1-12-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, January 12th

Tobin mentions the fact that Case Keenum could quarterback the Vikings to the Superbowl. The guys talk about QBs who came out of nowhere to be successful. Beast doesn't like parsley. Tobin says Mike Tyson has helped his image. Tonya Harding is fining reporters 25k for asking her about her past... when the movie, I Tonya is about her past. Beast doesn't want to go to Boston with his boot. The Heat play the Bucks on Sunday and Tobin takes Heat culture over Greek culture. The guys debate if the Heat's record over their past 82 games is important. Tobin's son's favorite thing to do is dig in the dirt with his bare hands. Leroy broke up two iguanas mating. The guys make their Doom picks for the weekend. Leroy wants the Titans to show some pride against the Patriots.


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Any bold prediction if you wanna throw out there are you gonna stick with the cavaliers because they've got astounded to aim and I'll have you know some then I'm not gonna say definitively as of yet but at the beginning of the season Ali with the Miami Heat my sleeper. If we're to make it bold prediction which I'm hesitant to do if I had to I would see him that I believe that fine. Knock off one of the top two seeds in the comfort. Mean Cleveland school. Forces on special lots of these guys because of Toronto road because at some point to the rest of it to three at the receiving gonna run of the LeBron and that's their Kryptonite so that the man. Hit it does the match but so. I am looking at Cleveland and Boston has been two or 3 teams in the Eastern Conference. And I think the Miami Heat has the best chance of anybody else's needs to knock one of them all. We back if I am well below the following week. It's called us out we got is that it. When it. I love it thank. You play in this because musician. How. People wouldn't. Know. Who can tell. And they want to. I'm not an appropriate at some QA in the night before crowds at these bands manages. Not patient that Minneapolis February 3 the night before the big game. If you wait to get hotel airfare to see David of them plus the added purchased when he gained experience a chance to meet the Dave Matthews Band. Texas thrower to 7081. Yes. That's ask PAA asked asked as it will plea closes terrible at. Text the seven to 81 your attitude to go to the night before with the Dave Matthews Band connections winds at 5 PM with cores in part it's national contest. Doesn't matter it's may apply to text and drive. Physically and 82 quarterbacks. Who you have definitively said. Can't throw the ball more nimbly morals and Tim Tebow. I mean I can't just remember just go out well in state. This guy can't throw this make make bad decisions. Well I think it was that frustrates me is that's a contingent to two of them physically cannot row right opposes the legitimate. He doesn't have an arm so he doesn't hit the bomb every now and then right. But but when it had a home goods like he missed when it's last week he does. The bodies. We use is actually the layup line and creativity it up. I don't know man and meanwhile late this Doug Maroney who's a meatball. Fourth down they're like you know what. We're document into a best player on scream at the TV to about a public. Just on portals. And ago now fourth down the tide and do as a caught a touchdown all year. I was I was it. I got a little tightened up down there going to be a lot of net new Dyson will be a lot of it is nice. There's going to be a lot of them do as we. Very nervous. Burners and this is Chris just ask him he's gonna be easier to the other committee quarterback. The vikings to the civil understood. Their defense is fantastic. I mean they got weapons all around but even still. Think it Teddy Bridgewater is not as going to be disaster. And Dodi lost their running back into quarterback. And everybody thought well. It'll go read edit videos you know there are keeping close. But he's been phenomenal he's been really good this year. And it still managed to run the football. It is crazy but you know we mean Kurt Warner. Wouldn't that be equal Warner without green hurt his knee mr. you know I mean Tom Brady wouldn't be Tom Brady. Without. What happened he got to like. Blood is tedious and didn't he was like he was a blitz was like. Kaufman of when I heard the aria yeah and definitely resembles. No went dead but he was awful while. Don't yet have rules too isn't yet go yet to prove that it's okay that the senior because you ended up playing for bravery placing it Zia has hurt in the AFC championship game yeah so. There's been situations but here's where it's a little different. All the things that a mentioning where guys who have played the case cute has been of I mean it random out of LA or you know any random policy is. Who else was he when he was with. Was close with him. No he he he hasn't been one of the four million quarterbacks to Cleveland's knows him knows symbolism and that he was with the Texans Brett now. Could get on a crazy but lit again. When you think about it I mean Drew Brees started his career wrong that's great. I'm beat the ago when I think of a guy who kind of came on late in his career you begin about rich kid. Yes yes it was around for awhile. It did he was immediately loses late thirties that are Branyan when he was the MVP race though so it happens but it. Is well. By. It it doesn't happen when a team. That needs a quarterback. And also wrote that. Yeah you know use of something that you could go to week is it took like oh boy as well let's. It's crazy let's get headlines. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami. And WSS best HD true Miramar. But we got to scoreboard watch this evening because the heat as to which they are creeping in streak and so couldn't actually excited. It. Let's go let's get upset but we can't. Cleveland and Indiana tonight at 7 PM tip off. A bit in Indianapolis. Cleveland is imploding LeBron as yelling and everybody. Everybody had to kind of fun now joined somebody how to say it's hard. That is that it. This this this this tie Lou he's after the game and he's like. Tie did you just you LeBron says do is teammates entirely news. I know he's always unaware he's in on that and see that was over in the courts is that in the coaches circle. It's an as they must have that it not time Lou. The bronze went in the coaches circle he's doing the coach and right now you just don't. Off on some. Hart Woodley who figured out it's from some things on the board and act like I'm doing something always dinner reservations for child Boylan. The Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown will play against the jaguars artist Aaliyah. Children. Overrated at a partially torn calf muscle. Parsley pot be well now partially. I would be opposed to eternity in the parsley in the game I'm. By the way I hate partially so overuse so ridiculous I don't think he is not that on the you're listening to. It. Green why I love me some kids manager lettuce or got Loney who horses that grin centers chives and little. Going in and hand. They talk about eagle beats yeah. Let's clarify. Okay. Just because he's back. Doesn't mean a whole lot. I just thought I would mention the information. Okay but don't just say like you like ode node as bad news well that's it Tobin been praying that he was gonna play at all sometimes sometimes believe in mud. Deepen them Mott knot then went and depending on what position do you play. If you're not a 100% you know even though the team if you can't cut in due to do. So I don't know how healthy is the first of all we don't know how bad injury. It looked bad I have is look away when it happened I thought it was on the way more severe than what they said was wrecked so we don't know how serious it was witches you know. That's an issue and you don't know how much you practice because keep the money clothes off practice so as soon as we go to some musical warmup you can go get on a bike. You know breakfast. Of. Also the the bull the bills have fired their offensive coordinator and they're looking at a couple people including robbed and ski. Net. Builds. Its. You know fix that tyrants only get throw passover ten yard but they've debate fighter mills it why is that Miller of the black fire coordinator on his faults. If didn't actually get better players he just there males and a lot here protects. Are they gave me there was a dozen yet some protection and he was he Eads has missed you missed you missed the few times that you miss them why don't produce some protection for some odd reason song played a prank in this building and everyone got here. This morning that works in offices offices and had a prophylactic on their desk. Tightly to the bottom of the hour. People are building or who are they. Shouldn't we here's the problem. Somebody will make a lewd joke. And then these trying to be all missed in the com. Has been taken one step farther you get to solve fire. I'm not I don't think. You know you you can't leave well enough alone. Just store Tonya Harding. Parts of she is says I mean this in the New York to and it's been a special last night today that's part of that was you of that movie I would martyr Robbie I Tonya so obviously she's doing a lot of publicity and and it's kind of like yes you could say it's supposed to be the Tonya hardy Tonya Harding like rebuilding the image. The result the revival yeah like this is the world's dumbest and you actually rebuild it. What Tyson did. Member Tyson Tyson was you know menace joked yeah but you haven't. Okay and do you. And then like guys. Mike Tyson right Ugoh with the jobs very serious yes get off Evander Holyfield's year correct got a tattoo on base told told reporters who's gonna love that make you love him spinal anything at least embraced its. Exactly but then you show up and hang over rademan loves. Yes correct and while I think over knock him pools right at it like this and all the letters. So I feel it taught artist and she's trying to be like lady Mike Tyson. But here's the story so. This says from the New York Daily News Tonya harding's agent resigns after she makes request a fine reporters for asking about her past. The figure skaters age imposes Mike Rosenberg resign there's a because or because of harding's alleged insistence that reports to find. 5000. Dollars if they ask about her past. I. And I'd just. As opposed. I'd. On this board. Received so you work you do for what to do to triple looks all of us and Axl thank you who. Particularly through axle it was great it was beautiful loved it sorry about the movement you're camping which can't come out with a movie. But Japan's new people ask you question. But Japan's. Won't find in a repeat asthma. 25000 dollars you really unaware. What people get paid to ask you questions Michael Rosenberg who's got resides is rose places unfortunately we reached an impasse that attitude the press in the future. Are adamant and final position that report is a sign an affidavit stating. If they will not. Asked anything about her past with the lights I'd thousand dollars obviously it doesn't work that way that voyages determinant of business relationship. He basically. As it wanna really the little by little how everything went down again but again. You made that you're doing well. Guy here here's the problem is the broke. I understand why she wants to do that. And it here's what. Because you go all journalists entered smartly in Cuba we are dead dead. If I ask you questions and you say I'm not answering net. I'm so Smart I could find another way to ask the question and you won't catch. Obviously going to be just as though and so her in kids. Is to stop people room. You know what asking a different question trying to get the same in two or or whatever I did it. But it can't find people but the link to causes for it are your immediate toward the whole point people are talking used his hey. You I assume you're really cares what he's doing now I assume you haven't starlet playing you and Hollywood right now Q shown what your life was like. Maybe shows an understanding Hawaii you have the crazy situation that you did what you can't. Not be slow about it African business. Think I've figured this out she was dude. The whopping skating. Right she smokes cigarettes. Right and BC the night he used to skated a smoke cigarettes it was looked at bill like Maurice Jones-Drew. Sure does Reggie White duke dull so. You know. It was great to see your story. And didn't you know in most cases. These situation Zhou Li you get into the Beverly since it. The dude did she was an issue where it and he wasn't that nice brighten things I have been and she wants to move on but it. If she really wanted to move on. She wouldn't it did that to arms issue. Like where. You brag she wouldn't it did that to our special win doha. To hold. The whole movie was this the whole. Interview is this less to. You go back and heard the thing is still ended just look at it. You know why. We released back to a total of what's it do to get back in the late. You know is that would ask questions about. Big time matchup come up the heat on Sunday against a guy who's imply this heat life outside of the next. Okay. I'm a yeah. Yeah. Mentally his budget by Champions Tour by force now plausible a Jeep truck and SUV customization shop. Yet he got the hottest moment for modification of the town cult about 7865023446. Champion Paula for a councils much about marina high Lopez. And Martinez yeah I'll call 305800. Irma IR and day. The Miami Heat our office as couple days. They are going to take on the Milwaukee Bucks Sunday at 1 o'clock busy Sunday should meager gain busy Sunday because. Besides Graham. And I mean is can be big day for bay I think. Because he is the bulls athletic big break yes. When they get into it young and its option that goes through some emblem. Yeah options now with a situation like that is assigned illicitly and I don't think so I don't I don't think so not necessarily. I think you might be a situation I've managed to see what's mostly because we saw above them together against the pacers. And if that's some good success I mean and I think you'd probably look at and say. Because of because he's missed the point hard. You know albeit still put if you don't somebody. With some size him up we look at which Suisse we saw that that there was a lockdown stuff Perry. But the locks on them. Looks so good does that happen what do you call by human and every now and then what. In the old days most of berries that had been able to shoot from from fifty feet in over everybody was somehow. Some of them a lot of eyes what is this monster that's in front of me I can't figure this out. Which sorcery so you use it you do. It. Exit of a basketball. Game. The rain cloud over. Well. O'Grady just like now dolce and excuse that you want us out death. Don't you. They collide announced that. I said he did every now and then I. Really. Did. Right now where you grow weary when move these boots. I resemble those comments live. It was used to the noble beast I am not wearing it today because I thought I was leaving for the airport and not. Bothering with that through security but we used to package but the flight is being changed should Barroso you're not even chain you will boo boo yeah. You're not even bring in the boom to us. Where is going to be ice is slippery and war. And more. Will the drags into orbit takes it does not have contraction of the model. But that doesn't look you know attrition here. The book is not for convenience. I know I understand what it's for what it's not for I'm just telling you that it's going to be really IC up there. And I the blue does not it does not have good traction and I is safer he might Wear my brace in regular shoes. Also used in. There with pure athletic prowess yes. You have more chance of protecting yourself correct with a brace. It is on a regular three chemicals to. Fit. Listen I got to weave in and out of snow banks man. You the this gig is up. Well I'd I'd and seen the good guy interest on Tuesday to get my short sonics I think that's from the boot it officially up for best friend my best friend is a podiatrist I'm gonna ask him how long in the should really take. Sit dangled in his six weeks well you can tell it's worth nearly a minute wait a minute let me send you might quit his walking the recent UN might or might. Our results as importantly basic backwards. Thought team. There's no way it should be taken but he had surgery the problem is I didn't wanna have sorority. If I had surgery I would like I don't know if a deal yeah Xena I am like Dion and put on just much weight. Do you have a moat. No it was just by a convenient all the sudden let's get that second opinion when he gets the moat. I know that era that mode too. Darken and the like didn't look happy. No one with the lights were all furnished and the lights were off but look like it was abundantly deep if you have the option like you'd wanna walk from your living room to to your kitchen you wanna walk over remote. Just common sense. Hell out of there is nothing if not don't listen to Google wants to have to live it up at a city like his don't really that's got us. And they got to go went to book it's more like agree completely gassed me. Greek meek. Good team not as good as the heat. Look at out of them that well the Bucs got a sore neck from the field he felt so we're. So we're big easily determine how good team is based on. Think it's just you know don't sing doesn't you don't you're determined and based only on record I'm just look at America. Merritt yep. About reputation you know yeah this is a college student as a college basket this little looser who's the big Democrats go to Google and a reputation of Milwaukee's other big. If you think you. On maker known at the army. Over the Greg Monroe who the big support our prisons. Developers so that department he's always injured who's the other starlets and one. But abroad and no. Team I don't know what you hear. Is John Harris and Jason kid no you missed your little more. That we Middleton Middleton. At. Both are both got a got a little too it was guy Middleton is a reason when he had just once. Thanks level. And get the that a playoffs. Okay. You're the player. He's a player. I mean. I just you know. Question a guy who's sick I don't like the flashy cities like LA and Miami is not about this life is agrees so. We ought to greet people down here. If the cost is a lighthouse point stylish it's. Greek meek. That's fine take you Greek culture I think he culture. Obama. You don't know who beat you now. And it's fun. You know but just keep under and he should the box office. It all the not learned under rated the heat we're just we're trying to not like it to be completely unrealistic. I'd be realistic about this guy and I'm not I'm not I'm an expertise on the season and just almond joy in the run. I you're getting people out there. Yeah. No in fact what I did yes it was I I took I took a plane throw everybody who's there boom boom boom boom boom we're there are a big whales. The plan for everybody right 76 year old pat. Ollie two point one want all these contracts James Johnson deal way to stability to come off the books was a free agent. Damian that that Anthony Davis this this meat freak if you want him. That's. Wales that's what they're whales OK I understand that is the trades he made we have I think just not even. Arguing that point. All rooms it is. Okay. Heater on a nice run. OK moving up the standings. Rapidly the unless temper the enthusiasm it's a long season as Holmes. Yet but he added if he were to take the last 82 games which represents the season. And please them. They would have had the one seed last year at least I hate that Britain's that's the dumbest thing in the world any that they sit at tweet. To weed out of a Kendrick now. Actually things at your. The they talked about the last two games did they talk about love retired you know this is really where I sort Saturday means so Levitt's Russia's is reviews recite facts. This is our all. Leave everything. Yeah. That means nothing. Here a little run run rush here my best friend Tim Reynolds and between out last year Boston at fifty either Wednesday were the ones over the last 82 games. The heat after two forwards. And a more or less only used to two seasons of who we're playing good. Are well. And when we're with a do that right now heeded the crew sent. Kind of like you've got to hit. Starting left at thirty that you just ruled that we go go go away. What it is that we put basketball right. It. He could really you know what you know about these items that brought it. Limp running back. Is OK we can go sounds marks. Which would you. That's on the Apollo create another Iraqi three in last year's 82 and if you take its period. From what Apollo made rocky find Maginnis in Iraqi three young of them favor after the after the fight yup school let ago we didn't Dunwoody and trying to. He thought we'd it will we didn't find out the results until creed that create spoiler alert creep Apollo one. You wanna play the and on drug is that he's like who won that fight in order to do. Did and so you visit our human doesn't get. For now there. Is. Just how under rated show wait wait. Like it because it's right. What's gonna. I don't want to wait every time the movies play out right is that moment at a movie. Where Maginnis users quit right and the guy always admits DP. It. All he did it with talk to assign. You could. Lucky for what. This comes back from the fight in the beginning of practice for you literally coming back from the play of the EEL a shiner and somehow some values went a different outfit lady that really makes men out of the robot did not say this I mean. Lows here the movie guru you should know this that increase came out that was one of the big thing revelation does Hollywood have sex of the robot has a lot of weird stuff on the rocky inning of rocky Ford is literally bullfight in an after the credits of the beginning of rocky for its write him coming home. After the fight. Yet that doesn't tell you don't happen you don't know why couldn't go to is avenues are. Mr. prudent. That's it solace us. But anyway how the movie of something huge zit I've beat him up knocked him out. I don't know I think he got domestic double some truth. Speak of Lyle in the well we you have to hit series covers expertise no that's gonna have a Jesus on the you know punch him in the face don't you get. Bill gives the brakes. I don't know what to do bus unmanned this favorite activity now as the entire. Among his like I wanna go outside out as a sign outside it's that aren't a whole swing set up there with you wanna do. Does the dart is used tools no uses his uses his hands like he's a puppy. I don't know if these like the wolf boy at least figure who out there. It's stupid and every. It's crazy you accidentally how I I'm just guessing you watch enough Animal Planet that he probably thinks he is part animal that's possible. Possible oh by the way us. Two big ones today on the golf course. It was circling. Like you're doing debating figured it was a may incident rates yet it would certainly tell that there was. Some would want love and you know then I went over they've broken. Why because they were on title of hockey career. I didn't go that what I wanted have to look at the court how do you break it up exaggerate a drop. And it's a whole lot of love and easy. To get drug do vick's next. It's. Looks more important. He's turned. Businesses. Which is what you see. Acts one in the. Are you here this is how we wrap up every single Friday doom picked time that. He's not doing a new open yesterday to a regular wanted to make them give us McLemore well okay. Level. But like his music whose voices. Well now that I think. I think we should stay seventies influenced. Oh really yeah I do leave the show every week humming that's. Every week yet another Wikipedia knew via her more a little more inclusive ruling ruse who were. Pick which. Which. Public favors and and like a crooner. Indicates that I threw me. No longer with the on the he also is also an auditor accusation or not. Found just waited on to say he has not known is. I this fight could be replaced and maybe just all get more known for this song order South Park Southport. So outpour easily. I only watch soap mark and I know you more from so. Yes and this thing that's the only time I got to stop and get a win last week so I'm in last place hello hey I got nixed. I can't believe how we're in the depths of sports. Knicks at timberwolves to rules are a half point favorites everybody got allude to jittery in the I am going to take the next I'm hoping and super will be shows up tonight. And all of this for the timberwolves event receiver Michael be easy to play vegetables and his troop and one team that hasn't he played poor Michael Beasley is to say Mall of America it's a fact that if you look at averaged over five minutes you'll be the first year. I don't think that's factually true doesn't think that's been debunked that's what his plan was I got Michigan. All of leaderboard. Greek. And either take out Michigan State blood rivalry there's only gumbo. Ms. mr. C is a six and a half point home favorite I'm gonna go with the spartans. And they pay they cover that and tonight warriors. Bucks. Bucks. They have vacation Miami coming up. And I think to get overlooked heat they're gonna put all their energy into this hole which means in the past in coming on Sunday. Tonight no stepped curry. But sort of into the wars to win. A way to get to know where. Wars will cover the five and a half points next up Robbie ABC and at the same record on the front titled go because they feel like it. Its the pacers are two and a half point dog against Cleveland at home. I will after the cavaliers imploded last night one would think maybe they'd be able to get back together tonight but I don't think socially with the pacers. Mountain two and a half like LeBron to show up to your insights like not today boys you guys have figured out or school was bitten. One of the above that that could easily happen vikings saints vikings four point favored at home I go with the Minnesota Vikings. All right and now this is that alliance how we handled this a game on Monday due in Miami I gave you want if you mark Miami minus two that's a little over a brawl with a line's going to be. So and so now you make it Eisenhower betting on Robbie he's perceived line. It's got it they come out text it to you trustworthy. Thank you idiot you really want you to take your pick on Monday it is on the line is not that. I'll take all of them home all accounts are you heard that anyways that I know is leaving many Cuban teams minus twelve. Bobby go ahead. Artists are a little Friday night NBA accident 1030 on ESPN. The rockets and the suns it's the rockets are six and a half point favorites have been back and forth this game all day obviously it's hard it's not playing. The suns did beat Oklahoma City the last game. But I think it's could be raining threes in the desert with the rockets the rockets covered the six Napa some gusto that. So used to today toiling over rockets and son but yeah they won't legislate is locked as a Magnificent Seven this one haven't really going back. I got fair enough what's next are at the pockets and Eagles. The pockets of three point favorites. In Atlanta. Mean if Philadelphia charity said the doctors would cover the first half easily get a fourteen to three at halftime now the question is do they hold on the lead. I think they do our that it may be Eagles Gilmore touched on in the second half. But I just think the Eagles don't have the firepower when the polls or to the falcons to cover the three in Philadelphia I'm rooting so hard. James that a rush for 200 does speak and I wish there was a webcam and Adam this is she's doing it. It's you wish everybody could become opens the and I hope it dies shots up the fired running back coach. Wright. What's next our rate the big game on the big game. Jaguars and Steelers that Steelers are seven and a half point favorites artists of the jaguars would cover the first half full and half. Now must now by the end of the Steelers have either the motor going after being rusty that first half. But I still think it's huge like considering Jackson will be a thirty to nine the first time content Pittsburgh. Lay beyond bell. Is not focused Ben Roethlisberger this could be the end and I think I would be surprised at Jacksonville wins this game out right I think it's a huge spread quality seven and a half points to. I'm that. Breathing is a more likely not play action Levy M bella big bad. Big men can pass and retired. So. Okay. He gets broke every year because you know the reasons why he can do it. Is because he really did read defense news right heat is so big you just hold on to the bald and keep bringing. Us up to. Could think of it he's the guy that throws timed routes. He's not a guy he just holds the ball till he gets open and the most successful you can run so damn much. No less success it's let's both look. No but that's because that means that that was in his baggage it's a bad never had to give it can't resist him bigger than everybody else trying to take me now focus is broken up. Leg they've got broken up to. But it but it felt like I asked that he's done it if you lose they have been active like being. You would be but will that suit he would keep it there only broke. The Olympics man are. The reasons that inadequately. And there's no dates. I have TCU against Oklahoma. Was my Robbie local five and now point me out to Oklahoma because I saw him. That guy that gap that new guy. Whose name Mario Korea have a history yeah when in doubt that occurred he used to from everywhere. Ari now I have Miami vs Clemson. Clemson. Is kind of favored an echo of Studio One half point home feet and I will take Clemson because it's a Bo playing basketball on the road. Accused view. And now. Is my pride bit. We'll know you'd. Bill where you go. Have the right. 88. Well. Oh no we can't we give. It every week. Ballot right mode. In only lose but you know appropriate. I at a record over us over Olympics. It would have been even better view that on two things Debra rounds and pride. I. Pride rules yes I mean just and is. The road with no right there. Is it. Have to be in eleven point favorite in looms in the today that they. It. Is. Now. A large. But like. Oh that's right. And another touchdown. With two two field goals in state is what they beat the Eagles beat Cuba. I was on the tide them at the jaguars to 214. Mean what do you beat up. All the time because of what do you realize. Well it's issued to condemn you guys are huge. It's everybody in Beirut a coach's wanna fight. Say if a coach comes up to me he says hey guys have some pride. And if I was smartest play badly coached. Coached in fourteen. And I mean big it would please include. I don't know what this thing Cleveland what does that what she Jackson we're games I don't at this radio at the coach for another fifteen years to get sixty winner I mean he's he he script he's gone out the men. 32 times and 31 times he's come back advertiser. Less generic I want to work. It gave the round. England feel that that there was a suspect don't you know why because they were playing the giants in the giants fan blades and. And he's like ignorance and everybody have a great weekend we'll talk to a Monday.