1-12-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, January 12th

Show opens with sound bites from the Raptors' obliteration of the Cavs. The Heat continue to creep. Leroy says Isaiah Thomas isn't getting 30 million. The guys break down the news that Dion Waiters is having season-ending surgery. Bills fired their offensive coordinator and Leroy wonders if the Bills think their players are better than they are. Matt Hasselbeck is calling the Pro Bowl which the guys wonder if it is an audition for Monday Night Football. Beast loves him some Tony Romo football commentary. Tobin says there's nothing special about Romo's commentary. The guys look forward to this weekend's NFL playoff games. Robbie's rules haunt Leroy. The guys discuss Leveon Bell's comments about his contract. The Dolphins fired their RB's coach, arguably their best position over the past two seasons according to Tobin. The guys debate if running backs are expendable. A Blake Bortles pass gets compared to a Jenga block. The guys say the one player they would pick in an expansion draft from the remaining playoff teams, not including QBs. Robbie says "The only way out is through" when he gives his Magnificent Seven picks after last weekends debacle. Beast has trouble being able to tell if people are Haitian. 


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. It's the sixth turnover for the cavs and the raptors could go up thirty plus the rose at three ball does just that. By 31. Points on the proposed it beside triple. But about a three to fix it back to Fred we'll take a deep breath slow Ed bitter is it for about the north side. It was from north day. Triple for Fred did flee his sixth of the game and the raptors get the ball again on the deep president knocking it away from the rafters crowd that. Throws out of bed frame of and Solano. Has gone up 13. Team if this 78. And that's gonna do it folks. As the Toronto Raptors. Absolutely. Hope literally. The Cleveland Cavaliers. Won 3399. The final and Joseph view this is the first time. Ever. That LeBron James and Dwyane Wade as teammates have lost. To the Toronto Raptors came in at ten and oh yeah let's do it. Oh my goodness. That was like audio slower in coming in the first. Really excited. So excited. You know the more exciting. It means absolutely. Nothing to do nothings well. Look like him stoppages. And I just dial up a little standings machine and this looks like someone's creeping even closer to your bully us. Slicks on what's creeping even closer LeRoy has. On math major but it looks like your game difference Jesus gave a different boat in New York Miami Heat this. Is on the west who wants questions I want facts not opinions. The numbers. You can't quite quietly as this plea. We loaded the pool and right yet that would play to that would come as no. And they should happen to plea to a misuse Hough. You think queen's not going to be favorite in Indy series that they put rat sense that he would have home court advantage. In the Eastern Conference finals that thank you rob that's right. That's right. It was as and now we definitely on the EU and definitely the Eastern Conference final series. Appearance here to do that brought. Personable. Your defense this war. Google. That's. As it comes as great for 59. And I said to you but he's 59. Go look at the tape yesterday Coca when his ball that's why did around because he's short. Yeah sure it you think he's gonna get thirty million. Yet. No to all men you see this is the problem is you Arturo isn't that good things that you don't see the forced on the road. Here's what's happening his tablet before you. Or something like that tendency would happen. His. You know LeBron he's currently queens or see from him thrown an issue worked his. Reverence all the kids got hurt right. Is it an add things look bad should walk the streets naked shameful it's true. But she always plotted her revenge to get never saw it come spoiler alert. Seriously you're watching it on spoiler. To adopt a but sourcing and she eventually obliterated everybody. So the browns doing right now. He's plus his revenge on Dan Gilbert and Lavar ball you just don't know and here's how he's gonna do LeRoy he's gonna stick Dan Gilbert. With Isaiah Thomas on a thirty million a year contract. Leave it for LA all while wall that look bubbles and with the media he thinks the brunt it is conceivable the son only to note this is gonna flip his. Flip was lobbed the ball for an all star whoever it may be. It's called on the plan man in the meanwhile he just keep chugging along. Yet gotten all figured out I got it all figured and a Brooklyn Pittman or do you beat that go to top 730. Yeah. But now that being said. I've known this 1930 moved. Hey you know look I think eighty million. U no mas golf got 72. You're taught its missteps. At the steps okay with you know it's helped. Thought that it does help president Thomas is. That it doesn't help president Thomas the fact that he stands next LeBron James. Good. Little. Went to work. As well like Peterson Gerber. It's so tiny so. There are we get into this. He's been. We'll get answers it wouldn't do it now we get into a Buddhist mute a little rating on some more rating on some more Intel so let's get some headlines. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FX Ph.D. to Miramar. I have no idea what you what shenanigans you guys are pulling apple led the man we're just we're just we're just read the menu that's all it's going on at that. Got us at the oath. Team just look at this little with US. And sodium waiters could have surgery. Within that happens. It it. Backed out that she sit there with the ankle up. What does that rice is out just to duper for an injury lots rests ice elevations something like that compression aliens and gesture what here's the other thing. Don't want to beat that beat down. But when he limped around this offseason you do come back real important. I think we're a big fat went it alone in doing so another two years is actually your bed now after the surgery he may look like me. We don't get out his boot faster you might Google where it felt do Lisa lines did that. Not. Clouding up ethics. Media. The heater off. To they could still court the scoreboard watch. Because. That's what we do these days because destruction scum in the going to be game and a half back tonight Cleveland and Indiana tonight 7 PM. Have you the turnaround Indiana not against LeBron Jones and like but a January game like it's the pacers. He was in everybody's face about defense last month retirements in on the Internet trolling him off amazing. So we got that going on in football wise. Builds a fire there offensive coordinator Rick Dennison. It's a surprise. And that's according you saying that the lakers are good enough. Because the big talk. A round that was they were gonna do retire right right so if you're saying the quarterback's not good enough. It is no need to give it both of those guys because basically you're saying one thing or the other. I think we missed this yesterday but the that the Panthers after they fired Mike Shula and and that Ken Dorsey they went out to get really dolphins genius and got Norv Turner is only a 110 years old and a retread. Hampshire Camden new embassy. He wasn't involved Q yes like around 92. Really get around them what they opposed to go to. Well I mean there's exceptions to every rule of debate among. The dead. Q does that still sticking around is the consulted but he's there everyday does that mean he's he did tick. We use on the look at him and ask you what's that I do. Wells and wells. And did it to 22222. Woodruff who's he's the those the the bills. I told the farther off the corner there looking at rob Judson ski. As their possible. Coordinator for. Cain's former colts former head coach former everything really against the scrapes of on the news yet and and now needs and now we're on now the news that everyone is talking about for some reason that I don't understand. Is there ever was a big deal that Matt Hasselbeck will be calling the pro bullish on McDonna evidently it's a possible Monday Night Football audition in if they're gonna put Matt hassle back. The moon money in a football Booth you count it. Why I'm getting. You really quick as he wanted to football west put two sticks with none out and out of OJ Mayo thing AA speaks sports sound OK okay listen I I would agree with you until Tony Romo bust on the scene. You lost to him mute and now and now I want a one more Tony Romo I want plays being in. And disguised I want. On predictions on things happening. There's nothing that has been more overrated in sports this year than how do Tony room as a college football you know he's like everybody else he's released and everybody else know you hold a couple plays. He's the same I listen to this entire jaguars game now than that nothing extra. It but you know you it's like you know not listen to a cell it's something that's completely unique the idea. Do you view them if I disagree with the others aren't what does this museum I mean we've gotten what we got the edge of its run here here's what happens. It is what happens them. He took Tom won this that he does do during the game it really is he answers the question in which war. Format would answer me why. Why aren't running the ball why in and so when you watch a game with Tony Romo. He's since we're the good read it here if you think. 'cause there and field goal range you don't wanna risk this act so you almost guarantee yourself three points for us along those lines and don't do that so. It's a little bit of it actually does that. That. Columns with some dust. Called the really good to Iran that the pro football focus. What's not to love that he really. You exit penalty discovered but he does run it. Yeah yet understands. The skin to pay for. Well it's all obviously Robbie may or may not have used their information and lost that. You don't have to pay what you gonna any dolphins drew you to the stores there as true. That's why it's him. I mean I guess. But people paper that you know he wanted the super informed yet I don't know how they just come up with linemen grade that feel like that's just guessing you mean back previous game. Not they got people that does that toll do is watch the alignment on tape if they have linemen do and it. I know I mean it's they would stay with Steve zillow whatever the guys and this epic that the actual blade XT was the pitcher he was it was appropriate use of a well. He's he's obviously gonna train guy. It seems fishy let's don't play as ridiculous. You go to the conclusion is doing what do you speak into the Mike I don't know he's he's been units in mind. Maybe. You were I am so fresh market. It's an effort to pull foods both from big thing and what you have a scam we got it gets easy laughter. No no no no keyboard and kind of we have some of the senate all playoffs next. Station not as tough results third third annual chili. Mort next Saturday the twentieth it's an amusement park it I'm right behind. Great food drinks and start tacked on the country music artist. Darius Rucker Old Dominion big and rich Marron boys met Lynne and Brandon late you can get your tickets and Cilic took off to go to the ticket might be. Dot com we got ourselves a big in this one this weekend LeRoy beast. Big big weekend jaguar mining business objectives Steelers is this money and patriots and titans is this the best weekend. Yes. This is the best we unions to get on Saturday to you. And I like championship weekend to WW you know one day. Well I understand that it's a great today. Sprint do we again I mean I've only made it out as we can once. My whole group and the times you've been in this weekend. 60 god my. Then. I would as the playoffs. Every year it was a Minnesota. In a way of one year. We Cleveland. AA in Cleveland we lost. You hit. I've been jinxed by the the Robby rules my whole life we do the replays of what's okay we've. When we Woodson playoffs with Belichick and we wrinkling. Right we beat New England. The first week at home that we had to travel to Pittsburgh. And they kept saying all week because we have lost twice Pittsburgh. During the season. No team. Has ever lost. Three times in one year to the same team. Robbie rules. Right guess what we gusts up. I know this kid knows that Minnesota. We went fifteen of one. Yeah. Wherein I was in Minnesota. We with fifty to one. We get to tips you. Know he that is typical fifteen to one is not. Won the Super Bowl. Skews it pretty good about that yes. We lost. More Robbie rules in fact Minnesota lost two years later 151. New York. So yeah write rules to follow me around my whole life. We'll go to his blocked neck. We jump Robbie throws him under the bottom of the as Magnificent Seven locked and ready to go over 151. Who was Mel who really just looked like it was 2000 Minnesota Vikings. It wasn't without a variety in the end it's like 4041 and nothing but Arnold Arnold the vikings are fifteen now because it's. Data here are looking up here I thought it would have been wanna get. Let's say what you still is a crack and from the and seems slid on Dell's focus on is your next year since you sit out exciting and focused on this weekend. Really M and. Wait how about this. Video out until like a day before to see who yet he did that and I did you do. Do good well yoga denies those next year it is as an Obama extension. Because they ought to be able boatload of the memorable little money a pimp fourteen million at least next year Lee bill. Okay what anybody whose average of fourteen million years get thirty guarantee running backs are expendable. Not alienate you okay here's a couple of guys in it and here's where. They stayed in the OK but if you look at the teams. That are contending. On a weekly basis. We have running game. And Dole's guys didn't take gear. Don't change there's aide who ran who in the class or not has no running game is that is there seemed. That's only if the pitches and also running game this year when it when he talked about they insult bit like oh because here let me tell you how it works. You hear that on TV. It is everybody goes with it everybody thinks alone. Expendable or wherever we've meanwhile. Come playoff time. All the teams out there running backs because everybody else's ED. You don't have found weird news in the public over the running back coach. Yup that's the best decision over the last two years and I get fired delivery and now another America. Now some different Denver like hello this is has the surround himself with dudes he's been around. Though I got the guys in Milan is suited don't Sony Ericsson to build. You dead student bill Eric student bill download is apparently according to the Harold you wonder if you want to hire him. When he was bursts. How does that coach in Miami but was blocked by Denver box that Denver wiped out the status as a business of him and standalone. And he brings an astute but does any. Intelligence and Johnny Bench and injury Mary. Work out. I mean. It's different view you know look kind outlook kind of politics boldly as well you gotta be around people we trust win. You know. And things aren't always go well. Both for him and he should walk round like I. Once it's a thing right quarterback whose birthday party in tendency of running gains have running backs so yeah. But if you look at teams OK you tell me maybe on those responsible. I don't think so you think metaphor and it is replaceable. How about. He how he sees out of a second here how how about let's go to LA. Against her right tiger and tiger. Okay did you guys are pleased that the so that there's teams. That have found their guy now here's where it gets interesting and here's why this is the case. Okay there's only if pollute college teams. That line up and run the football. Okay now a lot of webex built like these guys work. And so that's why you can't depend on him. Four whole season because they're not built like that backs me when you look at the two running backs in New Orleans. It. I mean if you'd think it can replace Camara. Now red lake did you know. Maybe or. Maybe Ingram. We're using. The pleased are I mean eventually yes there's going to be another tomorrow out there was you know he was four point. Fourth on the depth chart and Alabama had transferred Tennessee OK we'll probably. Wait you're telling me. That there's a bunch of Camara round in about him in fourth on the that China Alabama lake. It's now Emma. This because they all like the big bruising back and introduce third. And you as he likes to say he led the league in rushing last five weeks of the season. What are these these what I'm saying you can you can directly replace command are right now but but. Like the ebbs and flows of the NFL those guys are gonna keep coming through and he'd come and there really. Yes I think tiger at least in Libya rebels stage as to just come into every year the I would be the biggest thing I would be more hesitant to do it with like I would I would be hesitant to even sign a guy like a jive or that of Burnett. Because of how they run bright but. Let him now is like you put them out why you put him anywhere because everything. Like. Did that nonsense these has talked right now. Is because he turns on its TV and that's what years. There is because that's what his favorite team is every team literally does do that wit every player ago. Yeah importantly it's one and one do was that you know he yet for what he had to adjustments are used on knock knock joke that is correct definitely you know. But but with few exceptions in the room. But guess what. They have here well. Winning. You go back in time Whitney had a running back. That it means that it malign. But Whitney had it running back like that a guy but he goes to what it means you'd notice about Bill Belichick is. Is they don't use their running backs and so it's cold. It. It's a crazy day. Like when they get the playoffs I mean you big Green Bay why has a Green Bay. We were successful with the way air right displeased. You haven't had consistent running game the other some dude number 88 behind them right winning at start of stocks came out of nowhere in the head that render the playoffs. Right. So let's seniors date. Then it all go football has deep fault. This mean these concepts apply. If you can run the ball and stop the run. Locate your good the trenches. These you're gonna be successful which is why you can't just. You don't see Jacksonville has no change which is why you can just say. It is he has no change because that's one of the biggest quarterbacks that scene of life. Was slow it's like this weekly morals balls out of titans beat ST yeah patriots. The titans meets. Him really really. Only in your man though he thought the three just might be to the other team. And his human edging just now and is that gonna fall got old brick everytime you run this play. It's like political. It's gone and you know it was all going well for him until that stupid trashed him budget saving clown like he really he really got screwed up. And betray you like here is he's sitting there they just beat the holy hell out of the Texans he sees it out best quarterback rating for the last couple weeks. And then aegis and over the knob and you still suck. It would you. As is worse if there we go were they about it as well that's a bit pro football. To please have a beat. Right like a personal beat. Ever seen a whole legal after what he's been he's a punchline. Answer the falcons. Are a bit. And pixel as we put that sits on. It of their child and everybody at the big and give us the hot spots it did give him straight teeth there the entire break on not one person wants to do it all this you put it that aren't. Some guy was a sin you give us a pizza yes soliloquy about sultan in my community has come headphones on both talking about you can replace auriemma. Now. I'm sure it simply it's only getting into an agreement was a code to sponsor work on here about this. There's more quarterbacks in this league. That you can see air replaceable. They're ready I disagree. So two you only get down to fifteen to sixteen quarterbacks in their support and there's like six running backs that are maybe you're replaceable. At one point was down here in the they went through seven after item yup. Well I understood why. Understand why. They I mean he said it pretty much you were pretty accurate. As they bring to diagram of the U. We'll tell. Is that with each guy in the afford it the way they play. Always be too cautious. You know as far as hobbled to get a played that bit about Jay John we got into delete I don't doubt that was the giant they look he's got a note he's got no cartilage in one of his legs and he and he and he. He doesn't get any yards unless you hit somebody first so. Shirts and Libya three to four year window forum but. I just don't do it from me the thing that bothered me about the trade was. You know if you sit here and you're like all right. We've we've and one gets on the form has refused to do just good team didn't do justice here and I thought you had two guys if you had two guys that great. Unstable it's better to have more often to web than. It's coming down the road you can get a fourth round victims frigid judges per team needs for one year and you know that all the draft a running back in the first three rounds kind of defeats the purpose of treating a tie for fourth. I don't know it's just it didn't sit well yes but in civil via the time since it with well religious themes and it just seems odd. Like. Here I know would it would have it in here's what. You teens struggling. And you know beings aren't going well teams just not play well. And you don't when he years dissension you went there might be of the same page right and in so. You have to do something. You know dead. Is not gonna hurt your team. But is gonna make this statement and. And it is every coach you'll see is crazy like. Different as guys get raided a guy I mean to cover of take. I think that business might like yeah Houston to. All the this. Yeah I mean deal the considerate Vontae Davis is like hey you know you know you you've you kind of leaped upon. On the behavior try to Brandon Marshall is busting your behavior and your outbursts at practice I guess like you know those are put additional arm over approximately through all item but. Yeah man boy is 22 with a time 23 right right Mike who we. The still trying to figure out the quarterback's body they got some good years from Brent Grimes. That's certainly came with the headaches and you know now you're still the spot where you know you made divine master you hopefully the young guys are good at it but. And as lockdown corners if you have one. Fine but why you think it's usually you think about the positions that. You you wanna start to team with. You want a couple quarters. Deal line. Quarterback. It'd you know may be at left tackle and it everything else. You just work we look like the dolphins they can buy as bad as developments knock Ford McCormack into quarterback but I get a dolphin fan any player. Like an in an expansion draft where they can take off a playoff team right now. Who stick. If you was that again but let's say bye in the dollar vans. An expansion draft and they can definitely play off one of these playoffs and not a quarterback acorda quarterback. But any plan like where would you go. Liz Campbell. The consequences for the there could you get to the aliens gamble and sue I don't Nicholas Camp Lejeune Ramsey doing one of those two guys Rex is exactly what you're doing and hopefully. If you mean at some point his career is gonna come to an end who plays Campbell OK so Brady so monsters the forever. Jesus. Know peace like. Am like you your your US of these pools. It. Every butcher road. That's not true what are you talking about why. Don't you talk about the latest and boy did I say that Tom Brady's you know play forever. That I mean. Okay about Antonio Brown. Booth the delegates know I would take CI would take a oh cleared it relies on another gap price what a guy who can make a difference without enough gas price data running back suit of Zain. We do you just sort of thing it's like I want a guy who could make an impact. It doesn't need. You know and offers a lot of quarterback to make him great or you see it heavy it was Sam. He's he's I think he's one of those rare guys like. I think he could be you you know garbage pail I think he's he's gonna put up numbers of the movies that sound that. William because he's you don't get the ball all the old yet so they do just fine as. Is hotspots and letting go he's he's he's amazing but. Yes and I think those are some guitarist Robby red rule this against some men last week was rough but the only way out is through. So. I know what that means it's time to get magnificent people. Robbie. Says the only way you can bounce back from going down is up something now he said through. To that way why didn't you of the way out is true absolutely out of there early oldest sayings of our time. And let it was like. Let alone is that Lance breaking its. I have you ever heard that it's it's right there with I have a dream and one small step for man erect it and got the Al Golden bodily considered wonder. No true old. These don't what the way he never came out Golden Eagles are right pretty the pledge of independent pledge of allegiance. Crude and cruel about it. Tyrod and what he got man let's go wireless so little NBA action tonight get cast in the pacers big game tonight scoreboard watching. The over under is set at 221. It's a lot. But it does tell these guys have been. The cavs defense on the road in the last three games we saw last I think you won 33 to the rafters in the two gays afford. The of 127 in each of the two teams including one against the magic. It's a testy but on the road. Very very bad and it the pacers at home played really well but neutral people always balls out of home I don't know miles turn tonight. Born to be is gonna happen on the casket crushed again like last night. And the total goes over or the cast for the human life and the angry and they wind and the total goes over so that game goes over. The 221 tonight didn't land whaling has slashes in his locker as if he's in prison can't wait to get out of Cleveland. Who who will be UH yeah. Audrey let's do this boy the answer is like hey man Al is going to be sweet sixteen right. I think at some employee. You who've opposed to say hey you know. I'll call. I'll call you. They're things got out RS go NFL playoff the falcons and Eagles the over under set at 41 and a half. The rule forces he that he's that. Yeah energize the other for the Eagles. It got nick pulls acorda for the Eagles the falcons have been playing great defense limited a winning a lot of these views different and they did last year. Back the falcons have only had one team. Go over forty points in their last six games even hold the rams when I was way wrong on that pick. And the rebel held the rams to only thirteen points last week. And the Eagles office really struggle in the polls I think this team easily goes under the 41 and half. Think against that bread and butter while we brought you here big boy. The degree we can bring here from Seattle to be offensive guru let's go let's fix this defense. Which got Robby are little to keep in the NFL jaguars and Steelers mom and let's go. I have I have the news I got the full game which will get to when the toothpicks but for the first hat. The jaguars are getting four and a half points in the first half now. The Steelers Natalie they've had that bye week but they didn't play their starters in week seventeen they basically had three weeks off. I think it's gonna take them a little bit of time to get there they're putting back together and that night at these distractions Levy on bill. Talking about his contract it has no right. Rat poison yet to the rap poisons of full effect Ben Roethlisberger that you might this might be his last game I think the Steelers knock focus is to take at least half. To get right to the jaguars will be winning at halftime and they're gonna run the clock as much as possible and violently forced throw. I the jaguars cover the four and a half in the first half. Immediately I wanna how many plays Jack it was a go before letting public morals throw. But governments in what with a script what the first fifteen players I don't know how was ago when this group tablet pleasant. If you bids from from team teams some big tent. Usually if you know coach is associated with like the West Coast offense. Anybody is affiliated with that they script like the first ten all of them around associated with baloney. So I'm gonna say he Scripps three. And I think that every three hand offs today. What's next round. To you wouldn't throw the throw the ball I duly zero. Man who regularly zero. Pain in debt team is in the second round of the playoffs. Get its act and the drivers are tactic six minutes to go thirty your point that's obviously class. Larry say the NFL's saints and vikings the total set at 46 and it happens pretty high point of value that that would. Then the vikings defense has given up ten points or less than four of its last five games. The most points the vikings have given up all your home is nineteen which happen to be to the saints dolls we've back and we want. The vikings Stevenson which is to complete monster and that they. And lastly the saints played over game analyses to go on the road penalty to be as good in the game easily goes under the 46 and a half value looks like a week yes fish. Along those evidence that little I think the use of the date of the lead a BBC the benefits BBC America. Is doing a special. On net deep water sea life like things that you don't normally come across in their saw the preview. I think we need to unit. The blue planet it is the impediments that part two and it's like on way underwater Ayman yeah I mean that we're going Xstrata all right it's a Magnificent Seven first. Tonight he got the flames slow as he doesn't answer the love of god. And it isn't digging don't pick cocky and why it's the total on this TV set Ivan how all alone now. The flames are on the East Coast bus trip from Canada they they played it to Tampa last night 21521 a a I can't believe he's deep diving into the always go go go if you think it. They only use coast trip. Hit a good. As you probably rule for hockey. I did it to play the scored at least three goals each of the last five games in Saudi be polite to 52 when you say the Panthers have given up three. At least 3-D goals in the last four games and the paint his priest in the last game at a shoot out a seven a four shootout against the blues. I did his game and results of insider information prepared. And he's told me it was a safe bet this game was illegal over the environment have magical Stanley scene I can't release that my confidential inform. Pretty senate reached amounts of aids is game to go to five and apple decent scene say so all of you are taking over so commit to one game. A close to knock it over. Currently eased from Kim well the Calgary is in west can't wait northwest Canada that might be her longest preview new geography there. We were ecstatic only Edmonton might be farther than that no where no I don't Windsor and where my wife is from. Well away from. Well that's on the eastern part of it. There's the Canada's big country there's at least and it was the other from the finding that took place. What's next rob RA little NBA action tomorrow night the warriors at the raptors not a line is not out yet upon to be out sometime tonight. That's a struggle over the warriors demons tonight. But the I expert at the warriors to be about 56 point favorite in Toronto but Toronto plays really well at home except against the heat yes that's right. The warriors will be in the second night of the back to back to the raptors are gonna win this game outright maybe to get Kyle Lowry back tomorrow warriors and are known to be resting players a second and a back to back sold over the spread is on Saturday. I'm sure the wars will be favored on to the rafters ever points they get. And I committed the rappers and when this came out. And what's fun O'Reilly all right back to the NFL football. The falcons and the Eagles the falcons are one and a half point favorites in the first half. Now the Eagles just that the Steelers they had three basically three weeks off they played a quarter in that week seventeen gimmick it's cowboys and you got a new polls. And the falcons are known to first to be started strong they start strong last week it's the rams. I and is to be a tight defensive game also on the under I think the scores to be 143 falcons at halftime now what they hold the lead or not we'll find out when we do we're toothpicks. You imagine if the falcons have another blown lead. That that I would feel terrible for Matt Ryan if that happens and in Oakland. Well casinos and like. Is he U cores of the game in and in some that happens. And he can always go back to that moment and see if you would've did this differently right or why you're doing it see I'm I'm a big fan of you play football. Don't try to play you know there are times you play the situation. The best at in the game the you know what I mean there's too many teams now that have these leads. And basically what they do is is they try to control the ball. NTE geek. I mean how many times haven't I mean you have which is city which is she joke Kabul and crazy. So on. East yes oh goodness let's vote do you well look we love you man thank you and I appreciate you got a big heart when it comes to our nation be it is speak your mind yup. Trying to do some good things yup and lord knows after what happened yes there's a lot tension. Is this public tweet dead it is so this can just put this out there via all black people are engaged. So I think I news to come up because on you know and I know you're going green and when I millions going though it says. Beasts we three hours ago. Yellow dot dot dot some Haitian buds. Including Logsdon who produces car he is energized show that is confirmed. Flat and that is that Louis saint is definitely Haitian used to work at Q and easy underscore seven which is Ernest my idea Obama's per major substance last name. And it's as stop at dot. We're with you today. And every day. Has to fight the power. And I ice. Artists that's that easily piece the stingiest. And it's again that he has. Nation yeah. When I was at my desk goes like I need I need to come up with a more Haitian friends. And the only person I think that might be occasion is Curtis because there have been. Please be viewed as you look at there would note is that they hear each of his classic it was like how. That seems Haitian it sounded kind of friend Jeanne I don't know fringe she simply get idea chi. He's. Everybody where I'm from has a for instance then again they're not Haitian. Know who these bees. These other what do you wish it had its rounds no win a white person names all the your black friends. I'm way more you act well or you're not Haitian no quit but I'm saying I'm saying. Like when you have to go with that name in guys. You know what I mean. Like the opening an I just have to add them to us from Boston. To swing but you'll have to do extra buzz. Boston Boston has the second largest Haitian community other than South Florida in United States the people better you would think that we're. I'd. Really you don't even know where we from. Wizard is from. You went to northwestern. Know that. Brady Google. He went listen cook and this correct them and and we're suspend me from. It's. Not Haiti. How. You if that artist I'm sorry but hamster Intel and Ares with near pace in front. It. It's too. That there. Particularly well and pop on it. We support this is. Not a tweet thing you know to rudin lads I support Obama read differently. Puerto Rican collapses due. Now these you do as. Did you feel you. We have been the worst part is. And defend himself defended against it and stick us. So people. I felt it was important. I'm a warped sense of thinking don't we know that already. I'm looking forward to big east of Margarita mix. Rick it's too good man that's a good day I'm surprised you put my name in your life now he lives out I didn't think you are decent but I mean if I thought you oral and of I'd go and like you mean. Look I don't want I don't I don't look at it any of your tweets that oh. Bulls to a we write the thank you so if you. That makes us that if you want you either want to be at the blowers they can go with one he should go right exactly where. But again I went one leg in 2000 I'm with you man. It's only I think she needs to hear. The Asian dislike. Even if you want to just you know like a flag mode you something man out and they were sure about that allows it not only is actually briefly talk about every Saturday. These Asian us. It's a topic on our Saturday as starters returned to not be patient. Did you money and he definitely doesn't so be it of the things that you have done well. In your life that all the Blake beat you they. Nobody with these. That would've been apropos you hurt her or hate it. You don't late so it became instant thing. As of late Obama would what is earnest by the way. You yeah. And yet proud and true that Bryant you know ways from way bowler who can laugh at it. Why are somewhere else. You know listen we're all immigrants from somewhere whether Africa either Byron choice or not. Pieces noticed that in the recently have been it's time. The stuff that begins on coast import taxes is always a slider in the dirt away for me. Is. And that's sweet nothings for he'd been as prominent NBA voice next.