1-19-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, January 19th

Tobin catches an iguana but the guys debate if it counts because it was in the cold. Tobin's wife wasn't a fan of the event. Tobin calls his daughter soft for freaking out about the iguana. Bill Belichick gives his usual answer when asked about Brady's injury. Tobin and Beast look forward to Sunday's Jags-Pats game. Beast is slightly worried Tom Brady won't play. Robbie mentions that Brady has been on the injury report his entire career. Tobin thinks Belichick is playing mind games with the Jags. Leroy disagrees. Tobin brings up the Patriots' riff. Hard Rock Tournament Director Tony Burns joins the show. The guys debate if Brady is faking an injury or not. The guys make their Magnificent Seven picks. Tobin brings up the fact that Tim Tebow got invited to Mets' Spring Training. Robbie does his Magnificent 7 for the weekend. The guys discuss the NBA All-Star Game selections and who Lebron will pick first. The guys discuss Baker Mayfield wanting to play for the Dolphins. Tobin and Leroy argue about Goran Dragic potentially geting snubbed from the All-Star Game. 


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They should call 803751211. That's 803751211. No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at best Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. Let's do it. Cod bed and happy Friday everybody welcome on third so whether these were alive from the Seminole hard rock hotel room. You BC scared yet no number he carried the rules. Listen man violence in Iraq but Lilly is going to movies music that he can't throw. Who said that who could. So that he can lose so that he can't throw. Your beloved a Boston radio citizens are calling insignificant and not something business. I'm calling shenanigans I don't believe the second book coming running electoral history. Unwitting. And a look at this this only gives me more confidence with the jaguars. Going in the Foxboro the fact that paged are playing their old mind games. Because they're not they're not confident enough in their own skill set to win the football game. Italy reinforcement said that this is there's going to be a mauling him. It's cute it's it's going to be complete. An apple I'm going to no the and the damage outdoorsman. Jesus. That's what you did was there any of the show this particular point I'm removal. And you lose a little portable while continent. I might do it terror. Disease he's offended and other real points. The record book it's a sign you know he does not mean that what gets an iguana a cause I wanna. At what they want it does not count and yeah well. That's the cat's leg didn't even move it was also an above that thing was dead they'll soon know what is book and video again the video yet he he snaps back we'll get. It's different. Question why when you approached him near Broadway run on the way you'd see the distraction with the cat to me elicit the pat them front and he's like who. For Michael here we go that's a natural habitat so he's distracted by the catch up front and Walt has created a version of us that I counseled him. You've done is excited about it you wipe. You're likely street is seemed extremely. Excited about it with get that thing away from me and I'm sure you've heard several times. I'm telling you. I have never heard her young like that to let's hear the audio. Well yeah mobile. Phones through the phone. We will always. Just don't. Dozens Carson some no no. My fear parties in the screeching or they get that thing away from me or your phone is going in the water. I don't which I don't excuse you don't realize I'll follow in my canal is more we're standing wells like it's going in the lot of public figure missile. And really use logic I mean I don't the first a probably a month and see pie. Wife you're poor wife looked to scum of the real times. It's called the real talk he's co host I he won't he was vicious has got. It has fat and hogs. Problematic at any ambiguity and a Tron like yeah that's fraud get out of hand. Brake Disney has better stuff than you c'mon man says. On the real dollars and this on me now Simon and somebody said. Yes it looked like a baby there's no news that it was not do that and Kurth at best it was anorexic open. No you as a way often. Com. Yeah that's the catch. The wind is forty degrees up. I had all it's not been sharp claws nasty teeth whipping tale I just started it. That's it comes down to on the real towards. You outsmarting your peers and. It. Accounts. Does not count the first of many so don't worry about it it's just you guys that I would get zero and Marty up one nothing appointment from him well refusal. To point the state this. He has to get some credit we just give up the one well initially neither one of us wouldn't do believe it's fate he was straight he was stopped. Thing is if you don't head on critical look at it he. So yeah get some ground. But stupidity but I will say this. You'd think ms. to open. Is that a lot you'd be running around and pick it up we want as much home you know what to me OK let me just. Let me just refresh your memory. Do some. And now the one so. So and you you will be Euro. Listen something is solved that is what comes about this is not easy when have a blizzard up to my son daughter Barbara this the lives up to my two year old son use all about it use red use ready to take that thing down south get attacked you would take down like King Kong and content on jeans pass on the end no fear. This is big Tarzan and little Tarzan. Boy but with a real stars agree that your kid you're not that no not yet. Nene took the headlines. He speaks WE XY KM South Miami and WSS six page speech O'Meara are not get a. Point out there. Songs I'm back here you're not get a point Monday it's going up on the board doesn't get a monthly here. This affairs and bask in is that fair maybe trying to win. If we would've picked it up he gets no point. Let the picking up if it's like in my wedding yes that would mean no noted as an adult I would like what and it's a little bit. If the two above me impedes the too scared cat threat. Won't give up. No matter what state he has to get credit for picketed. Now I've waited just picked up. The line. Like it was no big deal. Giving him credit with catching an iguana. That would link the tolls drop weight it's a touchdown whether it's blown coverage where you go onto the whole goal line stand that's all six points. That streak was the black cat you want to headlines he was limited to today yup does matter the cat's mind. Whatever tools are my disposal unit cat. And he sucks you're not a real person. Outside yet or is that it. I'm he doesn't bother it is like anybody in the family. Cats soft pats. That's horrible if it can't do no which has yet cats horribly and these lips it. Do you get so people they've gone. My buddy. We did we hit it actually we named her Elizabeth I don't know it's a boy or girl Madonna wanted to beat her I thought there was a way to tell quite it was please sing like nobody wanted eight. Like incentives and it won't touch it but she wanted to have identification. So what's the name Elizabeth incidentally is live for short. There. Iggy the iguana is orange that's the crowned the crown jewel of its own household I got to find him and I can be applauded the quantity. On whom you lose your routing the show what he's talking about you ruin your show you why he's why yields and home like and you get it and didn't you listen to the show now. Good times and I know what time zone he's in unless I text him and tell them. Well blue moon would have been. These nets tonight 7:30 PM 630 SaaS and Tommy type in your pregame show. Brooklyn it is favored in this one those are the you know favored by two and a half my bad. Inability to read spreads you affair by two and a half truck in the that. Tyler Johnson I don't know we know what to deal with him was missing was out the other day. Well they city trying to play and that he was out I don't know if he's out again it just it didn't constitution. But you prior gun play there they're gonna start their two engineering them. So we have that going on with the Panthers Phoenix and adding it's Las Vegas which is still on the say. 730 as your face off that means our boy Alan's Donald has your face I figure out per unit seven on our sister station to be QA and. He uses any scoreboard watching tonight. Men just play tomorrow again Oklahoma City we don't know we don't be too competitive night that loss and so at our last night all Liz looks when it's two point lead to the magic. So close that the Matisyahu concert following Allen and was close but no cigar. Meanwhile it's been on the football the patriots quarterback Tom Brady I don't know if you're the you're not but he is hurt hand. Although he was present at practice today but we're not sure he really practiced. Here's what Bill Belichick had to say when asked about the status and Tom Brady. Rotting. You know we did a danger for this little thing today. We expect that reported missing instant. Ewing and on on this. Service is a seven and a half point favorite Roddy is eaten half I don't know where yet and number one now that's the line nose pulled from the cold yesterday. And final papers the one line yet. You know to get you don't get upset. Yeah but we were one time had that the Texans at minus twelve and decide what to cut injured that week and he still at a Texas minus won't answer knows. Oh yeah I remember that the big. Did you did you pick you to the calls and the point one and vikings are three point favorite of Philadelphia in Philly. At the link. That's 640 games so our game is that 305 Tobin will be export growth in the pines beating Wayne's drinking and yelling at each other. An email alerts in the back kitchen day and some chowder and so I can write down in law so kudos to you. Lost and I was going to be embarrassed for you what's going to be embarrassing is when you I don't chatter on your head to the rose that lets them Iran. I'm roast all patriots books that he sent me. We were one of the tone household I have to is in the Guatemalan ignored a notice of the good old or gross did not even look at little. Patriots are and Rosie knows anything in the control room this morning. What you you stab the jaguar Al yup I did which I don't even understand you're tactic this week have been terrible. Exactly. It's not Christmas time and I didn't know just doing everything blows a post Christmas sales volume Dielman who of course we ask you lose business. Football players. Do you think. If Tom Brady can hold a football. There's not going to be a problem of who's going to be a problem if Bryan little of ruling out an aunt and yes things are now about if we export growth. And that game is on Tom Brady is not playing I will I would say playing I want to sit outside and let told me someone dumped chowder on the there he explains that we exploited. If I may yet explained something else but you may. Dead. Military to complete games with partners. Don't practice. None none of them know he does not play games who practice. Because they are to even see elect of the clothes off practice yes they they only let you feel that it's. The only interception their lying. Get this straight top producer of it report on New Year's. U three knuckle heads. Let me get to history. So resemble Bill Belichick. Is now good of a jet mine drinks. Game before it the Super Bowl while we were pattern of you know it's not they may or may not have used some other tricks on their way to a couple Super Bowl victories so none of it involve players stop them now none of it involved. Players because Indian. He wants to know that yet but team as is as Bayard. As possible give it a bit all the stuff again to quit now with the players but against poverty on the report since he came into the league. And there's been other weeks in the past and with a shoulder whatever on it in practice he didn't do this he didn't do that that he comes down to play rather than it did. Cable or so mobile OK I too if you. But you day last year here bill and you do a good team that you're facing. You have to know that the defense is extremely talented you don't think there's a little bit of tennis as I. We got a plan their youth and experience so we're gonna Bryzgalov to high heaven. We're gonna put Tom Brady and the injured were just didn't do the Lil bit looser anything else you'll think mastermind of staying up. All of the side. It does it they don't care I agreed exit thinking to themselves. All right I. Yes. I don't. Think it's gonna work but I think that's with the united don't know you know there's people. He's gonna try every should an impossible win. Because that that. Numbers approximate five. It where users disguised it's not it's a ruse what did Harry Robby what politics has. But for either 128. Even some of the care was that Brady exactly. OK or he ran a horse. In the world ride because he does not play games preparing to litigate. The stuff than substance or whatever. But he wants his team to be as prepared as possible. Don't know so it's. And he doesn't. Want to hear it. He starts. Everybody be listed as limited. Regardless. Of it was wrong what you have which no lead is probably on the something here's here's what's going on missing here's the patriots rift. And so it's gone on your keys is his only heard of Bill Belichick effective against the titans here's the all day in the next Islam as a iron east let's sort it ties up EU. It's over the back for a win over the titans. The titans managed just fired their coach. And treat them all over me because fired anyway. Bombs. The titans are bombs the jaguars note they're not known wrecked shop job. Now the recently that I work with what worries here's my theory. About Jack he wants to prove you don't need Brady he's got to go win this game boy and NATO violent. With this week what's with the injury immediately. It's all on go forward yes. It just quit a thousand in a minus infinity. It's not because he keeps growing he's going. It down McCarthy wanna. My immune for today. Infinity plus one. So we'll continue on with the NFL playoffs let's talk to tournaments on the hot rock and little bit so. Stay to where you live in the civil hard rock poker as we ought each and every Friday were back into this. I welcome back. You know it. They played a part in games they played a patriot games. And they play an arena we catching ordinance. That would. Gold medalist at the that's slightly. Everybody of the as the go to record dollar on Monday everyone a full recap of the weekend's games Coconut Creek autumn offer in the inaudible of price you want. Most of its by Atlantic coast public adjusters Coors Light and the one a lot of live from some hog rock program as we are teaching their product. Who has been guys we got batted twice at the last two weeks yes that's been nice a nice change of pace started burns and are accused. Join us Tony argument it was going on as good to have you good to have you got going on here today I was just started they've won eight. Of what you are to vote for open WPT championship. Two million dollar guarantee pretty 500 dollars by end. Looking at clock right now we have 273. Entries. We need 600 point I'd make guarantees so great start. The Dynegy and the flights total it's starting to use they can make it out today that come tomorrow. Late registration and re entries are open until. 10:15 PM. So players of ninety minute delivery is 630 so it into the nice. A nice dinner Cairo tonight. Yeah. I'm going to the state are servants are. It's those it's those notes and I was love when that when the brakes avidly etc. it's a matter how silly it swarms out yet because out of Lego. There is obvious that he's like it is look at some of the places oddball who he has. Sweden you stack he's been a lot better than that if you get to gear up with the headphones in the sunglasses. I'm like hey man just play and it W opened up Booker TQ school 2018 with a little to do list. I'm just say if you come and in with a local with the shades. And you know I've pole and then they got everything going on right here if I look over there you've got to have sex and the army is always like how relaxed you can states do you are getting massages while they play poker it's always such an impressive tactic you know now LeRoy you know that is. That's death. Soon as you call late he'll put aside. You'll get busted but yeah to denote the doing my guess it's insisted it it's like all they're the did they get in there with this is as the game is going on things like us. I'm so in the zone here when this if you don't know what you do on leafs look good when you don't exactly it. I did continues exactly I was within. It's so like you really stoked to begin this week and zoning about that yet well you know. For me NFL you know as big Peyton Manning guy and CN. You know Tom Brady keep on keep commodities you know. Now a lamp for the Arnold for the jags I'm not on hand talk about pilots eject button that they can be good great defense of game is crazy dad. Baiting people. People load. They made me still don't like very yeah yeah man nobody likes Brady only only only Bostonians like Brady. Now people winner average I respect and he's he's done is reasonable New England Patriots system's incredible fear and it kept coming he kept. Paid from multiple rings and yes let's. Yeah that was the rivalry yes that was the route from the thing that's always equal pay and those that might use it to do with two teams even though like. At the end of it he was used vetted and busted up but you did an amazing years with Denver it. We ask you questions I was ready for all right okay. You'd think Tom Brady is faking an injury or should patriots is B word. I don't think you know if your your bacon and injury so that karma so I don't think he's taken out and about karma. Yeah you never heard that today is the note there's never been any fake injuries and I don't believe that. I don't buy although I don't have heard it all because they don't. In the world you can get my air lifted out your big comeback record awkwardly. I don't know by. It's the giants are a year ago weather all falling down at the same time to stop the Maria. It's still the best shot you don't have a football game ahead stop the bird yeah. Let's look at this onto litters of it took you X rays Tom stand and had to select the five rings around it. How is actively Google that that that towers on him on leave me at the instructions come along here are quite excited. You million since November since last term answers. Guys commencing man that talked to our ability to shape. And that's really cool I'm dumpster rather morning on my way in word in CNET it's now below the existing hotel. So so you can be if I needed it. Incredible. I've heard that was the policy of downtown minute night like really so. It's we saw that the use them reduce the show but he was last Friday. After two in the first week it was like that but the whole rendering. It looks amazing grace brought it. It was definitely model bottled version. I was crazy but it's it's I can't wait for me Don and it's going to be an incredible Hulk it's all positive energy and you look forward to another great weekend the opening event we entered the united 66 entries of 100 dollar fine generated priced below one point three million. Scott on team new York city New York won that event. Great hard fought that's a match. In not jump from Connecticut it's got some Albanian route so it was it was good watching the backboard. On. You reelect the that the other topless from some from distant land like any like mythological poker players like I have a reputation well. Big guys in the town the whale. Last series we blow that Michael Newman. Right here one rock will vote for open 300000 dollars for local and while. So it was those schools that are really ritzy little guys. Their last few months you know he's. The local heroes you know he's he's a great player really nice guy in I just saw him alliance is the third 500 sorties an accident. Particularly as elegant on this maggot on it for this the events is getting on the yards open. Odds are that somebody and we it was don't have anything Travis every single week rip on him now it is on top. We'll be back after this Robby is negatives and seven are you ready to roll Robbie. Rough reach one awesome week to back at it it's. Back after this. Are you know that music. It's seven. A staple of our Friday show. Robby the record you know always be good but the reasons are always our. I feel on the street Robby what your big bounce back we discovered it after W won it six that first week was terrible but alas it was Ford recently were progressing. Our next 500 aren't aren't elect elect the confidence our let's get this thing man all right let's throw little hockey believe it and now tonight. The Las Vegas golden knights it's the Florida Panthers wait didn't pick this game wanted it to be picked it gave them a that you owed total. Six schools. A welcome event that does seem of Bruce Hyman go. Three snap present that when I meet them for the Panthers have been an over machine. This year they've been giving up obstacles deep into the kind of shaky and its gas and Georgia. And it's a revenge game you know the coach of the golden knights Goliath in the East Coast I need to prepare. Good this year right this ankle odd package that in the call on the cab. And now is like one of the best teams in hockey an expansion team and no less but I his big both sides of the extreme and play for the scheme. The nights they played last night to get in Tampa Bay there could be a little tired. The Panthers on the other hand they haven't played in a full week since last right admin of the senate so there could be rusty so expect lots of goals and over. Easily the six goals. So. It looked better off to be rusty yours are better off to be overworked floated a liberal that in the situation. Are bad and people always good retired goal to be rusty this that seemed really facing. Over over the six schools are probably are worried. Late night basketball tonight at Phoenix Suns at the Denver Nuggets the total is set at 219. Points now that's really high. The nuggets have depleted team over the total since they played the warriors six games ago. Now the last time the last time the suns played at Denver's not that long ago Denver portable 134 points. I think the law of averages has to kick in here and ask him much more grind it out affair 219 just way too much to ask both teams are not very good. I'm a two under in next week. All right what's next Robby are all right. An accident a little bit going to US seats suits money that's on I. I. In his heavyweights in heavyweight battle yet. Steve video to it's it's Brent is that gone now but the two seed this seed that's the some Tobin human gnome homeless. I've never seen as a four a defending champion is a betting underdog who isn't him realtors. That's because pressing on those terrifying. Is greater point but it gets a cut to make the have you written today and that's why. People's noses and back in the hands but but Steven is is very did and the is the he's going for them the monster record of three title defenses have you in history this upcoming weekend so it is that it is like I understand the sea bass getting thrown their Roddy. Cameo of getting plus 145 and your money for a champion maybe it's too hard to pass up. And I think something has to go right for Cleveland Browns are terrible we don't has been playing something has to go to win at sixty video to get to tone. On Saturday night Steve is the curse recommend he won a series of before LeBron did. It's the other little parade with the fire truck in LeBron got all of the city. But thanks Robbie IRA and a poll well actually it's somewhat college basketball. Sunday at noon before the chip two teams are a little something to do before to begin start. Miami at NC state on the line has come out because it's Sunday it's it is about to like Saturday night for them to come out we notes due to Kansas will look just get on that. McCain's. They're a they're they're free falling right now is cut embarrassed against duke they lost the game before Clemson. They they're really bad on the road they have so many scoring droughts on the to serve his team's gonna make the NCAA tournament they don't know how to face zone they don't go to faces zone. Coach cutie he. Guess they could cells make an attorney it's not looking good and there's that girl right now is it and I aid soon there there are only two ranked wins both the teams are at. Fallen completely out of the top 25. Oh boy and so and now. Everybody talked about all year how great they were defending the three the past two teams. They've been terrible gets through consonant three point Verizon and then Gary Trent junior plan so it's duke went six of nine from three point rates. It's added to stayed on the road it's a new owner. Also it's a bad mix there are an anti stay whatever the spread is it gonna win pretty comfortably. We're going to Xstrata RA jaguars patriots the total is set at 46 and a half now one or two things can happen. Either Jacksonville grinds out a tough physical defensive victory. Most scoring game or. New England pulls them out and it's a 317 of morals is a horrible game and Jackson only scores a brief points mean that all. Both scenarios result in an under of the 46 and a half point is definitely be 45 to 42 again law of averages has to kick in. I think that it was under. Probably flows comes out he just threw for 500 yards or ten picks and a gentle block comes down. There's always you attend next Suzy has one pick he's not from the rest of the game he hit it will then Henne will come in and you know amazing. If you throw 500 yard. You can come into Monday incentives. Built in expects. Maybe. I've I'm not quite sure I can live in lower reasonable champion I don't I don't know if I'm gonna believe anything in sports anymore you hear people. Look I apologize to him publicly last week it's he showed up audience. Said. Work will be out of Maria to let rob. It's who left our vikings Eagles the total is set at 39. Now you know it's pulls its keynote I think this team is gonna be ugly. I think could be some pointed out 7014. Maybe somebody 620 points I doubt it. What on the dome team on the road in the coal could be lot of defense. I think this team easily and it's a little total 39 I think this team still easily go under just an Eagles game last week at the falcons. What are the rapid RA tonight a little college basketball tonight Indiana. And gets Michigan State it's at Michigan State Michigan State is the fifth team that point favorite at home and I are going to barracuda that. We can doll. Mr. out of Michigan State isn't playing horrible. Second the last three games. They lost by ten at home. To Michigan outright they needed overtime to beat Rutgers at home they got almost a rockers will. And they don't pout about how stupid imports and have him play good basketball Indiana has won three in a row. I think fifty points way too much of the scheme I would be surprised Indiana with his team out right from a two to fifteen point that's a whopper. Man. That was an impressive she like a light on the USC into the night his son that's disabled. I'm excited for tomorrow so it's the run so good fights have been watched more. Op meant that heavyweight fight on I can't wait. I mean I actually they Steve the grubby Israeli daily Steve is gonna win but. But if he doesn't it's not going to be greatly excellently me oh my god and so this guy is just so terrifying. They cut because it does get you can't get them to 65 limit on the thing. You talk about that's a wild arms that immediately elect delegates and antibodies that. Like anyone in the cold that is wild men AT&T don't gotta buy this returning to China. Let me turn the Mets vigilance return. Of course he did. What is an attractive radio guys and you know totally somewhere jerseys to play it's such a moneymaking scheme was a money making scheme I mean these EDS's you know last year he had eight home runs. Eight in eight. 52 RBIs. This is Baghdad. 226. Enable. Heidi I mean I feel so years ago. If you. Are betting too and winning. You need to be hit thirty home runs one homer to turn. Especially. CIA you don't like his chances. Now chances for once you make in the making and that's. Region. But what's. About double a like that the two men dead. And that's Claudia. Pretty wild to the NBA out all stars came out. Got LeBron. Captain wells and start the start Catherine yes under the stars can. And then so the way to do it is the this year LeRoy as the captain's pick that gets you were picked their team is among. The starters in the reserves. Via draft. When I do today. Know what I was already a pool players there no I thought they only picked up reserves disorders and start now they make those those players will start. But there's no solid big on it and the last date they have to go first. Rights. So you gotta pick amongst the fur they got to take amongst those 81 of its parts that LeBron has the respect he can direct thinks I'm. Please don't retreat there. You know now. Is. This means light. So you would do it eased the pit. So get a break and I. Gamer gave so you can clearly see that he would be to raise because he plays were hired in those open. Carrier. Monoline one. Because he's already on this campaign this week he's got wind was that note the reports that he didn't support the trade privately. That that was the trade that broke the trust of the cavaliers organization which is just rich. He's got to pick Tyree make demand out there because he's got one foot out the door and needs to show and they little guy you could happen. This was that this was an on you the son Dan Dan. And and and and you get it then getting reviews the last straw though courts then. Well calculated and lethal. Did have my drinks. In a world of sports there. T think a lot and put it. That the that you would think. Now he had nothing to do it nothing but you know that's always case can get a video monetize that team we played tour built and here they wish to carry. But with that quickly. I guess that's that's that's let the little guy. According to U thirty million though Luka for the owners that a million little guy he get there and RA will say. We'll see but you don't you realize who owns that team right. Not very good at what he does. But not it's not a good thing would value BC the guy you think LeBron takes very vs. Now. We that you goes but he didn't. He that you think JD yup I don't he's gonna do it that's available now. When it went. If it's going to be as if we all had taken the best available. Where would we be today dolphins Allen gallery and if anybody. His first pick is going to be rich Paul Klein that's for sure. Now rob he's on with them. Rob he's on he'll be all maverick team. Yeah whose original apply that's on this team. It doesn't matter Bledsoe. Now they're left and let's a flagrant against the U dividend. Steve Jobs C bigger may have noticed that. Let's go to Miami the man no chance no chance. Really no chance and now they're. Look that opens feel about tending to. The same way he feel about justice Winslet. There are just when the shown up this year. By the resolve long Benson encircled them which ball clients. Boom. It would take hold we're jealous of him appeals to move on Dragic. You shouldn't he has bled enough this year due to it's always elements now he shouldn't I be Joseph almost zero over going joints to crime. Children should or would you play this year I don't Joel's and about a career but this year what guides to Eastern Conference players of the week. Teams got a better record. Check for work he doesn't get to all stars for. Million them all stars the sixers. Who who our own words just an overrated hype machine they get to all stars you to a. You. Get rewarded for winning when those hawks had sixty wins big event for all stars want to see those Austin's play. You. It's true. To see that team with with he and Kyle Korver and all of the all star team all. And what was the Millsap. Made the all star team with the hawks as a hot start the role that that was the best to ease of a you be in the top four. In Eastern Conference and non criminals go to the accident on the and they get multiple all stars out of here. Edson. Jumper. And what was this that they lost and we don't jump shots three amigos are. The packaging and the one with the Celtics. It's it's it's it's politics not that deserves to go. Slovenian basketball god here champion. But. Slap the face. This is too little gore on this NBA this will be notes that you know he's gonna get to a fight. He's got every some passion of that game that the lord knows the game could use it. Com I'm telling you and Italian and you'd think he's going to know just. If Joseph played against gods and don't globally and here. I mean look. If on the ground. If on the ground in on the deposition. First guy to escape the but I don't think they can do that. Because. How would that look that's almost like we cagey with the Golden State common is that you yeah I think you get to carry. I if you hit it reeks of it reeks of a little subtle move. It's it's a lineup he needs to make a point supporting these olive branch and at some and some make it up to do some window dressing if you will. You talk about psychological game you just leave him immediately on his side with Westbrook. The stability at that time. That's true it is. OK. That's like this is news though like the lest it was real teeth like that it would do. Russell was. Over everybody. Instead of light is that it take in instead the KB. Do you delegate revises animosity for gated I don't feel like that there they're. Please. It didn't hit it everybody who. And that snake in the grass really yeah. He has. Oh level in league you smiley. It is and carried it was sent there. To run a beat he liked. Locked and loaded did you make you read. It quick draw McGraw yeah. Well he's very quick naked guys had to begin. Is currently being nosy and shape your two weeks is there grows over his guys. It's it's always very but somehow smooth as a seal on the back yeah. I don't get it indeed it defies all odds of Deanna and minuses you say. And it's our waxes and or its spirits believes there's laser surgery something. If you application doesn't shortcoming somewhere if you're gonna if you're gonna grow hair all over the place like that. The two Chia pet William Wesley hit. Did woman has sees a lot of sun normally it would sir Robin Gordon beatle Paul McGinley Tom Brady at the podium right now at the press conference wearing gloves. A bullpen. Here roads that's it and love them both. He's inside I had at a podium where you do it on the field practicing yet maybe. Please of toasted and tigris what you got some gold 400 dollars I think you know we realize that these emails like that. Right and is gonna have his team breaks and outside. In the free single moment you board game LeRoy you're so gullible that you expect. The greater Goebel you know they you know the belts or what's tough about this leads them to use yet. It's one game and force. Him. Why. You. Just heard OK so you you scarred so that money. Would you risk a cover it up but after not being as prepared as possible. And how much they don't prepare. It to you you sound. The right he should be able total to little white never prepare. Enough LeRoy. Tom Brady can throw little white guys in this. Tom Brady Kabila really missed to me argue blind pulled style. All right he's known who white guys he does absolutely no reason if you pay it eighty team. Any. Witnesses. Preparations. To play tournament. So the let me ask you this then. If you that you really Isner why would you put into power when asked if he'll play on Sunday says Wilson. Two when asked what did impress him when he asked what he did a practice he said I'm not talking about it. Let me Paula Paula Paula holed up. Can't noon. Sought Tweety birds on the field gap. And and he's back in his that. Allegedly you have to go through concussion protocol. Would she clearly did. Tell me that the patriots. Half to. Put your report we have is a big fine if you know which is two different things that's what it. They ignored them because that's. Oh aren't in this particular race is different. Then somebody getting hurt if you know report I'm always a positive the reason why Brady has been on the injury report all this time. These patriots got find like fifteen years ago because he was slightly hurt they didn't put it on symbolic check in mocking the system puts him on every week. Like I'm pretty sure counts and I have a degree. You do you know why I'm wearing gloves to the podium. The answer. I've worn them before babies who. No it's gonna have one MB so so it so aboard two. People try to read it to everything. In the world. Hookah. Is only one question they need to be yet I don't know mental and agree agrees with LeRoy how much did you practice mentally and. Of the tell you how is it. Anybody from the Boston Globe and Bowen says. All these non answers from Brady and Belichick in the team ramps up my concern by a lot there's no reasonably had gains with the jaguars. Doesn't solve we have daybreak but on you guys. He can't see the reason why they're doing it's it's super easy it it's it did it's it's mind gains for a young team that's why. They'd they'd they know they can't stack up tell lies so you've got to bend on them mentally. We'll be back evidence.