1-3-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, January 3rd
The guys don't like it being cold outside. Tobin says he doesn't feel bad for his dad who is in New York and it is -6 because he chose that life. The Miami Heat told Hassan Whiteside not to take off his knee brace. Kyrie Irving says that the Cavs wanted to trade him first before he requested a trade. Robbie suspects the Turnover Chain overrated the Canes defense considering average QB's have thrown 4 TDs against them. The guys wonder who would replace Jon Gruden on MNF. Tobin is tired of the young punks running the Dolphins and is sick of the Chicago coaching tree. He also says Clyde Christensen is gettting a raw deal. Tobin suspects Kenyan Drake is starting to get full of himself and that if he was British he would be traded away.

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. You come here I. Yeah. And if you are sick yeah. The this is not fun. One and I don't like I have a guy get it they I was diamond that is today news in upstate New York it's minus six votes he chose that. Susan now I signed up for. Its. Yet and it was warmer this morning. It was warm sloshing out and you know I am I'm out of avid waiting for the gym population to kick out for the resolution lists. Outlet if you like the weather's kept people away. Yesterday evening air words. You know I don't who's a little bit crowded but it may let's be clear. All the media it's in all little people wanna go downstairs. In butyl special exercises. On equipment. So to go dragged to bench is all loaded did you moment rather we got to play zone here one dumb bell. Injure bring it to other cited Jim. Sciutto stairs. Nobody romance with dual speakers and so I can always walk raided and get on the steers humble tool. Yeah so about it everybody tonight we got heat in Justin's ear back and acts for the first out awhile. Big man matchup be at a satellite sides aim on Andre Drummond. Awesome bunch of things going olives on Whiteside is apparently he didn't give him an ultimatum to a stop to get off your knee brace. Which is that it regarded him like that apparently. You know he's got the boulders and he'd have a policy. Lou that he has torn knee brace and Assange is an evolving mill game is stanza expulsion is out there is a slight. Is non negotiable not gonna play if you take it off again. It's it's a crazy day well you know he's he's obviously. All through some stuff that's not comparable form bomb and he's doing some remedies that he thinks works better. That's gonna be a weird thing for for player and medical staff encouraged all worked out. It is I I hurt my knee in wasn't serious waiting camp. Tells all for public like three weeks. And when he came back date it to me where this high take breaks. Okay bu. When you stood at. You don't run into where your legs pulled together and you have this bogey being. And you cramp up because it's a mirnyi cash. And so after award for like three games and like yo ma and I can it run. And so I took it off. Boy I still had to get Tate so I can understand how a comfortable living is. Four I mean this response where wanted in the discourse here. Apparently that I was a big thing like Chris Bosh hated where in the berets and as a team policy you had to Wear the brace could mean. Yeah I mean I'd ever heard anything like that does well this is news. Ask your question. Is often. Just ring. And make you. A Miami Heat. If somebody wrote to Mary. Yeah of a knee injury. And the brace. Could help him. Not re injured. General as. An animal policy and so. Not like look I did it is uncomfortable. And I'm not like I'm not that might yemenis were you'll go. Yet I just honestly how much of those bottles go on where it's like you are trying to figure out yourself could you ought to see. Here's the problem the sun goes out there and he stinks up the joint newly gives a rat's ass about his brace. Or him being slow up by the sprays are not total because of the spray is that'd be like. They saw a sign you dislike it it out there you slow you not you hold this back. And that's the other side at the other side of it is is that. It's almost like amnesty clause. You know. Like hey I am sucking because I gotta Wear his bracelet came mu driver and I would say. Dead it wasn't my Q playing like Greek freak anyway. So. You know who isn't even a war one. You know big men dead dead actually wore one bit and from San Antonio. I think he went for a while Duncan Duncan on the war man but out. All we miss Chris Bosh had never slowed him down. Yeah public response has never. You know Chris Bosh is those you silk smooth men whose those still wait but guess what. Still silk smooth Whitney breeze and a bit of us to use they use I armor rom. There could be the big year was late the raptors are talking about the Robby won the ball capacity. You know Kazaa was the big thing Chris Bosh never bank down in the middle the big guys Souza is a finesse player who and and the hated that he said that weighed down his knee is now mass tomorrow. You know obviously and yet he when he was here like they just have brought further and further in the news perimeter. You know defendant monster on the pick and rolls of what the president. Anyway let's get the headlines. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. There Adobe basketball for you tonight at 730 tip Bob's dazzled Tommy tiger there will get you ready. At 630 with the Miami pregame show we had a big NBA match up nationally tonight you have. Where carrier ring. Talked to Jack McMullen and says that leaving the cavaliers was inevitable. And they didn't want me there. Because he found out of the loses his feeling that. Once he got wind that they're trying to trade him to Phoenix. Eric Bledsoe. It was an about it though LeBron. He did not feel like he was wanted to around anymore and that's when he went to Dan Gilbert with his list of teams. Yet we saw at the Celtics on this is try to get them first John other words. I'm at the cows are trying to get him personally is is known and no. I'm going to you first but that he thought. That and I think this is known that that you know obviously he was hoping that this meeting with Daniel we're gonna stay private. And and obviously got leaked because what happened was. Dan Gilbert. Said our I have the straight with the Celtics for the Brooklyn pick in we all of the deal what they got. When I'll want to get a commitment from abroad. So Dan Gilbert is okay. I got history with Tyree came to me says he wants to be dealt. And it's for it's the boss in the pit. Yeah UNICEF. And what he's been LeBron leaving the podium and answer old a region. Eight. And found that Kyra wanted out. And now we then we got all the rumors. So. Job and touring the crowd is gonna give back. Here's what to do. Because. You or. Make an assumption. Bad. The guy that you don't like. Was the guy who. Leaked information. I'm not disseminating I think Tyree is implying that. Yeah that that LeBron is the guy who lead does though now does this what does I think it's funny I don't even blame LeBron for league you know what I ever. I think it's funny because he got league and got wind to LeBron that high re one of the trade. It gives did Gilbert went to a insane. And instead. The study. And hears a who brought you want more remains. Do. There was a chance for you to gauge trade you one. Why would you do that. He's saying. What I don't think that's the trade LeBron wanted I think that's what I'm saying I was his guy. That's what I'm saying I get I know a tablet that been extra. That's tied to GM. GM had the the former god to do with the glasses granderson right he had the good relationship with Phoenix and he had all the inner workings amateur and already. And had a good relation with carry in the account bald is blew up. After drug you know day to day giveaway that stands out regular fired them or did and I didn't expect project is good. The road but there is this the run by a by a. Circus circus clown up because they have the best player in NBA it's hidden path and it isn't it amazing that. Yeah speaking of circus clown owners we got our own down here his name is Derek Jeter. He has he has his own little projects called project Wolverine perhaps you guys have heard of it away which reminds me of Larry. Which has a five part series prod two wolverines are so excited I don't like to read. I hear five parter on their teeter expose what is I'm not surprised how men. I can legislate disputed I just hope I go. Wouldn't let it will be doing a study email. In this is Carolina and there's a moment. And man. You play the for lack count seven games. Real money games that you play in their. I played. Lately seventeen games here. Reg season game as you get a big war for UBS is your whole thing to get the vikings in the post season. Possibly there's been horrible this balls in Kansas. Are you eagle of their make money. An opening about. I think he should and he says what figures are the media really is playing three games Carolina a year you know especially in five carries to eleven yards association. You know it. Robby is readiness that's brought to pick it as a question each plundered and why does everybody knows. Have an opportunity rely on the show. But I can't because football reference. Pro football reference and economic data you said it would seventeen games a year into repeated radio reference Hillary. Okay. So you learn what what what you what went right for a no ball Baltimore selector Carolina. Re young and then certain Carolina Minnesota. I was one. Carolina's Timor we went to Minnesota played Minnesota area and demos on a good team like two weeks. It's eleven games and that year with no I'd laid in eleven games start to seven right holier that's when I got to Minnesota. When I millions. Got here I didn't play the first we heard it lets me would you arm is sale you can pick up the what I got to Minnesota I knew. Four boy was against Minnesota stopped on the expansion teams not eight listening 1000%. We need to get the go now. You should take us to Minnesota maybe show us this held the old stomping ground biggest Paisley park you know you and you know get. Suitable targets of jaguars go. That's I. School called sell what it might pay well does that or vikings LeRoy is vikings' alumni you know can I go on the field in oil and its patriots vikings. It's not your days are like Angela Knight and you don't elegiac so it's a good double thankless Carroll's gonna kill numbered not phenomenon known on outside happened. You guys don't use you for your connections. Yet it was aware of the Carolina Pavel like he's for a connection with that. I just wild what Ely so should go into the super goad him and Estes who. My boy is now being taken care. You wanna go bring that be great you know I'm gonna get back in return same thing again yup. It's the I'll try and do it reminds us. Don't try to do your asthma yeah I mean Vietnamese. Great essay Aggie did as I say yes he does that how would like to be taken care would you may be like a parking spot or something. Just yet. You do your parts of their is that my brother were brought to an Asian temples in a thermometer junior the hall of fame. Targets that can you ready for about cold or flu season a cold cold the flu brings FEMA be prepared the edge in temples get a thermometer backed by medical professionals. Everywhere gets altered and amended but I want you and on the good old fun but the finalists are now it's an X there's only to some time on that but this is not from the onion. And Alabama fans RB catches fire near the superdome while in town for the Sugar Bowl. Their comment to reporters. Try to could cement rule time. That's who they give reporters like so. Reporter show up as they're army is burning down. And their comment is a real tough guys. Rules when called to the call find Bob showed a talk about it problem. I don't. All fat. Well well we really so much grant. Well let's grill barbecue sauce in other Atlantic treaty text word he's not let out any argues else. Well the spring. And all every down ball. Home but who do well we definitely felt that. Any seat role. Wagering move motion. In the managed rose in John yeah final cut hay wire why would have been in that our beat. Debt it caught fire embark might. To dub it the scenarios that you can come up with with what would be going on in. This RV a meaty disintegrated and Freddie well it's really no RBIs that the tag along. Do what you pool. I don't know man. Away it's not small. Right well. I'll tell us and got wind got hot wax candles out. Well a couple should be. My niece. Animals so she's just saying. I'm nineteen. We'll and they got. Oh yeah joined at the sports group plus the last game of the college football season January 8. Trust what's most famous special grilled wings and drink specials you've presented by edge on the being accident attorneys. Call 1807473. That's 107 were 7373. Victory. Truck that's a mix it in. I mean honestly. What are the whole world is pissed yesterday. Because here you are. Lane and into a championship game which you don't deserve to be in. You'll see they just kick the crap but the team the kick the crap that you. And the city I complained that turnaround is too quick next week. And you guys say this for the kids man. Who it's for the kids we think about the kids. Oh okay mcsame in we get the but the kids not. Really but the kids. This is less genuine person. On on the face of the planet. And that's me nick Sabin and I can think of a few and most wrong college football game kids of women worked out and that's all they care about. It. 000. Yeah he's right about that. So citing weak. Teams extra games to play it you add another game next week. Yeah because guess what if Auburn didn't have to win a championship game Eric got going name before you. Yeah to just extend to eighteens already please you already is our money team I want eighteens it basically already is one. It should be ready the winner unconscious and three allergies. And Maria barges which we're give a chance for do you see or that one. Like hundred feet outline here right dad Boise State isn't it it would be big as he sees music. Well over and let them it is. I don't care what the players at a crappy bowl record album and the two teams in the national championship. Check this out and won it in that averages out want to get the loss bright greens. Com. I think they got a few million you're Tim would have been a defeated for what is forward. You guys. That's had to choose who was horrible look like he's got a hat that he fell on the ball that they found in the bottom of the stronger. Could you probably didn't admit I don't know that that doesn't give me get like whenever equipment he wants is you agree with the notion that he that are Aaron do something next year also though the seat will be warm. No but that's. Tons of Stephen Ross wants got to find court I was looking for your opinion not for Reno they know what and the three years they haven't had a quarterback. And they wasted a really good defense how is it that Jim Harbaugh. Hit record back. I think to two quarterbacks were there were there before he got. And I and so now they did have a they have a redshirt freshman Donald is gonna play next year or years and its history for him or your four going into next year that you four. I think Ichiro mark Kirk's been never heard this will be what your four car for him. No Jiri uterine because he's the guy that it's not you take time. Mostly on. A baseball players quarterback. Note that want to games here's the pro. Why did pinning all what team you're talking about one thing is that everybody hates them Brad I would be was not in no way get out of here. Bracket would have even been in a sensitivity and you know what. Team you you talk about. You can be reasonable way. EC you talk about abused you could care less about mis read and be Reba you know and any order right to say about your team. Right because right now there he would at saint Margaret came in the beginning. Yes yes OK but Kirby Smart. Right looted. But with the fact of the matter is is that he doesn't have quarterback. Now that that would have mattered. Is that it's still big have a quarterback would all the injuries in with your best receiver. Sometimes you would not catching the ball. Even with family grow GA of belief grows year. Was healthy but they also had to Aman Richards Chris turned in and mark on Brian I mean how does ratchet. Right that's on none of that to have letting everybody lost its. Now that and how did have that and have the same there was an injury toga. Yes and the look at the Pittsburgh thing is frustrating. But I think the thing when you really look at those things let downs happen to people. No because in the as the airport for me. Your ultimately measuring yourself out for. Being with Clemson or even Wisconsin would you wanna know how used. You know your your you've genuinely a better team in Pittsburgh right got a program and it's yes I look at it differently. Or. The. If you wanna compare yourself. To all the teams you talk about in all the teams you wanna be on the field with. You got beat teams is almost beat by the lag no it's not the same and in the dolphins beat the patriots this year I mean their symbol and a and loves loves Syracuse. New Orleans plus Eric it's got to the quarterback this. Clemson. Right where Syracuse that quarterback. When you're hole when your board whole team. Has run three quarterback. And and you lose your quarter you make excuses not. Only that Syracuse scored on I Miami look. Everything you want to say about my game get a very nice to me about the Americans after the and they saw. All of the life they could to see the I'd it is not an ensued furnace was heartfelt. I was in the locker room when I silently through an and I started kind of getting a little bit teary to get the animal also. Proudly in hash tag and Ito. Yet no I was that's yeah I was looking for a subsequent to week and so on and passionate Nikita. Oh well. The league and congratulate amid then. You know I admit I saw here. No way wasn't big it was it was it enjoyable years I enjoy watching those guys. Do caused by the quarterback to have thrown it more to. A hurricane yet. That usually helps bush like yeah I mean you. Every turn it over to check you. That terrible terrible to say they'd Puerto. But when you're up to by the way to turn over to really masked how old are the defense was debated deep to a lot better than they actually work well here's the problem. It's not just organic yards per they play good defense would have been better. It would it look better if the offense would turn some of those turnovers in the points. But when you get a whole bunch of turnovers and they don't result eighty points. It's just like to a loss big. I mean I had average quarterbacks are four touchdowns against him in the past four weeks yet it and yes they they did turned some quarterbacks in the Heisman Trophy lookalike spot. On the other handedly run as write them and they date converted almost none of their turnovers and points. None aiming point Brookstone want to point three of 34 but just because they were guests and so you yet understand how these teams are built. Okay did not stop the run they're not built when he Brooke to be able to go fighting did you 300 yard passing game. But. If you bring it eight in the box. Did net secondary is wide open and some. Even an average quarterback can complete a task to over receiver running Dumpty it was also aware down effective of the defense slowed it differently and they're low. Those big offensive linemen keep reminding played over a 150 games together or they have a 150 games played between them. Okay which is rare for college team. Held came in together they both started together. Okay so big they played a lot of time together and they just leaned on the three yards three yards or your yard started today though that you are over two or three yards three yards for a pin is five yards. Twelve yards. 3020. Yards idealism could not stop the slant. There's guys running to the middle of field you know why nobody was covering you know I. Could you linebackers to close the best base correct in so it all. Their whole offense stems Paul Crist and a good job of scheming it's many ideas no. He did it would they did. They did what they do in have done all year if you stop them from running the football. Dana look like garbage. If you don't stop the run. It opens up everything but it. And gays and the dolphins a brass is speaking right now I got tandem bomb Greer and gaze up there. Some tweets from Adam Beasley. He's saying that citing Jay Cutler was the right decision. And he is also says the tenant help I see him as our starting quarterback in Tony eighteen. And you'll be stronger than he's ever been. So there's that yet today and ask if flood Jay Cutler is going to be back with the the else the team. It is a lot today and as case of color will be the. That he is gonna be yep Beasley said this all but confirms that color won't back apparently color as like us on the Palm Beach proceeds go to the door opening to elect fox. So of course he does see the Whitney yeah. And in no plea was a one time deal with take hello Bill Belichick Ellis super affable he's going to be like he is going to be great television he is yeah Kenny. He's right into it told a row is not going to be is get a Tony Romo but there is going to be a spot oh man has this quote from Chris career I'm guess. This quote Adam gays would kill his own dog if he had it was a horrible. I'm glad you know he will be zone to relate that because I don't to get gays want to be known as dog killer who's gonna take over for children and enough. Let America make of it has been a lot of time in jail for dog killer right there if there if I'm his had to sacrifice his dog. But the dollars and Hussein even Bradley you're sept. I don't know who's gonna who did take over over. Jon Gruden. All among a football man. Oh really no own music so. I know you. A crazy and compete with CBS it took a quarterback and caught the place Stephanie impediment. In May this good idea to give you the same type boom. It makes funny you know here's a neat and Solomon Ferdinand what do you like yours are all good guys don't earn points. Yet he well he's a family friendly funny which is what jogger in this put a cartoon boldest Osama vacation house a movie nonetheless falling. Here's what I want. Somebody who actually called a light ASEAN. And if it's a bad play call it a bad play. And nobody. We want to keep you want to bald doors open yup and see you don't burn a bridge nuggets. It cannot go out to him any of the bad play essays and a better player. Do any big one bridges that barred granted on his owner of the 1950 to pull out. All I know look no you've got a couple of dumb down menu and make fun of his Erica regenerate a real Smart move it is not to. Stop watch old immigrant and wait let me make you guys a way to win and what's that you know we know exactly what's happening we're so it. Anytime he's bad vocal about a later. Horry coach or in situations Jackson look at that followed a bad idea yet I've made a stop in jags and it's not a public agency. Blaine Gabbert. It is this year then him. He was the worst you have got. Speak about him gators he looks he's doing some coaching staff maneuvering within the next. Ultimately prime minister withdraw tickets. His latest out of gates is. Dismal shuffle. By much beyond me. Like these indices impressed coming to us bright. We're accomplishing. That on Lagos on goodies and so. But Bhutto's who do do it and it weasels in regards. And it won't even answer the question. Chris career I don't wanna pick eleventh. But they don't picks sixteenth. Yeah you might as open eleven again again. I. It is all like to tell. Who should doubles bigger and anybody but an offer of one. Anybody broke Huntsman Derwin James. Marketers way to mid eighties. To see how he got me you don't notice around his credit he's already like a businessman big board's budget he got me. It doesn't say. Author of the guard. Don't know offensive line and he's did that. And Libby get a list. God is our action on the draft audio is also to prop it's in the draft real quick yes humbly to. But how you possibly Donald that. While he neatly on the last of the Christian McCaffery over runner and his drops like it was was like in the half wherever he was pitched eight and so yea you do that crazy a but though. The biggest one. Was that I bet. All he had at a cost Tobin to do the door port doom at the Pat Riley and other foreign. Putin was the worst one so far is pretty bad I really thought it was gonna fall in love with them. I did the album saying the other warlords yeah it was pretty bad man I mean it is not going to be worse than Thursday due in the ropes and get that parachute. How much of my that I can't make it heroes until like 930. I am you because ammo cans or radio season wrap up show radio dim would just do it we do Friday. To be colder Friday. As different. NightCall. We just actually leave early after the hard rock compared to implement speed on Illinois has appealed the bat likes this week you. Oh wait no I gotta get your we got a pleasant way to do bullfight tone between now trying to. Anyway it was in the late afternoon early rush house so it looks like gays want some more yes men around them. So they get rid of those Clyde Christensen looks like he's getting the boot is not with the boss wants. I'm just listen this is gone down alright okay so that I mean hell's that bad this report does del log ins. He was in in town for a way out for an interview with gates. Asking gays and got a responsibility did you take off my hands here a log ins. And a login as the QB coach of him in Chicago. Way. I'm so tired of the Chicago retreated stinks so neat yeah the Cutler be Elton John. Yeah also got a slice of the dolphins court and Hedo coach admits that you miscue to the to the thirtieth QB are in the league. Fantastic. I won't what would a genius mind you want this what you want another 37 year old hunk in the building. All these all the Zhong and it around wild. Tired of it maturity into that building. He's got a bad they had to mature guy he was doomed blow off the desk not see here's the thing that is like a frat house and his its missiles while. Knowing from experience running paternity there's always the old guy. Who hangs around too long in his parting mile nautical mag that's first there Bret we got a guy like that has there was John Franco and as a friend he was always around you we told you party with a nineteen year old. But he was equally credible. That's forced her. Him. But this piece like he got this might work he does know what he's doing sticking around there with his broad beard. It's been prepared. It appeared manned a lumberjack. Gillick got on the sidelines dumb. And I got some of 37 year old woman who commute mission. Mr. gates would have been in order to produce it can I have another. Tired of the man whose contributions and get a raw deal. And that's all except for days. Conan get into the offense and in gear this year aluminum blame mumbling that mean all Christians and Wideman he's got a raw deal big east. Yeah. Like Alec with those who had a little bit of shine on this team these tricks right out the door given how good is Clyde Christensen. How bad is like Christians and that's to be done. Listen the team needs to improve. I saw that bear said no I'm not so it has. Everybody I'm not saying they're making the right move with that guy I'm just say in the teams try to improve fuel it needs to fix it. Gates. Stop stop and finger point all over the place I would say. Dad eating your better players. Well he trades the best players. And here we what's. I hit. It. Not white now. Right this second. How old do a dart board doom. King and jury. Will be more productive. Then. Your age I don't know how we bet that next year or late in the rear duo when Richards islands as a rule. No it's for next year was more productive. Past three more yards more or what is the only union Drake mean more guys in the best offense in the league in the other guy he's gonna be easy league field play into the ground. It stat stuff pub like by the way this Kenyan Drake Q what's the Fuzzy math anyway Paula yards per rush. Average. Giant I mean when he with the Eagles. Touchdowns. Huge you have these that's like a little heat course it does mean you know nobody says Kendrick. We do so many other late blunt this guy comes out and he's tweaking. Graphics. Brought fix all of leading rusher five in the last five weeks of the season. And you got hanging Drake you got Korean hug hug girly. The stats the last five weeks of the season. Then Todd Gurley and played his last game. Usually I mean. I don't like it. I don't know all of it if if if Kendrick was British his absorbing tick to the car for those antics. This comes and you're not to like it. Six an ounce of from the Coral Springs Beaumont attacks on the Jai is garbage he couldn't even beat out blunt. He he he doesn't mean he's like he's every time as a key is a key moment they're gone to a giant not one. He is quicker and more mobile emblem. Register carries on his running backs in Philadelphia death do you know what a Philadelphia as they stack having good players. This this this squad here the mood to play and he's doing a bit about your disaster occur. So column on the side. We all know more moves well. Yeah. Yeah accounted and a part of China may be Judd I was got a efforts I was like Al plot twist. Now that now makes sense we have to go get. Cooler than Marvin mired in the angles of the grid and love tribute to take care that. Team I know. Changes bring somebody didn't like you get all numbered gumbo town called him mr. notes should you want a new players and late. Magistrate that no doubt are. Last five weeks of the season you leave Russia here. I'm gonna I'm women do get a mental status in this is. Under no circumstance. None zero. If you are numbers of pattern and somebody and you try to make a poor. You never ever talk about it no. Amber yeah he did it dual. But yeah. I know you. He catches on ER we would even want to talk about contracts. Right of Condit speak around it is a you know what a bit more catches than anybody the last couple years or you know. It went they won't give you numbers there is definitely. No analytical chart. Proving your worthiness. Dance you'll put. How do you handle mud and want to Photoshop to make sure you commit to look all pretty. Oh yeah a little background retreat after re tweet me in all our Aqua and orange and everything like that yeah. Milo lots at that ten injury you get a big head like this you might find yourself in the Minnesota Vikings next year or some other Super Bowl contender. That's not a lot of guys around here. In Italy is next up my wanna watch yourself. And all around it's real carefully. It is funny though it good god to give the giant he's a meat guy immediately this guy the first shot he gets. Think. This graphic. Of how he should lock him. I. Alternate Haynes canyon drive got it to us and worried are you might you my dad I want it behind myself but to an injury or my kids shipped off to New England a that's when the when she would probably late ambassador reporters were. Put out the steps are usually global I've never seen a guy. So we're resilient. Well Putin's own. Stat line out here where it. Photoshop. Background. Every day and some points. Paula let's outlets that agree it's obvious they were too quickly deleted will make somebody retreated all focus on what sides career highs in euros. I'm not a stats guy put that one with the blocks is pretty cool. I only gave like yeah I'm telling you now it's your press at. Pains like it's their. It even better my get out of here go. Even if you're trying to be funny. Even if you don't mean me being bias. Any time you talk about yourself. Or put two numbers. So everybody can see him it never. Turns out yeah well his number one throughout the early if you wanted to do if we wanna do the creative math. After they traded the British Bulldog off to Philadelphia two inception. So guy in the playoffs last year and the dynamic duo of Drake and Williams and then mostly trick. And so now we blame it on a run of bad luck and I think on the say if we're gonna do selected stunts they might get to retool grab bag. And I get to make my old little graphics yeah. A little graphic. So you may get to a Terry grant. Gets a jury crowded flag draped. Yeah. Did it. Especially if it gets asked to out of it broke her health causing but did the dam Olympics. Like woozy amendment. Now I'm in my game and alleges there there in the you know establish the buffalo there's so many fake fights because mementos every time. Like say somebody gets pushed or whatever else is allowed one showed he supports quarterback. So he goes in it somebody ought to borrow flag into defense. Once they are taken my guys like yet. I got some interesting UCF news for the headlines and guys up front is going to go to Nebraska Scott frost had a change of heart wrenching yes. No we didn't this isn't Nebraska. Blake too he's put him on the schedule. Shut.