ZRA Part 2 1-3-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, January 3rd

'Project Wolverine', Romberg's Canadian trivia, Worst loss of Roms' life


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It's an honor to meet so many we have built this organization based on respect integrity. Connor. Chunk Barlow standing on the streets here pages. I think a lot of this started when he came out. Expressed publicly that he didn't wanna be a part of the reason. Miami is sent outfielder Marcelo as soon as the cardinals. I don't like the word tear down the. Christian theology JT real Bhutto stimulate job both players would welcome a trade. Our fans. They are number one priority. Project wolverines news radio. Finally. Levine parental advisory. Yeah that's a hard movies back. First more of a five part series in The Herald yesterday about Derek Jeter's project Wolverine. The business of baseball plan came out yesterday. And I mean how how heated up last when you're Derek Jeter saved first priorities fans. Ability salient Emery Emery an assailant but that you know laugh. The thing that stands out the most it is project Wolverine projects. A Marlins proffitt. For 2018 of 68. Million dollars. Which is just so awesome I'm so happy that Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter gonna make so much money. So loss. I don't get it. He just projections Oslo its projections to get investors during past. He thinks that. Attendance is gonna rise almost 5000. This year. They're like me 5000 you'll ballpark. How possible. With a straight face tell anyone think that attendance rise by 5000 this year and I don't forget this project Wolverine these projections that were given to potential investors this. Was created long before the public fallout that has now surrounded their team to Alaska Obama so he is so we didn't expect to be public fallout when he. Reduced payroll I think he may have. Over estimated. The significance of hinges not being Jeffrey Loria or David Sampson. I think he thought that in and of itself way to attract people to the ballpark is wrong. The wrong. It's going to be. It's a means to be the blood on and that's a good news here and we don't forget Derek Jeter is an individual who's used to being a lot. Universally loved. Nine more. Blood diamonds. Tends to rise 5000 the CIA he is you know I mean you you have an insane person who has seal moms panel. Not possible. Demi you do anything that's on communiques Abbas. Let's headlines are. It's got what you XY and south I tell you SFX page to show. Our ascendancy in about fifteen minutes now to give you will bring it to people opportunities to win a a four pack of tickets for the heat and the pistons tonight it is Canadian heritage nights they are honoring Brett Romberg. Planning Kelly Nolan and probably a little looser and Romberg is gonna say EL put a four pack of tickets to people are human four packs of two against. Four Canadian heritage night tonight so are dead giveaway for. Yeah we already did it once last now hole get you on the line here and he's he's gonna he's odds and anyone any absent at a Canadian not knowledge or Ryan did. Have a debatable situation going on over the fact that what put me over the edge and gave him a thumbs up. The fact that he knew that they just got inducted into the hall of fame rock and roll hall of fame when it was an audio question right it was it was the band rush. In their song Tom Sawyer so are asking him to name the song in the band. Yet song correct and then they did say that the ban went in the hall of fame and just remember nice it's insurance to rush. Gordon tickets they yell. Is so an audio clip I think it's the only auto club next ones are going to be questions you know also sent a team makes you listen and there but it was an audio clip. Very similar to two last night did you guys hear about this last night on jeopardy doesn't watch jeopardy. Of all the Murray are you referring to. The Canadian gangster. So out extra wreck so. Yes and jeopardy ice like watching jeopardy I don't watch anymore. And I I guy and you know I get tired of it assert answer all the questions and last night culture. Is culture back by the way he must be getting up there and each writes yeah I must be like in his seventies no. Members answer is old enough. Tell us. Would love the Stahl says pre installed against the computers in here run a little slow he is 77 you're getting. You want it for example. Hillary for senator Harlow that is remarkable. Really good to be sideways Six Feet Under seven hours 77. For you I know that he's gonna die up there are due in jeopardy. All right so last night bell Vanna White is now sixty. Well what is she looking like these days Shia city looks good for 61. And Christie Brinkley should bullets or she's not Kristi currently. So who it is so jeopardy last night nicknamed her doctor give this a listen to. One of the content. It's a song Coolio from dangerous minds goes back in time to become a 1667. John Milton classic. Nick what is gangsters paradise lost yes. Our judges have reevaluated one of your responses a few moments ago make. You said gangsters. Instead of gang stunts on that song by Coolio so we take 3200 away from you so you are now in second place. Dad her read does Syria just yet it's serious matter is that not ranked. Year we beat the ending stirs acidic England does lose the New York keep her I don't know got to learn and that's where did I. I don't that is ridiculous. I don't agree with the investigation is in lines that's bad those judges on jeopardy gimme a break. That is that is not right our judges have reevaluated one of your responses a few moments ago make. You said gangsters instead of gang stylus on. Reevaluated. Late game continued they did did you read my. And a break and it changed the call item nor is peal of judges they have a panel we'll just behind the scenes are out Becky looks on screening of judges. Multiple judge those I mean that's the says judges. When a when it comes when it comes of that hip hop. Liberty not. Occur to me that's different and guys say c'mon man come on they're ads did and that's that's very. I don't know where that makes does he lose by within 3200. Or mail me that I won the win. Be somebody he lost by a within 3200 dollars and now well now you know it's important to emphasize can't stop now. Never used ER at the end of the donor to the art and not his money ball. These lines are brought to raise staples staples as low prices on everything your business needs to clear the clutter this year like banker's boxes vials. Coolers storage bins and whiny more or less mass equals more success visit staples dot com for more staples at proton. Danger is paired as that song was so big money chance Julio. And we sucks by the way dangerous minds does not all we Sox. Have been having. I need to back in action tonight against the Dietrich pistons. James Johnson is questionable all Dion Waiters and justice Winslow remain now. Tip off from American Airlines is set for 730. Infrant. It's no no to both of those. Assumptions. Aris all terraces on white Knight is not allowed to play again if he digs up his knee brace like he did against the magic this weekend apple. Suppose as its non negotiable. Here's a white tried discussing the need to Wear the brace. They say it is like to express for a moment but also set alone give amongst among the almost total. He says that it is extremely. Uncomfortable to Wear that he was listening to his body when he took off now apparently he needs to listen disposal. Our Internet. And under are all sins offensive coordinator Clyde Richardson's future is in its. According to the Miami Herald on and leases flirting with former bears OCE. Dowell Logan's this week he had an interview with him an apparent lean knocked out. Yeah when you bring in an offensive coordinator usually collateral writing on the wall can no longer needed. I'm sure those from a stress to him in the last couple weeks of the season. The 37 year old. Bears O Steve farmer bears as he worked as gays as quarterback coach in Chicago in 2015. And he was DOT on John Fox. You see it. Canyon Drake feel himself load yesterday on social media on zoo Malia a whole year but he send that he's he's a reits weeding graphic. Worry shows him. In the final five weeks of the season more used the NFL's rushing leader. In those final five weeks number one hit 444. Yards rushing. In the final five weeks of the season which is a lot he was number one ahead of guys like Todd Gurley and careened onto Marshawn Lynch. And he's re tweeting out those numbers several times and several different reporters. And then you also have been sending out in sir Graham X. Of he in Jarvis an injury into it and they did their boys apparently. My brother my brother Mike who might goon. That's rise in a mob boys do and he took that from me. Museum as soon and celebrating. Getting thrown out of the game. The team kind of neat idea. Kinda mean they need you again as a matter know we needed but you know. On the surface and kind of the idea you've been to best offensive players like he's alluding to especially the last bye weeks. Comes off well. Isiah Thomas made his cab ZBO he played nineteen minutes scored seventeen points out stop the players like name 127 and 110. The Minnesota Wild beat Florida Panthers won against oh and you those points you aren't counted today to. Yeah. The Palm Beach post is reporting that fox is likely going to leave the door open for Jay Cutler to join them this upcoming season it's possible. Tony Romo has been a big success. Is it possible Jay Cutler was a terrible reputation. All right which. And adding I think a lot of it is is on dessert because it is almost to a man not a percent almost to a man. Dudes who played witchy color like a lot. Rates. It is it possible that. Like what he goes back that Johnny impossible for the it's very possible to very good point. All is there has been good had you heard anybody outside of the locker rooms are good things about Chicago. Now cleaners body language channels including hate. I think it is our his lack of interest and remember we first got your music smiling at briefly when he first got to Miami quality of their ticket and Roddy. Abilities say you know. You don't don't you be in shape or all of my wife wanted me to play a lot like everyone jump and it every unit coursing through everything he's saying there. And trying to make it sound like he's a guy who doesn't care I mean. And I say. On deserved. His play speaks for itself okay as far as you'd not liking his life that's that's something different. Undeserved on talk about his reputation as as he made as as a guy you okay. And adding all of that has been on deserved because people who play and I know them they have nothing but. Really high praise. Him. It's it's everyone outside of block commits stands and its people on television. Who had never played with him. Who had this impression that he's this terrible dude who doesn't. Doesn't care about winning it by the way did not care about winning mean supper. This year those asking why he came back after missing one game to the short week to negate the only game they missiles Gordon some to a state. It back into that game was on Sunday and said Thursday may play. Any time Big Ten million dollars and one. You big charity Gillick come back right away probably not. So. With all that said. He's a guy who most people. Who don't know him do not like him. To come across as likable dude on television yeah I think people out of three conceive did. Notion. Of how they want to feel about cheek color I don't know what's gonna matter like even if he's really go to I think he wanted to go actual policy callers saw. No I don't think it's the same when you're an analyst at anything in that a completely. Different ball games so to speak so he's got it like Tony Romo is and he gets an opportunity to show more of his personality and then we get to Mellman a different light I don't think you'll have a problem with us. I don't know how long it's the last picture if you saw Tony saw spurts of what Tony was like when he does is interviews he smiles he's cordial when you know he he answers his questions. Is a very good. Quarterback in front of the camera he was great. Com. Look we know Romo they're looking for a and I know a lot less of about his personality agree and we just don't know him rent well because he's not a he's not a he doesn't express it often and he doesn't show much emotion and he doesn't really give us in any insight into and we really is as a person. And you'd have to be able to do that as an analyst but let's not to say that he Kenya to do that I have no idea and he's going to be at or not I I am I had a so much better idea that Tony Romo was going to be I thought a lot more confident about that because of what we had seen just with him as a quarterback in his. Interaction with the media would Jay Cutler I I don't now but then again he could be and I think if he is then it'll speak for itself on helping people are going to just hate him just because you don't end up being carried him. Don't forget a lot of people felt story for Tony Romo going into that position as well because they felt like I was a guy that just lost his job. And then right before that you remember they had that press conference were Tony was saying this is now decks Dax team in. And he's the one that's taking the reins and I support him and I will help him out as much is so he had the whole. Football fan base audience. On his side because he was taking the Cairo on being the guy that's you know what. Among allow the young kid to go and go in there are dropped so a lot of people are already party putting him in and a certain category of sympathy. And hoping he succeeds in his shop. I don't know how many people are looking for Jericho his seat as an analyst. I'll tell you is a good example. Al surgeries. Now surgery is a guy who fans. Do not like because the arrogance or looking at young did not personality. Don't like on how it's not and a part Dan and Alec and any gets on television. To do the analysts. And Alice's and it's. Adding most people to a man with these really good. And like them and people like now. The people people like era now is we've got an opportunity C is a difference I era though I think outside of baseball and and he's much more likable now paying out said he is an example. Jacqueline du I don't. But the arrest calling it and I let's get John board here if you wanna win tickets to the heat tonight you got to roll some some bit about being Canadians Canadian heritage nights. At American Airlines Arena it's nice of you wanna get in the Ron dogs NASA you'll question its Canadian east of Avian go to the game tonight that's the first priority automation always tickets. So you wanna get on year we came we can line yup and we're gonna do two winners actually so it's worth it's worked in a few people online your. 786360079. Canadian heritage nights at American Airlines Arena begin on board right now in such yup that's next. I'm sort sister station is this 1999 and then their post in the 33 annual chili cook off. This powered by Ford and certainly it is it is on Saturday January 20 CBC and park in Pembroke Pines today great food and drinks. Start backlight of the country musical artists including Darius Rucker you know he does country music now. Food and office. It takes that feeling of the country every one ups. At the ticket money dot com on merits we had a bunch of folks who'll. Wanna get in and win tickets to Canadian heritage night tonight we're gonna. Where get a couple winners here OK in the rom double take control and he's nasty questions are being get the question right. You're gonna go check out Canadian pared its tonight as the heat take on the Detroit Pistons you can also get your tickets from. Heat game day tickets dot com surrounding you ready here border told and you. You you have some music to get us fired up. Or done. And good players Tobin the second question. What how many million big analyzer hold on in those dogs client let's get done let's get to hide and an opportunity here hey Todd good morning. Good morning date were out and I don't know why why's he is. Well or are highlighted that's not that sets up the question all right good review that it could have knowledge. Are you are you a Canadian citizen the American what's your deal. I know I'm not Canadian but I'd but it edit the Canadian all the accounts. You'll you are going then it's like the guys like the idea of what black friend like I'm yeah. The black friend death I don't hear you need to pass to get you to faster you can go to the game tonight as UN correct. Yeah I that's all and you know run or take Silverman I'm dime now. OK so here's the situation the greatest movie ever. For any Canadian growing up is obviously strange brew. A coach is a fun on the two Brothers and her two Brothers who basically find. Or they try to skip their way to get a case of beer for free okay they didn't hide a mouse and a beer bottle and they go into the brewery and it it it's it's a most amazing movie deposit received like OK here's the question now I'm just preface and packed. To Lago is fantastic phenomenal you've got a lead just watch this movie what they are heinous. You just hang up from where the names of the two Brothers I need 21 names and their lives. So hold. On art are you kidding me no way. Well. Personally sue insurance group yeah I don't think I've ever in the series though it's looking bear. Tonight it's on us another option to let him go to TO Romberg the two human Lindsay felt. Hello we now and a decision. All the questions horn el Nino is not besides it's a movie it. I know movies ever heard that I'd never heard of Anna to help make you think character is he's the actors were trying to byways Rick Reyes. You the names of the half to. He could probably difficult question hot man yep we're gonna just got screwed yeah. Digg got me good period in all my god the Canadian accent has served I listen Buehrle came back. All of outlets like Adam's yeah because I wanna see that movie so battery you know I am a break another contested here you and asked the same question a different one. Ocean so. Solid different question. Is about time to hooligans went same question do you that's true that all right let's let's give outlets give Erick a chance here Eric morning. Now our question this part ironical that you need a similar to that one computed from the same mom I want to the names of the guys the Brothers the characters you know not the actual actors anything to names with their last name or even just you know yes but let's keep its two names in the last. What do we were Canadian. It's a rubber. I would not any callers because no one's gonna. Can't believe how difficult this question is ridiculous quest and it easy costs re easy question guaranteed is the third person is now Google laying. The bleep out of it all they should be but it's a practical easy question you're asking no it's not what sorts of sorts of questions sir is different Canadian questions are a number of Albert I need is Canadian guard. Yeah I was told we told everybody that this is not going to be easy I gotta I gotta make sure your. I you gave tickets didn't even know over us. I let's give another guy chance here so we got guys him. Hold on here as a Roberta Alberto late morning. And him and I've robbery gone mentally I didn't to NATO and actually OK and apparently there weren't a primary okay. He just knew the rules nor hills hills nor. On you it'll that's quite an amount. Okay now and now. Businesses insure insure my beat. You but yeah. I got to hang up what are you robbery or else nor Hillary I know what I. I don't know where that were brought in guys get the ticket since elsewhere that it doesn't love to get his political his roster wanted to kill me on there else normally the Subaru that is. I'm looking. You hear a movie and answer questions about this movie either sell it seems like we should move on from this moving into other question. Helio knows the answer this whole life get Cali like on the phone obscure marine venture Canadian and hunger and would have been a lot to music is. This is the greatest Canadian movie ever I can actually get good. I feel it is not only great Canadian movies are there. Not too many ideally this movie terribly stupid it is you want to take a stab at what the rating is on runt males. No definitely not 7573%. Freedom right of what seems terribly stupid that's a good rating ever believed because it's one of the funniest movies ever made man you realize. This good money isn't movies ever made. Oh my god I've gone from the greatest Canadian movie of all time until one of the when he is why he's not being around the world. You watch these two morons go through your daily routine of trying to for mangle a case of beer for free. And they break it Newbury. It's it's yeah most of my dear aching me to get an idea just one case of beer I think it's the ice wordy it's the funniest movie you guys are gonna see. Go and watch you do yourself a favor. Herself offering your favor watched a movie. I do so ever give away these damn tickets we sold through four packs a giveaway here is Josh Josh go ahead robbery you you do what you want here man I'm a minister goes then two Brothers names and her last name. Aren't arbitrary and boom give the tickets are okay yeah. I want you longer stream Broder great movie ma'am you're the Josh yeah it's a matter why is another dog and that's where you're gonna hardline. Are there to Dario my guy. I remembered it may be not a bigger posted those. It is such confidence I don't know how I. I want we are out there chemical area there were our big Bob commented Doug Palmer and. It's OK so I was gonna say you idiot it's a matter what at this point but did you have to look up the names at this point. I would say they're doing the American that they Canadian Brothers and Morgan who got what do. Actually it would remind her movie the kid growing up where. Now and I'll make a gust of keeping you there. Yeah yeah that is actually yes it is yes Larry I don't know about the world. But what do you think we came from and that's like Mike Myers and you don't sound a lot but it's like that's the the Canadian thing is basically -- America and the world came from their parents big. Big New York are very endure tribute tribute more northern bering but I. So that's a negative point you should subway or had a yeah. Just hopeless jumble terrible say UW and three unease the game tonight right. I love it I got to hang on nights there you know that's Josh Josh learns these drills and all these people are getting bringing tree honey what's involved in what would you may like appointing them plenary on his. If a woman calls and winds that tickets are you going to say here hooking her up with. Reduce its. She's gonna go down three bodies than we're gonna ask what they're gonna do afterward or brown now Honeywell. Gonna do a grade tickets are so so we bully and for that it's it's right here told importantly due to this hour man and a woman went for next hour OK so that maybe people thought that we were doing anymore so Demeco informants to get onboard here and monitored. Different questionable easier thing goodness all right 786360079. That game day tickets dot com he. He's out closing the nationally and on the Canadian National Anthem tonight. Doing the coin toss I'm not announcing any anthems because. A IA I don't speak French and B I I can't sing the entire grain on them. I don't I don't know when using I am not on Americans don't look giant that Nike into. Again do. I'm proud and and who cares not Canadian. Now you're doing is isn't he actually are now on America. Here you do can't in Spokane and when you receive for real. Okay c'mon dozens of accidents are yet it made me feel out to be Canadian. Am Lou do is no holds you're rude. And. Is. Dick's. Columns and all these. Marital blondes and a ball and gave it. It's mean look it's a lot better. What do you know it's well the lesbian and an honor the American anthem was not it was not written to be so yeah. And all birds that sing it wrong have the time they keep making their own words for the premiere her commit this can't and it's a beautiful song it's it is it is it's a zoo you can't understand it well that's not real. I'd like when they try to sign language they do it's good to push. It is due over the English let's hear it beautiful god. Middle being watched we stay. And non god full we. I hear you aren't. My hand and let us. Gloria. Send greed or god keeper. Honolulu. And. And done movie sand. Tylenol. To cool. The big finish Iran forgot. Mullah told. I. His stand on. I can at the last when we. Oh thank you also the great great job by demy Canadian music here we got one more for packet tickets are doing here. There you know. Pride let's give let's get deep an opportunity here Dave good morning how are you. Orders ball well plays that are here we go Dave good drummer. I'm going to start document Canadian accent do Summers are asking these questions so here we go. Beauty beauty Clark I love it. Name. That famous dish. In Canada. That involves the French Fries the cheese curd so pretty so AZ. Off booking the real thing this year oh wow excellent job and Allen Dave are you American you Canadian. American first I looked during her record and to operate there and eat though I'm Canadian wow wow aren't as declaring it and you can you can go to game tonight you'll good. Aria yeah and or equipment excellence yeah bonus he's gonna he's got four tickets and Arianna Fam. Well good. I didn't pay no other information okay. I immigrants just tuning in to us for the first time this morning good to eat radio show on site and. We're indicated ministry is like a red deer Alberta. All right congratulations and those guys do not a big deal FL playoffs outlets next. Got troubles created a and its sports grill the final game of the college football season on Monday Monday January sky sports goes famous special grilled wings. Drinks that shoals presented by Andrew Levine accident attorneys 807473. That's 800. Seven or 73733. Year congrats to our new Canadian friends. Want another four pack of tickets for you to check out the pistons tonight candidate to Canadian heritage nights. All the other opportunity for you tonight today in the 8 o'clock hour we talked to Shawn Marion also. At 820 former for a Miami Heat and NBA NBA champion with the Dallas Mavericks. He will join us in about forty minutes from now as he is in amazing race is on tonight's guilty of that show right. Premieres tonight his partner Cedric Ceballos also former member of the Miami. Does he get to it as one year at a bad yeah. And Shawn Marion played two years of the heat but those two half seasons that he played with the heat he of course is treated by our trade for Shaq. Union issue Gillen a straight. And he says it's Toronto in the Jermaine O'Neal trait. So there you go Shawn Marion was also on that fifteen when he team not good memories. So. He will join us you would join us in about. That's about. I lost. It is like stone tools that it's absolutely is that those now. At the worst moments in his life and this I asked them about it text earlier this morning what are we remind me that fifteen years ago today. As the day that also house state. Yeah a guy sends me a picture on Twitter and it's a picture your fat face and says self this is the face Romberg made fifteen years ago today and keep would you have known that today was fifteen years got. Now. Now they tell you that has made you feel. Very old like I can't believe it was fifteen years ago fifteen years ago Ohio State with cheating in him. And then no believe there go to Vegas and seamer square hanging on the panel. I'm grant. Revenue they hate him they paid and you're not a threat area. Today. Seems like you've really gotten over it I'm an immigrant Terry Porter you know vice president had to report to. Thirteen miles from the university and he's referring to complain about yeah yeah we know. He's on my list. Let no man poison out. That's our man bigger better things come. The army came football you really believe that capable enough for you Beijing on the team lame gay your new career is over towards him. Part of it part of the foundation in place. Now are you pay for Agassi harmful. But in public at the nation's shaky. On and we're good we're good we're. Build some different they're man. Who coached at. But the Indian burns the referees on the sidelines. Rated ago. He's well maybe. As Helen you're great and gets an offer initially clip isn't welcome home concede that I mean in that part of the document you ports through the civic. That losses like this that the hard McCain's program that really senate downward spiral does fifteen years ago today. And a spiral relentless downward spiral out that you think. And it's a restores from DJ and all the guys that like after I left may have McGregor won two years left. But what went on on the team in the locker room fighting him now or Joker. Cochran I always predictable social media to. Really is. We're really bad was when he sent it to me at the football my whole plane maker and asked me was my quarterback I was kind of weird. All hope you're still better fifteen years ago told the film better. Fifteen years you look better decade and a half you know look a lot of good news I'm looking a lot better terrified he can't in my eyes still lucky and a girl. Any girls aerials. Any girl ever. It's true true statement. Pretty brutal think I didn't play well wolf. I would like to see me make it that's for sure the. Credit. On its coach coax him credit. As you reminded of who was his quarterback. Mulls a coach. My credit. And thanks coach. It wasn't a sincerely get regular listen again heat it sounds he means and you mutilate your Hussein because he said Margaret Margaret. And thanks coach. Six months. Written about it. Speak to form yeah I'm a little little hardened to corporate credit my goodness. And thanks coach. Thanks. Stood on the Sonny take my corporate credit the sad segment. Fifteen years ago today John. Giving up and re tweet early and dreams. Are memory. It doormat you wanna surmise honoring normal weekly she's blocking it from his brain needs us to believe did not remember that week. It throws Poulter and rose and we want. Brett let him. But I do remember when my deal and I've dug on. And thanks coach. The things we pretensions. You sex in the show on the calls rings on marquis attacks line 679740. As a bunch of followers is like everybody else in the city mind you go up and down two weeks ago but somebody from MLB guy he also joked all the Sunday morning and talk about it and having kids club again what the hell is gonna talk and I think that. Prisons are as accidental of the darts out. Oh really yeah I don't but Texas for us because. We you'd like an old Lance. We certainly weren't complementing the MLB this morning yeah I don't know what well I don't know it's complementing the NC complementing but. Saying that we were treating it with kid gloves or someone from Major League is what I muscles looked up I I don't know what I don't want to talk about. Who'd tied Tony miceli president as sort of a silly fan club John and and here's what Tony best sell the made Jason Taylor his niche and JT's in the hall of fame and offset. That's a poor children him yet W techs that and that of course would Tony the silly being a finalist again for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Texas facts any not to tax cuts and you just say it to us to. Islands accident that was another Barcella fenders that protects that and because you'll know it's a crime he's not in the hall of fame. You know you're right some of these sex or celeb it's our show because his Tex here's Jon Gruden played browns twice year he'd have a better record and Brian Billick I know Lipitor was talking about yesterday. So don't feel free not to says the tax that are meant for the limits Art Shell. We did a slow time betterment for her love it turns out intermittently with the taxman brass. Sometimes it is deal for it pits on him but so the respect he deserves that's not my responsibility. I'd I don't I don't care about asked. Now do you feel Brett. Thanks coach. That's disrespectful I'm sorry. And fake fake yellow view. Fake. Bake those words mean a lot all you had for him with a penis and Montalban Austria and lets you you never say them. Our alliance of the NFL playoffs. Why do big deal or not a big deal to boost you do still do that coming up next to do our rights there's playoff games that are not a big deal bulls global different game we had gotten that game yeah else yen yen this is okay big deal. Not a big deal is DR and for a big game not a big boy am I say we see as did there yeah of course I'm running out. And we don't know it's big gamer not a big game you got to got to listen and find out on Friday well yeah they they may be all big games out of noble say commanders there sixteens up fourteen c.'s meet. They may LB debt. But big deal not to do next.