The Real Tarzann Interview w/ TLB 1-2-18

Tuesday, January 2nd

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Backstop there on these two if you're on the fingers together. And it's. Very exciting so we've got we've been obsessed the one thing now for a good while on our show and for good reason that's awesome. What I mean there's a lot of stores and in coming up lately like him in South Florida they're like borrowing under people's houses the solid the Shawmut toilets. And with the alleged do we through a pretty soon is like they're gonna do basically the bow constrictor thing on the Burmese python thing with a gonna send people out. And they try to take these things out. Now what my spirit is here M accounts out there right now is the real Tarzan. No real ties and get to Indiana Tarzan and that's a guest and follow. But it. This guy's a wizard he's like. He's like next Steve Irwin that's like that's that's that's way that's the things he's able to do with different kinds of creatures. He calls into the trees nannies like out there itself slowly wrote. In the eagle orange ones too we haven't announced on those that the as the dominant ones he's your idol I mean it is amazing bare handed them. The trees like it's not them so the hotels and joins us in studio thank you for joining us men much appreciate immigrants who have grown. How the hell did you get into this. I started off of inaugural four years old go with an upsets me animals especially with them. And then you know court what zero Zuma out of my whole life took so that is today you know and I just kept growing as I got older that's crazy that's grids so but what went into it. When I believe the fascination with the iguana thing go down because that was like I find it so we're late you're you're out there and your -- able to define them. In the little habitats late in the trees in the water I saw you yesterday like Q range. It takes over which you can have total what do Mike given the play by play if you pick. He pops. Outside the turnpike where the hell you were yesterday and just like. Off the Wallach Spiderman and get the damn one of us easy. These things they're everywhere may have brought. Your backyard not he's gonna go. Yeah. Nevada he's getting in the secret letters. Of secret other secret letters no business agree layers talent and there are different pockets there's more iguana than usual right. Blood on my phone call us agree later I feel like they're out there for Austin see and I don't to hide Mona I'm telling you like he he's seeing him in the Muddy Waters. I'll see in the Muddy Waters. Obama down trying to get on trying to get hung on. And fast. We made it actually JC one. You have chase to now because this one has Livan and a on the back in my canal and then those ones get real cocky sit in the front lawn. He's like all the songs this was Bethlehem get in the scale and in my hands on the scales let's go and he's like. June brings the water gone so. Yeah. Adam Knight says he's smarmy and you know how you outsmart the equity well. What what does it got. That extra yeah it does. Examine the most athletic people on the world yes anonymous when it comes people. Compared to animals they album via matches physically and day. You know the fact that those are stronger than those not smarter than us over got the boring you know summer is a dummies. There today and again that's on their heating up you know you guys and the reptiles are radical bought it yet so these glasses soaking that some hopeful energy in those little fat jaws and decorum does Arafat. That's Marshall. You know so when they see us doing okay how was she would chase me home golf. I know you want to have to collective team that's going about an hour and in now pretty fair whoa yeah hold on so wait the helix impossible so much Superman. Yeah that the that you like it was an engine warm up so it was custom night yeah yeah. It's exactly well it's. In the western suburbs. Could possibly with the wind chill maybe get down into that. Icy cold Thursday night Tobin. This has particular test she'd normally get a handle on an elite for your first 10. You should just get one that's like asleep. I am I don't know it is just go until it is what does it mean that is easy all. We went up all well and we will probably know here that. Aaliyah at the dead frozen state of frozen like it was 7065 degrees seventy degrees which is cold. They seem become they Waco they see the light. They take off brokerage or Rainwater does Lacey because in the water yes you look on the water. I wanna go on the what's tricky part. So the real presidency it's not a big hole is so what is what are what is the biggest danger we're dealing with here with the iguana and the catching scenarios that clause tale as teeth. What is it what is mud what is the big thing I have to look out for your biggest dangerous technical on us isn't that you go on as his fall in the water. In a canal where it looks like he's too feelings actually sixty console mode and you get stuck. But ago. And not you worried about possibly other animals in the us the watermelon. So like you or by any animals we we know you miscarriage and ones which pretty we see pictures we're tigers and was close and Michael is an animal vehicles and would have liked it's I don't know man is this so many out there you know I mean because you Butte taking a bath with Emma condom. Which is that if that's that you pat via. And you don't exist if you would Obama he almost perils bombing them actually really here would you vote would you feed him if he'd reverence. Episode and highest. Peaks on 888. Bugs her how often if it happened a few moments of two months. I'll also wanted to Italy's six rabbits a year and it's a. Lleyton. We're just and the house regularly lazy always in the mass public I don't know about of the legislative joke you know but it does go about to block. Among friends actually have now while delay and they have a big ranch at their house budget animals you know. So they have lemurs and other snakes and stuff like that he's over there we do a unique way of doing demand item like O line and more counsel Nancy Graham I think it's one of the best things of this program I think it's really it's pretty much at past models it's not doubts and his animal attacks everything's on sick and and you're you're interacting with them in a different way as sort of the ultimate goal later you look into BLU says Steve it was finally do you want Nat geo. The real Tarzan were going after all of those things and any network you know course in open and that GO discovery reason so I watched growing up you know. And now I don't animosity among six or seven years. Besides you know my favor shall our flexible now for the finals other than that I don't want TV because it's not an on there. Not saying you can give us two were again that of course you know that they've had a letter comes out every. Blue moon you know not so you certainly got some kind of a different interaction with them it's a weird. Love that honestly between you like he's only. The the the the creatures and melodies seem to hold them in the army and a different way is up to it could be the difference off Freeman. Him and eleven do Islam as my life okay and now this has whats the worse. They miss absentee you do with him on the boards immediately an hour ago actual boy. By eight and and what it is fair to call I've been thousands of times by remove thousands a group and reptiles show you know and I workload to show. Non government and employers and there's so it's all a venomous bit with your poisons that simulate in Justin. Venomous injected so have you and I go boom all of poisonous things that the that the wrong term have you gotten a bit. Lincoln he needed to go get anti venom now I know he just kind of animated probably teller has he missed his missed the finger. Hope so that was a guy incidentally at all I saw a guy he's and what that is. So that way you visited fingered as your tattoos up his right index finger that's county that red green and I hope it's still nice. That eleventh looking overlap so what are low. McMillan just plywood or employee as he was that he was taking him on cleaner tomorrow. And on and I'm not sure what they do it for yourself. Was. Sort of the obstacles in his wayward rookie what is he facing yes as a beginner. I mean you don't feel the way. Some scratched from the clothes from not knowing how to hold them the right way with the proper time for wanna catch and he's no worse than doing compress like Fallujah Aaliyah. Everything we are gonna tank top and we use isn't sure really doing his thing on call because they gave it seems like during your round in these things up Willy Nilly every night would you guys is nothing new avenues like four years like every night I feel like we need a road trip. Our field trip I mean doom him. We should do I think we should do. Enough for you to sit on the holy caller you're much to do not know the two must diligently so much to talk about in the winter that we don't we don't do well I think. Okay is going though Beckham. Net and on hand Nene. By keeping ketchup and wool I'll be happy to want to reflect the musketeers were awful wanna want for all mental got rock and he can go confront would probably eat one. Run with the odd looking like the McKesson and wanna first trip. It's a pretty good thing we have the we have had extra security Campbell rough all yeah loads. Apparently the car will be odd what. We just never dealt just I I tell. Britain's public debate about what happens. I did not like you knew you try to putting one in my face is good in bed. Just the and here we just let will barbecue Sweeney's on the hood of the car now a bit and I'll watch you guys lose a limb. We're gonna lose I lose anywhere and their best to the register and yes the vegetarians. Are sad. The other 10 lets out a little leagues yet how meantime oh boy you guys and apparel to the editor you know and I'm a competitor to. So I'm trying to do you he always you know that's a sub Tyrone is his only if you put its if you don't go out there was a lake all content Darryl dye and Jennifer and intricately well let's is it real. And so he's he's going up to lose ball earlier this is that realities. Oh my goodness I yelled at me I don't get to beat what Alison. And they might go end. They're the real deal I'm Merrill the real regard and and I'm forever and people are married I don't know. There are a little bit. And it. The way of over it as big gap. The U Libby doesn't get it out bit Sutton have been in the you've got to take able to his wife so. I'm yet to go to war movies. Where's that that there's not one guy that week I finally get to kill somebody just runs out with a gun and he's the first from the get killed your that I guy that's it. Look over enthusiasm. All along I don't give the green one. You deal aren't immune those things I did another world on the grounds of until this year than those things are awesome. Odds but I would like it to be over over a generous size and knows it's not over certain quality you're gonna make fun they. So I needed I needed to be a girth the iguana. All of the color and he yet you know just. Camille want to tax me to two minutes in bringing a budget to shut yes Jane first question what do you do with the eagle on that he had to. Well they go to different homes room country's eyes to other to take care. Definitely people call you referred. Please do you know albeit a program that the real Tarzan do I have a few FaceBook groups remain there. But I think once so people that actually know. About the clothes. There in that group parties like 30000 people saw a post update I got this for sale. For this price which is super duper cheap or the bunker but the morning. You know motives and the bed taking him out early as the seems to be no plans are now that there's are killing them to my team and each you know. Here's another one which is due to worry about poop in the you don't take total Mona. What you don't put people because a token the pilots to tow line. Well zealot in great optics are going in instruments. That. You. Don't Cuba. Thought about it I listened to man. With these were growing up on the form. It's different like the Beverly Hillbillies and definitely after didn't understand those old state road eight people understand how did tell us a good as I mean I'm all you. It is they are you know is the best broke. Import the airport here at a spot right by. A few. Spots like Richard and everywhere Amanda it is ridiculous. I'd just like his days in the bag over their common like trust present night well LeRoy and I'll be in the carcass on you have to have engine running for one we've taken to Brower Memorial Day here whatever the agony and I think we should do that's. I think we should do this do the real Tarzan thank you for joining us there and there are a lot of drama stars and as you have news one of the best and ceramic towns out there you guys learn some thing you'll have some great entertainment daily the real Tarzan on to would have to ends on Tarzan at the end. Minions have followed them throughout the link as well I think it was somebody but the margin and revenue grew back up to this.