1-2-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, January 2nd

The guys are back from the holiday break and Beast is not ready for Tobin's antics. Beast crowns UCF the National Champs. Robbie says the Canes should play them next year and Beast is scared about that. Beast talks about his on-call doctor, Leory is befuddled The guys talk about the National Championship Game. They wonder what the narrative will be around Mark Richt if Georgia is crowned champs. Beast says the situation is similar to the Butch Davis-Larry Coker situation. They talk about the end of the Dolphin's season and Stephen Ross' comments after the season. Badass iguana hunter The Real Tarzan joins the guys in the studio.


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. Started this council. We'll watch the long faces. I feel like crap government badly sick and I know what you. Hygiene school. We're not ready it was so nice you and I just doing the morning show. It's just don't know hey guys more well I heard. We makes them a star. Did you yes let's great that's what he would like to replace me on the show. It added it's that this team is all muscle balloon. In room. Welcome back it's goodies I have a few in the new year thanks for the welcome back happy new year buddy. Motive accident throughout the dog would doom. Because these right behind you I'm right behind you deal and certainly not for our bowl pick them. You look something miraculous how else to get those you clinched an elbow can can lead or lose no you can't lose oh. You're one game ahead of me in would you bid. Alabama. Clearly it's the same team as you you'd automatically stay ahead of you know I would give LeRoy if that information. And authority. If we pick to sink whom. So I'm I'm asking who do you pick. Alabama. So that I can I lost we already have established that. Just a teenager picked I'm not change. A change in my PT whatever you have. My Pickens officially whatever means it is what they did that might fix whatever you. Want some prices rise nonsense that's ridiculous. What. Into. I don't even know how to get only to do well and I can see your picks all the stops and you can't see his ticket told game starts. And moon. Blind and look at Robbie. Did you get a medal. I pick the winner of the Alabama Clemson game two and I knew the game to be distinctive to ask you ever to get bounces to on the ball games that are that a for the same stakes. Because that that that Oklahoma Georgia it was Ing crew rattled all in all I know is you see up as a national champions and the best team of four yet. They are the best in Florida and they and they they are I'm sorry. No one else is undefeated they meet the team that beat two teams that are playing the champion. By some love whatever that is they the national chipped it Tom. By the way the canes haven't opening of the schedule next year it's not a little home and home trust me it's not gonna be you see it should. It should be knowledgeable and now you'll generally aren't you know eat a little apples you know don't take a bite and Miguel juiciest under the argument on the field of this moment LeRoy got it written down. In order to go to tech for the blind you know here's is the thing. You use swagger on here shirtless every time McCain's a whisper being back and and you're afraid of UCF. That's that's a good note that put the scheduled in her right you you. And from that looks to me you have the audacity. To Wear a hurricane CME generally he teacher. Douglas. Where's dollars. And how this teacher to a five years of life producer. I have put in their quest notes talking about boy it's the time I'll love Lucy Davis. You've told pressured easel. Stern who Tobin and hold great leaps. And our government solutions. And it's I was there with the rest of the resolution lists. It was so crowded and it wasn't I was actually stated to be more packed than the way I like it when when I'm thirty was it like hostile and I didn't go. The last thing remembers introduce myself as likely to. And it gives drug united manager again on a New Year's two and responsibilities. I had no responsibilities and I showed up. It's all about the good combination about call people when you go. Full Solo Cup them coconut rum. Pineapple and 151 floaters. And then you decided mix and a half abolish campaign. And men to top it all off. Just Fisher wipe off life often see if she'll finally does kick you out of the house you make her do fireball shots while you drink out of the bottle everything that you were notches and sicker you just come over. You know I I felt it yesterday I felt. I felt I felt I felt pretty crappy yesterday morning but then after awhile ago I was fine. Anytime you anything it has to be some in any complying no no DC I might my wife and my kid wanted to Disney along with you you mean the same place you can you know see each other but there are also at Disney. And my brother log out the flu or sicker summing up there. And then. Everyone on that trip is now. Hi this is it was a bleeping disaster there's so many Google unknown and and so. My son had a 102 fever yesterday we didn't do anything for new years just at home had to have that the house call doctor come over to give and stuff. Well doctor yet you. You want. To select the guy comes over the little medical bag yet cousin Lou that they whenever you need. My grandma my boy a lot pains and go to doctors on call 365. Let's get the alliance. Speaks WE XY and South Miami and WSS six H TH O'Meara car. Why you look at me like Kelly Rowland who's just no worse what's wrong with a host called doctor. You rather like leave the house when I just be your own home the doctor comes over. Whom. Which we only one that finds that what's it. I mean look at the clock is gonna come to us I use I would use that service does seem like a huge waste time on the. I mean like you cannot say they didn't know it though he's very regional if your kid get sick like it if god forbid you're Israel little birdie also read. No we'll get edgy work. But it's a holiday leg up on it was New Year's Day no one's open except urgent care. But don't have to go to the urgent care waiting room what I worth to me exactly that's that I'm telling you do not use it. There's not a Buddhist like Bill Simon fits not well. This is really time he's actually come over okay. Let I know him but like does that to you as a holiday would you wanna get urging shares remember. It was just just sag at the temple was. The prince is on Monday is not. My door with the herbal remedies to handle a lot of Brooke T. I didn't actually didn't April's unit the motor. Which my entire family needs ready for bad cold and flu season or cold the cold fluke that brings favor. Prepare that you didn't several scared to monitor backed by medical professionals everywhere. I don't know how you wanna do this there's plenty of change in the NFL but you know. I don't think we have to go through every coaching move let's just say today's black Monday may Windiz drew well slot Mondays Tuesday black Tuesday one ever. The same thing. Well it's not because yes there was black and what ever you know what I'm saying parent. Meanwhile it will be Robbie Gilead up in the line of the national championship game please yet Alabama's a Ford half point favorite and alana. Most fun mom Waltz and all over the play all my did you sing act dance. Did you see my tweet this morning knowledge no well he tweeted about Alabama and how it is just the greatest thing since sliced bread and Nick Saban is better than every coach ever and there's nothing better and I just quoted that you just said solar. He loves this is the amendments got to be held Louie for I'm not only SEC he loves him some memo loves us then I'm and his throat is out there. Okay let me just say that the heat play tomorrow against Troy at home 730 tips exit of the pregame there's your update. I'm just throw this out. 'cause we all to some extent. Members of the team. Very well in his case through Ohio State and no date. Okay you're a team and this is far more kestre you know yes. MB says some team. But I might intrigue you here with this and b.'s. I know you said. I know exactly where you go and how you feel yup ball mark Rey yacht in Georgia yup wins the national championship. After they said it. Mark Richt couldn't win to be gay well I look at that two ways. On one way on one hand I do you tell you that I think Kirby Smart did a good job of that team then on the other hand. They won because. They have a very upper class loaded team. That was all recruited by mark. OK he had the same guy now I know it's a it's a Butch Davis Larry Coker kind of situation whereas the memorable Butch Davis won also. The national championship he never gonna get screwed we exclude you but he never he never won a national average of no went to a national championship. Evolution of the gets revoked it goes I assume it. And butch at the same bush when bush was here. Butch at the same thing can't win the big game until the beach Florida State in 2000 so he was here for five years before he won quote unquote a big game Coca reconsider for like ten women yes. It's a team. 1518. Years so. David George and I. I see where you're going to I don't disagree if you are I I don't know like I can't paint a rosy picture religious got. Wax by Wisconsin in a game. They probably could've won maybe possibly I think you'll love here's there's no they would want the Clemson game I don't care Wisconsin Wisconsin's. Would gotten better yet the doubt the one game that you can say hey they really believe dealt with Pittsburgh correct. OK correct. Noted that you look at this burtless that's a that's a big game we've got to let down bray like I. I don't like I don't like I don't know what you want me to say other than he did my question is reduced so eager to. Well no because I hate Alabama. In the air. You why that's why that's why all aboard the UCF thing because that. It doesn't matter UCF should be that's intimidating way these guys is breath though should have to differ from whoever won that game and vote for UCF batters eighteen playoff it's hard. Communicating with this one then I'm only continent. On an asset or something but what I was say is this to detects. If you're her case for. And you light. Mark which I think we all do it's not you know it's not up for debate do you customer not very. Are you rooting against Georgia. So that you don't have a year. It's see we got rid of mark Reid and got a coach and now they've won a championship. I can tell you that I've put a little bit yes social media and a lot of blowback from cancer and saying to those and that's a rough week for Mark Richt not only have an embarrassing situation where you probably cemented out of the game. Rather grab an official. And then your former team does not gyms new pot we should do too stupid to you recruit those guys and don't ever question mark rich recruiting ability or ready to get talent reps always builds do that right this is money list of the with McCain's if you want to look this. It reality. Yes the Notre Dame is a big win. It was unexpected win so if you're gonna look at it and say when McCain's actually had expectations. At their doorstep from the fan base. They got whacked two times so. And now I. I don't know what to do and as always just on consistent in my hot takes. Not that in order remembers but I. Was the first person to say listen Butch Davis could not win the big game with the all these talented players he could not he could not get it done. It took having a player's coach like Larry Coker for them to come together and win a general Hillary fitting that. I had that fifteen years here's the funniest thing but I weigh those in order to stay consistent I have to say well I guess Margaret same kind of fate. And and to not be real consistent about that hot when okay. Larry Coker lesson like what two years no he was Al Rosen quote he was different from 15 years. I abuse make a way to get really doesn't want it to them so bad all the way had to redo it over if you just cut Coker and didn't hack ever higher Shannon and golden. Who knows what would have happened near the similar Coker is well they sort of ready by less sic a result of the sport. Yeah for after after blown up McCain well because then I was or that was that was 100% because the FIU brawl. I've talked about it that he would he went on interviews. And I've talked to Larry about this extensively com on that note I'm telling you. This may be a line may maybe it's a vision that's what he thinks and that's a bit Italian as an excuse I think you're probably sank. How is it possible that you are given the golden gift of football. The fertile ground of Miami in the factor that they are getting number one recruits not even have and try and you you ruin that. That's why he was not coaching anywhere besides San Antonio El Paso programs but I held decode what's cool is that Texas senator he dead yet into the NASCAR road Saturday. Robby is all anything he exactly. There you go I feel a little bad for Rick George who wins but I'm not going all the normal for bam. Because of this and here by the way that this tester comes in with some peace comes out declaring UCF the national champions then says they haven't earned the right to blame I mean that's what I said may. The right to play Miami Miami shouldn't play them though because they have it's a no win situation. Doesn't omens at George yeah yeah we bring in our. Echelon of college football teams. Unit should start weird over the year analysts use. The coach. Off Brandon. And. Leo Leo don't McCain. Syria he may be the fever I don't know. I don't have an emergency you've opening do you think right now. Right now in the state of Florida. It's usually have played Miami next junior yeah MI every one you'll do more for your program to play in Allah issue. No that's not true O Susan national brand easier. Hello I mean in fairness since I was an imminent that it is the biggest when Alabama had before last night. That one's true that was their biggest win Ellis international brand and we're according to whatever Texas that you Michigan is no longer national brand. I had a bomb on an island wait and yeah I was waiting treated like Colin and alma I was go to I was gonna respond as you'll always be. They. National boring it right you're just not very good one has its. Ended song I was waiting for you to defend your program on Twitter that the baloney it is not always share. You mean he's not appreciated me now is Alston around winning. Okay. It's also round winning when your school. Has only one in a very long time. OK besides the times they you know breeze murder half of the conference. In Ohio State goes to. You know the final four so did you get to go to go Orange Bowl. That's only time they played a big time getting. On they don't have a quarterback. They have had a quarterback in a few years. I haven't seen a Michigan team that has not been able to run the ball if you look at all the teams in the Big Ten. If you can't run the ball you can't win. This king cam on a ball they can't they have a quarterback. Yeah. And I if you wobbles in knowing. The players while blooms so good question for you well where it where eagle and then decide oh here's Julia I. Various and I get any the most questions I got and stories I got was on vacation. Was is it one of the that was gone down as well they don't behind. And the plan Florida has two eradicated wants. Wherever they want a masters studio today the real Tarzan are you serious are you telling the real Tarzan governance it is about. The monster an honest program he is the iguana catching master he's coming in studio at one point to the right. Not only that with brother reported him which is. Always scary news for some on down there and a long time. And not really had an a plus that once you reveal some models of the dart board in the we're going to do rights also. At some point we discussed with a newly closure should be the quarterback who Miami her music you're sure we can discuss that is okay are. Yeah and there. Yeah. And. Still when they're going to be serious deal on the ticket news. Mean you know. But they want this they commit to this. Thruster on the the other's throats last somebody saying it's over and that it's not then it's not over. You've got to make sure we need to have throat slashing that old yet got it you can't do the premature speculation at Bridgewater and we can do realize it against the canes. I like baker may feel I like his personality I elegance and you just can't you can't do you throw slash and then people openly feuded often. Taylor eleven sells them. Lamar Jackson. Oh wow can you on top level with a quarterback. What you know what what mattered guard there you go that's why. Teams like the Cleveland Browns nuclear programs because people IQ right. You need to regarding general wants mr. no more Jordan is all over Pedro may feel you were so over the broke on Smith band wagon yesterday our scouting. Robbie is so many you know as first half my size sigh a tweet I think he was from cain's insight that's I guess I'm sorry. The day is that's a series of Syria aside that Alonso license apparently consideration for the browns front office than just regular so don't do. Don't do whatever whatever that often you Alonso saying well it's not worth it I know other reshuffling greenback. Don't do it man. I did intends it independent. Seat. A lot of these teams also have this or who. The owner. As you say you would have then. Not saying he doesn't who is in or you buy a team or. A billion plus dollars you newsroom can do whatever the hell you want and as we've seen owners are sometimes not geniuses that. But it put it out to be good. In most of your successful organizations. The full bowl people are allowed to dutiful both pain. In the owner and then. BC would mean yet in Dallas her vote but does I mean Washington Oakley is it okay imbalance. But not in Oakland not a Washington. Ray I mean because personable. I'll tell you what. Any owner in professional football would have given. Kirk cousins eight contract. Korea. Has by now they would be able to cut bait. Right I would think so it are you gonna end up with nothing. Yemen but like I feel for LA Raza did you hear Ross after the game this past week he use Kirsch and her eyes got potty mouth. Terribly disappointed in me you know season's start a road where three injuries and he can't replace her progress quarterback. You know we look forward to next season. Known to be adjustments to endure here you put as much as I put into a team and try and do all the right things to end you don't hockey not to discipline I may lose the excuse me. Two boy. Mean like yeah he didn't say anything wrong and I actually like that guy he's got that from his side but on. That guy is is doing. You know. All the right things they're just not working out in nears a different. You know he split in his own money into organization. Is when all of his own money it's of resources. He's led the football people beautiful ball stopped. And you have a series of unfortunate events as far as guys get hurt or paying dub him coaches thought you might yet. May it like. These are things that happen. Two organizations that you retain. Don't have it to get ready for the most part they have it together they're just not getting it done. In other dolphins the dolphins had an unfortunate is the season because they have the hole brawl thing now one down and jars getting kicked out of the game and can injury getting kicked out of the game lovely launching of the helmet. Yeah man. You know with all the as far as that they did avenue was embarrassing it's it's it's embarrass the dolphins always seem to be around the stuff that's. Really value their team like you know the coach stone blow and in the bullying scandal and that weird stuff. That you wanted to like art with a series of in this much of a disaster they had ten mile an artery a step back and say why. How do I agreed with this year was because you do know Minnesota is able to do and recorded. That's very and it's very impressive. Then and RJ Cutler. Either. In Iran so. I don't know it's it's tough for it's tough for me I think it's also suffered all the intensity it okay it was what was do we take Canada for grants it was he really this. Was he really this much of a difference or I didn't. I know you didn't. You know dolphins. You view but you have seen an antenna for awhile did. Did they take it did did you take Jenna for granted and thinking okay if he's back next year. They should be all right Rosie bring him back you bring you let him have his receivers juppe is is his safety Blaine guy king injury guy Kenyan Drake. For you look at the say no other then you see a lot of things fixed here none and because. You're never you're never gonna. You're never gonna have either made the transition or be successful. By changing a lot of players because now you've got to teach. Do way of football that Adam gave way to a whole bunch of new people. In you're assuming. That all of those people going to be receptive to how he does the right so. You have a core with all these would all these teams. You have a core of guys. Deb buy into that you know you can go to and say hey get your due to men in line. And they knew ahead and go from there now the problem with the don't exist. In their efforts to take care her own. Assam duds out there. But it blog that was nasty so you talk about you built from the core. Well assessed a Dolphin's core. I would say you go with. Ndamukong. Rent my bouncy which I've accepted the double birds. I was audio I accepted the double bird because I. Was a doubters and I admit it. And and you start to what one or county how much time to. And it won't wait and cheer. All I can say that oh my goodness anyway kinda have to. You would keep calm I'm not doing. I was I will say this is. He's the thing that I like least Wear it on on the offensive line it's our right but also the most surprising thing OK I think about this you got bouncy you got ten ago. You've got sued I assume. You've got. Rashad Jones right you've got Tim McDonnell. TJ McDonald. Timmy he's under contract is and it is not on the road to the contrary don't mean you're poor guy. He hit eight image is a core guy. That's the oil and they did you go Alonso to. I like a hundred million that you gave to people that. Like now you have a second thoughts. You know we needed that big ring that Guerrero. You're engaged now right in Sonoma and did you realize. Have to like a month beating gates. Probably not my best move as a young man. No I don't I don't I didn't and I don't I don't believe on the aisle and and win new way to Dina put her self on the board. Yes gear four points for beating off for us. It's fair so might look there's a couple of contracts we have questions about. And it was great to sign you core guys sign a guy. His question you gonna do it again. Like it is to. Right and that might be the it's a mistake if you give them both Odom went to please slot receiver. Like Jarvis I'm not question in his ability on the field. But if you look at what he does. Vs what he expects to get paid him well so will someone pay him what he wants no. So so then it everything to equal that. Thank you delegate delegate abandon the market isn't what he thinks it isn't that there's two rounds even. It's you don't like the brother to brownouts in ransoms and no one's gonna ban is a regular on this and a lot of sewage runs a brown. Now believes that you're like. So you have won a bunch more these situations very good music and in the future. That if you don't handle correctly and handle them in a cell football away. You gonna be in this same. Cycle for years to come because you're gonna have a bunch of guys make your money that all performing. Let's just look I'm not saying anything against Kiko Alonso. Uh oh he's in good player. He earned his money. But I'm telling you as a running back. If ever. The football in the backfield is sought 235. Pound linebacker. Coming give me I'm smug. He bring you know. Lo he's not been no run. So you have a guy that you pivots on the money fit in the middle your field debt poses no. Let's hear him I was tough with Keiko is you know. Then you go to the year that he got paid remember he was so personal like he had to go bragging because Egypt and I'm like so he did. EEU. Visit this is a bit of a different year for him because or even are reading in the offseason that he said he wanted to play in the middle like he wanted and a surprising to decide is right that is where he said he was more comfortable flying and so you get into the situation this year work. All the shuffling him in how you have the situation of one year Lima does or he wall. By the way what they won't get after Mike Tolbert who I think is a hundred years old ran over his us. Only god he's 58242. Edge and he's. Your side. Plus. Yet like wow I didn't even know we still way. And either animal also shocked he's only 32 I asked her true Danny's apparently younger than LeBron James on that's how. I. I thought he'd play when I was a slow it is critical that. Well that's crazy I'm glad we tuchman eagle on us. Well we got our man here in the real toss and as want to yeah building oak animals and were. Were will and we've been thousand by the iguana thing now for about a month plot using you've been fascinated and yes I need to catch. I need to catch one to look at but also needs of the dangers do we we had in towns bong a few weeks ago and you could move the war wounds from the iguana catch and so I oregano or getting into here bright and also. In all of this is worth the risk. So the real cars and he joins the studio next. I'm still here and these two if you on the fingers together. And it's. Very exciting so we've got we've been obsessed the one thing now for a good while on our show and for good reason that's awesome. What I mean there's a lot of stores and in coming up lately like him in South Florida they're like borrowing under people's houses the solid the shaman toilets. And with the alleged do we through a pretty soon is like they're gonna do basically the bow constrictor thing on the Burmese python thing with a gonna send people out. And they try to take these things out. Now what appeared as a Graham accounts out there right now is the real Tarzan. No real ties and get to Indiana Tarzan and that's a guest and follow. But it. This guy's a wizard he's like. He's like next Steve Irwin that's like that's that's that's way that's the things he's able to do with different kinds of creatures. He calls in the trees nannies like out there self fluently wrote. In the eagle orange ones too we haven't announced on those that those the dominant ones he's your idol I mean it is amazing bare handed them. The trees like it's not them so the hotels and joins us in studio thank you for joining us men much appreciate members who have grown. How the hell did you get into this. I started off of inaugural four years old Goldman upsets me animals especially with them. And then you know of course what the ruins them out of my whole life took so that is today. You know and I just kept growing as I got older that's crazy that's grids so but what when did it. When I believe the fascination with the iguana thing go down because that was like I find it so we're late you're you're out there and your leg able to define them. In the little habitats late in the trees in the water I saw you yesterday like Q range. It takes over which you can have total what do Mike given the play by play and pick. He hops. On the side of the turnpike where the hell you were yesterday and just like. Awful Wallach Spiderman and get the damn one of us easy. These things they're everywhere may have brought. Your backyard not he's got the Nevada he's getting in the secret letters. Of secret other secret letter snub is no secret letters telling you there are different pockets there's more iguana than usual right. Blood on my phone call us agree later I feel like they're out there for Austin see and I don't to hide Mona I'm telling you like he he's seen him in the Muddy Waters. I'll see in the Muddy Waters. Obama down trying to get on trying to hunt on. And fast. We don't read it actually chased one. You have chase to now because this one has Livan and a on the back in my canal and then those ones get real cocky sit in the front lawn. He's like all the songs this was Bethlehem get in the scale and in my hands on the scales let's go and he's like. And brings the water gone so yeah. Knight says he's smarmy and you know how you outsmart the equity well. What it's got. That extra yeah it does. Examine the most athletic people on the world yes anonymous when it comes to people. Compared to animals they album via matches physically and day. You know the fact that those are stronger than those not smarter than us over got the boring you know summer is a dummies. There today and again that's on their heating up you know you guys and the reptiles are radical blood yeah so these glasses soaking that some hopeful energy in those little fat jaws and decorum does Arafat. That's Marshall. You know so when they see us doing OK I was Hewitt takes me home and go on. There's no we want to have collective team that's going about an hour and in now pretty fair whoa yeah hold on so wait the helix impossible so much Superman. Yeah that the that you like it was an engine warm up so it was custom night yeah yeah. It's exactly well it's. In the western suburbs. Could possibly with the wind chill maybe get down into that. Icy cold Thursday night Tobin. Did any particular test she'd normally get a handle on an elite for your first one. You should just get one that's like asleep. I am I don't know it is just go oh good graces what does it mean that is easy all. When you are all well and we will probably know here that. Aaliyah and the dead frozen state of frozen left it was 7065 degrees seventy degrees which is cold. They seem become they wake up they see the light. They take off brokerage or Rainwater does Lacey because in the water yes you look on the water. I wanna go on the what's tricky part. So there really residents they're gonna make you whole if so what is what are what is the biggest danger we're dealing with here with the iguana in the catching scenarios that clause hale is teeth. What is what is mud what is the big thing I have to look out for your biggest dangerous technical on us isn't that you go on as his fall in the water. In a canal where it looks like it's two feelings actually sixty console mode and you get stuck. On ego. I'm not not you worried about possibly other animals in the us and watermelon. So like you know whereby any animals we we know you sketchy ones which pretty we see pictures we're tigers and was close and Michael is an animal vehicles and wounded leg joints are no man is this so many out there you know I mean because you've you've taken a bath with Emma condom. Which is debt if that's that you pat via. And it is just as you would. You almost perils bombing them actually brilliant here would you vote would you feed him if he'd reverence. And so that highest. 888. Bugs her how often if it happened a few moments of two months. I'll also wanted to Italy's six rabbits here and it's a. Lleyton. We're just and the house regularly lazy always in the mass public no no we're about to have things just like a joke you know but it does go about to block. Among friends actually have now while delay in the have a big ranch at their house of budget animals you know. So they have lemurs and other snakes and stuff like that he's over there will be a unique way of doing demand item like that fault line in more counsel Nancy Graham I think it's one of the best things of this program I think it's only it's pretty much at past models it's not doubts and his animal attacks everything's on cigarettes. And you're you're interacting with them in a different way as sort of the ultimate goal later you look into BLU says Steve it was finally do you want Nat geo. The real Tarzan were going after all of these things and any network you know course in open and that GO discovery reason so I watched growing up you know. And now I don't I must feel almost six or seven years. Besides you know my favor shall our flexible now for the finals other than that I don't want TV because it's not an on there. That same candidates were again. That of course you know that they've had a letter comes up every. Blue moon you know not so you certainly got some kind of a different interaction with them it's a weird. Love that honestly between you like he's got the the the the creatures and melodies seem to hold them in the army and a different way is up to it could be in a different suffering human. And then eleven do Islamist my life okay and now this has was the worse. They missed absentee you do with him. On the boards immediately and respect a guy actual boy. By eight ending and what is fair call I've been thousands of times by remove thousands a group and reptiles show you know and I work well to show. Non government and employers and there's so it's all a venomous bit of your poisons that simulate in Justin. Venomous injected so have you and I go boom all of poisonous things that the that the wrong term have you gotten a bit. Lincoln he needed to go get anti venom and I know he just kind of animated probably teller has he missed his missed the finger. Hope so that was a guy incidentally at all I saw a guy he's an effective. So this week you visited fingered as your tattoos up his right index finger that's county that and entering the world still nice. That eleventh looking overlap so what I know McMillan just plywood or employee as he was that he was taking him on cleaning tomorrow. And on and I'm not sure what they were. And yourself. Was. Sort of the obstacles in his wayward rookie what is he facing yes as a beginner. I mean you don't feel the way. Some scratched from the clothes from not knowing how to hold them the right way with the proper time for wanna catch and he's in the alerts are doing compress like Fallujah Aaliyah. Everything we are gonna tank top and we use isn't sure you like doing this thing our call as they did it seems like you're you're round in these things up Willy Nilly every night would you guys is nothing new avenues like four years like every night I feel like we need a road trip our field trip I mean doom him. We should do I think we should do. Enough for you to sit on the holy caller or what should do now I don't know the two most diligently so much to talk about next winter that we don't we don't do well I think. In case you're gonna go Beckham. Net and on hand Nene. Keeping ketchup and wool I'll be happy to want to reflect the musketeers were awful wanna watch for all mental got rock and he can go confront would probably eat one. Run with the odd looking like the McKesson and wanna first trip. It's a pretty good thing we have the we have had extra security Campbell run all the payloads. Apparently the car will be odd what. We just never dealt I. Think he's a Mattel now would have been. I did not like you knew you try to putting one in my face is good and bad. Just. And here we just let will barbecuing needs on the hood of the car now a bit and I'll watch you guys lose a limb. Lose I lose anywhere in their best to the register and yes the vegetarians. Are said. Otherwise he'll listen out in the leagues yet how many Tyrone going to go and apparel to be better you know and I'm a competitor to. So I'm trying to do you he always you know that's a sub Tyrone is his only if you put its if you don't go out there relate all content Darryl dye and Jennifer and technically well let's is real. Outside views that you vote on up to lose ball Alia says that's the realities. Oh my goodness I yelled at me I don't get to be quiet olives on it. And they might go end. They're the real deal I'm Merrill I've allowed you we Garland and I'm forever and people are where I don't know. I'm Reynolds yeah. The way of over it as big gap. And living. And an eight bit Sutton had been in the you've got to take the bull too is why so. I'm sick of war movies. Is that that does that one got a finally get to kill somebody just runs out with a gun and he's the first from the get killed you know this guy that it. Little enthusiasm. All along I don't care if it's agreeing one. Oh yeah. You deal aren't immune those things I did another warlord to Graz have been so this year than those things are awesome. Honest but I would like it to be over over a generous size and knows it's not a Mercer quality you're gonna make fun they. So I needed I needed to be a girth the iguana. All of the color and he yet you know just. We have a budget tax me to two minutes in bringing a budget to shut yes Jane first question what do you do with the eagle on that he had to. Well they go to different homes room country's eyes to other to take care. Definitely people call you referred. Please do you know albeit as a program that the real Tarzan do I have a few FaceBook groups remain there. But I think once so people actually know. About the clothes. There in that group parties like 30000 people saw a post update I got this for sale. For this price which is super duper cheap or the bunker but the morning. You know motives and the that'd take an amount currently doesn't seems to be holding a glass door and now there are killing them to my team and each you know. Here's another one which is due to worry about poop in the you don't take total Mona. What you don't put people because in can commit pilots to tow line. Well that would have been great optics are going in instruments. That. You. Don't Cuba. I listened to man. With these were growing up on the form. It's different like the Beverly Hillbillies and definitely have it under and his old state road eight people understand how did tell us against me in on you. It is they are you know is the best growth. Import the airport via at a spot right by the a few. Spots like Richard and everywhere Amanda it is ridiculous. I'd just like his days in the bag over their common like trust present night well LeRoy and I'll be in the carcass on NAFTA have engine running for one we've taken to a Brower Memorial Day here whatever the agony and yeah. And I think we should do that's. I think we should do this do the real Tarzan thank you for joining us there. Are a lot of drama stars and as you have news one of the best and ceramic towns out there you guys learn some thing you'll have some great entertainment daily the real Tarzan on to would have to ends on Tarzan at the end. Mom and guess who followed them throughout the link as well I think it was some by a margin and revenue grew back up to this.