12-7-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, December 7th

Leroy talks about how he doesn't believe Beast listened to booty music growing up. They talk about how Lavar Ball is taking his sons out of school to play overseas. Leroy is very critical of this decision and makes fun of the way Lonzo Ball shoots the ball. Tobin and Leroy have a back and forth about the way college coaches just up and leave programs. During 15 Minutes of Heat the guys talk about a bunch of stuff but Heat. Plus a bunch of Nat Geo talk. Beast says the Heat are gonna trade Whiteside. Tobin talks about how crazy the Chili Cookoff gets. Tobin also shows off his Adam Gase impression.


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All of that and a bit. Your next have been selected. You kick in this is like meat chicken slip knot I used to kick the salt tub and that he doesn't mind I was so undermining base. DJ magic Malik. Okay. Buckle down. You don't even though man really on 305 I've been down here before you nosed under moment really because I was down here in the eighties. You and seventies yes among from here bassist immigrant marital timeout and then do you live down here at him and I was here early which you lived down here. Not for OK. I was down yet. OK visit our this report noted visit I do little visit. So does this suit and more incredible and why got to look booty music. I agree with I was her intentional. The blog ball. Has had his son at. The Angelo on the Mello signed an agent this that I go to college. You have. Dick. Need to. It's crazy that's a lie always looks like dollar signs. Didn't like they feel like. Wal-Mart workers in China. A dollar a day. To honor of Ed Campbell not to eight. I'd you know like do you remember early childhood child actors would do this thing we're like if they didn't like the parent to screw him over there would divorce their parents. Yeah yeah I feel like you're dead double 00 million and up the little guy and Abbott a couple times I agree Mets are one of which is us anymore because you guys were. Came way too much into what on sick anyways. I feel like Betty want idyllic unit divorces that. 00. The then he. Old will be any remember it and now you need. Regular shot. Wanna. And you. No he's let's look at happy. It doesn't like Abby is but he's our go to college she's gonna go play in and out we can you imagine yet the foreign press with with the Muslim mob ball. Like zero himself a himself with a whole new world. Whether it be playing in and Israel. Or you're I just leave China. There's a pair all you want to do is hope you can succeed and you don't want to be injured. He doesn't think he's during the meetings he's helping. Him. And he's had pretty positive results get McKinley MEI. Evidence speaks to him and says. I watched it. Or can't have played an NFL doesn't mean my devils a great parent. No but it like why we didn't like your kid has talent that means you did a great job. I got taken or is probably what I can do. If you around let's hours let art let's bureau is Otis said you know. Bonds. Oh we lost the label and will be a manager let's say they want but if you had been his music instructor all of his life and no sense yeah. It'll say it at worry if you. The market and there has been their code is low it will ball ball has been. All want those. Coach in the beginning he didn't. In particular. And does all the other winning things intangibles. She. Got jobs. Jumped to number two. Ignorant that you are working with each and has hardly add a player in every day. To. Maybe it but that's no that's it Leno Walden. A year but it would be hard if you're crazy person all right you're crazy person. Every out your crazy person. And you said. I'm really get Alonso to UCLA. Honda haven't been drafted by the lakers. And all your antics. Get on first take. Wall to wall coverage of sports senator saying the craziest stuff saying you could be Michael Jordan well one. Get a WWB Monday night raw. As an actual wrestling he'll. And then his son gets shot to number two you didn't think you're you're you're process is delivering good results whether or not. What are the sun. Is talented enough in his mind is in the case he feels he's manufacture that and he'll do it again. He believed that you're talking. I'm not saying I believe it I've just takes little blue eyed and just explaining. Get exploited would reach. Into about there is no. And I think they do get a high school in Europe to play basketball. Is this Smart thing to do we need not be. Look at the poster behind you. At noon with the with the guerrilla type two others just. He convinced. The that country to fork over a hundred dollars to that you beat the best box over the last fifteen years without ever stepping in a boxing ring. Bleak talking works man. Gets people to believe you have wit he was talking Ford. And so that's a one out. In the US is ridiculous to say he's right. The ball ball is writing checks or is kids in all these kids would miserable sometimes be the mouthpiece all right. As dumb as to how you think maybe maybe not every boxer could blunt it's more tourists are. How do you think you'd be mayor got a shot. How long do you think you'd be mayor does he have a shot for you white tape complex and they go to the question of the factors. All right Mike to question whether the doctors. If if he could be Ito to. Lot of that strain their cats I have XOS. And I don't I have extra room remember won't charge a bunch of you remember. The Juba the guy who fought Mayweather. Guerrero Robert Guerrero over his dad. India the mustache I really did get it all buttoned up to the top news values called Florida woman beater yes that is. Her yet. He wasn't dog him for his son are used to rivers son to promote the fight. And it was good business. In here you know edit to gold while ordering them on getting the Huntington was a mouthpiece for a lot of guys. Does that awareness dog and Noonan yeah. It unlike. Boxing. Or if mimic. Break. At some point as rival with say a bill is due right. Now all these trailers. Ball has been talking about his sons and it's all been talked about dim having the ability to play. Ask your bowl right foot boom a volleyball games. We'll baubles trash talk once he gets some who believe it has nothing to do with. Whether or not they're going to get to assembly at the marketing he did he get behind his kids. It is influence teams nobody. Wants to YE she who. Good guys Sox what do these good. Justin was issues you think being sort bar right now on has Winslow have a ship doozy worse although it sure could care issue. It was final Winslow. If you make your shots. And EW DB you think about Philly Jesus. Yeah. People out there for nobody by Ambien is by an issue with Philly cheese on that. I don't think so. Her. Tell you when nobody's there nobody. Nobody is not buy into brick city. Through badlands. It's got what they XY and South Miami could tell you and thanks HD true yeah aren't you know me and suits. Leaving. The veto it you can get prepared Osama didn't appear to be news right now they're expensive noted that I'd I'd someone sales of 39 books. Legal ones heard let's build. A all choose a note to you warn him. The trip but boats. It's all books or new until you've read them. And every every now and then I'm going to do. I'm going to you pronounce this wrong. As those soccer aficionados please don't economic zone Tony right now I'm going to be on the wrong. Thumb but Christian and all the wins Steve the lawn Dior which is the World Cup soccer player with his fifth win ties Leno mass. This impeach him. The headlines about a mile deep office Max without knowing you Arafat to treat yourself degrees deals on tech in front turnoff is he Bob smacks you delivered jobs to Obama's next in care of business. He'd offer until on Saturday when they take on the nets in Mexico City it's a 6 o'clock tipoff 5 o'clock and hasn't had a tie up the pregame show. Tonight we if there's an affable New Orleans and Atlanta to dome teams 825. Is your kick off. Jury Pruitt the new coach at Tennessee was the DC at Alabama though you're. In my nose you'd and its crew. We don't know is Sewell entire line of the kids kids madam. We music video Butch Davis were used like down and I don't guys don't believe the reports. We bend them. The laws that is applause that man out he's an extension two or PayPal ID your man it's gross c'mon man and you instantly the coaching carousel gross. It's quite. We've got a job. He's done. He does. This is going to be the coach in Florida who. So you'd think coach you'd think OK you think Jim ocean as a bed ten years and five million. To stay and keep his word to it to poor state in nice. Would you do it. Hold on how to make an apple would stay on for five million. Ears 75 million guaranteed. This sport would do to go to any issue threats it. So don't that's excellent deleting the economics of of cardinals got a little out of whack with someone who among Jim both Fisher is making eye problem. Understands that it is. Still a fine enough live at Florida State. And Toyota Atlantic certain. In economic and that is yes OK. Only signed a year. Particularly look nobody is the difference yeah difference. Is that. It would be like this it be like if Tyler Johnson went to the he demanded a trade. And be like. She. I like personal inside it lets you ascetic all of the Deutsche on the ass on the way out disable its just. You you'll what's. All right let's give you one million dollars. And general Fisher. Sit behind battling Bobby Bowden for all those years. He gets the opportunity. PS Janus Winston and he's got this friend of riches of the of the of the recruiting in in in Florida. And the like oh OK you wanna you wanna go to the to the middling. Seek SEC team. Told the bullets in. In New Year's 75 million I'm. Yeah. I'm sure Jim both you better. Sure but. What about fox. Published an invited both ESPN. They're getting column. They are paying. You think it's important. Can afford foxes and we know we're what I'm saying years is that dare people give. Overpaid. Alton Brown sports including what we do and OK what are your reasons why fox. Had a difference is the difference to me out of there with a big differences did not responsible people. No no I responds over the fuel because I think even bosses are a response were employees are professionals. The kids. Get a guy. That's the difference to of course that's difference to me you are going there with some scheme and alleged guys. Amateurism. Student athlete what you take in a priority over that's what you're selling the kit done and gets all the kids to grow a lot. You tell the kids that's life to what it does something. Alleged pretty warped you're getting how much money to be. What. Sure lit it seemed to six losses this year. Six passes six losses that gets that basket. Beck gets rewarded. With that contract at Texas NM it's technically not a not a player in Lebanon and ugly guy have to do you do about it. Have a lot of money by her boots. And a lot of months maybe ago so we're six intimate. Well money it's got to agree to a grand. So once those are bigger at the Talbott look at the right right. It's the whole I don't know makes it's it's it's a scumbag move study is a not dudes on the league beat beat him and he's got frost goes discovers that losing his. Alleged undefeated season and they're going under there that was the breaks it was kind of presented differently though. And here's why. Guys. I know Scott Ross went to Nebraska. And they love him in the Brasco saw that job comes up all probably begin. Paint your coaches college is this right. Shot coming in these kids got got pushed of the door because they're not marker does are there Al Golden guys and like Billy. You know if you're the donuts yeah I had just recently out of the coaches their rescind scholarships. By the coaches dead. You know. Come in and like you said your Ritter got whitening break I was here last year moon okay. The answer to that is really high draft pick me. Could not have thought that I thought he was going to be on draft day my time and time civic. No diaper what I hacked the people sort of watching tape meanwhile. Perry Jackson has just released is on scouting report on all the canes. For all his AFC and scouts and people when he talks to. Yeah doesn't bode well for a lot of guys the one thing you're you're the one thing that that don't run up the pages. One AFC scout says that practioner has reminded exactly of Damon of votes this is what's while Danny Amendola the U Danny Amendola. In. Yeah well he's he's brought. Amid major jokes customers Richardson's amendment on Twitter pal and you should see is in the press box Rick on this interest. Ryan switzer I think it's fair comparison. Almost all of Israel what are receiver or that move they did they did the patriots took them. Not to go. Now notre and we have been a more recent when they met Brian Ireland are mostly harmless right only and they you know they gave money toward I don't know him. He's doing some mounds on an Ohio say it is another annoying and file yay what to Cleveland and disappeared. We're gonna convenience store. All right nobody can read a story that's right good drive there could mean source it was her arms and it will. Would ask me. We have because Dan had him on the show one day and he was like literally Lilly. Selling milk all the interviews they have and then Marie had Davone Bess you is good to. Yeah I agree and why. It isn't being strategic Susan B Rihanna it's more like Amy's own little. Hot and yes by the way into. UMass coaching staff Spencer Whipple passing game coordinator wide receivers coach. You know talk about you other a fair and NB a man. You men to court Harris is is sit back in the pocket and he got Whipple called pleased actively get him hurt you is that staff as a grad assistant lettered tankers and really yeah. That. The talk about the loss years salute to. The Poconos and didn't use pretty good with a rescue he got hurt I think the coffee. Ray is the I hangars and have maybe three. Her real years. A couple call obviously two years. You have three years props. Is the average. The united Bayern now three years there could become guys you know. Fifty Manzi is next. Yeah. Yeah. Our project for five floors up close and he gets to about as full a full modifications in town called champion what about four at 7865023446. We're gonna champion four by four dot com he last night this 117 a 105. Tim Santonio spurs. Ellen Johnson had a team leading 25 points is by me from downtown Dion Waiters yet Tony to Gord guard it's eight. Wonder RJ and everybody Kane scored points. He could not miss buckets. And begin tape if he would take fiance all the shots LeRoy. That'd budget as a missed a lot of shot look what a missile. You're missing nearly mainly just you it's just because he's on the buzz about going to. Hello Wayne who woke you up. Does that your boy would which gives me the right which do you write sometimes your friends need to be the one who set you straight. What do you loves men what's the deal. And next Osama Whiteside now for the better part of three years you've still got it. You are is as Mario Chalmers when it comes at throwing up lobs and that's saying something he nearly killed LeBron James one time with a one of his Alley oops let me tell you. So sit on the tell you tell me. Because. Like Mario Chalmers and he thinks. Development at throwing a room miles would try to make. Mario do want to give wit no shot aha so he shoe any Alley oop. You're gonna say. No. He's still attempting to lob and he's doing it like this diet book. Grenade in the air. So how did it man is so bad news and played east Al Gore on a local. You want to trade admirably this year stop the love no no no no first of all. Those situation and second of all was last year pay by the way. How does have a Noble's first round picks forward Justin was looking Nat. The only good men. No telling good especially to unnecessary and apparently moved Pavarotti is normally days Noah is he's not a guy he's a guy who is not. Hoping to develop the first round pick but. What can we do we relive the past. And so we do. We want to smokers and live in the past you don't want to move forward in a limited that. Person who's Buddha sits down. Personally chosen or. Yeah when my wife is 100 several. In order comments are why do we always art Mark McGuire I don't want talk about the past. Oh. It would that he did you did and as well. Which is basing my best you can do in the steroid or is she. I didn't say you narrow it was also manager. I raising that was the thing Barry Bonds hitting coach Wright all but do you see Jose Canseco do you siege over DC jumpers are between yesterday no. That maybe Barry Bonds and John color talk and so that he'd get more comfortable with the gun out census I've heard they'd each. That's what I thought till it's over sorry. It's part of it is about. I've heard the hate each other and really made up not a guy who has a lot of source of the discovered they'd each other. I don't remember that you lose that game where does gain you don't like the guy way. You know your business I just I heard Barry Bonds is tough to do it bigger is easily one of those guys who's like. What's the best yeah tiger got a million dollars of Osama. I like no adjustments Barry Bonds' amazing hitter he's like he's easily easy hitting wizard OK okay because ten. Wouldn't stop striking out on loan away slaughters. And there was like. I. Remember this god. Bear around a lot of money to make that money. Didn't. I everybody. In don't world. Knew you were destroyed John. Two outs lo lot of sides there. Except where it turn. Like you didn't do it last year. And then as soon as he left it sitting at home runs. Out Joseph below into spousal unit that I outside at Joseph Bruno like her. You know who actually I think you know who is really into Barry Bonds and Marcellus and when I was the connection Ellis how you do you do get to audio isn't. Yellowstone home runs and Barry Bonds spoke. The Sims franchise guy that traditionally jets novelist and just very guns are guns with the difference red. I see in odd seeing a lot of a silicon Austin's mother or daughter Colombia are not aware bro. This fistful of rings. There hitting coach under may have one visit my life is never admitted she's wrong Zoellick colonialists welcome to the and the hell out of here. Did immunity in my lawyers whose boat okay we don't know just let me cooled off what looked set. Mike in the morning. It looked. It's the movement. We it's like take your ball and go home who started this mess out entirely. Nothing good. Everett came after me say tomorrow why I'm went home win and winning yet that now. It's gonna happen she's getting upset anyway Muslim this presents her with reality. You lose this argument wait so you have. Our own Wizard of Oz what prince did one with reality a lot. Really so another words and. I'm so ahead of the curve on the stuff you guys just can't even see some New Delhi you know it's you know it's really passion now. Everybody just loves have been Derek Jeter I was first on the beat. When it came to deadbeat jeetz I invented deadbeat jeetz now everybody wants succumbed to watering hole like in the Serengeti like watching a Nat geo wild last night. All right. Some of the birds are gonna get left behind and getting by those we lizards. Others go on fly. Somebody says I just say my fault movable one of the hawks have deep the parents. The hungry. He was watching yesterday I don't realize. Pretty amazing what you eat when you run out of water in your home. Try asked Turkey. What I what I what I didn't about and we're talking about an idea that we had a group Texas medicine ball this. Tiger fired up next I I I tuneup before that I was made what securities. Hey all I know is getting after the sneaky snake bit young Fella. Cabell witnessed just out. If you wanted to ladies. He would be don't head guy via. And we're left laden yet all the ladies in America got just went off into the woods little more consistent off to how well does the word to some ball was on the Texas yeah. Oh. Want to see too carried rules bots and the other regret tangled as humans can't reverse human. Once I heard Disney bow. This could happen to anyone could do. It really. Bad. Look at it for concede. You want now. And to intrigue steps and spent a great addition to fifty minutes and he a lot of you today I don't I'm a little Palin Saturday. Led by a second supply Damascus city here you want a hot nugget I found this interest and has this does it was very. Use after the gators say. Yeah you know it is differ with Al Whiteside. You never hear that from spa stores usually we have enough we have enough. The rope we have enough this is broke yes it yet collect other. And yes today he's like you know what it is every without lights under the it has not being there as Manny Navarro. He'd not only airline memo points per game more wisely doesn't play. Teams are shooting significantly better four and a half percent compared to 42 point 3% when he does play. Out read it he eye out rebound in my in my larger margin of four point eight usually that it does one point one. Averaging fifty point three points in the paint compared to 41 point one which is lies and hatred and why. Should you. Who on. I don't have that answer what are registry to stop them that that had nothing but positive things about what's that because the or some other team doesn't change that's transformed. Strength is to pay him that much. Someone that's. Needs a big band lest he needs a big me I don't know asthma or. We need big. It was all the big men dead or the successful teams. I mean I agree Ali clear it is a big men like bill that's what you know. When they care and two bronze to go to Dan Gilbert is okay Dan Dan honest and not. Mouton strewn okay good this guy's forty million dollars interred some moments let's go. Trigger jump shot. 000 entry I wouldn't trade that would trade from the side. Because of waiting game is going I don't know Cleveland out of an Emmy and Golden State you design and then you're gonna pay forty million forbids. Disaster in his big got minimum Dutch as thousands are. Not that leg it's there reinforcements. Just 113 and I know US remains a big men now they need to recommend regular season ardently things get adjusted and slowdown in the playoffs you know that. And gets colds. The cardinals'. Only but the rest of the series you try to. Let's semifinals. And finals where about making it two day and play our. Aunts. 840000010. Or what you get to be the boy because. They don't take Yuma yeah. Colmes there would argue the with the Andrew Bogut out and that and that series that they lost against Cleveland that. Memorable duchess pretty nice. His Cleveland already spoke of you don't remember this it. Big red does marigolds that you is available to you in Poland Germany anxiety LeBron James had and we're going as Roy Hibbert. In the playoffs. Not nothing in the playoffs. I'm telling you I'm let's say that they. All you until you would they do. Rather if you have a big man who's an impact player old state of gold small in debt obese on the bench for rest of the series. So why don't you go get a player when you know Goldstein he's gonna do just that. But the rest of the sooners. No it won't keep my old theory can. A government act against carrier ring. Is eleven turn sciele has way past Kevin love the entire poses a serious. Carry it has Carol's going to be in the pain now like who's going to be in the pay defendant there are. That's kind of the boy I don't think they need to. Big may appear that when he million dollars were well then nobody needs a big men leader that your answer. See that's why he's in great relationship. Nobody has gone that route just fold over Blake did not just what it costs. I I a guide to our present you with the team that needs a big man you know they don't they took that if they all ultimately if you're gonna be a Golden State. Which by the way you wanna say then again having sky they got to MVPs. Yeah they did a lot of people you know you don't need you don't need Dwyane Wade against them don't need a lot of people. Small. And they take import. Green I had the five any given all the bring him down. Is it. Adjusted due to a Borchardt tee ball. So if you're gonna. Do against it and if you're gonna get close young guys that your get close on the issues and and trying to pass you want nothing their in the paint. I'm not saying you don't do is impossible to pass cigar the either way I know I'm not saying you don't want to say ideally. Whites that would be to urge grim protect. Okay against Golden State however every time gold status based team. And head room protect your they went small stretch him out did you got to take your big got a. You would say action that Xena had problem the most success against them would be would be okay CU STB Adams oh yeah they got a bunch and even they give in the brought the best fight out of anybody. They had been through so. And they did the next best thing register to rent it best yes yup yup. That measure heat. You miserable text there minus one for the Texas that. Take away a point. It has made us all sad thanks a lot bloody. Wild card is like you know we have an athlete or somebody else who wanted to. Does who we spoke. On my bit now remember it. Still red and a quick shout out. Are such decisions. Not unite this country. There are doing a cool thing today. Just as the kid radio. Do great work Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital you guys can donate this is gone until tomorrow at 6 PM. And you can donate by call that 954602. Kids for them donate. JD. CH. Dot com donate JD CH dot com. You Donna took great cause check that out boy is a leader is gone you're here we have a lot of a lot of stuff going on our kids are going to song for viewers Alonso ball. Thought that that kind of got the the chili cook off coming up on dollar goes sugar problems muscle birth there's a borders truckers reform. Joseph the girls Griese and and that's that's that is you let's talk about next level and doesn't Abacha that feels the yeah it's a little while that a bad place. But it's an Aussie idol on pines boulevard and like elk flamingo. Like the day before him and two to get into that what's on them like coming in like tocchet in its. A bad as they make fast greens it's. Dina told me I look like a reject from service this Sunday. Surgeons who. It's a desolate always hear you though just the big tent. All over the world guys they have that they've got like a million different shows signs stimulus feel like that one that's always next to heart I know there's nothing is forever you know it's the same time I've really come down here in the winter. They do yes we can never leaves affiliate boost their problem to welcome to them. Less it was a yellow tent and now it's like grand why there's different eventually put on over there did you guys see the the hard rock stadium lit up. That they're doing it's it's really looks really cool Foley mine and affable to do and special lights. And it late was Auckland warns that turn the stadium lighting units and that's about the dolphins it's not gonna help the dolphins like they got Jay Cutler and out. Better about this move what happened none out and agreed to discuss people behind people think you you thought. That somehow. You got Harry potters are coach like you have some kind of football wizard and he's not he's just a dude with a crazy eyes. He's not a wizard they all the seem. And so he's like all logic it's gonna work out great it was awesome except it wasn't awesome you just made him less terrible than it was the year before. You were six and then. It was a jury. And he's good city to be like I mean honestly it's not AJ tellers a lasting on the list. First on the list is the British guy we've got to get him the hell out of here. Only are okay is that what that'll fix them what they buy you don't like us how to talk and that's how he talks please nowadays he doesn't get at all. A whispers. I mean you know guys this Kennedy you know just. It's not Jay Cutler does it tell you that much look there's two people on this team that I love it's it's Jake color orange Julius Thomas those are my guys. You know a column. This guy it's that's what I say and if you nowadays guys are out. And edited and especially you know to disguise your British. Is I love revolutionary war history and I could have any red coats on my team. What is wrong I mean I see it different than everybody else does not mean. That the coach did you tell. I mean obviously. We say we sound just like it's like a talking to myself. You know what I love LeRoy. I loved Julius Thompson love out of shape titans obese that's the key of the gays offense. A touchdown when we go to gays do removed you know to erode divorce. We're at a Disco yeah. By the way I love a tight end who can ride a football that she's starring everything MS you do. When I asked him do is get real kinky with the football. Hey by the way yeah Tommy exclusive interview. I am a bit doing little search. Souls urgent knowing that clips I'll call. The doldrums. Mean I feel a little dirty via the crime and a low of yet. On an even know who. You think of some of grand slams and I doubt about. He's shopping for me I want to see you Monday research in this to a vote ended up on that one dominate deceive the toss was going to be. I'm Alex and guts I'm gonna set at home if you. No no no nipple that have been on you he wants on him transmittal to save my how did you ever put those things on the thing in your analogous to dial. Oh well. But I go ice cubes could they don't stick out. Well who's he you've got in these. No I don't have it is I just have regular items. Mike not a risk do you know times who would it'll stick will turn the they're conditioned on a lesson I called him over to commit ice and you stick him in the freezer. It. Which are ready. Just in London you know will summer be a flo offered they don't fluff Sharpton. Never heard of the think our class. Look the same thing for anything nipple shrink. This is not gonna go well. Godspeed Tia. Oh when he gets a big ones. Soon on some returning this weekend. Shares that we need AmeriCares overdue watched kids he'll bring some Scott's brilliant and maimed. The things that led mapping is going to be my hat. Let me daddies that again on the that right now once I guess we're gonna lumbering and amendment that is not me and we assign him he would sit here. And he's gonna agree with all my takes on a pattern like a cat. Yeah. If you too familiar with wildlife. New. Just tell what you wanna do with a tame the beast litigants in Q we have to be just like the old days Meehan spike. My name spiked and I cannot wait to see how this ends up because you. Yet but I don't know anything. Readout says that you don't care would you watch you you have no idea about. Why old enemy you know other than not being you in a bedside vigil. He does tomorrow.