1-2-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, January 2nd

The guys talk about the Miami Hurricanes bowl game. Whether Malik Rosier has a shot at the starting QB job for next year. The guys talk about the Heat and what they have in trade value. They talk about Dion Waiters expensive new mansion and how he's thinking about having offseason surgery. After a slow start the Heat are only .5 a game back from the 4-seed in the East. The East really does suck this year. The guys talk about the Dolphins and if Jarvis Landry is worth the money this offseason? Tobin lost last month in the Doom Box, so that means he has to go to the dartboard.


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Nail went home I have my home shouldn't welcome back gay as we roll off on final hour of this program its its continued. Remorseful because they've 5247. Brendan is that that hello Brendan. Well yeah. I I'll outset of the aisle it's easy should it should be all these crack babies or client. I had it out to eat at that their house. She could stand it's all love all ground. Artest are valid ticket don't long debate. I that shot artist pop wreck wrap up this is all I've got the result out. The excitement. I'd say the greatest thing at a football since sixty SEC is the greatest. I knew what this country crowd. Is jealous follow up a watt also got. To act. We'll take a break. We're your phone calls from America and and in being celebrated its you know. But it does feel dirty and does have an Iowa that's usually the tomorrow. Mixing even again. If I was yeah you know in the six title go by we sixth tied to and in football. Pretty amazing. He was you don't like with a doll and says forgive him and ask him to be their head coach sexier you know. If you don't. If you don't despair do you wanna where you wanna hold a grudge because guess what. Does her time on bag open so just what they want. Note now and what Nene you don't like the Oakland wants a name to move to Vegas with that they want. The raiders called which I know he blood. Yeah open like them from the raiders don't amazed by the SCANA sells itself no. You want Chucky and say you sell the raiders gear in Las Vegas just relax and it's they LeRoy homer gave him a freshman receiver. They cheered him lutes forty years though they Braxton Arial. Yeah. That it was a few years hard after the game then go around the war ever. Use. Man right now none of your question yeah. I was wondering. Does the game and at the hurricanes play. Give Wisconsin credibility. Or showrooms. Their Miami. Wasn't as good news everybody. I think it shows a Miami the better find a better quarterback no no but you don't think it was cost because and four touchdowns and he's now has a very good idea according Burks I think good he threw four touchdowns. Look at banker to Virginia to Porto says it has a touchdown since the last ticket recruited doesn't would be found as in the oil and don't forget the kid from Toledo. Alia who would side. And what Wisconsin freshman receiver at three touchdowns by so I would say this about the game though about the order bullion yeah. Listen Wisconsin everyone who's come up to me all weeklong saying this is just like the Notre Dame again Oklahoma. And and we Donte' not a lot better than most automobile that's a lot younger and I think McCain's pick the kids and into the seminoles wrong note that the running back for Wisconsin is the real deal okay dubbed here as freshman is really good. They're also the lie is better than Notre Dame is would that stupid right tackle here's. Here's what you need to understand and as small point and I made about offensive line yeah okay sometimes you don't need each individual elements of what allegedly about to be great. You just need him to be to get. And that offensive line they said ahead what a 150 plus games. Is that a hundred originally games we between say that he's got a full blown premiered at the end we knew that. As a unit which I've been tried to consistently. You don't give it. The dolphins duke has when you look to a NFL that's one of the things that girl that money played to get right thumb once you get. You know he offers us a look a lot better and that's what Wisconsin it. I think Wisconsin is a lot better than fans were really given credit for I wasn't going to be headway I knew there and be really good although Miami completely. Underplayed in the game I also think Wisconsin was was probably going to win. But my only sing underplayed. How would say. That I mean look they got off to an unbelievable story they did. And I don't necessarily know that Mark Richt did the best job play calling and again. You put it out and I was just let season's over the woman spent on him but do you agree. I just think in certain situations there's a fine line between establishing. Your. You're you're will audit team. And you know continuing to press on the gas. And kind of get put your team in the mall. But you know it definitely I think her Miami. Which is yeah and have your best receiver you have your best Qaeda and he didn't have your best running back into the so there were a result is that not important at mariners beat. I give you debt. We if you gonna save that. You can't say bad. Marbury didn't call oh well in his are going to be getting to know I. Yes one goes hand in hand to tell you have a right Ollie can work with. But besides Braxton Barrios. Like Lawrence K geared for catches that declared it from what felt like I'd been OK but it is more due to quarterback we call. I just go and that was in the interview individual players because I don't think those receivers have played well consistently when I hear him. He didn't they had no option well they have yet to ever play isn't haven't done much only had two normally produces are most at that lobster. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. Atlas road you buy. Is hitter kitty I forget what it is it's is there's so many vendors. Yeah DD and a on regular widgets kitty. Umpires or whatever it is they're fantastic company they are they make great smoke alarms replaced one today with your kiddies worry free alarms. At ten years of power Nolo battery terps kitty technology that saves lives. Well. I remember years ago. There was an incident. So Robertson that. Mean. People lawsuits. Around here who. Mr. and mrs. Yes. Yeah is there bit. Go well this is an. How condensed was of a rookie or a canvas one Bogut it is as we check off the recent someplace. Okay and would you grow and stayed right. In since you are suit. You should probably go to more to any. I'm. The only real news I mean other than the coaching carousel continues to move and we are we gonna get and that jives underwhelming that's a moment to Shaq well. Let the college coach until cut tariffs on more but we rest big question which is or who don't ask that you question which Israel rather lose Matt Patricia or Josh McDaniels of the just a day you. Off the jot it and it's. Really didn't buy out here. Get a hole in north I saw Charlie Weis dividend Jolie. Plus the good (%expletive) if bill O'Brien loses job he does go back to New England lose his job. And Olivia and. It yet he's throwing a standoff with the with Seattle. There's there's Newt there's things going on there it's very with the GM there's also to politicians and NEA. It's always a belly to guide it as problems with that Barack. Island I'm mildly embellished jacket it's firstly you know you just wait to lie if I gave you a bit. BO a just make as co head coaches and we'll stay forever I agree. Know we're better because. You understood on Eagles on these men it doesn't matter. Where. They did they. I don't think I'll comment on it doesn't matter swell vodka and Ernie Adams who's up in the Booth analyzing film when he's legally not there when he's supposed to not be doing that. Let him just be the head coach just spoke or turkeys out there. Messing with the jets seized on the monitors all over the tunnel and he's out there on the loss in shorts in ten degree weather. Just a rat bastard. A rat that's a good feeling be so great aunt who has kennels and MM. You pick. So I think I will say. Yeah yeah it was an Obama away by the way. The one thing right up to the one thing that all made Brady look up pedestrian is that pressure. The middle really is don't want to people's side does that month putting with a giant in the middle. So stow the dates. She get him on the show. On the drive and Mondrian and there's number real interest that's in her. And I'm just give it to me a warning out. Save the franchise you danced in chase wants. Follow Obama went and chasing the Guanajuato crap its pants and it's not clear as it went beyond that in the off season leg must do. So Cain is that they then I wrote Tarzan and say you know by the well I appreciate you taking us blood letting these bridges in case abroad some bad. This compares Campbell. Who should bring collision Bryant McKinnie. Want to be able. To. All of it going to shut down for a few reckless to a T once held off. Or the menace laugh at it. Oh my god I'm okay. The it's like the only. So I guess the president and it is Jackson he's sticking up formally group here on Twitter the you said they hate some timing fans moot because my QB simple as that there was Abraham who and a woman is you want to be in some teams are dead or having gone the ACC championship or hearing tomorrow. Got it and and not to listen you can you understand Jessica for gun I mean. Look look. Anytime and on asylum may or may not say some in. Negative about the guy I usually always keep it to the way on to feel what I'm seeing. I have that right. And every player I don't follow him at all Ford defended their guy because that's close knit group and ends always just one of those things where. I'm gonna defend my guy on the call legacy that we just. Go from there isn't I'm not mad because he defended him out would hope that. That. I would hope to US tightly that they had to go to defender got. Yeah absolutely is his. Sushi from where they wouldn't work right they went to Brett. It's hard not to have that guys back and I'm sure it's also a lot of stuff that we don't know about. I just think. From the for the simpler look mark great never he sold a guy you you never going to be my QB. Never in Alabama is by him could you never know never know until you never blessed that you put so. You never really QB for me. It felt a lot of the time like they were hiding the league and only go into them when necessary. And so and so. I just I think it's it's just kind of is what it is the thing I think a coach who we never player who didn't recruit. Who he did a lot of hiding of a just that easy to look at and say hey let's give the chance to win the job but doing the job. Here's what I would say in here's what I felt. During the course of the year watching him. I've seen him make some incredible rose an incredible decisions. And I always wonder. If they had put determined effort in the him. They they did and other guys how good could this young may be. And that's where I came that's the conclusion I came. I got to is that because. If you see him do it. He has that in him right. It is just a matter of getting him in the right frame of mind to either wanna work get it now what happens is there are plenty of kids that have talent. We don't work at. And so and and so. That talent doesn't actually show on a few. I don't know what to cases. But I always every time I saw him make a throw that was I mean. Are unbelievable 20 yeah. To a receiver make excellent read make good broke some of those tear drops in the rose games at the end actual as I say. I mean I'll always remember you say and at more creeks and he was going to be the quarterback animal like. I wonder if either his that it too was different. Or they had gone into it saying we are going to make Jimmy global player because we may need it. Howell. Sidney may be of an studying thing like just not pay I don't know is right I can't explain what the issue is. Up as to why Marguerite came to that conclusion. But it seemed. I mean he did say it last year when he had a quarterback. What the other than that Joseph look for the season is what are you to be in better hands with our unity in better hands with. Actually Allison doesn't seem maybe. Developing off the share of what movie did in and some of the good moments or you go with the guy that you brought in recruited and everybody had Ohio high praise. And think OK this is we're gonna go because I feel like he's going to fit better and really had a realizes. With an incredible year turnover wise right now as I gonna happen again that means issue was in six turnovers in at all yeah. Many say it's going to be it's it's going to be pretty hard to match what they were able to do we take in the football your and so we know the job it's me of this they might get some addition by subtraction. Well those guys earlier than. And dealer. Hey the terrible and pick the ball this week man there's a parallel is all you need to and now you you can't treat you skipping that's gonna continue. Because that was one of those seasons where you just ruled that turn over being. You know hit it made things happen in fact I got a little irritated when dolphins on several turnovers and really take different. Actually that was due to huge things and dolphins won the most pathetic third down conversion rate I've seen a long time under 30% and I don't know I think maybe once or twice all season that can be wrong today actually score off Paterno ran right widget which is which I did. Is let me beat especially the identity of their team right like detonated and there's no point and get the tour tournaments you'll always loved our it was three red. You know that that that's that line. Nothing Republican Iran holding call against some and also no field goal kicker missed a kick against the entire area. Arie I would say it's just got their asking them all their losses sister what I would like. To happen is if he's not. And have the job which spot. Because you want to give you want to give encouragement to inclusive Perry to go out and do work to be to start. You say hey as the league's job now in a new young quarterback comes incentive to tobacco ball not go work. Did if somebody gets hurt you're in the same spot again no no I against our real village and it's an open come bridges there's what do policies. So you say it's neither one on job. You see who's gonna work for. You hope that leaked turns the corner. And changes your mind. As spore is where the NB a quarter in this difference that I wanted to be quarterback in your record. Break your quarterback could certainly it's also option. It's also tough effort to because if they do going to next year with area as the quarterback. I wonder when those first struggles come because he is a freshman if that does happen you're net around him. You you don't have the right amount is so out of magic have a lot of upperclassmen looking at and saying Molly was our guy last year and all he's weighing whether those games all of these things have to be taken into consideration. Put it all starts with Whitman leak and is he gonna build up this year. He knows what's been said about him he knows what his own coach has set about it. You've got an opportunity to let you do is some good things didn't really have consistency. He's one of those guys that has all the to lose. To play to position we you don't actually know that he can play to position yet so. We're get a hold that. The coaches. And trainers that whoever has the work with the players put. Little more effort into it and maybe he'll be a better player in and the competition won't may get some better or UT and also lose the man bomb. Alia what I like when I looked at them when when he walked into the postgame presser. And our. On Saturday night and he had a man bun I said if I tune up before the game I would of known. Really based on them Cambodia resides amendments and under the age of the guys from Alabama. Now I'm not a fast and thing now he's got long Mary's. Is willing to pony tail that's different than a man bun. Do you know we can amend bawling mic last Bob Black guy. Campbell a mega ball was big Bob Wright so yeah any relation to that Bob you you don't have a chance to win game. I sit down. It's Citadel's. Look discovery like and are cleaning out additionally you don't go on their against her amendment don't onto that it emits heat Speedo which is next hour. Yeah. Yeah. You side you have people like yourself closing when she truck and it should be customization shot. Yeah I was about qualifications in town called champion for about four at 76 by those 23446. For a champion four by four dot com. The heat are off tonight they're back in action tomorrow as the take on the Detroit Pistons. And a bunch of Eastern Conference would be if they win that game the weekly half you out of the four received. Awards for everything that's gone on a ride this year. Here and it speaks to it speaks to the east mean. Very mediocre but also about a disaster and we beat. Realistic about where this team hit its chair and that is its last year. You served eleven there yet they finish they finish of the year 500. This year they're consistently around 500. But haven't had that spurt that have a divide six their run. Okay. So to meet there in a better position this year even know. Someone feel the basketball hasn't been as good. I have this arm injuries where this from style style is just different. Deals like that this team. Is it's either one guy's gonna have a crazy hot night to bail them out. Or they're going to get their asses kicked him now what I mean by that is. It's gonna be a Wayne Ellington 63 night it's gonna be college us and a career high third quarter and cereal and a magic. It's going to be something wild like that Kelly Olympic have a crazy Romans is the Celtics they need somebody to have just a crazy hot shooting night when last year it felt like. Everybody loves consist it was morbid team effort yeah yeah yeah players in double figures didn't have that guy with thirty points it was. You know somebody gotten to win these it was. You know a big night I think also some of that has been the injuries the injuries have been crazy irritating for this team. James Johnson is questionable for tomorrow night he has been doing an ankle I hope you don't mind tells me not it was horrible. Health has kind of limit. Limited dammit what they can do them. Passport rotation. We still 500 runner up here here's my question with the heat I apologize for them and secondly the boss got me. Doesn't have a show from one to write again. No no no number I mean I. Leader I would tell you that the boss does not know there's a show from one theory that I understand you know terms and he turns on the radio. For now three because he might have ms. Dench. N for forty definitely yes by four mile from initially shots about right for seven hours of a window no meetings I mean you do a lot of meetings during the that I know. And so did you know listen whatever. Give my question is going to be good and there's not a good wheelers we were discussing this while you are gone while we were doing fantastic morning Joe's. Now what I heard but okay. Who would you hear from Lotta techsters to. You got a lot of text him about certain morning Joe's being done thankful I'm sure sure you did and went on to San. With a bit cynical that people want and also now what I heard from somebody in this room. Not made. A bit. It's. Oh. Would you shouldn't say the guy who says I should slowly got off to a rough start wanted to leave after the first three minutes. If it were itself two words were I don't know what was worse. These are getting out. Now. What I threats and you go. God and tomorrow I you berating me with all the attacks at all stop give me your tactics. On vacation don't talk this view that you outcasts me I was allowed to be part of a group. But I wanted to secure society points. Well it did because I was I was I was wrongfully taken points away for a dinner invitation I was kicking everybody's that cements its ridiculous relatively easily winnable ball is. Love is sexist. She doesn't she literally goes on I don't know anything about any of this but he does. We're sponsored sports experts. Were not take on the heat seriously though ms. Lourdes are discussed in the last week. Are you are you. Yeah for a move are you. Are you a buyer are you a seller what are you is that I don't know the move as are now wait let's move that it will look well. OK so you can either make some sort of small move the year because you need a little bit of this a little of that now so many go. You need to know what you need if you need as high as minus Natalie Natalie means one thing. If you need a lot there's only one piece that has to be shipped out. And can be packaged no Hasan. He is. Easy easy he's a big man with fifty million dollars O doom and a bomb leg like how much you get a point. You know the clippers have been trying to trade DR Andre Jordan the entire season it would where's that when but he's healthy you packed with like Wayne Ellington and like somebody else. Its eyes on and if you package in Wayne Ellington it's to get one via Amos on you trying to get rid of plate. And I tell you. Props to Johnson gives an amazing month he's been ignited he is on fire yeah. Student body and sentiment twenty million mixture his foot in Augusta and British entrepreneur trade deadline crazy. By the way. Joseph is Newhouse is that Dion Waiters us know all man to check this thing out. He's got a moat. He's got a moat. And that's inside. It's inside he's got to mow this is music publishers to. No I don't believe it doesn't put fish but he just moved into it coincidentally after I saw him moving into this mansion. Then we get reports this Dion Waiters will consider offseason surgery. And then it likely story just think it should stick all the sudden this voice that many little rehab on this is. Beyond that it opens on my I'm enjoying my my mermaids swimming between my living room Costa del caiso Philly. And this isn't just the timing. No surgery no surgery is there don't you don't need surgery. All this place really lies only all of move surgery. Let's in my trade value and she added in the heart is their prices are you on that place. I don't have Sar into pine crest another. A move. That's odd because I know a lot of the players used to little blank what crest but now leg after the Big Three guys all lived closer. North to the arena he a Big Three marine. We'll punt pressing cheap Alou and understanding cheap. Name although it is wrong it is Alec Chris Bosh who's who's binds somebody damn housing Kenny repeat keep track of his mom is in a meth house. Allegedly. She's due on March. Like my daughter what she thinks she can say what ever she wanted she says no offense that's new date is easier process because he has. Sorry. It. Seven point 4000009 bedroom mansion and is up and emote. No remote. There's I was out of Lebanon and a feature article on it in the LA times if you buy if you rise of a cent million us yeah wanna leave it for awhile. Toshiba moving around a lot. Yeah it looked solid guy who has fifty million dollars. The Miami house is is ever gonna go out of style solid that's gonna go away. The LAB join us for awhile to say it was a pain in the ask the matter how rich you are and if so. I didn't stink that's all. So I don't wanna trade Philly cheese lovers in Philly cheese suck this year a lot of pride in health and he has the government very good with him on the court. Challenged and that's. Back to you beat. They don't need a couple of pieces. They need a giant piece which is a store. Which isn't out there we did that bridge when we're glad we discussed that not out there it's not out there free agency I don't know what to do. Here's what to do. In this is what Pat Riley has done. He treats. To get expiring contracts. And it frees up all of that money. We're the near future but what OK so. What what are we any form ever was always like they were on were aiming for 2010 were aiming for this year in what year are we in for now. Right now honestly you know object exits there's like this team and this team has been put it's it's it's it's a it's a wait things out late. Is LeBron going to be in the east next year or so how long is the warriors run going to be as we talked wait you wait. You start doing all let don't you think you need to get up to that. Well put but that's why the that's what point do we relate the jump isn't that far. Yeah going whoa wait it's really not look at it seems though. You okay right now Boston Toronto wet Willie right now. Take Cleveland and Toronto out and nobody takes to run a series lead and nobody knows what should his answers they're kicking Nasser and they can guess every. Non until playoffs. Martyr as opposed to last a big kid has ever use ETQ guess every year and suitably. Okay where you don't know the president do in Toronto nobody takes him Sears. Boston got to start coming back Detroit's on a becoming stop launching tens of incoming how about. Willow well as Washington be up in coming enough become enough for five years ones don't all rallied to one of you think they'll jump. No I thought Indiana was going to be there that's for sure okay they've quoted as an amazing year knicks are better than we thought. Bigger and Philadelphia is buried buried every young Auburn you know produce it seems you ought to look at is our leader in purgatory in recent announcement. President seems well let's look at the end of a Taliban and everybody else in the Greek for everybody else is movement. Heat are you really did you do punitive towards more improvement did you hear what he said. You called a Michael Jordan until I get to step back. I put a little I put a little bit more realism on his expectation thing call on the note you did. What's this. He did it. Then my I want that my towards your words. Pick a spot politically so technologies. All the same and like they win tomorrow night. I have to amend the foresee. That did not torture of Bordeaux oh woody and could. This team that's a ceiling brown. Okay. My questions are about my my comment what's. Okay. All those other teams that I've mentioned. Or moving up so even if he end up higher than them that's the ceiling. These other teams are moving trending up. You're just feeling. If so what are you do you think that is you think that's the case say doesn't think that you can relate I'm sure the wizards thought so for years they're gonna take a Jumbo John Wall art and we don't mean that's that's not the we'll Magruder gets when bam develops. Eco. And we got a job turns into debt problems. And about six any of these guys Magruder comes back we're good on guard dog. Come. He brings it adds the team I don't changed yeah. But. That's not that's targeted not just her dissent in the Lincoln they give for this text. They're Brothers Berger has more wins in Cleveland and every browns quarterback. It's impressive that isn't rotten son is this does and Robert comes out. He's like oh Joseph it was remixes or through the five interception it was a fluke. I am and as the best passing yards away doubles don't get too gentle on my breaks out of arm it's not a game to jaguars aren't excited about what you want what want Jesus was here on listen I hate the Steelers. It happens to you what's gonna happen is gonna have a Lanka generally in the the crap out of Buffalo Bills this week that's Somalian thank you by the way auntie dawn on the donate to your foundation just like all the bills he has not entered it and jet roars. It's not you it's better than by we I don't get rusty I get it now you get a nice practice game before you take on the show loves. Let me get a go to Pittsburgh it's gonna be like 2007. He smoked them fools. And then 2000. Students. We want to they're her art fourth down run below. And then it's redemption time is and getting going to take on the cheating bastards if they even make it there. With with Tom Brady and his wetsuit and let's gamble he's gonna. Last overs in the by the way if you guys ever questioned and now go to Minnesota for the boy to term fan means. Let me introduce you to bring the total don't go to Minnesota and six months ago. Was saying you can hang are your hopes on both men's league board rules I'm not doing your. He really does suck the last two weeks. He really fast. Now so bad so bad. Oh wait you already problems and weapons at the lead bomb just I was new defense do stuff like he variables one last week with the images. Destroying because the defense is comes up with bubble touchdowns. So they do. It's crazy what the coaches there is saying right now at a meeting and clips. This went there they say ever we can't think Maroney Watson they're easy though Bologna sandwich with mustard says. How many hand offs can we get away with this week. So weak political team on its right revenge game. By the way which incarnate on the playoffs opens not. They're just really liked. Or dig him out a perfect example of who rigid kind of news right. Day offensive lineman scores a touchdown. The football like. I hate Britney. Guys over exuberant when did the bad paper today it should ground he's old and all that out. It's not a present from her so you have to throw next. Arena FaceBook does life share. I'm not out there about its allies do it's what what's to not be happy about there's nothing on there that's like that bad for small mom travels is terrible go in the Bagger Vance I got to go to heaven I got to get a tie all. Yeah you got us. Subject was out to the salespeople alerted of the maggert bag eventually. He helped totally went in the go there and get a seat count. Courts. They see money. In our show. Wait wait he is or a source one on their bid to owns terribly a chain my I want. You don't put more Dwyane Wade's on the air Robbie I put that I put the most of them on this there's three of them on another edition and for. And then only like I can tell you what it is it's with a notice that they listen to our great morning shall last week. Now the Graham it is I have to change my avatar into a Dwyane Wade cavs Jersey for how long a week a week. For the LeRoy hoard of their. You have Julio oranges Leon I think Kerry with the Internet users it Robby was in my office. In its as if he just double upon the cure for cancer is it just that I have to like can you guys trying to knock it out. Decide yes and we just you wait so the guys. In my office dollars and he's usually we're at a normal conversation about like normal stuff. And all the sudden he just gets the slight smile beyond believe what you just. You know. Had his first time it is so he you smiled was for thirty years ago what used I don't. LeRoy lord knows what's that he's like Hollywood home loan. Can beat him Karen focal point I'm really glad. That you guys. A bit of meaning from my short. Right. I got that. I would say about people bully unions. In the head. Somebody might be getting Kiko Alonso coming here to you via in the right spot via the listing all humans homo nipple just to. For the record my idea was to have someone dress and it the Jeter yankees uniform and go to Marlins game. All the death and we also the body travels of their two volume the only popular view or go to you can go to malls in June judge. Well Rick Richards. Needs all the about it sort of you. The Yankees fan. Bounce off we have Florida who put back. The cowboys should have a fair but sure there we should have there. We can say that's good strong running by LeRoy award and a bit but you're not gonna bring him down with a. Why give us who's your data circular thing I know. Well he didn't have to reject this like that you can hear us. Okay and what's fascinating thing episode of football fields we are on FaceBook live. Is fine wants to watch Tillman. Throw deep dark sort of doom do you think do you think good Jarvis Landry getting injected does that hurt negotiations that all this and he got an unknown surf again. I don't figure out. There are sort of a thousand yards. In what is that thirteen yards short of a thousand normally gets is though if room. Honeymoon. I know if he has leveraged. In the negotiated or no because he plays slot receiver seem to tell you guys that you don't get Dovonte Adams got paid. It doesn't matter as doesn't let his way news let me ask you questions dinner on who is more about who's more of a big play threat Bud Adams. Which arms linked to bottoms okay. You see like when we keep navy and all these guys make it all the money and we separate about what big play threat. So I didn't Natalie I'm sonic rush in the idea of well there is slot receiver outside a slot receivers receivers in general the obvious there's a couple who were out liars like Julio and Antonio is. AJ green there's out liners but. You know you're you're like all right if we do Belgium's Landry played slot receiver. Well now now let me ask you this. Calvin Johnson. Was on only sixteen team and you didn't feel that way about him. I didn't feel that way about him ultimately. Didn't he his his his his presence on the team. Wasn't a huge difference in less not Wesley and the glass bottom. Market but then when he and then when he retired in the playoffs last year yet but he is. He was at the time the best receiver and right which is it's kind of speaks to a savings of its Asian nation paid. I just Ali should be desperate to do it leg you know you do this move last year Horry want to keep your core and that's like saying I don't know where the dolphins got the season do you look at and say. We have rides and a hell we have rides and a plus stars when the next year and now we really think we going to be with the with. With the patriots which you can. You need a game changer. And receiver. We all thought it was going to be Dovonte Parker. It has not been it is point. Although we do show a little bit of promise in last game this season by fighting for a ball. He catches off was Kenny stills this year from last year like a lot pennies so it seems like he disappeared to get as me target T. So you know says the heels of a guy you know. Couldn't throw downfield cousin on the bio his leg in smoke and so the eggs in a reviled as just say I promise you slot. We will never. See him again in more receptions this year than last year he's fifty years yet you're 42 night or just less than one out Sarah. Gala at six touchdowns this year nights it's as. Should the doors on nine Lena Guerrero the feeling you just put it off fine. But Tobin gonna throw. It's gonna grab dark LeRoy make sure his foot is in the right spot please steal and cheat. It's a bullseye. That. I'm happy you got there were part of a bite you back on base out there. I'm sure know Bono I can't I've bought it as you know he's not very accurate at. The few short. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Well alt. It. Right through. Oh Cynthia. I mean it's a sprint. It was really like me Bob. Though it would all draft better. In the struggle from. Offers up a they were yelling overs late. Unity in London on them as legally they got a keyboard on the defense honestly believe that they have a ton abuses on offer and robots with. Here. I'm gonna say it is if your most dynamic receiver. Please in the sly. Your name is not New England. You have prompt. But new millennium and go with the formula this year for all the most dynamic receivers that tell you Africa's volatile and yet. Although he was did you see he wasn't like target in that game and yet happen and the year on teaching nine catches. To do really. It's probably out about both should stated there's really England and it theorizing that that was the plan that he he has no way Tom Brady since that plan where if gras comes up differences. A thousand yeah. Alabama 69. And Tom Brady's late. The coverage would would would throw him when he passes the games so he wouldn't never bothered him without again. I want. I don't have Belichick got. And probably and in text Hussein giving alleges important as New England New England doesn't pay any. Minister so they let people go and they let you go so that's a bad example. Does it he was into England you make eight million okay but like OK here's the worst fairly jars lending like you left I'm gonna go silent focus along with a fourteen and two. But you're making the same LA LA Leo where you can definitely has been anything. What you're saying this is a little bit ridiculous because I'm saying don't don't Indy goes to England and elves and he comes back to Miami and catches ten balls for you know 200 yards. You get a unity ever and we saw it in a cool million as at this point your age obviously edgy to prevent him go to the page it's. How do you well earlier without telling his offense well. Gay and and and and here's Hewitt said OK you really think you would have made the difference when it what eighty affair wouldn't say you know what. That was the difference between us New England Jarvis or or not having Jarvis and when miserable without jobs later this year there were dumped rock last year. We harvested at two to a size of them went and giving us patriots. The opposite way and let's not. Me this kind of from I don't like germs and do my desk at my desk. A picture Jay Cutler Rosalie. Who do in dues produce colluded news on the orders Philly got a feeling of start that trend on the building. People like mess and I feel like you get the rest my patriots guess by the way. I know come. I got some important Sox. Books. Teacher. And into the picture you get teacher. Investment remotely can listen in order to whoever it was 399. And remember now remember. Getting back everybody and we will be back same time same place tomorrow with all our shenanigans chicanery and hijinks and whatnot minimal talks in sports do acts.