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Tuesday, January 2nd

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It's not it's 2008 the analysts. Please as it pertains to our little radio show here Curtis is fresh produce here for an audio and try to get rid of the birds. Supplies so we've just we've thought of on this and the police are back for the first week of 2008 teams and those incriminating totals were due largely review Internet and the Internet sit there. Anyway there are no good way to demonstrate it allows in his -- we allies to get to a weekend that was were at or a day lay MBA and a dollar short to start to speaking of some of the games last night only here in this augment. The earlier and asked me of how I ended the 2017 on that front perk there was it was a bloodbath here with the NFL week seventeen which you have no idea Edwards seventeen. I like yeah I like here's a. Oh we don't have here's the thing they will do look here's the thing that I did was do I do it it's. All they have no idea who's playing correct that's the first round OK are you a yes for companies like you Gregor trying to handicap as it is very. That if your dog fantasy football yes let's do that way as this exhibit that. If you got Tom Toms mentioned rob is murder bells and an active you know and any of the win that game no. So but here's here's what's going on you have. All these teams are just playing random dudes like the dolphins just quarterback Joseph and then the teams that needed to win. Which we're going to you know what to the Walton had buffalo. Well for the most part all seems lost yeah Baltimore Paulson had Casilla off. Let go in there and all they need again and in the need to get away they get beat leg weeks or team. Baltimore what a crushing loss at all more than 1244. Seconds left in lives and our coal and you give up the touchdown CU you don't. Don't nice here right now are easier thanks to some variety I'll Obama mania. And twelve I mean it was just like what is going on here. And then that we had to games last night perk which which. The Rose Bowl is amazing that there was there was there was so much fun no sugars just a celebration of Alabama's dominance right. Sugar was a boring game and it was in flick in the third quarter with the with the a move to de sounds a successor to Zachary. Noses and then that was today and that was with Alabama. I going to be in an algorithmic game I'll admit but -- elements of the Buell right right before halftime so. They were apparently never really on kind of they've really gotten it going in other words read that late second quarter. And through the murdered and in the fourth quarter was just Clemson you don't down twenty or streets yet passed but Al Alabama's dominant. I'll tell you this gap. Watching those two games it occurred to me that these college football selection committee got it right. They lost to Auburn in the Iron Bowl. But I opening. UCF. Wisconsin. Ohio State or USC or anybody else could've made a better representation and any of those fourteens. Well I mean the debate today the and it's a good 1 is Central Florida yes because they have this thing. In their loss column which is a number zero yeah. And nobody else in the country has that. And they just beat the de facto SEC champions just mention Auburn who beat Alabama and Georgia for that matter most are playing for the national championship in Monday nights in the they'd be both of those schools Auburn did and they just. Beat Auburn on a neutral field. So what would you say to that. I would say that. I respect Central Florida but I don't respect you enough to put two in the final work because this league because Florida. Com yeah I got a better as that's correct AN because. Not not only because. Partly because your Central Florida but partly because those from what I saw this year from the other teams. You couldn't have beaten them there's a there are. There I guess there are years were a group would have put a Boise State Horry Central Florida in this was not one of those years. That that's what I say to and indeed on the practical side of it. You know this this playoff system is designed to keep the money in the power by conferences they don't want. The central Florida's and western Michigan's and Boise State's. Coming in and instilling some of their money from the power by conferences. May want to keep the money. But thought I would say to that promote financial standpoint it's very unrealistic. That Betty non power by team gets in. From a practical standpoint yeah I do think that there years how summed up this would be spot where the show that I am I wouldn't mind seeing it. A little bit more inclusive. I don't think that in most years anybody outside of the top born college football has a chance to win. But when it's more inclusive like the college basketball tournament you do seed Butler and George Mason and Virginia commonwealth in the final four. They earned their way in and soul. That's where I would say that my argument is flawed because perhaps Central Florida was good enough and they never got a shot. But I would say in most years my argument is solid at Dole's range. You have none no answers your I want to Alex and target at my watch fire resistant to Florida games that you put in any of these teams. Yeah I look I don't believe that opportunity like a three I just say well see I don't think it exposed by any means no no no they didn't. They didn't that's all that's all my point is an legged bomb them. I understand whether there are a little bit frustrated yeah I don't offer whenever I was there are they should be they have a case. Now they've played Alabama schedule orbit played USC's schedule article thirteen and oh probably not pulled Evernote that. Point is that they were. They matched up against Auburn and they went toe to toe and beat them on neutral field. And you can't tell me that they can't they would not have match W semi of the four of fourteen to five teams are sixteen. We're rose to a thrown their USC. Or Wisconsin admirals you feel. Was on the outside looking in the problem of what was at a Florida is that we're so far behind all your nobody gave them any sort of love. Mr. Picard and and then the crew would like good odds of rhetorical months ago they could boost the right he's right it good are always fifteen. In the in the coaches in the India committees told there are always 151617. To fourteen or is Celek they were nine and then they kind of okay they have a little Sergio they can move up here during the rankings there always so far behind there's nobody everyone just dismiss them. And I think they at least prove some of those detractors wrong they should have as good as anybody else in the country by the president of I have no idea to the beat Alabama. Probably not. But do they deserved to be in that in that group I think they did I think they've proved that. Would you put an end. Yeah fourteen you have. They'll over the sport and that's that's what I say there's certain years where I would look at a team look Boise State beat Oklahoma right on the statue of liberty play and that was a big time Oklahoma team. But come in in most years. I would not put them in. This is one of those years where I would not have put the Mir and let's say acting college football selection committee got it right. Would those final four. I understand you CF being pissed off even more than frustrated being pissed off. Everything that is because they're they're central floor that's correct that's correct that's the reason not because that is correct or frauds or will they cannot celebrate it. Hillary's is because there there's the biased against the non power schools. And even in an end in most years that's a correct bias. 100 animals yeah a bit this year they they might have been able to I don't know I I I don't know but I'm telling you. I would not put them in Boca but I could say watching them play that they've played their way in the country. That and that's fine that's fine so I mean they think they beat him in the country right if you but yeah yep you like best led to me that's the standard digital paying with. Could you hang with anybody in the final war producing yet not beat him could you hang with them right you know edit it. Maybe they go to. And I'd I wouldn't put me and can't they be insolvent media ultimate selection committee got an Oreo I would have put me in Central Florida alarms out there and got a huge alumni base so yeah we salute them and they're all fired up today they should be that's it's analyses and and an again. It if this was like college basketball that maybe they would have been the Virginia commonwealth or the regular hours many markets this that we can't the media cycle before you have 68 teams this for. Right up you wanna go to eight than have added I was glad I don't twelve and I don't think diet. I don't even I don't even like that I I liken it more I think the the port seems usually in college football are the ones who have the chance to win the title once you get beyond that. You know you're you're just on a spinning your wheels. So I I like the pork either you expand it to six number sevens and have an argument if you expanded to eight. Number nine has an argument is those like in college basketball books for 68 number 69 has an argument number seven he has an ardent. At least the gets watered down like number seven and number eight or number nine are gonna have a loss or two. That's the only thing yeah I may go back to my my biggest criteria is polls. Etc. that I lose. But I can understand why their little meet me yeah about everything and didn't let it again. The power by conference is no one known power by a team floundered in the money and a lot of people usher in the SEC wants an SEC national championship and that's exactly. Oil we have it before you continue on that front delegate to the dolphins in the heat and everything. That took place over the holiday weekend let's get the 4 o'clock headlines. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami and W exact fix HD true mirror. ARAMARK. The Miami Heat are off tonight they host Detroit tomorrow night Jeter currently nineteen and seventeen. And in seventh place in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Miami Dolphins ended their season six sincerely with Sunday's loss against buffalo. Dolphins' second in the enough spill and penalties with a 137. Second in the end up bill in penalty yards 1154. Fifteenth ranked U women's basketball team all tonight McCain's at twelve and one overall one in though in the ACC. Visit Georgia say tomorrow. As we talked about its Alabama against Georgia on Monday in the college football national championship game from Atlanta. Alabama playing in its sixth title game in the last nine years. Georgia trying to win its first title since 1980. When they had Herschel Walker finally Florida Panthers at Minnesota at 8 o'clock tonight bones ordered it or are. Got a budget tax on this and you can die text the show hourly miserable miserable day here in here in South Florida so be be. He be aware of the roadways out roadways out there in the the weather and everything's and please don't Texan drive put publisher does text and a few anything on your mind send it on and at 67974. On the Coral Springs Beaumont at tech site. I agree that those ports in terms of the cultural ball well. But cereals like Wisconsin make me think that the system to be expand the six teams. Protects rights in central Florida's better in the Oklahoma only culpable and you win your division in Akron playoff high school or the NFL. Also a lot of. So basically believe Central Florida letting get in because they're toughest games were against a South Florida in Memphis. Both those games were like mobile shootout when I'm 42 of those and the knew was those in the fifth season now is their defense that I mean. They lost the chance to to play Georgia Tech which was washed way to the storm in Irma so I was on their schedule. But there's a reason they put in this. Sort of caveat to to satisfy the non power five schools is that the your six ball game. And that's kind of supposed to be it further but you're gonna to Baghdad and then it. That that's all it gets you like you're you'll take that and you'll you'll either annual like right we'll celebrate you know that was your noggin the only target Norman right if your Houston a couple of years ago you grab the peach bowl play for a stay and play well a great game there. You can if you're Boise State if draws a team that Arnie. You can go give your power five pass but you're not getting into the VIP party which is the college football playoff and l.'s no. And and here there's another sex same day same thing UCL a played no one all year any team in the top ten at UCF schedule they also would have been undefeated. That's that's going to beside the point to me Tom UCF did it and in impressive fashion right. I mean they would they were scorn on people in and they believe they have the type of Austrians have the type of Balkans where you think. If they if they get down and they could they still have a chance to come back it's. It's not like there's some mom slow plodding team that that it can't do it quickly that can strike quickly so. I. I understand their frustration but thumb. The only reason they're not in is because there in something called the American athletic conference that is all. Let's let's. Mostly Trulia and look. They again I bring up the caveat BP language in the kind of the mandate to the college football selection committee. That you were selecting these four best scenes. Not the war most deserving. It's the four best teams and that leaves you room to discriminate. Against the non power by James right I wouldn't say yes yep they did mother have a nice record but they're not one of the poor bet they aren't as good as. The four that we select it and so that. You know that language which I which I kept saying would be used to discriminate against Wisconsin. An undefeated Wisconsin even if if if if there was equals minister there was some kind of but it had but it. It discriminates against non Powell by schools. Until about who is the team that everyone questioned getting in Alabama and thereabouts with a national serious they are they're fair to a masters and armaments yes they are. Yeah they are on everybody gets the save I don't I a lot of look I'll pick the two losers get so. Yeah we agreed to with Yahoo! yeah that's for a lot of for a second. Up well as all right with with with Oklahoma I do I do love the way that Georgia runs the ball as you know me I'm an old school soul mate Chubb and and Sony Maceo. You know you've you've got a freshman quarterback and you're just running you're just running just Griffin off forty yard or on the fifty yard ruins and 75 yard just I mean. Absolutely I love that style I love this outlook. We both picked Oklahoma that we both picked Clemson yet so for more more keen insights they tunes as we yeah. At college and enter the goblins that they wrap of their season in the canes as well next here on 79 minutes ago. Oh. Tennis in order to win the you have to dig through upcoming game a quarter as Miami technologies garnering your local South Florida technology company for all your business needs visit them online at a quarter score dot com. Plus what opener called the outcome of the most cast now for your future structured settlement or a lot of repayments call 833 my vault him and Lauderdale BMW refined proud members of the home and automotive group he listening to the ticket to win your way into a huge gains. Peter off again tonight tool we got that humidity will get a little bit later on as we're going to be all over the place here for the next couple hours we a lot of stuff to. Got to get to and our minds might wander here in the air because there's a lot of. A year we're like we're like little kids yeah that walk by the store and got the big balloon man distracted by every and you can and there are only Ryan who okay flashing lights parent site and on your or racquets you you know yeah and you just memorize because there's like Yeltsin will out of my hand okay detained Saturday and I old. Bigger mayfield yesterday dolphins yesterday all the coach got fired and just there's there's so many things. The ringgit two Adam Beason are NFL in Miami Dolphins insiders who stopped by the that's a cemented at around at around 522 Miami Hurricanes by the way hurricane. Just couple quick notes here some of defections here. A daring Owens is gonna transferred. Ryan finds deep sea within the play alive he's not also at DJ Johnson. The defensive end from Sacramento was a very highly. Sought after recruit has announced that he wants to let transferring he's you're suite was two back home got homesick what have you. That's that's that's one I'd bet I'd like to keep him around you know but I understand that you know this happens every of the defections but so just a couple of things as you're gonna hear couple of those names there so I wanted to get that out of the way but the Miami Hurricanes. I thought it was gonna be Notre Dame 2.0 little bit fourteen to three. Love speed I thought the energy in the building parked there and I give Wisconsin a lot of cred it and I knew they were good I don't know how good. I there are their poise was tested it and they certainly responded. And they came back in just and just. You know wobbled wilds Miami F I was gonna go the other way for awhile there. They they they earned my respect of that means anything to the bad here or there or anybody really but I thought he had thought UN SP was gonna get. Was gonna get Wisconsin. And if it wasn't the speed. It would be a combination of the speed in the big play ability. That put her retains them both sides of the ball and Wisconsin was steady and they were they were as good as advertised as steady as advertised. So hum give aid they came in the better team clearly want to hoping to anybody would would dispute that so. And grads who two Wisconsin are still don't believe you belonged in the final board but you prove that you were better than and Miami. And a legitimate do you represented your conference what the Big Ten Graham de Michigan. Mean you shouldn't they they stunk it up in South Carolina and everybody else when they're games there were several someone new in bowl season if you wanna go by who has the now the good thing conversation about who has. The best conference there's no yes you know it's only SEC because I whose plan for the nationals are sure. So like all that Big Ten you know undefeated stuff before Michigan lost Beckham went out the window with Georgia and Alabama when he last last night. What's give back to McCain's corner brook graph Wisconsin I thought he was average the idea giving him his life yet that was unbelievable accuracy result amount in Miami. Taylor did a good job generally realized he was pretty yeah like the corner I was average Dallas story broke was not he wasn't he he wasn't going to win the game for you clearly again when you give a scorer in Portland general was as accurate yeah. Whose ultimate. You squeeze in some of those balls in and I was like how how how does he get that ball in that tight window right ports to relax. Another game we got four receptions I will say or don't know Lawrence 11 Wisconsin game McKinney remember who it was. It was early in the season and and then numb he was he would say he India in the championship game. Big Ten championship but yet he was he was on target and our bottom line is they lose the last three yanks does that take Susan away from the season. No I think it's. To show you how. Different. Scenes can be. Both the dolphins and McCain's end on three game losing streak to writing their. You look at their seasons totally different right attain still had a Goodyear than they want coastal they played ended in the ACC championship. Dalton's huge disappointment both in them three game losing streaks but adult that the seasons but note the view was that outlook the review whatever you wanna say. Totally different chains were success. Often worth failure so to me that detains three game losing streak. It shows you still got work to do. As far as I don't know what you call it maturity or seasoning you can't overlook them yet lose that game. But the last two games you slaw better tools to Clemson Clemson and and Wisconsin. It's in their comeback that's again you wanna have been. Or eczema represents our tonight. And and mild passive experiences and I guess that among other well hole in re crazy I I'd I thought I. I thought I saw that right away did did the right tackle. Com with rip holes on an unmet on that played by. Yeah the refs whatever it does not the reason Wisconsin one. And and sold at there at their word you know I I. I didn't notice the holding. On on the opens of line as much as in the secondary. Or you know sensitive. It's voting oath that whatever yeah and that I saw mark who loses his bleep yeah and and rightfully so and he got low you know criticized for that and that's. Certainly not not his type of demeanor but here's a coach and say after that. Well this is the hypothetical okay. The balls in here to finish best was yet a lot of contact before the ball gets there that's was being legal. Okay when when the guys rushing the passer and is about to get to the quarterback and somebody grabs and keeps them from getting there right from the official. Begin this is a hypothetical situation. Okay that's vessels deal out either. Over over. And over in my opinion so that's just how I feel right this minute and show them cooled. And he issued an apology via Twitter and how they went out through their media relations them and sure that are going knows about it yeah and it did not look good on TV. I mean he was he was hot. Yeah goblet dolls and SEC crew. I don't know if there's any history there of the SEC crew were not seeing him being from Georgia yes and poorly at Georgia he was. I got a problem that's a guy that you're gonna fight for your kids you're gonna land for your coaches fight for your team in your fan base if you think you're getting screwed. I did say they miss the budget calls. On my innocent here and say Miami's got a job during my dad deck crew was not good. Yeah studies reported out and and bricks. You know what Rick's blow up wasn't. It wasn't anything embarrassing if it wasn't like Jarvis Landry continued Drake being objective. And the dolphins bills game that was embarrassing. Rick was a guy who was frustrated he was fighting for his players fighting for his team he would lose the game for them by any stretch with that penalty. And so I don't think he he apologized I don't think he has any paying to have you know it wasn't. That that happened CD how does not like that double as a coach. The train and I don't I don't get it people criticize but how do you not like a guy that's that passionate and this is not just that it's a Miami guy. And I go is anybody. Any coach how do you know you where you're going you're gonna fight for your guys especially with me. Rick has signed a label of always mr. nice guy he's you know he's not going to do any thing. He's this he's got the nice guy label right right so. I got no problem showing that other side in a big time spot when it's certainly deserved and he feels like take. We're getting we're getting there were on the wrong end of allow these calls here and that's unacceptable real problem without. No I don't either and and again he didn't lose the game warm. I don't think the revs won the game Wisconsin so to me is it's a coach who's pissed off. It's either the moment. He's frustrated he saw something that went on out there which I assume again was that was. Hey I hold bothered by the Wisconsin right tackle I assume that's what he was. What's on tomorrow. The top gas the teenager that even though the major thing that has the tools and those bore hole golf digest about article on Trent hair correct correct entry and errors that's right. That's sort of blossomed him over the top so yeah. Not and didn't. That's that's out of character for re so it's not like he's hot he would who's always. Doing this and put this team in a bad situation it's not like at all. I added mind that it's not a big deal Altman not. Not an rather have that in the coaches this crosses arms this Harold stern well I'd I'd rather have a coast be himself if that's if you're the guys appear the Tom Landry type bird lack of a more modern example. You know when you don't get excited don't. Dear I don't mean you're not frustrated doesn't mean you're not fighting pure player be yourself for that was out of character richt. But again it wasn't like it embarrassed the university I would like you lost the game right he is just another he's been human. There's a lot of coaches the may have to Tony Dungy I mean yeah I judges went up what needs to be made mean Rick Rick certainly made did not and I was you know happened formally go and you go after in. And did their Lotta love Logitech thrown in on this pressures are your numbers are wrong. Three loss in a row on which to Pitt puts a huge shadow on the year left to wonder about our coaching or realize that this was. His second year on our and our record in the and look decent but if you look at the fact that we lost straighter or combined with the fact that not only is Georgia not missed him but has prospered greatly in his living. As you wonder what he's really doing that good a job or lose just smoke and mirrors. That's another good question that we bring up. George and that is national championship. And on ox on mark was she could not win the big game got this when your when your when your when your fifteen years at Georgia when you play a lot of big games. Pain you're gonna lose some of those and hand of the relatives and it gives them the whatever that is a lot of a lot of other coaches granted. Problem to say that he chokes in the big games or ridiculous or can't win a big game I don't you this to perk you'll realize if the courage and I know this is ifs and buts. But if we're in the current system. That we were how many times Mark Richt on the college while play. At George. I don't know. At the elementary Tanya he had I don't know I added I was always five euros or that it looked on the got it right and tall you can get to two is always on the outside looking in it was always for five cities abroad there. So yes he never won a national championship. He lost some big games will be played a lot of big games and gotten to lob against I look at it. Positively. That Georgia's in the national championship you. Rick I think you did you permanently transferred from firm for the future of Miami that you've got the right guy here for the job I look at it. Oh he recruits only recently came down here zone and got Sony Michelle. He's got chubby he's got the he's got all those players are now playing for the national championship do you agree. That that is a positives and that's the. Positive spin yes I I think their could be legitimate concern that low concern Uga Uga raised the question of while we would would Mark Richt had this team in the national championship that he was still a Georgia. And can he win the big gains could he have good view of combat in beaten Oklahoma. You can raise that question but I don't think it has much to do wit. Miami I'm not I'm not sure that I agree with the hum. Well Mark Richt couldn't win the big when he couldn't he couldn't get them sued the to the national championship game. But I don't think that that means he's a bad code for he's a coach incapable. Of winning the big when he has not done it and I think you can deadly raid a legit question though. You know would he have the MD eighty here but you wimp fans don't have to worry about that I don't think it. I don't think that Georgia going means hello you know mark ray C they get them out of there in the team gets better well that I don't think that that's necessarily what it's me. OK and no where is that question affair but if you ask me I just exit about eagle yes Georgia he got out of there than essence yeah. You can you can definitely 100% raise that question for me this is your look Miami's future I'd rather have short of that Georgia. Winning. This year with it with the goal at six in the mix of mineral Dell's market or composing worker the last two years yeah I three years ago I looked that way. Yeah I actually don't really think it has anything to do with any being because you're in a different place now you're geared. You're your Mark Richt and you know you have a different opportunity now in which he did at Georgia. Isn't isn't really it has really nothing to do it if he fails here you will the end I would you know then I would tell look. We weren't here he is prospering now but perky or how that works of Butch Davis gets credit for their national chair or not Larry Coker right in the fans' eyes yeah. In the medium sized as well it's honored over resonate but bush put all the guys together. Dennis searching gets gets has championship on the red Wright Jimmie Johnson gets credit for for leaving that Stockton there. Yeah and blood sometimes the new coach does come in and he gets it he puts it together bill spinal stats but. Again if I am a Georgia man. I can look at Mark Richt and say good we got him out a year he could never win the big one Obama you will man I'm not necessarily looking at Mark Richt and going. Boy he had all those good players and he could never win the big I'm encouraged Obama you're limping and I don't think that the Georgia playing. Has anything to do with his performance here will way or the other. I'd like to get to a lot of big ones. Yeah that it's a new little man and it's happens that that's right amount on the as I'd like to. Let's get to a bunch of big ones. You have to you have to zero ES TQ sorry bye bye he winning your division in the and you wins being U stack up to ACC titles. Dominion take off dislike it when it's a big ones I don't we go but it's actually it's that's a seven nights of a 467974. Locals from Oman it's excellent at a reasonable into the other pressing dolphins' season. Yes three in a row. Gains gains of the funnier man it was a blast everything was was of the fun factor of a chart off not so much will give that one as we move forward right here awesome and I do take. Terribly disappointed that I mean you know season's start a road where three injuries and there are. They're here were pretty certain quarterback. You know we look forward to next season and won't be adjustments to endure here you throw as much as I put into a team and trying to do all the right things to end the don't hockey not be disappointed are you lose the excuse me. Well caught drunk that's one thing. So I believe mingle and things my problems on this season. Carson Burk back with you here. First day back at work really for for a lot of folks in 2018. In Munis are covered for two roadways are probably chill out their solar one be safe relax. We'll get your way you need to be going here to sit back relax and and will hold trying to. Take you take you around a treacherous highways of South Florida in in style and in relief here. Friday is a particular football front he's got a playoff edition coming up is that my bombing Charlie all season long you ready for the playoff games. Injury updates keys that game and more Palmer Charlie they're always an and one draft pick. Plus why is the public adjusters and Mark Roman grove Alexa North Miami football Friday the playoffs and ends of a nanny and a from 1043. AG to the Syrian that here as we move later on in the week perk. But I usually the divisional round games are released or really shade or wat are we can really shading. It actually pretty good picture looks looks pretty decent. When I thought it might be as much in the AFC. Going to be some really bad that is a bad it was a born to Larry I am imagine look pretty in the NFC. Well me will get to all those little bit later on. In the week let's get to your Miami Dolphins perk you that you cover in earnest young and Stephen Ross Wilson has spoken these missiles we tomorrow everyone's history tomorrow as far as that the the blue. I know that I know that some days Greer and Tim ball or speak and tomorrow those of garrido you'll only hear anybody Korea great as those are the decision maker so. Will will see what they have to say I imagine that a big team is going to be. Com why a lot of their top players did not perform as expected. And what what they think they can do to to correct that for next season so. You're talking about guys like Dovonte Parker and Kiko Alonso. And Lawrence Timmons. And Julius Thomas and Jay Cutler. And guys who you. You know whether you thought they were good be good players or not. Am speaking of Cutler specifically on why they did not perform up to the coaches expectations. And how do you address that going forward from there position and were from that player Jay Cutler won't be here are right so the quarterback position. You know we look we're gonna have questions about running into an annual rite weathered. Whether he made the right decision and in not getting the surgery and how wide do you trust now. You know that that the knee is going to be fine and do you need to get a you know how do you address the back up quarterback position. There's DO DD get a veterans such as a man more or do you draft somebody ally in the say in the second round and and start to groom them so we've got a lot of questions for the. And I will dispute that I have a lot of questions the fan base has lot of courtroom. But like on the Cutler stuff. Like do you I mean I know you're gonna get into did you wanna get a stirred up there and that's the way that's where you operate. Yeah Zoho. But like the jade colored thing it is just to me it was just a bad one night stand. Like an adult I think it's pretty much over me and I you know Agile it Ali after yet and they need room it's coming bags go about it it'll bring it up like I was about in a hum him come meaning days or even if their questions is asked to attend a bomber or Greer. Like I'm just like. I'm ready to move all four of those guys I don't want your closings ever again if I'm. Though and you have to do because it gets to the credibility of your he would hold a guy who that's you know I don't know you can say he'd beat the table for both of these guys pounders this on the table both of these guys but they were his hand choices guys who he thought. Based on his experience and his recommendation. Dicey bought word we're going to do beings. Or this team not necessarily you know make a pro bowler lead him to the Super Bowl but we're going to beat her up to players. And so now you have to question his judgment a little Margaret are down and depressed that's that's that's that's why those two names will come up because. It gets to move. When your. Talking personnel. We've we've among gays Greer and send them home. Old days was the golden child after last season write anything you see it went because the three players and blah blah blah it leads everything he does leased to a ten and six season. Well a year later now you're justified under coach right below six until this year Europe 500 coach soul. It if you are Greer intend them boned as Adam cases were Syria's much weight this offseason as the. Did left to hear it here or be my biggest my biggest question to you. What is the big going to be the biggest change. I don't know and I don't know at this point I don't know win it should be. I think there's only so no I don't think they know either I don't think they know there are you have a problem well from. Look I think you need to get Jarvis Landry today. I think you need to improve your word your linebacker play. Com. You've got. He's got to do something about Dovonte Parker which I don't know what you can do right now you need another running back with Kenyan Drake. And most of all I don't I don't know how you didn't answer questions about the quarterback position by. You also need to know that but it as far as teens yet Jarvis Lindsay. Linebackers. Another running bay on Monday Parker bowls or there would probably the top or the right now on my list off the top. Money than those by the same things reset your go to. Much yeah pretty much there after the season after the yeah in the playoff game like. I.s that let you hear big changes and to me there's no big changes a common. So I don't know how how the results are going to be different other than now if you just say. Ryan Daniel makes that big of a difference. That would have to stand up there were and tell their fan base in their season ticket holders who something that's going to inspire them. For the next four or five months leading up to the and it didn't offseason and the draft. So what is say it Leo say well good because there's days they go anywhere. You get disabled get into coach we get ready cardinal coach Gregg on anywhere it can do that template that part yeah related to an imam parking do you throw coordinator overboard. Does gays and who really does say a medical plays here and ominous idol voters on this something other than while the other part is going to be more consistent. Pass to inspire this fan has as IC Perkins that's how ice yes understanding of their of the innocuous say say orderly that would rhetoric and right channels that much better. Okay but even then you're gonna question about that. You have written here I wish I wouldn't say that passed the from the dolphins I don't know what. What path they're going to take as far as getting the land based Byron up by. I think it's probably just gonna be a trust us type type of a deal because. What what can you realistically say to lead to open spring and that's going to get them fired up as far as personnel move I'm doing right now personalize and I don't know I mean I mean as far as come. Whatever you say are we're bringing Jarvis landed bag. And as a man I'm Mike you're seven and nine and eight and they would Jarvis ten and 61 year but then you go back down to six and CN. Would bring an antenna hill back you'll be healthy same deal you were seven and nine and eight maiden ten and 61 year but I'd like. I don't know that there's gonna be taken safe to moral that would that would sound like BS if you're trundle irate fan base so I. I don't I I think it might just be a he simple trust us we know what we're doing type of a deal that's really not even intended to sell season tickets is just intended to say. We know what we're doing. I'm doesn't come off one of the most disappointing season in all along time yes there where the expectations greater green where the coach was into where they finished and there's has got to be something even that is BS I'm not but I'm not sure that tomorrow is the date that you try to start day camp and I think OK enough amigo rather odd ideas. Something other than. There's there's yet that I just really don't know light. Until you start making some personnel moves and you know looks like yeah yeah I dialect you acquire Simmons and William Hayes blah blah bloggers is that something that is as. Here is going to be the theme for tomorrow last year was was an aberration last it was a mirage two years ago is where we really are headed we're headed to the 5 o'clock now it's that next here on 790 the ticket. They're out there and I'm sick person Bert welcome the 2018. Glad you are with guns. He's the Miami Herald he's going to be living here in about 25 minutes after reading came on the ticket. Good dual presidency recover fine post game show and that's low. Possibly grapple with a game. Lexus answer to recover fine it's always an amazing deal. Sponsored by Jimmy and four by four self autism would you drunkenness or because a position shop. Good champion four by 4 I count 4 o'clock hour weeded a lot of football in there and rightfully so with the national championship game set. Cain's involved in season. Don but we got hammered out about the Miami Heat. Who wrapped up 2017. In their off tonight. Three games at home this week perk we're nice little stretch here before you get into some tougher road games especially. In the Eastern Conference teams that you really haven't seen before his scheduled starts to a starts to spread out here a little bit in his are to really see everybody here the tomato out New Orleans. Did not pay attention to the NBA years passed before I'd talk to football season India that was you know that it now zero model model like. No matter what could no matter what Jimmie certainly around Christmas. Over the CT obviously. Every game has mattered later Cleveland get Isiah Thomas back tonight for the most part. Your season kind of start tonight for the caps. Yeah right your championship run right reason you made the tide retreat or that is not reasonably what you got there's an ivory wanted to hand in all honesty when the big for the Big Three were here for those four years being liked. Yes you talked about the team you watch the games you cheered for them but as far as who's getting healthy what is the rotation when the calendar turned. That's when you really thought okay. Where's LeBron and these guys in Dwyane ad here as we come down January February march and into the playoff win the title right so is TJ I was a little bit different because they're not a championship contender. Every game is scratch and claw Justin Bieber may post season that Robert Toll seventeen with a nineteen to seventeen record. One. Kinda guess if you really thought that's kind of where you can really do numbers. Three games over four games over at and we are and we're also approaching the mid point whom the schedule as well. You have a mere point is is a next Wednesday against Indianapolis that's game number 41. Third there in pretty good shape right now considering they're two games over 500. Had a lot of injuries they did over the last. What two weeks two and a half weeks whatever it whatever was where they had that stretch of games against equal or lesser opponents right a lot of 500 teams. Below 500 teams big gain some ground and and that's what you wanna do. Now I think you'll probably look back at this stretch into months and and go 10 lead they beat a bunch of sub par teams. Well that's what you're supposed to do and that's what you want them to do so will see it as a schedule turns now into January as the calendar turns into January. This month fifteen games. Nine of them on the road. And you get the a five game road trip you see Milwaukee twice in a board days AN. And Holman role match in the final ten days of the mom to your at Houston and at Cleveland. So this schedule does get tighter this month. Mostly to road games. I think they've done well right now to be games over 500 bed injuries and so I had injuries and everybody's head injuries yeah you mention the broke to go there they're better on the road. Which generally are that that and that's the other thing you. You've got to be better at home can. It best that's the thing you've you've you've got to go through the games that you'd need to take advantage of and he is. 89 at home eleven and eight on the road. There is only one other team in the Ambien as below 500 that is currently in the post season. And out and home at home and that's Portland yeah no I wouldn't even guess that leg as you look at Ireland Unionists that a stiff. How many analysts say how many of 500 how many or even viva everybody's like two games over right that's in the playoffs light at home yeah. New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans is nine and nine bright nova like the home teams like like the jazz. RR RR sixteen and a five games under them thirteen to six all right the obvious every little. Most of your better teams are going to be over 500 books now clearly if you're a 500 team they're not going to be ten games over 500 home but. Pulls data be my 500 at the room only human if you're one of those don't seem right on the road yet. Pointing and there's a few their home in there to correct grow grow but I want to talk at all these broad gains elegant better on the road recently cut cost and you beat Boston on the road one at Boston if you're pretty. I don't slow the game yet and it. But but. Look this this next month is going to tell us even more about this team. Because you're on the road as I say and do you know they are better on robot. I'm not expecting any being that this isn't going to be you know now we don't know what their playoff I I'm not expecting that. Out of the month of January. 1 thing I am expecting is more trade possibilities to com. Com I guess sharply into focus a big if you're if you're kind of floundering on that at the end of this month you probably aren't gonna make betrayed you. Trade deadline is I haven't even looked as is usually around Valentine's Day mid a mid February or some stairs are my day. I think this is the month winner. And again you know you know my thoughts on this team is that. This team was built as a steppingstone team that there's more than a team. The Tucson and these guys of these long term contracts printing yet are gonna win fifteen games and we'll get to the Eastern Conference finals. I think they were blocked out so that you betrayed them and trade them to a team and say. You know this guy doing going to be a free agent after you know after a year you're gonna have home for the foreseeable future. There's no there's nobody on this roster and I'm not I'm not saying in this like Flickr you know during the accident big headline news here. Nobody on our roster that is that is quote unquote he building block that is a guy yesterday yeah he's not really he's our I agree not even bail. And me early on Amazon not an analyst on right now do you look at this on in the year a couple of years of the contract now you're going. Where where we go on with him you know where where's his development who wears his you know now he's been hurt. All you're like yes there's nobody way go yes we Erbil Iraqi sins right we got to keep this guy that there's nobody where you're going OK we're gonna make its rate. And you in the the rise of there we're gonna make a trade we're gonna trade. Player X player while players that. If we're gonna get a backup player that has to play well with the sky hear them Jones rather than yeah no right right there's no there's. Every move. It is not consider. A move that you contingent undated digital on the right time guys right guys yeah right being your area. So yeah I agree but I mean you bring in union to sign LeBron or your. You know you get LeBron and you got away right away the big yes Leo where you knew the shooters write whatever area whatever it is too is that what we're Richard Tyler Johnson dealt waiters for some point guard or wherever you are born. Play with Assad no. My dead legs like everyone to me is is. Is up for sale and as you know what what's the price to me onto. Well it yet it did. That's what this month Isabel how high can they run wild island eat or the players how high can they rumbles crisis is of no I don't think so I I don't know about winning as many games or camper news or members of the policies and I that I really drew the unless something does need to yet to me that that's my ball back when my my primary plan is still. And look I know the whale is not out here you're not willing to trade Kevin Durant by the trade deadline you're trying to get. Put yourself in better position. Or when ever that whale comes along whether it's this offseason or next trade deadline or whatever pitcher better equipped to put. Start now to put good talent around him continue into the seas acquired my friends. This razor wire they are they are men and they Arquette they are. There's no Moby Dick out there does that mean we are that way all you mean you would take you would say I need you might take. As a snapper right. The minute you buy take talent coming not just religious Freddie but yeah any resident has I don't know see any disgruntled players many big names out there element. On the trademark children. Marley Peter come over the six stuck out if it's humid zero coral get into now waiters deal should get surgery how's that gonna work out also some of the injuries are just as Winslow. And you know James Johnson has some of these the availability here as as you mentioned schedule before it's all that. We anatomy easier on the court let's get to 5 o'clock deadline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. Miami Heat are off tonight they host Detroit tomorrow night. He arts nineteen and 172. Games over currently seventh in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Miami Dolphins ended their season at six and two it was Sunday's loss against buffalo. Congratulations the buffalo by the way first playoff appearance since 1999. Dolphins in the season second in an bill in penalties with a 1372. Image in a bill until two yards. 1154. Fifteenth ranked you win a basketball team is off tonight McCain's with a twelve and one overall record one you know in the ACC visit Georgia say tomorrow. It's Alabama against Georgia on Monday in the college football. Playoff national championship game from Atlanta. Alabama playing in its sixth title game in the last nine years. Georgia trying to win its first title since 1980 when it ahead Herschel Walker. I leave the lord a pair of thirds are at Minnesota at 8 o'clock tonight. Bos. Your headline all right and also just went down during during perch headlines looks like Carson Palmer. Who was the Heisman Trophy winner back in 2002 and number one draft pick. Us stints with the raiders the Bengals and of course most recently with the Arizona Cardinals he has announced his retirement. So the guy who had some pretty good years and some pretty good numbers he's a guy that I used to. Come bears say that run in ten appeal could be a Carson homer. At some point of Carson hit. A few years ago didn't have the outstanding season and he has some ridiculous like. Thirty touchdowns and woman herself as championship yeah yeah fifteen he was let's say he was 35. And 1135112015. And then he had a U 3003. Down a steady three fell a upper upper 3000 try to color or rebellion totally or more for thousands of the three that was our editors see. I thought Tim O'Neal could. Kinda beat what is his career passer rating outlook I'm gonna guess I'm not even literally just about nine B 19387. Point oh wow. Now 87. He had some he had some he is succeeding years. As a mere three were her young balm buy it. Carson Palmer is still better than Carson Palmer did potentially is there is that a good measuring stick is that about. I did I put to death about what Ryan did in Italy it's a decent quarterback a guy who did. Probably start for two thirds of the team's image in a bill but could he. Lead you to the playoffs probably not. Maybe a couple of years us that's what are going to run into ours the ball's always three good not great yes yes and capable he had though he got a helmet armed. But it is just something about him that always knows how dramatic that's exactly right now he did in the fairness what was it the. Old seven season. Playoffs he guided me destroy an apple experiences Steelers now and then he can never was of this you never was. He was okay in Cincinnati they went to Oakland and now just a weird Odyssey. Who in any I would airs on the area is really who bio is retiring too you know kind of re read a lot just re energize his career. Put my Carson Palmer goes the league who you ask me. Sure Carson Palmer kind of shrug my shoulders. That's not build Melton and okay today I mean I don't know there so somebody somebody it's thanks in public hearings here on a bus to appall mark. Hah hah hah hah. I don't. Mike it's. I think that let Taylor hill lives like bad bad that your gonna look at him go he could never be a Carson Palmer. And I don't think that homer's leg good that you could look at him and go right into Milken never BM. Like ours are Ballmer barely slow to. He's approaching three and a touchdown passes yeah like and and I know there's a defensive football late but I. Like Jacob and social these numbers the other day all time leading passer than the Bayer has an animal which right UBL Bobby Douglas Bradley's right in the you know Jim McMahon was ready for a few years leg is right. It's a right. At some point. Let's I would numbers. Numbers are good. When your validating certain things. But to me like yes we Carson Paul out of the numbers that Carson Palmer was was okay core right. He wasn't he was arguably well I was just got like yeah error of quarterbacks. Whom. Maybe he's in the top twelve may be right top fifty team. Yeah. I think that's. Saw that ad that's run into him a deal to me okay all right assuming that gets you going nanny I'll know I'm not saying it gets me going I just think that that's the a legitimate comparison guys. When you might not like that or I might I don't know but to me it's a legitimate. Error but having said cars bombers had held career. Got a million are going to be a lot of money. Yeah I can hear me. I will agree with you you know what not to Tip O'Neill could make a lot of money begets another contract in the starting. You know veteran quarterback he you know he would. I did. If you starter. You're gonna get 17151720. Million a year now so. Julia Carson make a lot of the last few years are always restructuring in and then there was you know some things that happened when a quarterback right your house that he played I mean plays like he's 38 so we don't play two Elijah here's what are you okay he was like probably remember personal power and the art. I'm somebody takes yeah his injury was in the 2005 playoffs the most is. Homer was just about it was just about a lead he was never the same after that cheap shot. Yeah. It's OK. Lately even the air this aero quarterbacks. You said they're they're sold the other guy thing well I had so many other guys have fun and it is is he. Is Matthew Stafford much better than Carson Palmer. We know that Matt Ryan above to not know what happens it delivers the snow that problem probably is that there's a lot of those guys right. Andy Dalton a little bit below those guys all of trajectories. I. As the guy that is because I drew it right at you if you look at numbers quarterback's number went twelve to sixteen any given year. You might find little guys they might be a little above are yet but yeah like you you're comparing Matthew severed its red tails I'm close. I agree with you there too so you Malia and her. Our good talked about we had. Countless other cars all over at all well and Ledbetter well that bad a look at you. If you are Miller riots in hill is going to be in six or seven years look to carve the ball that's to me that's. So Carson Palmer out. All he wants to do it but I maybe he's gonna be he'll be doing a TV gig somewhere summer soon coming in the fall who knows. Yeah is quoted somewhere yeah. And and and you know what do you Carson homered. You can always go back to that LA TV market perhaps right William Payne with USC. The organization biodiesel you should he should be our legislative is the cigars hall worked our sales were about him. Any time soon we got a with the SE. Case you're not had days where your stereo that word of cars and the dogs over the cardinals they're Sarah gonna talk I think guys that I finally got to get a million dollars related to out of these are NFL and Miami Dolphins insiders and join us next here on seven on the ticket and. It's a sports grill on watch the last game of the college football season is January 8 on Monday night. Try sports drills famous special little wings and drink specials from the mine joined Kleenex and attorneys. Polling hundreds of ports of entry that's 100 sort of force of 3733. We hope that we would have as understanding. As employers. As Marvin Lewis does with the Cincinnati Bengals can. After he was gone and not gone and they beat Baltimore on Sunday looks like Marvin Lewis is going anywhere is an assignment two year extension. To remain ahead men. I mean who Cincinnati who would've. Thought that he. He coaches who stay. Would be huge accident Marvin Lewis and that state who know me and Urban Meyer might be the guy who leads. If you know if if if if if those rumors were. Who to believe he believed. Who usually it's everywhere yeah and everywhere and Intel and Alan. As big of we got rumored for this man has reality in fact. The back of his own statements he has enemies are NFL in my wood off the decider to George renowned rifles and thousands resource gas line. They are truly step beyond convenience. There is a public comment per here and there is a certain glow that it is resonating awful him. Because he has come to the conclusion of the realization. Thing god there's no more Miami Dolphins football this year. Are you glowing in the same lights. We should that's what blows from where did you interpret narrowly. And guess I love us again and write the season's over his son don't drink and a new milk. It's a mouse well during the season starts and medium and isn't always going to market yeah yeah. And yet today you know like. I've been enjoying my not my day now we can go back here tomorrow in. You can deconstruct. The last six months or should be fun would you would you expect to be here tomorrow Kirk. I expect to hear me and get talked about this earlier encapsulated. What's going to be the message to get they inspired up to sell season tickets I sit I don't think tomorrow is going to be that time where that play's opening tomorrow. They probably just kind of say trust us we know what we're doing. Because there's not like Mike what could they say they. Yeah you can't say what were bringing bags Jarvis because you were 500 scene with the without Jarvis last year being the exception you can't say that about improving the run deep divisions or endowment and sewer line and sandhill lower the bonds they Parker's sold some Mia I think tomorrow is just kind of you've got to take your beating from the media about Cutler and Julius Thomas etc. but to meet the overriding message is trust us we know we're doing going forward. What what what else did they say beast. I would like to hear that they've learned from mistakes. And there's Wii U the U can't touch an a couple of them but. As they keep a lot of attention Andre branch in the mighty gave him her role as of five sex for perhaps that Trevor laws. Oh I guess extend our shot was a good idea although there may have been some slippage and has played this year. But but yet Julius Thomas didn't work out I would like I would like to have them explained to us. Why they saw it that 2016. Roster was good enough when the Super Bowl when it was. Barely could not win ten games and as we get to a better job Perkins certainly on the top that list of not believing. Kind of hype and and not buying into but I think this time last year there's a triple on this team because on the assault yeah. Coming certainly after one or we didn't. And he's do no wrong bat that was a failure are that are part in my mind. Where most but I think we gave them the benefit out more than he's going to get this year. And that probably that's probably right I think yeah I think yes. If you need if you need it but it is a little bit about some of these decisions they've made. And and why they've gone so sideways so humility is not the right word is that I don't think any perceived depth that you need to see. Understanding you know we we had total miscalculation with our roster in 2007. Google. They're not only here is we lost our quarterback universities and we think we can get back on track backward into those sixteen with a healthy right can kill. Because we saw an end and did you guys that was already won there issues go far beyond the quarterback position. I agree it's all your fault deceit and then I certainly agree with that. And this is there on that front for second here. Did you quarterback equation out of it at what what was the book where do all kind of go go awry I mean that now you look at the whole thing in the totality of the season. And you can point to yes OK right goes down there checkered. Draw that out what's new what's next. I can do evaluate players are way off from other organizations other. You know I know they'd pick pick pick I'd look up those pro football focus but as my colleague Gary Jackson mr. Lee pointed out. They're not always wrong you know that it often can't always be right now is wrong because I had the claim 6%. And and days. A lot of people look at some of these moves they were made in the last offseason. Given the million dollars a year Andre branch. And again Kenny stills of those free agent signings are resigning mr. extension of the Maryland called them because it points last year. Probably pan out the best I guess you could argue were shot to because. He's a probable or. But aside from that what work on buying those investments that they've got so I think that would start. You have a finite pot of money in the NFL as everyone knows that the salary cap. If you already allocated another restructuring of that scenario it over 25 million next your debt balances some twenty million dollar lot and bill. That's forty populate a 170 or whatever it's going to be next year except real real big chalk. So you can't act of that happening in essence he can't have agreed dismisses play Kiko Alonso I think I think we need to. Two will it take a step back and say. Eagles won hands down that trade. Is Byron Maxwell got his seventeen million dollars for something like thirteen games side of the exact number but. He quickly in the last year it was cut midway through the season it gets bad late in the first courtesy and cut early in the year. And and Keiko. Whom Joseph Flacco and people you know this might not be the case but just from a pure eye and pinpoint. He hasn't been as Sam linebacker yet. He's been lost in coverage. It. And that very raw and users so. Dead at a loss for the dolphins that great in the long term because Eagles clearly got the franchise quarterback who opposites so right now. But he's got that have been built around the next ten years and the dolphins have. Got two guys to leave if they had their brother probably neither would be on the team right now but he collapsed beyond because it just costs more to to to. To be off the team autism is going to be your seventy to get that kind of thing I want to see. Change that they have better valuation. The commitment that pretty well I think we look at their history the last 234 years. By award at the draft have been pretty decent and they got. In the area and competitive this year their rookies or second your players. But free agency has just it's never been good value hasn't been really bad guy for the Miami Dolphins and that's got to change. These. What do you wanna hear about the team discipline. From this standpoint. They were second in the league in penalties second in the league in penalty yards. The war of the last nine games you had double digit penalties and more than a hundred yards in penalties. Is is is there anything that they can say tomorrow is there any way they did indicate. Who media more fans that they're going to get this problem straight now. Well I think you start with this their needs to be more than schools provide adult players. And. Edited what beat beyond time and work hard and just forget. And Donna were part of their databases to new roles well clearly. Aggressive my compass that I am probably one of the rules to just unspoken. The seats you have good seasons I don't think prize but yet they being eight up I don't know. And it's kind of crazy. I think that the players who are on the difficulty I think they have some. Players on this team and when that ball gets roll and when your best players are getting very can Darvish went through both admit that we have security issues. I don't know how you solve that problem what do you do benched artists that you and you suspend the game bench him. You're just gonna pay cut off your nose to spite your face that point so in my opinion yes he did. Need to be more that are just on the user 152831. Year old man. Think I'm all are who they are at that point and that a lot of these things is that are out. Again you can beat Belichick tightens up amber and certainly he has he has had. The really good wrongdoing that. But they've also put players on that roster who they know fit into that system. They they didn't crack that roster this wave of people are who they are I don't know how they're gonna change. At the Prius that stuff but that's just ridiculous you actually no reason that you don't know the app count. Bad day dobbins who jumped off sides want to team you can you can set your watch to it. But more the personal fouls losing your mind the sidelines. How are you going to explain in the media have a better idea than I am how are you going to take someone's DNA and or your range of options I I just don't see it. I I I don't either and an edit out LSU this also b.s in this news I ask this question in all seriousness. The football I Q on this off on on the offense because you remember. Bill laser when he kept saying we beat temple temple temple that was one is buzz words this team cannot get up to the line of scrimmage they didn't get to the huddle. Get out of the huddle get up to. Line of scrimmage and process the information quickly Adam gay spell that out they have to scrap BP hurry up up tempo all minced. And so I ask you all in some leave. Is the football I Q8 problem is that what we see with live with a troubled running this up temple Altman's that they wanted to do for like the last what 34 years. I I don't know again that it's polite kill I think they're quite Smart I just think that their condition not to work at times you do you've heard case. Go ballistic that for the ravens to you about guys don't know what the again. I've I. Without completely blow up a roster. As you can get rid of summer you're really good players in the party don't that was Jake I don't know how many times you can you can play that card. I don't know what the answers unless there's real personal growth on the part of the players again this doesn't look all that gays. I think it made it they've made some really bad decisions we go to the list of them personnel wise. And that not getting to keep grant involved in case directly involved earlier this season because they've been to what they're really good players I think. The last papacy is taking place there and Bob Parker. So you there there are certainly places where you can look at gazans say. You know you knew you need to do better. But as far as player discipline and again you can have your cool. Buy it. Everything people were jailed because they're not all it's yeah it did it not because. But rather to distribute the true blacks by and large people make bad is seeing the light and the opponent jail and not so obviously my big correlation but the bit that that did it. The ball on the issue that between Israel. Oh god this. But unfortunately things happen when you put yourself in those situations I guess right corners playing time rezone write whatever yeah. You've heard it hit it. I get I don't know how to explain those in this is that. There's something broken up on now rocker and they have an all these fixes and then I don't know what you answer is because a lot of things that are broken. Can't be fixed unless they're really just. Letting the world that help walk up the door at a loss and that would be for putting some of these guys I'm not an easy job at least in a bombing we're happy associated. But I will say this they kind of made this bed and the big day last offseason has set up this off season to have them as having arm tied behind their back. And edit them you really rough for them. I had good stuff item always a pleasure having beards you mom animals who takes place tomorrow when Mayo the brass speaks of his big thank you obviously don't. Tried to blame Beasley though for regular you know I didn't bag that he took that he took Oprah. It noticeably in right a similar to the eyebrows of actual thing about that the last couple actually you know that immunized yes that's. He is to blame improve I hate the global seasonal really do just beginning of a man copy here right here with your perk reminding you about draft. And about free agency the at all just Ryan Taylor hill has got the receivers out there and their work and there are there going to be good Dovonte Parker looks like monster guy actually that is here odds of an idea the ticket. These enemies labor job combined. Backed out here every Friday with a robber on the morning shows runs by both ran around the taste of perfection. Sport winning both Trent from Romans is not just speech but nurtured. Courtesy of bird welcoming news 2000 and beat a team that we've partnered with a tear draft report there. It's slow roll man here in South Florida so let's sit back relax and take it all in has it's rainy out it's a first day back to work for a lot of little meanwhile. So and usually nuts but yeah those couple moments and to even a little bit. Not your out there you can always Texas show feel free to do so whatever is on your mind we invite and encourage a text messages 67974 at 60 and I its own fork on the Coral Springs on monitors ordered a lot of these in the pilot appear in the last similar to doing winning getting into of these X one hail it as reasonable and have a chance to. Plenty of time to get into a pot. I mean major changes coordinators. Like and any thing. Any inning there are mad per Clyde Christians and that gays say you know what I'm going to call plays. Is there anything there I'm losing it something. That is going to be a movement. That's going to at least make me say oh okay so it is that differ looser. Boy I know it among those so giro is reporting that dwell Logan's third the Beers opens a coordinator was. Was in the building. Today out there in Davie. I doubt seriously that Adam gays gives up play calling com is that. Could there be a change in offensive coordinator sure there could be Clyde Christensen could be Al. But like Christensen was not the play caller and I don't see that that Adam gays would give up those duties that's what one thing that he loves doing. He is Arab. You know I guess the offensive coordinator he calls the plays movies he is the architect of that all and so. I don't see any major changes coming from from that standpoint. I think Matt Burke's days as as the defense of coordinator bud. When you ask me. Do I see any I guess. Administrative. Type of type of changes changes in duties on the on the opens a side man I don't seek base given up control because that's that's his baby that's that's. As much why he's here as anything else there is why it got higher Greg's Greg has he has the offensive mind he has been mastermind of all incident. Responsible pretend hills so. And and look as far as dwelled. Laden's. Chicago did have one of the worst offenses and in a bill this year. One of the lowest scoring all princes at sixteen and I have points. They were did they were too when he ninth in scoring the dolphins worked when he eight. The Beers word though the worst passing off in some and a bill but remember this. Billions Joseph ran one of the worse he dances in the and a bill last year statistically. He got to hear coaching job correct them so om and and in. You hear that. Unbreakable. Mike Vrabel are greatly reduced in their sins of coordinator. Is one of the hot names right now brigade coaching jobs. They have one of the worst defense is a man in a bill this year so. Just because what I'm saying with well Logan's is. Just because your unit was bad doesn't mean you're not a good coach Cory good or hot coaching prospect or a legitimate. Yeah I must I I miss him I think that that's were well set king here's where I'm a little bit confused. How does a team that goes six in ten. And just really just kind of crumbles down the stretch here when you think about it gets three game losing re not. NA in a league where everything is short order and everybody's on a short leash know how is there are not one major change I'm not advocating for a change I'm just asking the question where I see guys get reassigned and fired in Green Bay has one bad year because Rogers broke Jerry Rich's goggle and also in their re doing that the front office and thrown things in this guy's up in this guy's down in this guy's out. They have all these things that go on and altered to organizations that Super Bowl 2000. This video those teams that wanna several recent memory we all know that's fall far from the days of almost two under is asking in the league where everything seems to be microwave horrible. Where old six attend this year we need to do something good. There's going to be enough. We think that we think there's going to be nothing right now added these. You you know how things happen in and in in all pro sports really that it might look OK now but. You know somebody is somebody of Adam gazes ends up becoming available and now all of a sudden life Richardson becomes expendable. So. I would say let's let's be patient on that but right now. It appears that nothing no major changes are coming I know in the past would this dolphins team based Sears continuity continuity unique content no not. And I'm not I'm not advocating. Guys leaving her firings or any of that I'm just asking the question you ready miserable season winning six in ten. Followed very disappointing your feet on base is almost apathetic at this point. Well awful lot of levels mean and for them to do for this do you look at your suburb you ordered the order. Well I mean I wouldn't even say that that's going to be the case because players. As far as the staff the U you could do that players lose to me is where most of your changes needs to come. In and the on field personnel the all deal person bill. As. You know I don't think that anybody was so bad this year that they must go. When talking about gay I don't either but I don't know how well the information they do right. And like us they would build let's wait and see because we know locker yet hasn't Barbara right now though it appears there aren't going to be any major changes are good. If somebody if if one of gazans buddies or somebody that member Knowles comes three. Who know maybe the linebackers coach does get get jettisoned two words deepens a blowing coach or whoever you bring your your buddy. I'm just watching every single team in the NFL make all these these drastic changes. In the heavens every year's a bit of that awful year if your Stephen Ross and you have you have a sit down with your guys go wire watt what happened this year. Yeah well. Again that to me that's one of the big teams that would old. Will see from this offseason it won't be answer tomorrow but how much credibility. You give to Adam's case this offseason. Last year we understand he had all kinds of credibility because he took a team that people barbour's gonna win 78 maybe nine games. Got them to ten and six and got them to the playoffs for the first time since a way. Now the bloom is ball and all that rolls a little bit and so as we progress through the offseason and then we're gonna get this answered tomorrow. As we progress through the off season. Does he have as much authority as he did this offseason as much credibility to go out and get a Jay Cutler or you Julius Thomas and sell it to everybody. They ends media upper management. This is the answer. Will have a bet could be the big challenge that we see and of course we're gonna hear that tomorrow by the way gays and angrier intent on both speak tomorrow at 1 o'clock we've seen at that but just hit it again you're not gonna get that answer tomorrow but when you talk about big changes. And how can you keep going on the same Ole same bowl after a six and since season. Perhaps Adam gays will be stripped of some of his singular power and that's one of the changes we'll see this off season. Locker room he goes I mean I don't I don't know how much power he has but obviously he was instrumental in Julius housing Jay Cutler and they were awful. Then you're out there weren't. So cool. Now the quarterback to got a one of the jobs out there that you she rolled Matt Moore yeah in that circumstance but yes the Jake elders Toms who was it those are guys who need it out easily. This name that is able for an invasion they're not going back to join me bill. Yes I like the stakes Adam Beasley and per lied to me they told me to trust Adam. Adam Cutler days and his ability to develop evaluate talent. Say mumble but you tiger I brought us the good sex with and Elaine I mean an idea idealize the I believe the stuff would they say a -- died about their catch and pass little Indians fans are better in the most improved player my favorite I get graded and it turns out he. You know didn't roll and be a complete MacKey went to be a power running back. While I got my fair one of all time in this is this the Goodwin how will tell you we come back we get to the 6 o'clock hour we got fifteen minutes a heater on a corner will take you till. 7 o'clock right here on 79 minutes ago. I. Talk to. The professor John plane every Thursday morning is that a robbery and emirates warning of examining an NFL across her nose. Plus my hand Charlemagne action attorneys and we've been an accident call 807 horse of entry that's 807 horse of three semester retreat. Murders of Byrd back with you press play on the 6 o'clock hour moment up against. The six here on 790. The executives to give until till 7 o'clock. And then the return of Josh Freeman street back in the house. Re don't walk around here showing off their new right knee. 30 my knee replacement surgery he led BA 88 possible replacement for JaJuan James of that right tackle spot because free dosing and prescribe around here. And that having Greg liken the Colombo the we don't know how to play interior line he's not sure arms these cardinals tackle me or. That yet milieu replaced him Larson overrun Jessie Davis you know or he's he's Kyle Williams type speed you know how sports snell. No well I know yeah yeah. More more just more stance on buffalo beat you twice and threw accessories sweep the series on him and in the post season they don't. This is not going to be popular. To say in South Florida but I am happy never stop you for never is not a know it has not it is unfortunately if you thrive on that yeah I I need to I need like Jaycee and button that I can go back to reach it and say no hit CN. Don't let in this I'm happy for the bills they ends. Screw the players that I really I honestly don't care about bills players their pro athletes will be on though go to another team and make the playoffs. The bills they and your team is in the first time since 1999. A lot of snow Wii games in December a lot of cold games in December. A lot of Cole crappy games in November and October mean you're in buffalo. But you finally made the playoffs I am happy for the bills fans and the bank they beat the dolphins twice in their last three games to get there or maybe that makes a little better for the bill statins again. Oh really hear about the players that they can do you know you made of made the playoffs before you got to buffalo maybe you'll make the playoffs after you leave buffalo. But both Mahan stat Soledad have I mean since 1999. They seem to look at. EJ Manuel we have to go over the list of those quarterbacks that they didn't get them there. They seem bad. And football in in cold rigid conditions are I was I was we. After the game you know we were gonna. A whole story we're gonna talk to the refs about us about why generously and he got addicted made it didn't end up not work you know Mike Triplett long story there by. I'm sitting outside the rest locker room after the game. And dumb it's it's right down it's it's between the bills' locker room in the dolphins' locker room in the bills. Are are merely watching the game in the locker room the DO Cincinnati Baltimore game and there's a bunch of alien stuff outside the locker room. And you just hear this huge eruption as soon outside the officials' locker room. In a distinct muscle while they must have made the playoffs and that's exactly what it was limited they opened the locker room door and you can hear the players but I. Well I'm very happy board these idiots. Aka Erica do you don't give a date and do you not. Looked. In my day I went went by the way when you get that check from the the Buffalo Bills fan club president who's slipped out into the launch little a you know I have relatives there I've got iron and I decided to aidid to judgment of Summers up there. Bloodiest Summers the it's a miserable place first off but this second. Normally I would not via a cold hearted bastard yes your little girl you like the Buffalo Bills fans they haven't. 1999. And I'm gone from. Let's see as many united coming into the Miami Dolphins been the post season bowl wants. Why Syria three times. Is that it poured time maybe. And then he had last year and last year right yeah boy man I don't. Towards the net now also the Mariners they haven't been since a one they're the team today with the longest. Playoff drought post season Rollins into a North American. Know they've got until three. This for the Marlins could be next the other going to be neck. I eyes answers and I just can't really simple puddles as much with the building government doesn't Como in the locker room yet applied like numbers applying. Again it for me as more of brain and that the players you know whatever you got. You know you're not Joseph Thomas that is that teams not a bunch of you know hall of fame resume. You know labored you know a distant and awful franchise. Mom. Oh. It commitments made that makes me feel good for those people who may lose Hilton Fuller by the browns did you by the rounds and then you're you're you're. Please read you know whatever. When they go abroad like one of the signs that at least we still run yeah I mean they've. You know it the semi while the city of Cleveland. They've they've had something recently I don't really feel much for the browns LO ME relatives and Cleveland. There I just don't feel bad for a lot of fan bases because the dolphins families is justice just is beleaguered under powered thing. Do you feel bad for the dolphins millions of tomorrow and spins. Already here knows Obama's plans dolphins fans yes you know. It's evolved as a resident had a rough over the as Iowa I would. Certainly certainly say so Austria that I wanted to do your conversation we had the end of the back an hour before we get to that let's get to 6 o'clock at La. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WSS best HD true Miramar. My heater off tonight they host Detroit tomorrow night heat are currently nineteen and seventeen and seventh place in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Miami Dolphins ended their season six and ten with Sunday's loss against buffalo. Dolphins' second in the NF bill in penalties with a 1372. In the NFL and penalty yards 1154. College basketball fifteen to bring you William is off tonight. McCain's with their twelve and one overall record won an old record in the ACC. Visit Georgia Tech tomorrow standing college sports as Alabama against Georgia on Monday in the college football national championship game from Atlanta. Alabama play in its sixth title game in the last nine years. Georgia trying to win its first title since 1980. When Herschel Walker was on the team finally NHL action tonight Florida Panthers at Minnesota at 8 o'clock. Those are your headlines. This is a little further six straight victory above that and him blatantly played great all right you know cubic going here in 2018 a couple things went down. In the past hour Marvin Lewis is signed a two year contract extension through Tony nineteen you don't see that moment so we gonna be the the coach of the mangled yet again. And Carson Palmer is all quarterback has has retired. Until somebody throws twenty million dollars of him to come out and play quarterback now logic color. For the Miami Dolphins all there's only ten million dollar you know. Let me ask you this question because this is cut from the slow reply here and who we we we we're kind of we were tiptoeing around a little bit here right now the season is over war room. Emma talk about the wrecker religion covers a light water. Let the that I look back on all the shows and all the interviews. And all of the predictions for the most part. Going all the way back into August and then and now look at in this totality being what's the one thing that kind of the kind of stands out for you not to say whether it's you got to ride you got a raw open it was a joke yes from a dolphins died added to bunt a partner to me clearly Delonte part reversal ability goods on that. I'm yet and you and I believed it from the standpoint. Well from from the standpoint of if this guy can stay held Obama we can do great things. I don't doubt the second part. I should the ball the first part you can't memory and I don't know if I'm ever how many hour how many days and you come in here after training to draw cap. Off hooked it and yet Shawn Jefferson will become a monster called monster. Like prisons in city who's gonna have a gigantic season off and I I still. I still say this. This guy Dovonte Parker. The most gifted. Play here on that team from a Ross. Athletic standpoint. More more coffins or they are what I'm mean more mortgage consume more gifted and Jarvis mortgage have been cam. I don't see the two problems are number one he can't stay healthy and numbers don't you don't have half the desire. Some of those other guys right and then that's a good year. Some proud that that doesn't major problem part of every single bust in NFL history. No no no I mean there there's guys that can stay healthy and just don't play well Obama tabloids all the town the world blow it. Well I know I mean to beyoncé is non Dovonte hit his talent level. Is different man this guy that I mean I complex Obama yeah this guy like LeBron James might know see he's got more talent in the dome that's what I'm telling you like. He will literally tones sold the bonds they tuck Parker has more natural ability and their meat console and not even close. Is limited to these numbers here for this this record breaking third season you know 57 catches for 670 yards. And one want to I want you out of your game was. I don't I'll I'll I'll be impressed are you get this one. I like this now it is 2000. Says it has added we get in your way back there now it's militarily and the calendar year. We we're gonna it was 6797467974. It's it is gonna make you laugh your as the dolphins that we would provide little levity. For the oh wait a minute now are remembered. You're gonna it was there was the jets gave voice to so now it's on out you know yes the shutout and host yeah when you sit in your area. Why exactly hasn't really meaningless. I mean look Julius Thomas. Arguably that was as productive as as. As a Dovonte mostly employing Julius do produce three test they'll. You only tourist dollars and run circles around the want to park reduction yeah I mean it's crazy that was a means to me that's that's like the biggest. And then and really that's you know the off season and it's. You know Wladimir is the same for every team is now how many are seasons with you whim did you believe in the Al Golden star well he's got to tell. Owned and that's the offseason and and pretty much every sport it's it's it's optimism unless you're Cleveland. Red Cleveland Browns Lamar. And I I understand and we're gonna fall forward again I did I just find it funny looking back and it's like whoa yeah. No one right because all the reasons you. Good because all the reasons you said the guy's got a lot town that got the first round pick they like to throw the football Jay Cutler sling it around all the sudden entry rather. Easily gonna Casone Bono really saw everything through the mud day and the other is going to be a monster and got every coach and every. Fantasy dude off. In the workouts and dragged on their arteries in this and the guy gives it enough from ninety plays every single to right. Right to William Hurt. Well no he he did you miss a couple of games buddy I DE in my to miss two games right. I didn't play every game perk. They assert our I don't know what but anyway the point that the the point being that from. Yet Dovonte clearly the biggest disappointment on that team. I mean clearly the big display. Like I imagine him individual. I guess the whole sector is if you missed. Mr. gamer to win there but yeah. Via the FB that the hamstring in the in the ankle. But but he had been admitted that doesn't matter that's not what you know that's. Now what kept him from having an outstanding season right now. Those fourteen they're Guinea played and he he was targeted and had a reception and that's the until the next six overnight some foretold you're out of their six and nine some four. 67974. We come back we got to get to office two minutes heat. As always our football today and gonna cut some on some stuff looked that he. Nice whole week for them to kind of drills and guys really healthy here. Down seventeen you put a grain on them that first half of the season part of believe already almost halfway through the NBA season. Yeah it's a good thing right possess. This is when it really really gets going you you pretty much know what you have now. Now it's what are you gonna do about where how are you going to keep it going how are you going to jump started whatever but pretty much everybody in the league knows. You know what you have now you know which are work and would pretty much for them is now we're the most part I'm most I'm still don't know where do you go from Q okay and I'm still a little bit. Reserved on how much we know we have with the heat. Who sent you an idea for yeah yeah to die of the way I looked dead cat is its. I look at last year also and I say I've seen these guys were over a hundred games now. And I know they're a bunch of injuries and some personnel was strange but I think and I know what I have after over a hundred and with. And I what is it exactly is now get a Killen will be a fit humidity next year. On 790 the ticket if you wanna Texas show you always use a 67974. That's the 67974. Command and and looked and and. That the seems that we don't know what. Again as you see it Isiah Thomas comes back for Cleveland tonight we we kind of know what Cleveland. Pass button now. You know are they are they good enough to beat Golden State we know they will they were they're they're one of the U scenes that I say. That I would say they could go somewhere they can go somewhere different to another strata. But pretty much everybody else here yay you're not making any big trades there's no big. Isiah Thomas is a major personnel addition there are very many of those you know why Leonard. You know I've maybe San Antonio you're not quite sure which you have yet but. Pretty much you know what you've got right used to continue win a best of continued you know beat elite teams and best of seven but I. Pretty much everybody knows what they've got now it's what what are you gonna do about. You're used text your that I like are you guys during the dolphins cool laid so hard. You'd think you guys are on their payroll maybe they'll do right with this first round pick can get a quarterback. I'm starting to come around that text of what let sectors webinar does that guy. Screw them I'd just come because I you know what man I just. Five minutes so I know. Well I did I say they were going to be nine in seven I didn't say they're really make the playoffs and I know with nine and so we get to win but. I did during the Kuwait I thought they're going to be an unsettled by the way the other coming off until its season. And they B 97. And now I was it was Jim Jones to negatively. Can I just urinate all over the first round pick selection right now here on January 2. There's so you're you're already say and it's going to be an exciting and Ireland saying there's no way that their quarterback and number 110. Yeah yeah I am I would have a big board now will break down the guys and we'll get to the mock drafts in the next three months. And say what dress draft experts on and will say where the who's available this guy. No it's a mile from the my dogs around the matches back to diverge on the guy you know eleven I'll see it happen. I don't need to right now it is really your questions tomorrow all you do a lot of what do you take acorn and you know that dogged dialog title hurdle no one that would use there yeah. We'll sort of sort of trial got memory if it's admitted that he next here on 79 ticket. Okay. Fifteen minutes. Okay. My Champions Tour by force some sort of someone Jeep truck and SUV customization job. You're guaranteed that the hottest four by four mile an occasion town golf champion for five point 7865023446. Or go to champion for five board dot com Miami Heat. From enjoy the last couple of days off of 2017. Lasted action Saturday. They took down the Orlando Magic with a big fourth quarter when seventeen and 111. Has Tyler Johnson and then dug Goran Goran finally. Put together and baseball game there but off until tomorrow and I saw home stretcher out Perkin. We can't look at it as. To kind of seasons I did the first half to down 1719 and seventeen who. Not too shabby as well today. Not not too shabby at all use. You've had major injury problems dishonest man is. Fifteen games ready so like that. And everybody has injury problems you had injury problems last year it's you know but. Being two games over considering you know James Johnson. Now know and and justice Winslow has has missed time. You miss a major pieces and ended Dion Waiters not having a good season. So in light up all of that. I think you're doing pretty will be two games over 500. At this point of the season. And now. When you look at he would. Are seeing is going to get better. Things things probably stay about saying I think well this team isn't about about two games over 500 us better suited you know border right. That's finally you're you're you're working with right now let's say hit like a really. Really hot streak you're right I did last year you know he had that odd. Couple things here the idea that getting it right here or at least it was a failure right then he's got to go to work when. Dion Waiters. Little thing you have to there's gonna become the Jews mobile with him and because he used those three years on a contract here at what you wanna trade all the do whatever what you want them when he needs to be healthy surgery so you gotta get that done right and I think you can do that now he was. Even if you're good of the playoffs you probably will what is your long term goal or are you better yes we did loved one playoff series I'd love to watch. Yeah got to do get a deal with the on someone who. Also you can do that because you're getting outstanding guard play on at the two are Smart move Tyler stepped in and play you have numbers there right now as budget that's a weakness so that's 11 thing usually your strong is of to a party got just regime got Tyler Johnson who does a lot of guys didn't play their part so that's Deion deal. The next guy up. James Johnson who's out who's been out you have the recited in the ankle that's just the pain issue. He's gonna have to play through that he will play through that and the level of his play is too soon to be determined OK so that's not justice is a weird one. Just as winds of injuries we are he's you see him sitting elements series in uniform and he hasn't played in the last nine games you know. That is a very strange that's one of those power are you. It's one of those get back to what's his pain tolerance rule and then get back to well we're playing better without yo re just keep sitting there. Yeah. Like that that to mean there's a little weird on Letterman is not going to work for very much longer to me Boca well. Let's leave it there and no I don't disagree with you but he he's a first round pick and somebody who's got. Somebody who didn't he read the help you win games you seem to be seen as the parents out there. So you've got to figure out ways to get this guy as they contributing. Member of your rotation you guys you've got to figure something out because. He's not doing you any good if it's hit it it yet if if this was just a you know Derek wall junior. OK but this is a first round pick and deed you've got to get him contributing pour you you've got to get. Some ping from this guy and so that's. That's really Erik Spoelstra sit too well. Yeah well yes and as anybody goes back to this I'm not saying. They give up only guarantee on that note as if he's 70%. It's most of the gun on you and in the short term lands a Erik Spoelstra. And he goes we need to beat Orlando tonight. I even. And we can really just was a night when Obama but this guy Mormon it's anyway. We need to win this game tonight where does the home and we need to get over a hundred and all those in the short term. Goggles of the NBA. That's how he's thinking now long term yes you wanna get to him for her former first topic you want incorporate him whatever result you want blows and but I'm just. This injury is very strange where is Rosie hurdle OK he's got a couple games and and yet you know he's LA's history these ads is in uniform. It's just a very strange one to me that I'm starting to question here as we we move into another year. And and quick question Hal like he'd like what's up is to power he actually hurt or is he being benched is that Richard. I don't I didn't wanna know exactly what is is it that is that hurt. Yeah I I agree with you and the reason that I say that you've got to get something. From him some sort of production not only because he's your first round pick I got a set that aside on on game days. This is a guy who has showed you he's done these deals that they can help you win games right his defense. And you could use is is deep in late in games because he can to in multiple positions so. You've got to find a way to get this guy to contribute. Forget about the off bins for now that's probably not gonna happen this season great. You focus on these skills that he has that hope that help. And make Jimmy Key player on your team and and that's defense says that's the inning multiple positions so how do you get debt. Aspect of his game out there on the court. I don't know but I agree with you because it at a certain point he can't just sit there right now I know. I don't but when you're winning and you have other options that are are playing well. They've yours culture it is who's right offered early and continuous right offered of the game was reveling it's confusing so fishy to me. MI am I over my in the league going a little bit Judy Obama's edge as it does he stands there well on her game yes so in your right to see is he being benched. Or what. There's all right yeah. Boys yeah. They just I it is a just mills very strange and will soon have a usable report one thing. We look at this team and you look at this roster we look at two different ways here. Odd and I'm not so it was a timid to obtain. But it but the the variables others on this team are very slim. Euro where I might say they Tim they're they're they can get the forty civil wind you might say maybe 44 and that's really not a big big differ great. But David it is an Easter converts we're looking at this however once kind of jumbled up that'll. But it's kind of funny because you think you you believe you've seen this entire roster in its entire. Yeah right I think that I I think that I noticed teams pull potential. And it's it's not that he wins or into the eastern clear right final ultimate. Oh yeah I've been ready but I. You can't there's the you can go very far because these guys haven't played well no prisoners are trait but here's where I am I am radio. Yeah you and I differ on this you've seen. You've seen the girl make. You don't. Yeah you you've you've been there you've seen every blemish yup boom for me he sewed up an external yet. Right I do like I need to see I got more right. I got you that's sure going into the season because you're never back and forth on who they should trade this of that. Posed tradable not tradable Powell where this team is that so just so you know we're moving forward here. You've seen that them entirely new and you've seen every blemish in January they're gonna go we're Marion it error or move. On yeah. And your way to move on here I'm ready to move on from me in the U you've got a ringing in your pocket you know I don't know whether holes and array of Italy every yeah no yeah. They ran out and about your marriage ministry noted you have about a myriad now we don't know yeah. But worried though worried miniskirt mode where lingerie remote OK so I need this. He owe a bit more here so let's let that I like to see zone that would not happen we might stub a lingerie bowl because you know waited might have Sergio that he might never know about this group you know. But that's I'm still holding out little little. Yeah. What what do what do you think is the potential of this team as constructed like what what is the are you win a first round series this year you get like four pipe and let's be realistic let's not say. You don't need you beat Cleveland in the first round as there in 81 upset. But you get up for by Seidman maybe win a first round like is that that is the absolute Max for the steam probably right. Yeah the idea but here's the other promise I don't know what would help to make of the rest of the Eastern Conference outside the top three teams great. But right before the season we 1005 teams yes yes right. Now there's Washington's present now and yeah you know ride in this Iran to file whatever I got to see them and that's not at all. Toronto has been good. Yeah I got to see didn't necessarily know it may become response. Couple years ago but I don't for the season with a petty wars going to be Cleveland Boston Toronto. Washington's Austin you watch him walk yeah. I did watch him walk you out there there in the same boat as you are at least right now. As far as consistent play and those three teams are still to topple these are conference so four through rate is still up five you rate was going to be up for grabs now. Four through eight is really up for grabs. So a leader that Rex you know. You can't tell me all he can earn better than Detroit washing my great as what the best moment I've seen played well he seems to this point. These are just as good and just as inconsistent. As everybody else and usually converts outside of Boston Cleveland Toronto. Our demand that. Seoul that doesn't excite me that don't does that make you better than at them and say oh you know start print of the of the playoff tickets. In the first round or second round games no I just have to sing. Part of the heat's. Unknown when it is unknown of the rest of the Eastern Conference. Tom. Of this kind of growing up but I mean that's where argument but I just don't know what to make allies a team. Maybe that's communiques 'cause I'm able to make a lot of the other of the U the heat at times. I'm not gonna blow up a forty aliens Brooklyn. Well advanced. To me that's sort of that's an easy one from the standpoint of and in football and basketball. Bomb when viewers say in football when you're that team that's between six and eight victories. NN and basketball have you heard you know between I don't know 38 and forty war victories. You can pretty much beat anybody you can pretty much lose anybody you're that 500 Jewish scene that can swing wildly from game to game week to week. Nine tonight whatever so. It's it's a shot but it's not a shock right it's it's it's how. The dolphins can lose at Baltimore forty to nothing and then come back here and beat New England. And have beaten New England here the world the last by year's. The base he can win at Boston or they can beat Golden State like they did last year by. You can also lose swept three of war to Orlando like you deal last year or by the report link it was. So you know the game to game being. I'm not really that. Com amazed by that is where are you going with this team with eighteen that does swinging sold wildly from game to game a week to week where you ultimately going. At the end of this year. In the off season next year like what is your future for this team. That's not a wise say I've seen enough I'm I'm I'm ready to get off of this team. That's understanding there's not many places you can go right now nobody available and your trade to the player of his trade value for your players is lower by. That's what I'm saying dep when you'd when you don't answer while Leah Europe you're probably a 500 east team right. It has cut your lot in life. But you understood and I'll because of the championship teams know I understand that none of artists like under suits he sees through now part of me wanted to see it through a little bit is lack of options. Yeah like that part of me is to stick through the mini skirt phase in the lingerie phase regular on the other options out there that that's correct that's correct and look I you around here. Yeah I'm not I'm not gonna if on the heat I'm not going to make a trade just for the sake of making a trade you're right there aren't there aren't attractive options out there are so. Yet the wise thing to do is stick with this group and make it work. But to me from two to some people making it work. Is in the interest of getting to the Eastern Conference playoffs are on Eastern Conference finals to meet. Making it work is in the interest of now I can move some of these players and improve marketing. Aren't they it it's it's a no regret that it's a new week it's not a Monday to Tuesday because we were off yesterday also a big week for the Miami. You know I had this good and the big week three at home with the obligatory acidity of the death everywhere it's always have been weekly how much this league really seriously brilliance they got Detroit and most ardent got the next and they got to Utah on Sunday for a little matinee affair all 330. Yeah jazz are Rama at the American Airlines a re trying go to that game that is the you know swallow caller. Well I you know maybe I consider and that is why our weekend doers lounge or slow my best. Jon Gruden has it been saying before he takes his job early on raiders don't ignore the wild card. Yes this trolls trolls we us and they re not just they got the cultural policies almost on Rudolph to the other one's about are gonna win this fight tonight. Columns and of that campaign. And you know spy I don't remember a year to year what songs are all remember what it was last year but. It just seems like every year by the money in your sick of that. That saw a lot of different angles first couple weeks alert wow it's so cool problem. Yeah but when they run was so writedown wasn't on him that was back in September. Yeah yeah yeah maybe August through those low rollers are those minutes. Arnold that. Maybe you're sick of Basel or more segment to go animal altered over you know as. Brilliant comebacks John didn't come back Friedel tried to implement bag freedom you know back charitable he's going to be with you with Greg legends of the the top of the I'll come back we got a couple of things as a college football related near the winning its earlier -- Johnson and anything. An upcoming game of course is money technology partner and local South Florida for our company. Stronger business news in the online at a sports scores are compliment opener Malta summit of the most cash now for your future such settlement. For a lot of payments going 33 might call them a lot of they'll BMW former prime proud members of the moment automotive groups. Keep listening to the ticket to win your way into heat games person perk. Wrap it up here on day Tuesday there were trying to hit. Hits their bearings here. Probably right 2017 on your on your checks. Or near her whatever your right arm to I've got to say I haven't done it a single time yet with me it's you leave on my. My laptop. Wherever I will review of Seattle our old date my files like it. You know Dalton's quotes one owed soon ain't seen heard you know 123117. I am not you know I've only done like three or four stories this year so far but I'm not put it seven team them in the many being yet. And your mind there and is do you see your cognizant of I know I'm very aware of where where are you there often are there yeah here's a we got settled here these national Jim issue will be SEC affair Georgia and Alabama on. Monday. They are pledging in Atlanta right in the heart of SEC country to host an immune SEC love to associate lots of Tim Tebow. And all five bomb builder with the all boaters will be everywhere. It's is going to be an SEC love fest here at the next the next week with whistle blowing kittens Pringle and I'm guessing little little little things that everybody loves laying right. And then we go out are we can this weekend what does this do for you Tennessee is that Kansas City Atlanta is at the LA rams. Those are the Saturday game blue 430 and 815 starts and ends Sunday early game they have seized through the undercard and some of these mats of routine because there are some of these team drew a shady. Including your your love for the Buffalo Bills. Prince not the not the players the prince at Jacksonville bullet bills that Jackson he should go to a game you just read a road underdogs or go past your on your team. And then. Carolina at New Orleans. Sugar growers depot went up to Jackson I do have in sheer fury that with the bills fans and righty righty go well below yeah from so I. Our guys I'm in the cloud right to write materials so good for you guys that are really throw Beers that reads my hit me with bad well here right I work site. Oh wing bones that make. I wanna see Jacksonville look goes I'm. There are very intriguing team with a deep ends upstart jaguars here you know all that kind of stuff. Jerry golf wanna see what he has to do Kansas City not sure that I'm sold on them so I I do wanna see what went they can do here in this while car rounds a bit. There are things that I'm looking bored. In the NFC Carolina at New Orleans act that seems that at that conference yeah. With those quarterback yells both been there gives him and Drew Brees did that almost feels like an NFC cherish your game to make you know that's probably the game that yeah that could be. It's it's I think it's gonna be probably the best. Most competitive game probably but it's a game that of I don't really wanna see a whole lot from day game night you don't like I'd. It was they who wins yeah it's a game has got a leg up in the NFC I can't I can't buy Minnesota I camp by Philly I can't buy. The Iranians. Are getting about the falcons who does bring you know I just you know. Notably opens them. Tom but you guys there are other things that I wanna see in those other games more so then Cam Newton against Drew Brees. Because again I wanna see Jacksonville more wanna see Jerry golf more learn from the lines Kansas CD to see if they're real they're just. A more intriguing to me like. Carolina and and New Orleans. Well look at a certain because I I of those Little League teams that I think. Have a chance to make some noise correct yeah I know I understand that understand that I it's just the story lines behind the the other thing that blew things it. You have things that I wanna see you have a things that I wanna see right. Lows are in there I mean the I like the storyline just the sort of ideas in your blood in there. Jacksonville but like I guess. Some and I'm not a big new blood guy either you know meal like dynasties. I just not look like Carolina and in New Orleans I don't know by the way let me just say this because as we were listening disappointments for the Miami Dolphins and you know I tip hammering on Dovonte Parker. Adam gays might be be bigger disappointment than Dovonte Parker Adam gays might be the number one disappointment that. I just want to make sure that I see at that Adam gazans on that list he's right up there with a bunt they perhaps they hit of the Bonn today. Because his job is much more important than Dovonte so. I don't wanna win exclude Adam gave some pretend like I'm putting this all under bonds say. And it and it and I told it's extra doping at the bunt they Parker is B biggest problem. On the alternates I think he's the biggest disappointment. But he's he is he is far from your biggest problem on office. Well how hovering over Iraq stack c'mon c'mon they Parker's been a major disappointment yes a first round pick fourteen overall if the guy's done nothing. But Adam gays this year who's been a bigger was a big disappointment this year Dovonte or Adam gates. Gays is obviously a much more important person to the organization look at baseball and it's right right I guess okay Jay Cutler I would I would say yes yeah Parker. I think Adam gaze has got to fall back on some of some of the players Olympic about the yeah I was engaged in a track record ball back on Dovonte does not. And so a lot of it was I would tell you this the expectation level for the hunter Parker was far greater than kind of games. No matter how I would agree with that also companies also are now Pargo got to go. Yeah and gaze was supposed to lead all over the enough males and six Lester and the only seasonal cable and he was when he was hired. Island Vermont it was drafted. Oh yeah yeah yeah definitely and I am. But let a this year though digs. In the series at a bigger reputation and want to do you expect more of gays and aunts. As gaze was the guy who fired the three players and Vince Mario Williams and Byron Maxwell though I ask it's a question mark Woodward is when you're old there's the opening question there's over brilliant real brilliant novel tomorrow really offered through yet we got to go because the return of Josh Friedman is upon us. So we got to run out of the studio side knows triumphant return he's like gladiators and awards walking into the ring on dude this is evident what what is this like this is like staff curry coming back to the to the warriors. The night and older is there's more in this bigger than that the other is far bigger is this like Tom Brady to have back from the four game suspension and is this like. What is this. This is this is Frito and all his war let's all that is deliberately you know Hillary on a hill Gloria that's tired of our time results of the until. Greg likens it Josh Friedman Bruno is up next his return. And he's allows an exam be hitting their by a text in the we gotta go do it again just before 4 o'clock tomorrow perk up Curtis you right here 79 minutes ago.