Larry Bluestein w/ TLB 12-21-17

Thursday, December 21st

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But the big enemies Frontline in the literal I Lauren talk talk to an old friend regard derived fuels and dancers can mean stores gas line or the two steps beyond immediate. Writes for South Florida high school sports. Dot com. Blues dean is been all over three years. Are bad blue or Wednesday what's a blue. What's up Brian. Good that you're the only well that comic Brian it's all right see none out now not get better on your prize yeah economic colleague Brian we know he's a long enough it's fine yeah now my partnered by Riley Raleigh is two point this'll signing day thing. My boss my my program record lenders say no one cares about the signing day thing. But I care. I care. Know Dan I know you miss understand now I'm misunderstanding knowing you solution doc it's not that yes it's important that these teams gave. Good recruiting classes otherwise coaching a beer QB job peony player's right to win football game correct what I'm saying is bits. There are people in the NFL. Game and paid millions of dollars to select talent. And it's a crapshoot didn't. Why you should I'd be impressed. By. Somebody get a great recoup recruit class. What is it doesn't necessarily. Many dead thirteen is going to be any good because you're guessing even more then professionals. Blu what say you. Good point you know I mean I I want to native. If you're and your interest. And you know maybe casual observer may not be in you know. Michigan or Wisconsin get that top three or four and you don't remember back it is that being it's in pretty deep into it. But I will tell you LeRoy in defense. Which you just yet. I didn't like the timing of it I didn't because if you're going to do it. Due in February when nobody really cared and they're not bowl game going what they'd done the year is hardly coaches. Well they made to art and the coach. Well look at marry a crystal ball. And blanket and all used to guises as an example what happened what is they have a coach over the weekend expanded it Monday to speed period. Which meant. That they really couldn't go out and recruit over the week. And that hurt because that weekend when to bring mom and dad out final that they. I'll like January 272829. John beat contained in the University of Miami because his mom and him would be only. People on the last. They make sure that the red carpet was everywhere for him that that kind of get taken away now and when coaches go out. And they tell a kid posting you've got to come here because we're in this bowl would go to this all play at all. This week how would mark rip well that's a bad example because they get suspected Miami pretty much at all those kids tied up. But let's say one of those other coaches that Butch Davis some of those guys that multiple game going on that would have to take away from the experience. And I have to go out somebody all the living room when he should be with his players at. Stay 98 or whatever night goes along with the bowl experience so having at this time a year car that really. It's just not it doesn't sit well with a lot of. It and I can understand that you know make it what why should we care about recruiting that get it up dole is got that. The other way too global was over by then so everything was and it still may be a little of the attention Google wanted to recruit. Now iconic bought and he tried he. You know kind of fired their way into what is that huge time a year you've got the national championship game com count dot. Got a big Orange Bowl game Miami hasn't been ended in a lot that's where the focus should be. I stayed bits and and some people agree that some people don't. If you're gonna have a early national signing period should be the last two days or three days ought to. A block. Right before the season's start was his dad out of the way and the kids who were really really committed he is it going to that school are signed you don't have to worry about it. And Spaniard next 67 months until February. Worried about the kids that you have that bill. Yeah a buddy you've got to get him into that stadium. During that year you know that's seen years you can. In it helps. Believe me I almost went to Illinois because I went to gay. Why not have it. The week after. The championships. Because there's like a weaker tools lol. Right day. Yeah affordable season even starts so all the coaches say to. There attention wiggles what the first week of December is virtually in December the first week in December the first game is not until December 16. You got two weeks to have that bigger. Give room he can't wait to do some traveling. Don't most of the major colleges aren't even practicing because they have finals so maybe I noticed it. Yeah I got the dollar point is well I eat you just figure that right now though you may not. It really is in it and everything is you know came down any nordic and the next debate that means the college coaches who are still involved in. Who didn't get their kids are still. Worrying about that that a worry about you know let. But it would really got roll a bowl have a good time and I were playing a bit of our own you know. You're worried about gosh I needed he'd beat her next year in the unit quarterback. So it's not a good time I'm like you're right yeah I'd really. Dollar a dollar. The other point the the other thing blue which is well I'm at 211 is. It's also bad from respects of if you've got a new coach Riley coaching change. 300 O'Brien be they're gonna have a every year right for years they're gonna happen so. That you know that may not be your made via ballot thing but that's another one. Really look at Florida and Florida State big coaching changes didn't do very well. Used the F still yet though I mean an end to meet but it wasn't that dramatic because. Any money is and it got kind of a track record inning ain't built people all they see how we want it. And that would be state so that wasn't so bad ever what kind of like really. Here's the hit. Basically remember. It did because you're gonna go to after issue. Or US except when he was there really is that they didn't know Willie tech so nobody really knew Willie Taggart he taken a step up into. I cute carp five conference. You know from the pack well the it would ATP and these kids are look typical you and I know on everybody else knows empathy is to put their so. That turner hurt them and you yep would Josh rightful he had the commanding Kyra because remember at the at a real good head coach unit says Scott bought that everybody would. You know I hope he edits start from scratch and they're doing it without coordinators say you make a great point you know about that so. Is but it's gonna happen every year there's going to be an 5670. Opening every. Let loose dean writes herself Florida high school sports dot com he could also hear morris' decision. Adobe to him all the time and he's been doing a follow in high school football and recruiting. Four by longer than I've been alive so you know he knows he's dogged about. Well Larry. This class bin all the Talking Heads believe that Miami got some great players who stands out to you in this class at Miami got. Well certainly right up the bat offensively. Unique claim that one thing that Miami lack laps year when we did have a playmaker either chart. But comedic hit Pope out of to operate become adept playmaker. And the running back it's well I mean you you've got to. Good solid running back to couldn't comment that have to come in and make it intimate that. It did depth problem and and people are angry that we get blown out what went and why did we lose it's for the fact it's in Miami doesn't have quality yep every. And that's. That you showed how how great coaching job well here because they worked around a lot the you know there are a lot of things that did the deficiencies. But that's something so you'd come in you need receiver playmaker you got need running back Cameron but Davis got a Carol city. And you look Randle and guard out of or City University near Daytona Beach area you've got two guys that really will complement they. Homer I mean in and then you got a real. Big time power five offensive back. Need to work on a quarterback situation. Eat you know that was obviously. A bit rosier played well what. You have to play better than wealthy did. To get the ATP title on could be you know carnal fourteen so. They have that work on that they have a lot of bodies in there but yet it bickered about big current hit out of Georgia that. Kudos through direct in his side and how well important quarterbacks so those guys right there and obviously multiple sides aren't they. They still don't have a defensive tackle signed not that the marriage been on yet you will. But back. You know that's where you become Alabama that we become want to when you have just our lack thereof. Tremendous beeper to back because the wind and expect an energy is lost so you're offered one. They don't surely go they'll tell you that everything's going to be one up on it's actually a caliber of the. Larry for me. I saw I have a soft spot in my heart for our annual what the last named blade so loudly is junior the legacy coming in. Means a lot to me and I talked to Benny about him. A couple of weeks ago. He has. So much that slice it is that is dad had and may rest in peace but it just just I know there's probably a lot of on his shoulders. And he comes in trying to fill those shoes which are tough fill the shoes to fill what he's he's a great player. Yep well Natalie that it is that he's coming into a coaching that. That won't let him get too high or too low and that it's very important though he comes in that he got guys around him like it acorn jar and who oh we take a mop there are no matter who he is like is he black. Still haven't experienced any of that and sell the oak. Yet we go to that that process that is he spent the back class serve and all who. I think he gets right in the mix because they need athlete he's going to be neat somebody's gonna remind. You know what type gander marring no receiver coming over across the middle you're gonna get to now it great or eat that I got so you need that I'd been darn it you start down the stretch they were really. Really lacking corner so I like idea. And people like dabbled get a mic. Backed widely it went heavily after he went back in there and and you need so many quality guys in or it is especially with the healing quarter that they that they have to go against every week and they're neat. See an all soak. Commander running in the quarterback. So it's essential that he sent it back I mean I'm not talking about putting them on an island but I'm sure it'll coach Rick they're banned. You know would never let that happen would you know like Tracy how addict configured port I was on an island via cell a fresh. So but that's not happening you'd get too much around and so that was he is well and and certainly you know my Miami always. At the look at at play on the offense the wine in you know and nick indicated that they got Campbell from our doctor Philip that a trip to watch in the last two years on couple weeks on its title game. He'll work in progress. A boat escape. There won't gave got a cooperate eager kid it's more. More in the inner mold but he'll he'll be able to be ready each physical and he he's got an opportunity at they got to get Cleveland re aren't I don't think garnered debate it work. Because that's a 330 pound kid it's just you know delay on defense the barn. Using guard LeRoy loves guards we're leery LeRoy is all about guards go home a mock all not all the ball. NFL teams selecting guards in the first round now. Your out of Michigan not do well down here actors right in a bush in those guys in the last couple years. Noticed a lot of time down here you'd think there may be they would do better on their quarterback one reason or otherwise they need quarterback. Every kid who's. A redshirt freshman and I bet you they did everything. In their power not to play him. There so. Oh. And aperture and they do well because and you have a guy like. Bush URT Billy is one about why can't. See we we watched him since he would like nine year old man you know ordered daddy you'd think it would those type of guys make itself. You know they can sell that type of hoopla and I don't harp on big time guy when it comes witnesses and me like that scratch. Athlete in lake your counterpart though I out Bader ending up what more do it. Yeah I mean well and it probably has to do with you know look at warehouse status you don't win win every recruiting. Whenever teams over cloture putter or a university recruiting. They can always say we beat the guy. Yeah no doubt laboratory. Lecce go a couple of the guys. Who lied I think made bad decisions but you know and the athlete may disagree with me in the last couple years a harder mark Walton and Joseph year beat. Leaving early I mean I think the year every decision is worse than Walton but still. Just. I I I don't think they made great decisions to leave early. What year we didn't obviously. You know especially when you have a family you know he's he's got a family. At twenty years old so he needed Chris. Philip GAAP firm but certainly wasn't given the right to buy in my opinion. What bit on the other hand we saw on the last couple years and he did exactly what everybody was talking about what he went down acted in the in the NFL. So to me why would you come back race. If you already thought up and then it fell back. And he is what he had the the third round guy he's going to be a third round guy whether we come back maybe may ship the slot but. Is that just my opinion it end but you're out of step right on your ego he should've really. Played this doubt you know I know it it would have been meant tied tightened the belt home and all that gap. At that makes sacrifice they could pay off later so I agree with that. Well then I'm not so sold on the design I think he kind of showed everybody what he did you know. Are you would know that better than anybody else you know as part of that. Yeah I always wonder I always wonder now with kids coming out if it seems like NFL's Luka for that Camara got a guy. Dad you know like almost like a Drake a guy that can go outside that can create mismatches are simply more than two downs. Now can we have your unique players and ZQ Elliott. You have to cure for Miller she you know there for Internet you have. Freaks of nature of their plea to position but a lot of times they just want flexibility and a lot of running backs come and now they're one and a lot in college can't catch. But do you notice that these guys that you mention our superiors apple the apple on. Ready to be a lot of these guys come out with a market that that they're gonna bounce everything else oh and they innate feel miserable the last. Yeah because of this state the speed because of this speed you know that is in the N ballot is overwhelming. But the guys that you mentioned and you did that early in the that may just yet. I admit that yes he wanted me there are a superior attack on the tackle honored and and that the guys who will get into the NFL for. Lou we hope you become a regular on the sister station. We will oh well love to have you around no doubt about it Larry boosting everybody valmont Twitter at Larry boosting pressure South Florida high school sports report he is the best there's no doubt about it thanks blu. All right guys have a good all right we'll reality has value meant.