1-11-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, January 11th

Show opens with Bam Adebayo highlights. Leroy previously said Bam is the next MJ. The guys talk about the streaking Heat, winners of six straight. The guys talk about the Heat being 55-27 in their past 82 games, good for the 1 seed in the East in that time span. Hassan Whiteside is getting his jersey retired at his old high school. Fetty Wap attended the same high school as Whiteside. London is hosting three NFL games next season. Marshawn Lynch goes up gainst his former team across the pond. The guys discuss if Gruden and Lynch will get along. The Beast asks "will we ever find out anything bad about Tim Tebow?"  Tobin brings up the scenario where the Mets trade Tim Tebow and "some bums" to the Marlins for Christian Yelich. Justin Bour is going to be lonely next season. Tobin can't wait for Sunday's Heat-Bucks game. Tobin doesn't like Giannis Antetokounmpo not wanting to play in Miami. Beast says the Heat should trade Whiteside. The guys discuss if the Heat need a superstar to win a title. The guys discuss the upcoming Titans-Patriots game and if the "pride rule" is enough for the Titans (13.5 point underdogs) and the Jaguars. Erik Spolestra was angry during a 6-5 game. Blake Bortles compares himself to Lebron. Tobin says Bortles will either have the worst game of his life or dominate for his haters. Is there Matt Patricia rat poison? Beast says the Patriots don't get botherered by distractions. 


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole. Oh heartland poker room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Today I'm getting a lot of guns on defense and tell me. This guy is not this guy was not used to peak of his skill set boat some said that about Jordan. Mom you know pop so bad. You'll put the shot up Janet. Both from the outside they're not expected to have to do that but from eighteen feet emails at the heat back up now by thirteen analysts are split on the left. Todd Johnson turns a corner Belfast and demands. Loaded jam great passers China's money damn the big men inside 4030 did he buy into the top of the circle back to deadly double their political inside sensible. Which shot got to go down the final. Did a great job done bite him. The side opens up for him he's gonna go strong in god didn't Colin Powell has Stevenson reaches in their boy bam. His last two games of the so the bills now fifteen points and look what he has done dammit why. I don't want yeah. Baseball and then remnants in sports talk history in the rewards. Called cost you man Uga again Michael Jordan. It's amazing. So exciting. You watching this is watching this I won't this. Repay. The creek and street. This is unbelievable. That it was creep in sneaking but it housekeeping industry can creep in and street market right now and they want six straight yet to strongly on yet yes it is and this is he still a superstar. Beast who gives a rat's. Ask right now to deal would enjoy anything hugely. Sony put you know it's almost two pursuant to which. Evidently you do is the groups all. Some sexy. On New York immediately ruining this this is amazing boys. It's such an adult time in south Los right now yeah Jeter with his project Wolverine. You know stop alone the all over the place the three year old toddler is he's not control guy. Controlled and student whose team. You'd jeetz. And India the dolphins. That disaster. They're going into the offseason and their eyes and loss record yet been touted the years that a bad year he's not excuses the top stories that they're gonna keep a slot receiver. Yeah fantastic. And actors. But it's actually the other butler's. Last playoff spot which is just about where that in forever. It. But has got to go on in the right direction Gary again and I don't (%expletive) Check primer yet it's up together manage Markoff just made the all starts big. Huge difference huge. Yet that would overflowed stay below club's got a big weekend coming up clustered in duped but the gave the gift that keeps on given what's at Miami. He cultured man. Real five. Biscayne boulevard. Also give them on wood and started in not join us here. I'm very excited expect them and you could put some perspective for you guys. Plus 82 games I never thought you'd ever stated to be respect you perspective. Plus 82 games Lira that's the season. The mine's record with them. Over the last in two games since the question do you wanna know the record. 5420. You don't that would have been last year. The one seed in the east Texas department 27. OK you know that would have been last year which you know would you ended up being you wanna know that would have been Lester was the one seed in the east. Mean that's the kind of roll they're on right now man aha he's at that point it is over rated Brad Stevens. To Brad seem expulsions going out there right now you've got an all stock to his name he's got a budget he's got onto wounded warriors out there Tyler Johnson. Got through it some whites on one leg got through it. He's he's thinking behind Brad Stevens the precedents everybody licks his feet. Parcells is a game behind his pace from last year licks his feet yet everybody everybody. Actually Brad Stevens is God's gift to basketball board searchable sprays where his parade Donnie does he does get under treasury and these means. Peace means. No doubt. And you guys sitting here trying to attack I'm not as well expand what at a rate can YouTube pronouncing that right. It. Do you get a Pope who platter. Now that they're two different things not pocket of the that he put soccer. Let's get to him. These these WT XY AM South Miami and WS at six Ph.D. true Miramar. Well at the heat off tonight get a decent scoreboard watching tonight boys 'cause there's a big one between the raptors and the caps. No he's right lice say what's. This thing. Then they can run to. My horror. Would have must out of my chest if I were in the like that once you're into it now because the season as the lone season yet nowhere in the ticket you can say that he gets before Christmas you know we are right now. After Christmas were in the thick of it now we're we're just kids started his really it's after the all star break every half game counts every game counts plugging away. So we have Cleveland Toronto tonight an eight by the way there's a neuter. Or the O two arena in London the Celtics and the sixers if you confer not a new owner by 3 PM game. That you know. To OMB. Betty Simms. You're actually looks like he belongs in Britain. Brad Stevens. It could be done. Like a bottle again he's smug. He smug. People and he's looked into it get all he looks like he enjoys team trumpets. And with a prayer beads to be fair via UK. Saying that now why Bosnia. I mean I agree with you Wii UK is it okay. This is connected to and it. Sir on the he'd standpoint though this is big news is how wide does get his Jersey retired it'll lead side I really Malone and now he's sad. He knew that his last two. What are fudge on Clark will be there bruising still not with us and want to sunlight said in a hundred million dollar conjuring for the has to decide he was wearing it. Well it wasn't you know what I. Is there. One of the club when it wasn't like they were raised this Jersey and his putter. First of all you did it we what you did high school. So. That being said. There's not a hundred dollar contract. Anyone know that let everybody know we were to screw you retired Jersey at did maybe you maybe a little more little to note don't donation. And so there you go you know it must constantly she. He knows who the great here a point ponds. You know muscle library in las what these side who study law. Do you know this is that as a retired. Oh don't you remember it was them the Chicago. Kids that go to Q the best ball we've been. They do to prevent early. Yeah did you you know he was he played on the same team with. So it is going to be good day boys it was a golden team is that we are there some there's going to be a good. Coach. Saturday I'm looking forward to I guess is a medical news before you do zero that is gonna be a big day so in. Most of them yet been done Tobin Trevor town London me hosting three NFL games next year. Hall's go. So at the news the new stadium where contemplates. That the spurs if you will. Which is the world's first. Dividing the retractable soccer pitch that thing is awesome was a artificial servers underneath he'll be used for NFL games and concerts. And there's going to be dedicated and pelicans are gonna play a lot of at a podium there I'm gonna have your Jacksonville Jaguars. Dance and the and what the Eagles. That is possible rematch while officials hope it right at it that we give a yes they get home games yes London jags. But go to Seattle Seattle no notes that's our might not have seen this over there yet yes Seahawks and Oakland is the one at Tottenham Hotspur that stadium the Eagles in Jacksonville and the titans and chargers will both be at Wembley. I also play with people. It's what you got to do right sure but I mean they're a team of London the jaguars listen let's we got the at the favorite sun of London. Love it symbol rematch LeRoy. Apple's directors don't let this in the crap teams over there have been nice and have the two teams play for the championship I don't like that none of them that let's back this I can't. They send the same two teams they just. Happen not to be crappy at this moment right so don't see how to put the little twist I mean there was a point in time we thought the jaguars merger is going to be in London plant you know on white Hart lane. But the still maybe we don't know how Marshal its goal of its old team in London. There you go around them football how terrible for next year. Don't agree marshalls which are gonna get along. Well no but that's in no way. Actually. I think they will. And if so why that why the change of heart in the last ten times what I know because usually coaches like gruden. They load the older guys if you can win it win the older guys you can win the team. Was already be going on because Robertson has interviewed the other day that. He always request for Marshawn Lynch and production meetings and they never he never got Marshawn Lynch has already a little bit of beef and attitude I have is just offer some skills to be fun. This much is too marshals as well talk to anybody son John order does not like it's a secret Marshawn Lynch doesn't like talking to anybody else so I got a hold that gets a monopoly. Still. You billion a year to beat that shallow. A tradition junger and it didn't matter who showed the production meetings this check was clear in the same amount four yeah I don't think he really put a mistake cellular readings bonus. With Jeter. Forced him to you Collins. He spots on this Jeter with his with his with his up property illnesses lead you'd pay if there's no cash calls I make more money but ridiculous. Martell friction the formal organ coach will be the new. Office coordinator Chicago deterred from the bears to a spread offense that's great that's gonna work with. It's too risky. Though now he could throw shorted deceptions edges go the whole distance. It's not worth the four from. But you under the bright side the guy who coached mischievous this year coach in the dolphins yeah. So well. To. Could you read it that true this is bad. Two world. Although you think you. Good then that we think that people who threw a bucket but if the. That they collectively say this guy. Today it grow. Oh man dribble and TT go is like whoever he went through this whole. Read the designing of his throwing motion and they break in the sports that are within throwing to batting cage answer questions when you don't 25 years. Which as you all that good if you saw the 45. They down. With the 300 got 300 pound guy chasing you think you'll remember all that stuff dealer with the net. Just wondering just as a side deciding that I think about often is there any chance at some point in time we learn of solemn. Awful. That's our main things that some people don't hold it here. He he could very well be great guy. Because there have been so movers situation whatever. I'm not gonna pick anything less than not I won't either I just like for once just one like one lake even if it was like he threw a banana peel out the car window. Like that like any tightened its gonna be angered me. Attempted a refuse an autograph. It won't be right right exactly like one story like that recently just got into you on about right right to reach you might have to refuse our aggressive he has people around you know he does everything like I just want Alec if you like you know if he pulled a the one that knocked the phone on the guy's hand last night that let you listen it's. This world needs. Were good people my god these people are so stupid eight years here hoping. That go person gets caught up and so I don't. Blog colors Carlos can you correct arc arc arc Tweeter and back me up so someone says. Babies you're wrong taught them please at Wembley. Yet because they toward their stadium down in our building a new one yet. More pounds lots of facts about. Mike Hart lane and friends at the duplicate in this he's the wars and it just the assault slight. It will. Do the masters. Welcome back when 62 there's so many guys like Frankel so much worse. That what Brad Franco Chris Frankel and run down by. Here oh. Tom Thibodeau think Tom Thibodeau yeah it's. Worse than a Brad Smith leads. I respect him I respect Thompson though. And a victim I swear to god respective alma. Presume that these battles with some guys and you just you know the finding new Panasik it's like irrespective frank vocal and more just a bad and yeah he looks disheveled. Sure I'd have a lot of guys. Who enjoyed. Tim Tebow you just don't want to ruin it advances to round. Like break and not be good at your job do you think do you think like to various Thomas and since he got attacks and a well. And he's like it was and you. Also I started to be the greatest in sports next. Welcome back some good feeds via. So I don't recognize. That they are good we're protected if it straight right. Beast kept it true this is what does what he comes out these myriad of sports debate in his own minds like. We don't recognize. But don't put it. We're one of the greatest feats. In sports when Mike was LeBron going to another finals goes. The rays man. That's really happening to view the map so clearly back again and again he is so back that he sees the breathing down the cavaliers and that and policies that. Well I don't feel like LeBron getting the respect. Relying hopefully. He could edit that is not a very. The nicest guy in the world he's yet that's all you're gonna bury him I just wanna you know like make sure he's human and let me get caught up. The camera or something. I I am not convinced that he's not some sort of cyborg. He is terribly good good throw footballs wheel that was and they did it back a little load it is. He needs he needs an apple updated. Hey these. I was think in the rose Tebow later. Believe find out beef if one wants to defect I want to fail I'm sorry look I just keep Maria I K throw Nikkei panel if that means some hater almond. Do you think the Mets to generally talked energy and trading for Tim Tebow could just commit some how much money they're gonna make him in the in the in the outfield yet. I do I feel a personal appealing he's easily tracked. And if they were just sent him a big spreadsheet which is based to a project Wolverine is a bunch of big spreadsheets. They can convince a huge rate is Christian LH. And the disgruntled Stalin Castro will be Tim Tebow and symbol and some bombs. Like in the seats look at a spreadsheet from port saint Lucie. Attendance it's skyrocketing. All. Is skyrocketing. You know what let's do this story for T keeps. And and then teases project Wolverine and his teams in jeetz here to save today. The ratings going frequently source on nose like I hope it's it's going to be to be Tim Tebow and the twelve disciples like that's the. Only hope the moans noted awkward shortstop left tend to throw it short stuff. It would be definitely. Would grow would be a cover like two by two feet. I don't know what will be so soul so simple you can make a thorn third base that the money easily test. To capture the left front and be aggressive enough to stop them but if they communal. The only thing you do aimed. At. This. Mean guys that drove the second personal with Google the you can go to first base Jurgen really MacKey Sasser is gonna walk. You know that the Tebow right now somebody just weren't too long cross. The garment in Egypt in front of the in blocking it would suggest you feel like Justin was going to be in his feelings away this year he's going to be all long it's just meet him in ways in Chan. It's a sad. That this board be so and the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. And aggregate I don't I don't recognize anybody here and I can't wait to get the hell out here but he's got no leverage makes cents. Asner I don't know. Now bigotry that. To go to next you think. They. I don't make a lot of money. Populated state and that they won this private duty to us and boy and we know just balloons slump busters. So he's just that he's gonna go it's just departures raise the calories. And fat six. But that's that is going to be just some boards here I believe the proper term is full figured women. And I was ago purple I would go for profit. Until about just more of the suits coming down by. I'm just saying that if I'm glad now. And imagine tribute. He keeps it way in San bodily the cover of you media guide you guys are about to drop any minute now and you know that's homeowners' here's some the YouTube's users so. I don't think you would lead to as a boy yesterday's regard to a 48 hours case on how Tito's been dead body in his closet. Unbelievable. By the way I can't wait for Sunday again represented protector for a couple of the first ball. A double header 1 o'clock he. Take on the blocks any take on that that that date now got a sense that the boom bow. Well. All the putts started it. He's like. One place to do like Miami I could be as good players that was a supplement this means elect the guts. That's all that means the culture you can just go away stay in Milwaukee which is stupid pranks. Really police discussed his is rookies colors and popcorn. Expensive and annoying. You just did you do that is your superstar Greg rate. I'm not for. Us in the news this upcoming week so that's that it is 4 o'clock and then we get this one pro. Who's so. Accurately you'd better. They are better record proves. Where's the six game win streak. Was a success torture I ask you question. How good you are solely based on your wreck it helps. Phelps. A good record of 82 games yeah. That. Is the game from 82. The seven gains were not imply that went well there weren't existent it is hundreds of their reach an embryo whose record. Go back to the use of Ross and coach and man like him do that appetite. Now up to gain old. Giving us likely. It. So I want the heat to shut his big mouth retreat percent of those wanna play in Miami. All the gone. If you want to support the worst so one always. Are with some fun. What happens smashing plates on the floor all. Red pants that would be great if he yelled Opel when he dunked it. That would be funny. And. Each team that you. Mean does does she doesn't need to she takes two steps in that the red team east like Superman he. Allied to the mask you're gonna have that one of those Alabama bio about a year he keeps it out of this great guys doing LeRoy. East if only they could trade her son. Why what did us in that time while that your son commuting every rebound. I am at a solemn. On the floor together and nobody's getting a basket because you value and bam I'm not sure you have that Hasan British you like these are just things people throw around because you've been doing it for years just there's nobody there's no moves to be made. Is it superstar wanna go toe. So that there was no you know that's legal superstar. To go get a couple of weeks couple expiring contract X. Koch is the key seat. In this picked. Him up at all. That's gonna help this year he can only sentence a boat when the next couple. He said. There is I really would like to know the longterm vision is that just don't see a behavior does it look if this team does continue to grow and blossom in the way they are via. Started never that the people would idea I mean has struck and told us in this in the no superstar that's. Just proposing to god yes but wait a minute. The NBA team that is one championship without a superstar the distance. When was that was fifteen years ago yeah four. It's on its ultimate championship currently that's the thing you guys you guys immediately while ago to the happy and it is guys on a joy. As much better than this team. That hasn't. Weigh on my big shot she pulled. The buyer and Rasheed Wallace at a blender. I'm just on this Holdman ahead in my hand. I mean he's athletic and you all all your tree you called Michael Jordan tiger off the two of the that's what people it is an eagle you don't hop and on on the train with me that's fine that's fine and you guys Stacy. And and loads a tree in my way to protect your train is only brings a fast though slow train. It's slow turn us was until what kind of trailer contracts that. The is what. We all thought the right. Leave the old dumbo. The goal here and owns Billy wouldn't own it. It's like it's that whenever you have a conversation beast we notices to the line. And then he just takes it and he takes has been and he hops over. Where. It. Something to be sick. But we don't wanna say that we don't want you drop. To leave that little wars one and eagle go. All Ian Miller's. Mean. Well how to a couple of years like a pollutant can lead to Georgia B horses go just by us in the wars. Friend of mine started seeing a little teapot short and stout to me yesterday. I was thinking more along the lines of Humpty Dumpty. Every day and what's it. Yeah upcoming. You don't Gore's mind technology partner you look at stumble a technology company. Because Obama the gores group dot com sponsor might open your ball dot com Lauderdale BMW covered bonds. Marine hi Lopez and Martinez PL it was a take it to when your way to eat game. Now. We got ourselves a big in this weekend LeRoy. Has been the next two days talking about. Georgia writes and he talks. I you don't. So that's going on vacation. The store away. Does your wrists so the titans. And the patriots. Thirteen and a half point spread. And you sat here on the show and he told us when the dolphins were that big of an underdog. That you gotta show some pride photos the jets when the jets with a big underdog to adult and they had a show some pride of some pride. Does that does that count this weekend. Mean. Need more. I think prior to only works at home because the dolphins they got annihilated in New England they did not cover the spread but then when it came down here and or eleven point underdogs on home the dolphins won outright so that the federal did. Did that adds Stockholm pride when Robbie rooms. As it applies only went hard rule it's a rule as a rule. At home is similar situation. I would think it would matter eve of war. Simply because. You know final what 88 teens. And you tell me. Add up the final eight teams the team due to be sold it. It's at thirteen could have point underdog. To a two of the people in the clear cut favorite to win it all. So. Yeah I think death you know some good. You know. Stuff due to discuss. Here's more important to talk about the actual game. OK I want to play running back for the titans. Because DiMarco worries are. Through but Lee ultimately signs a wrong yet he's scared and yes I got hit a volley and now you rip it to six last week the most. So. Imagine. They've had to deal with that. Big boy so I think it does this fluid. Load. Fluid now don't let Jerry Odom. The road to that he'd. You know roads them. So broad as options at that plan will work fantastic as long is you know wrong doesn't score two touchdowns Obama to shoot. It does bear. Titans yet. The them Frankenstein at it and bring it back. You know what you know it's I think it's wrong we you don't have the ball. But telling me. Because last I heard spoke talked about. Heidi want to control the game right you know what slowed down we would go at our place it's. Just start run and shoot both spoke going crazy yesterday when a 65. Piece. You know it is I think that having a pregnant woman home. It is like you know you get yelled up like no reason you got and where did you and he's got a bottle up. Because the he's leading the league in tax by coach this year this yet it 65. And the bat and the rest who were bad news. They botched an inbounds play with a with a vivid pacers should about a violation. But it six to five. And Spoelstra. Whose. Ring easy on them just had to maneuver one. Up and down on the court it's they would there aren't meant were czar was so I was side. No he's like no and I don't know get back here get back until they were tee him up he would not stop. Because there was you know obviously their banners and sheepish by the mistake they made but. I mean 66. What do. Let it go out of the block went through it Jones junior which clearly was blocking on a foul on the call yeah that was garbage are great block that was great block that that was that was fantastic and and focus on relatives saw that men like that he had at the end I'd see this on human life and blah yeah if that's the. Because your early days would soon be careless about what we're trying to but I'm of the hum of the fumbled the thought that. Pride rule is not gonna carry over this weekend. I don't. Blatantly we've if the pride rules and carry over. Then there in the jagr losing no that's different I tell you what's different because that's spread is strictly on one guy. What guy who's comparing himself to LeBron James by the way did you get this even LeBron fit into their. Robby play politically Portland's I quoted I would stop dead in my tracks by this coming mortgage you signed him yeah. The guy who you probably never stop and as to who think LeBron James likes those that have an actual real people always think I saw. Yeah yeah same exact same thing popped up but I think a portals a thing of LeBron you've got to see what I've been dealing with with the sky. Yeah like UWU jumped off the bandwagon you back on this though it's not the men who doesn't he pumped entertaining movies did. Just in your home team that you rally like you can't save trade Brady but basically it's the same thing. Because he could be a voice in Lombardi trophy at the end of this year Tom Coughlin told kick rocks and go with Kirk cousins I can understand that's at love the move. And understand. You saw the protagonist. And there isn't and you have to go to does though that's what the murders as well. They hated Jesus too. With the extra. There's people that think LeBron James Sox. Really think he sucks it. Right that's how that works man we just think you actually stink. I. I'd never burned when Bruce then. You know. We took Tony episode. Don't see how he gives him people treat. Blades and baby. That people know how bad I was Tebow pro ball in the overhead and everybody's entitled Tebow made quintuple bogey Brett like Google. You know what the same thing which quarterback. And they want me. But he does have them visit to run here with that but you always have these that the best. There. Certainly does LeBron you know even know you do legal residence is yes he does now. It is his maverick artisans in the report Jessica him and yes UBS let's go through that who. Is cable news and it it. It's a little different in the playoffs from the standpoint. Is that. You don't take opportunities. Right. Like listening to do it rate with these Regis open it up the bill that live duel that where you have to be kind of careful that we mentioned to me. Who does that scared him. Instilled that and slowed game down. So. The patriots a note to use give an opportunity to put that touchdown right. You can run the ball we could. Have very important all over the yet. Those things add up to. Even though New England may be that much. It might not have enough time yet. You understand what a day and yes I mean did you have more tools issues you have quicker drives like it's not like it's not a native films Amendola the URG Brandon coasting down the right oh OK but it. Mine. You know coach Jackson and the Jackson who one tie ins and Texas. You know there had everything wrapped up unless again going to write to us about the game and still has one right I mean look. Now from. I do think that rightfully his role in the deadly blows them prod rule. Does blink you know you can't possibly have I pride has. What I think's gonna happen. You could ask would it here's what you gonna. Lip or leave it right here's our question. If Blake you feel a little tight you know go to his game you know you feel you don't you don't. A little tight for the first and his target but I'm just gonna go upswing. Can't wait until until and if if we did what its future business and after the hours to get bounced he's gonna be like. The well enough LeBron losses first semifinalist at the. There's faeda aria tributes on the delusional like that something crazy but. What is it like this does feel it's idiots who weighs right. It's either going to be Blake put the gonna have the worst quarterback scheme known to man or double middle fingers game today haters here is gonna happen. Like you got to dig deeper and because why does public pools have competing. Because loop when that you saw in the eighteen. Forcefully. Broke run you see going to be he has only kind of he's really like the economy's success is always off play action every in every body. Looks at quarterback insanity to great quarterback. But when I look back at teams that have won some rubles in teams have been. You know that chose to sue both when he gets it this time every year. They all are able to run the football. To be evil we do look at it will win Iran does what is the mobile sparks just came out of nowhere in big brand of Mosul well. That it freed up a lot of other stuff so don't under estimate but you may not need the top five running back. But it doesn't mean you don't need to run the ball do you think that if a group of related to us from the field like Elsa in east west. Feel through in the NBA like NFC the kind of feeling. At least it especially if he was healthy that when split it feels like. Three out of the sorties per share are a lot better than any of the AFC teams that could represent. If you like the it's my. More flaws than the other two hours I would say Jacksonville. Could probably beat the Eagles. Simply because they put so much pressure on peoples that needs it to be it broke you know rush through it's everybody. So sometimes the circumstances or situations where I game we'll play which means if you can run the football. You can you fit this time a year you know I like the ball I I used to Baltimore ravens and now it's. You know is that it or to Tampa and now it is that they were so good defensively they ran the ball so well. That they were even able to overcome it and haven't court records and throw for 300 yards yeah well that's that's the good thing when you look at the saints match when I go on to do Minnesota because. Talent or revenge stands on W tendered under under the watchful lives just violence okay front office I don't understand that here. I don't know how to put this out there. Beast yeah. We have ability as do. We do. Is we're gonna sing you with a crowbar to go collect what's the bill. Cutler's touchdown passes. All nine on get on Allen. Trying to come back on that day is rob who say bill is due. Yeah the bill is due. Yeah I'm not the person go collect. Canes did at the pay huge bill before the entry it was you putts you jinxed him he's had a collection agency committee I'm. That's who I felt like those of I think Tuesday giving it their way it has a lot more to do it. Not how much better New England is right. Just how the game's gonna play out. If if I'm Tennessee. I do not differ. I guess comfortable for you go onto the ball first you eat up you don't you don't. You don't want to give them an opportunity to go down to feel both global boom you're down seven that the attendance record for what took place would do. That voters who do ya buried where about the double score and you look at it like this you should worry about the even if I know. Often Sox. Right. At least we can suck eat some terrible cost. We're really about this. Robbie. Is that possible some map purchaser rat poison got all these jobs line them all he's distraction because he's not because you with that stupid pencil and they don't get distracted you people have so ridiculous out of it that's different is it out where this in the heat is being given right to it I am familiar. Alabama sideline listen a bit of silent about it. Dysfunction. And they still won it didn't matter noted but here's why it's different again there's lots college so. It's it's different OK yeah right okay so I'm not Patricia Villa. This isn't like. Something is is being question with him and still gonna have to disorder doctors professionals. He's kind of want to out the door he's gonna be the head coach of the giants and lions and if you know you're moving on to a new job. And you're gonna be the big boss what's it matter in the quicker if we lose no way you know movement that the quicker you lose Greek. First of all let's be honest but let's check really I mean yes Patricia is really Smart rocket science at all that it Belichick's defense hoped it. And you Robbie Oka who erased from the system never but can it's politics defense though is also in them that we just fun to. Don't let distractions bother them daddy then checked that it happened the best you've ever. Three words and has not Patricia you have no idea what he's gonna do. You can do I know he's got that pencil in his freaking here is get a kick their grass that's refuted. Like you like let's not be used to us about the situation what does that. Me. Everything he's. Been in this hour you'll all be to hold people down and most seriously there's got a lot has got to be a flaw that dude like some ruffle his feathers Newman's is and they show you he's been he's been a little bit salty might have been of of I say you went to most are my guys have situation and have the service that is me. When you give the address or like prince says he's Gonzales born son had a great text though that if flood Tebow was. The catcher for the Marlins he could turn to for Jesus. Unless he's gonna throw it no we could. But he's as the great arm that Tebow go that's my point one is a carburetor Sony's price bill. Do you think you do that if Tebow. If Tebow met Jesus do you think you'd ask Jesus fixes throwing arm or did you actually up and do some good in the world. No value added dig in the world needs use I mean c'mon. Well he's done a lot of good at all is that why did you get quarterback I think to be as he's the fixes or Jesus say. That don't mean the book if it snuggled up some things they saw little subtle things can't even be figured divine intervention. It's at last night.