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Tuesday, October 17th

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Won't allow to a bar on a insurance today October 17 is. Yeah 2017. What is up courtesy was alongside Chris Burton got tauzin on the other side and first it's October 7 date you know adds a big day. I do. Yeah I do NBA babies. And we have eight starts then whoa I slept like a baby last night at all is dreaming of and slam dunks and Alley oops didn't three. Pointers and usage rates and all sorts of NBA lingo. Tonight we get the Celtics and cavs the rockets and the warriors. Great doubleheader tomorrow the Miami Heat opened up their season out in Orlando. Miami Heat forward. James Johnson is going to join us in less than twenty minutes. In less than two minutes we got your code word for your opportunity to win. To win 1000 dollars it's all good perk what do time to be alive. Yeah a man you've absolutely gotta love this stuff man. Dwyane Wade tonight. Ten starting lineup I mean. I don't know man I mean. It's doing it's going to be weird man it's going to be weird there's no question about it yeah and it's funny that you say that that leads us right in the here's the being. Blame ways stars another chapter perhaps the final chapter of his hall of fame career tonight with Cleveland as the caste based Boston in the season opener. And yeah. This like kept a Syria is going to be weird again. I really wish to Wayne would just come home. It was strange seeing wade in the Chicago Bulls uniform and never got used to that and now we'll see weighed alongside LeBron again. But in a cavs uniform. Now there's some great players you become accustomed to seeing with different scenes for whatever reason Shaq comes to mind LeBron. Kevin Durant may be that's because they had success with more than one team. So officially I will always wanna think of weighed in a Miami Heat uniform and so far despite that little flirtation with Chicago. That's the case. Perhaps the only thing that it sayings that will be seeing waves lift the championship trophy in another uniform now I wish Dwyane Wade no Il. In fact. I wish Dwyane Wade good luck. But but 'cause there are some local gnashing of at a mere mention. Of this man's name. I wished Wayne way you would just come home. Here's the thing is brought to you by drone nerds been the drone nerds dot com today you promo codes as Loper timbers and off anything to do with drones including repairs and customizations again. That's drone nerds dot com promo codes as low Z eight SL OW for 10% off. Located in Evan Shura drone nerds is your local DJI. Authorized dealer that's drone nerds look them up on line at drone nerds dot com. South Florida's I. In the sky. I don't view myself as being petty. And the other is some people on the station Tobin. They don't want to see Dwyane Wade succeed in and so on and so for yes I'm not do you really do you really wish him good luck. I do I I don't I don't wish anything bad tempered way I mean I I actually wanna see another Cleveland Golden State. Finals and end of if Cleveland happens to win so be it I mean. I I wanna see a good finals. I really wish doing nothing but but good luck good fortune good hill what about the heat. Still wonder winded well. I kinda like when I'm on a singer I know I don't have a lot of them as a player and another person so I'm just curious the other fan but now that it's here we're gonna see it yes the end that's what the best what I don't like that go do your thing will will get bad habits I always got to we go out things to get to we do we don't know we don't rule out. We got to manage our time around here were true very poor at what time now for your chance to win 1000 dollars in the dig at slam dunk contest next this word. Talent they all count starting tonight in the NBA to exit 272881. A stored counts CE OU. And it seed to exit 272881. And you could win 1000 dollars and you go win now through the end of this month solicit mornings at seven and 8 AM with dazzle Romberg. An amber and afternoons at four and five with myself and perk again it's ours were just how. Texan now to 72881. For your chance to win message batteries may apply I don't Texan drive. That's the 1000 dollars slam dunk contest on aims have a nine you know from 1043. HD two. The a ticket dwell on the code word in less than an hour right around 5 o'clock and Miami fort James Johnson is gonna join us here Miami opens of the season. Up in Orlando. Tomorrow night by the way and speaking of that all day starting tomorrow at 6 AM with the morning show there were just mentioned. Will be giving away a pair of heat taking every hour man that's huge IRA assumed debt now whether this is big time around here I mean every hour right I mean I don't know what we have to do let's where your home they heat and we made it happen man is not a station that can deliver this so we got. Tickets for you every hour on the hour so when you're going to work in the morning. During the mid days with would Dan and Stew in the crew and then you know old Toby and LeRoy and beast and then will be back here. Two lead to write me he basketball opportunity to win tickets every hour so this is in the 011 shot deal. This is you miss your chance O also close to every hour. So lucky listening all day long from a 6 in the morning. All the way up until. We take the heat basketball and there in Orlando and that's going to be a lot of fun we'll talk about it without would James Johnson you're coming up we'll get back to the way conversation also hear from. While LeBron and wade got decked out a little I Dow's regularly got my stomach watching now love fest and Rachel Nichols. I was alone it's it's. I mean it it was very very holly you could very everything is fine not been to see here where the best friends. You know the bill it wasn't the true the true or polls about each other right Rebecca were BF have Syria oh whatever. But you know what disturbs me really of that and when ideally here's the being a bowel was. I don't like that Dwyane is not like as much as he was previously. You know I. Dwyane deserves better and I think when he retires and comes back home to the techsters who say this is not home this is the wings' home. I think things will be fine but in that mid time I I just don't. It is very unsettling for me the word Miami people and I know I don't think anybody hates the way people just this that the wine but I don't even like that. I mean it's like being pissed that shoot low or Marino. Or or somebody else and I know this area will present. Right well this area was this then Alonzo Mourning border tours I reckon this door and I didn't like that either now you know zone you know but I got burned a bridge on his way out of yes it's fine now it's great. And I think we final play I don't know do I right now I'm dull out of the like it. Not I just wish you come back home just so all this mess could in look at the mess you want the happy ending right now yeah yeah yeah yeah I do all we do look at perk your ten bucks you'll see a movie and nugget happy ending like oh. Happy right now no no I'm not I'm not. Well but I just want I don't like I don't like that the burden bet feeling around Dwyane he's he's old he's one of outwards here right he was. Rookie year okay I'm glad that's out that's what I'm proud resident of Miami weighed down. That's slow but what would but there's no reason why he can't take little abuse especially now these competition. Mine a little abuse this is just this is just this stuff that. That we hear he would let Wade's home to Chicago Miami is just where he played basketball. Do you believe now thank you that's what comes up little light. And it'll be fine and you years where I don't like all of this sort of thing Rinker this disharmony in the mid. But where where where he is a person I'm aware that where is that person coming from whether saying that way it is in. It's not a win win I mean much to him I don't know wearing well I think that they mean when I say that. I will wait to come home. That they're saying well and this isn't he -- only way born into is Ole miss Chicago or Cleveland or wherever he was born and grew up when he when he retires whenever it has whenever that is where do you think he's who has gone towards its duties coming back here and other supplies and come back home there's like a home. Come back to the heat. He'll be in the heat organization death and you'll know there right all right duke duke citizen in right did write a stars in the sale without Carl Edwards said I in this and add and nobody's doing at the restaurants before it worked out too well now solid job opened three restaurants during the recession growing work out too well yet but anyway. Silly reminder of the tickets are now. Twelve dollars to go to the movies was less than he went to The Who hurt you want a happy ending go to a massage place like everyone else they yeah I saw identity for a if I before it gets anymore let's get to headline. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. MBA tips off tonight with two games Boston is at Cleveland an eight. LeBron James game time decision due to a sprained ankle and thinking he's gonna play Houston is at Golden State 1030 at the debut of the Chris Paul and James Harden backcourt for the rockets tomorrow night the Miami Heat opens up at Orlando at 7 o'clock. College football number eight Miami Hurricanes have wide receiver among Richards and say these children read one return to practice today. Both miss the Georgia Tech game McCain's host Syracuse on Saturday. NFL players and owners including dolphins wide receiver Kenny stills tied in Julius Thomas safety Michael Thomas and owner Stephen Ross. Gathered in New York to discuss how to move war with protests during the National Anthem now no legislation. Came out of this meeting no legislation was expect to come out of this meeting but the sides did issue a statement that say it in part. Every one who is part of our NFL community has a tremendous respect for our country or plague our military and our anthem. And they said they planned to meet again on this topic Major League Baseball Houston at the New York Yankees. At 5 o'clock in game five of their ALCS astros' lead 21 Dodgers at the cubs at 9 PM game three of their NLCS. Dodgers' lead to Ol finally NH jail Florida Panthers are at Philadelphia at seven Bos. Are your headlines we RD got a lot of tax irrelevant and you cannot obviously Tex the show. Please do so safely do not Texan drive 6797467974. On the Coral Springs all Mohammed Tex signed. We're gonna link up would James Johnson of the Miami Heat here in about in seven minutes. Just watching Dwyane Wade though in that Cleveland cavalier gear that was due to make my skin crawl it was alarming but but he kept vis vis tech. Who cares about way. This other six when was the last time he even made an all star team. When he retires he's going to LA and he's not going to be here in Miami. This film this good about Kurt he's a below average player nothing to miss right to resolve them on our team. I don't even know that that's the feeling right. I mean I'm what. What percentage then this is. Any person in the Pete in the right. It's that are that are upset I think yes it's that it's not beastie. It's not then I do know that I do think the people that did disguise it as I he's washed up I don't want them around. Would take him in a heartbeat around here I think that Slobodan phony not at all but I do think there's some phony off easy you know it's like you're breaker with a girl it's. I measure was a mess round. Mr. overall right in Austin got she got well kids I don't want ideologue out you know I then all of a sudden it's like you know hey you wanna get back. We're good we're in Tulsa. In this situation I do drink. The heat is better off without Dwyane I'd our desire I want him to retire and come back here by as a player yet he'd have been in a way a little bit. Let's hear from LeBron James Dwyane Wade courtesy of ESPN has a lot to this interview as they open up the season once again as teammates. And Dahlia watching Dwyane of that cavaliers gear asses. He's in the gear now he's here has been so I didn't know it is great this round. Has been weird dog in Spain. Greg he's been good what do you dove on the floors obviously. You know what. So how are you getting them acclimated to living in Cleveland class who finally got in place and. And who's gonna go we're not about being in the know failed. I can't believe he didn't stay with you by the I don't bodily it has hospitality as possible because there's a mob boys I cannot state over ourselves not just I'll hang on a new Lego. A move and handled the man widely cashew lately whales I don't know what yeah. I don't know. Dwyane Wade now part of the and the cap if if if your wife where are geared to whoever's there you know is such and such here. You know right you wouldn't be like I don't know we'll check is like miles of and that being those that must be nice right. Yeah LeBron to you know a cute little more than a couple the ideal and are active. Mayor and both to write those you know what I am I'm happy for both gnome but again. You know a lot of a lot of these takes a lot of attitude and no way not I could I can more understand it about LeBron he's not one of us meaning South Florida and South Florida's own. The way genius okay rookie year writer I mean that's but here's a little bit too jolly on this like you wish them all the best the the problem. Of okay I'm not heeding okay that some doctors are I don't think I don't I mean it's simple I use that term wonders like haters yeah. But there's very as they're very learning levels dirt and I agree I religion like you're a little bit too jolly on this. Like I want them to lose like Alka of the competition. They're the competition and that's it they're there they're the competition just like why litter and staff curry back there's more there though 'cause he walked out on you. I mean but let's integrate best the last Tia best of luck Tia asks not oils gets hurt. Like when the heat but the heat don't do that one night that you could say the Cleveland as far ahead of Miami big as far as the standings and that they're not really in direct competition. That's fine but to me. Like that is the opposition that is the quote unquote enemy. And if your heat feel like I don't wish them all the best the meat you're down you're Dwyane Wade trim the that's different curfew LeBron James trip that's different. But if you're not the only heat uniform then on this like Dennis I mean because I'm not as he am sports and but I I want to seek legal angle and say it again. OK we are selfish than. There are so all I've heard there's no doubt about that bad you yeah yeah that is it is all about me this NBA season one in my wishes the right one of the things that the huge thing in Dwyane Wade's debut. For the Cleveland Cavaliers would also have a Kyra Irving's return to yes Cleveland tonight how easy it treat. I don't Salmonella boos but I don't think he here I think it's ropes that you think so I think he gets rolled out last night tonight that's that's. Will mostly I don't know I I'm I'm not sure that the Iranians to hear that much about I reboot will see. They got Isaiah they got way they got. Yeah like LeBron deal. This is saying yes yes exactly like LeBron and helping to agreement yeah well we're gonna get in that box before we you know we got to get to jinx Johnson he's expected to join us. On the other side the Miami Heat Ford will talk today is about opening up the season does decision to come back what does so what's his group salt all is all about. Can James Johnson a very interesting interview. Very very thought provoking Serena here from up the heat forward on the other side but first a quick reminder the ticket and laymen Buick GMC when he C want you to see Miami's hottest team. Take on the San Antonio Spurs. On October 25. At the trip bullet courtesy of lame Buick GMC go to lame imbued GMC oncoming allied road to test drive any of their cars between now and October 20. And you're automatically registered to wind to watch the game this week out about that what NetSuite. Yes that is sweet sweet do you know. Just necessary suite includes food and drinks. So take a test drive at Lehman Buick GMC for your chance to win a sweet night. With Miami's hottest team now through October 20 a member of the hottest team. James Johnson stops by next here on 790 the ticket everybody. There alongside Chris Perkins had. Hey guys targeted and finally back and get to talk to one of our favorites around here. They join us right now on the run fueled the announcers comedians are just life they are truly step beyond convenient. Miami Heat forward James Johnson joins us here on your web video that tell you what's of James. Are you outdoor. No woods no matter which Delaware excited about the season tartan. All of America to be more happier Mary K Mary this year. You gotta be I mean everyone's energizes optimism for the first game of the year James but especially. I've been down there for media day and does everything you guys have said you're the last couple weeks. But this is sitting still I'd like a different start to the season is that how you view it. I definitely whoa or you're familiar we each other. This more as more than just about all that's known really really treat it like Brothers he talks with Sutherland Elizabeth. And really push each other that that goes cause pot for every. Very nice then when the season starts you know I remember background you know when I was in school years ago first day of school are gonna get straight days I'm gonna study and and where they are right it is imminent and I never did by the way but it but I did you start off like met with lived in the end of would win the season opens. On you know everybody how about that bodes. Throughout I think we know what kind of start we don't want issue you know do we did a great job fighting back last year it was. You know that was last year north of England bag so to us this year is the back of how we can together how we don't quit. And they're like I felt brotherhood. Miami port James Johnson is with a James are you better around the league and you've found a home with the Miami last year you had a Renaissance let the season and then obviously you re sign with the club. What makes money and effort and why you wanted to be here yeah. All up between bella that there have been the quote you're here on my goal and all the files while we're there. Go home. You know the guys really get to the the other spent four years with with with a group of guys like the like John it's drag in. On. You know it another couple guys that have bright futures and you'll understand. James when you talked to Pat Riley how do you address you know some guys column called some guy's column riled some guys call pat we go on the godfathers. Yeah. That would go a month on merit ha it is at a usually present. Oh mr. Reilly if quote nothing has lobos echoed later. We are now where I would and that's money. A now he's a once I'm off Melissa yeah yeah. Mr. errors in the and that's the other wouldn't expect the guy that we are outraged right there you go. That's right A James Johnson is with us you're on your home of the examiner did to get pigeons what is. There's been made about who starts and with this group you guys are very versatile including yourself yup a lot of depth on this on this basketball club. But does it matter do you prefer certain east of the weather to start come off the bench. How do you Buick here with would this is his coach called a make here regarding the starting lineup. All I do go out there played. I don't get to that coach in order and you say you know that's a hundred. Her duties owed me go to him at the end of that period of dumping should. Is that still a big deal I mean the starting is that still get your name call to get to run out there and he's done a number times belief yet to come off the bench number I. Is it more so about who fitted again. It is starting the game come over blown by most. Yeah. Yeah absolutely I agree with that politically is that the U who did that it is okay no. Not good no doubt well the guy that not enter your quote. I crude could cause the games are cool gonna be in durables Clayton to execute the best at the end of the but into the game situation. No blood there if Kelly you have to get that rolled the star role. The food that does well deserved that he earned him the I've wanted to do this sort of what my decision he's gotten the good start. You're if you can work or they put in the work for any part of our courses. James. You guys have six home games after after the opener against at Orlando did you go out west. Your favorite city to go to out west do you do you have a a place that you liked that you look at the scandal Gaudio golden Stater LA. I'd I think right now or is this Golden State that's for that that's how to combat all know there's. It's going outdated. Trying to beat them on their home court is what makes it fun you know. Anything else to get the business trip what goes where we go. Iowa I got to follow up with a what's the word city a media played in Sacramento. And yeah I was I don't remember who is a method also rewards the ordeal like no I don't mind a quick in and out of this MBA outpost. Milwaukee. Look I don't know let. What is cold cold out there. You know. I own art we're in the heart they. Got to that space and I like the public apparently got what goes what are you get it out that I have. That it that before I am dumb and you're sure let's put the game let's I cried out. Yeah I went to James Johnson is with a sense of Fareed fans out how would you describe this group finally have a lot of guys don't back from the from the same team that put Lester but if you got to describe the 20171018. Miami Heat the word culture gets thrown about talk is about what you what that means and what this group is gonna play a plate each and every night their style speak. Yeah go hungry. Explain to us through that were hungry gulping any book satisfy. I'll pick you must all take days off we always put in the work. And I have heard about do we go enable each other man everybody's happy for a copy of success everywhere and what have different nights. There's going to be they're nice if some guy is not going to be good night but it. What we're happy for them go out there. And the one thing I love about the NBA is all the off court stuff offseason stuff. You just got to lead your team the sun light side and Joel MB just have a little Twitter. Which I know they say that they were okay and do you like the stuff do you do you follow that. I was there. Our local rivalries were about as that one of the best thing about playing as professionals or any sport it was in that we have a robbery. Our war war. Actually got to start somewhere that was above and beyond to the I would say this often are not bitter vote. And I bobbled. But you let that black belt and a massive savings account and you know the art gallery or any thing to me now execute a bad. Evolved now did they know that this was the hardest thing that led the you know to. Just can't fuel for the different ways just wanna bring up the question in new ways in your game and no one that you might be thrown in their home in. One person got to come out. You have anybody like that in the leaguer or have you ever. Now you know permitted these all Martinez B always Levys go at it like that. Every day today prior want to play his cool home who don't let this oh. At the same time you get eager Craig on the court any one who doesn't talk to contain so we're gonna get it can make that you give to me tell wolf it's LaToya nobody else. Everyone wants to make the playoffs is James Johnson is our guest I mean that's obviously the goal but you guys have have to have you have higher goals than that I mean is there hey we wanted to home court we wanna get the fifty win. What are kind of some of the team all of that coaches laid out three guys do you personally have must have talked amongst your teammates about the seeds. Are you know that that's an in house so what we've talked about of course. Of course the play off and things like Selma marks on the way to get to the playbook really the word. Were worse opinion as we build enough last year we came to got good enough latitude. Could not come to a slow start so that's up to make the playoffs they've gotten. You know second to none put. We wanna go all the way and we want to win but we're not overnight and did that at. Cause are playing game just to make the play or more February just like nobody else does god god help someone rings like my daughter's working man in pursuit of what does that way every day. Joins us NBA do you watch or do you follow I know you guys don't have a lot of spare time but when you're on the rotor to your home you watch a game here there or or reason stuff online about the lead in the other players. If they wait mode by who. You know bigger series C field whatever that quote Arnold really do too much that we you have the Kiev to play us because what she said. Our winner and Golden State and you got a day off your run and went through it and Dion. Is the son who's up who's your guy your wing man when you head out on the town. Our pilot Dodd and blue. You know those of those do we need to god Rodney Magruder man. They'll pray for a for a speedy won't turn him you know you know we. Everybody there typically is what everybody everybody does their that was critical article we don't have no no groups are no no. So. Who managing group where LA everybody picked it's I'm boat he would ever get to know everybody on this day. You mentioned Kellie hill when they cannot just the the personal stuff abut as as a basketball player how does he fit into this group what do you see in his game. Our marriage craft the Pope know. Our own. Children. That's great screen. You talk won't be sure it's brand. It is it is vehicle who had to go to a game you'd be looked often. Like I said that this didn't like to bring out coach former chief Brenda how. You don't try to Spock she was a boxing game up. So a lot of things that you might utility room every mark they would do well when he'd been there are workable but it. I think that you always had a good look what enabled. Picture view it that way mutual bought. James that the second unit that you guys have we saw a really good things from them in the pre season what took a good second unit do fourteen during the regular season how to how can they hope you. Our mode button unit unit that either bring you back from the dead this huge duck at the same moral all of take the lead. Are you know that that the group. That make the first who work every day of practice. You know they that we haven't everybody talks on at school. We won't let on that he knows that we have a lot of guys that the starters that. Domestic unit you know it and they've played there's they've played so well lawful criminal who. James your an easy guy to root for and thanks for taking a few minutes with a best the luck and out hopefully we'll talk soon here. When you guys get off to a a good start against Orlando thank you James. Are really appreciate you we're and you've got an agent James Johnson right there. We certainly thank him for a joining us here on your home of the heat 79 you to get Miami and Orlando to get the season started. Can't oh wait in of course you can your all all the action right here on 790 the ticket. Our thanks to James Johnson for joining us he'd open up against the Orlando Magic tomorrow night's by the way. All of the all afternoon and into the afternoon right up until game time will be giving you a chance to win tickets. To an upcoming heat game every single hour tomorrow. In honor of the heat opening up against opening their season will be on the road a bit Orlando will be giving away. Tickets every single hours starting at 6 AM tomorrow morning. So make sure you listen for that and of course during this hour four and five tomorrow. I before he basketball will be giving away tickets as well so if you're in the car make a note of and that's where you might be. Then you'll be going to a heat game courtesy of your friend right here at 790 the ticket. And 1043 FM HD two as well also we got going on as you mentioned earlier Burke. The tickets 1000 dollars slim dog is your your chance to win a thousand dollars for giving you a chance to win four times today. Souls over the code word it's seven and 8 AM and four and five billion of the code were coming up less than twenty minutes. The Texas 272 waited one that's of situated one and you could win a thousand bucks starts this. Sarge right here on the ticket every single day to the end of the month resident Derek may apply don't Texan drive this is a national contest like attacks about about James coming into that some of these text just just cracked. Me have so we we get sects that say is. James Johnson we don't have to win cruise on this team even JJ is suddenly taking shots that look fraud and wade Jones. Which I text them back cuts alone that look fraud wait till it's a real way always calls introduce wade Jones. Of me but I don't you think he ever taken a shot at them. But then and they and they text and another six do would do I really want a sikh terrorists Golden State again and yeah yeah I do I do. But a hot days he's not taken a shot at LeBron and and doing with their. But I do like most fraud and wait till tomorrow hit. We're gonna get back to a lot of these tax there will go back to the way conversation as well but we we mention that before we we hop on without wood James Johnson. I carrier ring makes his return to Cleveland and women and that's going to be one of those whose instinct story lines to start the MB season NBA I don't know if it's just were in the moment perk. I can't remember. The number of story lines we have for the season throughout the league. Asked offseason they Riverhead well and that's and and now it leads that are now we see the action. Yes that was just kind of the table setting right I mean now now dinner assert right now hole women in but there's there is talk it's all I can because. No I didn't look there's going to be some some crushing disappointment saying you know may be may be mellow doesn't add any thing girls Jordan and Russell Westbrook may be wage doesn't lead any playing for a may be hardened Chris Paul doesn't work out. You know maybe they he does that seem to watch in the east and in Boston in golden Stater kind of secondary stories. Something is some thing something will happen in the league this year seismic to where you go out. I didn't see Roman made in May be Minnesota gets the second seed in the west there's already flop yeah or maybe their complete fly. Doesn't know are limited to a local thing is to be better and the thunder are the rockets are going to be better and quietly Niemi gave great and you go down every team that everything was on the miscue on. All of those things are gonna happen here positives that they cannot they cannot lose it's because I'll almost mathematically they could not. There was no reason things just don't work well do you what is your. What is your theme what most likely to not work. Melo is low hanging fruit right. And I absolutely fine and actually I haven't actually gone through you know well you know what might be the thing Isaiah Thomas just doesn't come back. Too old you know well until right before the playoffs but he only plays like maybe ten regular season games that matter wow injury that's it okay. Are you going to get missiles we know. I mean I would think a little bit better than that's. I mean they they did so I don't want to trade know having all the information. I'll give you one that's not is not as high profile as the other ones. Is there a team it's just gonna try to make the playoffs but I I I'm looking at this one because of the key connection anywhere I want to see what happens when DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis. On verb object yet and if they get off to a bad start out the judge should be fired me the reverse hosiery fired and one of those guys is going to the don't blow it up they're now they're gonna get they're gonna get yes they're gonna say now on out of here. And as Riley or somebody else but for our purposes done here the rials scoop in. And give them all iso package itself take you're disgruntled guy off you're anti no we don't they like bogey cousins yes he'd admitted that we that's been known. And I don't know why he would now like Anthony Davis either. Sol. I'm just saying and I don't think this heat team. Is I think there will be some been beat happened with this roster that this won't be his he's an inning roster while OK that's fair to me and I'm trying to run Amy got I don't know how nutty because I love that I like this group and I want to see how this group can play and I think everything's a tomorrow. Every game just to be a blast at their place super hard as James Johnson mentioned they're hungry and I think there's there's as their allotted tell the guys were unselfish. And I think that's a fun brand of basketball and I think every game. It's going to be a test for them for the most part every game. Yeah it means something because they missed out of the playoff by percentage points last year to to a tiebreaker in Seoul. And there's a lot of good a lot of people out there in general just think that this is a fifty win team that a lot of people a solid second habits and you know what. This seems as good as anybody in the Eastern Conference. We can compete with Cleveland re going to be a Boston. And I might not dissing might not totally agree with that but I'm gonna tell those people they're wrong it's like see this group I know it's this this is. The best time of year for. Bald you know I did that it's today it's opening day in sold for in a tale for college football every league right you have called president bag right there's optimism but. You're right there's another side there is it's it's pretty much be you know the better there's an equal and opposite reaction pretty much. In this league so. I don't know what the I don't know what the biggest thing is. Is going to be there but it may be Isiah Thomas. And maybe that's the one I haven't really thought about it but maybe that's cool. That's an obvious things to be back by Christmas Virginia January January yeah so the first of the year. It's commutes in the C automatically will be fine. Though be on there to win their fair share gains among among map but I just think cutting retiree is going to be is going to be received. LeBron and it was asked about a question and elephants would Dwyane Wade Rachel Nichols here's the idea NBA season club is they like that the lab that was all your hand around Mozilla recap you realize it was a real fast the moment part of your immediate freeze them already overwhelming the noise of the crowd you know getting on them the star and I now I know that's going to be. Loans season low tonight is going to be a should be a law and long introduction when they announced a carrier ring doesn't it. So I'm probably talking to be foremost experts on what is it like to CNN's situation do you think carrying gonna Garros anything similar. No no they're about as good. Clinton by communicating election Oklahoma City. Paul George of the bright. Congress coming to Cleveland they asked her trait that's a little bit there will be fine. We've worked on batteries I I remember that you fail right now. The nothing to be LeBron go back to Cleveland right the first time correct. The that we all know how that will and that's with a browser referring to and part of it is the bronze massive egos sang on and off I was nothing compares to what I did it's. Part of that is the bronze Utica park you gotta Modano can't part of that is the rods and all nothing to be worsened when I did it okay I see not anybody else. I was the first one to do it so I took the most abuse. But he's stating fact is having he has does that exactly sitting back here stacked it yeah is that the Giffords wanted to yet ready to go slack for yes slots. As far as carries good. He's not good. I. Am very curious some very curious to see how he is received good that I don't think that I agree Irving insights that. Type of emotion. In in in fans I know he hit the game winner in game seven but you know what was eventually. You know gave you heard of the game winner yeah I guess they had another shot Rangel would say but anyway Tom. Heat but. Is there is there such a thing as just another all star is that existed as Paul George shivered I am. I just I just know how much they're gonna care about high reacting you get an initial bully and yet and that's what I'm talking now about I don't know I'm told about the hassle abeyance. Mental bu they'll bring little funeral pretty there'll be an initial blu go to some signs in there that are there and rip in the trends do you think he'll be heartfelt. It's just kind of that's what you're supposed to do what I don't know they really because again and you you have you. Your team is loaded and may be better than last year okay that's that's fine. But. He's on these. Direct competition Alan ball's assaulted yep it is what they see the critical time ago I I I'll tell you this what he said about the city he might get it worse Sarah everything got bigger question is ready. All this stuff all that stuff combined together org is going to be a lot of salted cavs fans and they're gonna they're gonna boo the you know what kind of via a series. The victim doesn't he. To me he doesn't rise to that level OK that's fair bet that level of hatred he doesn't look like that type answer I got to understand but it still ask for trading still kind of deep into August he ripped this street based I mean that. You know there's certainly not good cheer whimper oh no no no no I don't know I don't know. But I think it'll be the token. The token patriot show the nation so I read it we don't like what she did so like the first few possessions he'll get boo when he touches the ball. And then the rest of the first quarter second quarter third quarter early in the fourth quarter he won't be booed bit of it's a close game and beat such as it. He'll be blue but I don't think he incites. Dane long. You know screw you Qaeda re type. Lol no but I don't think their pleas are and how he exited the city in the some of his words afterwards and we did ask for trade and asked kinda. Started even though Cleveland got a decent player for him or return more than decent as I type as intelligent and those are playing lately kind of broke up a championship team. Like Q you know just because auto play LeBron I don't be involved in this during service anywhere in this the city sucks about here so I mean that's. I think fans are gonna kind of remember that and it wasn't too long ago it was just don't know. So you. Big variance Greg Riley you know basically and then to basically saying amid a big time city now in 2000 like all that stuff is not yet and well the one of those docile and somebody somebody sexy and real quick that that was look LeBron Satan the hole a shot at that card read by calling him. The he would. I don't think so well. Level of everything everything is that everything is right under under my and Estonia yeah nowadays are we lost her Zealand about pro basketball talk dot com bust him all these courses he's gonna join us right roundup 515. Ar fifteen minutes he was Jamal how he's things are gonna fair here. Our thanks James Johnson were joining us earlier in this hour to the 5 o'clock hour plus the opportunity to 1000 dollars and give the code word next Johnson and I didn't take. Yeah in the season opener is tomorrow and the magic and we wanna celebrate with the use of we're giving away a pair of tickets. To an upcoming game every hour tomorrow from 6 AM to 6 PM. Right here Wednesday all day long listen that you can be seeing the heat on your home for the heat in 79 unit from 1043 HD to the target. In less than ninety seconds were re giving you another cold word but NBA seasons are tonight he'd start tomorrow night we got MBA on our minds in the perk is herculean on a lot of these subjects right now. And and that leads us right into here is what being. He opens at Orlando tomorrow on the role and after that it six consecutive home games. Here's hoping that he does no worse than war and sue in those games. We remember the home court struggles over a year ago right that he lost thirteen of its first eighteen home games. And three of the last five. Including painful late season back to back home losses. To the New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets now he earnest money three and eighteen at home last season. But it let too many home games slip away both early and late. No on this six game homestand coming up the heat has Indiana Atlanta San Antonio. Boston Minnesota Chicago. Top opponents to be sure but he is going to be a different team. And it's 41 and 41 record from a year ago it's got to start somewhere and home game seemed to be the best place to start. Here's the thing you brought you by drone nerds there's a drone cars dot com today use the promo codes as low for 10% off anything to do a drones including repairs and customizations. Again that's drone nerds dot com promo codes as low Z eight SL OW for 10% off. Located an aberrant Shura drone nerds is your local DJI authorized dealer has grown nerds look them up on line at drone nerds dot com South Florida is I in this. One give back to just a moment but tiger just win 1000 dollars in the ticket slam dunk contest text this word it is horse. Horse to 72881. That's the word horse. Page ball far as lead to seven to hated one. And you can win 1000 dollars you win now through the end of this month solicit mornings at seven and 8 AM was dazzle Romberg and amber an afternoon right here. When myself and perk at four and five again this hour's worth of sports Texan now to seven to 81 free chance to win. Message and data rates may apply don't Texan drive it's the 1000 dollar slam dunk contest on am 79 you know from 1043 HD to the ticket. And it's funny the word abortion would think like you you know basket moments that's a look and and yes if you write the play a little horse yeah. In the in the driveway there at the gym early at. You know I'm I'm I'm so old cap fireman when Ruben Sierra spurs came up with the Texas Rangers in the early ninety's. I'm pretty sure that his nickname was Oca bio right the course isn't that Spanish the horse yes I've been there that Ruben Sierra was incredible what I. I also think of that every time as you know when I hear. Worse the you know that was. Slowly to 01 rookie to hit a home run from both sides of playing the same game I don't know maybe one of them used which he was spectacular in the in the early no solid plan for the oh in the cardinal system there. On that right now Miguel's all filled area doesn't. But our horse takes that to 72881. By the heat last year perk. What do you think their record at homeless. If you have enough time my head and are you edited on 23 and eighteen or twenty not 48. And I think it's 48 and thirteen or fifteen over. No it should be regularly you're right yeah right okay so what would you say what they have to duplicate that's. Oh no you gotta be better than that. You gotta be better in that method call and ask them that's the easiest way to pick up the to make the improvement and you know five games over that that's not the and you know they that's good but it it's. It's not Al rages who think they could pick up another what five home games right. No that's not be in where you'll Wear these with government correct when they won forty games two years ago. They were fifteen games over it yet at all I don't know when he thirteenth you know and their one game under on the road. It is understood that burden YouTube at five under on the road is way I mean is that and then you do your damage at home so that gets and that's a forty win team two years ago and then we know so. And Ing and while skirting below this of law of PO by pro basketball talk dot com he's gonna join us here. Like everybody says the heat are no better than a succeed somehow am as a seventh seed some team know that you got Boston. You got Cleveland's. You've got Toronto and you got Washington right. You have your four top four that most people are dim witted OK then people slide and why are okay and then. There's some people don't like Charlotte and there's some people that think Philly is going to be the real deal there's some people that think Miami's gonna be okay. So it but even then that's a that's that's a sliding scale from six to seven or 800 tightly drawn nine yes yeah so and you know it's kind of whatever anybody's feeling there so. Nationally. They aren't getting a lot of Ron. Like they're gonna win 48 games and and could Pete for a top four spots troop. Are right now sold locally I think we like this team a lot better than people do nationally now that's usually the case because most resilience that every city but. There's not I haven't seen a lot of people have gone on a limb and say yes mine he's going to be better than Milwaukee mind he's going to be better than Washington mime is going to be better Toronto. It's a beacon that top four or five. Haven't seen it maybe they're out there I'd seen him yet. Vegas sales 43 and a half reported an avalanche zero away forever hasn't sensed that you saw. We're puts up yes on the seventh ceilings for copper and probably right that does everything you have. Home games gap that's that's where you make it up because. Eighteen and 23 on the road is not bad it's you wanna be 500. But that's not bad but yeah the home games and and this this six game homestand baby you. Start jumping off those gains are chomping up victories and I. Again it's not going to be easy. Boston is common in San Antonio is common in Minnesota is common in. Born to have nowhere some points UN report has not into the season if you go you know three and three the or even two and four by. Just an off to make good start disturbed you know get that confidence that this is going to be like Lance. Everybody says Julio to restore but you do that with a stick remains a bit more considering how last started exactly impersonating a huge yeah go right. Exactly you know like oh you're you know that they're able to dig out of it but they weren't able to dig out all the way dead should mean more and then you have that late season that the the the knicks. In Denver losses are just again you know our home court stuff that's certainly killed that you always text shows 6797 for the 67974. All the calls brings on Lamar Hunt attacks before we continue let's get the headline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS advanced age age old Miramar. MBA tips off tonight with two games Boston at Cleveland at eight LeBron James a game time decision due to a sprained ankle. Houston at Golden State at 1030 years the debut of the Chris Paul James Harden backcourt for the rockets Miami Heat of course opens up at Orlando at 7 o'clock tomorrow night. College football number eight Miami Hurricanes have wide receiver Amman Richard stands safety children what red wine return to practice today both missed the Georgia Tech game McCain's host Syracuse on Saturday. In the NFL players and owners including dolphins wide receiver Kenny stills tight end Julius Thomas. Safety Michael Thomas and owner Steve Ross gathered in New York today to discuss how to move forward with protests during the National Anthem. No final decisions were made no final decisions were expected besides issued a statement that see it in part. Everyone who was part of are in a bill community as a tremendous respect for our country our way our income in our military. The two sides see that they planned to meet again Major League Baseball tonight Houston at the New York Yankees at by they're getting going here pretty soon. Nets game four of their ALCS astros' lead two to one. Dodgers at the cubs at nine tonight game three of their NLCS. Dodgers' lead 20 in a chill Florida Panthers at Philadelphia tonight at seven. Bones or your Hitler does. Here is trying to start here and I know it's on it's on fox I'm assuming it's on average one somewhere. So I but I have no idea what to analysts I've been you know messing around here. To nineteen under a Campbell figure that out. How would you like four different jails here for a review of the headlines and those of like Tiki Barber comes up these guys NBA predictions of the might be your second in southeast and a Lego my. Ours is this day and Pete are yet to anybody like a thousand CBS boards are these on their well register gravity of heat second behind the wizards in the Southeast Division if it happens do you remember where we were when we heard. Right now I've just 'cause looks like he'll talk about is this baseball game on fours here. We finally got it on but it's like I mean she's you need to slide real it like accompanist. The find some of these baseball games on I know him aside kind OK so. Who got the Yankee wanna hear sold to go up to date here what will tell if if there's a time freed all rise. The do it for the judgment which is kind of the coolest thing it's a drill but that is critical it is do you even though you against him get a notches at times it is that is kinda kinda cool there don't get a played in my right leg of the article. No question he's playing tonight no question he went through shootaround today. And I know that angle is similar I know I like six weeks I know the area he added peace plan knowing him he age you're gonna miss the season opener are you gonna. You gonna miss the chance a stick it to Kyra read. You gonna miss that sales of debut with you boy. You're gonna miss the chance to play on national TV at ease play well he's played them he plays like national TC like every other game. It is that's not a big deal anyway what do you what do these but it what he doesn't play though wouldn't that he'd like. Just the big downer. Yeah I didn't make any statements and his mental toughness or anything but that would which you can't question anyway. But that wouldn't that just be Adam silver would go down there and make LeBron got dressed and be a new look more like last night could get out of that day and quite like tonight you have the Celtics and and and the cavs right then you have the rockets in the war and yet it's opening night. Did you not miss tonight. I mean that it. I come Adam silver would just go ballistic. You know LeBron missed tonight on it before and who runs a suit of LeBron gets into met tonight. Cameras although LeBron and he is share non. V wade as well they're tripping over himself not be way ahead of the reverse don't we other what the Alaska is hooked on these look pretty good you know pretty good. But I mean I wonder. They're gonna monitor his minutes and he's gonna have a lot more play for the knew that last year. But you know how many did coming games as Dwyane having it in him at this point. Boy. Do. 65. Look that's the growth and I think he had minutes because rocket you leave. On him as much correct. That is right so I think he'll be fine and he'll be able to regional play out of more games than he did the last of Alaska you know but now the men it's my day and I have got as you know we will again a couple of text here. About LeBron playing or not playing we don't do the poll being put. Couple people saying through. Make it a poll. I have LeBron not when I look at what would you really duly noted you lose my goodness I am this do this there's there's no way he's not snow climate and there's no way he's not place. No way. Right yes yes he's climbed with Brian. I'm I would I would pull ask her deal and how about that how about that to the the text throughout their he wants us our polls LeBron blinds and I Desormeaux. Oldest ask her healing his thoughts on that and we'll get his thoughts on the Miami needs are we over are we over. A valuation this group here we talked to James Johnson in the 4 o'clock hour he's he's fired up. He believes in this group the way they finish last year all those guys are tight they're hungry they wanna get back to the playoffs. They all got pay all these things. They feel like this is their time and they got some than approved in the Eastern Conference a lot of broken leg getting you know probably six or seven seed in that in that. Lowly. Eastern Conference courage Zealand from a pro basketball talk dot com NBC sports talk hoops with him next here on 79 the target. Okay. Yeah. Fifty Manning's. Okay. And. Fifth game minutes of meet with customized by Jimmy and four by fours off Florida's number one Jeep truck and SUV customization shop. You're guaranteed that the high as four by four modifications in town called chipping in four by fours and 865023446. Or go to Jimmy and four by four. Dot com Curtis and her back with you the NBA season starts tonight we're gonna talk about the Miami Heat and the entire league as well. As Kurt Zealand joins us right now the arrive feels a doubt there's amused or just on their truly stepped beyond communion current I know. When we hear your voice it's all good because now basketball season welcome back lament thank you for somebody. And it's good to be backing it didn't seem like much we're not you submit to you yeah. It would be bad. I think we have like eight and a half days of true offseason in the NBA and bloodshed up by the way of course you'd fall onto their head basketball talk. I'd check him out pro basketball talk on NBC sports dot com is a must if you are a group that I'd done occurred up per hours talk about the season like. Like LeBron gonna play tonight right all the stuff about his ankle. Let's start with that and also what tiger reception do you think Tyree is gonna get now and that he's in the opposing colors. Well first about what Ronald play IEU monitors he didn't go to shoot around today. But beyond that and didn't mean it would have to be pretty bad with each is not a guy who's this this game this particular game. And like you said it that the tire we return game he was going to be out there for that. And he's going to get to listen to the cavs fans boo him relentlessly like. The organization I think is handled this well it department put up a video tribute they are going to beat Dick and try to take the high road and be classy. But the fans. If you can't tour experience is doing guys. It's human Miami now oh yeah they're going to unleash on him. Hurt when you look at the Miami Heat they open tomorrow night in Orlando. The two were three things that stand out to you about this team the Miami Heat are one. Well I like it that I'd look I think that bench got a little better like the addition of Kelly Atlantic if they know murder were to get healthy get it there. They've got a chance I wanna see them. Well this Tom Whiteside in the paint if we get they can pick up the defense at. Want rockets money out of it looked really good in the pre season truck which looked great in in your league like this but team. You know my first gut reaction was that there are and I think I have the brain fixed. In the succeed in the east. But. They're really capable of climbing higher than that like 45 if things kind of go their way they've got to stay healthy. I've been completely down here in the heat you guys know and you know if if Charlotte gets off to a rough start which is really possible without the bitumen you know relying on Dwight Howard. If they get off to a slow start but if you can move up the latter in that conference so. It's going to be interesting they just need to kind of we come together and you know what in particular the Clinton were elected in the second half of last season they'll they'll be okay. Who are you sold on these outside a Bossidy and in Cleveland. You know I think this. This sneaky good team and there is Washington and that is a really good starting five and in their numbers last year that started five when they at all by the mom or they did. Paramount last year. Was. What I would like warriors level goodness started by just improved terms of raw numbers it. A provincial headquarters but in terms of numbers like their starting five was great but they're benched him in and it just went to hack. This year it should be better and Tim Frazier is they back as a backup point guard is just trying to. If league average he's okay that's an upgrade from where they work I Jodie Meeks was looking good increasing in the big Kelly who braves a year older you know. If they get anything out of Ian Mahinmi that would be a who's. I think that there are making good team in the east this is their bench comes along and just doesn't. Like blow leads from the present. Kurt some Whiteside last year seventeen points fourteen boards two blocks per game. What do you think is a realistic numbers or for him this year to ten GPA. 820 point fourteen rebounds three blocks per game guy or can he improve his field goal pursued it for free throw percentage what do you look important numbers wise. Domicile. I think I think that the efficiency is part of the free throw numbers and being out there and I I think it became once more he gets noticed more and get some of the the accolades that he's looking for but I don't know that you're gonna see dramatically more numbers from him I think that. In an ideal world you know you've you've got the rookie got some big guys in there you can go all the smaller local clinic at times. I don't know that he's gonna get more minutes and and a bunch more touches. If he can be more efficient with what he does and really anchor ace in improved defense. And he'll start to get the kind of accolades and noticed that that he clearly he clearly conceded. Turks and so you would say more so the board's ample for a son. Timely plays in say the fourth quarter more game winning plays crucial plays. Beat beat president make that block make that ultimate you know altered shot do something. When when guys are driving wake those those kind of things are gonna get noticed and I think look. It was. It's hard to win the award to do some of the stuff that he wants to do when you get buried and they were obviously buried the first half of last season. And that's not particularly in the if I wanna get in the defensive player of the year discussion it's really hard at quite Leonard turned out pretty good. I depend on greens really good route until there is still with all due respect Islam wriggle their best shot blocking and her big break you'd better than him. Biden went to Alter things but I think what I can get there with a with a good focus here and and a little more help around him I think. What are the advantages that that. Don't care how does that they're really good at at their system and pummeling down. To him and allowing him to use that her healing is our guest a huge amount pro basketball talk. NBC sports are coming home on Twitter at basketball talked. It's an an excellent fall. You mentioned the heat trying to if they can push through that four or 5 spot in the Eastern Conference. Outside of maybe your son is eating is our guys are looking at that you put the sombrero on who got what these contracts in the offseason that. They expect to take that next up whether it's a Dion Waiters are just as Wenzel maybe from a draft a couple of years ago who's a guy that you think could elevate their game in the wind to be elevated from Miami. Wouldn't hurt if they can get what they got out of waiters second half blustery most Muster because that would be huge I just think. But I don't know how much more you can get out of him but. As he's he can't take it step back when people that will be a guy who's got to step up Magruder I think can can be a guy who steps up to get healthy. I just went to the bench is better I think. I actually picked Kelly will make as sixth man of the year in an appreciative towards an ad now he might actually start so that made and that heated up. What was. It. He was so good they moved into the starting money with blue form what political situation Dixon Waco I think him in this system is in much better fit and with all due respect to the Bret Stevens runs really creative Smart stuff. I think that in this more open system with a driving you know of record product growth. Goran Dragic driving the lane kicking up I just went to a real opportunity for him that he wasn't getting the war I think he's gonna have a really good year. Kurt. Would of another Cleveland Golden State. NBA finals being good for the NBA. That's a really good question I. I was saying last year at this point like at the sport Pete would start to Wear on people and it's and I picked it and I. Didn't want to but I'm just not sure how I don't picket I'm not sure how I don't what if you don't collect that they still think Cleveland. Once they get help and how great they are at the start of the season. You know go into the game tonight I mean no Isiah Thomas but. The other part of that is that they're gonna start Derrick Rose point wave and have a look at the that the tougher spot. That may not be the best defensive line opinion yet and some construct a different throw that out there. So yes they've got some questions to answer but there's still a marcher who eat them in the east and then in local state school state so. I'm not sure that it's good for the league honestly at some point. It leads to kind of break this script of the the best looking at it seems weird to say this but what the best team always reaching finals isn't. I think what we love about the NCAA tournament what we love about the NFL playoffs. Is that it is kind of one and on and yeah with the with the patriots the best team last year where you'd probably if I think Atlanta would like to. And they could've blown up but the thing you could argue that that was the best team the best team won the that would not happen in the NFL certainly doesn't happen in the NCAA tournament we kind of like. Some things that you think should win it get through people that's part of the fun of the pool the NBA the best and always went out and sat. A little more diversity would be good for the league that wage just kind of park land it because of the the nature of the sport beyond what he's he's if you got LeBron James. Term technical and a lot of things. Well in a twilight universe here let's for argument sake who whose best equipped to upset the apple cart there outs Golden State in Cleveland. Who else who else is whose starters force that you can say it may be they got a chance. Well first I think Cleveland has the best shot assume they're helping in part because they'll come out of insult the playoff. Apparently you don't go based gold plated playoff run is probably something like Memphis or when the first round and San Antonio and then used sooner or you know it's going to be a war to get through the west. They can be a little more tired but after that I think Oklahoma City is my second choice there adjust if they come together I have to Westbrook and Paul George. And Carmelo Anthony who looked at also the right things about sacrifice and you know what we see Olympic no actually need to yet. I think potentially. But at the top ten the principle he lasted just added Paul torch what it should be box solid defensively. And then if they can figure out how to make that often work and my other concerned that he misadventure gonna have to have somebody step up on that bench. But on paper I'd been that they are that stupid. To go out to go out Golden State maybe Houston. Maybe Houston Connecticut bring in the open mbah a moute and PJ Tucker that's when defenders to go with such opiate dynamic offense but. You know I think that will miss Campbell the best I think he EB when he put the teams and here she put Golden State on not the first tier and second cure was teams open front ankles aren't. That's kind of weird about it oh did you hear on this it's kind of speaking on that a bad note on the other side. As though the season opens tonight everybody's optimistic but where's there where you'll see an exploding cigar somewhere ball these you know Minnesota is gonna be great in New Orleans is volume of figure it out and Houston and Oklahoma City and where do you see yeah this might not work out like we thought it was going to in the off season. A quick one for each conference first off he. Yeah if you think my New Orleans has figured it out you you might be allowed like I think just gonna go release sideways since I'm in in in Indy. The market couldn't get traded at the deadline again kind of sideways. And that will be housecleaning in our front office. I'll tell you the team I picked to finish work in the east is Milwaukee but that is such a two steps forward one step back seemed pleased that the key aggressive defensive style to get them burned. I'm not totally sold that there is that good but that's another and it could take a step back and or or just be flat and if they do I'm Jay Jason kid should propulsion is welcoming. Hurt my my thing very quickly was Isiah Thomas that may be he doesn't come back to old. Late may or April. I mean they're already talking January and even when he comes back what with but take their optimistic timeline until January. What percentage of blasters Isaiah or they get it because blasters Isaiah was the offensive equivalent of our career. I mean these are complaining defense I'd I'd still rather have kind of reboot. You and you could you could swap them out but. If he's 80% 70% that's that's a big step back. Heard great stuff thanks for joining us thanks for give us that a couple minutes here and you're very busy. And and all the best also try to hook W soon thank you enjoy the games restraint. Anytime during the NBC sports dot com. And foam on Twitter at basketball talk lot of good stuff there will come back. And and will wounded or did you just put a qualifier announced that any time during the season and places like don't call me during the off at all and you didn't take it like that a little bit but you know now. Our dollar is in the offseason. It's bad boys in the playoffs. So old Leo Obey Hogan appear here and there with when mr. healing their great stuff there. Good insight as well so he's no more optimistic than most national guys as he got the heat yep probably five or six but he could see them possibly doubling him and that in that four spot and his like New Orleans is places like I was like you use use they have the one thing could be bogey cousin now to building on you know voted cousins and though rough is gonna make a phone call -- football Friday is back ready on the tiger is that by Tommy Charlie also is a longer ready. For the games in the look at the dolphins and their opponent injury updates he's the game and more probably Charlie they're always the number one draft pick sponsored by East Coast public adjusters in Barbara on the growth. And Lex the North Miami football Friday on am 79 up from 1043. HD two not taken the 6 o'clock hour hook up with the Adam Beason were the latest on the off fans. And some of those injuries mainly Dovonte Parker. My bouncy as they get a big home game Sunday its jets win now when your Ford two RE four is duke and that is that is hard to believe. Also the law dolphin would be easy in the 6 o'clock hour. But is NBA opening in ninth while more on that coming up next right here on 790 the ticket. NBA season starts tonight finds it does so we have an on good authority says LeBron can play and carries gonna get. But mercifully here I feel pretty was pretty darn on the currently doing the right you know. So Brooke Jack wagons that this what do you text in a run up like LeBron and applying. All right this just go pound sand for for a little while right he's playing tonight right. One guy went to make your bed there and you're you're gonna open. None maybe he he was good about it it was really easy it is you know he was really good about it but he. He ended up by say in I was so broke I put twenty dollars that LeBron is not playing her how could we please not like he's he'll play. He's gonna is gonna hear what you might play in the Aggies and he's. Carolina tonight Ronald show up at the living room brew we know all we know that that to be true patriarch with a diving in an NBA champion. Ray Allen and some of the sport's biggest names all in the name of charity the Ray Allen and Loews Miami beach hotel celebrity golf tournament. Returns this Friday October 20. This exclusive day of golf helps. Raise funds that directly benefit Miami Dade County schools sponsorships and foursome still available had to take a minute account for more details sign up and tee off for. The kids the only sex Joseph 67974. On the Coral Springs Omaha and it's excellent 679. 74. As tell you link up with us here on the show Adams easily of the Miami Herald are dolphins insider an NFL. Matured and air he's gonna be here right around six Tony we'll get to some some dolphins doctor yeah I mean it's not awhile just the Finley give the all this. RB into the bedroom thinking through the jets and so your point two. Yeah you afford to add to six games. And it's and in great shape. Your British relative to the rest of the division. There's a good everybody's got two losses right I mean I'm doing I'm not gonna do the schedule deal with you you know the other I don't know libido and slander Baltimore Orioles hate it right but only Muster in the Mexican idol I mean the NFL everything changes like forget about week to week they just dated date everything changes Miller Green Bay like what will what do you what do you think you know you agree mail us at a. Write your your into inch. Let let's go take care Britain locally in all his buddies right right let's go Siskel not expect out of him tall manga. Probably about Aaron Rodgers a little bit better access to its well I. I am not I mean I I'd like to see him I'm not personally bummed about it him personally bummed about the loss of talent. The high profile talent right with old BJ JJY. And entered an organizer there is much of the quarterbacks like that yeah you wanna talk about. Guys Neil Lane and ratings being down in this that and let's and it doesn't contribute to it because the dogs. The worst thing to people wanna see is back quarterback play when you tune into to the NFL. That's the worst thing for the game is bad quarterback played real bad quarterback play nothing else matters in Natalie. Pretty much yeah pretty much. I think it's the loss of the high profile players. Is is just as bad of the league. I don't know that the numbers are gonna go down because you do still have the Tennessee football people OBJ and Aaron Rodgers. Being gone hurts Tennessee football but. The league is still pretty strong fantasy football is still pretty strong. And you know to me cap I think that's. The biggest being. With 08 del Webb in a bill has shot up the last X amount of water. Seven years visitors content is not the product I don't I don't think the product is that great quite honestly I don't think the product is any better. That it was whatever seven or to a new I don't know what is the Tennessee put Google. The rules are better because it more often do you wanna see the ball thrown downfield because you get Finnessey statue get more. You get more numbers that way so they open up the rule because they figured that one outs. But yeah bit like a quarterback play every you know we've seen on up there around here. But when you when you got guys checked out checked out checked out for four yard passes that radio and know we can move the ball there's no big plays the deaths of so it's terrible to watch. I think it's. Well I see a little bulb that bar I think it's bad to watch if there is no alternative like that you'll have a good. Mom. Did and it's bad to watch out. My big thing with in a bill is everybody wants to play this pretty boy nimby him be passing game. If there's only a few of those quarterbacks to go around otherwise placed on smash mouth power running. BJ a dry the bowl type of game play some some defense and and run game. I thought I'd say everybody but you're not only that but that guy yeah well. Teams just don't wanna do that seemed to insist no we're gonna pass we're real apparent look at what this last night. They smash mouth football but you've still got to troubled on the field to make note play you do have to throw realized jobs like that that you know that's not trying to watch I'm not saying you all running teams are born watched. And is it when you have bad quarterback play. And it's it's constant you know overthrow isn't and missed throws and and it's checked down for three yards and all those things like that she is that that to me yes this is terrible is a terrible product. Yeah you you that's all yeah so Rodgers takes away from Allen Rodgers does. No doubt like runners those takeaways it sits at its own worst product overall Iran Green Bay without Aaron Rodgers right and I think that's quarterback in the capital right now right. I would say yes yes yes I mean Tom Brady's body of work is is better I have it on rating but right now in and last year yeah Aron Rogers and the sons were met and number 81 of those guys yeah did say the league's better off. Clinton though he's not as good without certainly without without Aaron Rodgers 67974. 67974. Rio is a touchback we'll probably tonight but you can bet your paycheck he won't play in Boston. Load thrown into winning are caused flash point wise otherwise and I go to Boston while he played Boston I think I guess gun in the tie read or maybe doesn't it's a TV game more big game and shifts at some punts there's something in their right with LeBron reputation. Actually somebody text before and say you know he'll play today he saves his absences from Miami. That's offensive and that was that with a very good second absolutely sure it. That is right I guys certainly have that there if LeBron is using his rest news for Miami. More NBA stuff to do we will with a little prediction radio there will be in the 6 o'clock hour plus Adam Beasley he's gonna stop Beisel into the the Finns little bit is opening night in the MBA. The Miami Heat well enough to wait till tomorrow they were in Orlando to take on the magic in tomorrow by the way quick reminder. We'll be giving away a pair of tickets. Every hour every hour starting at six with you get up you get up way before that. I am usually up about six maybe by thirty Lawrence of your early Roger tomorrow. To me and try to win some to dazzle Robert and amber every hour heat tickets heat to get two tickets to ride ended Dan and still the local hour. Dan and Stew in the crew. He take it TTT tickets sold in LeRoy based heed to UT tickets keep tickets. And then right here on our show Edwards tickets keep tickets and then we got to eat so that's our Wednesday which has pretty darn good Wednesday right there here take it but it. Compared to Vegas for an upcoming and when us and renewed air alone. You get to take IP gets a simple way to go into every one way you want. Your mistress where you guys whoever whoever you guys in new need to score points with the boss and buy him a law that Leo so that's at two that's what you got that's tomorrow. As to make note of that as a he'd kick off their season tomorrow when more current associates say the Boston beat her two. Yes you know we know we're not that I'd be there have sex with right now we're not making assumptions now where you are very inclusive on the answer to and so we are doesn't have credit as I said as an athlete and that's. It right isn't. Welcome back of the 6 o'clock I'll get to to headlines. And then Adam B is the around the corner plus it's a more MBA the season starts tonight. How do you feel about LeBron and Dwyane Wade there just loving W there was Rachel Nichols did their season started. Is but is any different than when they were here and into sand but there where he it was a matter this year it's a bit different as an evil and yet we look at that coming up next here on 79 ticket. Get ready press play on the 6 o'clock hour Curtis and perk hang in with you and is opening night in T. NBA. Horse something called the association we think about that would have leading by the association that's little settled now that he right. I donation it's yep. Think it's a little too king good guys is not must now but sorry Al Al allow it I mean you know. I'm disaster and not that I really have revocation powers well they're not trying to look at their own opinion around here enemy and special text line which which to build up that being is on. Buy your tennis media that he regular season openers tomorrow night against the magic. And we wanna celebrate with the use are giving away a pair of feet tickets to an upcoming game every hour tomorrow from 6 AM to 6 PM on Wednesday. Tomorrow Paisley and listen and you can be seen in need on your home for the they have some in nineteen FM 10432. To the ticket that tickets are enough for tomorrow's game away arts of some guy got all confused on attacks in which you gotta pay attention. Different upcoming game board to be giving them away tomorrow. And because he too starts tomorrow. And there on the road in in Orlando so there you have that's and that's a real lot of fun tomorrow. Me and you can always sex show 1067 ninths event for the Coral Springs auto mall. Cut the tax line we got the letter in the NBA tonight we talked to James Johnson earlier in the show curse Phelan stopped by. We've done a lot of hoops and why not because. Yup Boston and Cleveland tonight not because you single state a popular thing goes into the final four teams left when it's all standing here you know come what Lee. So. Late may early June yet. Hand out building it's going to be another disobey what the freezes I guess maybe mid June late June 12 finals and finals yet comparable period you know recognize that you're out of his boss and an emblem spader Boston and Cleveland golds in Houston may be albums and six there Mimi San Antonio. That's your final four and that you're gonna get its lot of people think Golden State in Cleveland once again perk. This could be you or urged us to be the 48. This will be the poor people I am not four times already this will be the port Eaton and look at that takes us right in the hears me. NBA season opens tonight and I hope we see a Cleveland Golden State match up in the finals again. Now most likely a lunacy Golden State winning. Let it go Forte has victory are really just wanna see the match up for the fourth straight season you guys know. I like dynasties I like re matches I like trilogy is. I wanna be able to say I was around to see cams warriors 123. And pork. Look for college football I like to see this Cleveland Alabama and Clemson won two and three right but that looks a little bit less likely right now. Back to the NBA. Warriors on the brink of becoming something special they could have three titles in four years. It be nice that they got that done NB nicer they have a rival. Also wouldn't be mad if the cavs more now. I don't necessarily want a CD wave flipped the championship tropea and the cavs uniform. But that's only because no one remember him as a champion. And a heat uniform. I'll wished Wayne waive any deal will. On the other hand I think it also be nice if LeBron had two titles over the mighty Golden State Warriors. Probably a good being. Don't get on me seeing Teddy. Let this just let this beat the bottom line is the NBA season opens tonight. And I wanted to be the start. On the great finish warriors parents would be a great finish. Here's the thing is brought to you by drone nerds visit drone nerds icon today you promo codes as low. Or 10% off anything to do would drones including repairs and customizations. Again that's drone nerds dot com promo codes as low Z eight SL OW 10% off. Location every insurer drone nerds is your local DJI authorized dealer has drawn nerds look him up online and drove nerds dot com South Florida as I. In the sky. Or why isn't it I mean maybe because he MBA is so easy to predict although we see oh so we've seen resort seems. That this is that's the only sport we do like we don't have football like we come in like the first week one of the NF LC's well you know what Alice in the Steelers and the falcons and a Super Bowl or how wanted to see you know patriot and cowboy fans patriots is a patriots is like that and that's the more that's the -- that's where people meal make the pick where the Smart money is going to re obviously the Smart money's got to go on Golden State in Cleveland but I don't know people one delegate and this is sort of predict a word to ignorant just gets hurt. They get there and they're not the best team right would you wanna see that you wanna see that match of anymore. You'll. If Kevin Durant does not bear out and they still make it to the bottles ready if they. If they make it to lose if they make it through the west without him under rare pass still wanna see don't know some breeds them like I don't know why you wanna I wanna see all Oklahoma City with their star team or Houston or somewhere like that. Because I I I hope I wanna be able to say hello has also seems. No I I want to be able to say I saw this great more year match OK more clear than zero with the same teams that we can say with the same stars because you're gonna look back on it. The way you look back on and Celtics lakers right. The with the way you look back on the Jordan bulls and you're there for the Jordan bulls kept there were a lot of people. So sick of seeing the bulls in the finals win in the titles now you look back and say. Ooh what a great time in NBA history have all of orbits we're Nixon pacer fans that that man no no no no people. When you're in the midst of these beings there's there's a whole lot of people say no one is new to being blindsided resumed or win and I mean and you look back on it and in it was a great time in the history of sport. I'm not saying that you're wrong. In that did jordin thing but I think a lot of people loved watching Jordan like the numbers bear that out. Jordan we people who are we watching Golden State's and I think they do but the one thing that hurts Golden State is the East Coast never gets to watch them play most of the time. How do you still about Alabama football would you do it like there are you pretty sick of seeing Graham win titles and we're gonna look back on this. Kind of like we look back on the mode you will glory days right just Dominic. Dominant we're seeing is but I don't know Dominic I don't know if it has the same effect on the fans that's all mass jordin. Was it was was a phenomenon but that people were sick of seeing Michael Jordan in the finals I. I was in the finals I mean you'll remember I. Look you don't you don't look back on it now and they are today. Because Jordan is sold Wright a blow everything okay but the ratings for for every time Jordan played worth through the roof. Reynolds and PC games on Sunday afternoon like we have the a lot of games shown on national TV like we do now back then. When it was unbelievable. You want to look at it they wanted to watch that's on setting right yeah and and you know what. I. I think the people I don't I don't know the ratings of of the finals the last three there's greater could previous immigrant yet I mean yeah how I would think they've been really good yes. Compared to like to find the three finals before that equity you know Arnold to even say thumb. Yeah I I think it would be something that you look back on look at. The Big Three he's right I'm sure people were so sick of seeing LeBron and there around the Nate. Sure it's funny the funny thing is people would say Golden State is the draw. Where's the common denominator in the last seven finals. Has been one guy LeBron has been abroad right so viewers say all you'll watch because of the Golden State in the way they play in the draws of courage given to read but you're going and what about. But the bride has been is that the reason why people tune in whether you like a more you know like maybe you're turning in the rooted for Luke to lose and I'm sure Jordan you'll pure brute. Turner turner went to Jordan the. Right well then there are only fine how are literate people kept thinking that Tom well kept thinking who who thought both years that Stockton and Malone we're going to be able to knock on there. The Jordan bulls. It's it's one of those things I think that when you're involved in the moment you're too close to it. You're sick of seeing it you know I I don't I don't get that way though I I love seeing dynasties. I I love dynasties. And so. And and if you heavy rival it's even better so you aren't clear you have the warriors have Izard you know Alabama Clemson would whichever way it ends up as as. If there are multiple meetings that adds to the. But I have no problem of Oklahoma City just played there and play their butts off and be yet and I thank him they earn it and so obvious that's exactly is only the changing of the of the garter at some point correct. We'll regulars that always certainly happens let's get to headline. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and W exact fix HD true. ARAMARK. NBA tips off tonight with two games Boston is at Cleveland at eight. LeBron James is a game time decision Houston and Golden State at 1030. And this is going to be the debut. That. A net Chris Paul and James Harden backcourt so we'll see how that goes Miami Heat opens up the season at Orlando at seven tomorrow. College football number eight Miami Hurricanes saw wide receiver I'm on Richards and safety shoulder red one return to practice today. Both miss the Jordan that includes the Georgia Tech game short I know that contains photos Syracuse on Saturday. In the NFL players and owners including dolphins wide receiver Kenny stills tight end Julius Thomas safety Michael Thomas. And owner Stephen Ross gathered in New York earlier today to discuss how to move forward protests during the National Anthem. No final decision was made no final decision was expected. Besides issued a statement that CNN heart. Every one who is part of bar in a bill community has a tremendous respect for our country our way RM them and our military. Besides they had they planned to meet again at some point in the future Major League Baseball Houston is at the New York Yankees in game. In game four of their ALCS. The game is zero to zero in the fourth inning astros' lead two to one. Later tonight the Dodgers at the cubs 9 PM game three of that NLCS dodgers' lead to low. Finally in the NHL Florida Panthers at Philadelphia at seven. Those are your headlines. 67974. The Grossman's arm on its excellent Adam bees he's going to be here in about twelve minutes talked up Miami bass are Shimmy Miami Dolphins football him. I'll give back to the immune just a moment go people are texting in if you're in rush hour right now and the traffic is I was at I 95. That's gotten a little bit to the and pushed back 135 street it's yeah it's the what's going on fueled adult the don't know but. The US army sergeant. David Johnson who was ambushed and killed and Africa. Last week his his body has returned to South Florida that is the procession that's going through. So the green beret who believes from Miami Gardens yet. Yes somewhere downhill or not is it Miami Gardens are the ice is live today. Who believe it was here. So. That's what's going on as far as traffic wise a lot of people were on trying to throughout effect was going on so respect respect the traffic in all the the signals as if you if you encounter that that's gonna really a sad story whose windows with their third child history of that story and there was two. And heartbreak yet story about the NFL and the players sitting down the flag rule or see any protest tonight from the NBA that's I mean that's I'd. I I don't know as a place for that yeah this is not oh all right or wrong conversation this is will will somebody do anything at all. I don't I don't think so number one because they do have the rule in place they've had an in place for a long time goes back through my mood Abdul role. You must end where they end amend NBA. I don't want him I don't know this is this is present I don't know what the rubber cousin are dishonest I'm not turn up I'm not served well they are Burnett but I think with com. What's happened in the NF bill where. The message is not what it started out to be. I think that's going to. Let NBA no. And you got to take a different approach that this will not be received well dole or the way the UN extended that. To be received. And at this point just don't go to. Well I mean I mean I do think bill that some that that's so wide these statements. Or something will be done by a player or players. It may could be calm it would not surprise you or surprise me if LeBron James. Made some sort of social statement tonight before the anthem after the implement saying maybe not during the Vietnam. Whatever it may be LeBron been very outspoken about these issues you've been very outspoken about the sitting president. So and I and I think basketball players in general feel that they have more influence wield more power. Especially on social media. Young and and that and that's doubly true and they do over the in a bill over the NFL and it definitely true. But yeah. Maybe somebody raised a fist after the anthem by. Its anti. I don't know I out I'll be curious to see about that to blog about it I think the NBA have the way that this is laid out in the NF bill. It's it's pretty much. Publicly a losing battle. Through Neil during the am right I mean did it doesn't make your cause her any less here. But public perception and the message you're trying to convey. It gets washed out. Right but I think MBA now the at least the immediate players have seen. Lack of a better term the NFL they had a test run yes and leave that now you know it's gonna turn out writes about him is it okay. And we nobody wanted to do let's do this out of that ran our message we have a new message of that because elegant LeBron just does the same thing or whoever else. The same people would disagree that are just gonna roll the rising dollar that the nova guy do it. Where's he come out from a different approach may be you can generate. A conversation that needs to be had heard on both sides that sub Woolsey mobile we'll keep it an island that also keep an eye on your Miami Dolphins. At the jets back in action and that's revenge game perk by the way of revenge game for the dolphins are it's got to be. I guess so I mean I guess. I don't know that mum. I don't. I put it to you like this yes it is but I've been the dolphins are just going to be thinking. Dude masseuse he is being Golan. The stage with gentleman got the jets will be Jessica woods mortgages could afford to the supported our special. Yeah idiots I added I don't know what they're thinking about the jets as much says let's win a third in a row lack adding the opponent is pretty much baseless Hartford as I guess. We'll get the latest on that we'll check in a lot of golf in Congo with Adam Beasley are NFL and dolphins insider he said the stop by coming up next right here on 790 the ticket. South Florida. And we love it. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy fall festival was beer and pumpkins join the ticket at the coconut grove pumpkin patch festival ever got to market. Saturday and Sunday October 21 and 22. Presented by yourself or Honda dealers. There'll be a pumpkin food courts and beer bars they wind guard in the from a got those that growth they corn stalk Mays. Carnival rides 5000 pumpkin and more for more info check out the events page at ticket Miami dot com what my office football didn't quite an event after a couple of wins and man who covers at all for the Miami Herald and he's our NFL insider in dolphins aficionado you join us right now Iran goes down there's various stores just signed. They are truly stepped beyond convenience. I know it's little guys out the first Halloween so are you gonna get a pumpkin. I know he's he's not tribal member body illegal part of breast action. In the car yeah daddies do now out of easily could. Yeah I've got to get it I improve I guess my not my nice skills as a one's four and people can try your purpose sir you're going to drop and start slap at I know about I that was supposed to be smiley eight forget that real. All I'll not do not show as well at some point I will carpet on and I did Obama just pack it just just. Oh my artistic Rick Eaton political statement. It's called it a grown up you know what you gotta learn how to carve a pumpkin let me get to a certain AD got to do it. Dude Columbine you know well. Yeah I expect everybody in our secure it got a perfectly separate times and Howard are are you are you pumpkin carver their captain you know how to do it. Docile enough now I just sit down and everything I thought. And your dad now and again and again for the kiddies there but. Got to get the big blow guys the pumpkin patch them run around their audiences be a certain age. That's one of the one of the cool things and you go home their card that thing up than you give a little candle and there and then the next day it turns the bush and it's this up there yeah and you can't you can get the stain off the front the front porch that's not our studio floor. Liggett scouting report a much it orchestra to wait for fiction consecutive minutes I don't think you were. Quite yet. OK I love fair enough and their turn up. Iowa let's we were worried about our Miami Dolphins here for awhile and maybe we still should be worried. The words his team that now coming home to take on the the jets here great good spot okay spot where how or their fortunes have changed in your mind. He can hit me we could be talking this time next week about the Euro per play Miami Dolphins. Yeah I'd look patriots are the falcons are right in and out and obviously we assume would play better and it does that weaken the patriots beat her sister got all all. And what we get to come to town and I know Perkins could have you know crush speakers embarrassed but they better blow these guys out. Oh hours yeah they should they treat that they should of the first time around that as a joke or roster still another being competitive you can only do by smoke and mirror what so long skill alt delete. Rears its ugly head and they just don't have that much talent so yes development should. Absolutely take care of business week and I'm expecting at least eight to score a win should be more beyond. I'll met you have to be pushed out right being office. Workers are on the golden managers who scores right. Here's the team that isn't often that outburst. What are you an and app REP editor quarter in term Kirk how big a minute now these. What I was I was ridiculed in that press room but have you people. What do we could go we gonna have to go messy and I still have the dolphins as the nine win team. Right well I mean they're acquitted yeah every week it important to. I love it I love it all right so as answer me this these. Does Doug Doug do you might pound see end of unsafe Parker played this week and if sold. What does that mean for that opens that did squirt when he points in the second half without them on the road Atlanta. Yeah I think tomorrow be telling particularly Parker. You concussion and gave if you come back after one week you're the misdiagnosed. Or their. You know me you're buckled to quit because cautionary 23 weekender I heard. Very few this newspaper we got serious about policing it where I got a concussion on Sunday is a minute later. Mario Williams steered his is one of the rare exceptions right minutes. And when that rear and right. That doesn't happen very at all so I would be I mean heck it is bound to come back great they cut this whole slogan 16 August. Without Pete this year which means you start. Sixteen cost schemes not know the pot we are all obviously. I think we might be thinking about it people keep working at this point out I just again if you. You could only ridicule you because there's they're forbidden to talk at all and help out at various odd that industry eatery in the protocol or not. Malick and ankle injury where they and they are big progress in your seat this group that we we know players like progress on but practiced. And that doesn't necessarily mean that that protocol right because we've seen on you guys practice meant Selma you can't fault so protocol. Let's throw at you when we will know what else oh beast on the practice this tomorrow I'll be stopped I would be very surprised he plays on Sunday. Part the other and as is expecting it because they didn't poll out last week so. They thought at least on spotted there's some chance to go play and you've heard from out of its multiple times now on out there or. Artifact and yet it pretty normally I wondered last year going to the ravens game and that both in his words there's a point 01% chance to play. An oddity but we didn't quite a vast majority maps and had no impact on the ball. They got blown out like that nobody that impact on the team would play well expect some you have one guy on one leg could do. So I would say there's a better chance for part of this week and counting and and your broader question will make a difference. I think Parker who also Parker is greater loss LP. I know that they love Mike and me you know European release. On the like you're playing well maybe it's coach. But they showed that they can survive without last week against. My note album art is 85 bears but they're not herbal. And the man there and they moved the ball pretty effectively so. I think interior line gestures and are important as EE that at all and so on. And then that's where all the pressure comes up the middle. But I think you can get by with Eaton interior lineman and I outlook for the Broncos got the pleasure of the rebel rebel and mental. We're Brandel you EE EU was not at all what we went on the off a lot of you are outlined it pretty well probably thought he. Of the year so no long term you want my account you're on a force you to the best player they have their supplies blood I. I think the loss optic Parker be terrible loss to myself. That abusing joins us here on 790 the ticket. The defense. Do you trust them now play big this is the glycol is that this is really good defense. Mentioned smoke and mirrors with the jets are you comfortable in saying yeah. They're gonna come in here and do a pretty good job they're going to be able to stop the run or do you need to see more. Well I think that they are a very good eaten them. The stats back that up I'll status. The first five teams they've played this year only what would remember them on at home rest on a road. I know Monday was to put on a road game out of traveled 4400 miles. They have faced Philip Rivers. I'm Matt Ryan Drew Brees and they still haven't talked to all and none of those guys who lit them up I know. The completion percentage a one point three point it would carry you could you perhaps some. Tighter coverage there. But no score probably more than twenty points against this team. No no one really run really efficiently against this team and I don't think. And I didn't account make no need occasionally until recruited guard bureau wanted to do that every week your illusion jets. Global problem you can run in gone and the Balkans. I don't look I'd look at this there's even ice you the first one as just an anomaly could grow out. I think yes the offense is still not who'd. Alex I don't think the jets play as well thank you Becky and remember that big ball would permit and it wasn't just love your run of the line and engage I had no right now. Well what procedure can be six played a couple of. He went there were just too and don't don't stop the ball and I was if they can coax that out of them and actually play with any degree there's one they were wouldn't normally don't. But about Adam I mean I'd like it's like to dolphins cannot just overlooked anybody at this point in the solid the jets only have one win like they've got screwed out of that call last week at some patrons but the jets for whatever reason and I don't see it because the talent you're right is lacking. But the jets have hung in there with everybody is only did you read the above the one time and had a great fourth quarters soul. I am I'm a little bit concerned yes they should win on Sunday but the jets. Have actually played really good football throughout the season. Have happened often quite close to their potential all options even quarks to send. OK on offense. I would say there you for a break out industry week that we actors we reconnect Salem domestic callers still pretty good. Manuel pretty good but an out and about and now maybe he. This is what portrait you know given the guy ten million dollars and maybe this team could use up I think there's any week that that happened at home a lot to win. Against the jet ski that you could regression nineteen politically. I think that the week. Bees the door opens Adam gays have this T shirt made for the players last week that suited. We are not normal and it would hurt soon. Every being that this team goes through and has been through. Do you notice probably I don't know of any team in the history of the league has had as many T shirts and slogans. As this when since Adam gaze has been AM with a strained and all that stuff but. Do you like kind of stuff and do you think it it helps in any way. No you ought to hurt you and your hair out now don't I think we are not normal is pretty deal cool actually I think he stole it from hospital here. Friday night and I don't know I don't know if it helps these but I but I think some of this stuff has been pretty cool oath again hurts. Gordon worries fears it is it is. Bill herb on you add. Who had any impact whatsoever on Sunday probably don't rockers coach how key that ensure cool guy and cap on. Are reviewed. You relate to on your guys and eat that. All of mine are not on if it is earned fresh aptly. You're not piled in on Sunday there's analogue model work did you get sick can easily year. Efforts are probably on export if you them their career so each won a goal so you're not replay on Sunday. If you're not kept up or implement something wrong. On the provide a public staggering. Odds and it is not eat it that we sent me a not experience liquid in the ball and now five. And your mind wanders and I'll sort this box are the one year. That's what you mind he's really work and that's when you don't talk Opel board chair. Bogus it was comparable lost multiple board mercurial. But I would say Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. It is if you've never act you have a cold which you can fire and indeed have the record. One time you're currently uses certain I think all the stops serves a purpose like that it serves the purpose. No board that kind of cases I mean that yeah is it an emotional. Know. How old are cocky swagger kind of guy and it's been strange the last couple of weeks as he and other. Towel over right to see him. You know. You have beaten back by the result in the Eagles because he knows that inside the ball is in. Is an old not the end of the bargain in that he knows that. You look forward Matt Burke and not for this job on them and yet they're illegal and urged that all of our. So yeah it's been very interest in this in the last few week kind of. Really hit it on orbit. You know they come up and spoke to get on fundamentals. By the way bees that there is at six here we're talking about Mike I don't seeing how guys don't seem to come back from the concussions. As quickly. Somebody did text in a sit Dovonte ends just the editing Green Bay so. I take that sex was actually sent by Mike I don't see but there's no name. To me and I think they they attacks there makes a very good point so there are a little bit and good. It does happen at all right that is correct. Easley thank you very much and and we'll talk to assume. Thank you and have a great to see you tomorrow will be. 88 at what point are. And I let it. Got a man I gotta I gotta check out the MBA before we get to the NFL and we're gonna open that the in the NBA here but always a pleasure of their BZ thank you comment I do yeah I mean. Like at the bit for the jets earned some respect that's all like I met disarming dolphins give be looked into it anybody demand we got this mountain and by two touchdown record that I didn't wanna make it all about that would be easily but I mean like. Okay the dolphins. Should not should not overlook anybody know OK so let's start there right okay and the second part is like the jets have actually. They they actually look decent of this of this point there are legit team but did the dolphins. Are the be the judge by three jags are decent team and jazz are basically the other about 30 yeah whatever view you should do that I watch a lot of that going again last week. Very right wing of their right with really had a medical pledging to not believe that they got screwed royally and in that game by Jack call. Or that to you should it on overtones relates solid the jets on the odds and now maybe the wheels fall off of it because that is a very. That is a roster void of talent and there's no doubt about that. Oh what memories of Todd bulls. David Abel he's got together. So and that usually eyeball test and I put 32 teams of funny as it watched these five or six games always use a plate and tell me who's good who's bad reason about the death to us pretty good team. To this point kept their legit. Right so you know. I don't know what's gonna happen there you know in the next three weeks but. Due to the Atlanta mega blowout current annual fine but I'd just like Ahmad UK office to a local rainy completely free of that right let's just dolphins right but opens dull. The dutchess golf. Big golf that yet I think Adam gays and Jay Cutler and Ndamukong see who etc. There are not looking at and right at the jet says you know reached recent Arab middle combat Iraq suggests a come back to earth and will take off when they're Republican and I would citizen that you just like qualify. Yeah I'll I'll admit I would say yeah or I or game in the is he's like to overlook anybody now let me last year was the first time Matlock -- and I've got I don't know I'm pretty sure in the Tim hill era that they swept. The jets. I think less so it's not like is not as though they've been dominating. Any I don't know it's her own and and. You watch you just played there potted they're not a train wreck my hero thought they'd be it's pretty pretty wild figures are welcome back get some final thoughts. Us us about the NBA which starts in just a few hours right you're awesome and I do take. And thanks James Johnson for joining us earlier in the show lead in Orlando. To open up the NBA season also can be easy to your right there and Kurt heal and from pro basketball talk dot com NBC sports dot com asked. Certainly thinks our guest today we thank you for listening as well. We'll do it again tomorrow is just before 4 o'clock to. Right here on your home that he AM 790 and FM 1043 she's too it's again and another reminder tomorrow beginning at 6 AM. Was as low Romberg and amber every hour we're giving away cheap tickets every single hour that is huge and care. That's a fair bit management hasn't. Better unit there. Every hour that's or giving away here on your almighty those agents how to do that that's so we're doing tomorrow it's been under the heat opening up of their season in Orlando. And if you had Chicago. When he first. Crazy NBA story of the season and well you were a big winner in the office. All we are getting reports now via Twitter that Tom. Nikola Mirotic and Bobby quarters were involved in a serious altercation in practice today Mirotic. Hospital. He's our in depth at least so. It it sounds like there was a fight and down her pants. Perhaps Portis took a cheap shot on non Mirotic but I'm sure there are great likens we'll have more details. Wind when he's on the air at 7 o'clock but dome again and it sounds like Bobby tortoise. Punched Mirotic and and Mir teachers is now in the Hospira hospitalized I'm thinking you got out IE knocked around 500 PM yeah in no life or vigorous I'm going to enjoy all are missing teeth are some in some in serious. Most of the trainer you know that's one of the silver is different sounds like doing got the heck out of there just in time. Oddly Islam with a right there and right now to be announced here shortly as in the starting line up every money on the tickets go to great autumn of Monday rewind. A full recap of the weekend's games for us the updates injury reports in more code agreed Alamo from the inaudible price you want. Bust my political public adjusters Coors Light in Florida lottery Greg likens is going to be in here and then now we're gonna turn it over to baseball the NL. CPS which is the cubs the Dodgers right now yankees and Astros no score in the bottom of the fifth inning your if you're one of those guys the score is zero. CS though either restore respect the scoreless are no score crowd is just renting right now pending start since Edberg what it got a man. I look at it and I got Cleveland's starting off. One in though. Under on their marks to another NBA finals appearance I got a Golden State starting off one or no on their way to another NBA finals appear the aren't politic politic the Celtics in the upset tonight I think Boston yet. I think Boston comes in and every zones in and they they play the other is that there are low most people screw you until now Citi so yeah your team slow Sanjaya it's and I'll dominate you yeah I own new. I think Boston is is very motivated tonight retiree especially and he when he gets going offensively looked out and group regulatory you know put on him mister Cleveland. Defensively that's the other thing it's with a bachelor's degree fascinating to watch and are you without Isaiah Thomas out out there NBA season starts tonight. I can't wait and of course tomorrow the heat season gets going up in Orlando will be all over that with he coverage as well. Throughout the throughout the day and of course we're gonna give you a chance to win heat tickets every single hour starting. At 6 AM in the morning. We gotta go man we do we gotta go gotta go man we got to go. For Chris Perkins I'm Curtis David's allows it thank you as always and surveillance and keep it right here Greg like kids is coming up right after this right here on 790 the ticket.