12-22-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, December 22nd

Tobin is still giving takes even though he is on vacation and Beast is livid saying he should just stay on vacation. The guys wonder when the injured players on the Miami Heat will come back. The guys get into whether people will care about the Dolphins this Sunday. The guys think they saw Willie Nelson at the Hard Rock. 


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No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Ms. Dewey. So. I am and pride and increase the LeRoy in our price shirts. Throws out some. Daniels and get them in Africa these days on overnight we've done it we've stopped all of my shirt thing. You're going that he went back on my. There was what we're up act that way. You know what we've been acting even though he was on vacation he is at home with a lectured on right now because he will not stop participating. In the show other than. Being on the show I have communicated war with so now right there and he threw it across it. Everything he's certainly. That's for sure. Robby had to start out instructions on its. They shouldn't. Gosh. No. On the couch doing nothing but it's still way. We're here at the us art rock hotel and casino beautiful poker. And I ask product holiday weekend back in here yet I mean normally. I apart. In the front row well I view these you know I'm doing Fuller trying to park. There was nothing I like Hillary out yet so I just back when no. I just before I mean that moved someone got right in the right effort pastors and the car backed out. That was a single point it is is one reason why does go right up to six lord is so like he did. Quick part. So when I see that there is. There are people. And you know people wave response I just keep going to. Your top top floor was no no no no notes at Fuller's these what was the reasons it's actually the first floor like general public park. He's everything below that is all VIP card holders. Whatever to eat your boy boy bill utility collier in the hours. Are you doing on national park here. Have absolutely because I. A creature that. I know where are going to be our I don't want to drive room market so if it means that the courts where it will be the know those people Nichols do the job remote grocery store. And it drive up and down. Over somebody will. I just go over by the art law. It's on going on in the anew that he played and then deflated all the regular stuff. Hurricane late last while really late tonight by the way. Mostly accurate advice you. Well afternoon after the do vote. Awkward me. Nine. Temple gave it to you. Robbie I hope we didn't get down too hard on that play you. I waited it was a quarter but I I think commitment doors stay healthy and it would've blown out temple put right but they didn't Soledad hope we'll score and spent too much it was reported that three right the Abbott. Beverly didn't do anything on offense and idols that you did nothing to lose here. I did it is so council awesome and of armament of sevens but that's for the word about real money I'm not worried about years on the error hijinks closed his look. There's ways to get to practice tools five games look Adams is seven these trees and all boy that's yet. I'm 1111 so far and I we got. And. You know of humidity and all that stuff but right now it's good to have one's. Speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX HD true Miramar. And these headlines are brought to buy the Cheesecake Factory. Through December 31 by 25 dollar gift card for the Cheesecake Factory and get a free slice of cheesecake redeemable in the new year and visit Cheesecake Factory dot com. For more details. My dad doesn't ever know from my dad buys gift cards for everybody from Cheesecake Factory then walks around the new year like. You visited a illegally used the mayor cheesecake plan. The Oprah you get a cheese cake you'd get a cheese cake yet. Move believable thing two here and get you meal and that's my eggs into one meal. It. Even. So it'll get Jameel mortgages you know cheesecake and you know paying Beijing newsroom maybe. That that path back. Before I answer for every burrito mass I don't know or. I don't even you know an eight there. Brunch. Yet. You know what they got some good eggs stuff going on there has been a day he had a little out of it and the eggs in the so Robby what's going on the other world. By a little sad news last night as it did you ever passed away at the age of 82. It leaders are one of the legendary rod imagines what those guys the voice he you don't you to voice you know witness that was crazy football because Z. He was on how to year. Did a lot of college basketball a lot of NFL games and of course to the Padres the past couple years tennis. It to the tennis to be given everything is or sport that he didn't know a musical legendary voice during the UUCLA dynasty in the seventies that's right you know. I wanna see claw. For the jets to all he is usually call for one of the dolphins approvals the answer a disarray woods. Yeah because member of the networks which which so. None of them nominees who knows that they do doing. Are you going to want to be won on back to back images of three. In five. Of us have to decide who. Continue Robert are we got a lot of action tonight but start off with your Miami heat's. Third the latest right leader constable doubleheader going on right now the Bahamas bull. Is on underway right now I was a thirteen to nothing over you would be Ohio covering that six and a half points pretzel far. And then the second game of the doubleheader. Wyoming. Whale Wyoming at central Michigan in the we talk about the history the Idaho potato boards 4 o'clock start in Boise. Now does not spread in this game because of the quarterback Josh Allen he's he's going be a little trampoline and it was a claims DB is going to be playing his game. They've taken his team off the board most most sites. Now you Miami Heat are back and next tonight 8 o'clock to tip off because of Dallas Mavericks 7 o'clock isms as though Tommy type in the pregame. Right here and in some an idea from 143822. The ticket if he'd only two point favorites. That's probably because everybody's out again. James Johnson's out assault whites are it's uncle runs out. About justices out. Does he Wear here. And together Carlos network with twenty years ago there. Happens on its cycle that we've gone he. You know fun career in the world Sports Radio. Open to the days that he was bored up mean for the Hank show and Hank was that marlins' opening day. And a fellow over in his chair and yelled expletives and pat didn't hit the dump button. That was the news. Radio career and through some bombs. And because basically it's like called him today he's like I'm out. And that they point seven bonds over the years I mean the crowd authorized. Well the funny you'd. He did you you've got me and I'll let you you know lately point seven F bombs went over the airway by one that. Yet again it while you didn't get any stupid. Thing. Cycle back Lebanese Sunni gulf robbing the night I don't know this was. This is Hank flailing falling over backwards into you baby Huey and a mark on admirable. The ball yeah it. Yeah but just a building after all. You can reduce our board this is like an. Missed it. Hello but he bluntly it's so no I watched implied in myself. Question do you do. Was everything but the bill who's this we can. Well what I you know like I don't. That's what it's like the mood in here you lose interest and in a Pope mobile win in Adam. Let's just assume that were all dolphins. It's good. News. Actual average and whatever and local could have been weakened is practicing. My question is do you lose interest. In football in June when you were teens out now because well. And that is why just because I don't know buds that play but here's the thing is. It is you may not have interest in your team but that these days when you're gambling or you have fantasy playoffs give advantages. That the average. Okay. If there's a big game. People are gonna Judy if there's not a big game and their teams out there go to the movies ago and Chris grew up in especially its Christmas he brow. By the way the last of them we should start listen. Happy holidays to everybody yet happiness. Everybody be saying well that's and the show would if you wanted to and I mean I think you can. Reiterated. You know and I mean just because you're going to be gentle he's going to movies. Three allowed me by to head to tabling of the group with 22 years we just spent. It's such a large amount of money. Does he stalwart again in the new dolby theater at the pines ANC is that pitchers Jake shares the chair of move in the do everything right you know in the pocket believe that you moved with it. No the Imus the extreme degree screen but the seats than in this don't freak violently is not really on to bigger screen. Dobie theater I heard it was really good though so excellent that need to see that and then of course you mean our Chinese food restaurants you going to see. Though wars or third time. But bring it to everybody European missile in your second. Yes well for my wife Amazon town the first time for me it's a third time in for Mike it in my life it's the second. Eyes not that secret first time in Google's new ones. And been like them I saw the forcibly gains like three times as a rogue one like twice. I need OC movies again if like if I'm in a movie and she began to really pick up on stuff. Like now I go back in late in lieu. Have a blue light Saber lights it that is that those Hillary. Spoil anything you know jerk like. You don't say yeah I need those little details. You know it's hurt there's my domestic. Very hey you be quiet. Pain. I put. But he has AO anybody come to two models. Though. You bring good damn fruit cake on turning your way a summer off. The line that's not going to be a problem. Here. This. Off. In the form only wind picks he's got a fu K are. Due to practice. You had to be like eighty years old like from case. You have to be. You don't wanna get back who's dolphins' front because. We're supposed to be positive because there if 27 things happen. It's all so the encouragement that out of east has given Jake color has been worried. And there's a couple of things we need to get to like. Know what happened Dovonte Parker happening Kenny stills we what can they prove to us the rest of the year. That more come anyway after this the beast LeRoy live from the somewhat rock hotel and casino play going on here. And surely ruled tell you at some point oh what kind of currency going on at all what's coming up big events let's you know that more after this on the T. Back here but it is partly right out here the other room. Man this. I I don't we say it all the time that were broadcast what you would hope it'll come look like driving by. Now on the turnpike and grows its magazine that guitar hotel rising out of the ground. And you just like this place is gonna be an easy it's going to be. Own believable and they're gonna have all new restaurants and on the shops everything and it's going to be crane and slide. Yeah right right and I'm I guess there's been in the casino right yes casinos would be bigger. They're gonna have a new bit cinder. They're going to be able to. Had bigger events because it's the embassy were people getting Guinness undoubtedly the red carpet opening them. I'm trying to get me that you began to boo by the I probably won't because well we're looking is that might be in this. Like it has succeeded here as. Is the Perot yet I'm sorry what's that. It isn't all of these things are gonna probably be oh with some. In the lobby of the hotel isn't done yet you that's what threw I was all they're doing. It in Hamburg. But this super ball zone you know I don't. Like how we opened up. About. Elect that. You know don't judge them just don't judge my stupidity winner I think you can go build low. You managed to find a way. Where people. Are constantly gave you Lou. We are eight. At this group individual and so special human bone. On and we used to do that now when I when I was thirteen we have the bar mitzvah circuit he has after the doodling on all the bonuses but let's just say didn't win. I felt where you can probably I felt my why you could probably walk rate of both. Believe it or not when I was thirteen I was actually average stood tall for my class the promises I haven't grown since. It. And great bills by a group to NGOs. Like four and seventh grade in that spot right. A member my mom to lead to an endocrinologist issues word about my height situation and we went to vote tomorrow. She's actually five U. But those five tan. So well it yet so we went that we went to the doctor. And into the specialists at Boston Children's Hospital you know lose them and the specialists in the world on. Leveled line we go to this whole exam and they do X rays and they do this they do that blood work. And they come back my mom's leagues so when's he gonna spread out. And the doctors like. Man. There's no more sprouting fears on. Your son that has sprouted. Right. Go. To slow it. So beast. Of telling you it is going to be the political speak I gotta go pick up my meat. Right what do we just went from the hard rock my growth year Christmas party Christmas you got conveys them we do public things I'd give you less than the line. Less than like. Always. Behave. For your multiple. I'd. But it's my mother as my mother in law automatically comes into the house eating me because she doesn't like facial hair. And I never chained mostly so every time she sees me take when he and exchange. And I'm like arts of cement or that right and so from that point forward there's nothing I can really do to. Help the situation. Okay. Away. It but it is. But again if you know yet it's just like yesterday. Yesterday broke my back. Because I was outside. Washington. When those those. I was once it goes outside stuff like that person coming. And you will be boosted you don't want to promote compromise that town come down they would just. I don't I don't care I don't have a problem and I don't care like you attitude yet you there at Thanksgiving you have like that it like at your place during their time. We're going to be the Canadian Thanksgiving. It's not an amber no no no. Quit but would they do do is. You know the whole country has to say vacation. Right it is like in July so. Weighted average there is some period. They usually happens then went through. But fairly goes up to here in this year I have to go. Because. I'm fifty. And that means that I'm the only ones they have somebody that's every year all the way to may be in the event that's what they're considered around. And number one at fifty. Tokyo at our boss land it is going to Montreal. Over the Christmas break. Because. His daughter once those that are. And the forecast has a high of minus four which. Like he's just the Bahamas the keys Cruz. She's like no no daddy Al negotiate out in Montreal in late December. I and much of lovely city it really is. It was a numbers you know whether load. When you've lived up norm. You realize. That you have to deal wit it but if I'm here. Right. This destination. People or anything like that this has lived in deaths that. Would Colorado U cycles and stuff like that. Semis but we were that you heard his bag and new ones we've told. As a couple things that so when does that he is all in his own. In what is is he Pete Pace he used his study to pitch. Iguanas about this guy like barrels clones do we. Right is Kris. Because personable well iguanas are scared him. I'll mortgage your way to easy toe with them Dana free. Like at least. Is given him today. Though. I'm I was dressy what flights with boat and blow with his father. And they got along pretty well. Except his father's love will upset because father. You know smokes. And is of Latin descent and was pretty pissed that vote hadn't thought to bring matches or lighter. Into the fights and I had ago. Find him a ladder matches in. Ages. That I don't know I don't know maybe it's some sort of ritual something. I don't know is just. I was sent off runner and my boot. Wheels. Well in July he leads it. They hit the ball. Here's the issue is that. I really should have had surgery to might issue. Which is that. Torn Achilles and it torn planter fascia. That you know of there's a vertical to fair invite you. I should. Reports are eggs if you want it in his eyes that that. And so I'd religion that certainly but. The sugar it would mean that I have to do a full cast and be on the 23 months. And I kept scooter. Would you at a I'd walk in the east imagine me trying to drive that you can have disaster were all like if I'm an author of that is because stepped. Oh. And quote you know if this. I'll gladly Nelson here you can always go with you could always go with the the scooter here's the electric scooter. It's like these have run. The idea to run in the eastern and that BP. All love managed yet another segment didn't talk about sports or anything but I mean we got. We simply time we have play in time I do wanna unity you're subject and I'll open up the text Regina about. Whether people still care what involved or not I suppose I'd say that's now that's a lot of. Empathy that's now what does not and he's not the right word that's now what I said I sit if you are too because here. Is the one thing I hate about. Sports agent. You have a team and is willing. Schizophrenic Opel. Dave played great against. You know the patriots and then play. You know not so good the very next week and you think you're getting on the run because they had a couple of weeks in a row and it plays its. And so would I say is is that. All of the believe you just way to let everything take care of itself. But will we get on. The radio. We talk about all the scenarios that have to happen. And none of them are ever. Your team as to it. And so I say. Go have a good game when a football game do we worry about the scenarios after we went. And if you don't win it's a move. And at the same thing happened last year with peak. Like all they need and we just make assumptions. That an average team more team that hasn't shown you that they can just go out get a W Whitney V one. Break we make these assumptions that that is just like give it. And so I say. Getting an analyst worry about all of the scenario because you have thirty scenario you goal right now. And the main the main scenario is the dolphins need to win this week. Yup that is on the main scenario. Should be fun I lived a break back after the isn't it. And then and then and what the boot from them but me and. And I and I'm not saying. And it. He has. They they played at one of the that with the Orange Bowl last year maybe. It's PNC meeting please yes I mean they you know one of the on the field. Where he the they do show at or people you don't take by the ocean means yes. Really run and I didn't know of course. No the ante and if you compare that to a and that is cool that the hot topical local. Robby you know take by the ocean is. Yesterday this at least several times. We'll you don't have to get all snooty. One thing you know you're at it as snooty I didn't know before now I know I'm. You ever had made by the ocean but without a lot of gambling on the ocean. And he bought it there. It's true. Erica I met. I wanna see Robby Vegas and monikers. We're gonna make the Braves in no it's gonna I mean in Pakistan. As although don't want this fight in Brooklyn which it's like. Now how would only go to fights have been. In grade I got out of the London for a. Yeah. I'm still moving he's gotten well you wouldn't want to be in a plane for like seven hours they'll do it. I don't get hit hard you know like if two trips to shore yet. By the time a recoverable complete commitment and articles of loans to work a little gust and the whole week there will do shows there. Yeah. We'll do we'll whoever lake Amaechi when he used to come a day we come on like BBC radio. To just include yourself. I because of traffic and I thought because. I'm I don't I wanna get to do things to let it be stuck in the office. Walking around Vegas with boo boo a guy. Idol boot the boot for Vegas and do it at the last abilities and put on a brace thank you. These are. He was. Just like. That while so there's. So there was also had a on the way. By the way it is it is it is on its more fluent if you actually go to Dubai. But we you know Wii's we saw remotely. And still have agreed to notify new couple flights others agree to the opposes a believable in what Lou Lou. Well you know you what gets out of hand is if your out there. At a certain time of year when there's huge sporting events going on here able apartheid game. In the the sports gambling. And you know you're in the sports book watch spree in U really sucks when there's only. Basketball baseball. Right it's like when you go in by the summer. Like when you go it may. It's. It's not as much fun when you go to a full season. Most of them games start at like nine or ten and avoided. Well. It's on the Paris if it's. Right into the because they can ask you question. If your dolphins fan. Why are you watching this weekend other than stupid. Like the idea that 48 the Internet happened humanity without all the. You. There there's a couple players. That I'm really. Like. Interest it and see where you're going. One is the Monte Parker. Like. It has to be reason. Something other than just. You know what we see there are not thrown two or whatever. I told you what I think. I think Jay Cutler has a problem. Of trusted him because he's well a couple of balls up. That were made it to Monty this fight. I eat the Mike Wallace. With the other players can you drink. You know. Abuse have been away. That he. And not necessarily juror was injured have become their most explosive player he creates the most mismatches. But be anybody on an office and I'm just curious to see. Is this going to be a continual thing. Or they go to book but Belichick known. You know to me that you use them for three weeks and he you don't see him he's and a witness protection program. The defense I would like to see some of these young guys. You know it takes awhile to get it sometimes. A lot of people think that both your pass rusher you can do is rush to pass pass. There isn't a lot to take the cue ball. You won't realize it if I tell you the issue you're probably won't believe it but it. Offensive line evident in in defense of alarming use their hands border war receivers. And so from from that point do they do well. As a people thing because gets the ball you're receiver. But it and would do you people think that that I'll put them on the block with their Nepal's. Lake nowhere its is the most is mostly chicken fight. Profitable sport in your. 666. Yeah variety is the biggest chicken. It. But yes so. They what you're what you're or a Russian that your young guy and he's not gonna ever be able to. Out athletic. But offensive line. Videos of my own technique yes but my first step the spin move. You know working with that. Other things art is sometimes. Young players although talented. Don't know defense who's worthy office. Is it takes a little bit at times so I want to see. You don't because we got it this year. Let's start next year to going to be three or four guys that we get to say I like what they did I want to see them take that next step. We've been sent out just three or four. What that those 34 young guys that you expect to make an impact rat I guess. You know and if we gonna have discourse about Dovonte we gonna have this question about. You know what to do we Jarvis Landry ended there's going to be a couple dozen or defense where you've got to get rid of because. You've paid him too much money in there not reducing the way that you need to do. So. You know if you're a dolphins made it. There are a lot of reasons to watch the games. But I I once again that was he went. A 10 win Ottawa museum privacy of stickers. Like just gave you where you watched the Gaby you like to get a chance already. They. They've had this problem for decades which is. Generally speaking more times out of not to. More times than not they're just not exciting. They're just not exciting team that is their brand of football has not been exciting well that is you can't senator brand of football. It might be the way they are. What I know about. This team that thrives like. Kill him games where offensively they're explosive. Eight year rule positive about him. If they don't have a game waiting reportedly. For whatever reason the game plays out to where they don't have enough of an opportunity do anything office. And so there we look at. Yards for Kerry look at all of these different means to to try to. You know evaluate. What happened. In the civil fact is if you looked growth football. When a team. As forty plays and don't have a chance to actually get too often. He is hard to tell a good deal and they have that too many times in it that that's the most frustrating but this team the last couple years is. You know I've never seen a team. That plays the game. And big. Don't give that media office of what needs to be other team just controls the ball that much. You'd like to say okay what the defense can't get him off the field but doesn't. Always takes. It really isn't so. I would like to see him get it together got it together last year for that stretch where it went what six straight up. They won six straight big guys together and it wasn't really. Excited football. But they Whitney so it felt excite. You know they were just run the ball control the ball big play here it air because they were able to establish the run. And now dedicating the dude so what your bid to what they've been trying to do. Is they've been trying to create mismatches we can do injury. And they've been spread it out a little bit more and trying not to do is get bogged down by putting in the tide in the war. You know lighted up in just run to right answer because subtlety here that's gonna beat their Forte. I've you know what I would like to personally see. And in this is hard because of ten hill's injury. But you know you're talking about players that you want us to get better ousted coaching it matter on CDs. Yet what will be here and I know that one relies upon the other. I would I would see. This. And I'm. I'm always grew school of coaches that have players. Dead. Can't figure out a way to use him. You don't that that have talent but don't know how to use it and so did the team struggled but they do have talent. How would like to give him an opportunity. To have what he has now offensively. They get to starting quarterback back. Now you know a lot of people think that this ACO. Injury is gonna slow and hold down with but I don't think so are are really don't I don't think it's been slow down. So. You know. It feels good enough reduce heat to win with him. He has been in for anybody has any questions about that. There's probably. Ten to fifteen team beautiful quarterback. And so you before you decide to go get rid you quarterback. How will don't you give me a solution. First. In the solution KB. We'll just go get somebody in the dress. Because it as we move mountains were you know. You know they they haven't it now there in a different situation because they haven't had one. Okay it they've reached a couple of times for quarterbacks. I mean think about it you don't about same franchise that drafted Brady Quinn and journeyman so. What do you guys. When an accident bypassing quarterbacks lately the past of course once because they are almost picks for Carson once and it could've drafted Shawn Watson and they pass on and get a couple more picks and Alia to. Top equipment in this year's draft well it is the I'm I'm I'm always gonna give a pass. 48. Team. That doesn't take a quarterback. Wynn Nero if he's not raided there. Canadians up in and out. Nobody until after the show Watson started playing. But additional Watson was going to be this good correct. Is safe to say data source of concern today is safe to say that nobody thought that exact. Press guy. Was going to be this good until after you saw him play. And he is still limited because he doesn't throw ball downfield and that's one of the things that Tony Romo did it your hope it Eddy Cue picked data. So. I'm always gonna give a pass through here. Now. In the situations that I've stayed with the dolphins. That you could head met Ryan the YouTube Jake well. Okay I'm gonna have more problems with debt. Because if the second rate player is a position you don't ahead that's not reach it. So that's applied to partly there. Knocked it on the that is and he could. Be. It. Oh OK but we just. Used Yugo that part now would quarterback. There's there's some issues there's some things that have to be fixed. And wanted to things you have to be aware is that. If you need development and Serb position. Being on a bed team doesn't always help that is not a situation where you can learn it's not a situation where you can't you don't. Become a better player in certain situations because guess what. I mean. Even if you think about. What Seattle did. Okay. They were decent. And did they took. Russell. Wilson's. Right so so where might they were already had a situation where. They have some of round pieces around him and he got he had that high. They were dominant running the football. And he had some time to develop into what he was today. It quarterback at the Cleveland Browns eight. Is probably going to be thrust is to. Action week to sue. And it and so from that standpoint unless he's a veteran. Andrew Luck but quarterback of that nature. He's probably not going to be in the best of firemen to be able to develop a list you can bring somebody in the hole there. And a lot of times those quarterbacks. That you bring in the poll before. The starter somewhere. So you're starting off that a bad spot we knew take quarterback does that it needs some work. LeRoy. Just having hot takes. I hope you have hunt takes when it comes to our doom recruiter have to do it about forty minutes hope incentives in the already. Via a text because of course he did. Because I was hoping it was gonna call into the shows like yell at him about being over involved in the shenanigans that we do while he's on vacation but now. The calorie dissenters picks via text which is fine that's totally fine. I committed to that took him. We get the headlines. Are expecting big we have to commit to heat yet doom picture all sorts of stuff coming up after this on the to.