ZRA Part 3 3-8-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, March 8th

Exaggerated sports calls, HEAT playoff matchups, Know Your Cat: Barkov


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That's supposed to try to answer it. In bucks that's right at top of the hour means it is seven I think it may. And K money contests. You can't take on the thousand bucks tech support wall to wall to 72881. And if you don't win this time next chance atop an ass out to national contests message batteries may apply it don't text and drive. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. Connect to win the hand they're great at Joseph announced you know moments here amber what are we got on tap here before talks Jolo you are Miami Heat is back in action tonight against the Philadelphia 76 Thursday at Bob from American Airlines is set for 7:30 PM. I mean doesn't get to eastern right here on seven I need a ticket at 6:30 PM with the man he pregame show Wayne Ellington is listed as probable for tonight's game. He's the gold Marmol and morality and I don't I don't know I don't like the nickname my golden ball or removed. Ankle and wrist I can understand goalie all among teens how you are or plan to bring all the Moody's in the wrist. So we're auditor get three point shooters doesn't you don't also don't like I don't like unlike the motion used gave but the golden arm is like you put on a giant latex glove and a man duke prostate exam came and adults about you know you don't doesn't look cold and armed are English English on the radio calls him. The duke okay Duke Ellington and soccer I don't like that either my whole ordeal from you must hold the duke. I don't want that either. All nickname should be run by me first and. Oca. Out of grew we don't know. There's no way he likes being called the duke. It's the NBA easily gamer board confirmed the heat are imposed against the wizards which we're now with three missed calls and over time. To that much you want it and this is the last two minutes of every time I had. Calls that they missed which were obviously before the final two minutes in overtime. Terrible terrible Miami Hurricanes played their first ACC turning game today against North Carolina. Tip off to set for 9 PM a night game North Carolina advance last night after being Sarah beating Syracuse 701859. Robert we watch sets and I guess what's the temperature. I mean what went you're a baseball game I was last night against have by you I was last night yeah 'cause that worked out. As did Russian nice to have that for enemy should I forgot to talk to somebody who. Me even on days and yesterday every commercial break for the most part now and I even tendon permanent wolf listening to based on the area. Wow way to sell what. Well ray yeah but you're right here gonna Palma man he is smaller here than. We did we just signer has whose art. Just me or you partial baseball news is they're now not cause other screw what it's a home run is like 700 feet. Off the baseball like on the radio call once and all. Okay it's Jacqui I disagree saying oh crazy over exaggerate and energy prices are high heading get the joke at my thoughts. You you know that would be a good way to get people to listen to cain's base sodium more appeal isn't legs. Annual believe they got these kids hit like 800 foot home is. Mark Turgeon amounts accorsi Jackie's you know when there's when there's a visit to the malice please. We're decently I don't hate and go to such as the coach yeah coach did an analysis. Yeah you know what it's. The bridge water. Let's towards jobs. Waterway. It's. Equal in the Miami Herald is reporting that the dolphins have not ruled out releasing Ndamukong see this off season. At a Beasley is reporting Dervis landings at sat without the dolphins have handled his off season. Why wait for full disclosure I make fun endless money OK let's picking on Joe's exactly it's a fine play by play announcer nine I know do a deal and he's fine. I know percent otherwise it's only one of those deals like William we had the rights the dolphins. You know I would say the assembly so good when edits cease parable for a long time as the years. I'm adding to the Yankees. At least saw much I'll take a cozy. Yeah my acting assistant and what do you make products. You leave me leave it to Robert to the content in a moment sort of a bulls is they announced that the infamous. When he gets played calls again let's get let's get. That's got a minister. I I made my English plenty of few weeks go never lost the game which game was its. That he pulled out later down by like 54. With just seconds remaining and ended up or give it a pause when it was like gonna go in. Although it wasn't gonna game when they were British one we are shot to shot Dallas Toronto yes that now is Dominik Hasek when he was like and that Miami Heat. We didn't win only that of course I almost went in no I'm talking about odds are able to make in voting lists where the heat were down by four lately in the game and they have scored five quick points steal on him as fast and they won the game. And Mike is get all it says it. That's why I. That's what I always say you never know until the game's all right. You'll always say you wouldn't say it all that you played to the fight against number horizontal and not what you sent. On the unemployment. The NCAA. Passes one billion dollars in annual revenue for the first time in its history. The make you mad. So a lot of money that is what a lot of people mad this is you're gonna see a lot of that today a lot of people upset that the players don't get paid. Now of course they do then. The conversation is kind of like dead and right and a lot when you're dealing with a lot of the figure heads in motors Jeff what do directors its the people that are running the conference's. That kind of has dissipated a little but the whole talk about you know pain. Will hold players is a pain Myers. Remedy to either there was a lot of there was a lot of people around the country of schools included double willing to go and give the players they're valuing cache of a scholarship. And let them figure out what they what they want to do with it for instance if they're willing to stay your senior year they're willing to give him. Or her bit the value of their scholarship and and and and monetary amount so. Hum and then all on top of that also compensate them for instance if they did slip on the draft they're willing to pay the difference. From whatever they were projected to be and whatever they actually went the following year so they did decide to stay in they dropped due to an injury you get your money obviously. For like an an injury. Shown to be saw a C Steve Kerr the other day came out and said that. Players basketball players who leave school early to go on draft and they don't get drafted. Am all or or even like they've gotten second round exit the first shot that they should be allowed to go back to school. Now that that would that was six I would fix the mask while problem I think I think where your dealership where agents in late inning double agent scenario where an accepted gifts Christoph. It's a scenario. It's not that's up and you just been able to go back and obviously you wouldn't be evident Tate you know advances advances from the agents and whatnot. But it. Bill a lot of people think that the way to solve the issue with basketball is you'll allow them to play in the geely if they wind for about a year and collective straight out of high screen it's all the outweigh. Rover still allowed them to go straight into the NBA for wisely could play and I. I went all the brands heart medals for sees legacy it was a very good by the way it's Obama that lead a big ball man like that that leagues and I haven't checked in Alitalia on analyze all talk about that it was installer a legal. Rain rain I think is an hour Vernon Carey sort of ultimately going to be doing they've reached out of all reach out according carries on to ask him offered him. A salary you know to be in the big ball bring it is now. Precisely it it is it's how high school got time to. How we saw five every tariffs on as one of the zero S he's committed anywhere no. It is your history he's taken he's taken a couple different visits with its junior yeah Jones is Washington State went to cobbled from placing these are my name. I imagine that mobile be like normal style and having you missed probably just talk to burn but for the most part decades probably gathered went straight to the league. Or he's going to Europe he's talking illegally school. Only you don't need to go to Arnold he's gonna go to school and I am I not only that but I know that's another plan for another former hurricane whose son is legit. Basketball to our twelve year old kid though. This is so long this can this kid's regiment is a man. You might be able to actually goes straight to bully but it probably. Won't wakes up at 5:30 in the morning and he takes personally troubles for 45 minutes in the morning has farmers standing mix and Drupal for 45 minute takes and makes him dribble for a dozen times in the gym for some dead after an hour on game days. He only has to shoot in make 500 shots on non game days it's a thousand. And then he goes to school and then he comes back from school he does is work outs. He's he's on easel sounds well just like it sounds like he's having a good middle school and I just from I customize a little Myers it was cool you wanna go to Eagles. School who is this cancer can say and say man televising rhymes with. I don't I don't even know what is famous. You know who saw there what he would talking about Guantanamo problem the greatest gains ever okay when he's abusing his son has a dozen and I were talking about who is. Regimented now again this kids eating it up my blood twelve year old so. What city. Daniel before you when he was usually grows or what the end of being brought up he's told Katie Wright played might be looking less 6263 what. What happens when your 511. But dude is so so he likes it can't solve. Nobody gets. Available for years move boats moo moo energy and some. I don't know. My and wind. Tonight a very good at it guessing south Greg gets the Shaquille O'Neal the reality. He did say one of the greatest quarter at and one of the Perry's cain's ever really great pains me to rate this summer it's at your games. There's not that I'm not just started it but it's raining another shuttle frame at a siren they are so did your did Reggie went. But Saudi desert hastily senator James Garrity and you have denied it. Yet at the big issue with the kids. Would build one at three only watching game today the wind that there isn't the one and done rule came into a fact largely is because there were a lot of kids declaring for the draft in the not being drafted a lot of kids making poor decisions in terms declaring. And it being drafted. A veto are two and completely different spot than they had expected and are are not being drafted all of them they couldn't go back to school I would so do they do you allow them to know then they institute in one and done and which that obviously isn't working and while. So all you have to do that is allow them to you. Go back to school money that would be one way to solve it I mean I do it Steve Kerr made those comments. Wed do it I do like baseball or football football EU can't train the NFL but baseball either go pro right away. If you commit to school in a three years. Let's time but then you have to continue bolster the geely if you're allowed them to go pro I mean that they based positive it's just commentary on the ground and turns in the minor league system golf pro Hewitt but that geely system hasn't been a now it's pretty good I mean ninety elite system. It is pretty new in terms of it being a real viable option and. Look you want you're eighteen years old are grown up you wanna play professional basketball you go play professional bass hole if you commit to a school got a three years. I do your choice to jointly hearsay to base won't put all new. I was exposed to make it to monitor plus me two years there's two but the point is you got to commit somewhere why. So that your so you ready to AC are grown up and be more poorly after one year. And when your grown totally one year old royal and hers is solution or he says if they don't get drafted they should be allowed to go back. But at the imagine what he's quitting I'm really getting from an agency getting his rest are made a couple of airline tickets paid for maybe you might beginning. A deposit. On an apartment. But let's be honest you know I'm really I don't think it doesn't actually matter. Why does it matter why why can't kid that's playing football. Are playing soccer playing basketball not allowed to go and get a job under normal student be able to go get a job just does it just doesn't make sense. They know sands has a lot of ways that you could fix the system wide and I almost it's spent and against the Florida Gators because I wager out. And cooked meals that caucus Noah Paul captured over I bet Paul and even Paulus who presents it with you so I know we can't take you eat. So let's my husband Larry rays and the gators. My wife make off your tennis is a big kick out of school how does that standing outside the bus listening to ride off the bus you're gonna get suspended by the NCAA right now you're not allowed to play in this weekend's game against the gators because you wagered on home cooked meal. I very strongly and the person who believes diets and that the players should be able to benefit in terms of the that they wanna work. If they can make money off of their own brand of their own likeness to should be allowed to you about you've got to be allowed to earn money how they can earn money now when you're talking about the school actually paying the players. I do think I am one who thinks that a scholarship is actually worth something because. You know did the ninety net what is it 98%. Of the NCAA athletes never go pro and then of the ones who go bro is the majority of them are out of the league in three years Andy you're talking about the NFL. So you're talking about a very very very small percentage of people who actually go pro EM to make it into have a viable living for many years so that. So for the huge huge huge overwhelming. Majority of athletes. That's scholarship actually may be or some thing going to school and getting a degree for free and a lot of us did on academic scholarships and certainly it seemed like it was worth something. And so I do think scholarships are worse something but I think it's ridiculous. That they aren't allowed to out the very least make money. Also is in their own manner in their own way is maybe not wagering against a Florida Gators is that should still be illegal but just. Food is telling us in Ayers. Is okay afloat. We think it'll Agile not doable will try later on the hour but if we can't get old and he tried to moss on big deal. Can't display the Canadians and I got any else for us here wants bass woman segment amber we can move on Iran all right knowledge of fifteen minutes he wants blots. We do have a little player profile. Okay and that's coming up next. Right right. Inside drive it's. It bubbled up reversal. He's five seconds flat out gets the layup. Car rides customize hereby champion four by four South Florida someone's Jeep truck NASA the customization shop be guaranteed and the hottest four by four modifications in town called champion for my fourth. At 7865023446. Or go to champion four X four dot com. Also vile pro orthopedic and sports medicine is their job to. For more info. Or gets the gets a player profile. In about ten minutes now let's hold off on the house still a basketball here the the heat host the 76ers tonight. We talked a lot about this early on but here's the thing with tonight's game this is a this lab tech game. Miami is is entrenched in the playoff picture right now OK they're they're tied for seventh but they own the tiebreaker with Milwaukee. And both Miami and Milwaukee five games up on Detroit five teams up with seventeen play a lot of games okay. And and I believe the season series with Detroit. Is Hu 20 right I believe I believe they're done their beliefs due to its over so. The yet Els is as a result of beating the pistons last week adding seats to tip so you're a good spot there and the pistons conference record is terrible here at their eight under 500 you're gonna finish with a better conference record. They they're to have the tiebreak and their five games on Detroit's so they're they're gonna make the playoffs you get sought look at. The teams and you and the team right ahead you're number six. Is Philadelphia. Sixers. Have won two of the three games against Miami this year. And they're two games ahead of Miami. And here's why tonight is a huge gay if you wanna climb in the standings and you wanna catch a team like Philadelphia by the way he led the wizards on Saturday. And there's three back of the wizards OK so these are games you gotta win if you want client. And the sixers. If they beat the heat tonight then you fall three back. Of Philadelphia. Would set with sixteen like. You relief. Because they would have tiebreak winning three out of four games if you've poured back which sixteen apply economic and out. Like games. As a lot to make up if you win tonight's. In year one. And easier saint tonight a must win tonight's big do most us when the White House is muscling do you have any concern that cannot. The dog in a winning bid and they're not going to make the play out no this point. Now they're they're gonna bust you further and it worked come for sure I'm not I'm not now. We talked about that earlier is that race that no matter what of those breed dog teams that they had to be very competitive whether it's the cavs and raptors or the Celtics. Thousand things at their that their personal three of those teams. To a long series yes I think to be long series in either of them yet didn't the raptors aren't they on the seventeenth went on around us in SE outlets and as I Houston entities and raptors run some crazy winds. Six a road the Arabs are really really good are really good. Millions that he. Yet he won their drive. The one in that building and he around and wonder why don't of their breadth and one in Toronto and the almost one next time. I I I think he would be a plight. What's got you guys they've mega playoffs the income until they until they get all that stuff we're still we're still doing an avid hunters they do. Timid about her in measure now want to Rosen so good at the sultan song. The go back to her if Q you really think that the heater gonna what are. And I don't they're going to be able to go to the senate of the Thompson and nobody picked are going to be going the distance in a series yet there's I. I'm all of those teams. I I think all of the Eastern Conference playoff series are going to have potential to be long series. I don't Toronto was 47 and seventeen their top in the Eastern College Boston's right behind them. I don't see. The dominant teams. Like Philadelphia kind of dominant if Philadelphia when I get it right now the Mac to be philadelphians Cleveland cold weather problems. Cleveland and Cleveland is one of those every player that I Cleveland problem could be stressed. In Milwaukee right now Milwaukee would play Toronto on the first time I mean. I certainly don't think Milwaukee win that series I mean a single fuel its I I I I don't think be over. I think these teams in the Eastern Conference are going to push the top. I need a minimal. Really the same record right now he won the season series against them I think walking magazine drummer and let me like crazy. Mean. Evidence will be much sign. Yelled at the same wreck on the losing series pushed when great to give him more minutes throughout the playoffs or is gonna remain the 25 minute guy you know someone Texan that earlier is to win we get wind up playing more tonight because you saw what happened last summit in Philadelphia he was Alston is in a note to win wage should be playing eastern when he annually by several minutes a night and into the playoffs here's. I mean. Because I mean I think you're going to little playoffs but here's the thing and talk about this. What are the reasons I think Dwyane Wade has been so good of late is because he knows when the corn made its. You just go balls out for the 222324. Minutes Heatley super super hard but what better defensively and disease in my eyes here. All the numbers are but for to meet. Wade has been a better defensive player this year but he was two years ago has ever been crazy yeah. It's a Tikrit energy they even try that in overtime you don't forget that he played 35 minutes remember this are the overtime without him because they wanted him to have that sprint even and even in the small period to big deal at his age and. I Philly they found a way to effectively use them. And your op uneasy you want that to remain alien intruder and one ally as well because. So angry and that are gonna we have the possibility of playing which Cleveland Boston and Toronto did those although not locked by any stretch to be number three Washington in India and artistic team and halfback. And so fond of replayed in the as the months so there are a couple years back in this in the series won't play against Toronto. That basically had caused the combo yeah and then Orlando in sixteen million dollars a year or do you think you contributing bam could possibly have a kind of playoff series. I get the opportunity. To her and that's why it's my question why is I am not playing I don't know what you want and Arnold. Maybe it's a rookie think it's hey you know we got a full roster for the first time all year is Ellington is likely to returns I mean it's like hey it's a rookie thing where. You'll break here and take Gorky precedent over the fact that he was doing very very well in contributing well this I don't know I'm guessing maybe maybe that's what they think junior but as a member and a major difference. Between played one year of college basketball. Where your regular season is thirty audiences might be just like a way to give him a little bit of a breather or doesn't get that he will you know. These guys hit these rookie walls physically 35 and one year as a college basketball and the 82 days and shot and he traveled. That's college for a difference is Warner wasn't sudden halt in order because it was going so well for him. Who's going really really good momentum was slow when things out that I want them on what is pullback. About the movies he's the most talented player. The that was Tobin bickering monitors there was breezes past where his mouth most athletic player the most out most athletic. Most athletic athlete in all of self force sports he has is the best athletes Butler and Jordan Jordan. Music awards could keep doubting experts I mean I've professional as a city Kempthorne. One expert Ron Paul Kemp Jordan to what problems might think your when I can't say I re basing out I think there's really gave you worry hordes allowing him the ball ruin. Well that's just buckle or is 82 time rose one of the easier expert football little basket slowdown that year tenure NFL veteran. The totals of about that you know he's an acute and Rose Bowl and the year of credited and it's just. And not a damn item by item Michael Jordan image that is RH he's he's a guest on Golf Channel hello. You know I it is but. Now that who who then put a stamp on it. Ron Rothstein. Does that rob rusty practically invented basketball now could run it can't act runny say he had seen a guy like me. Compare him to Michael Jordan aka he compared to Michael Jordan who's gonna simulate cam. Raid case all. And will be Melissa that yet but point eight outsider. And he and he gave it up without being prompted you and say who's been an eye on it I did like that no assassin and I hope is like shortcut you know whose like shall kept. Baylor abide by I did like that I like is that what a person is a Florida may be may be. Maybe somebody other bidders I'm not given the respect to you can get some of the pandas more athletic and ban at a bond to say may that that would just in my own bigger chance I would just be minor leaguers. I was handed a pair of skates and hockey stick to young it would be what he agreed hockey player the best. He'd be better the grits is there anything that you think BM ought to value cannot deal. Pitch. He struggled as very tall win this year. Tall lanky that's at the heart of something is definitely you know most deadly outages we have Max on tall pitchers on how tall he can be. I get this this is science at the bomb player profile Israel. Next Shawn Kemp. Has there ever really been another. Shawn Kemp is there who who is the out of them out of Ohio I'm getting a lot against IU fans are telling me this guy was not used to the peak of his skill set. Well some said that about Jordan. He doesn't block the shot. Folks he catches. Their shot this is what I call. Well in high school we moment. What. I'm old enough to remember Michael when he was a rookie. Okay and Michael used to give you. Who moments. There's a few other guys in the history of the game. No pleasure ma'am no pressure well and anyway it was one of dogs okay back in the day. Headaches now. Medics Arab. It. It right now on the contest I'm going to say yeah with a final four pact to get three knicks to game is on March 21. 7865340790. It's is urging you to play hooky with the Leavitt charts show the guys in the shipping container they've worked a jail Wakefield debris what they believe is achieved should be here. When he joined in a few weeks for the march 15 two to 5 PM as attorney c'mon now. Take the shipping container bracket challenge pick which of the shipping containers Beers your favorite. The winning Beers can be announced today the national title game. Kansas and re launched relied music going on it gets at. PM on March 15 at the laboratory showed shipping container on a 719 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. The heat of the sixers tonight contains all are in the quarterfinals they begin AC tourney play tonight at 9 o'clock. They're playing UNC and not look report that ball game used to a year fanatic yes Tempe and start. Could be could be if this bill for daylight say whoa opposite dealings and permanent daily and it up this or that's Alia. Alia. But why. I forgot to mention I should amends is yesterday. I get elected golfing games albeit an hourly to 2 PM starts live and starts 930. Cuba Sunday night sort insert him into diamonds and just when they're on the round of the party anyway I learned a lot team's home games a veto because games East Coast and West Coast okay it's it's Pacific time the answer 1 PM and 4 PM East Coast what would no matter who's playing he says it's 1 PM it's very regimented it's 1 PM or 4 PM. So dolphin home games they were 1 PM local time let's say the plane the jets but don't be Newark up in new York and the rest these girls not to do that perfect for. I know what they're still gonna set the gains in Florida based off the New York yeah. East Coast gains of one given 4 PM all around the NFL so be 2 PM and 5 PM on games here. It's gonna care to a lot of people that are doing mauling gonna before and blow in the wake of put that dark feeling. And all of a sudden doesn't really like hitters are moving around maybe go to brunch and then you've got till 2 o'clock to get to the game you'd like that. 930 Monday Night Football game at all DeRozan 932. Days ago all. What's not awful book pandered to and right now the Panthers have wine. They've gotten points and seven straight games. It was six in Raleigh loss olasky and he's a good point against Tampa tonight the latest stinky Canadians. And our boys keep our cats are okay he's our he's our French Canadian hockey we've proposed money on correspond. Brokers and drug rulers overseas police back okay like you know you have money to be one of the money that Pena I thought our business we can't they wouldn't do it but he's back and so is covered the Panthers again and you know to make sure everyone is aware of what's going all the Panthers and gets cool get to know you can't they're kind of deal I think writes there definitely excellent Tagalog is doom player profiles now for. Starting today we what's highland a lot of the stars that are out there and he's. We we don't have enough spotlight going on right now I agree on on some of the superstars we got here is some of the people on Tex we're talking about Markoff being. Better than them out of body when it comes to South Florida super athlete as listeners and yeah it seems silly to me I'm so. Deep Marquette is he's got a little ball Sasha ballclub. I think he's going to be doing a player profile in just about every single starter on the TO's series got to. I'm sure okay. Let's get to the finest French Canadian in the home land with deep bobcats did this phone call. Found our plans dual eight got let's send their bark off if gaze shot Schaumburg golf AKA they're finished now. Us AKA god damned this guy is due Clark publicly. Yeah our company Democrats are implant bulls. A series Ambac that's next here refused to sign up right and it all they 'cause he just don't polarize us fast and from thin then my. We you know defend and watch as more important than any other country in Europe they're done category on XP and how. Bark up high and I are. That being the world's biggest consumer of copying making such does allow extra perky when they can't know. John Solomon. If look at it that's your printer profile. But it's not my. Did tonight again. Get so I didn't look at you as he has recovered from his broken heart over at the loss of the chemical on median bones that make tennis like yours are ruined and assume cures are gonna move on just get deeper debt EST when he came back blog finally told me. I'm Olympic village and gets a hundred time loud so his team loss and he has gonorrhea. Burn wow feel it cool bald guys back. And we're glad he got that clear language of government but he got cleared up. Glad he's back I heard that amber does a unit some day we just went from gonorrhea and I heard that amber I don't among companies already that look it's supposed offensive because I was ever that ever had gotten rid. I hate being back close to my eyes and you think it's about to disclose some information you don't know about which is not the direction of the fire. He didn't say it I heard that amber has heard that and heard it's I heard that in her. And then amber does say she does it can't or growl is that true. Hold on it's worse than I thought it was going to be. I yeah I usually did and recorded the every and grow old and somehow they isolated incident and so I think it's a pass. So when I was gone you guys were all doing your hand there aground Preston and that was hers. That the county baby get on board dazzle to your years. On car. That's a growl you you sound like ritual while law. To be intimidating not here's a great citizen and on the ice then. It slip and all of a place. As a jerks can you can you put until the begged me to do the ground and what does that route they knew that this was comet. And with the song got the Panthers play after goals can you do that's. You gotta be to do that right. What a pathetic growl. How dare you. Let's hear what sounds like Wendy. If the Panthers score a goal you gotta put that together. Hopefully get a bunch those old grouse nights immunize that's what I wanna hear mr. governor Patrick Turner and you set magic ablaze in Basra. Andre lost they got the appointment so I. So tonight they played Canadians and let's meet packed dual singing the Montreal fans in. And since I was either fail or are charitably be either farewell tour as my guest because you know spring break now a lot of opinions about north. That's the anthem when these labor.