1-11-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, January 11th

The guys talk about the upcoming MLK holiday and Beast complaining about his optimist league having an all-star game that weekend and Beast's son not being able to play because they are out of town. Beast says the guys should visit Australia. Tobin and Leroy make fun of Beast. Leroy does NOT like snakes. Tobin wants to bring a lemur in the studio. Tobin wants Real Tarzann to bring his anaconda, Leroy says he will lose his job if a 2-foot snake is brought in. The guys talk about the play of Bam motivating Whiteside. Leroy says quarterbacks have their best year when a new quarterback is brought in. Ex. Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers. Tyler Johnson has been playing well recently. The guys debate if drafting a QB to sit behind the starter is better than drafting a different position. Leroy and Tobin debate if Isaiah Thomas will get 30 million a year. 2021 is a big year in NBA free agency. Tobin says the Jags will be in the Super Bowl. Leroy has difficulty telling the difference between a lemur, an emu and a llama. Should the Jags run the wildcat against the Steelers? Beast wants to interview Matisyahu on the show tomorrow without Tobin and Leroy's permission. 


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Okay. And it could be still refuse. Seven I don't think that we are some hard rock whole room couple days this week. It's looks open. Does that serves. There's. No time to go this interview by. Usually when we and other bills that you walk you walk in before you wanted to have like a Boca for big board right and have a list of all the things now. He put on TV it's. I'll. Along with the team here so I would say go to SH RBO probably like these. They give way to oblivion these things whether it's the both sides term as a bonus time in action we've been satellite events. I mean they they they're really go at home so. It's a good deal. Let's get you guys chance and a whip your way into the night before console with the Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis February 3 the night before the big game if UN get a hotel airfare to take a seat David the ban plus effort chance when a game day Spencer's chance to meet Dave. And the Dave Matthews Band the Texaco were right now the 78 it won the code word is station. That station text that is 728817281. Text station and your attitude go to the night before. With the Dave Matthews Band in next chance to answer that 5 o'clock withdrew as our national contest messages that are its may applied don't text. And drive. So. He's might wanna sit out harmlessly to the bride. It it's meant what does this thing you sent to just take you so it was like nine pages a screen shots I I am just I a moderate I'd these people. Solid straight to you were talking about this event here hear your son's Little League. Soccer league the U said the field sucked and your dense the brush back on this. Not just the feel saga of those opposed golf because they made the all star game this weekend which is a holiday weekend he's on the all star team he can't play we're going to my grandfather not fit our my grandmother's 95 birthday party for holiday news. It's Martin Luther King weekend. It. Com. There aren't LeRoy you should give the look. Lou is we're gonna marlin pitching day in Selma and on it. A beard than to use them I'm not know. Though it is the events don't pass up opportunity. That the company is not a day off Lamar predicting that I've been I've paid my respects. All right. Feel that you're respecting his that you're a three day weekend. Right well now I mean I wouldn't be enjoyed a three day weekend. I swear that you voted in New Orleans celebrates the but Ginsburg. Deserve yeah I work. I'll give it I would be working if it wasn't my grandfather's 95 day of my grandmother grandmother's birthday oh Lamar looking the so if you had a choice. You go celebrate a so you really don't problem you not love Martin we do have a shorter show because our leading up and keep pre game right but anyways. So these. These people over in my lovely note a new newly adopted hometown of Cooper city or just I mean they're out of their mind. Just just a bunch of shells. Nothing's wrong everything is great everything is rainbows and unicorn over there. Nothing wrong everything's gonna be different you need me to goaded republics over there yet you know usually I get starts infiltrating. Feel very I mean these people like. Tiptoe through the tulips it's going another brother how did you have a premium meat meanwhile beaten Whaley first ball. Someone had the unmitigated gall on on my long and winding thread on Marc Cooper city buzz FaceBook page. To tell me that Martin Luther King wasn't worthy holiday. That if anything. We should be more respectable Columbus Day. And they were being serious. And welcome to Cooper city if you let it take advantage of the data where have all the way it took advantage of the Indians you miles we'll celebrate potent team. This thing. They've given it anyway. Going to thanks to them installations and tell exhibitors new this news. So. Beam me so good that the optimists slid into my. These people and nobody. Says I Fisher's such CU problem. Now there's other there's there's plenty of other people. I'm not mentioning names I wanna give a what teens there on that have the same issue. This thing but I don't think I don't think you should have bonds. But in the name of this mean they don't want to speak up or be heard I have no problem opening in my mouth as you know. Well the text you sent us only you have the problem was he ever does he just shared with us it's only eat so what because they see you're not familiar description bunker which is. If anyone has a problem with anything new in that town. The same twelve people come out. And make it seem like none and now we live in you know paradise how dare you say anything as Rollins police city you need me to go to the public's yet how are. I mean filtering. Go ahead Pete but I don't have problems like dad that's like that's like first world problem and no I don't trust me I know I is being. No it was because I know that second part of it was is that the also argue it was on Martin Luther King have a big deal and in different. Why is I don't know yeah. And some of the biggest tournaments Sherr who's your current extended weekend and I understand that. Giving when I know in Wellington as a big tournament as we get out and buying a lot since his family wants that watch the games. Like why couldn't be fully how can definitely can disable it and I mean it wasn't it wasn't there's like. Separate fields at this bill lips part of that is that the whole weekend deterrent. No sir there's two games and then there's the all star game with those game. It's either Sunday or Monday. You're not familiar with these. And I I don't actually if anyone has admitted it and know of bees work it would be Carlos logo. So this to say you're only issue with starting. Is because you're cute is gonna be you're not just months and there's several kids. OK it's a long week and then. No you go and see an. Old like. Fueling this solid it's a freaking Olympic trials. So we've got to tell you like to do just like if school's job like you think people got talent it's important that we. And everybody just a long vacation what are you on their side went on their size it used. Like a little right now which is familiar with you where I had that that's what I can sound ridiculous but you just don't understand the people over there and it just believe. Everything is perfect I don't. To state the people every aspect of it. Let's celebrate that's you let's celebrate Columbus Day not Martin Luther King Day that's the that's that's when I got like the Tom Brady just the age. Albert on the side note by the late Pablo Lopez of your money Millen back to operate. Let's get the headlines there you go. Please it's W. He XY AM South Miami and WS advanced age age old Miramar. Forty years old put on us what you that's appropriate for your age. We'll keep hearing no alcohol and no body no don't he deathly darkness there. That is two years ago or that was very evident that's very evident right now that he is Addison color is also look like skeletal are you putting his in quotes. His hair as opposed to that. It did but I'm pretty sure that Harrell put belong to a fair pay beast yeah hit it took us via. Let you have so many problems with a place that didn't ask you moved here hitting give you a check to move geared. You chose to move to notre and and I took a lot of local hard for the most part I love it there I love. My neighborhood I love my neighbors you called the sheep there's just a few lives up provocative towards like the future opens over there that you know. No I mean do they give listen if I what I would have done is look at the soccer schedule note a Nona had a grams. We're gonna have a birthday a week early. I mean you tell the matriarch of the London February of that. No she. She used an ID 500 by the Eddie Sachs are right. Do you think they even know you asked me. The difference. 9596. Pairs of their birthdays. So we have to look at the every time my daughters started the conversation off with Dole's words right there I start looking around and beer and see if I got a bump basis so it. Do you get them under owners yes yes they know and there's a big party planned for the entire family it's huge gains in Peabody if you're interested. Our astute chicks can't do it on a Thursday sued saying his book sweet yeah we got to go on for a Sunday store chains and book it's not still it's sue sued Chang's and booked it. Calls to him right now against him like I don't want to stay in light. With all of the limited world. Right this is where you editing you know. You have to play to flag down I mean I it feels you all star game is the same idea I play and other places. Grandma grandma is part then plasma flat really a milestone. Top. Nine hailing. It isn't the decades the milestone night before that date is a milestone and a what's in front of every year it is my bro. You still look at how do you think based on our exhibits of what we do and our life. Did you think need decent human lives. Are. I don't think you're gonna last lesson. Beat yet that the use going to be pissed off possibly have is do. He'd hooked a Tobin and made. Actually Tobin who is in the best shape out of me and Robbie. Not LeRoy made and not last as long because something is bound to set a mile fourteen petty kills who is gonna get eaten bow wow board up like. Like elect elect elect a Smart idea Eagles please do with things yet to deal. Aliens. Be there next. A somber tone that's. Us. Oh the stingray and we should Australian. And some degree club you. What happens you he would bring to the snakes just crossed the street. You know we need to play with yours does not use stores Tuesday with a flying foxes that got boiled alive in the air yet hey yeah. Autumn on this note to drop a couple of OB. He then it's gonna work in the outback. BP right it would it would it would because of the it's been acute. I and he. I have a what you want that's jump on the boot. They've again what they want it literally other animals they have over the running of the koalas but they sleep all day idea that the globe which of cleaves LeRoy a short. They charged yet today and the duck billed platypus over the course. Those are great. I mean they got a lone regular Tasmania play with the levels. These these diet. Take your medication for disease that he thought he had a whip me beat bundled digit designated as it plays out but you don't get it on my way out ode yes no there's no there's a good chance. That like some sort of like I'm gonna like I'll just start taking a whole pack of Tamiflu. When I don't have the flu. And that's going to be I'll give any headlines. Who cares at this point well we got creaky yet she schemes coming up with the cavaliers and raptors. That's a half game 3 o'clock Boston Philadelphia from London at 8 o'clock Cleveland and Toronto. Mark Alfred did you new OC of those Chicago Bears Steve London links any of these sports are sent in there where they just want boxing and soccer electable. I think Philip. Who would vote. The blood of expatriates LeBeau there and wanna see anything. Cortland deplorable and I feel like that they didn't give respect to Jed I think they should. What if any response. What you want to let you queens where Eagles Jersey would be nice of you guys will statue Vijay train. Right next to big band that's there to begin with big parliament a giant. This guy that you all of the real big bend it makes it the next two big bit. It adds an admission for like three years with you through it it's going to be tough for big men integration accident the coolest Campbell axis teeth with them this week. Wait they're both like they do not. Not as well as. The more I'll pay hike. Saw the first game it may you know same size big pay being TO. When you wanted to be at the vidro cures everything. No I don't think that'd make you drowsy. And that's the whole nine yadda I don't like to drowsiness ideal for the hard stuff. Oh my goodness coding. But it. Blix story today of a guy driving cardinals after you with a bit of his red belly backs and they you're paying all of passenger side window. Nothing like you know what I learned. Room Tarzan it what you real Tarzan and this gives me good this points a monster. Both will kill you. That's a sudden the evidence are you eating sour patch kids of the leamer. And that's. Yeah it is like that Julie do you like I got so he's on the late show Jack whatever his name is. Jack Hanna yet we Cuba to get a real Tarzan to bring an animal in the old. And mean and ask Elena. Like I like what I want to have a Lieberman ran around here obviously a big lead running around degrade. Them. As a black man I just got over the don't think. Right you don't know Michael's not proof of that though. But I don't read it Erica I've had a couple of dogs I'll go with that he can ask who would sit out backyard. When in my backyard no bushes and back star Grossman. It did the the dog runs objectives he would it is Roy is. I don't smoke or you or is this how to do a lot bone meal to bring the real Tarzan. During a lemur yes and give you some sour patch kids you know and yeah. We need a believer in studio that used to have ones do you compliance. Robbie vote monthly or no leamer Lehman yeah Lieber the lever new intern we are not only America where hundreds and yet we knew in entered. Yeah but ceilings and if you if you want to keep his job vote -- yet no places like to have you I don't know. It's all the slip you stall. In the applicable FAU two really he's on the link train as well. Definitely in turn via Lester good to be Lane Kiffin so nice when you when you exceed expectations the great idea these animals on the radio issue. What you text no faced a lot of enemy. And lemurs makes sounds like scared LeRoy. So. Organ Lehman. Oh yeah where did I totally get Lima. Abuse charges because until the people have a mix to be. I was kicking it as an appropriate. What do molecule rate at my right and I this year fear. Yeah stronger. But it. Never to (%expletive) off. Than men with him no chance to between. Just on the arms that just a candidate like Clinton they throw it right answer why Hillman advances the zoo once seen as a bomb as a right and and they throw poop. Yet. It's. Going to be. Don't like it well actually Jay Cutler's kinda like that it has been drinking beer soda cigarettes. I mean all of me. Realism in sport. But it got there house. Almost every text are unanimously full hour at its. Video. To show off base. Of the text that would unanimously for the leamer. Oh. And Michael Jackson's chimp bubbles still love what the Lehman has great he takes. Its. Maybe we've also seen paddy. In the lemurs on T batting. That. You you to work. Reliever. It does bring that I don't just in case the Leber doesn't work now I had multiple of the current. I've gone all would like the goats husband's in the conduct that beacon of hope and love the GO really yeah. How will fight everybody and how would lose my job if he brought the guards who knows why is this the most. A sure it would tranquilizing gun is real problem because he's got the lead and currently is cumulative girl would be perfect radio is it. You. What people do would be scared. They go raise some people scream like heroes Vietnam. People might be way out in death was William tubes you know finally Mercury you know what you might ever gotten on beating your league play well like I. Hi Heatley and you can get away. Though. To protect the league love I mean if you. This is a lawsuit and it's like by there you go as Lawson able Milosevic he brings him well. Enough not a few punch it. It. In your face I'll be Roy stuck in the bill's own business owners do. It was duke don't it decree. Miami. And fifty minutes he'd. I am a. The team then yeah. Okay. And. Yeah budget it will bottom floor. Self closing would you truck is customization shot you're guaranteed up behind us about what modifications in town called about. 7865023446. Champion for about four dot com. Good to its usual spot about Maria hi Lopez Martinez. PL pull them up at 305800. Burma reminding me. It themselves another victory yesterday first regular season went and Indiana's 112. Grades that they give out and I thought. I was field and I was feel on the gag job with autos code that their daughter because they had that big lead real comfortable that it looked like. Oh it's back to back and at the gas is brought in now. Yeah they were held on Stewart got. No they had to deal if they don't back to back that night you they have the restaurants you run those. I mean look it. It does seem. A little more organized. Because. With the fewer bodies everybody has to be more. Focused on what's going on and so defensively they seem to be a little tighter yes offensively. There's no one guy so everybody has a role any kind of fit their I don't know if that helps defensively. To some footage yeah. He won grew athletic one. And I but you know what does it it I tell you without gloves and it was good to see it look like Gasol had a little more jump yesterday but it he's been like a little bit a. You hear their rights on Bob them dude at three kite doesn't know it is not able competition. This might. Which ever hear what the French UN. If every UC somebody. You don't like if you got it does it job. You don't eat some Egypt might be a little lazy. You know lackadaisical. You might no not today not today Wade's right. That could let somebody else come in their lives saves if you play. Eagle and score twenty get fifty rebounds. Film home loan. It seems like. Tom. X the eagle on huge showed these booms. What I'm about talent and it happens in every sport which you quarterbacks. We do quarterbacks at their best year. You Reno poured Beckett. Right sure there's only example the Brady's. You don't nipple air Rogers I mean who got threatened win when they drafted Aaron Rodgers but are. These music he's not an album greatest quarterbacks gave caddie he was. Here did. Grew me to take my job right so. It was it was a Sissy too because of the sun like. I always thought the thing that separate us obviously he's very athletic but mean. Using heat seeking missile for blocks and just being a deterrent at the rim and I do feel like that Al has been lost a little bit with him tried to fit in do I guess the heat's system. But he figured it all states who alluded aware of what is his specialty was. And that just deceive us on well without key block at the end of the game like wow late. Well forget Baghdad with those big gas arms at the rim stops you it's it is a nice weapon. The other thing is when you have a some ordered a complete away. And the sun doesn't have to go out there yet. He keeps it more in his element also yeah did you know periodically you know you've played a team where it. He would go to six men were seven foot center that's plain and on the perimeter of the suns got to go out there you almost have to take him out. Would now you got bailed so you don't have anybody can drive. And you have a perimeter player they can stick with those big guys. So they kind of work together. There's it's it's pretty great city ever seen development from Josh heard sandwiches which has been spent see Tyler Johnson knew what a turnaround he had from the sticker he had the beginning of the season. And yesterday we know we continue to play. And the pin and huge huge basket to break the tie and and the U heard were able to hold off from that got another example. Right of the alternates are horrible the next euros banged up he addressed to Tom referred to. Pro Bowl year. Television. Well the contract was and it almost looked like there repair or replacement ready to go case I will play game played ball with the contract. I solve a rosary in almost a Garros. He's on with the dolphins if the dolphins would draft a QB high. And supposedly liked NL's final that if they do. Yeah it. A lot of people think. That always puts them in underneath you know. But the guy is already working hard. Doing everything he can't be too busy in here who you read it right well the problem when that is attendant who actually can top this quarterback and you the first drop us a place. As a hundred your travels all the but here's the problem. Okay we're all this in June need to fill and secure US duplicate. Beat me to quarterback at risk of degrees court makes it a bit and you beaten Phillip position you can use human alignment. I'm sure broke wants to draft a quarterback can absorb bits and people like I've read that drafted dateline what you eat errors. With human but I do think it is a thing where especially. And I'm sure he's working hard and and babies you'll be great for the next 56 years but. If he even still has the happening haven't issues that it did this youths and the detour. Now before the Luxor near that he said it was fixed and then toward under a. Understated. Okay. He heard as he needed here well Eva screens or partial to. Test right. That he did all the offseason conditioning would ever. It doesn't need to go be okay. Because he please make you you were just they yet okay he's not put strain known as a running back wide receiver so we may be it would give away witness. Vote. Sewed it took it is that you know what. They just do it this way. It didn't work out BB edit another injury. She had surgery on right away you know that's on the and they should do at eleven I do but I do think that. And then howling and have more measured accurately you should have a legitimate project back there just a bill that massive for Tennessee right well no see. Look as a Davis feels for. We knew we do win we you woods who rubles. Okay and you have players that you've signed that you develop. Like the patriots. Did anytime you bring a player that doesn't please considered as. When you're the team that did make the playoffs. You bring a guy ended he's now playing in this house it. But my. Haven't. Just the pitches I'd play in their draft bills in the past as well but still just sold you know him. Because it got picked up the most remarkable time. I mean lot of other reasons why else spent a third round not a lot of other reasons. Late yeah had the best quarterback ever and you get to play in his Volvo division where these yet with the other teams just roll all over themselves. Is that it. In any of the injury prone countries the last two seasons even over Xavier injury. Like we say. Well no wait let me let the stick to basketball. His deal wade is injury bro. Sustain injury it is the same injured OK so like that you put it if he didn't. I guess that's a that I defer to and you just to get that feel like an ankle lights up cards after is a guy who had bad angles why had a contract he had before and where it was very reasonable have video of this surgery don't don't know get surgery but it was a chronic thing early and brighter at bank McKenna college who is not a thing yes and now he's start to have ankle stuff again. What is that it while it was a thing that he had merit so. Do you calls after injury prone community like he's done enough. To prove himself was being ready but what I'm saying that win win you don't. Do the proper thing to fix that injury. And you keep missing games because of that injury you're not injury problems the same damn well here's the thing that is different in its home football. He's got people coming after after and hit him. In the sport. That plague people are trying to cause bodily harm. We go for fifty busy depicted as the cracked open announcements out of the border if it did it did ruin the party because the heater. The game. And you let the cat he's the he's a creep it and the hazards Ronald delay wrapped Israel's total loss at home if we have arrows. The cavs arrows definitely pointing down. And he zeroes definitely point though with some breast. Posted his of the bronze because you know you play crap but you got it he's got to be looking around himself and just like. Reinforcements are. My boy. Little long in the tooth. Well give it to a point guard who rules sometimes. Go a wall and from time to time it's harder. A 55 guy. Kevin Love though you think you'd think somebody give as it Tom's thirty movies and yes notre. All right do a lot idiots in this league. No. 930 booty years. Point five wasn't even twenty years. I think he gets like five years a 100000005. Years. You know 90000000005. Years they've been I don't know that I want feedback in the Connolly. Oh not seats. That probably every time I mean this was out of politics I was looking at lake future free agency. Just as everybody loves to remind you guys above and bring it up like the big plans to do and can't just enjoy the process what's going on right. Would be pretty weird. We talk about. Well. They picketed Julian Wright I don't see. The guy that it says. You know I am IQ and enjoy what's happening right now well I was just curious to go on the ghosts on ago I was search and I was wailing. As the agency when the whales are available and why this anyway as available until 242 when he won like that's too whale it's a Big Three whale. It would be 20/20 one when it would be a free agent class of yards to the group who does lack guts what is good. In the Davis unit brow. Damian Miller's perhaps you've heard of them that's what I'm talking well good morning herald's Giffords coincidentally that same year do you know who because freeagent. James Johnson. Dion Waiters needed as the plane and tell Leo that maybe that's the plan discipline. Run one run loss of 76ers to a. I think Helio political you're a lot longer than people do you think so do you think Riley is giving its 76. Put it away if you're seeing the heat this athletic and goodness gracious I mean it's pretty athletic league and everybody just put Ronald. About that Derek Jones junior is. EE another jam bulb on Spoelstra. Ski testament that yet. Dent Greg to you gave him its own yeah. I can't do it most tried to that got so pie but. We're saying beast doesn't pump well. Allegedly community is and those who cannot tell you were a little bit over on time Manila. And we follow the rules of. There. And you. Deeply into them. You guys it's how owners out there and why why should enjoy sports and joy as I enjoy sports don't feel like it don't make it's when this weekend. And who has. As the patriots and Ron Resnick and right behind I have had a million jaguars and out of pocket on the patriotism patriots secret agents it would cause I don't. Native. I might maybe you know told an officer told is no football games that's right. I don't that I have. We just let me just say you. See betting on pride. No hey that's tomorrow given where pics tomorrow of the consequences. Ride they'll pay you more likely that this. Two. Nobody it generates voters who will read we are going to don't. We're going and then and then and then we're gonna watch we're we're gonna go watch Joseph I was miserable and they'll go to the NBA finals money. Gosh. Eric you just cannot believe it couple haters. Is similar crickets and a couple haters. Have been Brees who went through. Zero dark thirty radio silent if you haven't committed. The kill that man night beat down your human yes they are wonderful Austin street good. All from the street. Now I sit awesome streak all honestly. Dylan's sorry. The receptionist or via a lot else it's also similar attack we've cleared we've told you guys all days the line he's sorry and it's gonna clear up or maybe you're just moving to people close to us open and turn around to look much like nearby school. I'm telling these tournaments. Guess it probably got started Tobin we just got the best tweet sent us an intensive care. From Randall Lee hit. Is that because of the between us and now. Balkans the here's the things that we go to break after fifteen minutes and we are talk. And Buick it's and so I show him I go to the real ties show I'm real ties and feeding the lemurs sour patch kids tonight. Goes. I was confusing leave room with a team. That. And I was like oh that's kind of law because him and I don't Emo and human studio is going to spit. It. They pay him LeRoy. That's a law. You move. They're not my problem. Hello my personal note but what are they didn't even come lamenting that we want them. It don't matter what I think you look like with the dollar in the birds. Alarm was as Leo one hunt home one hope this is Arnold lips. And spits at them believers. Is limerick a monkey derivative. Is that I don't know. Let's ask those who have seen. Odd that a gas government. Plays in net at least that's the difference between edu and La mama in the do you crazy. Because you've sought a cartoon. Of the apple. Apple's Newton. The guy's computer beating garbage he's the start beating good news that a to mean something yeah. Yeah. You know beaten Boston beat Toronto garbage teams dogs and by the way also do you really have to team in the infirmary. Like Bjorn or others that have played mice. Worms then. It denies the united an extra body I mean wait Alex yesterday so tired or you nailed the gold on he shot two air balls. At that and somehow shot three with a net doesn't move. That's like so you know it's not that terrible he says he gassed. His guest. Learned the most in more homes go to the World Series I doubt. That it happened. Which if you really confident of the two. A feel confident to try to rank them yeah I'd go. Jaguars. Heat. Marlon it's okay that's code ago. I would agree with that because based on what you're putting on. Said field or court. Jacksonville. We know has that really compete with anybody left what if Jacksonville just goes. We go direct snap format all game. Valero better chance no throws. Now you got to throw. Thank you can't do that to you can't do that to a defense have marquee sleep come in motion later things are using this narco. You can't dude and then go with the wild Jack. You know. It's just win the dolphins did it they didn't call a little while Finn who called in while should've so it's okay you say wildcat. We need to be better rejected votes they want to see always have the votes or does that look foolish yup that is true that one game. Tony Soprano then the next time that the next time it happens it looked good luck but that. Well. I took confidence can be good sports we give everybody. Yes it is as Indians was here or back here tomorrow. Back here yup yeah I keep this Friday night isn't really just hit today really messed me up to her today you back to back cheeseburgers. Napoli tennis tomorrow. The tech comes out of London is up. Billick the comes I don't know evidence it will what is the next meal we're going to. Let. To work. Tomorrow we have the mushroom burger. Motherly that you guys probably flee if we work this out right can leave a little bit early tomorrow. Why because I think we are we're I'm gonna be in my glory and of lined up an interview with modest Yahoo! and I'm sure you cry don't care. But why but on a Friday before it. Divisional playoff week is yet you just. Blink. You'll be you'd only person that is it's a modest job from twelve to Israel's yeah now I won't be here. Because you gonna do in 96 program yup. Not five program unless secure that the kid's soccer no real light. Not for note you know we do have conversations about. Was gonna happen. Everybody's going to a half hour but only words. It was hilarious and would love to serious beloved British government and I'm OK with let's not talk about Lee bruise that's what Bob Matisyahu who is what. Well it tells me it's say. Unbelievably talented. Rich guys he interviewed modest John was is like number nine yards to Isaac feeling concerts cuts. Can without a crown had to come up. What's the next question. Have no we'll leave early.