1-3-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, January 3rd

Its Canada Night at the Heat game tonight which leads a conversation about etiquette on couples massages. Tobin compares Derek Jeter to George Costanza and that he could just say anything to his boss and it will sound genius. The guys break down the Heat's inconsisntecies this season. The guys suspect the Heat haven't been so good at home because the players have brand new nice houses. The guys talk with the Morning Show at 99.9 Kiss Country to talk about the upcoming Chili Cookoff.


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Thank you can tell there's obviously if you're on the sick this will take up to around 3 o'clock today. The this this tonight you can get that game right here on the ticket 630 pregame shows that's a time to time gets you ready. Candid tonight in the building. On the run early. Fire boat. And he loves Canada. It's weak it's like it's his home country and what's weird though is to leave because he's from Windsor and Blake. Robert. Real pretty I wonder just makes a suburb of Detroit yes boy he likes the pistons maybe that's the and to them Romberg and influence on why tonight the standards in the know on the but it does say like. Yes yes it's technically in Canada but it didn't like the literally is a suburb of Detroit and I don't know a lot of Canadians in Detroit. Tied a Detroit this and it's were all the a rub and Tug. The truth of the biggest. Thing export of Windsor. Note we built in of that you know what we liberated. Rumored this morning's start. Did. Does that Lewis and how he policy even a couple's massage with his wife. And and raw numbers explain Matt. If ever a situation arises. In in the size yet you have to say bridges out. He's been masseuse as a courtesy. I don't I don't and John I don't do it now it's I don't. It does leave it on weekends has been left unsaid I just for prevention. A lot of this. Incident was. Somebody. Somebody can be a mood killer. That's why whenever I go for the couple's massage or religion massage it has to be so on the looks like me Moehler for him. I really great white. To be evident publicize it. Bridge goes a good feel about that now. I don't know it like do you like yeah. Not just the reaction is it to read ashen and let the wind blew. Then you've. It would women. All too well. I would wouldn't notice. It doesn't totally different. Why didn't go to. Evan already. Owen is conversation is in the digital lines that hit. Back to wizard is a great place to go don't usually you know what he's all college. Because the only cigars how we only had to be nineteen. To drink beer etc. rove also. Like grew into Portland there was no during an. So we knew we go we don't go for it or how has her leg and hands and their drive through Dockery is. It does try to do beverage it's amazing. Don't drive that you never uterine Norman's government and normal. Now you'll be as crazy as where Vegas but because it's low it's like. It's fun. In scary. In smell Leon and oddly that's gonna watch some corners senior met him on bird shoot like 4 in the morning I can't imagine there's a merry out Sudan just randomly walk him through nobody though let's put. Guys play and of buckets and there's beads in their their base down there is a guy might you might be won't get done a street. And a guy just a lot of saxophone as star planet like Ben in you've ever heard before there might be a guy with a base guy I play isn't guitar. There is so you don't have a merry got you babe by. You got married two or three guys play some buckets. There's buckets like Yemen is crazy. Let's get the headlines who. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. Man. And the headlines are brought to you. Lines Warner football bikes that reduced abridged. Well that's that's abuse say in the scenarios like once you are going to be vote and you let go over a he's got a big old Angela. Whole lot a lot of legitimate you know licensed massage places will start you on your back. And then flip you over your stomach though you so that didn't yet they you don't get a chance to workable there is no room. In which to responded needed to sponsors are once sponsor in here won a lot of us how one man I sold it yielded to need help finding the right Dell PC's with Intel Core processors for your business call 877 by Dell talked to a Dell small business. Advisor. It. Also sponsored by critic armor gay you're truly Friday. You're truly free credit score and free credit monitoring. From credit card or tell the credit karma app today credit karma get knowing. And you like to add the conversation. Do not appropriate. Well the the heat the pistons tonight American Airlines Arena 730 tip. 633 games out and Tommy time right here in your home for the money games have an idea from one of what three should do dig it did just what do the walk through today the shootaround as they call. Still seem team gets to play tonight and satellites are you guys but that's an out of one he has torn knee brace it is not negotiable. It's all good made here that it's non negotiable I mean I. I understand both ways whereas the team is playing you Pena million dollars or just do they say but. If you're truly uncomfortable with the events affecting your performance you're here crazy IND Brasilia CNET. Yes no and loaded them they are here crazier rules let's. You don't odd guys. Where need beds or hit yeah whatever. Bill Belichick. Ready. If you are wearing. The required heads. You don't pay as their required for you to play football. Okay. And you get hurt where you should never pay at best 15100 dollars a day off. Yeah. Madison before he. And I had a day they hurt you a day. It's a rule win every seller says Robert was talking about the the code that you say and ordered. Take the massage or different if you. And I were on somebody else this morning I milieu where it also we have the finalists. For the NFL. Paul strain to former canes to former patriots and very happy. In my given the list Ollie actually do that. The list of Ray Lewis. Brian Urlacher Edgar and James Randy Moss Terrell Owens Isaac Bruce John Lynch Brian Dawkins Ty Law. Iverson walls Tony miceli Jody Colby Steve Hutchinson. From knee Sheehan. Alan Faneca and Camelot. Is the list right here's your five yet. Ray Lewis yes. Edgerrin James yup Tony miceli obviously. Randy Moss yeah Terrell Owens' home rusty kick rocks the next year. You agree that's violence. You don't think our lockers of drones Urlacher well what. Urlacher. Want to just much they love great little less known and I know what there's no there's no. It didn't quite hold I did love them bra and NFL. There's not there's not. And he's. Stereo where Brian Urlacher can Grayson hall team before Ray Lewis. I'm totally taken one linebacker. And only take one this year. Next oh I'm telling him that's us sort as the Terrell Owens he's getting mean has been a lot of winner and he. Did a good that's Randy Moss other. Com. Mostly in the problem. I ready not months is well liked he's mean he's a member of the media now. Doesn't it broadcast lancet the only keys yes it did know Chris Carter it's totally well yet it Cris Carter really went above and beyond written about it. What people thought. Of Randy Moss. We need guys don't Whipple ball. Vs what they think net. So to more headlines. 100. And admits there's a good chance to be the raiders coach. No I mean everybody nobody. No he does is it a good job if you look at he's negotiating whatever deal. And this one from UCF. Danny white has just said it. The start of the next season they won't raise a championship banner. They are national champions. Am I still hold the hold leopard are chose their program may I tell you what. Do. I can go Biden is what we know me you know once or rent. And musings and very impressive fancy rings yet it's so I had kids. I remember I have a parade and UCL they should remember it should improve it and let Rupert is too much traffic and you Orlando yo. My biggest. And I think is the worst. I'd hate ways I've four in any direction. Is. Horrible. Horrible. On the highway horror. We do know you don't they'll do it is built build like Vienna does he operator something ago it is a big campus than met the campus is huge I'm member Iowa we went there to look larger Miami played last year noted the most student. Not last year in the yet they're more Suzanne you of the universe is units and it's the largest public institution in the country. Before. What might play except for a few years ago I do well there we had we had a media parking pass those literally two miles away from the stadium because they're they're campuses so huge. Like it it is vast. Nearly an entire shopping plaza on their campus. Unbelievable. And ended a price so to me you know which have they don't want to. Eat. Too far away. And our way would be. For you. One. And their two usery is a bonus and a hones in on it is a lot of tart and a now. Well Mary Jackson is really did years Chica mine there Albers to project wolverines part one of like five right. Loads goes and have that dinner to your apparently gets bonuses if he doesn't have to call investors on the island there's a cash call gets a bonus amazing. If there's no cash call he gets a bonus. It sewed. It you can believe this late Q I'm reading this yesterday and edges like Ted. Attendance is gonna go up and worried at least 44000 people paid next year are you a game. And this is after by the way disaster trading everybody. Everett exempt which everybody more people are gonna come of the ballpark off fox sports is gonna give us up from money. Now we're gonna make all kinds of money to be great. He's just like. Why. OK because cheater a Wolverine. I I'm on the Slater I got five brings buddy a walk into a room. A charmed the pants off you and. I get investors. Make is still. He betray everybody. Ahead. I mean it's honestly the numbers unfilled when Jorge who stands it would just like he did say he'd just say something and the boss but he was a genius yes I am. It's like it it went went with Derek Jeter also argue on the George Spencer. Yeah. Assurance that. Hey Derek Bruce mr. Sherman wants to know how do you cope with a proposition engrossed. I'm. All I'm project wolverines. In unit. And she okay and then to Germans like off. Genius this is why I brought him here. Please present to meet project Wolverine what what what is what would this be like. It's an honor to meet so many we have built this organization based on respect integrity. Honor. Chuck carlin's stand in the streets here changes. I think a lot of this started when he came out. Expressed publicly that he didn't wanna be a part of the reason. Miami is an outfielder Marcelo as soon as the cardinals. I don't like the word tear down the Christian theology JT real Bhutto stimulate job both players would welcome a trade. Our fans. They are number one priority. Organization. And he used. Quite frankly are. Much despised. Data and news. Boom bonus mass. I. Sounds like weeds most gives start today. Like that was the trailer to a movie that's right until he what do you have that at the end prodded the leaders of groups are happened. It's happening now that it's happening now or in the movie except except rotten tomatoes is reading this from really really crappy. Pat audience review I think Agassi. Is egos got out of a horror picture NC. A moon. Project Wolverine. This will be great purse. We're gonna get all the fans. And we're trade everybody or it all this money and and and TV people they're regular mile because I'm jeetz. And I get bonuses. Knew he lives in your corn land. They Cameron and I sit down I tell my five year old stories about unicorn and picks season this is the land that Jeter actually lives in. Tennessee world is that when you're not parading your one year old or taken him tough on. He'd want us. I do remember it my one year old he just fell asleep during and that's people out there is video. And you berating your one year old in all fall asleep on the heat in a 35 point blowout that's bad fan invention and your wife. Said. Yeah a couple of these therapy but Tommy certainly will when he grows up. That shows he he lacks character. This note to milk changed note. And fifteen minutes here is next. Okay. I'm a. Humanity is now by champion for a laugh yourself look tomorrow a Jeep truck and S unique customization shot. He gets about as well about four about education in town called champion pulled up 47865023446. Good champion for about four. Dot com the heat are taking on the Detroit Pistons tonight to 730 tip off the American Airlines Arena. You guys can listen every game right here on the take into his elections to remember pines post game shows as those to be a complete round of the game. Let's is consumer Pembroke Pines always an amazing deal also budget by champion Paula force up smoke Florida's a more Jeep truck and SUV customization. Shops so tonight EI yourself today's big man matchup on average common taken on Hassan Whiteside. Hassan Whiteside as still deal with a knee injury we know what the brace thing but he's also. The other slow or slowly bringing him into the prost is not get all the minutes quite yet LeRoy he's had a nice break. And he's very but he was three happen you know so they work their work yard when you rehab you almost wanna play yeah yet. Com did you running you'd be aired twice as much times have radios. But I like yet does take some time to get used to it. Don't use an as. That doesn't. Yet as. Soon as they did about Amber's got a lab to have it in its display. You know there. Again not a doctor and end this not why. I mean. How well is he really. Well I think that's been the product Russia it is because they're playing game against Orlando and plays really fast and that you're gonna their asses kicked. Pistons keep going keep up and then took it off and they start playing well. Louis our plan well and use it in president the satellites at a really good game is your second guys out. Career high for assists. And one day one game. Oh. It's screen assist older highly you said Malloy is not Tyler Johnson was on fire. Well I still love forty that was another American Museum before they author ask. Okay we're VA united EA aero home. It is odd. It was sooners' most after the it was a site. I got exposure to team. With dome and I don't judges but isn't that the sign of mediocrity. When you can mean. Some of the best teams in the league. And then lose to teams that are on the wall or five game has never have a feel for on the stimulus plan and adults. This though by. Little bit I mean I mean I like the dolphins had a better chance like I wanted to all the games always and they're gonna fail. This year I think the majors was the one surprised what gives quarterback smoked cigarettes on silence yet and alana in the second half. I guess yeah I guess but clearly there was times it's going to be a long Babel was yeah. But the but the dog that the heat. Yeah generally just had no idea loses game. It's just game to game it's quarter to quarter with them right it's it's low double high forty in the words and then. Slogans. Yeah and then those get. I mean you know some of these reforms that. On this like Wayne Ellington violate the story. That many of our bird Jackson had a Woertz said. Hi Wayne Ellington was was taught by defenders to slow down use because of all the running he was doing during games. That's cool man legacy that he's got himself and act kind of shape that he's turned himself and act kind of player worries don't Ray Allen style. Just brought in that had a lot of defenders entire game and that it. An awfully easy he he's such an ignited for them Tyler's had a really really good month. On sadat's legacy. One of the big things they really need is to see you I you know Goran been don't elbow saying. And he had a nice performance against the magic this last game as he works. Dog laying out they don't get too excited when guys return and be kids. Now you may get a rework your rotation. True yeah that's been a big thing with consistency. Of you and everybody were then. Palm. That data that's another thing with the injuries and with JJ Caroline back you know is that going to be another another piece that you got to fit in together. With tonight. Manny just feel like. Let's go and ever and yet they've put Ameren Nassau you I'm waiting for 567 game home dad. You know dead they have every year yet is Alex they got three over the personal and editing and home but they got three in a row coming up at home and then they go and I think it's six out of seven on the regular. It is a holiday when they're listed at home the tools like. 25 games so late day edit and then and again at home and why do you think that it. He uses that that it is inconsistent. That did that well all of them aren't they bring into humps. Or a deal there's a boat to a more details as they Jones injured time off. He is they have not a lick of branch of renewed its affiliates in Philly cheeses got the he's got his slogan double bed itself in double down. And diamond encrusted dog tags. Now here we go. Just man. As very worried for a dog tag. It. Is today no animal little world where that diamond encrusted not a lot of Israel nominee to fix either I didn't. Maria thanks Ideo booted the bigs my dog look he got 01 change. I mean would donate oh. Or you know oh invitations to sit there with a robot machine no. Think oh he's just not worth it he hates LeRoy so does he know. Here's the real thing about my. If I'm sit down and laying down he loves. When a standout. Because we terrified. Or he was too much face. Or it was a kids so different you know why I don't know bill. All these huge that it targeted though did Dele. Read it all goes there would you say. There's still no Miller go over the there's been no. I don't know manly there's a lot doubly amber amber then there's the love of the dollar she did. Drugs they didn't say it. Didn't say wouldn't below mentioned Doug didn't settle love animals. But some say dollars and hours the senate have a conversation the dog. Dogs. Supposedly have the intellect of about a two to three hurled. So. You know take better account here but didn't you should be able to talk perfectly unknown how much done and I do we have a did a great. Our relationship will know you based together I towels animal and new stadium in shallower and in like take commute take care Muehlegg human. I'll be like. Like. It's the election electoral. Sony says that by human dog tags and you're personally yeah that's what I was daughter about Gonzales for actual dog. Like on the yes that's the only growing in different directions side look at it well. I was about them out of Philly cheese has a dog personal. We respond in my adult. You blow the dough today. But he is he is like the army dog and I. And a I probably should have been on slow at times. You know 67 kids in these spots. The 67 I've simpler sex and rights and the players that are Grumman and Hermann younger successful so far nobody else has been money wasted. I would say if you are enjoying watching the big guys your enjoy watching this year probably most. Other guys who are young and development like I was in. And memo to buy you are probably the most enjoyable things to turn in and watch a game. Wearing a Nazi when they get hot from three outlet went to the right way and I don't live like a clinic I like him busy you know at ease. We Bob then shoots. He's he's not that the low club stop stop. Don't bit why does it and shoot. He does everything he does he does everything. You all realize he plays basketball first of all in hostels. I was does John Roberts cardinal sin never on the basketball court. Oh yeah hey all you go to London waiting on the boat you know the Dow soreness is yet on his. Ask it McNair and money is it weird that. He has never her. He in the last what three years doesn't played basketball manner he eased off on his pay notice your quests with his man bond author Joshua Tree. Just trying to finest if it is meaning to life. The hell out here actually was active the other night for the mavericks do you play. Oh. As it is active on Sunday night and I did did you not shared actually played minutes slower you reject correct we say again. Lines. I may have been beating anybody who is there person on on the planet that's not a relative just Roberts on the fancy basketball team. Rubbing please edit. He rather Austin I've got a good value. Evernote him to have that image you pull maple of the big assist game that he might coach Joel and only tickets go thirty. Never he be so afraid to shoot that many times. Yet we get nervous it guys we know really. All it does the Pope for all. Between his legs. And I want to more chocolate broke. Skip to my little. Hear what you do it today across the and peripherals and all these non yes. Referrals and average frost the New York. Did you go it off me I I heat there are some story like him in the history of selfless ports we patted dolphins going well in Lawrence Timmons yup. Wallace had pokey Reese. And he had referrals and Ricky Williams just decide to Sig by likened he retired in the middle of the night here if he knew it was a while but he also said I'm done. So. As if there ever got they all. It's rations. The ever sit by Barack. I don't think so personally. Happen we also a problem with on the marijuana and I Branson. Big promise that I mean if you think about all the players. With the wee weed did you see Mike Tyson. Nokia forty acres vote and we need branch reason that Tyson ranch. Hole here is I think is how does that work with that we with the taxing. Will the cowboys have league also right. And yet did you go to be disagree you gotta be yeah and as we taxes went but I mean it's a level like Mike follicles money as the IRS it's a growing industry if you. That he'd be good news. My man that is trees smoke I got so screwed. I mean he also button a hundred tigers yachts. What is he bought a car he bought out of some type books Ward's car. And it. It was a state so he just gave it away. Yet nobody at the he'd like left in this house is decoration and suddenly get annoyed yet. Trees legend moving the tower. And tower heist. No no goal call. Titles go only of the Tyson ranch. Check it out for the lead. It was in my has has brought him to admit he could go give. You really only one of Cecil. I have what do you have gone that way now on your question. Roberts X the real time residency visible on the California don't text the real cars and for that. Why does a waste. Of rendition had to waste an affront to the show she urged radio interview he talked a good. Well Google didn't stop like okay why don't you just go Amman and right apparently you buy two cars that's why don't have no money see Debbie jeetz he gives baskets. Still got all this money ankle he would be at. Better investment policy for the malls actually how Mike Tyson go to investors and shake them down for money that would Derek Jeter what is the plan to get the money. She has plans Derek Jeter you're gonna swan for me at least he said Mike Tyson he's gonna be like. Give you money spinal. Continue to be rich so he predicts. Listen if they're and I think that's the only what it might get. Final. Plotters are mostly found in Mexico central and South America and the Galapagos Islands and on some Caribbean islands Fiji in Madagascar art. I. University Florida also reports that there iguana running free itself floated due to people setting their pats lose. That's exactly a lot of python's are a running rampant in the Everett a little late. Everybody. Well today evidently gotten iguana guts and iguanas and L made it and may mark Warner's win iguanas love make. Moms have a lot eggs so he's cult while making yet when the on the have their wanna love and all the sudden. For every every love session the laws have been making like Tony mormons. Yeah it's really true it's not sure of the exact all the hope and wait. Is any book. A eggs do you balance eagle on it was a slow bright probably doesn't. Unknown is not wrong the blue iguana one to 21 degree 120 to 71 a 18. Oh. That's what you look what happened. 71 it is the blue is that like. Is that the child bearing wanted to they laid. They didn't leave like it more middle of the green iguana as younger is a lie is it like labels or whiskey slate is the blue one of the terrorists. Oh god you. And ultimately when they legs it's called. In a clutch of eggs. Hey we gotta get to this look at the blue iguana wouldn't presumably one via. Oh well I never see what it's Luke gives you believe what is suitably want to disagree with the nor do woods' beautiful. I've never seen one notes Ali that never on it's nice I've never seen one. Probably a pretty penny for that. Michigan definitely has dollars and on the island in the Cayman Islands oh that's what. We got to gets you it's our friends over the tiznow and a 9:9 morning Sherri of the show he took off on a bit gonna stop by the studio next. Oh absolutely not based here with you on the Israeli side and beast we got some big things yeah man in the built into the image they kiss him and and morning show was in the building with as we got a fish who got you to the Vernon TC joining us in studio guys thank you for. Stopping to our humble abode here in a couple of solid. I appreciate it. Recently added residency at the chili cook off it's it's coming up just a couple weeks now we go to was its January 20 medium CB Smith park. South Florida tradition a staple like none other people lining up at 1 in the morning pocket full of Arctic and yet again and again. It's while it's it's a while time so what is what is become in tune this year show or via. We always have a lot to look forward to 33 years that we've been doing this now with kids and we wanna make sure that everybody understands it's not about the boots and a son about the cowboy hat in the whole thing like that it's about coming out to a festival that is a lot of fun. You can tailgate that when he get inside to to do some more drink and and then it's just I'll party festival. And we of course have Darius records showing up. The Rudy Rudy Rudy Rudy did not create a blog I. Yeah I know how we got how paper star and that so. 1 of our morning show host he we had Darius Rucker on the show Assisi is a famous dolphins I don't want most famous dolphin fans out. And he'll one point really living in Dan Marino's on demery and those couch and ample we had a lot Billy my doses into like all rock back in the day. You realize that we had Darius Rucker had gone to city themed but gum like you know he's reckon more grammys now in country and branded. When used in Hootie and the Blowfish and so the dolphins PR guy avenue be listening to our show. And he's like so you guys never forget here is a vintage poster of greed and the blowfish. So you can always reminded that their trust and lasts a handout and so is why he is headlining your show. Yeah absolutely any so he's gonna do us some country songs prison and going onto some some Moody's sounds that's what he does he puts on a good show and we also have Old Dominion dean Richardson or try to cowboy most people know that song. Are we have a lot of other great artists too but even if not into the country think. Like you turn said it's just a big party atmosphere in the big deal this year is that it's usually a Sunday but we movie it was Saturday this year so you get all day Sunday to kind of however yeah. Well as the biggest U. Back in the day it was go into the cup golf and then. Try to make it to work the next day so now we get it we get a day to experience Maria thank you you feel you personally. I had guys yeah not good. I don't know I don't ever you say oh yeah Emma takes on they'd arrest gonna pressured to drink some more out of it so it. Let's do this and I just went to a New Year's Eve right modular 78 different types of alcohol and still recovering so little hole off a little whenever a few basic outline. You like the thing that with music hustles the people watching his incredible place to proceed to CU where people the level we will go twos or Morgan or chili cook off one year. I've return and I we've random we did this for like X money who do events we ran we ran a beer trim. Not at the chili cook off. And dislike the system that was going back out there on in between says that I think it shows like I think Taylor Swift was maybe got a lot. Astro super super young and I think it was when like Tim McGraw singles. I was it was bad it was so it was a while ago that back and part 2006 our memories that reputation. Or the racket yeah. But but yet it's immediate it's a while tablets obviously it's it's one of the session without their disgust still aside from the that would the music let's put on on stage. It just the general party out answers aren't in the Al's got on guys get a bunch cool food out there you got like L you know elephant ears what do we wouldn't. Yeah you got all the festival food like that would have been a rip tide everything we're just kind of picking up those truck to bring in motor chili cook on ice we you can actually try Chile there was times and he can do that at the chili cook off so. You can knew that and out for the first time ever. You know festivals I mean getting bathrooms and food is like a premium there rat we have VIPs available to well as our tickets where you can get. Seats right up front with a table your free food and free beer and that's all available on the way on your website. Yet to Miami dot com you get you to get your VIP passes all that stuff so we're one big happy Entercom family promoting the one of the best festivals in the last three decades he has in his big arch of cultural and yes they do. Stiller yeah I would try that way and did his own things through them that yes. That man I'm really don't count which makes on his his alleged when he would pop and in the big and rich singles that I newseum on college game that and a new college game day they are here. So stills that are only give a regular should government be able to seek out what drugs you will seek tablet choice at you is that reason enough to go. Yeah all of them I mean yeah. Wizards. Introduce you to Brandon Dohmann. Is the host this wonderful midday show. On yesterday we had the real pars and then to teach Tobin how to hunt iguanas and now or so ago I like that. He's I mean omelet and a long way to go to this guy's testimony bare handed off the turnpike he's pretty he's a pretty impressive individual should fall on its ground to audience has learned some things yeah that yet put. Sorry but that sounds horrible woman if she were acting if you are gone and it here's the thing though. It's it's it's actually good neighbor and rights because they're gonna take out all the woman's ex and they're going to be they're going to be like this they're gonna put hit on the one certainly exists right pretty much he's funded ones homes I sing and I. So these rescue off the pathways of where I walk and then run and scream yeah. And and putting them anymore loving location yes that's me that's an audience that. But I don't think children's about rescuing them he just wants to league he's on he's on he's on for the hunt you if there's like wrestling and a Cilic took off now yeah. Yeah I've seen them ITC accurate odds. Oh yeah and the grass a problem at work column that. Wrestling with us. And it's solid it's all ultra low or somebody's you know dancing with the trading. But it seemed you'll give me you know big dividends on the other could have it's a fantastic time it's not it. It's it's such a stable in the market like it does sell itself and in narrow people go and look forward to it every single year at this thing going for 33 years actually come from other places. At a state just for this that's the best possible outcomes opponent and regularly like Emerson earlier about the show like one thing that you always look forward to a recent earlier that you guys may put through and that was something that is maybe new this year that is that's interest come into the for better. Okay let me see them they I have to admit to liking the most he said people watching icon you see some really great people watching penis axis of staple it's my favorite. And asked her new things coming. I can tell you that they have the boos there that started last year. SP beer the this year and last year they get down hard alcohol so you don't know if you're in the dads and the people watching even more the whiskey and Berman hello. I'm really anxious short shorts who don't usually lets it usually starts off you're fully draster I shouldn't say it not mean other. And they're fully addressed and there and lay years and then all of a sudden the later start coming off and before you know it it's a boots bikinis I yeah yeah. Which fits me perfectly. That sells I don't know yeah it is but I think I can get to boot yeah yeah yeah optional no let's go there. At least some ago with a yeah tickets and all the the things it's civil like even though there are awesome people from our kiss country mourning children and 99. We're doing a great thing amongst the the clusters so right here on our website to the Miami dot com. You get your tickets you VIP passes all the information everything you need is have to go Miami dot com. And other three you should go and also check out our hot takes as well. January 20 CB spent part that you occurred off the Enron. Now and I'm not just country morning showstopper and fish you turn them aren't easy thanks doubling as really appreciate it says one thing Jirga in can we get JG IA to try and sell some chili cook off here. Yourself. Old should tradition wanting to Angelo and management and traded above normal if you can build. I wouldn't. Unimpeded into who's now the data below them there. Hoechst.