Barry Jackson w/ TLB 12-20-17

Wednesday, December 20th

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We got to be all right feels now says he resource guess either to a steps beyond comedian. You know it bring a multiple saudis with the man he is vs dollar he's all over the place he is the buzz his marriage act for the Miami Herald sir how are. You're important. I mean it's the holidays. I'm doing shows Luby's. I have another week and a half what else commencing. Well doing sugar beets. Well sir and enjoyment any thing which grew up went over the holidays. And unquestionably. I was. Maybe argued are we. It's good see where and you have them you were you working a breaking story Barry when will this rate when will the I don't know what. Shortly it's a recap of the weather chart conversation and it was an additional information Lyra the sneak preview okay. I I got a text immediately after what a tired copper station with man credit very combative koppers patient but someone who would. Very much a ball and negotiate brought. The Marlins directly involve a while. Said that what man Brit that it simply untrue that they all would only important that Jeter's well and that sparks doctor and I ordered a month. And that they were all they all and the ownership committee members. Were told the cheater group turbine plant what they were all 8590. Though and that's perched and again I cannot identify him by very much trouble in the process. That that that was widely known and circulated to would Baxter's. Potential investors would be cool that we did and that's when Jeter that the Wear and what the cut payroll eighty by nine million so. When rock band virtual whether or not will not allow you to called Eli here. In fact there there and it's true to what meant for that Nellie did that parents are not gonna call man read a wider because the way the man prick can bring the guy. And basically telling the truth it's. Jeter and grew Sherman did not get the we LB owners who they were going great. So. It beat you know the come down to just orbit strike but man per could say I did not go there and in terms of being able they acted. Don't they were trading giant carbon Spaniard beat Gordon and mark Stella but for baseball jet that they did not know. That there would be payrolls watching is completely disingenuous and untrue. Well yeah I mean we can use our big part of our brain. And figure out that the first contract goals going to be stay right. Right reichardt that says that in the 235 million. What events so so restricted to what they can deal with you know Jeter keeps bringing these distinction to grand Errol dramatically. As a necessary thing occurred between were not winning. And that is stronger than that. Reason 18 or why or why they're doing is there a reason wanted to be when they told owner and B you're not thought about yup they talk the other owner that they will not come to them they. In all the money. If they're being wooed the mark electorate all they simply cannot lose money because. Wait Jeter lord and that's when I can pin number it would be operated. Prudently financially. And that he would no longer be Mardy were so directly to free imply that sparked their owner does not bigger there's reason Jeter in the Bible is not our. He certainly got that currently is seen as not a 100 or not. And winning eaten in eight years and are well aware that he battery but the other reaping what you just nip it in the not Morse though is that they all be investors. He would know on going money so there are two reasons why they understood the franchise that why we app or the mantle you're not water. Now bearing the word the other. Parties that would instill in him by the team. Pretty much say in the same thing. I know it there word different plan for Georgia mom and her when he brought on who the other gentleman. We try to by the team I'm under the impression that they would not watch payroll as dramatically initial. But of course we'll never know that's true because they didn't by the day. Right now and more open my question is this is that if you have. You know and ownership group that says we're gonna cut payroll. 290 Mary and everybody knows this we can just assume at that moment that all of the baseball people would say oh the first contracts got to go is stay. And then you have an ownership group that says look. We're gonna give it a couple years we're gonna try to add some we're gonna keep all these. D.'s. Parties together. Wouldn't it be in the best interest of Major League Baseball to go with the group that. You know is at least gonna try to stick this out for a couple years so it doesn't look as bad as it does now. You could make it went LeRoy but I think they all concern is getting remote spot on or aren't sure it makes everybody has their revenue what was pitted. The Marlins can bet what 12 billion. Don't the other owners who might they think about something that you'd be excited and oh my goodness tomorrow at one point two billion. But it's franchise that rate is no revenue. I can get an 81 point 7000000001 point nine billion in my brain tried to a much better TV contract that and I spoke at our baseball in the unit. And say we want what that's the Marlins but that they want ultimately what that. Where the owner who was selling and what were the other owners about bargaining position where they're branch and long term. So Dan at a point that it wasn't about anything other than. You know the money it in the one point two billion. Because it really didn't matter what was gonna happen to Southport. Writing and cheater and Sherman didn't need the rules require would regard and that we need 400. Deleted dead and you'll put it all under and the OP you'll sport how much the transaction to be on him to. So there were no rules violated yes it's bad optics were they all for the happen. And it is it jet instead on his conversation may have read that they spoke of would care more. Would you think about last night's town hall in the way Jeter came off and kind of how we try to defend himself from the the firing that was going on to that down there. I think he did the best he could under typical per cent to student credit that there are ninety minutes and oh look a lot of good. Strong short question people saying. There were one guy booster seat Tate one point two going into the team and and ran out of money basically. Future that there it took all of the it. Biting they want to not make while the greed. Or what the worst baseball. Is that what you were the most would likely be at the upper orbit other. And nearly attitude at church and cheater outdoor but I can't answer that why that they need to pictures you would. Right track around what you put the onus on the purse behind a microphone that he. And we kept saying well there's no air and beaten you on that I can pitchers that we would win a World Series that all or earned about. Though he tried to shoot down that that that was brought up by we by people including one woman who buying woman. Are they probably incur. Ortiz or that each started breaking out there you both pro Inglewood. Shall which I would do what are really a special eagle and it. And cheater praised her both her passion. But then repeatedly that same thing that I just what you've got about Al adding two pitchers will no doubt that at the for making that the world here I. Barry you know I think about this and is this a you know our ownership thing or is any South Florida. Because if a new Porsche group comes in and day win the World Series everybody says everything's gonna turn around. It has South Florida proven that it will. I think South Florida LeRoy will support only a winner for they bought bank it's pretty clear. And I think our market is doomed unless. A couple of things happened one would be. The marlin TV contract which is by export the worst in baseball saying I'm only about twenty million dollar a year that you were fired that point one. What the marlin desperately need is another competitor Communist challenge. Fox sports Florida which will soon be ESPN order order that it is neat box. Nature transaction actually what we need another cup contender for light to emerge to in terabyte of BS yen outfox. The eight the eventually more you write it there's no other competitor why in the world would be nearly triple what the Marlins are getting their annual rite. That one thing they need and and the other thing they need to find some way. To increase stadium revenue Jeter talk one night about thinking that may be more Latin used the eighty would draw more people. He didn't want Marwan mainstream double world baseball but in sport that the bureau I don't know how he's going to use that. He thought about corporate alien rights BOJ is realistic. Urges stadium though in what they increased for a new. I want either that you know really your you're gonna be stuck with a with a payroll of the bottom rear or baseball our member. When the stadium was built. They assured that would be he would year old immediate rate. A Major League Baseball into which would be around a 140 billion. Which collects gently and I'd be amount the currency would have caught black spears we were caught. To be kept up. So instead we're back at night or going to. Cook. And that's not a vote up or are rarely if they. I Barry got two more subjects I want to get to before letting go and I appreciate during the time meg Jackson. The buzz from the Miami Herald who has a breaking story coming out any moment now. About tell rob Manfred -- the commissioner baseball discussion with. Eleven part of these very airwaves right here on seven under the take it first let's start with the canes it is the early recruiting net. A window right now it looks like I mean if you believe remove those stars in the books in the but in the Talking Heads they are doing very well today yeah. IMac you are now wandering around all on the Mark Richt about I would arm on the bed and with Betty it broke. It take to what they've done beats at you'll addition. Is really in that category over and guard Mike either that's going back but not single either back. Certainly my other buddy that route they added that while we'll be back irrigate the goats to guide what Ballmer. You'd then re hot in that. Attic to it about our idea in the by actually read it or they. And will Mallory then they're great oh lead one reading it will. The tight and they are much that are there will be returned to the draft. Quarterback Aaron Williams I could we all know we would go hurried on what are your 20/20 one to start. Bode ill look at sporting it well are they added a couple of good up and while you're. Able. Pot and there are steeper batted one audience wondered are OED aren't good on that it's I. And an all or god brought you and I our more angular more in the barrel YE a RO. So I depleted its state. Terrific why don't forget to pull back in the nation Barry realist George yes. Realist George you know in the short yardage right where they were no or they can take your name. Well actually that's an aunt and how can you not like it died in the real. Yeah exactly bids under Arnold's huge unless they before lets you LeRoy is make you roll ever drawn their lives that make time I'm the only one around here that cares. Maybe a little too much but I think it's cool and there's an early signing period lastly before we let you go. This community and this one's gonna come from mullah field but the impact of John skipper leaving ESPN. Good question I guess we have you know who replaces him right there that would like I was real shock at directions to get current airport under over the years always to be. Handed very straightforward that response but thought he was. A reasonable man Russian speaker and an attached and fortunately he spoke very much allied to battling a substance abuse problem at least that. So I. It's too early to tell what impact it will have just been sent to we don't know who's replacing him but. I want what they increased by it under in the last year's one that we thought it was not it all. When he had he ends up penetration actually going from about a hundred million to nobody stepped in and everything that watt parts you know people wouldn't be an upper. There's a lot of people are cutting accord on people are usually. Who were stumble or start a and the other thing we saw by a life. And get you know what to and the reason is they are saying so much in the right speech but he NBA again though college football. Combined would be thirteen million subscribers in the last. 34 years that. Is very is go read it yet to work. How are salary much they could buy secure. Awesome job marry we appreciate taking the time and listen if Mark Richt says anything groundbreaking new you get it out there man are between yeah. We will do all right thank you thank her learn to appreciate it very Jackson took us through to get.