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Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, October 11th

As the show starts with the sound of Leroy biting into a bad peach, how much of a gamble is fruit? Has Tobin gone overboard with his hate-watching team petty ways? Tobin, Beast and Leroy discuss the Cowboys' kneeling situation and Jerry Jones. Is Sesame Street still a worthwhile show? And how did USA Mens Soccer lose to Trinidad and Tobago? Is free giveaway gear called swag or schwag? Also, the guys react to the LeBatard interview with Kijuana Nije, the women who posted the video of Dolphin's offensive line coach Chris Foerster. Does the 'models' profession prevent her from getting her message taken seriously? The guys talk about the Dion Waiters piece on Bleacher Report and get into some general Heat talk. Tobin loves his animal attacks, but does he love them more than knockout videos? How is Leroy going to handle the possum situation in his backyard? 


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No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Again. We've landed some. Some golfers this still does not perfectly with the LeRoy fighting. Looks like we've seen better days. He's clearly you don't even. I got knocked where the only the only thing I ate today and there's I think. But just revealed you know. The other. And affairs with a terse I felt good to gamble it is I'm there gunfire on the outside. And that abetted it was like. Like also has like whoever it might think is there. Yeah yeah. Their beaches are good. Like apple you can you can figure out an apple. They have been telling you the peaches a bruise or something like that NFL. It was firm all the way around here then from that took a bite even clinched. It did inside of it was analogy I've gone through some ups and downs last 24 hour drive been not hungry and then binge eating. Yes yeah. Like once ate dinner. I usually don't have done a we smacked it hard last night no but then I head. What were you watching. And watching was the mother cavs bulls election cavs bulls and what's the first half of that. Five years ago you do users. Hate to see that he do that right. Did you see do you stop since I didn't I should just know I you have good restraint there. You still hate oil and during the sauces for us this morning when I was on my way out then. I heard you talking about value. That you can have your phone. Film that had a near Puerto. Some. He's he's on his way down. Yeah. They're not not what used to be that boy is not. A he wears all hop music all right LeBron and I'll open up is receiving game together Obama to throw some of you know Derek because you know it's funny. Derrick Rose was look at also. On now they're the Internet is blowing out de Derrick Rose look at also and he threw a sick out earlier to Jeff Green. So the two old geezer is they walked out of the Kohler who grew to recruit student show. Coach item still win the brought out there. Plodding along old as they are and where it does this Alley oop that abroad definitely would have slammed down reduces 2000 into what old. But instead. What do you do when you get. There will. You know that my friends we got a problem. You know offense they got to probably call me a hater. I'm like. I don't I don't think the hater I think I'm a bit of this a sports fan week. Always so what do they think your problem is exactly. I should be over by now. It's fun. Watching the self hate like you don't like what they existed to complain. Or to ridicule. It's fun. I mean item to a to a certain extent but I think you've taken it to a level beyond. That is normal I. As it was slim in the morning all the times you want usual Wear and broad Buell some on the Hogan however Miami uniforms anymore now. I don't see any of that Angela why should you get overwhelmed wade and LeBron can even get over and over do you think like an ocean monitored by a narrow list all we did five years ago these same. At least it was in the heat for for 22014 for vaulting in response to getting his money I love and I'll love it this Derrick Rose two and -- he's like crude to new crew dues through LeBron and waited consist of big ball wires. Big bowl of liars owned by the biggest liar in the league and Gilbert. Call me the Cleveland liars. That's of either team can they change the font on the logos. Just to DL with a with a knife through it at night can symbolize the knife in the back they'll resume whenever they double cross somebody. Maybe their mascot be Nokia. Like yeah. Let's get the real team guy what's you guys last night that's what it did well I watched that much curb our staunchest ally curb. Second guys that you get at you get a that you get a read revisit the scene. What do they revisit the food to chicken place the girl from the chicken yes yes yes yes that her about it is fine and recommend him about it Patricia takes the Fifth Avenue chats it. It's diesel pickup. That's great. What do you religiously the ceremony noted that you flexible little bit advanced Leon of it lived his body got how. Pretty good to take a fantastic and it's integrated Google complaining it's been a good couple of you don't move I was the first problem is better. Better yet they tell us on the box of diesels get those get a level I mean I laugh a lot of that show more than I do others and it's it's it's great but the headlines. Speaks WXY. And South Miami and tell you sat next to each each O'Meara car. We gonna like going on in the world of day portraits in the abroad do you buy a Firestone without a care come at a Firestone complete auto care and get sixty dollars on a fires on these prepaid card by Mel when you purchase a set of four eligible Firestone tires and every drive ran a fire's still a net. He Red Sox have fired manager John Farrell. It will not be back in greats they lost yesterday. They need a new manager someone with some sort of new components if you will. We greats. You be quiet over there we have you hot Red Sox takes. Well I mean they're complaining about to offer the first guy ever went back to back division titles them in history any as the World Series ring and they read Terry Francona tend to agree with the Indians there's much integrates. I mean there are at the city of immigrants if you really think about notes and is there any relationship and off Isiah Thomas later you know off and be fired Girardi after one manager of the year. That's just because he called Gloria blew people. And we have to raise sluggish today for a way Washington and the cubs. There's possibly game four yesterday got rained out in the league imported aid he comes up two games to one there. Italy yankees Cleveland decisive game five all tied up into in Cleveland tonight at eight a way. And now we've got heat basketball tonight as they host Dennis Washington Wizards Cisco's gore plan and I 7:30 PM is your tip time 630 humans dazzle and Tommy tiger. Had your pregame show live from the American Airlines Arena right here on your home to the Miami Heat games have an idea for what a 43 seed to the ticket. The cowboys have a team meeting. I believe as we speak like players only. Let's I don't know they were all the tablet called the facility before practice today to meet about what Jerry Jones went on a Dallas sports station and said if anyone doesn't stand for the anthem gone you're out where we're standing for the air and you have no choice and open to the meeting in the facilities to injured don't have that was borrowed probably in now. Gerald McCoy for the bucks says that if players are forced to stand for the anthem is going to be issues it's gonna be a crapshoot on Sunday well here's. The thing that Eric. So they haven't as meeting apparently loses this thing gets diocese can doubt he sent that letter and says you know we want players all to stand for the and then there's caroling and use some. Money to allow players demo platform of what good work they're doing what they want their oil players that want this thing on with. So I want everybody to July Eli. Whose. Well above the money there's that but here's the problems so you have Donald Trump coming up this morning and says. Just wanna say props to Roger Goodell that time you got all those players stand RA hands and get a felt like. Say. You. My suits did. Now. EE give them to give an edge takes a mile so we'll see whatever that these meetings now because. Basically. Yeah. It does sponsor stuff there's that I don't know but now you look like a puppet. I don't wanna get. Myself and in further trouble and Marty and whatnot. This kind of hard yesterday it was disaster. There and you say. I mean I don't think we have enough time in and you know fight shouldn't know we we got two hours said the Lotta time yeah. That's a lot of I don't did you notice that LeRoy user forty minutes early. You won't even yeah. Yeah interest. I will say this. There's a little bit of I know I hope you're not can divert accountability then and I'm not gonna do that. No I'm not diverted accountability I'm I'm talking about the simple thing at the at them out with trump coming down in and taking Roger Goodell there's there's a tiny well it is a lot of slave master mentality that is going on there that I don't like it all. I mean. It affect Angela you gonna take a bunch of grown men. And kinda put it out there. Like well there's no way he could have very easily. Said it in a way. Where everybody understood what he was saying. Gray and went. He almost. Basically what he did was. A couple of games before. He made it Saleh hanging out with the okay but let's just. I'll do this with you. Would do this for me well we'll do it to get. And that was the impression that I got them. What happens is is trump has come a wedge his way in there with the men's. And so did Jerry Jones. The stay at an end to end this right now. If somebody just comes out in your net. Did you gonna do it anyway right now you feel like. Oh he's telling me what to do brought. Well I mean it's kind of a couple things started again wasn't nobody was kneeling and and trials ever but he calls the colors SOB's right in his everybody started doing that shortly I mean I think. What everybody needs to do except or is that in due. Oh what NFL. The players and owners need do. Is like. Stop reacting. To. What. Out of twelve is doomed. And let's find a way. To be. In a friend it's. NB. Active in trying to find a solution. To the regional. Problem yet elegant props to Kenny stills and oven and but I saw this is today. But he was out with North Miami. Police Iditarod along with Roger Goodell added she's been about that I've been at school different to do regularly sees he's on the legacy is one of the guys who's been in the forefront well. Because you can doesn't go amiss interpretation that these guys somehow haven't against the military the police the flag and that's not that that's not. What their protest scene. I don't think people I think we're still a year into this and people don't understand. Why they are taking a near what they are protesting. Look at instills a descent sweaters and Norah thank north Miami Police Department and all police departments for the allows a lot of it is to protect our communities today we spoke in the community about accountability as to his street. We want to express our appreciation for those are pressing contributions all made by the officers. Hold people accountable for how they conduct themselves in Iraq and please and holding police accountable for their actions as well. Most importantly wanna continue to work to building bridges. Between them and the community while still pursuing justice. So. That's critical look at is still the guy who plays. You know fir your favorite local team Adam who has bin. The front of protest but I was also doing stuff in the community to say like nods as I was doing a thing before game he's out there he's trying to. Do some sort of big news we're issued actual original issue. As to why. They start this in the first Jeff then we'll have a lot to get to know is doing 000 yeah. Oh yeah. Did baby and you know we just mad. It's and take a look like. Yeah. Disney having a good. I welcome back to and he says it was you can click to read mix and we can yeah. Is that clean for the radio. Insurance he is hardcore rappers. With a pop stars called and asked him to be an album yeah they don't cut us. So all these rabid about Davis where they had to drop bombs and called females certain names and all that stuff. Soon as the money allocated to carry on or IKEA absolutely. You. Might. Not want to. Him. Out of here with some of them kid goes through during a ninety million Twitter followers okay. Yes the money who is what does it who has been on record lately was amigos are. One get one. I cuts yet that you know it's like wait what's this. Commercial. You're a win is immune to show up on Sesame Street when these days if that happens the world will I think the world shut off. Different. Street no one point eight dirty ago I do every day. You weren't sure why sort of got a lot to do that yourself. Just give myself exit its Elmo that's all it is nowadays now that's not true they don't do that Bernard on the part of their ambiguous relationship. They have. I asked the question is you roommates. Which candidate tournaments really and editor of us to the ground Michigan mass. The kind of they kind of leave the oh geez away rude. Key nominally or go and the sub paint thinner. All Aaron somatic. That some pink fairy effort at her name blah she's a very. He's she's in new. And yeah like this they'll be episodes be like get edgier and doing some song. Now what we're looking hey Brad. They don't do look no I nobody doesn't like you dabble GAAP. On the cars they're going to have to you have to gay you yuppie Kennedy again and again I don't even notified of gates on its on one of the nick channels like that soccer game yes it's an old news I didn't watch that. And that is how. In a beach and that don't want talked about it like it's so stupid you the government wants a look at the stuff you get a hold a Nigel. By about what the other station we really don't see. Well what you. Know wearing him does that Nigel. Next yeah point you explain that to the boss took. Maria and Briscoe and Noah we do. Rich you can still book I have a global. Trinidad and Tobago. Illegal original. Kick out code through a lot of somebody said the fair is Abby. At every day her an elbow delegate team there are duo. Oh is getting in the hijinks learn about there you know how to how to better themselves in the world. I don't see the Bob Toledo oh do you count the count rare rare rare show up why we don't. Miles is there a lot we must it was a pain in my ass though because MI so I'll try to go savage on this food could but I would have figured they would have gotten rid of the cookie monster because he stands for unhealthy eating. Knack for now doing using ugly cookie monster on celery H right do that that might have been an onion story but they tried doing that that had such backlash is that limit is damn cookies. It's a big deal the monster. Did you know in the years past paddle that's been around for forty years I know have one big or. Also doesn't of the diabetes after he knows cookies were some stories when you don't get half of it is mild. He everywhere and everywhere but don't we despite all humans and he'd be told to. Duffy still around. No no it's not a sponsor is nothing wrong rarely sees number they are good guys you know why there where it all the diseases they put no easy. Kevin and imaginary friend is probably not PC in its cool the other seconds I was an offensive line coach in the NFL. Sons is the local law does not snort oh there so it's the British guy and he's replaced beast. Are you that you could UBU and. Fake British guy and just do the hold that would let you. Right there's probably because we're Phil Hendrie talkies are going to and he looks up there and that's. It's open that was seriously like you were so so this kind of filed a soccer is Needham a city endured on the are numbered ten Albion sports talk a place oh here's the question. Did. You write. Wasn't really a goal or wasn't the goal or what I don't even know how. Well and in the Panama game there was that the for school that Panama score the ball didn't cross the line in the Duma goal and that's what you are one of the reasons why the US or the World Cup should station would come down that they beat Panama. If you ask him for nothing paid but Newark Newark they weren't playing Panama the plane entered into but I understand the positive reaction of an aggregate but he was also on telemundo by the way kind of feels like the heat getting the playoffs I just it's nothing is an imaginary friend anymore. He's not everybody can see. It's not to use and. Boom. Hooker cocaine clubs. It is wrong you what's. Why. Did you let her. Songs like god I'm still road tripping. And not the answer just and I'll be road tripping to restore our gains that you would McCain's gardens colleague will be going all kids get tomorrow night's Anbar Blake James will be our guest lie that Samar the gross 7 o'clock but real bunch of ideas wag give away. Said mark wrote when I haven't not sure why this way yes and swagger now swagger is what you has true wagons free stuff where's the H. It's SCH WEG no way it's Jewish way juries where do you set to way. Like Schwimmer. Even still he doesn't measure ago SCH. Then to the word. Sweat and this really just that's a good SE HW AG Shuang in some roots thing it's a deep dish wag tomorrow night. Late James in the house and clocks MR real growth. And in props eleven top of that interview today a hole so you didn't get the you get the lady begun did Alia and she's got more video and pictures. She says he's right and the whole time. She's had for the first time and that they met today today they had. Basically. She explained that when he called. The entertainment service to a book per. Her intentions and his intentions were to make her a quote unquote cocaine platter and apparently isn't that. Yeah Michael brought it. Credit card to use ES's cocaine crack church. How many times that's happened. Oh. You don't know how many times. Now. Should rolling noted there for a month and a half did this happen and ox nor any offered to fly her and her best friend like every road game. And also my lesson or. Oxnard a member of the myrtle in the they'll outlast number that's for the rights of the cowboys' facility after the UFO yeah yeah yeah. So during the hurricane. It was blowing. In multiple places. So more and have and you've and he fell in love. Let me tell him. You want evidence there's there's some interesting questions about his marriage because his wife has lived in tab 127 years but he hasn't. So low. In I don't know man I don't know man but let. Me. I was blown away a lot of late this is old the move a whole fingers. But the thing that they have gone crazy who has is that if he didn't send me his video we're gonna plant and stinging him anyway but they're gonna set something up. And it's like they got the holy Grail just sent to him. Because he was so off his rocker with cocaine. That exists she did this. Let me get to strip him airman and a had a finish so he met. This year. And what he's all in love she trying to set him correct. Every drill for. Suddenly he felt for its colleague David have a chance for him to full form. It's all markets he said the day he offered to fly them her best friend all the away games and also. Lately offered his Condo for them to move down to Miami. That's a line. That's what I was really gonna happen you don't think so I know you look over to lay down to be a platter again. So you can go bottle snowman another time yeah me. May and he he was most of missing and her like T pain. I love when it's a. Larry and threaten the pain. I like T pain I think is way I think what happened is he's he's gone full Tony Montana Annie has quite know clouded judgment. T. T ball and I haven't seen why keep back to a movie that neither of us have seen what. I want I'll do well global lost that luster movie doesn't read and be who is piece of this guy who racked up porn charges yet. That's so. Had to be on so well so I'll. He's got a piece were interviewed former offensive linemen that Chris Forster coached and as one guy who evidently didn't get along with cement blocks. Said that evidently eco racked up data charges in the facility at Tampa Bay with all the warning and watch heated charges like Imus follow. I don't know I don't know OK I don't know if that means light. The Internet that building and took a spike when he was leg to get it done during before meetings for you is like using that the deadly blocks account to pay for light you know. Live shows on the Internet so that's balls in question is as far as hot spot to doesn't wash the stuff back I have a question yeah. So this year admitted to trying to extort him total preceding get a chance to because he said the video not really association. Wasn't doing this for money she said that this was had nothing finances so the only thing that he crop he promised things like marriage and kids. Which again like this guy if that enter our and his conduct this guys is I mean he had to be in there lately and am elegant and I like I can't believe how much cocaine must have been done for him to throw that out and months' time. Mom kept it is just said that no Ers sole purpose was she wanted to ex faux news. The difference between how white you butchery and why people are treated. And that. She wanted to show the view rift in the system when she got a problem the fact that he was able to resigned sic why he would resign and leave like that wise and he just fired. And so that was the the point of it like this guy make it a million dollars and her mind response to lead a football team is here just. You know snowblower in the entire way through four work gets a gets going. It's quite a star in her mind. Yeah I am and let's listen and did she did she or did she not probably gladly accept whatever cash. Transaction happened for her to be his quote unquote cocaine platter. See that's a job who were muscles are criticized for doing her job. Okay. It do we want to give that. Lesson. From her. You say she may not be the one to be the social club we look to. A bit of blood on. Understand human and you may judge you about what you know reloading no not at all may go get George you made your choice. And Andre. If she is gonna. Beat activist on this issue them. Person that. Is it a bunch of relationships. Them debts. She took time out to say oh it's a coat it we sit here in the mean she OP would differs between. Ian. Black one and and she could go wrong in all that she's going. You know this is gonna help take a step toward for the the world what. A mask you don't think this method. Is going to. Take is that lower to fixing the system she doesn't like. You know the news in the solemn prompts yelling I'm well well achievement with cabinet. Out my. Again went up play pro ball social media. Wasn't as busy right. We situations it's weird situation. In Minnesota. Mean wasn't like that that. Oh no. I've been before that 2006. And say you work. Gordon I would say that we give Brad McKinney on time but had instead of the usual just more cane toad and that is a site A when you say Minnesota and you say situation. I immediately unisex but don't much of that late minute talk. No as a roommate. I know it is there were Polonia. The only. Capita south their shout out Eminem not Keon. Oh Stan. Again. Brings me back to my original point. Suddenly her next step is going on Dr. Phil. If you know an agreement would Dr. Phil that's a bad idea right good advice do you. It at all deduct a thrill in its ports of what you urgent petition if you were her manager what would you teller due next. Thirty for thirty. If I went to a doctor Philly got a little out of Kashmir are silently handed hand if I told you. Article. Was removed which. Ended low. Offer but known men. Kinsey who no that's when you're an estimate TMZ at a Dicey and what you are. I don't know but I DMZ got a catcher in the end of and air or do you need to do serious leg go on like CNN iron like you know broke his meg and Kelly do an uplifting stuff now via yeah just uplifting. Just did this in Washington the ratings boost she did tell a lot of talk to have a blessed day at the end of the results. I get away she's beatle record budget. This doesn't it it's me who whose judgment I trust more Keon with the coach who's professing his love. With with us know out under his nose. Yeah. There. You were your wits York wreck in the data sets. Right. She wasn't doing it too. So now. She resists there and let well one is she found out she was pregnant at some point and I think. And she did. Bring up this is cousin her stress for pregnancy and she's now have all. Low lying. To do lawsuit Tucci not too. So. Now my question is this new. And this is I'm telling you this is how this went. Real life real situation. She is pregnant. With. Somebody else Q. She has their phone bill right together. In this guy since this Tet. You know say. So now she got a. Yet we don't we discuss this all we discussed is do you have a man a prominent men of aside from whoever she need to do all right you're he has to understand what she does for a living. OK. Most men do not think. Data may go ball and that much slope in a more. So if if you nobody. Knew somebody who betrayed little passage. Instead. I love you so much moved to my baby. Right and you witnessed this. Two. I just minimum go out. And those famous words from James. And then all of a drug. Oh I better at that you go go. And I I know we're late in I know relate but we need to make it showed decision during the break. Sure we address yesterday or not. Well he'll get here because it's got eight. Me because the the techsters are out of control them my eye and I just I'm in just being amid purgatory you thought you tell you couple segments of the Scot free like I've forgotten. I got notes. Notes. I'm surprised you haven't seen that claimed that. I play at plated the other day. That scenario the two days ago like what are they played us. Ryan is probably Danson right now and I'll. I read this season I have Bleacher Report. They're in the brakes on DO I think another view on winners pieces I'd love to read that we talk to you so good interview. Like delivers great lines but I love the dynamic experience Riley he's gonna life. He gets you to got that we are open there's a page which report magazine that a piece. But audiences anecdote where Riley ripped it and last year because of he showed up not not plan to play. Per game and Riley kept the employed the reason he keeps getting her resume is not good condition. And so ride the ends of seeing them come to practice. Not in his uniform I read ago. Because he was gonna play that night. Answer I would just lines up the team and just. Here's into them but they got to be conditionally that was the whole point last year was such a huge thing that they got to be a world class condition rang and I just love the fact that. You know like he's hard ass with them but Blake also there is a lot of respect there because. These guys were told if you get into the shape you're gonna get these results and the dead where the islanders ended up getting a fifty million dollar contract. So that's really cool man and ads are the that's I think it's big it's it's cool watching the situation pledge is really cool that you know do one thing you say about our Riley. Is. The holes all the players honorable them with and he. Yet it says winners advance is that he's from villages has waited a sizzling averaging 21 and a half points a game that poetry is like a seven sixes shall rise that is uniform. Lenses that I Riley seeing this got irate it's a quote I have a thing about the uniform pitcher armory if you don't Wear everyday in practice. You Wear in the game it doesn't feel comfortable sodas attained a lot of against the wall goes profanity laced tirade in singles out waiters. Rise of firm believer in accountability expects promises to be kept. And that that was the big thing in themselves know so I think it's cool. There was disposed onto a DO it is a little bit in in practice yesterday after their game because as big a little bit high and the turn overs. Hasn't been so efficient. You know late last year he shot 42%. And they wanna say like him manly don't. Look at that as what you can don't believe as your ceiling you know late spoke puts us in a business on them being efficient scorers. North Cecile and take those take those jumps or there's still a lot of feel and out what the team. As far as like peace too late mused Arco oil and record James Johnson Mary. And it's mentioning his JJ. It gittins O'Donnell's Leahy struggles when he starts I know I know but haven't college and timid touted as a surged ten issued together you know so out of the break that up in May put they're gonna end up with a limit in the starting line up with. A sign of the shooter. You know open up some space in the in the eight. You don't know or for Goran for the sorrow and and tutor drink yeah and then find open guys if assigned gets better at that. If find an open three point shooter. Huge missed so many guys that have open shot the huge yet so it's cool elegant and all the toss in the goes on we all play god what is that. I don't know. That's catfish. Row. That's passage. Tonight you know sit you have. Ailes is and and and if it has whiskers it's Catholic finalize this this whole act that you guys pull every day what where you subtly Gilani. Yeah you. I'm pretty ugly head seeing GAO just we just. This past that it did in the cap they with a program is monster catfish. Thank you by the way that he's not and should not a given radio unless anybody know you shouldn't. No you shouldn't. I love it. I love animal attacks must do everything if I can find better than knock outs. He's escorted me. Who were looking at the little taxed more than knock those that do it when we get a random in street grand poster video from you. Normally it's either an animal attacked war and knocked out. I'm a firm believer that if you want the perfect answer account you follow three things pass models. Clinton did start there marine animal tax. And knock outs. Redistricting you can watch an instant so Jenn Sterger or whatever name is tense sturgeon and Jenn Sterger who's there and ask model that's on the NC grand the coma and movies I've played tomorrow. I follow over. Don't tell my wife let him. He needs to annual tax I mean Harlem who's the asp model on selling tech students exhibit signs of when the calls during the Lamar Hunt the text line. Who's the famous ass model. On the on the and Seagram my favorite thing too as well it's an unexpected animal attack when when you win it's. You know anybody could do better lie and a jump out of the woods yes yes yes like it was out of nowhere yeah Ellis is all of the other day. I heard this on the Joseph wrote a blog as as as this is concerned that nature is metal underscore. And I mean they put out some doozies like this one a pair wish Jason a big bewilder beast. Momma will the beast came charitable bad there it's gen silt so. Red Bull that there Jan sell their followed Jan sell her on and Seagram payload if you want to see what life you've got my backyard I have apostle and. Only know you don't handle emergency shelters under critters are older Andrews this year real person just shows there's a road versions. To do with a chainsaw now to insult there's a real person. Weary city bank and that's to get if you follow her. Shot out well known by her. Mom would unit of the boss in the Williams what things are definitely room tickets don't go to don't like to and whined to Mike Tobin over he'll bring his too much forward to in Europe I mean that. My dog is it will be bigger and yet and he runs back there magnitude piles face and he runs and Bush's. And then runs Mac roof and luckily Oreo cookie to beat in the Boston. Oreo eight. In about to say if he runs right back OK scratch and on the don't let me let me hit it in the Boston goes all has some much. Briggs of those scary eyes and teeth. You represent to you. The little white suit you crazy these LeRoy Kelly did indeed YR yeah. Outside that normally comes out that census ball in the at all but. Possibly all the oh possible. He. So look at this little monster. Look at them. Blossoms are no. And possibly that's. Yeah that's what that's what's going apostles blossoms are not nice in any sense of like nice looking and nice personality. It looked like it look like porcupine is about the big crowd. Something else seeing a horror movie reminds on of two eating out somebody's entitlements of anti. That you would. Have to this you know to eat we're going to have banks. All right posthumous banks and it was impossible but asthma gets headlines next.