is lie the only way Hayward. Bill only weaken him Blake has some people were saying oh you know take take a page out of Scott frost playbook you know that's how you handle it except for Scott frost happened to be. In the advantageous position that he was at a school where they want undefeated and still couldn't make the playoffs so it's very understandable that he would leave because are not in about our five conference. As school like Oregon and they considers itself a more metre program there's no way to leave that school about upsetting players. Wall lol what what players are upset about is they're saying that he lot like you got this one player who is saying he tweet out he lied straight to my dad stays in my living room Thursday night. Heating keep his word to me on Monday lost all my respect Sosa other they're upset that he left okay. I'd say is that we say with Scott frost that they're saying that he's straight up lied to their face which I mean it's Davis did that with you. I switched what's the dissenting nest I'm actually held a private little meeting is absolutely not only does to rate lying. Put it. You know as a kid you really don't understand the whole financial implication behind everything and you know back on a money can change somebody's life and your kids like for that matter so. As you get older you understand though what it really does affect is the kids that he recruited last year. That but they were coming into Willie Taggart style. Of coaching panel or if that's the one thing that everybody says I won the U. And yes there's one just no way there's no way to do that allow only those players there's no way to do that while of course when you're treating them and are winning or me or telling them like they you're going to be their coach for four years of course you have to you at. Sometimes plans change. Too weird situation I don't know I don't know would not only is supposed to do when you're the head coach there but it does look bad for orient. Allegory it's big time program called him a one year. Except for you this is is dean dream job I mean he grew up and Braden ten he's huge he was always a huge border state fan he always consider Florida State his his dream job that he never thought with the gonna be a possibility especially not a year later and it is it's not a job that double O Ernie England classic way to force yet. A former player to really played at western Kentucky mullah thought he went to Florida State I really tiger played western Kentucky to go to deeply for both of Ahmadinejad Google that final I didn't believe in England and sorcery. At petty coats to US south and played at western Kentucky in Europe and Bradenton Miami had a coach that western Kentucky now he also he attorneys' closing prayer Allison tacky at its its I I was at quarterback western Kentucky. He did. I thought he went to school. Immediately and you need to put you know I I thought he might just ordinary did you put for western Kentucky that's. We never went to assume each of these sometime last year went he went to school amber and some India has said below him. Like you said members of the user embers. I'm pretty easily serve an adolescent is not being South Florida and Oregon it to be using it again. Embers right. It's just as a quarterback in western Kentucky ever sad. News for your quarterback a western Kentucky I thought it was cool colors and tonight. Should have known as a covered western Kentucky quite a bit so I should moment. And you know more about all you're number it's too. What I don't know. The US centuries kind of small to because they run Dugan the wide receiver coach WM is probably tiger sort of stay calm. And I don't know Lamar crystal laws markers and. Don't you know these days the interim head coach there or again and apparently players want to be he had coach Erica as Lamar Morris is low I iPod that's right I thought. Risks of always going to be part of that deal. With Willie Taggart to go to this year alleged scheme up there yeah oh absolutely get the hell why the hell out if you like give them all the money if you're not gonna work from Miami get the hell out of here yeah he's speed he knows me because there are literally if. Mean he's easy to be echoed having record a three or maybe things are scamming everything's hello get a cut offer get an offer from somewhere Mars agreement the end of the day is to be the head coach of the university Miami. So you know obviously the positions children now in public for a little while so. Good coach organ from the open. Just the opposite opposite corner of the country's OK with me. That's ons and the West Coast kids. Lose its area alone stay at a software please win as a local loop filter and you kids well the have a bat. All locals all kinds of Matta a moneys and I started any controversy earning years are finally on the radio. They did it yeah I did is about that next.