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Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, October 16th

The guys are overjoyed about Miami sweeping the football weekend over Atlanta both with second half comebacks. All the big underdogs of the weekend covered...except for Leroy's Browns. Robbie has a solid weekend on his Magnificent 7 and his NFL picks, while beast goes 0-3 again and is 1-14 on the season in NFL picks. Beast says he will be dissappointed if the Canes don't make it to the ACC Championship game and says Malik needs to have better 1st halves. Dick Stockton had an all-time broadcasting flub going into halftime of the Jaguars game yesterday. 


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel in good. Casino. Played great here Ryan gonna cut it loose oh my goodness car at all. Sound its. Sound Marvin wolf Ryan gonna hand this is moment firing through. Weakness of the end zone planet Bob. Almost to the left Williams is a running backs three receivers delightful. Landry spills this overlooking left out of the pocket he goes goes for the until they call that's the touchdown Kenny stills along the flat line the little. A second in six of the seven hey it is color. I didn't wide open. Into the end zone and Miami on the court again this is going to be a 49 yarder that tied the game his longest 54 horrible. Think the snap here's the spot tickets away anytime they game. And it is good. Just play of the drive the 41 Miami played that will be run in Atlanta territory is available drop from Cody marquee. Up 38 yards to give viability for the first time today. Snapped spot pitches away and it is good and would lose thirty to play on the game clock. Coach he's Smart he's 38 yard field goal is given Miami their first later today at 18 to seventy. I like Julio lined up inside the premiere slot where you still left side who brutalized. After a Miami nobody goes. Tankersley it would. Got a moment. Yeah. My PME. Not a Jimmy trying to pick and no one's worried about you right now it's very selfish or your Atlanta. Now. Georgia Tech they're really get that showed him going home yeah. That's on the seem like it runs in the city. Weird cross in the water they start with the Braves all the division titles available series this further anybody Cox and it. Screw with the Braves mama's islets courtesy this portrait in 99 the game in Atlanta thanks to them love again for. All the beautiful sounds of that dolphins come back yesterday plummet to zero all beside themselves after watching the first there was. Something awful LeRoy chimed in early with its Milan table is. They want you look like it'll look like you to meet or. I mean when I got to win over the top. In those. Tell until listed. This is a this game was a contrast in style. Miami wants to get to use so you can't throw it down the field in Atlanta really wants to throw down the field. So wanted two things were gonna happen. Either Miami was gonna get to him and make them throw short passes which plays into Miami's defense. Or you're gonna get tournament time. And you're gonna see allotted at forty yard 25 yard crossing route that kind of and besides that one long past. They were able to keep Berlin check. Give some pressure on him. Except the last. I was like you know. And then Atlanta win though Atlanta on its fantastic man both of them both both the both games were great dismissed three or letting Omaha. That guy. The god got three catches this year what Al Golden ever. TEU is redshirt practice squad practice squad he's a redshirt junior. You know Mark Green valley Margaret was used animal lobby there are no good. Lesson. It's understandable though like how could you I would I don't. This. Is mildly. As I can't. There are guys of that team. That think they should be playing. And wanna be in situations. And aren't living up to it and there are guys in the team that are working their ass off and Darryl Lang has worked things out. He's awesome man how to meeting over the ring of honor budget vets like him at a six name because he he he's still playing. You know you've read no I think you should day I think he should we got that week aerials of B I would go considering a run there. And catch spots and be and the patriots hall of fame before you do drafted just yet in the med school enough term because it feels like he's he should be leaving doctor Barea stuff. So. And he's been around for this only sport we. Notes and I don't believe that it is is bitter row like. I don't I don't accept that contains always have those lay it all sort of cults where Tyson accused you can Google flu McCain's first seventeen years. Ireland said the price of marriage has been there for only four years no. The headlines today. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS at best beach. Teach you Miramar. Let's start in the world football shall we. So from the dolphins game yesterday let's let you know that Mike counties in the concussion protocol let you know. More about that as we go along they conduct. Be talking about how Jeremy. Bouncy well okay. What. That's a net I don't wanna be pushed back due to other other other would be Joseph wears a red. I am good. Duke case they didn't. Would you leave a concussion on yield. You know. Why you and Beckett can't wait at Indy this year yeah. Okay. It's the only game he misses. Is due to gush yet. With the team separate debt oh what they look at it as we it has got a lot of money in every every year he misses game Saturday he'd be alien to the question more than I would. Every year you missed games so it to a bottom line business. Think do you have fifty million dollars on the bench next to you know old you are ready as we get through. I'd also the world of football on. Teddy Bridgewater has been cleared to practice a good quarterbacks are actually healthy in Tennessee after Aaron Rogers was a match to the ground and has a broken collarbone he might miss the rest the year. I can't cap predict has filed a grievance against the NFL for collusion. And the owners prevented him from playing that should be interesting and of course bring no conversation. Any the national talking head shows. And we do have a Monday Night Football game tonight knowing. One tactically OC. Did well Robby a lot of this one. All tied the set and half point favorites and I tsunamis Marriott is plain luck is out playing. So do math and get all the big underdogs covered this week and so. That's a good I don't want to do. Except we accept the browns I don't want to talk about sorry I don't want to talk about. Fines if the browns this community I'm telling you if you LeBron this week we're gonna have to throw party. Does the course. There. Are if you pull the browns again this week. We haven't apart. What did you news thing of the story that to Shawn Watson shares where you Jackson allegedly told them. He he said that you just entice them be ready. You ready on draft night you ready who others don't Watson said that about you Jackson epidemic you got to know we. No we deal happens it's a big DO and I got some guy name Hogan starting quarterback. Oh I don't know what I'm saying is this. They do bad stuff so a lot of players aha. Dummy into the names called is a lot of bait and switch in the earlier in the early part of the drug I guess it but I imagine if your browns fan and you hear that. A call Tina said if we don't take this player were taking you. To be important to be watch him. Open that other guy doesn't get taken so you can go. I'm sure that's pretty bad but but even still like. Imagine being a browns fan and you're sitting here with warning about quarterbacks and so whenever you can have that down and went beautifully for desperately calling out the illegally and has some lessons yes he's the court wrecked or broke fifteen touchdowns. His rookie year this court will pilot routes for the titans next week they're home the tides RD six and a half point favorites. And him being played this week. Thank you Johnny degenerate. OK let's get to this. We're so Robby told you is locked for money and a football but we have to do the other kids news of the day merely sail well. I think he kind of even out there he said while married on display at a look at not. An innocent all the underdogs have been covered and whatever he glided close up to a lot. Are arcades update brought do you buy pride air conditioning and best service best value guaranteed a good a pride EC dot com. And the news is this one caves North Carolina and two weeks is at 12 o'clock start to. Darling of the currency of the week. And that boy bad. Would that sweet mullah. Michael Badgley I think he's my favorite can't blame all timed out there really a mullet it is it is a mullet I decide to show you. It's a mullet. It's glorious he's amazing he walked in the post game press conference with like his I'll warm up a jacket on but no shirt. All need to listen chains and it would have been perfect. I mean SI don't really think you know I'm Somalis it's a mullah in its glorious and I don't think it's enough uses in the fraud in that our party in the back that's his long hair and an out now it's a Molly and it's glorious and what you dared to suspect batch. I'm not a suspect your best I did better is suspect in my falsely accusing him of having a mole what they tell you said. It's glorious summer bush there's two have a lot of ways like winning big turnover chains and the bad wigs. Now looks like it's gonna sell terribly now I think I'm gonna I mean and to invest in this zone that the terrible on that rig is a great idea like recommend them when they sold dread of golf and in for Hewitt goes a bad idea. Also to all rod do I Friday's C again best service best value guarantee go to pride AC dot com we've baseball playoffs tonight right here the ticket. 7 o'clock pregame Houston and the Yankees game three in the ALCS. Yankees down zero games in two. Used it on top of that series and the headlines budget by their works really muscle cramps in your legs and feet. You is there were to leave this class act involves literally proven to relieve leg and footprints that relieved today. At their works relief. Knock out. There again well all these taxes through war or dance on Rabin's grave. Mocked in the clubs and they devoted his personal. Number two team in the country nobody saw that comment no the at all. Ron Adams a little bit or rally this week seven don't want to Saturday morning. Well you don't today you don't you don't get. Isn't it preventing us that's still 21 in the book Magnificent Seven I mean I was trying to give you props is it was a stint in your college or slow on the Magnificent Seven I would do. Five Nintendo. Made out first winning week yup he's gonna have to continue to win to get back to 500 overall. And I found myself in the press box at the hard rock rooting against Robby. And I was cursing him as his picks are prominent religious pulled a move the big guys is put out on the dolphins game. The dolphins that possess those total lack of a business leader that he's the retreated. Is literally true James have a better record in the dolphins over the last sixteen regular season games. The dolphins are twelve and four in the chiefs and then patriots at its in the not. You need to do that. We demand it said it was also the quarterback in and out aided it. Mean no you don't get to do that that's that's that's that's not all right so widget which your records and Saturday. But he did have event has agreed only winning record in the doom picks as well. 2021. You had two on one we will went into this Robbie figured out that I've only won one game the entire year. You're awful this. I am really bad habit and yet here's the standings Clearwire tied among the top of the month for three in three rod is a game back at two more bases at once. Chances we hole that is a decision. Certainly have been assuming it safe mode. Like if he gets the last week. You give me extra day in college gave no accident that I complete optimist didn't notice this that the city's then that's that. It. Unbelievable that's full I think that would is that is that four win this weekend here. That's yet to make fun of Robby. It's isn't it. You might if you don't wanna fourteen in the season's knee so he's he's he's one difference though listener has no ice on and don't try to follow it doesn't matter what he. And I see it makes himself out to me it's how and a happy camper and a complete degenerate are different story we're now in mid season form. That's fine and but by. Rules. Rules that I throw out there. All right but in five weeks. You've worn Warren. Announced by by law. No I mean I would say by lucky should run intellect a win a weak. Moment. Every week pay may where he came drink seventh seventh and one police and the other. It's in the woman there's the EP seven from the code that was it noted presents the coaches are paid. No because you know why interns. And cartilage had no idea on my Monday I think it's pretty good how do that don't agree to. This occasion of is this a case of I will say this though I will be at this point disappointed if they don't make it Charlotte. In the ACC champion took it is that they're they got beat today. Syracuse. Used North Carolina Virginia Tech. Than they have Notre Dame which is you know now really comforts it doesn't count. Oh accounts many cows in the contest in Charlotte specific garbage propaganda they put out that and then goes on the Taliban and and then Pittsburgh on the road after Thanksgiving. Mean. I guess is it's where to topple ball where it's me and I never ball forward it's. Like you just made these assumptions. And certainly not my expectation like I've my hope is to be beat Texas always so you know that's I normally game. I mean. The way I look at you got resilient. Your idols games if you need to start faster. Fully need to start faster. He's been he's been having some rough first taps hey am I mean. Look you may be funny Jim in homer. Well I think I think everyone knew I don't know a thing that concerns me about homers he's still playing special teams. Like you and you're out of depth at running back UK I mean eat it. I'd like to not get another Helton running a hurt. By the way in NFL yeah we get paid to play football yeah. Scores seventy yard touchdown and had to run Donald kick well that's because it's a limited roster you got a hundred guys in roster college. So evidently if he still plays special teams. They deem it important in order Bernie Richards. Errands. We're doing is celebrating a victory Monday it would back after the us. I. Yeah. I'll realize that. I'm sick and no it was not my game. Mentioned the small guys and the results that is the real or read what you who have look who was. I show. That even though he's sounds Smart more since the game hard. Well now it's that you guys are no it's not been taken over now and with the song relevant he's forty years ago is still out there. I December rod math became former hit my background my TV shows. This is is consult. Touchdown. Just don't. Chris. God critically. Jesus. Is back how did you see did you deploy equipment room relationships. Didn't take long we have counties have just happened. That was one of the summit that really agonize over. The next day they slowed demand Allen just. Is ruled on now on board and who goes he has are. Here and it's I mean you running authority. As he goes soda dolphins when you don't like the pain that. It works that way but it. That's all the business softened up defense. Isn't running to full blown it dead. You know the way he's been playing. Just because you get there doesn't mean you go make the play. Definitely not. Ed but it does feel like if he gets passed a lot of scrimmage he's gonna get you something instances that it's who's spent those clubs would Susie you ought to Bogut hit home right right. I mean you know and I'll give officers more credit. For bits. They are aware of that and and so as as a unit of say hey if we just stop. The administration. You find where to go in a lot of offensive lineman in they have the block a hole for you. Once you prove that you were able to run where the opening is. Then all they have to do is put haven't had an enacting their Gibson a point where all we have to do is stop the penetration. And in jail fund where to go together Brett exact. Good to see a man he was he was great. You know is obviously tough is another adjustments to make on the off of the blog how's he going out with a concussion. But didn't feel like they missed too much would be without them which which was which we're advocates are when he went out. Yes so I mean that's a good satin that's a good sent. But yeah I am a it was you know dolphins don't normally win nag. No and and so but. There have been a couple of instances in the last couple years. Where they've won games and we've put kind of a a label it blow you give the other team did this to screw it up where they did this or that teams not a good. And and at some point you gotta look at this team is say. And every game for animals. I mean if the saints just one or 52 point and he opened to a netted did lose any points. By the defense is startled look like what we thought it would be. And the offense just kind of you. I mean you got to start put more points on the board you know clock which they did second half that. Where is normally what happens to the dolphins what it just feels like they are really needed at at dealing. With bleach sandwiches late Denny's in they can take really bad situations. And they seem to flourish and you know I. Because it's being discussed trio were. Let's concentrate on what's at Freddie you just cut straight on to game play you just concentrate on getting yourself ready. And not worry about anything else and and a lot of times. Thing about this way. If you're not gonna answer any questions about your coach. And all the questions are about your coach. To really easy week. Yeah because arias is no no no I'm not talking okay. But it but I think it does have to be you do have to give them props for. It's not just that coach I mean hell lake everything they've dealt with from the from the hurricane. I used to losing your starting quarterback to haven't fans chant for Matt Matt Moore who Jarvis of the really hard call out of the fans this week there. And even with all that it's a weird that it go that they go rotten. When everybody thinks that it is done and it's not even a case of going into the game against a case of in game two. Days you know they've whatever the hell gazans have arrested two with a with gay is going into those halftime adjustments one of four. How about this. Would've told you before it is season started. Where it started and how would started. They would have a better record than they had last year I guess it's weird it's a missile on Friday like. Okay what do they do come out and they do in this game nutrients it would have disposed to make of what he's supposed to make of their two games and were last year at this boat ride. It doesn't. He is still in this weird place your hair in place you there's nothing yet Jay Cutler your quarterback. He's still not great the only thing that you can do you can do do two things. Petra. It's up to run. From wonderful. When you do those two things to keep you have a lot of games that everything about this or let's say. I am human but there isn't there another position for the walker ray oh god don't stop none of the just just give me on this program. Right now this league. Would do with the quarterback situation. I mean. Would you look at it and say there's 11 guy you don't wanna go against and Tom Brady and obviously don't want the games to be in New England. Any of that team is starting to. Well the ball levels were doing all of that not the same now the -- not the same caliber as well it is it is they have the opposite problem that don't have. The offense is may score points execute K he scored more. Right so like even if I were producer Trish related the dolphins had to go to Kansas City and you had to stop Alex Smith view on Tuesday visited. They're kind of bill Larry. My immune to some extent. I would say. There's no team. There's a certain type of team that scare. New England. And I mean Pittsburgh. Source gives good data throw the ball down through to get removed her wrote him back around. And that's that's a defensive nightmare and here's your US trade or more where they lineup we're gonna do. Portage is playing actual defense. All in Kansas City does have a lot of talent but again you mentioned Alex Smith. You know of. You know it was that he's turn this this page I just wonder you good to me in a player who doesn't love you or are you afraid of I mean. Most of the teams I mean Adam are you afraid anybody in the south. I know I mean Houston. They now he is serious I mean is Houston kind of that same feel that Dallas at last year. It maybe that is going to be kind of relative isn't it 001 game turned the dolphins into print content is now saying. This comes and targeted. I mean in this whole league is I think I think there's a whole lot of figured out of who's issued an especially as it does not a good. When I won the last two syllables. And the pitcher to. What about timber. 201. Of the band that is asthma. Why is it hard will win is a hard leg becomes another read you wanna face timber. Listen screw Denver lose into the giants. Don't listen to a I mean they were taken they each had to wait until I assume the worst human and you went. Lots of them went yeah no more surprising. Okay. The giants winning or to weigh the jets have played the whole year. Two guys when an. The giants giants and jets. BO and any. When a couple games the NFL this parody. But that's not more surprising there were team of people power is globally tanking and righted they've played well right. Got screwed yesterday. Yet it and hope. So it's not surprising patriots could be they have the right in the ocean does a great call. Right and not throw that called Qian. It's their John it was a horrible terrible jaguars a rising. Or they got a big gonna come back. To the field. The letter format and in the get a before her I know he's but he says will be much of the Chinese Olympic and again earlier but you can mean. They're their quarterback is such a disaster. He's such a disaster I mean I like playing the game. And having having a bomb takes Nath sponsor. Q you Jews know something catastrophic is gonna happen but with the dolphins you can see their actively saying Jay Cutler don't do don't go you. Don't don't do you via just take care of the ball he can't help he's going to slowing it. It's gonna get picked off at 8 AM this LeRoy is a slow talk that issues beat army takes like. Love to have this clown coming here we're. Disdain. Have no idea we're gonna talk about no no no we don't like pink and run we clown would do the show like others other shows do their show. I've done everything. Adds you what I do you what you gonna talk about it. And we will be illiterate by early Q can I correct can I get constantly after the break. Share a texture retribution chance to fight that's on Saturday but he chickened out. Mode the second time that attitude of the way it happened I don't think that's I guess he the second time of artists seemed b.s out Donald wants. Big that's a case it's true. You know and that's what it's there was an all time broadcast. Club during the judge has happened was an all time broadcasting plugged in the Daiwa's new all time broadcasted club right now what to chug your vote on that was an all you know what that is yet. That's you don't eat much. You heard me well. A bit. What you guys you guys get regularly broadcasting legend is that it is not that it was on movie mom had Gloria I think here you didn't hear hello. Absolutely Gloria let like city Jacksonville Jaguars will play very next. Executives at about party tomorrow all season long get ready for the games a look at the dolphins have the injury update these game and more pot to they're always number one traffic. Also brought to buy East Coast public justice MR grill in the car. LX the North Miami football about it and I am 790 I have a portrait HD to the ticket. So the LeRoy at least there was a few on. Seven they were taking up to around 3 o'clock today it's a victory Monday. Dolphins in Queens. Man I came game was Dicey with a penalty went down. I thought it was iphones curtains out as I came to you tell me these rat bastard Georgia Tech bumble bees with that she can block in the entire game. And that's a bikini and you called on to get continued Jose and all of a lot but a lot receiver garden this. Hold originality cut out you is that the rules again allowed to have a cup block out you can't have a yeah BJ I. Outside certain regret. I didn't like it markers lose and his belief we did was just me. Or when it was uh oh. Like way. Emery me yeah. Mark recruit like Judy Forrester who at one point in time the white beard and the celluloid goatee thing yeah I. I literally I literally couldn't see the field from the press boxes ratings auto one point. Help though. I didn't think it's gonna help us that would favor George tell that as a that I sort of think about it like. All of those pitches like all the things that they do well you know that can be a little bit take maybe one. Like radically you'll watch a telecast they'll make a point. And I'll look for. And the whole thing was is that the quarterback had trouble throwing the pitch going left. Right so if you know every time it went left that pitch was coming any kind of way of all McCain's gonna get one. Andy never been every bit. Yeah I mean the let it would have been. You know you are gonna look at this season I don't know what would you have his goals for the season with a came late eight probably seems high for what they should be in the country at I don't think anybody it's really be a point. Does it put that could I mean they're facing the country because everybody before him well listen it's not a like let's not get even get into rankings and give your kids are angry that you're number eight but you know I don't even talk about that. What the fact that you have a chance to do something you have not done before we're too is actually go to the ACC championship. It's hard not to though manly quote when you're in that talk because they've given it does we done that like. But I remember the video ranked like number three year five or whatever a bunch of years ago and they got their asses kicked a leg and I'll put the rankings. He wins he's Iraqis to terrorists exactly what brought you guys aren't coaches like I don't know what you're doing there like OK here's a it usually pay due to the eighth team in the country I don't care. They play to let's not an answer yes no question no the answer is no I don't think the team in the country. All right don't play clueless team's most of the teams and I think they're like number ten. Or eleven maybe. Well in your mind they've played what they've played probably four fewer games because ME SC ST another day on the way out auditor with the equipment addict and as the playoffs yes. Shut up probably. We're a huge dome of the match and all the all the feud that UN you got the at the Knowles to getting and you lost of that team with the with the gimmicks. Well as a large Arab RIT guys are out there already they're gonna pound Syracuse. Whoa let's not do that. I don't wanna do that either I don't do that either disabled float around this building. Well you would thing we Syracuse is coming in funeral Ohio and. Let's that was the dumbest thing I've ever her rape eight. Because everywhere and handed them loss well don't. I'm slick. You must beat. We must that's my way of Peyton. What do you what do you mean he must be from Miami I mean no I mean he was he. K that's a really attack this in an almost closed Indiana. Well I mean this I don't really. Net you've never heard you say or claim that my school. Was going to be in the final four in the year because there undefeated ring in the top ten now I know issues were and are brenly. To what they work. So note that doesn't mean I'm not afraid now that does what I will say if you can start off wearing. Way to get into it aides by Isabel porch upsets happen Denis. On the idea of pre season rankings and like all this crap anyways as so's you did. Because he knew why why you ranking teams that haven't played yet like what does that means it's foreign know it's do it rankings are full regularly about a week before. Like indicates the eighth in the country which eight teams are better. Well the two other teams in the state UF CC. You answered. Some of those don't mean to leave a more and it does Mona island OK because right now. This order it's 305. Conversation wit his buddies. And they're arguing right now. About eight teams. What seventeens are battered indicate. Couples arguing about the. Even purples accidents Sims to real 51. Really. I ended Dick Stockton yesterday. You add it and I ended them I mean does viral. As one to eight I just wanted to put it out there. Now how many retreats and yet. Like 3000 really 6000 likes. Hall yeah by the way guys that your dad's in USA today to to Waltz on in stealing my material. Well done by you. We deal with two big brand store level retreats though you'd bastards. Anyway I'm watching jaguars. Ran just today someone has been I mean it was a fun game for two minutes. Lot of first two plate hitting amazing amazing nonetheless excellent burst. And it touched the ball ball. What steps crazy so. Dick Stockton. Is he's doing it was stinky marks Lara. And get raided to go to you halftime who moved the half is winding down got a preview what's coming up. And Dick Stockton legend it's called everything. Well. Let's just let's just it would happen. On the visa halftime report. Curt Terry holly Michael and Tony you look on graphic for the final two bullet points. Well sometimes. Young offensive tackle right there. Just written on the cue card and didn't. With LeRoy I listen to what he says here's what happens is so it is. How Lee Terry and the crew they're coming others thought Aaron Rodgers injury Adrian Peterson back. On the screen that's what it says. But an obvious who say that on whatever script he's reading insists he's he's. He doesn't he doesn't that divert to look on the screen to see without a thing. On the visa halftime report. Curt Terry holly Michael and Tony you look. On graphic for the final two bullet points. Yeah. It's don't read the current season ahead. People don't run away at any. Struck. And that's actually went all the papers that go through it to dual ivory. White. Bill. Diplomats led him having a lot. You go out well I don't think I put this thing out late 530. This video of it. And then like it did jazz I think in telling 9 o'clock and then all of a sudden my phone broke you'd ever is it reads we in his video. But law what's going on late I have my son was watching it was I was want to mess on wall gives you honestly. Not to do it somebody does get them familiar Dix not to work because you know dolphins pregame pre season. It it's funny like that has been in the business for amber. So I think that's what a lot of broadcasters get a together league manager does the united Dick Stockton. Had this happened to look. On graphic for the final two bullet points. I'm fixed. I mean he's freaking almost 75 years old I understand but he's been doing this forever. And you know. Nothing there. Look on graphic for the final two bullet points he rode over against things reaction is what makes it for me forcing users like. Which. I don't know how many games it on the gather is that fiction editors came back to proximity does the first and insular that working together we go. Don't know three I didn't bring it I just merely left at which brought in left and let somebody else. The state while speaking is like bees making fun of fat eat. Meet black cat or just lack the funny joke. Or or uses. Aureus or not it LeRoy did point out that he does have problems with the blind spots and some first and he said before restart at lap. That's it's I do know was important to you I don't I stay away from net. All went 888 they get. We do see deuce he play around. I. This alls. With somebody reading actual bullet points. Right. To be brought. Exhibits. Apparently you know a lot the last call 1888 they get. This Robbie. And I was may want to give you kudos by two weeks this week you tried to pull all dolphins that onus. 07 to want troops to get is I told me ms. On the visa halftime report. Curt Terry holly Michael and Tony you look on graphic for the final two bullet points. Sometimes. Young offensive tackle right there yeah. Well who help but hear your Mark Richt whale. Put that to me knows that what this isn't were all all the media stand in front of the puzzle in a way to get answers the Bosnian presser. I wanna be there like all the B writers Evelyn and I hit you doing here I didn't know it wasn't about you like I was gonna see some more Americans that I got you doing your Mark Richt impression. And Roland is laughing and nude bathing and let's hear me after the game music as an I think it just goes. On an. Ohio doesn't go on throw a softball all the bigwigs are in the remotely James in the end and M into the room. Yeah well I'm solve all democracies let you know the bark. I don't supple like oil and until my team after these two close games instead. Well just go back to what I stated in the beginning just take that. Sodium and it in his office holders and he doesn't like do what you eat it's like we do not just go back to like the beginning and it just like take that quote. That. Tuesday that we get to headlines in the.