1-19-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, January 19th

Beast continues to break news that is a week old. The guys discuss how big of a bed a 6'4 person needs. The guys discuss how the Patriots can beat the Jags. Tobin accuses Beast of "swaggering." Leroy brings up the fact that after Jalen Ramsey talked trash Tobin has been pretty confident. The guys think of weird water-related issues in sports. Leroy asks Tobin if Dion Waiters will gain 20 pounds during his absence. Jets' WR Robbie Anderson got in big trouble in South Florida...again. He's not exactly an expert on what to say to a cop. The guys talk about guys who give firm handshakes. The guys make their Doom Box picks. The guys argue about Tobin's iguana catch again. Tobin and Beast predict the score of the Jags-Pats game. 


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Because of their replies once again on Sunday join me in these that's what's on pines is the rivalry goes on just hours ago to stop on his advance team. From New England they're cheaters they're scared they're faking injuries low life so get on out there Sunday at times we are going to. Pat walked nearing clam chowder right under beside us Reynolds and nostril air station coffee grounds hey it's not that. Most that of the Klan by the way I got tactic and I hope you're ready because they got tactics and how to filter water balloons. Full of clam chowder you've done you've. Done business you want to on from when I throw either of those Clinton. In the based. To ready taunts and millions of books about about you guys can watch these public humiliation the sounded great. Not only that I'm good to humiliate beast and archery and and LeRoy hope I national armor. On inane and Aaliyah Aaliyah have an interest would be like yeah. And it hit it and documented. That you went into soon if it hit that I'm not fond of that who went Halloween a woman that some beard. And its the gods don't go somewhere. Or has the and it's part of it up. Accurate testimony yell I bet you view bra like couple Soledad they could alternately we're gonna you know. It don't matter I forgot who you can figure it out both of these arms in short. Bogus legal and added you know quicktime. What about Americans aren't in here pick to give these when those cubic boats. If you want us he's elegant bride because he's got to give guard's national lottery because of a thrill account this line 786534. 079 B national repute in America on target for more information go to my national armory dot com. All men out. Game on Sunday as it fights tomorrow uneven notice for maybe it's Mike Childress is Chris Ellis for Canada to kick your ass sport grow. Do you not it's been looking at team it's embarrassing what they're doing their powering. How dare you how dare I. Judge what's that chug along like it's not that they don't usually ends. Do the patriots just assault were already dust up. He's right. It is respected opponent like that nonsense then tell it is certain positions. When it's alternatives. These you Beckett you know what comes DB. Big volume you're dressed all in the one on one. It's not hard just confused broadcast in the two plus two was on the field that doesn't matter of I think catch the ball. As long as either fragile Frankenstein as long as the fall over and chip and elbow. And never seen a guy so big get banged up so many times. Some behemoth. These small though. You got back California who. Scioscia saw and so he doesn't know to handle with himself right now it's unbelievable I don't even like. I'm letting you do all the talking because what's it gonna be like what's gonna be like for you would late portals is is is walking all over the patriots logo. With that stupid AC Chevy you drove through this weekend. What do you do with yourself I've got to tell you we Holly's gonna sink in with somebody with the is in the news conference to hear from you do that. That goose. That hurts hurts don't it hurts the vote in her. Filing out now are archery shooting has been moved to 4 PM in the first. I've been well enough I was well enough we knew that public that he. I'm hurt the oath of bird because there's less politics get over it. They did this the worst. A plane and every NFL stadium. Except one. Where the Super Bowl was. I lived in west and at the time after the game was over exceed fireworks from the backyard you can see that you get to the fire largely due to be elusive guitar here. If I need it it. Might bid as we were look right here let's get that runs. Speaks to what you XY and south why would you accept each each Miramar. So that he will play tonight they will take on the nets up in Brooklyn two and a half point favorites on the nets. Can. Seventy tip gives he'd do it. Not just like and that's get out of here that stupid Russian owner is to talk about it but he put a lot of those actors when it. That Russian go to giving him big Russia and blue political mood in the year in moved lesbians home video and these are the team. Yes he did you you know I'm that's right the only solid thing. Yet here. Libby. That we. Just because your team I know they were for sale illegal mean you could tell juries. He still owns the that's because. I believe it was up for sale I guess he's insane amount Johnny Russian. But he Kennedy's swagger and oh have become a broker problem and on the NB a all old people did a great moves pro croft. Trading on your picks of the Celtics dummy. Look at look at the meal won't legal course to the minute in this people. Not so much once you listen you giant long National Anthem. I made the longest National Anthem ever. Well ahead in the Angela Russell Sola he peeping com. The Panthers played a night against Las Vegas 730 your faceoff. Dot value pre game coverage at seven on our sister station WQ I am. AFC championship NFC championship games this weekend at the AFC goes first for the o'clock on Sunday patriots. Seven and a half point favorite over the jaguars comedy just comes Prescott boatloads is when that again. It would be you know it's been seven and half for the last day and has not it was eight and a half this morning I don't know it was eight and a half. What yesterday yesterday we are drawn from the do box that's what's on the paper. That's the rule. Aren't I get eight man that is correct. From a for the Moneyline dog a bonus. No. Like connect keep going no sir go on odd Tom Brady wore gloves to his press coverage and word about his hand. Now all the writers are breathless and don't know what to do with themselves they do is they don't know whether it's real or not real. But he walked off the presser by saying he always he's worn gloves before so nothing known to read into. You guys got to throws for living Wear gloves could pastel practice was today he said it was fun. So that's a lie is no way is out of the fun practice then maybe. No no way maybe. And the hell's going comment. And watches and this this this justice was on some white suddenly the things like a year ago we goal. It possibly done this as often as they do good that is. And then when he sees stuff on Twitter would ever. He's in that we already talked about I got him in the Stanley feds act Lopes is a while ago this is Jason McEntire. His backers are lifting exactly those work basically. Well the not treating us well let's just was a friend of furthering his story. Kemba Walker and three blocked so yeah if you take one of their garbage contracts he has. So huge shoes. And all of you who have run at. For you Mo walker and its future and he's tall and as its arms. You know I'm afraid I'm just saying it will you go out but did did you see. Also might not know they have. And a human. Activity is what you gotta do like sycamore Khamese twelve million a year pleasure take one of the bad projects for example of using NIC Batum. He makes he me has a hundred million dollar contract who. So that would be 37 million dollars you have to work out in the count them throw it to some Thompson will they got a wood and a throw. You have to have Kevin Love and entered no does that sound problems and in and Isiah as it I'm execs million dollars you guys are still short pile of money. It's got to be get a hit it machine Robbie. Relies upon a patriot machine I don't think that you've been closely what is just doesn't make fifteen a year. I think they used to listen they're throwing the Ronald. If they get a million in what do you know one won't put four million is number with the caps. The throne did you imagine my mama to have a president. Listed at sixty million RJR's it was a thirteen 1000000 number 10 1000000 central. Jenny Friday certainly you dig favorite here. Behind me because when he's not. What do you need to score low Orvella he's not. Do we have probably there may. We are dealing teeth. Oh Philly cheese juicy Philly cheese is bad no one did this guy got surgery LeRoy peep this. Is that. We're on this on his instant Graham it's ten feet wide. Explore. Pay. Pay per today. He's not 64 wide. But oh my goodness how do you hope he's giving fish net. Oh you that this that the Philly cheese that's fit the entire starting five and a couple reserves in that bed that's ridiculously sized bed early and yes what line it yes width wise. Not lengthwise with wise so this is the straight. Just happens to be the week after he gets into his boat house. And his ten foot wide bed he's like a lot of second opinion on the surgery. Let's get the surgery. I need to chill well I mean. You shouldn't last year but understand why are so I didn't either but it is fun and sting that. Whether we're talks affiliate she's may be in a trade that Austin he won the second opinion I like my mode. And wanna hang Obama mote and the old sock is of the alarm clock on the other side of the men. Yeah he's probably got Leo automated system out here is an understatement like you know he's done and there's likely to equity go yet. Sweden Sweden. It doesn't. Come back on too much and it. And tell you for your. Who it's a hunting them before and he edited it over it. Philly cheese wants that to fifteen an ankle went OK and did so. Man. Can get some football now. Yet again we'll have to get a tee time after her art note of some football. I mean honestly they. The yellow that he's he's you know being the mind game noses at these yeah. And have another reason why you who you gonna win but the culture. No I think we're championships that out and I think it's very simple the patriots stop the run and board of the make mistakes that's only that's. We thing I think kidnapped and missed it the only the only way you'd think you're gonna win this game is about totaled leaping up. Yeah I think that's what's gonna take and I think it's nostalgia now it's not a real cop there seems little question question well I mean that's. He yes Libya is of course yes. Because you seem to think that nobody else's thought that the growth this year. You think Pittsburgh didn't think no I think this oddly. I'm let's just stop I'm not I'm not saying leaderboard I big boy beat it's I understand that and there's there's no doubt about it. But I can't see another way through. Without that being a priority. And again if you have anything to be feel good about. They did a tremendous job stopping the run last week the defense got the pictures Stevens has gotten better throughout the year so there's always food until losing here we go through your. He's like some. Act would assessments. What was that accurate accurate accurate actually assess student athlete of the situation instead of you regurgitate. You know coach talk yeah. But is he thinks he's Belichick and he's not itself and decide what I did I watched him with his ability that I can give you a bunch of reasons why. Did you he's gonna win. That's why I'm picketed a student mr. swagger in here saying like oh Tennessee with the 23 ranked offense in the league this year we stop that. Slack anywhere. You're sweating and nobody you're swagger and you keep running him out not seen anything. Oh no number out of enough for good reason yeah because tangible things of thrown at Joseph why did you ever know what that that because you are falsely cocky. Not falsely cocky yet until I watched team grow and blossom I got so you don't open. Ever since Ramsey. Told them both crashed and you have been woken where we didn't just two they all talk trash. He's he's just he's just the head of the snake. You did doesn't talk to us the most menacing guys in the team. You would need to slams he's created and produce fantastic. And like shut up the latest to sit with a mean that trash. Fifty minutes he does next. Hour. Yeah. Fifty and then yeah. And it's justified by champion for about four itself Baltimore Jeep truck and SUV customization shot. He guaranteed about as well about four modifications in town called champion for about four. At 7865023446. It's a beautiful wife for dot com also much memory you know hike Lopez Martinez DL golf real 5800. Per month. And by all pro or competing cattle pork orthopedic and sports medicine that's their job to get you back in the game with yourself or locations there's one near you but. But all pro or compete next. Dot com for more information. Peter back in action tonight they're taking on the Brooklyn nets got a back to back that day on the Charlotte hornets tomorrow. So a couple of ugly is but he got a TC being before them around the roach of against the Houston Rockets yet. Which is obviously be a tough matchup is it front and back was is that yes he's back he's back aren't so that's double the limited minutes and take get takes him take care of some business here with these with these games mean the nets looked up on you really that was the big turnaround for the heat after that embarrassing loss to the nets. Then went on the run. And they need to give ago tonight that those agree with a bad against the bugs with these really hand they got the win against them and against the men and another abilities. That it feels like him with a brilliantly it was leaking but inadequate track that we. And it took its it's a giant facility and the best they can do that is but a trash can on the floor right for a leak. Does that seem unreasonable then having on man. You really do it and there's going to be some guy up on the catwalk. Yeah. If you like column in late putting gum up didn't like leaks just like the tactic my grandfather would use diesel furniture store that was ancient. We can be oh we got here at chaise lounge the other sofa we got a garbage collected no water when it rains. That. Was. Code kids ago a brand new building. How does the Marlins having rain delay. That was terrible. Those two stories are about to at the whatever went to the first UN game and with a canopy and never go away wondering. The count and leaked and other side. Correct you go to that game Obama must it was dry yet YouTube apparently. In the end zone in the is right way again. You know you have a bloody I think he'd been got to get used to the fact that look you're gonna prod BA year where this team is the team. You may have buyout situation where like you'll at a better piece later on in the year. With somebody gets in that situation as you got a little flexibility there on how people get follow us on I don't know true but guys Devoe. And they argued that have a loot the cast is you get somebody. But as far as major trades concern or a home run to admit that it does it. This is this EU EU ego and the dance and this is is it he is slow to answer real nice right now to cheat with gore on. Oh do too we've friends. Who threw tees. Twenty pounds gains you. Under. Mean. They're. Working didn't look like he put known. Me yeah. Who moved a couple of no breeze so maybe he'll be of repetitive row are ready to go like he wants to prove that he's with the money or simply because. Some media didn't know what's her it's hard worker. If you wanna rest yeah give rested you need to be active I'm sure acerbic garrison gonna law and one of these books you imagine like he had that your with the Big Three were nobody really had a serious injury after all those years. That the money got bigger for guys. And pay bosh all those views know playing basketball boss and so. The brown. Much the middle of money no poor but insane like you paid to do nothing for her you know. Three team in years gonna stop work I don't know but now like Philly cheese new deal. Then ankle doesn't. Work so. I don't want to interrupt the basketball talk but there's a breaking kind of football story but it has a little bit in the twist shirt will. So Iran's New York Jets wide receiver Roddy Anderson who was arrested down here last off season. Who arrested again here this offseason early Friday morning. But the long list of charges including a resisted it officer harming a public servant and family eluding a law enforcement officer were sirens on reckless driving several other driving violations and include speeding to running a red light. What he was pulled over. He evidently threatened to I will say sexually assault the wife of the officer. Am saying he's going to find her bleep her in sleep somewhere. They about say who's this. Bobby Anderson kept wide receiver. He's at a best player. I say much but still. I I have of it like if you get a break our laws it's finally what you get to the day up in officer went to find your wife and get with that are. That probably gets you a couple extra funds. Guys made them and a and up at I don't know I don't know how to tell that. Everybody says you know in order to carry one you have to get things right. One is that if somebody gets days you look at. It definitely looked he looked like eighth private. I'm pretty sure in the book of what not to do when pulled over is to tell the cop you wanna find his wife in and out get out there yet. Probably not the first thing you should say there garbage I'm sure. What he's an all of like he'd get today expected. That's for once. Dot it is like I got it back slightly he's tried to run well on the side yeah. It would wrote in Wrigley going to the movies that he's in the wrong move beyond the movie house and the idea. I was I was with public office in the training facilities and you can give a sperm it. But they give beautiful blessed they all hell no you don't if the full blast you don't even need like just. Just a quarter of the surge is like some buttons like. Mostly did the one handed punch in the chest. That's that's of the gonna handle when the guys being part of the classic tees for everybody at the stories like. School now says that for some conspiracy garbage. Does that Philadelphia CS a sports. The NFL. Just posted. On the FaceBook page. You're team is the symbol 52 and you can win come watch the patriots take on the vikings battle out for the coveted Super Bowl title. With epic at all. Patriots and vikings screwed up there com. The fixes envoy is the fixes and look at this nonsense they don't want it. They'll wallets come into I would say this for. The NFL. You'd have to agree that the the best scenarios have patriots Philadelphia situation because of market ties are patriots Minnesota because. This rubles in Minnesota right while it does tax equivalent of four billion market in the country who gives a rats as everybody wants the super. Everybody. What's MIA with what I ratings is is jags. Patriots have a higher a higher symbol or jaguars first whoever suitable gonna have a high rate in the AFC championship. These yacht that tell you never missed the Super Bowl the cousins plane. And the worst one to work and what the worst bulls was the one of the big man anymore. Chicago Bears and Indianapolis and didn't play I was on speaker who's been plenty of super balls to them and different is it's not a good game. I will drink myself into oblivion announcing the end of it. Did you knew you only do that on days that into why Seattle and Denver. It was thicker or Seattle on an island and Canada it was games. Of those speakers to get our college's the eight game. What's I was not answerable. It was a stinker. But I haven't commercials entertainment Seattle. Seattle Denver on our politics to some old ass Minnesota Vikings news talk and my hero about the old days. You. Know. I'll let them is that what. No. You don't you. Gain on other is I'm produces that was my leather helmets. Using agent. Today I don't know if you don't win them or it is. For his instincts. To whom boards. And me day. And mid tower no hey Luke we shook hands once do we visible. That's no. As well the men I think his book you know crusher hand in a second who is you can vote camper. You've got music huge man. Would that be and he's had a personality of this. Great when you look at them as. Even being on the scale of being in good this month there Cambodia where Nadal and play again island. Is Kim. It was pretty quick in a getaway better capacity at SE kimbo givers forms of foreign have a little grizzly is sweater. But I don't cross the Aussie guys across the mass of a man Bob target and I'll tell you parent Robbie. Mean unthinkable campus here are this war it. Like you can cut it you know as you know wolf it's good every two weeks. Yet there for Divx no. Predictions now it's so stupid was exhausted. Whether. It's still pretty shrine game if you got to join. You don't list and eager to put bogeys on her wrist to football game's actually not all games. Exhibition gains today. We have a applause we have agreed on the show. Action the action. Football is hopeful you robs. Cool it's. More important. Things turn. Businesses. Which it was easy. Acts one in the. It is through boxed. Save Johnson please every week. Right here on the show stupid. Was stupid. Let's do this we do not the best we can do know it. Burst pleasure good spot. Exhibition games. Mean just full of excuses just like this it's it's just like a team I would pick a division from reed. Women's basketball game. There can be arranged. It ever crap I'm picking this week did make note that for next week that. Unpalatable it's Matt's ability to the next week as part it's perfect that line. Gains that we've done about it you get what you get aid groups that. On the last play right now I can't believe I voluntarily. Said that I would watch this stupid game with you on Sunday. Yeah well this is doing with your little team is gonna be dismissed but the turnaround for me RAI maybe last doesn't do vick's but I I caught iguana. So on the real saws and it was a stuffed an iguana know. It was a really wanna it was not real I caught it. It was frozen in the oval it was it was threatening. First it looked anemic sentiment on the lack and lack and it's important news that pay dirt on home video the one that room. What are each hole here about you just know that. And I don't have a good idea that your review the tape review its roll out well I thought. It sound as good as his wife is ready just an album is because Toni and guy has faking one's hands where a loses it looked its mouth is open let those that. Doesn't seem to hear the iguanas. It is the way. You know I want you home. Google says. Think more than noticing card dead animal and you poured daughters and screaming crying in your wives or destroy your phone into a canal so be all right Julie opponents enough and all talk no action. And like we really elect -- to object to lizard and a dead. Of them that would go picks boys. He's big fat and sassy whose words about the first base is that lakers. The paces two point road favorites would go Alonso. The LA Alonso. Is not planned. I'll go with the lakers. Goldeneye today on the flooded Pitt does tonight. If there's one and a half goal favorites. I'm going with the golden knights revenge game I think they they're they're gonna handle the Panthers tonight and nick said jazz you toss six point home favorites. I would go to jazz jazz at home. Would you got Robby. All right let's start off with the kings and the grizzly speaking of revenge schemes it is Zach Randolph returned to Memphis. And Memphis is a five point favorite they don't have a coach. And these two emotional and consoles back in the lineup tonight at exit get exposed by Zach Randolph and the kings went out right now to the my points all right. We'll suns and nuggets the nuggets are eight and a half point favorites in the nuggets have. Lost it's that they've won 21 of their last seven games they've been on a bad streak lately. I think it's way too many points altered the suns and then beaten half on the road. Fair enough for one LCI finally the NFC championship game the vikings at the Eagles. The vikings are three point road favorites. And not I think the Eagles and their fuel super disrespect it after last week being a road underdog and winning outright and their road underdog again two weeks in a row plus don't team on the road in the cold. Whole team three points or less all rules or play are taking the Eagles and three points. Fair enough it's good boys who'd gotten Allan LeRoy the ideals are or vikings. I am. I'm will ride the case he attorneys. That's train. These did you think you make this or no depth in the big scheme. That would good at being opened up as best I mean we did exactly portals resume includes far chicken right. You know what you're near third quarter then she. OK this guy I have the heat and that that. I would definitely take heed them ride this heat wave. Very like get that this birds and the raptors. Good take the raptors they're six point favorites. The rotates berms yeah. No one letter. That you think you six points at. That. Bill. Think it was where. That to six in the was the muddy Robby you get close to 65 on the money money to go to Jeff Glor yeah. I think that would the day street all of that is the case I think my head do vaulted you die. He's yeah I'm and start off with the one real game I have which is a basketball again that I don't even like the wizards. And the pistons. Wizards are act Detroit to drizzle one point favorite at home the wizards are not that great a weighed about 500 way. From DC the pistons are thirteen and six at home but I like the wizards on the road for some odd reason. Now for a stupidity. This I think. I hate you Robby who becomes food in the NFL PA collegiate bull. A the the American burst the national I'll think the American team that penny throw hill yeah the nationals to a quarter from holy cross. Great. Wonderful. He remembered a player that played well but apparently he's blown it up. He was on a high political news about item I'd sell them cited the American face fellow lacrosse guy who played off that the defense. And he was a finalist Melinda highs. That's a good question I should know that answer that I don't. We unload while Robin listen up I get the East West Shrine Game another barn burner screw you to MO. I will go with the team. That has the best quarterback I think in the game which is a JD Barrick. He is from Ohio State and he's on the east team out to the east and it kicked in the east is a cave in the case of McDermott yes that your your your correct but I didn't I didn't get in the offensive line. In the East West Shrine Game. I she's robbing. Seriously never again it's a decrease of Scott it's got the info draft I want to those games I'm going to be at the track tomorrow. I totally royal join us. We're going what we're gonna gulfstream. Are you lend lend the boss and myself. Ditzy because doubling an icebox and everything in order to let them but phonies are arrogant about the policy actually feel like you want something this week is he getting it's ass kicked 27 to thirteen just keep talking. Just keep running your mouth point 713 Jack worse you Gordy a lot bomb. That lets him to him two. We have a score prediction for the AFC Tim Japan's 2713. Jaguars. You're lucky you get that late touchdown you'll fill a two point conversion of some nonsense. 249. Patriots. Here nine points. Not that the ads scored twice as many of the nine will be lucky about that as the B two when he wore when he. Jaguars. So wrong when you go rob it of votes won we won twenty jaguars alas if you at Lambeau. The second run with can actually go through and I. Networks definitely makes me nervous very Minnesota's. Patty ballistics do you feel it to a Robbie picking your team street. You feel better coastline not even Robby can break this. Upload apple were that it rubbed it does it's it's it's in the bag he gave witness which are on it you know and at 4 o'clock because there's if there's one person was down. No real nail this game. That still radio on the hammer. Captain Curtis will be an Elvis one Tom hitless for. Him in power. And this is a fun experience and it that I am. Will be due to Tony Newt did you tell us and that's can I show shorts like you attract this would be leaving. Matty and now.