ZRA Interview w/ Jamey Eisenberg 12-7-17

Thursday, December 7th

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On the call strings on monkey attacks line 679 some forgy knees with a senior Ryan fuels. And downstairs convenience stores gas line truly sets beyond convenient hey Jamie good morning. A good man so tonight you guys week fourteen of the NFL starting this evening. Yes falcons and saints to good game let's get folks are raw as an HMO has got delight upset. You likely got Dennis football playoffs that are starting tonight solo what do we like from both sides of the big games. Why I think you look at both quarterback they've really been struggling. Either active in particular amount would look and I you know if we go into your car they're like yeah but you it would operate. Great way to get other urban recently I think that my track record. They'll play well. Have during a debate and they are broke they point. And I think you eat every be able to count the secondary they'll. Clearly cannot figure it away from the bank running back marking airman Albert America have been great the one thing a and if you doubt Comerica Park are marking a bigger plan. Come Mara is that guy this year who if he if he's on your fantasy football team. You're you're you're likely. All well eight year you're likely sources second placing your entire league because he's the kind of guy who. Yeah yeah added as a free agent in the value there's incredible. 100 I mean no one would look back on it you know I think on how much. How much is owners are on the court opened the eaten probably minimal because you remembered your computer a permit or go there be any propaganda being to create a couple. Now for the dolphins OK let's fast forward there on Monday dolphins and patriots. Divided caucus look you can't start them too obviously and Jim we know you're starting in the Kenny stills at this point. Is Kenny stills an option for fans of football players who in the playoffs this weekend. He. Regard to have a lot brigade is in great there are warm weather is great but. In your previous evening get knowing or no lack you're born all book game. And could that go by what expecting game grip could be which is probably New England and Miami eight point growing from aren't. I think that only two no one target though what article injury. You know on target for Parker but he clearly there on network I integrate our play well you know on an aggregate or aren't you a lot of volume. And the patriot you know they were on court game go when when will impose a would go in the game are willing and Billy up late in the game and then I lap equity deal with political work will go. Armor particularly a lot of thought and not really employing at least it. I would Graf being out Tom Brady's ability to hit other targets has been a going to be able to pick up the slack given. Open it up to even though going down to their children back there are doing now. It out there that I am glad I'm not rock the game it was a there's an immediate Iraq. And it our out in. Had been attacked though is tricky to trust that they gathered at eight commander has spoken out prolong our. Are. We go you interpret that are on the bill and money nine. Our bracket where they caught up your market you know lean on their running and you know there. I pick up where your pain and about you know rock being out there running back or India and Palin are. Correct birchard impolite. They could see Yahoo! or the car you ever got. It's playoff season in fancy footballs or text line is blowing up at 67974. For Jamie let's get to use some of these tax. Jamie big banner go off. I I I think Robert Berger and mark are great you know one of my favorite app is in the air or the best cornerback the ball more out every injury. Robert Urquhart bay and quite in the lap were beaten without him. He's grown for nearly 900 yard aren't out there and Gartner are out there are not in our rob Burleigh I asked god are you asking him. I corporate you know are owed a lot with the. Golden Tate Kirk Penney sold. What they're pretty got to keep our art calm that opera injury if you are airplay. They beat her though the puma that's so what can go and beat. Kenyan Drake Adrian Peterson or CJ Anderson. OK either you agree Peterson may not playing Anderson I know it all. I am really I don't want to do it. I was Walters and calls here for Jamie try to make your questions quickly get Sheehan gets you out let's go with Greg Greg you're up first or Jamie. Aybar. And I. Good start here's Novell Novell glad Jamie. But warning goes off they really trust or what it is. All of mortars GO obamacare would want you to trust more. Out took opera are not go to Paula we know where. Reformer omelet at all art and I'll be able to run on the bank mostly but director of the opening bell recoverable under here's re regulate your next. Chargers ran all against bird beat him or hackers these aren't the problem. I I into our defense is playing grayer now and and the written off the harder the map to let it go to tackle or you can are not Apple's play. They'd be good backer but I think our Brinker. Tech series then I'm top dog in my fantasy we any of flex option picker any advice. Travel charger. Not what we nick Novak out any. Were Google I. Julio Jones. Gordon. It just in order book it was Julio prep our game better. Or not I though Bernard you're eating art began again tomorrow and pop and. Really booked your aura of your record let's give the chance glad rob got next. Yeah hi all my dues I needed defrag took this utterly ignorant and arrogant right it's harder defense. Or Detroit in its which one doesn't Angela and unemployment are. It. At Gartner a technical import are or a. Any else there amber and I times does it tell us reserves in the couple more Mike Evans or Crabtree in the PDR. He comic book after no Mark Peters and no Marc Cooper a lot of market by people better or are great but Patrick how are. One more very special question amber here don't know are very special. Man a lot of pressure well is a lot on her on more. Low that is there's quite a few questions about Josh McCown there's questions about content Dalton army town there's questions about new norm how much would you go and it's really sneaky ways ass several question. That's on her arm and asked if. Not all that over McCown. Out of the car count over your. Excellent job Jamie thanks a lot mammals off to next week. You guys yet he currently about going to the playoffs only got grown and on. It's now you load it's not congratulating graduates instill Wednesday because by defense team and finally an excellent job in ASEAN. There.