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Wednesday, October 11th

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Courtesy of sit alongside Josh Friedman Prado at Denver. Chris Americans on this lovely Wednesday afternoon new server guy basketball run your right up until 630. Anthony Zhang of the Palm Beach post he's gonna drop by here in about twenty minutes. To give you a little preview to the previews so to speak. Has he's got tonight's and then Friday in Kansas City against Philadelphia to wrap of the pre season slate and hard to believe Friedel. It's finally here I remember we were on the Arab League was a life. What's going through all the court in Hayward drama. We are a week away from the heat's season opening up the regular season and were six days away from the NBA season opening up Credo good to see in my man thank you good to be here was on the odd dolphins' facility today in going to be your talk and Dalton certainly and a Allen. And of course the heat as they embark on their second two to west pre season game tonight page and they host the the Washington a lot of interesting things and not just regarding Chris forced her coming out I'm a mother about the Miami Dolphins and you heard the ads it's again miss interview with would Dan and Stew and an unbelievable get. For them to hook up with it was a Yana. Nice today is that that you know I'd be if you miss browse and I want no right so you put us a correctly right yeah I assume so and they'll have some interesting. Bits of that interview here as as we move forward but yeah I mean and then he got. Some just some. Are you don't you don't complete overall on this thing especially on offense is it time for that to time the time to look at data mud slugger had some some mentioning Cummins. India in the Miami Herald on that and know you have some strong stomachs comments on them so were we're gonna get to that also we got playoff baseball game though is up postponed yesterday the cubbies and the nationals your car is good try to. Wipe out Washington Nationals man right to your fired up here you're you're going to be you're all in on this show. Friedel but if you if your eyes wander a little bit I totally understand them or they're gonna we wanted to. To -- to 47 up there but that leaves me and here's the thing. And Stephen Strasburg is gonna start today and and he wasn't it is our yesterday Dusty Baker said here's a illness I mean that that was ridiculous of me Strasburg. Look like you know the softest guy in America this is your team in an elimination game I don't care what sport you're talking about what Tyrod basketball football baseball. If your teams facing elimination and you have sniffles you'll wheezing when you run as he has Stevens prospered said he. He did. I don't give a damn unless you're on your death bed you get up you strapping on your goal on that mound and you rolled the ball your give your team this best chance of winning this is not a role waiting game against the giants. In May. Your team loses today there is no tomorrow you're paid a 175. Million to leave that club. Get up there and pitch you took a no hitter into the sixth inning the other date. You give your team the best chance of winning and you're gonna sit out because what your manager says his due to molding in the air conditioning it sounds like they've already made excuses. The they're gonna lose somebody got to Strasbourg I think it was his teammates I think it was agent Scott Boras. And he finally changed his mine any if not he would have Vince you were and always wonder what do wondered what if I took them out if in fact they lost today's game. Investors. Well here's the thing is Roger Roger all nerds visage owners dot com today and you promo code that's over timbers and off on anything to do withdrawal to including repairs and customizations. Again as Joseph nerds dot com promo codes as low. The ZASLOW. Numbers off located in Avant Europe. Your local DGI authorized dealer drone nerds suck com South Florida. I in this guy before you're back in that and some other things that are out on the table here's we got a busy busy show a lined up for yet. Let's get to our 1000 dollars slam dunk contest that's right we do it. Every dime at 4 and 5 o'clock. All you got to do your Gentoo and 1000 dollars in the tickets slam dunk contest is Texas word in this house were his coach. That's coach. Texted to 7281. As the word coach CO KC aids texted to seven to anyone and you can win 1000 dollars you can win now to the end of this month. So listen mornings at seven and 8 AM was as a roms and amber. And afternoons right here at four and five while another code word coming up at 5 o'clock but again this hour word is coach Dixon out of seven to anyone for your chance to win. Message and batteries may apply the old Texan drive it's a 1000 dollar slam dunk contest on am 79 FM 1043. HD to the tickets. Not a slam dunks tonight against the Euro Washington Wizards all the while standing tabling would Gordon Roddick is out tonight that's wise they're gonna sit him. Here the rest of the pre season I'd expect after coming off. The Euro championships is that all the right things about him being in great shape but you need a little break there. We look at me he played a lot easier is in great shape he told us yesterday. As far as you'll regaining the 7-Eleven chemistry that he hasn't DO waiters there there's not going to be a learning curve there they know each other very very well he knows the entire offense. You know what I liken it to like a veteran baseball player going through spring training or a football player these very little. You know pre season games of all he's doing is aiming toward next Wednesday night enduring his body in his mind Wednesday. Everything else doesn't matter though talks more to basketball with the Anthony coming appear in about in about fifteen minutes before we get all that let's get to head guy. Speaks to what you XY and south why don't you sat. And the host Washington that the triple H tonight the second the last pre season game our coverage begins. With a pregame show will Jonathan's Angeles 630 tip off is at 730. The Red Sox fire manager John Ferrell on the heels of winning back to back division titles in 93 games this your last he also won a World Series in 2014. We also finish in last place twice as five years the Helm. Jim Dave Dombrowski said Carol what are the player no matter how much you want interest in what he won the World Series I wonder if you would have said that. Apparently god dolphins linebacker Lawrence Timmons is the only player to go you only NFL the New York Giants announcer on the Twitter account may have suspended quarterback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. He was at the team's practice facility today bowler who was suspended he told ESPN's Cassini Anderson he got to an altercation with a coach Fred Mac to do. During Sunday's loss to the chargers and he told Anderson that he would return to the team tomorrow. Game or BN LCS takes place this afternoon for pictures momentarily. To Wrigley Field the cubs are hosting the Nash. All Stephen Strasburg has overcome whatever don't listen wheezing plagued him yesterday. He's opposed by Jake Gary out of the cubs lead the best of seven series 21 in the Indians host the Yankees in the deciding game five tonight the game pits two former signing award winners. As Corey Cooper takes on CC sabathia the loser goes home while the winner advances to the ALCS to pace the Astros and those are your. Yeah just one more thing on the on the Strasburg deal now's kennel or weird 24 hours between dusty and using up edgy not gonna editorial ten raw are. And short of a note from your corner or corner you chauffeur for a playoff type game like this why do you mean like. His teammates would feel peace at Alec and I you know again Jake color you wanna bring a local. A few years ago he left the game and and the other medical staff supposedly said while his knee is not good enough but his even his teammates and other players are on the NFL was it a huge ever Isabel felt that he was good enough to get back in any and he was skewered. Roundly by everybody so like you know he knows what's that like yo what what that's like and if your Strasburg and you sit out a New York while I'm not a 100% I don't care your 50% Yu was better than the auto percent attend Rourke. Right and you get a and there are. And you know what's what's it leave you give and there are it's no lose if you think poorly well. I didn't feel well I do the best I could give you an excuse if you don't pitch at all when your teammates are never look at you the same the fans are the media isn't. And your all people or was gonna wonder how soft you are you're always gonna wonder what if by that you maybe just maybe we would have gone the next but if you pitch well. Also at your alleged well you look at Walter three years ago had the flu we rushed for 275. Yards Michael Jordan battled the flu what he score how many points in a playoff game ice pick themselves up now this guy I was healthy. In a Josh Beckett Cameron 2003. Three days' rest all right here's a young kid was he 23 years old time goes reject McKee and in game six the Marlins up three to give me the ball I want the ball insist on a ball McKee in game two pitched a complete game. That's how heroes are made. Yeah I know that that's how about tell you the legend of the games you remember like all the great so jordin did the first thing they roll out a lot of time to the flu gaming did you talk. Millennial studies carried him off the court all those things England. That's why he's the greatest of all time now because he overcame and then you know the story gets greater than the stories Allison did a life of their own. And then he'll twenty years later and Alia I rely on his deathbed visit that you all that works but that's where all comes from so. Yeah a sold out all see what happens here of course update you on that here at during the during the course of the show he can always text us. At 6797 for the 67974. On the calls from the Lamar Hunt takes 967974. To get those those text. On and you mentioned that the giants in the Cromartie story that I think that's the only team. That's more shady right now than the ball now could the New York Giants and we led the dolphins. Ads are but all that being said there that's gone on missile to a duke and they got Atlanta and Orlando Tennessee champions but what does that thing like all the the upheaval and the chaos would Miami here. Go in the 02224. Games. You know what I said do you say a month and a half ago. Five games one of the New York teams is to be three into the others can be own followed about a I would federal reverse our veterans and the jets now won three in a row I by the way I've I was challenged on my show. A sort of us of humiliation pull the jets when a hero one person's that I should Wear jets uniform being spanked by a dominatrix I set I thought us was to do something I've never done before. Right yeah I I know you have of some sort affinity toward the lifestyle I also another set up the world White Sox uniform for a month. It'll be that'd be like beast wearing US you know rapist you. Right you know they've won three era they've won three in a row they're not they've got a really tough schedule but. I mean the giants not how we receivers did you lose the other day four receivers in one game Beckham's out the your brain a marshals out for the year. They're just. A dumpster fire and the jets are trying to pale. They can't do their editorial rather try to finish last and then there are those those are some of the laughingstock of the league and the dolphins certainly lead the league in the ad put yet. Still still two and two there was the vibe there at a camp today or as well I was just there for Adam gays had to come back here in the locker room. I just closed awhile ago but you know some of the questions still were back Chris Mercer and you know in all the you know ramifications go that Adam gay said he thought it was an isolated. Incidents and you know he bolted he'd dealt with that he you know our Barry Jackson reporting a purse to reach out to some offensive linemen they hired this guy. I'll never pronounce lasting correctly Odyssey is games grooves Dave didn't really Elmo you know if you pronounce the correct theory correctly I wouldn't know none Leo there was Lleyton. The graphic opening question. Two gays and US announcer new assistants named ready to sit there smile like you again try I just haven't from recall from when he was here years ago summer prior visit before and I'll you know that's right and it is in her office of assistant it's not clear yet pieces and showings hole cards that he's gonna coach. The office of why he did say he'll be nice to have a fresh set of lies on this offensive line may be conceit. What plays are the whole office is just an absolute disaster everybody do you know whether retired but. The receivers running wrong routes making mental errors caught or you know and do you know doing poorly any I mean you know EU was first half. Quarterback rating last week fourteen point six. You pretty well one for one in the second half to star a second app an improved to all 21. I mean just a disaster but he's not getting blocking. The young guys are breaking off routes a everybody on that Altman's pretty much is doing terribly and it shows it's it's it's it's among the worst. And the worst in several categories and they'll. Lots of I mean it is a bad seat all around. There's no there's a lot of good you can take that now demanded Parker. He missed practice again today we're gonna judge you weather makers Perkins from from Davie here as throughout the in the course of the show here we're gonna hook over pork here. Awarded the the latest on that but coming up next. Really Iowa talked to Anthony Chang covers the Miami for the Palm Beach post. Go inside a what to expect tonight and just one week away from the regular season start not on your home with the heat right here on AM 790. We'll get an Anthony Jack on the Palm Beach post we got to. He'd basketball tonight here on your home and he'd AM seven on in FM 1043 HD to the ticket. Back to appeared every Friday with a robber on the morning shows sponsored by boat ran Rama. The taste of perfection award winning books and rom. Run that is not just eased blood to nurture Curtis Stevenson and Josh Freeman here on 79 and taken. Ed time to head out to the run fuels and dolls there's me as it was just like there are truly stepped beyond convenient. And that's refinancing Jiang told the Miami for the Palm Beach post and he joins us right now here on the ticket at the height of a man. Well great jobs are doing fabulous here because we only got a couple more pre season games than Leo get after for real here. It's gonna find out here. I guess Goran is gonna sit out yet again that's not a huge surprise but the what are you gotta look at for these last couple pre season games as a team rounds in a foreign. While I'm still keeping an eye on become legal limit on white white barred from quarters arm arms to creep it speak more and more the real possibility. When it started off restarted right up to open the season. Just because chambers open so much Jimmy John Pittman so much better off the bench arms support be tutored easier that it he refers to melt the bench and the buck did because old record on white bread line up and actually done well I'm not heed. The outscored the whole though hornet the opening game and allowed up again open the second half and outscored deported again. I'm so it's interesting I didn't think it was going to be indicate that in think Khalil Rick would start. For that he opened the season but. I'm entry dispute that except continue to get an idea and maybe. In the party. Boy a couple of things they're one and allows elect to play more on the perimeter he's in there with a white side into. You know we talk we talk to bullet yesterday a practice and you don't neither he nor James Johnson really has an eagle when it comes this article when it has really been a career. Back up he says he'd like to start will be great to play next who was he says all star center. But he's OK if he comes off the bench as you say James Johnson as well that's a nice thing one when not Erik Spoelstra doesn't have to have you know and you know deal with guys sing me first me first me first. But I think. But the fact is that include Barbie would probably get more but it our lineup and then. And doctoral players and coaches do just because. What matters really is a bit more than a minute that who's in the game at the end you ought yen crunch are. Sol dot that a predetermined as well but it. But the fact that you can between seven footers in the front runner for the heat. That it happened too much in the end and then yeah I know. You don't know Republicans have the market 'cause in that it David by. There's Domenici who got there there are 27 footers up at the same aren't so I'm definitely. Definitely different America different look at Olympic. Bill Bellic you that it is more prepared than pop the mortgage you read it skill that allowed that happened in the workflow that. You know it. It every time America's asked about this is Tony's got a little smile on his face it's like he's you can see is mind turning the gears turning in his mind thinking of the possibilities. Of sending 27 voters out there or something that he probably didn't cross his mind. Perhaps when training camp started. Don't acknowledge it. Totally I think it caught up by the prices well reporters covering the team I think we all by Kelly was gonna be a sock up to respond. And then played some power boarding up rugby game. On the party I don't think anybody expected got but it kind of make therapy think about it because it. You know that they're 96 minutes between the tenor and power or position to divide up and you have James Johnson on Whiteside accountable make. And you're paying big money all those guys you want Bogart the probably 2530 minute each. And the only way to we'll make you gonna play point five plus the thirty plus minutes. If you play next I'm white card because you don't need tobacco to respond but under in thirty minutes and Kelly would be up with about twenty men. But not an opera and so attractive Kelly on the I'll bring back. Look I'm wiper is you then I'll read it and it worked so or sort speak. Anthony Jiang covers the Miami for the Palm Beach goes he's witnessed the heat and the Washington Wizards one of those teams that the heat most likely will be Jason. India in the Eastern Conference here as we could go one of the regular season just a week from today and they'll do it for real against the Orlando Magic. Yeah and that just a say on that point here as far as the minutes in the rotation had nine guys. Play over 25 minutes or more. Last year and also that is skewed a little bit of justice only played in not in eighteen days and I see them going ten deep. But the one thing that that heirs most of them play with is the versatility. They can go big they can go small and they have a variety of players in the outside a born and Deion for the most part was to be your backcourt. There's a lot of versatility. And in this day and age of the NBA where there's not a true one through five on most teams. That he can kind of ride the hot hand and dig of the minutes at the seas on a nightly basis. Hybrid utility currently gripping versatility. Is the strength of the team I don't like we're standing. We talked about she tempers play next to each other got show you right here. The unique skill that all those guys out of Allah happy and I mean you don't on the lit up as we invoke that power or small forward. James John Pickett played our sport is played senator beat him to get your quick small forward. Draw for your quick point guard shooting guard small forward even young waiter there which is important point guard you know Cornell did refute him. It is there really are and how bunch arm and Erik Spoelstra. It out on making albeit the vision but the waiter put guys where to play guys are but. Is that bigger problem I'm not not you about those guys injured. And you know Eric who kind of let it that a pitcher would make ordered people who lingered it was great plate but it here a room healthy. Arm so it gonna hit up all partnered with the how to how to make up about location when you start. Thought Josh Richardson is employing very well he scored what eighteen the other nineteen before that. And you know it I don't think it was thought that he might start at small forward and now that's again a nine a nice problem happen I mean you know who starts there. Yeah I think right now look pick between Rodney Magruder in a operatives in. August Iraq mute the guy that it was starting to lock up period during an eleven run and he's kind of been a steady hand there you know what to expect from him. You gonna let me read a good very good defender. On a Josh Richards and manic I comic. He's healthy. He he he got it appears he can handle the ball. He could shoot three ego that I play it under you are getting to blocking scheme during the pre season. You talked about going after Dwyane Wade walks record what they keep already heated heated very good I'll buy. Well thank you know occurred mention his versatility. Could end up being more you fall back because you could kind of grown into the game a different spot booting their. You're on the middle the first quarter you could put him at point guard Goran the roster you put him shooting guard. The younger Al trouble or you put him in a small forward. I think in the enemy juncture can definitely. Could have a starting but. The thing that might you on the back to their Albert following his. Our men and some of the butter milk or meat in the middle of the game and into the low. Flow of the game. But one of the things that there was interest things he told us yesterday that his confidence is up you think of yup we are based on the ways play in the past. Places so it's up this year and primarily because he's healthy finally he was healthy on a healthy a large part of last year as really boosted his confidence finally to put his injuries behind them. Yeah luck here with a knee out at Peter the first couple weeks ago the then. And then he he he hurt his ankle in the midst of a few weeks will be without injury and it would give it would cost sort through rigorous promote that either. I don't five million people like himself again toward the end of the year and yours are really low. And final six games and either when one vehicle doubt at ankle injury choppers there was playing. Like everyone expected him to but obviously the deep into the playoffs we need to put the editing out about but it is this priest he's gonna just been a continuation of the way. Joshua and your doctor and a lot these. About what you Erik Spoelstra mentioned it yesterday he's got what they expected to program bought these in before he suffered a knee injury that are derailed so. I think that either excited that he healthier draw should definitely. Excited that he's 100%. The heat is on we got into the Jang with a from the Palm Beach post he covers the team for the Palm Beach post the Miami Heat that got Washington tonight we'll take you right up. To our pregame coverage right here on 79 the to get. It didn't as it seems as right now they're 05 or sixty that's where all everyone Vegas that's where all the experts kind of think they're gonna be there somewhere in that neighborhood if they're gonna make dead jumpers got a great blog. Our Reggie Miller says they're fringe and home court advantage playoff team there if they're gonna make dead jumping get into the high society of the Eastern Conference. Who's got who's got to play better who's got to take that next level jump here on this roster. Well I've been. I think we're number one of the big how about you that he. Ritalin injuries to either hold everyone had dealt with an injury at some point but even I got to got to pick LP. Arm and Gortat on you know image Noriega from them I think. Dion Waiters is the guy that is gonna deal. The Wanamaker team go on the show ordered report from last year on the issue reported to pretend that creepy than they need him. You become more efficient clear on my no. A for the kind of lucky that you can look up reporter report ankle injury during that stretch you became a very efficient player but they need to do that over the hole either. If he's not an efficient player and you you're you're but it. Just two million dollar and not to obviously be good. Being generated really cute in the guy with the auto repair at the end of the game. Off I either think that the charter make a paper somebody yelled. Think him being intimate I dropped the white fired out there period aren't. I'll keep they need in the beat even veterans like locker room debate prevent prevent the B. What they want they want you circle the hop on board and not first round the Bradley get up or you've been beyond that guy. One of things Erik Spoelstra told us about that yesterday were joined by Anthony Chan covers the the heat for the Palm Beach post is simple is great that's his message to Dion Waiters or you can do a lot of things other guys can't. But don't try to do too much don't try to overreach you averaged 2.2. No turnovers last year and and that was an official and up and I was averaging what for a game in the brief time we've had every season. Just keep it simple and and you'll be more efficient. There's definitely an end. We buried the army a bad excuse but ordered out of the ball to repair or more decreased either sorted all the beat notre more turnovers forced to marched by. You'll be out and bought much in use right now but yet you're right I mean be out sometimes try to do too much. And that's never good so. I think we've learned lockyer who warm I played that need to be I would responding Goran there he can he can make it simple play it you know read and react drive through lane. If it if you go but for the lay up take a layup is not thought about one of their you know wait Alec and wanted to be or shooter doctor. I'm I think that's what that he want to do a meet and double lead him to more efficient. Mark. It therefore gets you out of here what show what's your ceiling for this basketball club and what what's your floor here as per week away from the regular season start up. And I could. My I think repealing it or combat I can't give jumping back top three sound but I think they can bottle without or five feet. Are mopping the floor. I thought it was Doug. Funneled it better than even not got considering that obviously it ever get injured and our ought bonded out in the -- a year than. In get even worse about it are going OP. I think that seven he did it before and now with NIC Batum out you know Charlotte who is one of those few to Miami was going to be fighting with domestic seven range. Maybe pick it might end up being the orders because Charlie gonna be shorthanded. I'm but I really cute he felt them finishing somewhere between a seven in order. Rangers people in the east. And did a great stuff here and enjoyed tonight's game and he got you can't you're in Kansas City for the final pre season game and delegates thrill up enough for the magic kingdom here a week from tonight can't wait every game should be a should be big another gonna play hard. And every win is gonna count as they try to maneuver there that eastern commerce thank you Anthony. Always always a pleasure Anthony Jiang covered the Miami Heat for the Palm Beach post you'll bomb on Twitter at Anthony underscored Chang nets CH I. They NG good stuff right there as were one week away Frito from the heats opening up the regular C finally I. I think everybody's ready for the pre season and let's get the bell wrong yes Jimmy you're coming up thirty and 112 app you want us you wanna yes you I don't think they're that they're not going to be a sixty win team they're not gonna. You know do as well as that but yeah I think everybody expects him to be a lot more resembled the second half helped a lot more than the yes. Absolutely and just the energy everything that a pretty they really go off season you know owning a Gordon Hayward. You drop back we want to bring back to bringing Kelly Nolan Jimmy difference maker. Like get work like preceding a number four football right now or allied to like general let let's does get to the regular season and. The sexiest topic in sports talk radio but if this team can stay healthy. That's gonna make a huge difference they dealt with a lot of injuries. And they still were able to go 3011 secretary here and the only they've dealt with the dole the more than their fair share of adversity last season they pulled through it although he does can help a Lil bit short. Of of that autopsies are things that Anthony. Got more coverage coming up on the move here at 5 o'clock while fifteen minutes a heat we'll take you right up until. Our pregame coverage at 630. Right here on seven idea that they. Anthony check for the Palm Beach post Kurdistan president Josh freed men. We'll take any up until little heat basketball this evening. They on the Washington Wizards at the American Airlines a re no cigarettes pregame with that as low. From the AAA head of the ticket 1000 dollar slam dunk is here your chance to win 1000 dollars. We're giving you that chance to win four times a day it was a for the code word at seven and 8 AM was as a roms and amber and foreign 5 PM we got to the code word coming up in 22 minutes. Then texted to seven to anyone at seven to anyone you can when 1000 bucks start this Monday on the ticket mezzanine. Veterans may apply don't text and drive this is a national contests. So Prado here is he's got you're you're wearing your cubs job look at here. I wore last year for a mine was in Israel at the time NEC put on FaceBook I'm here at this. Stand the cells the Amoco's. And in a lot of sports teams anybody want one so I mute hero back on FaceBook S and they want for the cubs is they've all these college football team right everything. Tons of home and pro teams any city at a US can you bring one back and he brought him back and in middle class last year on the cubs were struggling nationally minimum under Ralph. Any gave it to me a star wearing an expert winning the bullet for five games in a row. Why awards as a war every day put it on FaceBook everyday had a where I brought to the World Series game 51000 Wrigley was undermined winner cap. And they want prize anyway. Out you went out during the break that you brought it back to sales they'll isolate I got shorted some didn't and you're obviously you'll know that they should know your huge cubs fan your from your from Chicago so. You're a big cubs guy and now you think this is your own. Feel like you wearing his give the cubs a better chance to beat the now well today. People there superstitious I would say our athletes as if they win million all the do the same were to Natalie over our. Yes since as an okay only as gamblers I struggle. Table games right like I Hebert and Jack and I win I'm stack in my ships the same way. Every single time until I lose sorry I just I don't wanna tempt me. Well what I would you know I wore this last or they broke a 108 year old person I did I did Jane Alexander from. You know the the beach help me and she could help me put it I'll pull clip I've got here I stalled for my daughters and that's on my head and it's gonna. Every day I'm gonna Wear and I think eliminated Wheldon then all bets are off but. American attempt they are blessed. So I'm gonna get let's say I'm just I'm just curious. How many of well. On Twitter and I'll put onto other although you show the picture there and hug your your cup jumbled up but I'm just curious other adult men out there you mean kids are kids but. Even if your leg above the age of like sixteen. How superstitious. Are Ullah what are some of the things you would do. If you think it helps your sports teams I've heard a lot of crazy things over the years. It was on any thing like yeah I mean like the other day I say out of my couch a certain way and set up. You know we have big titles might be when one title and the content doing well I'm booed him out and they didn't so they. I had to sit I like to lay down on my couch I sat down the whole game I just kept my feet I. Yeah it's silly I know it's like I'm tight early universe it's crazy no I instrument. Like you mentioned the gambler part of things and I've been around a lot of gamblers and I've been around a lot of hardcore fans. In both sometimes are curbing big gamblers. Ends. Leg there's a certain things that out I'll show up. He'll show up at a game or shall about a bar as a tall man wars should do shall we start losing or as soon as you said this is our losing and Mike what. And to me. I just never been I've never been that guy and I just kind of go. No I just I don't I can't remember being any any one how are yours you're I think you're the exception especially for gamblers. I think what it's I think it applies more to table games and it does sportsman right like our big games like I'll stand up. Like now I'll pull my like outpace the role like ideal big games or some of my dad. War you don't if you stood up and something good happened would you sit down or you'll remain standing knowledge about this August I will take into account not sit down but this its is more like like the tragedy stuff like other standup or across my arms to decode it and I'll just in their watch the game but give him more like nervous energy. It feels like a big gamers of like that but I as far as that are gonna sit in a certain space on the couch. Or you know I Gotti not show his before the game and not during the game because last time we want our guys are certain she heard some then it. I deserve that got famous athlete athletes are. Very cerebral than just an athletes are very creatures of habit in that regard to. Were the same underwear they'll do this they'll put their clothes on the same way that you know they will do the same routine it because we you know what if the if they don't do it. Also on what was going well as I am curious for people 67974. On the text line and do you do anything superstitious whether it's washing game whether it's gambling or anything else. We all have superstitions. And I just wonder what some of them are and as a you know there's silly that that's fine. But still the better yeah I'm I'm just I'm just I'm like that's so I'm not tempting fate I wore this last year they broke a 108 year old curse. I'm the reason I play of any player I'm the reason that they Brooke. Kurt I'm surprised they were the producer and yeah the track and I've personally into a bar and you are that the text her I'd sit on the girls were gonna tell us that my team is losing out sees it TV on watching. Aren't. I've heard now boxing guys who have before. I icing guys I do they're not watching the game of the turn on the gave an awesome things are changing of drama watching him my phone I'm gonna watch a game on TV. Weeks three and four or my bill shortly one but I forgot last week and we lost it's it's a thing can expect it's. Let's he's. Starting to think that maybe the cowboys will be Green Bay I don't watch there ago. I don't I just don't get Rogers the ball back with a chance to win and that's the job doing that spot right there so I am superstitious absolutely I was I have something. Happened me the other day maybe three weeks ago I was leaving my house than candle them and I was heading toward. The dolphins facility in Davie had to make it there in time for at least press conference about auto 1015 minutes away from home. I realize they're from a cellphone and I two choices. You take a chance and being late random geese which I didn't wanna be or go the entire day without my cell phone there was no choice I immediately made you turn it went home. And and barely made gays but I mean that's I was I was willing to be late for work. Because I simply couldn't be without my phone for the day the thought of that. Was just know why is now is that because I I need to reach people need to reach an Internet I need to see Twitter I need to tweak. Things are getting reads not secure the emergency is to get out now not going to be on Twitter that want to look I want my wife he'll reach me or my kids I want you were not sure exactly are so dependent on our fold this item entered the cubs score I don't have college kids are good. Collins let it go and that well yeah of course I'm on right now you are recovering its Rizzo my twin daughters. But I mean aid kit what are the things you cannot live without. During a day I would agree the phone has become such a you're right it can't go without not La La a lot of that is work related like I don't have a regularly have a house one anymore. We do I can one I would like a lot of people just cancel we're always running so late big number text phone like this is how. People know how to find me is the phone okay and then obviously OK yes checking news and work related stuff in and in the news of the day yes she would be able to do that all those things is well. So I get all of that I would like the thing that you'll no longer leave a job. I think I can get along. Without a phone more than other people could I would be as dependent. We were our family was in Hawaii a couple of months ago when we were we or Maui we drove east toward a town called on the road on that's called. A 35 miles but he stops only times that pictures takes about three and a half hours there are about the same time. To go back. And during that seven hour scap I was without any Internet service that does this signal wasn't picking up anything and I've felt so. Out of touch and their fair price at the waitress at the world could blow but I would have no idea it was sort of course. After the seven hour we got back in the cell service and my phone to start small text messages and emails and everything. But I feel like it being out of touch 2% and hours just felt so well. We're correct you've become so dependent on certain things that I Tigger Cruz couple years ago and and those kind of like the same thing it's like you know if you're gone for you if you're off like six hours without without service and you come back it's like. So many things have changed. In the regular ol' whatever it is just in the world it would have been the last four hours only good as yours is getting information in in real time like the second and have a there's what they know you you humans. That can never leave the house with a different anywhere without without without its announcement sunglasses. Real well absolutely they're I will drive like Al drive. Back in yes I can't go anywhere else on us and our glasses and they're they're treated solid on the song they get darker light inside they go lights on every item read and automatically there. Right is because I can't see. These are hate the sun yes I gotta have the saga like I don't I got the the Tony Sparano deal before my eyes the real real. Send out there was so strange seeing it more sunglasses inside but I he had something physically wrong maybe I do I don't know that's my last night's it was okay. But like I happen is either sunglasses I got the wears on us with okay anything else you must I mean that's. Well I above everything else like I I got him caught Peter and a couple of copies armament second large coffee right now just that's just an absolute must it's just part of my today coffee cellphone. I'm fine coffee and cellphone your front public Coke platter with his that is a part of your day. The cold water or Coke letter cocaine letter and while no I'm not I'm not an assistant coach OK we'll wait to hear the this would be here. I'd Keon and IG was awed with dance do end and that's that fantastic show earlier today here on seven I don't doubt around town. Listen of that thing and you can't wait to hear what she had to say on this whole. Chris forced her saga you know Ivan Ivan in front front here on on the yet Tex machine hissed his trash you Mullen eels and your phones. I wish I was in Moline Il right I'm not that he'll look at what it's so now now. You can you can glass by me is at best just behind you just read it in the count that yeah. What are you millennial that out of the day right there. I'll get the headlines updates on that on the cubs score they'll get to here's the thing plus we got two more he talked for about fifteen minutes the around the corner. Right around 558. Right here on your over the seven I do take. Parents and kinda sick and we got the word coming up your chance to 1000 dollars. In five minutes. The ticket will be making a major. And I mean major rip tide music missile announcement Monday in the 8 AM hour tied. Powered by Ford December 2 and third is coming to Fort Lauderdale beach Saturday about the lineup already kgo and Louise are injured man in the wilderness and more. Sunday at casing in the sunshine band for his programs solve a couple of boys. Tito Puente Jr. and more. Present about NSR Levine action attorneys go on in hundreds of ports of entry that's 100. 7473733. Goya if it's goalie it has to be goodies go public adjuster and we've got grass that's covered call 855 Getty CPA or visit East Coast. Public adjusters dot com don't settle for less. For tickets go to the taken my me dot com and listen Monday morning. And Monday morning at 8 AM for a major announcement point. And Clinton. Bands on top bands on problem bands and headliners after headliners can't wait to see who they got they got coming onboard the next 8 AM. Monday morning a major announcement you've always next to show at 679746797. For a lot of weird superstitions and and things. That are have been dead center and we'll get to those in due course Christie Stevenson and Josh Friedman here. 3000 for purple and a couple of perk and red round six talks about an hour from now. Willow we'll check in with that Chris Perkins. In about seventeen minutes we got fifteen minutes of my Miami Heat the heat conversation never stops here on your home of the heat they have 790. And FM 1043. HD two and the ticket but. First let's get to here's the thing. The month Parker. He missed practice once again today where they bad and coal. This status for Sunday's game is yet to be decided. This was supposed to be the year he validates the Finn selecting him as the fourteenth overall selection in the 2015. Draft. All offseason teammates coaches. Media went out of their way to praise number eleven. So far it just hasn't happened. We've all seen the ability but in football sometimes door ability is just as important. Personally I'm at a crossroads with the Vontae Parker what is he. Is he a super talent will put it altogether and be the perfect quote unquote number one wideout opposite Jarvis Landry for the future. Who you can't wait to throw bunch of money at if he in fact become that player. And keep them here a long term they continue to build around him or. Is he just another guy who flashes. Would some could be thought of as elite talents but only shows up on an occasional Sunday. The bond Dave Parker you decide. And that's the thing brought to buy drone nerds who drove nerds I comedies promo codes as low for timbers and off. On anything to do a drones including repairs and customizations. Again that is Joseph nerds dot com promo codes as though the timbers off located in amateur or your local TGI authorized dealer John nerds dot com South Florida's high. In the sky. Well I make my two critical effort I was kind of like this is. Right now have to make a declaration at some point in just wonder. About about him to you not to. Yeah look I mean it this dates back to his family Billy missed what seven games is finally your Louisville because of bad foot and had surgery and then. Was hobbled a lot during his nose rookie campaign here some last year less sober now has thirty year you know you got be healthy look. Remember I'm a fantasy football player everybody thought. You know Vontae park trees climbing up to SE boards because of the body of his great chemistry with with. You don't cult or throw deep to amend you know what in in fairness to two Vontae Parker who again once again is injured. But nothing is going right in the off and actually nothing. So they don't doesn't includes a color to be this guy kissed him feel well against him on profits being badly do you can't play again play well and organizing it does this discussion all time to reflect all you know Dumont their partners is the special player he should have the money jars Lander should not a prison guards that get under balls a year is that he plays every Sunday. But that's part of it is is being available. Hornaday they say the best ability is available to get it right if you're you can't show up anything you can't peruse any results. If you're on the bench and you once again as we don't all feel player that you know we gaze was noncommittal celeb to see if he practices today I mean we talked to gaze. You know at about new and obviously he didn't and luckily CP can no suited up Baltimore. But you're what you've got charmer slandering fighting for big contract he's on pace for four touchdowns this year that's it. He's not getting that big deal not the dolphins at least he does that Dovonte. You know easy you know we a year way to they extend them and we're not happy produces results like this I mean these guys are playing for money and thus far they don't deserve your company's report touchdowns. District but that'll lead the team at this trade that is a well I mean put the sharpest Landry. I'm sorry Rashad Jones has as many touchdowns each of the wide or C right well the whole offense yet. One he and he's on defense presides as it is I scored no they're the dolphins believe the only ceemea element rushing touched her up and coming. How embarrassing is that well it gives alleges the score here with you jesuit 1000 dollars in the Diggins slam dunk contest that's right. This hour's wrote this hour's word is a rose that's right watch Derrick Rose to their last night for the Cleveland Cavaliers Texas work. The word is or rose Texas 272881. That's the word rose are low as either seventy rated one and you can win 1000. Dollars you can win now to the end of this month solicit mornings at seven and 8 AM it was dazzle roms and amber. An afternoon right here at four and five every single weekday again this hour's word is rose six and out to seven to anyone for your chance to win message and data rates may apply don't Texan drive it's 1000 dollar slam dunk contest on AM 790 and FM. 1043. HD to vote ticket can always texts show here at 679746797. For the Coral Springs. Auto mall Condit text line. But for the same shirt to every hurricane game. For fifteen years get a lot of lucky shirts and the lucky jerseys here for you don't know we hope you washed it in between right yeah hole wasn't like one of those deals where reduce we're gonna we're gonna roll this thing out there especially during that big. Should be in Gaza and SA. A deal that doesn't get only game we don't sit and etc. but him this alleged that one out on not ET those agree Russia Alan that in the minds of during the off season. Do LeBron letter came out and doing silent the bulls and I was eating their both times the news broke. Allow. I mean that's. You don't want that I would do the same I'm not advocating boycotting a restaurant like I say if you do something and something. That happens as a result of it just move on ever I've ever remember the good times. Let you know where where I was real abroad decide who's going to that he. I like that and auto repair shop when Al salute the guys that are taking care goes oh my god like what any pointed this computer screen tore me. If Sports Illustrated so. Screen home screen with well lead Jenkins letter that you know. It will dictate about LeBron James Lowe when he left when he left or right through July I think 112010. Of fourteen to run do what else thousands of phone in my letter I was on the phone like. Yeah ABC you're somebody from new York and they wanted to send out a camera crew. To infamy like to stand up into some commentary like this who he was saying in my mirror kind of fun losing in Miami we also like Ariel we give me there are around vol 330 and our wanna do this. And some in the other room and like I had like the TV on the other obvious piano and Iran and the other room. Some silly idea you know which where was that and all this and you're like all the screaming in the background and the guys. College get back to you and he's hangs up and I want the other was like a bronze gonna Cleveland. So much Agassi it is maybe that I guess is that gives us in a Miami so who'd want to go back to an owner I mean nobody did and on nobody knew whatsoever vows of marriage I never thought would take place again so to messy divorce well you know big. They're managing to watch him play last night in just all of a sudden they look a lot that look a lot different than they did in the finals. In their lineup it can be is very. It's a lot like Miami the autumn moon very versatile tile lineup as far as. No ethically caliber of the five other Richardson Tom to come off the bench got Dwyane Wade starting semi JR Smith's coming off the bench when they get Isiah Thomas back them Derrick Rose to come on the bench. Boy I don't Zaman a comeback till January and are going to be awhile. Boris suits and a guy I added to his hip injury was that bad no surprise Hillary's going to be out that long and rambling and in the economy either they didn't think that the global slow. But and they don't care about home court just like Bill Lester I don't think. No but I mean look at how the relates to the heat you got a lot of these teams it's the cavs got bigger figure some things out. Like they got they got there might be some some growing is she from growing issues there you got the Celtics. Their entire rosters basically different outset of a well I eleven guys are different library. He'll try to kind of stays the same Washington kinda stays the same. Public you know those the teams that you're Jason so if you get get a little bit of a breathing room that's what you're manually go off such a good start early on. Leo just the kind does the kinda have some games already. In the bank account before up before some of those teams cannot find their way which you know they were there just to town to the Cleveland or Boston are gonna get their act together if in fact they have some struggles early before we get back to that let's get to headline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS SS HD show Miramar. And he goes Washington. AAA tonight in the second to last pre season game are covered on AM 790 NFL immoral for three HD to the ticket. Begins with a pregame show Jonathan's arousal 630 tip off is at 730. The Red Sox fire manager John Farrell on the heels of winning back to back division titles he also won a World Series in 2014 but he also commissioned last police twice. This five years at the Helm the interesting thing is GM Dave Dombrowski said chairwoman fired no matter how much he won. Apparently dolphins linebacker Lawrence Timmons is the only player to go you only NFL the New York Giants notes on their Twitter account that they've suspended cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Was that the team's practice facility today but left enough was suspended he told ESPN's you've seen Anderson. We got no altercation with head coach when Matt you do during Sunday's loss the chargers he also told Anderson he would return to tune in tomorrow game for the NLCS is taking place right now in Wrigley Field. And right now top the third inning it is a scoreless tie the nationals are threatening to score OK Gary had a and the Indians host the Yankees and deciding game five tonight the game pits two former Cy Young. Award winners as Corey Cooper takes on CC sabathia the loser loser goes home while the winner. Advances to the AL SaaS CS take on the Astros home team is on every time Girardi was criticized. Always an idiot he's an idiot. Now there's a chance he could advance the ALCS. So all might be forgiven. There and I also we got south Alabama and Troy tonight here in little college football watch and other you know as well that's good draw the ratings and has a job of that power you have on now but I don't always throws it like the of the obscure game early on in all reality are we got some action and ID you know we don't counsel ball. You know like minerals pre season basketball could you watch way you are making a managerial southwest. Why you'll win against yeah northeast Ohio Montana absolutely yeah yeah yeah even if you know money on the we've got to you know on via the U Gamal will some some sort of interest on there we needed some of these some of these teams here. We got that goes Texas a 67974679. Some four on the Coral Springs auto mall on the techs like saw governor out this morning. And I had to take my my mom who's you know she's she's getting up there and she's she's had. A rough go of it lately medically so you know took to get a hairdo and into all that stuff that you know. You try to you try to do here as she did for you when your little guy or so nice of you so we're doing that we got we got damaged due on in the cars we always do here on the so you know beer we're listening to this a McKeon and kind of get this video Ed and here's what he had to say. Credit cards are used BS's cocaine crack church. How many times that's happened. Oh. You don't know how many times. Now. Yes that was fun and Judas and brought what was your mom's reaction that means she's a seventy year old woman leg a little old lady adds she's just like Ali she's been around she's a good distance. OK okay how are mentioned the story likes you know she has news social score came platter edges he'll. Its doors over there I. Dusty knows how bad they bid originally who endure over the head elaborate what that means I just shook my head you know he wrote historian and he got together for the first time with her and Oxnard. So if perky and Herman doesn't happen he told the coach of dolphins right he stole his little Loughner. Right they went to a hot start because of hurricane so that's when he first met her I think so I think that's where I've got to reread the article on the Pentagon. Where they just recently. I think we'll be re read it but I think that's right lawsuit Dan and still they were there ask dollar questions here as large as the motive for releasing the video here's what she had to say. I'm kind of question. Debate. I think he won't say any qualities that and that but it sounds. As I get enough votes that they're going get any qualities that concert band minority. Compared to be an all white privilege card and an American agent and general. So there's there's Deanna. Niger and and some adjusting things a case that came out of that. The bottom line is gonna change anything that he's that he's gone and she's gonna get her fifteen minutes of fame which I think she wanted all along. What shall go on somebody showed to Alter a TV show either furthers a bidding war yeah yeah shall make one I don't know if you know her grand whenever I know that this is this is what her motive means you talk about repeal social injustices all she wants. I'm guessing her motive is you want to be famous. Oh surely write what you know eventually human Slater to write fifteen minutes and then. It on something else bushel veteran who shall get her time in the sprawling you know probably or not should be trivia question. What's the name of the stripper that that took down dawning on NFL coach and I and so I mean. Greg get by Dan is still a lot of a lot of honey what's a cocaine played. It is funny because it was more like she's got. Leg one of those like oh my god how dare you like she's she's been around you know to me like she's. She's OK okay me yes yes you saw Chris four per stores video right fifty grandson console yet suppose you were your mom you're looking essay on your phone your mouse oh what's that. Show too. And I really like these and funny you know what you do you don't wanna see this money when you get to a place a life where it's almost like you because this can be Kim and embarrassed. The story and you become a barrister on your parents. Sure any and all of thirty some years old. My late thirty's and she's you know me and she's knows yields are we all we've been to allow their parents sure but I was just like I got it's like yeah I'll just shake my head and I'll just another segment but her response is not more like. It was just more like that the cocaine itself loses like the glue. Don't not football legislated for notion that Al 408. But I'll like the team stinks. And they got this going on let's not over there and I just again have a response I'll just like shake my head I was now I gotta get mrs. Stephenson on. I don't know. I felt like it's okay and you got kids Frito what do they daddy was a game planner. No worry if it. Augusta without organs. It helped me now is driving and I said you know we had YouTube once I just can't imagine having. Another kidding going through it again and one of my daughters like they're the Somerset won't Denny who we have another kid how to do that did you go shopping or something. And I secret for another. And I said you know what they don't know that well I don't know I said you know like I said that's too complicated for driver now all will go over this weekend with your mother and they'd impressed how they of holiday ten. OK so they don't know where where little Friedman's come from not yet. Well it's a look at its I don't know what that is what to do it while she said to me are you mad that I asked this is actually not it's natural be curious and right you know I don't wanna discouragement you're prepared you're you're caught off guard they're absolutely I was caught off guard but you know every every parent is gonna go through that one time or another right like I. Of the sale of its any good. Well like I can I have my thing you know mapped out what do you say. So I mean say like I say well honey years somebody over the it is day Elvis I'm just say. You know when two people love each other and there's so much love there's so much love. Did it makes it on the per and the physical people out of for the exactly right and coated letter makes it appears that's how we had you guys are there are we could in the mile as. It's a typical fifty minutes and you hear her go let up here we did you tackle it and who did this show get technical. Thanks David stupor that right there. Well we got that we he takes to get to a lot of questions growing some certain players and certain roles. Which are very interesting and and good questions there can come in and global address some of those come up on the other side regular seven I didn't take. Okay. Yeah. Fifty minutes yeah. News. We get some morning talk in just a moment. Visited take you always go on surveillance football updates injury to resign. Who's not studs and duds in more than a much and is on the vina. And attorneys have you been an accident call one in hundreds of ports of entry that's 1807. Ports of entry symmetry to response while directorate Carlo is the right price in my eyes for public justice we've got your assets covered call 855 getting ECB chairman these to a public adjusters dot com you'll always sex joke. At 67974. And fifteen minutes of heat is customized by champion four by four South Florida's number one Jeep truck and SUV. Customization shop. You're guaranteed them the hottest four by four modifications in town called champion four by four at 786. 5023446. Or go to champion four by four. Dot com Hedo looking to become champions once again in the NB a and it all starts. A week from tonight Frito in Orlando boy we got pre season basketball town ninety. And then Friday the wrap up the a pre season schedule in Kansas City into Philadelphia sixers but tonight to home opponent. Is Washington what those teams that but you'll feel are ahead of them in the Eastern Conference did you. Concur yes I think or certainly the cavs and Celtics Washington probably Toronto. After that I guess a little model you know Milwaukee might be. I don't think he'd look five or six is reason off I'd getting a top pour hosting a first round. Series that's probably as if it's certainly a great goal it's probably a bit out of reach in my opinion and less sunny or some injuries happen other teams and they need they don't happen and he. I still think. 4548. Wins when the realm possibility Oslo and it's more than what Vegas bricks but. You know I think that's within the realm I think a five or six seed is is very reasonable for Miami but I don't think they're gonna catch you know Washington say Toronto. We got a budget text here this as Texas and this thing. Right now Miley quite sure his team would say. Last well two years ago when he got in on the got her largely Lester is a great 3.3 was great three point defender. We thought I don't know what Kia you very good especially defensive first year and then last year he was injured. Right from the get go right from training camp about two weeks into the season he admitted. It is wrist hurt him. You know coming out of the gate and then of course he had a shoulder injury would sign on for the rest theory got to give last year and incomplete. But he's got to you know he has done particularly well during this this pre season I don't know about justice was like he's got a lot to prove this season. But just when those puzzles me that guy that swing man small foreign the kind of does at all. Josh Richards and McCain has become that guy more so and Winslow looks more like the second round pick rather than the other top ten selection what are the what are the big. What does that the stood out to me when I was diving at media day and freely were there as well if with winds though it's tough to see when you when you cynnex of the guys. It you don't really see. See the guys in stand right next to McKenna eyeball is much you can. How much bigger justice looks upstairs the you tell you've been in the way Earl looks physically little bit more mature a little stronger. And I think that else that'll that'll help him you could tell that he's in. He's really hit the way early just looks like you this looks like eight stronger player now I don't know I mean they can't he did should the law allows other things but he's just looks. He doesn't look like a rookie anymore at third year even though it and play a lot last year you could tell though he's been he's been put the time and. Wind and I don't think anybody questions and work ethic I don't think anybody questions his defensive prowess but Kenny. You know do better offensively and and and start making shots that the thing that I think he'll plagued him a lot. It was up to see if if that part of his game improves I think it has to improve right it would not everybody has three score you can make refresh count refused to presently. But he's got to do better and and you know right now I think is just you know a big if the big question mark where. I think he's really finding doesn't respond well what what you are traditionally purse got a third with a double digit point told all I mean no as far as his average is I mean I know it's it's tough to put put a marker on that to say all the averages fifteen points a game he's really good but the largest fourteen and he's not very good but I think he's gonna be fine if what does he asks him to do. They make a lot they principal shall we talk about winning plays. Remedy wining plays you make whether that's a block and a key spot run late in the ball game whether it's a steal keys steel whether it's taking a charge but Udonis did so many times a big if whether it's the weather all those different things all the winning plays. Add up rather rather than just all he can hit an eighteen foot. I want him to take on as he did his rookie year almost right out of the gate member he took on the the best offensive players in the league I'm. Early on an early on etc. are the Arnold on him earlier yeah I mean your kid here's here's LeBron go at it. And and sports for trust and nervously ran out of the gate impede you really contributes defensively. On the the office of numbers matter so much as Spoelstra said they're giveaways to contribute to win. And it you can be a lock down guy you're never gonna shut down LeBron but it you can limit him. And the other great offensive players you're doing you know the oh what's expression and and engage used it again today Belichick uses all the time. Do your job to resurrect and I'm so tired of the Winslow exclusive. Excuses guy is a boss. Well Josh for consumers that's number of the text only is he bust this was lower elder justice Winslow. I just you know what it's down back and ready to call a Boston last year electors there was an incomplete but I think he's got a lot to prove this season but to me. I think a lot of fans like these gonna you also need. He's gonna turn into why Leonard novel and it's like okay if you think if you think that's what he's going to beat I think you're disappointed you're going to be very disappointed or bitter cold Boston you're gonna be you're gonna text shows and you're going to be like a man say it was a but. They give you like might might I think he's got he didn't find NBA players who make good NB a player for he's a leaf is gonna be good maybe turned into something better than that the fabulous but he's gonna be good for you did you think. Special legal let's say oh I don't know bond is arbitrarily picking a number halfway through his rookie campaign. He was going to be a great player. Buddy had the opportunity to be required if you lower your expectations a little bit yeah that again and you. Did you religious can't rate last year it's not in bully what part of that and why is that part as I'm as you would apply. Right well the couple pre season games along. Like league and you look at saw how much growth all those other guys on this team has ever made. Including a signed and you talk about Richardson. And and and Tyler Johnson and James Johnson discredit just completely. Retool his game like I Yorman you're over the last dozen Wenzel played in a regular season game. Very early last year you know like likely no annual Dwyer or call the Tom the facts have been no public place that emailing we haven't seen him in so long right we've seen all these other guys play they just kind of the forgotten guy. Social moderate establishment so yeah and that's up to him and I'm curious again. Well who Spoelstra puts him you know when he's in the game who's gonna guard and how much is also trust him defensively once again as he reclaim reclaim. That rule. I don't know royals talk about justice Winslow and that's what happens when your first round pick and there's high expectations but like he's if you. They got so many other guys that can decade in play well. And justice can fill in here there and come along slowly and they get there they're still win a lot of games played winning games every single leg does not hinge on what justice Winslow does what are you if you item I guess I'm gonna put it between abided to get three games spread 45 to 48. Report the win total. It may have to Vegas got a 43 and a half freedom okay what it what is Stephens and governments I got a little bit above that and then. This voice 48 too much. I think that's her ceiling you can only the F does have some things go well maybe catch a break here yet that I would think one of those took him by his shoot up of one of those teams you mentioned. Probably. Have an injury and are just not play well whether it's Ron Washington. But I feel great about this team I think they're gonna be they're gonna be good and I think they're going to be. They're gonna they can beat anybody on in any given night a because they play hard yen and the play defense. And there and they're gonna push the pace of the gonna get some easy baskets so that their scoring is going to be up. And now whether it's assigned to get on an all star step or whether it's Dion Waiters. Become an ad guy we had Anthony tang on earlier he says yeah deal waiters like they paid beyond that big job what Dave last year the pay Dion for what that's going to give them that's nothing too memorable all his contract Kelly analytic. Josh Richardson. Dion Waiters. Even Assad go back a couple of years ago. They'll pay you for what you done they're paying for what you are going to give them so they think yes. Dion Waiters is worth that money because he's going to turn into a better players. Only what 26 years old people for his astute you're in the league. Any of these vote got a big upside James Johnson is is on the other at least thirty years old any you know he'd just emerge under the tutelage of America's most earnest coaching staff. But they feel that even at thirty years old and four years what sixty million dollars that they are gonna get their money's worth and he's gonna outplay his contract here's another story line it's flown around on this team and I. Is. Argue. Their runs looking for that the whale runs to look for the well he loves this team but all of a sudden if there's a there's. A better player out there that you trade for he'll do are you looking at is part of you as a heat fan are you supporter heat. Are we want a phrase and an apples are so that the audience as well at a party look at a New Orleans and they start out you know four and sixteen. Could today at the Davis be upset or to bore boogie cousins. Or Damian Miller out of Portland if they get off to a bad start that guy all the sudden yeah I don't like this team I like the management I want out. Art is part of you kind of look at it okay. Because that's the other thing we heard all off season with the ball all these guys are good contracts and Riley can package some of these guys and bring in a better superstar. Well he's in the matchup has to happen can Reilly haven't does he have enough chips to to push the middle table and play for these guys other teams can out bid and bid bid the heat. You know how much would you give up save for a you know Antonio Davis that's that's they have an identity of not much for Antonio the edits are your unit brow right. I don't pretty much the roster at all but I. You don't will get and the sour yet to be within 15% but I mean he's also yelled. Point five maybe no I'm does that because I was a lot of the flip the thinking and I thought it was a little bit perverse thinking because. What I like this team a lot and I like to see on the scene plays out. Well if somebody comes available. You know rials that's going to be hard to turn down no any loves the shiny new choice which are the whales and they don't often become available and then you've got to be aggressive but I'll get to other teams are gonna bid. A heck of a lot and I'm not sure the heat of all the pieces that that are necessary to get one of these no one. Think that's have a fizzles out of the play well but you yell just as Wenzel like if you give all of a sudden turns into a great player like all these guys are gonna make those traits that trade down the road. Like all those guys got to play well. But nobody could take Tyler Johnson's Contra was number good work he's injured. No and especially since next you're escalates eighteen million all right so it's one of those things where that you could be have a winning -- like to be doing very well all the sudden it's like this guy becomes available what you do oh. But yeah part of it is you want all those guys obviously don't play well because they're stock's going to be. Is gonna go up and there are going to be attractive pieces to whoever team your trading what do James Johnson for instance continues what he did last year shows while this was agenda took a few years to emerge. He's going to be a very tradable assets. Have known him play targets emerge as one of those things where. I doubt and I don't know who it is I I I'd look at New Orleans on category and the got to be better than Doug playoff team right. With the you know holiday and bogey and in an eight and Anthony Davis and and you're just going like but there's always the TM BA man in the we saw it go south with Kyra your mirror. The Republicans would in the championship. Being go south in a hurry in that league where guy just gets yeah I don't be anymore that that still shocked. There I had really been a master in in getting that guy over the course of majority and you know SARS what Shaq in in any continues from there are easier to get the guys that are dissatisfied. I've been just I'm curious to see how much you would after you up to one of those wails let's and that's a lot will be worth. Well guy yeah probably just trust the media rather got to trust Riley and in that spot there but I mean yeah I mean. I've there if there's a guy of that caliber guys that you don't have an all star on their team. Well two of the all star becomes available you have to say pretty much everybody's up for. There are two levels of all star but was untouchable no no Indian army while under comes up what would you know have the keys to the arena. Right in the meeting of the Tripoli to that would completely a crucial early risers this idea that trading for like the Carmelo Anthony type of player. Now you know the nom talking about like the way another interest in team I can't wait to see. Lot of interesting things meant there is a lot of the engines and teams. In the in the MBA similar Sosa last night seven also ours changed teams in the in the off season. Most of any offseason ever. You know I know this season has started it in and I shouldn't do this. But I can't wait till next offseason what LeBron dose where he goes to you go to the west when it's a much harder. You know. Do you know would pass into the finals I don't know about abortion legal lakers I'm just not sure he's gonna do that. It the east man he just it's it's an SH a cakewalk. But boy it's almost guarantee he gets in the final the west and overcome Golden State I can do that. Wake up in the morning and put your sneakers on. You're LeBron James regular fuel rods Dave let you you can tell you turned. You shift the power very quickly. When you're that good while on Wall Street that's that's a discussion general I think a lot of the lab do to depend on how you know how the season certainly. Certainly plays out here are we got a lot more to get to hear Chris Perkins he's gonna join us here. The top of the 6 o'clock hour gets sillier Tex as as well. At 67974. At 67 nights are important to to read up. Two huge basketball we got pregame coverage coming up at 630 right here on 790 the ticket. Back here on the ticket. Curtis Davidson and a very. Stressed out Josh Friedman. Got his get out of Allen for. That had bases loaded with two outs there up Mario one off thing in an area struck out Jason we're so I you exhale. Trio is a is that the second nerves right now here next to me conceived by the way the I can rule self promotion my my cubs you outlook on my Twitter accounts 794 you know that seven idea all right he'd be oh yes she is wearing wearing a yarmulke and that's from Israel man. You said it's good luck what was last year and my daughter new Yorker and I doubt they can't win because is old rooster area and I don't like definitely does the remote at. Do a Joseph Maddon it was all levels on top your hand almost Chapman sadism that drove nerds sponsor of spying on the opponent. Was dazzle robbery and amber on football Friday is having a grand opening this Saturday on south Dixie highway in pine crest. From 10 AM to 6 PM Joseph nerds will be giving away. He DGI spark troll wow that's worth 4500 bucks on site Joan urges the largest TGI. Authorized dealer in South Florida as well as handling sales and payers drone nerds visit to Saturday at their new store. In the pine crest will go with Chris Perkins here in about about fifteen minutes also we got your headlines here's the thing coming up. And of course we're taking a red T he basketball sort of the more he talked to get to as of the wizards are in town Washington. To more pre season games to go where one week away from the NB AA opener and get here fast enough man. Let's let's get this thing Roland. Hey you know what you know what's happening Saturday in hard rock stadium. I hobbled this this kind of snuck up on everybody. Tomorrow. The cave missiles what Georgia Tech and authors and a football game right. And of course that game got moved around due to all the rescheduling will hurt your Burma. Soul. It was the only night game in those usually meal better attended and and national TV airplay is jacked up to the canes. Were. We're gonna honor some awesome of their former players. Any duct five more inductees into the ring of honor. So as of doing that Thursday got pushed back to two Saturday. The end it is it is an amazing list you know they're honoring on now on Saturday Frito beast. Not peace now because these liberal but I that this is this is this group gets a little bit more the top of Lincoln public does group that's going to be in going to be an all going to be there and it's going to be great. Here's through the new members of the ring of honor to be honoring Saturday Ed Reed. Through the neutral payment in a well worn sap who were colonel Taylor and Michael are the same thing Ramos. You for all CN. He's really RE NE RD and right now is he's doing and yes and all and when Sean Taylor will also be honored as well. We all know has been ten years yes heartedly like he gets like that do you think about that like those five guys that only god. But those guys would have their own days they're all year just just. Just one guy like an epic five guys going at one time of the while the talent that comes out of that school and and Sean Taylor general DJ Williams or they were part of that group. Six for stronger the first 21 ranks of the draft six I mean in Munich knows already get six or get a first round there were six in the first 41. And you look at how many guys use name that are either are or will be in the and apple all pro football there are both college and pro football yeah I mean. You colleges wanting earlier that's a new level. Everyone was kind of obvious he Shah naming rights on these along with listening to that opportunity but all the college probable hall of fame. AM or will be. Agent originally there about a space a that you uttering guys that I know you have to utter all these guys are so funny that so many guys to get to where it's it's in the eye again that the talent that comes out of the school is just unbelievable and it's just it's it's rich in tradition. And a Mark Richt can once again build that fence around south warn you some of the talent here and from the other schools coaching it you're have a lot more names in the future. So I give we're just now getting around honoring Michael Irvin. They had someone in the 1980s. It's like but it does it's funny because there's already guys idiots like of course you got a guy like Jim Kelly got a M they got to put a geno won highs bed and they got to get to Ted Hendricks and even video guys and those guys like not just didn't like Michael Irvin like Ray Lewis. It just I should. You go I mean like you forget. How crazy those years were. And some of the great I mean players that came in Europe so that should be great in and the crowd should be fired up for that is supposed to do it on on Thursday night that got pushed back to obviously Saturday at the 330 starting inside Jordan technologist kind of mind blowing it's like play our our Ray Lewis Warren -- While Michael Irvin and re. Sean Taylor there. This all going when I got to article Warren Sapp and when he was about to go hall fame as he said I think his son was gonna introduce some. Is out of the dolphins' facility. And there were several most around a nice and all that's just like Walter Payton his son Jared who waiter of course we know went to UN yes there is some share was twelve but the timing introduced him and and sap looks at me and gets angry which we know he's prone to do. They said no Walter Payton was was honored posthumously all famous and no he wasn't a remember his son introducing him. Any got right in my grill I mean really got angry and insisted that he was right. Tomorrow back to the meter we were done in Iowa I you know I looked up and house ran a saw the video we you do it's on YouTube. And so I can tweeting because he was gone by that and he just refused or now discovering my girl he was wrong. You lose you know I was right and so he was the second person I believe ms. sun. Do it introduce him which is I think a cool thing to do. There's a lot of stories and warned about. Warns Leo it's got a checkered checkered I mean when I'm not that Miami is among them there's ought to have them have worn stories where they're kind of I've been. We actually did. And it already officials warn is when he was on Dancing With The Stars he'd call in and every week into an hour on our awareness and he was like those legs kept wore the gray days like it's awesome it's like you know tell stories and auditing these hegemony I have a bad day is Kelly. Care. But but yet no doubt as far as of the football player. Warrant is is as good as it it gets we got to get to do this it's like our Chris Perkins is going to stop by. And we're gonna take you right up until arts coverage that he will take on the Washington Wizards we're gonna getting to that as as well. And though due to the headlines of the joy on the baseball score. As well we come back radio 79 and take. Turns embryo back here. Again Florida governor Crist bargains here in a few minutes plus we got to get the headline did you tell that comes. Nationals. Score Brito got his cubs jumped on these. This sweat it out over here man at the ticket will be making a major rip tide is special announcement Monday in the 8 AM hour of died power by. Ford December 2 and third is coming afford lottery will be Saturday got a cage the elephant Weezer injuring men in the world missed. Ian Moore Sunday how much Casey in the sunshine band. Ford is Lou Graham song cup a lover boy Tito Puente Jr. and more. Present about Anna's army action attorneys call wanna hundreds on 473 that's 1807473733. This iconic but he Amare Fort Lauderdale beach they don't you buy a motel eight by underground music. Tickets until now go to the ticket Miami dot com and listen Monday morning at 8 AM for a made huge or. Announcement could always set the show. At 67974. On the Coral Springs auto mall hundred text sign we've talked to a lot today about the Miami heat's really take you right up the heat basketball. Here on the Tigger talk thought about the dolphins you'll revisit that with with. Mercury just a few minutes and and a variety of different things the last couple hours we mentioned the men's national team here freedom moment as panic. It does her put it off by insists. It's a tough one to wrap your head around and that leads us into here's the thing. It was all a foregone conclusion right. The United States men's national soccer team was in. After pounding Panama Fort Mill in Orlando on Friday night. All they had to do. Is for the most part. Pull out a draw verses Trinidad and Tobago is true that is it tomorrow or Tobago Tobago tonight my wife is from that's why I asked him. And Russia here we come for the 2018 World Cup. That did not happen not even close. Coming into last night's match the United States had a 93%. Chance of reaching its eighth consecutive World Cup. Well the unthinkable 7%. Showed up last night. They lost due to one to a team that had nothing to play for except except for the ride. And both Honduras and Panama. Both beat the top two teams in Mexico Inco and co story got in your group. Low. I don't know where you're a soccer goes from here. Many are upset disgusted embarrassed. Bill in your own additive calling for a complete overhaul the US soccer. OK that's fine all I know is this. With MLS franchises sprouting up everywhere including South Florida attendance is surging. More international soccer is being consumed. Here stateside. And an overall interest in the game continues to grow. Well to me the men have made great strides. Since I first started watching in the mid ninety's with guys named Alexi lawless Kobe Jones and Marcelo Balboa. That was supposed to be the beginning of something last night it looked like the gains. That's the thing is brought to buy drone nerds for the owners dot com today news promo codes as over to embers and off. On anything to do with drones. Including repairs and customizations again that is drone nerds that comparable codes dazzled a ZEA as LOW for timbers and off. Located in average Europe. Your local DJ. I authorized the alleged DJI. Authorized dealer they got a Joseph nerds dot com South Florida's high. In. Every sky. I wonder what just practicing and Eric said Oxford 200 million dollars for the World Cup yeah and now no US. That's a hard sell right there which it was visit not absolutely I mean yeah there are soccer brands are gonna wash no matter who's in a but the Brothers who wanted to see the US and for the first time since 1986. Though we know US team that has that was a that's crazy. This is really crazy like I try even mentioning yesterday that Friday and watched it Friedel JAL and a young kid. Was all over the field yeah basilica was all over the field and all but should that name. Christian Priscilla. Who plays for dorm you all over his great. Anyone acting that was their game and there's a knock and they're gonna come back they got their act together and I didn't mention it on the show yes I got it. Now they're gonna take care business and there's no way by the way even if they kinda. Slip up that the other the other things we're gonna happen than not do you pretend chants and all of a sudden like a compliment to down 10 of them all my guy and then all of a sudden it's like. What is going on here and 96 like that's a long long time Seattle until people think in terms of what's your motion is it anger disgust embarrassment all the above. And I don't know I got happy and I'm not I'd like soccer. Like on the on the on the grand scheme of things like you know it's not about football or basketball or baseball or those of you librarian joy and I try to get into as much like candy kind of learned some of the some of the big the bigger names in that over the course of the years and I'm kinda I'm telling the typical. American soccer guy you know I mean a grub that. I kind of like other sports but I kind of enjoy it. And I watch you when akin. I don't have the answer but as I dot it's all Clinton's fault odds arena long odds is as far as like they need to look at everything man. And they need to look at everything that we have about eight billion dollar commitment to United States soccer. An amount of money that poem that program and you can't you can't get out of out of this chemistry thing is the World Cup. You had what three when we have 300 plus million people in this country Trinidad and Tobago have a hundred maybe a 1000003. Right camped. I was as you know I one when national or somebody who you know the US Austin national does make that up the likes of LA and he goes those spiritual last I guess he was ranting and raving on everything it's like you know the irons that I presume his passion. But like I don't know what the answer is. Please Iceland's in the World Cup and that's a sign the Corpus Christi Christi Texas where the world problem I had a like wanted to do as I had I don't know what to tell you do. Leg audiences for you. Will the US doesn't have any answers either which is embarrassing as the tech director is really embarrassing yeah that's who again idea. To sum it up I'll get to up perk here in just a moment but first let's get the headlines. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. true there. ARAMARK. All right and the heat host Washington and Tripoli tonight it's the second the last pre season game our coverage. I'm here and AM 790 and FM 10438. Feet to the ticket begins with a pregame show Jonathan's dazzle 630 and tipoff is at 730. The Red Sox fire manager John Farrell on the heels of winning back to back division titles he also won a World Series in 2014 but he also finishing last at least twice. The interest in being your curse is general manager Dave Dombrowski said Carol have been fired no matter how many games he won how much you wanna warn. Be interesting if they want the world I don't see us on now on the Brownstein. A parallel or whomever Jimmie Johnson lost his job after all back Max who was out of surgery angels got divorced thousand different circumstances though apparently dolphins linebacker Lawrence Timmons is not the only player to go you only NFL the New York Giants announced on their Twitter company suspended. Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie he was that the team's practice facility early to label left. The loss was suspended. Toll ESPN's Josie and Anderson that he got to altercation with head coach Mack and knew who's going to be I think former head coach Mack knew by the end of the year. I during Sunday's loss to the chargers he told Anderson that he would return to the team tomorrow. Game for the NLCS is taking place right now at Wrigley Field top of the fifth inning. Jon Lester is on in relief of cake here Rihanna as the nationals lead one to nothing they scored on an air by shortstop. Addison Russell Stephen Strasburg is thus far this year shut out through four innings spore the nationals. And the Indians host the Yankees in deciding game five tonight the deciding game. It pits two former signed or orders and Corey liberated CC sabathia the loser goes home while the winner advances the pacing Astros in the American League. Championship series and those are your life. All right let's go out to the Ryan's jewels and houses and answer is assigned there actually stepped beyond comedians. As you could hear him each and every day right here on 79 the ticket between four and seven he is out cover in the on the Miami Dolphins. Padilla the South Florida sun sentinel Chris Perkins joins us here on his own show. I don't want. I've never have a controller that they have not gotten praise. Little detail here at dolphin yuck Christopher here you got the new offered the flying coach she's got national Wimbledon spoke. Well you do all that I'm deal with a win those sweaty Frito here. It's he's got to cut jobs are gone and the other cubs are down here so he's he's free get out so we're gonna we're gonna try to work through this year. And now hopefully the cubs can scratch some runs your cross because no look at Israelis for this afternoon thank you guys. Yeah yeah yeah. I hope Oprah your state yet I I really hope Oprah Europe they got I think good very evident though I'd be okay are worried about Linda. This area has already out of the game after four innings or thrown any pitchers Jon Lester and relief. I will be here to report it wow. But in the cubs for a one nothing these incidents that it was a it was marketed there. I'd perky as you mentioned the laundry list of things and there's a ton of things to get to hear. Boy all right let's let's start with. Let's start with with with Forrester there that he any kind of more fallout from that as they kind of get done get back to work to got a new coach. In coach grooves as you like to call home and write he was announcing is a senior offensive assistant here. Like there's no time for anymore anymore you know all that goes public it's about Atlanta this point so how they regroup for the falcons on Sunday. What other current. Or entering McCleon that it wouldn't different record the very spirit with a little bit weird but I. Bit they're gonna get through it because they're professionals. To blow. It up Chris Mercer called the look great they have adequate either Vermont or truck hit the heartbroken. Because. Is that that the outburst or was your speaker guide and that they had never been any indication bloke and the huge store or a light it. Unraveling though from some very hard bill to implement without about hear about your group's first dirt. As far as group they've group Leo whoa. I think that you're going to beat the number two all then so flying coach from from what from what gather from what your. Couple of lawyer Berkeley in the Chris Cooper who have just put up their mind or are regrouping right now. So I I think who might be a initially be more welding board. Or for a group corporate Adam gave another good article. Which equation which. It was very good. Among their offered the line when it comes to run block or pass protection. As far as the National Anthem being. You know the ball and every 88 who am day whose rules be brought that you like the players they end up at a date that is where I read it's the young that are willing. They end up well they have some local locker room Michael Thomas was very. With that being the carpet removed all the ambiguity but it's a teen who. Respect that rule you're gonna be out there stay in the production of colonel. I at least beat up the left guard position overtook David Spade bit Alter great player. At the gate if they're like that being picked they have at least been. Odds are they're cleared appalled that you. Even put it in a sale on October 23 of doubt is the best bet it's great sin you know Broward County state attorney you're not willing to press charges. The leak could still take action under the personal conduct policy at a base they can do about it. It will be rather technical ability ability but I woke up right now it got a break because they'll. Well we're joined by Chris Perkins you're guest on your or shall there have been any one time out Greg Michaels was hosting for me it was covering something. And he had me out of I was introduces a guest on my own show an interest that it sounds kind of phony but it's kind of cool the what are the things I'm an asset and gates about this about Jarvis Landry and his outbursts on the on the sidelines and hit an interesting comment the second gates talking about himself and Jarvis Landry and. We talked about his own time there's three of us that are hot heads. The office it's 1423. So it's like a deadly combination so we we search at all by. And Walter Revis talked about how can we all three of us not get as frustrated. Way things don't go quite right and no I need to do better job. Keep them keep them quiet anger under control and they're trying to use anything. And you know I mean it's an emotional game little things don't go well tempers are gonna where we know Jarvis landry's permit that in. And that shot I show that a game or two ago he's just he was he was livid NN and another sound bite. I am gay support I told Jarvis I'm trying to get to the ball you know I wanna beat you the ball but you don't we see perk. You don't missed assignments and mental errors in their either a lot of moving parts that are working. They need to work to get these guys the ball and to have oil large gains which are happening. Eat out and looked. Compared to a source said of Apollo Beach ball to let the question. But a great. And oh it is stop the beat out that you know when you're out though that locker room. Jumping the player had no answers though that aren't saying they've all of them are that it basically it was saying last year. You know why is it not work and you sit idle though and they all result of the players. Look Jarvis put an end and Syria Jahri arts are the most productive offensive player of the Latino by the quite so I could great barrier. You know they might be the most productive all the players a bit even go to a bad game or get on the ball but it's not right bill or whatever even those guys. Get up but they've multiple they're different baker there later. But they've they they're they're struggling in time prevention they're struggling a third though they're struggling in the to racial football. And instead though a lot of third through a third and they're getting their content and third 10. And so you know fort York at the target source secure blue budget gently to hospital worker bill equation though. They've really got to start this on first and second though so that they can work it's manageable situations. On second and third though. That was chartered engineer died art and all of Mort but. Now at bank development. You were getting back in the play calling it at all it's just the of the issues. Cycle that all been just can't seem to buy its way out of right. Well and then I got some injuries with so when your big horses in and Delonte Parker what so what's it look like rim on Sunday here perk. Epi didn't practice today and and I'd I don't go out and speak on Korea where are. Bill William they're a good chance with Rick with an injury such as this that. And on crutches and probably bank in the ankle late getting that yet that ankle were but. It's a big ball you'll have guards are at the unveil their the side. And you'll eat green to the table. In his replacement. Almost steady he's got this beat you to be on the map aside from the field. Gun got the best last week at the polls but don't take what that you. Same situation. And yet that the big drop Balkan of people weapon Cooper arise Jay Jay Cutler that's missing from his office. We'll look what's always Branden Albert does you wanna come back and play and the dolphins there's like now we don't want should. I mean basically it isn't it that way you know I don't pitched the ball or are really looked at. And at adding any any up until my administrator pressing no I think there are kind of happy with the group that they have they been when a perk but will they have that vote bringing somebody here. Which are your spew so that was forced I think that they are being. That they have but apparently they just need to yet that talent yet. You know one of the things that that enemies talked about he basically echo Bill Belichick says all the time do your job. A lot of ways summit earlier today when we talked yet engaged. He's a guy that all parents need to focus on their assignments. The whole process of what all that going it is every guy doing its job. And at the same time guys trust each other and some time. You know portable phones in everybody's trying to do two more house. Don't hurt but it's really we need to just get down to every guy does its job trusted other guys. Dutch. Now there wasn't any nastiness in that statement there was many in urban and the last couple weeks there has been renegades basically saying it's not me. Don't blame Jay collar it's the other guys on offense that aren't doing their jobs. Yes and and you bet better than eighteen your run of better than that being that. If everybody will do their job and doesn't usually include the quarterback of that but there are equal to their chop it off and won't work. And he specifically talked often go blindly when he uses that line and end. Goes there Inco. That's kind of what their focus brilliant they are older they're not worried about a bunch of trick plays and air like that they think that they have the right pack it and seen. Everybody just needs to do their jobs so. You know I guess I'm inclined to believe them because we all but they felt there. But and it it just seemed like when they were opened last hurt despite some of the mistakes. They keep it at the plate and all winter deepens that you are on promotes you're. Passed from from Taylor deal with somebody that would not even being bet it is like there's no clear there's not been an ability cup typical mistakes. With the occasional big play that colonel think our worry about with their own lives and where to go big open to play musical. You know way atom based on the last day or 23 weeks he's come really to the vocal defensive of Jay Cutler. There's got to be appoint delete them case necessary art color has to take some ownership of all the flaws on the softens up the whole thing by any means but he deserves more blame in my opinion in my uneducated opinion then cut then a decent one do assigned him. You you're I realize I I think that I think a lot of people beat that and really you know putting more. Might have been yet later this Kirkland BE eighty being of our. Our credibility. Was with Adam days that at some point right that could be other players are hiding in the running backs the offensive mind the wider group. I think they understand they gave Kabul quarterback that he's going to have the quarterback back. But I think at some point. They probably are going to look around southern though. Look I'm the cougars to get numb yell at that beepers but Jay Cutler is doing bro. You need to acknowledge that this quarter but you're also making mistakes. I don't think that they're at that stage right now political or all of a couple more. I guess you could click. Sip of blame from animal days and perhaps but it does get the best they had. But let's say eight but I think everybody at school with their right now that they understand that they gave it great quarterback coach. They saw the last few brilliant and Joseph Bigelow order or start. Police did not play grew up not going to Matt Moore despite the chip from the billions of bits and at a glance. You speaking with him he'll be speaking with Cutler but think the players. Expected to a certain extent and I don't think anybody could repeat crumbling right now. But a couple of more weeks with being continue to go bad will be a. Our thanks for the up and holes in tomorrow things comment back we don't got that. Chris Perkins. Cover in the the dolphins are given us the the latest on a variety. Of issues and they got quite a few things going on not just football related. Out there in in Davie we come back a luggage ready for low basketball. We got that were minutes away from the pregame show Jonathan's dazzled gonna take over at the bottom of the hour but we'll give he'll walk to the warm up. On the other side right here on 790 the ticket. On December 2 and third. Don't type music that. Powered by. Ford returns to. DC with a list of fans is growing beyond all expectations or Saturday catch alternatives best include. Weezer Portugal and Andrew McMahon in the wilderness she'd be out. Under the rug out of order Loverboy and tents in the sand with Shannon Maurice Taylor time KC and the sunshine band just yet. Saw him. Tickets for the little night music festival 2017 powered by Ford are on sale now would that ticket to Miami dot com. On so mark your calendar for December 2 and third because the biggest party of the year is about don't beat yourself on the shores of Fort Lauderdale. Different type music festival powered by Ford has brought chewing it in Germany and its attorneys call 180747. Free & Associates LP. All these specialty medical group delivering innovative care call 844954. Dogs and presented. The music. Yeah. Your stock Florida Honda dealers and it's just invite you to the sixth annual coconut grove pumpkin patch festival October 31 and 42 ever got apart 5000 contents of pumpkin food court and you'll love this cup and B artists so it's all wonderland for the whole family admission includes unlimited carnival rides for all ages of current stock based on butterfly garden and live entertainment. Sponsored by yourself Florida Honda dealers for more info visit coconut grove pumpkin patch dot com and. Big game. Not a big game witness as low Romberg and amber Friday mornings on AM seven. Am 10438. Big game out of the gate is sponsored by Palm Beach partly they're all. Number one draft pick. 790 get tickets football Friday is presented by Palm Beach Charlie or OK we're getting you ready for the weekend's game. Beach hardly eat there all week. Number one tragic sponsored by East Coast public adjusters we've got your assets up. Or he's got public adjusters and confidant Clark link coconut grove home of them Chicago named. For Xbox 370 by the Miami new times and I'd like that doors I am a is experiencing. Bergen joining us right there as Anthony tang of the Palm Beach post. Stopped by a little bit earlier I hear the professor John clay and every Thursday morning was as a Romberg and amber ready to morning. There is happening in the NFL professor know who sponsored by -- 1807. Boards of every that's wanted to hundreds of enforcement 37. A three three courtesy president Frito just rapid and opera slow walking up to. John Evans as close out the American Airlines Arena again ready for the Washington Wizards and the Miami Heat and then Friday. We got. The final pre season game there digging on Philadelphia in Kansas City freed oh and then we are one week away from the regular season starts tonight for the Miami as you work six days away from the NBA season and on but the heat start the regular season we from I need to have want first came on the road in Orlando to write an amicable for six straight and then they go on the road I think for six residual my usual schedule that the the West Coast of his earlier this year so they got Al Orlando. And then they're gonna have Indiana at home Atlanta San Antonio Boston Minnesota Chicago. By adjusting gave us the good teams and their and then you hit the road for your West Coast trip early which is. Denver LA Golden State Phoenix and you talk and then a side trip to Detroit. We come home they they used to go in January because of the circus those are just no longer and ringling Brothers is no longer so what I when you look at 4 this evening out idea the Los Angeles Galaxy Kelly a clinic and satellites and play against side by side at a zoo that's a relatively new development and again when you talk to Eric's Wall Street Selig is glimmering is IE just think in the possibilities of what can happen opposed to. Seven porter's played together twice a dumber on the point of remorse but he Goran us in this one out here. Let diablo but I handle and a backup point guard may have to come and play at some point this season yell writing guys that could handle that one. But like to like to see that a little bit more and then I'd like to control the turnovers little it's just receives and I know he's not handle the ball as much. When gore comes back bodies plastering a verse 2.2 turnovers per game this pre season it's just pre season but sports are almost sports or over the game. Eric Wilson said yesterday I tell I tell Deion simple is great to do that. Thanks allows them for for a in the entire operation and thinks everybody out there the Texas in and set back in just I just listen and certainly appreciate freedom they do very much may go cubs. Thank you are right number number again mango comes this afternoon funeral I mean I appreciate it we gotta go we got Doug Johns as always on the other side a little heat basketball gets ready for. Washington and York Miami coming up next right here on 790 the ticket.