Fighter's Fury 12-31-2017 (UFC 219 recap, Khabib redemption, Cyborg left without a next step, UFC 220 promo, Dana meeting with Floyd's people)

Fighter's Fury
Sunday, December 31st

Recapping UFC 219: What is left for Cris Cyborg in the UFC? Khabib redeems but stays in line, Dana White meets with Floyd Mayweather's people. Why are people outraged with UFC 220 promo?


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Mixed martial arts and boxing. It's time for fighters feeling each side hill. Manhattan son welcome on and nobody here with you on but his theories on out. My return from vacation. With a bang. So much why am I got to my gate getting in my voice in the fight in shape. Not not to over use ponds for this show but good god this has been a long time Muslim. The law is available word I don't know how long. But we're gonna close out the year in the right away wanna get in here with you guys the last car of Tony seventeen. For the USC last night had to nineteen. Go down from Las Vegas T-Mobile arena Cris Cyborg she retains a featherweight title over holly home. What OS what I thought was a pretty lack luster. Final paper view of of the of the year. And what I did that was a fantastic year for the you have seat they rally they had a nice. And the Tony seventeen with. You have C 217 you have to two rates in those are both fantastic cards. But you know you have seem to eighteen came worth a little bit of of a dud because we really don't know the future holds for GSP. And you know this one. The big that you know is interesting about this. He had Chris cyber verses holly home. And I felt like a lot of the build up was. You know if holly beat cyborg. She's the best of all time. But a cyborg beat holly it didn't really feel like there were any great. Gains for for Cris Cyborg other than. Finally she's got a game opponent this is somebody she couldn't rag doll and I thought how would put forth a really great effort. You know she ended up (%expletive) up losing yet rescission Q judges had a 4847. One had a 4946. Every judge gave a holiday the second round to the judges give the first two. I did see where they ended up with given the first two if you were dome by by output. So it up what was landing by. It felt like it was an interesting dynamic because. I think old Cris Cyborg you would have thought she's gonna bull rush she's gonna pour the pressure on holly Holm. And that really was the case she was almost the aggressive but she was also the counter puncher. You know she backed Polly into this said the situation where how it was back and have a lot of the time and there are a lot of times had chewed to Russia and com to put forth any forced to put forth any effort. You know through. 45 punch is to try and get anything on Cris Cyborg. Is she let it flush a couple of times me just tell Cris Cyborg wasn't fazed by it. And you know one point was smiling out there and really never never set up that ticket and he spot where you thought she had a real legit chance to land. That's the thing that was also urged him between her and cyborg is. You probably went into this thinking you know Hollywood have the advantage of kicks in a bill into those. The big difference in the two is that. If you were surprised by two things in this fight. That. When he got physical when they got to the clinch and got to those two engaging. Polly probably got the better of those two tangling up although and have nothing of consequence really ever came up those two going up against the fence. Other than holly wasn't going to be taken down and get bludgeoned. But I thought cyborg her her her great weapon in this work kicks at such she was. Choose versatile she was going all over the body. Linda double head kicks. That really captain holly had today ands and you know when you gods these exchange you just tell that. Hollywood's getting the worst habit. The last two rounds were clearly for Cris Cyborg. And you know goes on a web but you come out of this thing and never was they love we wanna see you take Armey and senate true putted 45 pound fighter in slate. Feel like Hollywood was an issue on foot putt in fact I thought highly physically I saw at the Wayne's my man. The best she's seen on home look at away in a long time she looks fantastic she looks like she's translated. To this weight class a very very well. I didn't think this is a case where. All holly home didn't have the power look if holly Holm was able to land a head kick flush and Cris Cyborg that's bad news that danger for her. She wasn't it in the you know she's not there with with with a another striker like she was to run around Z she was in there with one of the best strikers. The women's division has ever seen. And wasn't gonna be fooled by that. And so. If but but but make no mistake if holly Holm is able to set up that kicked. And pick Cris Cyborg. Chris Summers if if not getting that night she is she's going to be hurt so I didn't think this is a case where. Oh she wasn't Dele true won't forty buy everything and anything holly home I think the rest of her career government he fight she wants to play out should be in this division. Idol I don't think she should go to 135. And I think physically she looked really really good. And so I think. A little bit too much was made by the broadcast crew or get too little bit later. Of of how these weight and that they knew that she wasn't size wise up to snuff with. With Cris Cyborg like if you look over holly homes career. Her or not counter our head kicks is she's not she's not. Boston anybody up with their with their fists that's that's that's a setup that's not what a solemn makes her a leaked. Bad of the weight class on the weight class meeting used different distinct and still set. What they bring to the table this is what holly brings and Cris Cyborg is is a different beast when it comes to that regard now. The one thing I do think that was empty with this though. Is. You know they're talking about. All right or it's nicer for for Chris cyber and I always think that's an important thing when you're coming out of these pay reviews because there are the biggest events. Of the USC a year and they should have the greatest consequence when it comes to what's next for the USC because these are the these are the events were paying for. And I thought yesterday. With Chris I just thought it was a big mess of okay well. She's gonna take on me Anderson you know and victim 145 champion who do their plans defied initially. And you know did a really good of bush and Jim an injury that came out so that fight got scratched. And so we never got me innocent dudes is to see your fight. And it's. It's just well all right well that's so that's the great thing is the constitution unified some of that most juicy vans and haven't seen fight before. And there wasn't any great praise of of Cris Cyborg I thought I thought that it was just left with. What ever Cris Cyborg did her thing. And look as an audience member that was left upon me I don't think. This Cris Cyborg gonna Jason Perillo who is probably a smarter striker who's probably broad diverse striker. But as she is she she more of a John a watcher got to watch Cris Cyborg I don't know. You know took took L a Y or ill. To really. Taking a wild Cris Cyborg to go in there. Man. Pick apart her opponents when she did against holly Holden. Like she did against Tonya manager who. You know you you you look at at who she was facing in that fighting is act. This is that this is that this is legit competition and even with that took her time three rounds patient divorce she dismantled. And what I think Cris Cyborg you know the the the image that's usually in my head is. Her pummeling juniper Bravo on these in one of the all time built up women's fights. It's like well that's that's the Cris Cyborg a look at the CO look at the cedar run through somebody and Donny and so. You can give credit to holly Holm holly home physically she looked that that's why. I die down I take issue with the idea of how the home was in there and she wasn't deemed for the division I thought she certainly was a game featherweight. And and and it is it is widget for that division. But. Holly but but Cris Cyborg Chris several wanna see is somebody wanna see one through proposing a Mac truck I don't wanna cedar. Picking apart bones I know she is heavy hands and I know that that Holly's FaceBook re arranged after that but. That's not what I think makes her. A a 88 to an end that they would make sir is is is her being like the Mike Tyson. Of women's mixed martial arts. And so that not that not being the the pilot had a style we've seen from her lately. Is. Interest. It's edged that we haven't seen that that that kind of that can output output from cyborg. And I also think that there was there was there's a little bit of all right. So what are we doing here with Cris Cyborg you know he made his division for a 145. And you probably gave her the biggest name you could in the women's division that's left to meet Ron Ras is obviously not fighting. And holly homes you're your other biggest stars and mission to its retired. So do we eventually get sibor worst new Nez. Maybe I guess. Although I think nude as. Pass to reign over 130 public. The thing with people jumping divisions jumble all over the was in his view of a very popular thing in the USC where. You know people want the the the quote unquote money fight even another not money fights they wanna say Al well. I'm a jump PM until you don't show a jump down wanna fight mighty mouse Johnson's late. Sears and regular a regular tour away from my television that night but. It's not blockbuster it's it's not I think some that deal with the bars are going to definitely throw up your your event because. T did village of the gonna go get the flyweight belt. Just like I don't think that people are gonna to say we have to show the new Denver's a cyborg fight tonight. Newt as is marketed to to to win two belt to the same time. Idled the it has the same effect that it does with. You know Conner McGregor who's try to do it for the first time and obviously. Is it on the star level account McGregor you know late. For me there's some honor and just defending your belt being fantastic in that division and rolling that way. So. The amended this fight it it's it's not suck at it again it's not that we committed two away from a view tell me that's who we're going to the best and it's gonna be Amanda knew and as. Verses Cris Cyborg. OK but it almost feels like at that point your panel wash in the 135 division nearly got what we just make a 145 at this point. Because. You know they'll they'll what's left at 135 you do membership Genco again. That it it's a weird one to me. And I think for right now. You look at the women's division. And you know gets excited examining a 115 in with a obviously rose one of the way she did any other new division popping up so. This in good things happening with with women's mixed martial arts but I think you look at Cris Cyborg who is now left on top of the mound where she probably always should have been. And take a lot of the the talks of her drowsy and that fight ever happens. You know I think we know now what what the case would have been because. It doesn't look like run Rosie can can rally for a punch anymore. Those guys would've if they would have faced off. At 135 sub organ ever gotten there or Rouse he would have never gone up towards 45. You know. Maybe the say they would happens maybe she would've got run over or if she never took the head kick from holly home you know maybe she's a different opponent. You know it's it's it's weird thing drowsy kind of look at her. I will say this with with the idea of of drowsy. Vs Cris Cyborg and best of all time in and who live overtake Iran and all that. You know I I do think that people are you urinate a little bit all over rob arouse these. Legacy as a female fighter. And it's it's a little bit harsh for me as far as wiley. You think about this sport that this is supposed to be the sport where. Losing is acceptable. Losing is has taken more than a grain of salt and ends analyzed better. And you think about these things and you're like well. This is that this is good this is the the criticism that's always start out from Roswell the cubs it just caught up. And it's like. All right but the person who is now regarded as the best win in spite of all time was doing it before Ron arazi really even stepped onto the scene. And the fighters that she'd be in holly home. Loss to a fighter that run arazi beat soundly twice. You know. So is saying all right well will brought you got to know if you move to throw punches. I never understood that we go woman and it Marshall it's got to. Not really should just finally got in there she got a there was somebody stylistically messed her up. And did it really did and spark for her comeback fight which was a year later you know went into hiding. And you know clearly mentally wasn't capable of of going on with the with the with taking punches in the face. And going forward so. Yeah you can use your question I guess the. I guess championship. Resolve LeBron arousing after taking her first career loss. But hopefully this idea that the competition like evolved faster. I think is crazy to you and you now look at who's atop the division. Or subway's been around forever. And there's not this great evolution of women's mixed martial arts were. We were kind of maybe left with the answer that a lot of people had in the first place that Cris Cyborg would have been run arouse if they were to fall 45. But the idea that women and it's social it's evolved past front Rosie O'Donnell that's the case I think that the Rodham tremendous run. It's a big four. That gender. In this sport that nobody else could've done. And was fantastic. She just happened to get in there with people who were really good at throwing punches and she thought she was gonna throwing punches. And that ended up and in a bad way so that's that's the recap last night. The main event we come back. Comedian Margaret made off yet opportunity for redemption last night. A lot of fans were sour with them so he got this this little sage himself. Tony Ferguson he as the interim title town Macgregor he as the undisputed title but his off. Do whatever the hell he's doing so could be admired it up had and a chance to still some shot less then we'll talk about his performance after the seats miners feel. Seven I've taken so many with the you know we'll take up until around 10 o'clock next week we move back to our postal ball seasons on guys. A 10 o'clock so the so last showing in this time slot so removing a little bit later on. In the and yet Yahoo! and orange preemption of votes of 4 o'clock start they will come up after us today Greg likens to get you ready for dolphins with a eloquently in the bills that are the bland computers. Matt now for not only mean obviously but you know it's meaningless. But he has legitimate Joseph Elliott who did sell don't judge Greg is a fantastic job during the show but as a gamely computers obviously I mean geez with. Like good news dolphins he's Jay Cutler season they did it give it could not come through and faster for me. Really really like boo whatever. Any group. You seem to nineteen last night you have you had Chris sibor we're talking about. Her win yesterday but I thought yesterday. I'm always looking for who's going to be the big story coming out of things adieu to guests today. The the biggest story out of out of everything because the undercard snooze fest. Top three cards even they had calls guns come back would you school. His fight Neill Maggie I did on. Felt like a little bit ring rust a little bit of who is done. Always say about closely it was it was a case where. You know. Didn't feel like he has put himself in line of fire and and also just Philly new Manny physically when they got. Tied up. Just was able to take him down at will and and it took Carlos until the third round to really get loose and really find his rhythm. So. I don't know that it reached in his Selig is a guy who seem pretty set on retirement. With some. Worries of concussions and you'll maybe is now going to. Continue I don't know it's an abusive to see where Carlos goes from here. But now one kinda came men. Andy caddick Kaman went last night it wasn't it wasn't anything. I think you can look and say now is fantastic but they've been in the undercard it was Honda decisions. On. And it's solid though there goes a decision to Terrell places. You know. Geek about these things in in sometimes their fights that are aware lodge and sometimes a fights that are just there. Analog those fights were there are kinds force that was just there on the became that the at all. This guy's the next this disguised the next that. But in the league person who had the most operative Dallas that was to be among amid often there's a big reason for that. Why and he pissed off a lot of fans by missing weight and nominee in the tone Ferguson by this year you know people wanted to see that fight. And really get a taste for who's the better fighter. And who's going to be the guy who challenges Connor. It can be didn't didn't. Make weight. He had very sick his body was shutting down. And we hadn't seen him in Ohio. And it was a huge huge blow I think to a lot of people were excited to see the next step for can be no Martin made up. And I felt like last night was a big operative for him to have redemption. And to remind people why. He has the record he does. And show why he should be in the talks with those three and why he is as dangerous says he is. And I bought I I was very schedule governess and I will say finally I picked against them I thought that. You know ads in. With two with with the the window that we saw can be take some damage against Michael Johns before he was able to finish him off. But let's it was going to be able to deliver something for can be. And make him think twice about coming in they did you know he went through the he went through the buzz saw. The he took some very very nasty text didn't faze him at all. And and once he got a hold of elements in Barbosa. In that first round really really just put a beating on them. It if the two Alabi it was a miracle that hasn't got out of around speaks to his toughness speaks to his resolve bomb. You know but then that the next round came in at and and can be was was loosened up a little bit he was even throw some kicks see through flying near one point. And eventually got it and taken down. Same thing. Not as not as much damage as he did in the in the first round but was putting out enough damage to big to their rounds. Workable tenets because it into the the scoreboard with thirty Tony five per can be. It was that kind of dominant from him once he acted at some Barbosa to the ground and then it was late the only thing adds that Barbosa had that we're like. The it was almost like a baseball player who needs they had a home run a case like you Reno we read the situation was imposed and many times what it. They odds are because then you need that you needed to hit a home run and he's just up the Dickens is monster. Attacks. And sometimes we'll figure out slated dunaway in the dirt. Or sometimes it would it would come through connect. And you don't hugest all loading and every real kick that he had in him because he had very little energy left. And he goes on wobbly legs the entire time very very gutsy reports reds and to go the distance that way. Disagree a lot of news at all Hudson's corner should have thrown that out note you don't throw in the towel if you're at some of those because you have. That kind of back to back had a stuffed in your toolbox. And came close on a couple things. With a real cute but they did not that didn't end up landing but the idea idea that he was able to throw him out there. Speaks his toughness and QB got the winning a dominant decision. Now the question becomes okay. What we want a seat next to what where where do we go from here and look in a perfect world. We're getting Conor reverse Tony that has to be the fight. That is the fight that is deserved that is the fight that is earned by Tony Ferguson. And nothing can be did last night changes that at all. So. If you know Connors coming back whether it's in the summer. Or what ever. That needs to be the next fight and to be doesn't get to cut a inning and get another in terms shot a shot of the interim title. Bomb. Unless your going to take that title away from Connor. And then it's a it's a new title. And Tony is the undisputed champ and then you wanna pick him up against Tony Ferguson. Cool but from my standpoint look you got me very very hyped up for that fight. For a while we were all looking forward seeing. Can be vs Tony Tony Ferguson. And then deleted may wait he didn't make the scale and so. That's it that's a huge downer that he put the fans inept inept place. And which is why you need to come forth and and how the reforms that he did turn module why he is as good as he is. But. I don't think. He did anything last night that should ward Tony Ferguson having to fight him if fighting Connor next is a legitimate chance now to give teams credit. You don't after the fight yesterday he say look it doesn't matter. All all all one of Barack to be a wanna fight three times next year doesn't matter from buy and Tony next dozen out of him play in town next I will get the belt eventually. Which are those good attitude. No he did he did come out he says will come is not the real champion at 245 and knows the real chip it's asleep. You say a lot of these are Conor and a lot of noise to pile on because all he's never defended his belts. We know connector is it's easy it's easy to rewrite history on it but Connor you have the whole lot of flights. You know. He is an a fact is that a lot of opponents pullout on him. Jose Al though half feel those on dose which added up the reason why we went down the whole craziness with the nick with a Nate Diaz fights. You get criticized for not shown up and for conceived this way multiple times one of them didn't even make the case that that night and through for me. It comes up empty when I hear you tell people well my 25 and a record is more legitimate than kind of McGregor beating me. Old Eddie Alvarez and I remind you this and Eddie Alvarez who just put up one of the fight performances of the year who's a hall of Famer only guy due to hold bella Tor and you have seen gold he's an absolute monster. I can be in China just brush Alec. Whatever Eddie Alvarez. Yeah Eddie Alvarez it's a pretty fed does it when Michael McGregor and by the way nobody does daddy Al Reza come McGregor did them. And the plug up that flat lining Jose Aldo and then taking bites at welterweight nor because they use that can be he's not doing. UConn will show up. Anytime anywhere indifference. Boortz and and does it this way doesn't pull out of flights and also doesn't take. Nine months off. And and ten months off when he's he's still trying to build a name. You know college showed up three months later headlining in Belfast. Three months later headlining a fox card three months lit it up. Just kept showing up Joba Joba in the state just kept getting bigger the width to beat the big frustration with dances and you don't show off. We never see you flight and you come up here and yes you're fantastic in you tremendously dangerous. But let's not act like. You're 215 and oh should be held anywhere in the same breath of a guy who got to the top of the sport won two titles over to hall of famers. And you're out here and beat the holy hell out of Edson Barbosa and Michael Johnson's not the same. Not the same goal. And it's really not it's it's not the same it's not even the same class assignment in the same breath. And it's not even as it can be a runner up cannot become a Macgregor because he has. The absolute Kryptonite blueprint to go become a McGregor. If he walked through those shots of got a McGregor. And he gets a hold them looked McGregor got taken down some ground by Chad Mendez. Who is a quarter of the sides agreed magnate it's not to say can be doesn't have the absolute. Toolbox to go and beat come McGregor beaten soundly but. To compare resin Mays is ludicrous. On any standpoint from can be. It's cool Kabila has his style. They should market it may be it be nice of the UFC could trust to be demand made up enough to market him. And you know he's yesterday's complain about oh you have seasonal blue blues mobile market mean in Russia I'd rule these myself fueled the pay. How can they marketing guys when they gave me the opportunity to market you. Who. He didn't make way you did it meet the most highly anticipated fight of your career didn't make it to the cage so the one opportunity you had there. For the UC to put trust in you burn them. And you can say injury you could say. You know EE your body shut down look I understand those things happen but it is what it is you know you did probably this time we talked about all of that should have been that when you when you're in this kind of arms race each for publicity. And who gets the biggest stage who gets the most promotion who gets the biggest by two gets the biggest paychecks. There's a lot of guys were clawed up there for the top Tony first his promise of weight cut McGregor is not listen wait. And and to be was. So yes fantastic wants last night. Great show or get said Edson Barbosa. I don't think he gets the jump the line at all it still is it's the same hierarchy right now. Connors won Tonys the icy and then you get to compete. And that's it. There's that there's no skip the lines and he can draw blood a would play both guys seem it cool also want to throw out he had that pent he had. That's fantastic. But let's not affect flight. Let's not act like go account McGregor is some salt should love who is who's out there to do is do enough that might be some paper champion now man. That's that's that that is it that is a rewrite of history at its finest for can be Nevada Madoff and trying to wipe. The the the minds of all anime fan that the that the men in black church it's just just flashed in parameterized. Forget what you saw here. So. Awesome job I have last night. But let's let's let's let's let's let's rein it in a little on where he stands right now he's still third in line. He's still behind it still behind Connor so behind Tony and if those two are able to fight that's the by the needs to happen. And it look if you're gonna talk about let's all of those two matchups. Probably the tougher fight for him. You know it it be instinct you know he's had two guys in their right recently who have been tailor made form. And in Michael Johnson had some Barbosa really. They don't have a ground game their covenant had the look and take your hat off. And they're fantastic dangerous strikers Micah Johnson. Clipped can be. Put among wobbly legs but then really another full once we got the ground in a lot of people don't have anything for to be wants it at stake in the ground Tony is such a wildcard on the ground. That I'd like to see where that goes. Connor your open that if he if he lands that that magic left hand on and can be. Willis how much of a result the when Michael Johnson and that needs to be the case because. Look if it does come to the ground. There's no feel that congress going to be able to get Annapolis are. But it doesn't change what the hierarchy should be right now and does the two B two B didn't move up anywhere in line yesterday you just stay Edward was Rebecca to this. It's miners feel. Well as carry on seven I did that again until they read your photography of seats in nineteen. For a lot of the show today. And a couple things a once you appoint a so there's there's other buildings that happened before. We we had yesterday. And that was we had the promotion for USC to Swanee. Which is steep pay verses pressing Ghana which is I mean I can't wait for about one I'm really really jacked up to see that heavyweight title fight. But it has been a long time since you've had a heavyweight title fight have you this excited that that there's no doubt about that and I think it's a lot of what prancing got it was brought with his with his devastating knock out the way he flat lined Alastair ovary and this is the winner one to me though so they have this awesome promo for the two home just just. You know the USC. We must flag you wanna give them the production on these Promos and it needed it is it's second to none had Gilligan got even batters is they have gotten taken over. By W me Samir is the movie thing I don't know. But they do this just sick promo for. Forensic got a verses Steven usage. And. I see I see all this reaction on social media. Outrage that they put this one clip in there. Of Alastair over you and he is. Netted. In the clip. You know he is it's it's cute to said the scene for for you guys you haven't seen it. Everybody knows the the the knock out that in Ghana put on Alastair over name you know it's the upper cut from hell. And in a World War I and if he is Alice children go to wake up I mean that guy has the the the strongest punch registered in in the world and friends are gone and he hit you clean with an upper cut. And we wonder and is is Alastair remember gonna move again and that's that's the kind of scary ones. And so what they use for the pro is they go in close up. Ouster over names eyes and face after the knockout he's a slight. Eyes are rolled in the back of his head he is out cold. But it's it sent a message like you're watching that thing. Here's whoa this is the scariest human alive what he adjusted to that striker it it it really ready it is the moment. All of the promo. But I'm seeing a lot of of reactions it that's important aged kid do that how can you do that old marine. They would show the Ron arousing holly Holm knock offer for forever until she officially walked away. Why oh why would they do that do classless by the US classless. First of all. We've all watched that knocked out a thousand times. That the and got an ovary and I imagine that's got to have some kind of instant Graham record for people punch that knocked out there incredible. We know would have. And look in silver actually died. And they use that clip right it was a that's tasteless that's faceless let's let's let a man recipes. He got up. It's a sport that he's in. And you try to make stars you're trying to make friends and god all I hear about with that with these USC fans in the media as. That you see there got to create more star that got those stars I don't know how to do this if you're gonna go out there and you gonna try to create a star the what are you doing is petty. We got an actual drop ago here we got a guy who. Does this. To one of the most dangerous people that's ever graced the octagon. And this is what he did to him. It's it's sends a message it to rides. The point Holm for the viewer on why you should watch this heavyweight title fight. Everybody's like yeah damn bit it's a little bit too much. Much. Would ask you something. In strawberry didn't bat to phrasing on if he had the upper cup from now. At pressing on who is in laid dead to the world right there. Think I don't think just over what do what do you would've won back to be in his next fight promo. Don't don't you think he would've won that there be in his commercial. To sell the next fight that is ultimately the goal we try to sell all the most interviews that you can make yourself his biggest possible. And Reza got a book not one beat you you big and two guys here. Z they can put three cents is for three sentences together. To promote a fight. They are going to be promoted on the physical attributes and their accomplishments. And that was the absolute right move. To have that shot in that promo because it's the thing that sticks with you it would make you wanna buy that fight and below watch his press guy is this past week. Steve today and friends up there. They get beat up the series is a rare don't care. Mend and that's keeping I don't want Steve it'd be anybody at that he's not a Steven he has been up there trash talking or feel and disrespect dinner. Or any of that stuff that's not who idiots. He is blue collar firemen. He is he sold the earth how wanted to be anywhere is not the little friends think I'm from that's employed to be up there. Trying to China be there with a war awards of steep if first of all it's not our war to win and second of all. He's another one worse is not like Ayman. Not your thing to go out here in cup troubles on anybody you just learn to speak English like three seconds ago so let's just roll the tape. That's just yup that everybody welcome to the you have seek to put a press conference I'll roll the tape. And that's it no questions no doubt that. No other for the media to get any thoughts on anybody in a major press conference roll the tape standoff face off let's get don't we have 2221. At an issue that's not everything has to be. You know Randy macho man savage or Ric Flair doesn't have to be cut pro bowls and everybody. Lot of guys stink get it. Lot of guys have tried to art and it here's two guys I don't need it you sell this thing like it's a rocky movie. Firemen. Vs UC Drago. No more scenes of of of of of forensic got a in the Bain lab and I want I want Steve rubio sits. You don't punch in trees and rescue and two cats out of him. That's what I want. Knee you have that contrast there and that's how you sell the fight that's it there's been there's no. The there's no law. All this guy's this in this addition this is how I feel out of one another fielded two monsters the two heavyweights I don't want I don't care. It's not dummies so outraged you saw ouster over knocked out slow Mo. Because I know when your basement you watch a hundred times from every angle for every speed you watch deference to Ghana knocked out dole. Act to me like you all the sudden like Hulu. That was too much. Clutching your neck. It all all gas. I can't believe what they put up their firfer. For being gone and knocked out her clothes on I'll still resides would you has not watch the fight. To read this. But it makes you policy Dublin more it does statue of me. I speak to heavyweights finally ms. got a little update on this. We got the the onto Waterloo sorties according to ring TV that is agreed upon for march 3 in Brooklyn. So the fight that was. Publicized down. Here at Hialeah park not too long ago where Luis Ortiz. Gets himself a second round knockout. And the out there while I was there on the call me. Square off in the ring. Those two will be fighting so we are not getting. Named ring magazine. Fight of the year at the Josh is win over Wladimir Klitschko to watch you tonight on replay it was only an it was a still fantastic. A good choice by them Lubchenco is getting a lot of the accolades for fighter of the year. Very deserved has some graduation to hand. But. But visited but I'm still into even though we're not getting. If any Joshua vs the out there Waller next which stinks. This is still a good one I still wanna see where the spy would have gone and I think it's a good builder for the out there while I'm curious to see what he does and he still wins this fight. But. There is still that what if with loser too easy is it awkward got to figure out he's got out salute. Knocked out power. And the mountains of openings awhile he's a wild puncher so that definitely leaves a window of opportunity there for Luis Ortiz. So. We'll see where that goes from here. Pomp but. I'm I'm excited and that's made I imagine they're going to make via the Joshua Joseph Porter fight sometime soon. But that hasn't been announced that that hasn't in the case. And that's your head to a picture that's what they wouldn't but the one thing with the city. And boxing. And all do this all the time but it is great that the USC one C Steve Davis forensic got him for getting it in him in about two month turnaround. And tenth faster the best heavyweight fight were all excited for Dion there while rivers is at the Dodgers again it'll do it. We need a little bit more content that's put known in the cooker. Although we can't do it next and then maybe have a rematch that's in the cooker now we and to put that. We've to have that slocum a little bit let that simmer a little bit and then. We'll get that fight they are fantastic. So spew a boxing and you have seen this happen this week it's a Dana White is making the rounds this week. And he is going and you know undisputed. And all those other UT MZ although all the promotion that he does to trying to be bullish in mind as I was. With what Dana White. This this desk Floyd Mayweather. You know there was a while we were on vacation and Floyd Mayweather came and yet these statements that. You know if I wanted to like it have a multi fight deal with the UC make a billion dollars. And so Dana then comes out and he says well yeah we're actually weren't weren't taught to tell his Kenya or talks of Floyd. About being in the octagon and you never know. And then the then. Floyd to Madonna goes I never said that I was gonna do and I said you know I could if I wanted to I could I could come back and and and do it make you billion dollars. And you don't have a pretty successfully OC run to make that happen. But let's just say our Floyd let's let's play into that that that case and to make a billion dollars being in the UFC look. I figure Floyd Mayweather and you do want to give him the money that is the move to go that that is the move to do there's not a vita boxing right now. Where I think Floyd Mayweather. Can do the business that he do account McGregor if you look at do ridiculous business again. You gotta do you got to have them fight in the US sick. And if he wants to do that you gotta I gotta McGregor. And so that he go 11 if you were to do this deploy if what did wanna make a billion dollars here's what I would. I go Floyd. Oh there you fight John Macgregor and I probably gonna get disaster. Then. I have Floyd Mayweather fight CM punk in his second fight if you go to multi fight deal. You win that fight but he beat CM Bob. So now Floyd got a USC went under his belt now you do the Connor rematch multi fight deal and that's how you get to it if you wanna do. But it seems like all these meetings in this. This store used as Dana is looking to get into boxing. He's doing the zoo for boxing. And he is trying to get embedded seems like with. Al Hayman and Floyd Mayweather promotions. Which can use that direction certainly. You know he never you never see Floyd Mayweather really doing guards by himself. Kind of just a brand laid off what millions of Floyd Mayweather fighter in you know he's got amounted Davis and a couple of other guys but it's not really a thing you know you know it's Ian Floyd actually put anybody on licences and Elizabeth Lloyd is fighting on that card. And you know he's got some guys on under his brand that are fighting in. On on his sim card other than that nobody looks and says all well this is all that a presentation by Mayweather promotions not really a thing. But. If Dana war is trying to get into. Boxing. That is the one corner where he could say well we got the Mayweather brand. With zoo for boxing when of the relatives. Then what the only thing that I the only thing that both these mile to defuse the gonna do that is. Okay says it could be Mayweather boxers against USC guys is it going to be his data promoting Mayweather is guys and he's kind of the operation had he's gonna be their actual. Don King if you will for this and not Mayweather. Yeah that's that's all penalties in the empty rivets on it doesn't seem like the the the Floyd the FC thing has legs not that it really ever did. If not for for a few hours on social media of people just saying no one if you know but. It was a little bit too the idea of old news and all the ships that. The role of Floyd Mayweather. Would have limited with a one of the a city like well it's that was in there about what if would have gone we never thought he was going to be in a boxing. It doesn't seem like it's anything there seemed nothing more than just. That just a little cross promotional meeting and and that's were out with that so. Don't look to see Floyd Mayweather and an octagon a constant all of us to put it past. Ford didn't bag you know by sir I just don't think that star is out there right now for him to fight. You know he's still needs somebody to emerge and and really be that. That that guy compatible to major payday and I don't bigots out there right now you know maybe you watch a lot of different talks up to the canal over Connecticut lofted a rematch. ABBA for right now it's not there it's not their Floyd Mayweather. And been a source demand that was our. That was that's 48 team that was a Tony seventeen that was our that was our years at thought the offense has to differ boxing USC very consistent obviously have some star trolls that have come McGregor in the octagon at all this year. Had John Jones pop after his awesome performance which kind of stunk. But I had a good couple of interviews towards Dennis thing. And it built into us getting off to things with a monster day review you see two to one week in a couple weeks. Can't wait for that and yeah below continue rolled all will be move on to our our time of 10 o'clock. Next week's sell you guys who regularly tune to a set nine. Will be on a little bit later next week as we are after every single football season you just get the awkward pregame show there will get you ready. For dolphins and bills next.