10-17-17 Tobin, Leroy, and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, October 17th

Happy Tuesday everyone, Beast, is in his romper today and he's actually enjoying it. It's more of a punishment for Tobin and Leroy. The NBA season also opens tonight and Tobin is already in full petty mode. Beast doesn't think he'll make it this season with Tobin's hate texts about LeBron. The guys also speak on what they expect from the Heat this season, especially on how Winslow will bounce back from injury.


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No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. These are kind of going to something. Not not a bill around for scaring everybody in the building as the drop as described here is the problem. Up melt robberies one or really expensive because artsy and two are not met for the bigger males expensive. I expected a hundred dollar romper dude wouldn't. This out on the round is rated. And I would have to say. It's easier to find. A big male romper. It is to find the woman that would fit in that outfit to us and listen you'd be surprised. How would be you would be surprised would be I'm an affinity and love I mean women and does so I knew the sites to go to. And what's which was when he boom boom. Yeah I know she's she's thinned out yeah the surgery like me. But I know I know where to go. Found my found mice equivalent equivalent size switch you're wondering is a five Mets and female. And Rihanna Meehan black lacy romper got to make you look sexy no. Yes noose is posed on our fears and okay and it is that it Miami on mr. Graham in the seven sentencing on Twitter at went all out on the hunt and doing. I mean I don't know with less attractive. If Baghdad. You have boots. Order your hair sticking out of room to room through the ladies. Who would you said meant is that the cubs. Those that constantly repeatedly said no the users groups. I mean that's on the that the suit be I would feel differently but it's that I would. Glad make fun you didn't have that for it to punish her for the three of us is not a graduate at least. On the street can. Like most of times these things backfire. Always say. I mean. I'd have to go see eye doctor. And who needs as we just ago before the vision of the two there now agreed to do this on a full stomach. Anyway let's get the headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. I didn't just plug. I answered by mister Sparky together in my relatives who sparked believes that using skilled licensed electricians is always the Smart choice for your home. And family experienced professional difference call 8888 Sparky. Today. Our football idol when the Miami Hurricanes. Practicing on a Tuesday as they normally do. And among Kurds was full go full go practice they would do is give it. We need him back cool the one sports hall of fame has announced her list of latest inductees. Among that list Larry Coker. Really Devin Hester. Frank Gore Yonder Alonso John Salmons so wait so freight Gore's gonna give. Conduct while he still play yet to happen a couple times doesn't that longer quarters. The NFL members is for UN so gonna tell you come you don't you have to be out of view them for ten years old yet okay. And I mean. Why did take my purpose alone. No that was the ring of honor that's given the different emails smuggler was inducted the as I think that's okay. That's probably where not so plotted my cooler and removed under the so I mean listen don't ask I asked lake that necklace the other guy and he said he's actually working on. Because before this they really had no rhyme or reason with a ring of honor that you did it kind of when they felt like it. And he wants to make it more of a regular thing with some more. Strict guidelines. Otherwise you go run out of ring black gentleman say that's that I think you need a bigger ring because I mean you still look at the guys that are coming down. The slope here and in this bunch of them is they have that problem when the next dolphin is again in the ring of honor. Naomi is going to be a review limbs away no shot of what I. May be. You know they re Williams deserves to get in what now what are well wait why yes why don't what are the what are the prerequisites. Do we do we know. Borderline hall of Famer. Know that Lego they're like prerequisites and ET how to be with the team for certain amount of time here. Rogers is what you know why wait why you're an adult exotic got you jaguars. I lost the sweet get off the. First of all the lessons of its thing as the dolphins' Dan you can't have it both ways at the in this week nobody else did. Jack Stanton. Supporting your team hull. I'm not I will not I will not add to that bomb does not stop stings now to senator I'd tell you how he said my god you act you adware ahead of the where have we. Heard the story can. As did trainer don't worry I'll be kicking my. NFL we've got some stories if you added to blossom dummy that he would have been here that it. And what I think this. In my Jersey get new book is black lace is really key on the backside and Clinton now. Give me the return this. Oh and this has been worn on him and how many deaths now yet. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie you can explain constantly to return they'll try to and it didn't didn't work for me. To London life didn't finex wouldn't romper work for you. You know I buddy Rogers coach Marty is reinstated with the giants member yet the whole discussion about. I'm playing time and he laughed and there was evidently there was four incidents that happened. But he's all good now with with an act it is taken a five next wrote women's robbers this wind horse I mean honestly. The first article on the on the new season is how like how difficult life through wade is making for the cavaliers mean honestly. What's deal broke. Mean he's now but you win he's finally he's finally in the axis of evil. He's and that hell hole Cleveland with yet you're all miserable together and your first Douglas. Well do anyway it is making things difficult for JR Smith's. All saying the first with the might. Talked about when he. Christ and I continued I mean you sure what you wanna be as good a friends. As LeBron and Dwyane. It's sit and how good friend Leonardo says that their French it was fake yes yes worse to a couple time where's they all time and any of sassy with Muller. Of the sides and win two or stats. Way way gives dirty look over to LeBron James four times during a game. Just wanted to what did you mean on the on the show owns it in them and now my avenue propaganda on the show you in the running with him resulted what are. All in the place with any idea that I guess I get a text message I get a notification one more. Win or following and so are my. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Exact words you know if are we got baseball want to baseball that I ALCS game 4 is this evening after the Yankees won last night pounded Houston tonight. Houston yankees do it again it's actually this evening two and one Houston leads the series finally it is your first pitch then 9 o'clock. The NLCS Dodgers holding commanding two nothing lead over the closed. We will carry. The late game in the NLCS game right here on your hopes policies are based volumes have an idea of what a 43 issue to the ticket we are also the home. And the flash of station where the Miami Heat and speaking of the NBA season starts tonight 8 o'clock Boston and Cleveland at 1030 Houston Golden State. Our. Already here crazy it is so excited Andy Dick started off would abandon. I know they're gonna do it should be video for Kyra tonight. It is the right thing to do should go on the audio well and he did go out of his way to sit apostle was real sports that he did say that this man Otis let's say new salvo. It did in his dough to. Cleveland you're going. You're going to a you know the city and you want him to welcome you don't you have kind of tease out there Ollie. And Eliot I don't think there's other ways you can do it. I really do think there are other ways you do that you can say you can respect the heritage of delegates Alex the Boston Celtics is a brand a solid don't have a lot of a brand. It's that they are as they bring you the brands to listen there's a decent as it but I think there's I think there's I think there's a lot of ways you can go with that. Then send Yang guess what better sport even LeBron hasn't said that. I mean and he. That's late easy ammunition you wanna compare. Cleveland tonight everything's Cleveland has been offense and I'm even though they don't because the rat bastards who throw batteries and gas industry is if you win. Yeah absolutely. Then some point though it's not because I'll tell you why. When you lasts he got bad there isn't urinal cakes we left here he got a stereo vision. But it hasn't played the games after that and it doesn't play for the here anymore doesn't care about it except for you. Yet when I was in the building of it is every night they hate tweeting like the Rachel Nichols thing like I want to throw my damn phone why you have to stop this high. This stuff how listen we could show their veto will I don't wanna mince words here. Rachel Nichols is one of the best in the business she has grated up all of the jump great show. I'm sick of the LeBron Dwyane Wade friendship and abuse. I get it they men in the draft they've been poised forever. It's enough. It's enough with all this I'm not learned anything new OK I got I when I went through six minutes of interview and all I got was. All right here's the one meaty question you think Harry's gonna get the welcome like commuting Cleveland. And that's it. And that and that truer falsely you peanut butter or jelly. What is on the other side can do we information can read your tax. Commission I had to ask permission. You do yes. Gesture. Delegates I can't deal the whole season this late date it's up. Coursing with them it was a total of interview. Three X did gentleman's assorted high when it wouldn't let an Arab an original Nicholas the import. Home with these could be. If you (%expletive) off LeBron. And abuses Rachel Nichols done. How many times like a hero in a banana boat how many. It was forty years ago. I mean enough. And I could tell. Our UP to butter jelly kind of sound like singletary. I don't care. Pumped up for that I'm good. I'm OK in my in my feelings I accept them. I don't shine mask them like other people. They'll exit oh no I should appreciate you should appreciate the sweetest appreciate him just what ever moved and this they have. To more normalcy. And what it. It went in shoulder on TVX. It's not true true only fuels drag thinker. Check every racial. Fictional character and pretty good. Lieberman is the captain's. They run these. Stadiums all right Chris clack and his season opens up tonight plus some fun some of you predictions for the later. On the record stuff I think some odd questions so give us. Trending towards stock would dump for the doom stuff. With horrible mess listen I'm not patient to die we're going to make him best. This is a day you women's romper this is the only robbery could find. But he is doing it it's on all of our social media platforms it's on seven and using it on FaceBook seven I've taken on and what are. And that's a to Miami on NC grams so enjoy that. The incident stripped down. And all that is beast isn't bad when our sales managers she's in the hallway goes. You don't really startled to see that you've lost weight valuing women's clothing. That. Means a compliment. Is it it is it is a compliment the the the worry about. You know oh I don't know why I don't know why it'd be stress and so much. You wanna hear some of the propaganda last night. Well you know let's do this this is rich Americans. With those two weasels act together. You're going to be watching this interview around opening night so let's talk about that that first year we yell or Miami I have never in my life at any sporting event. Being in a place like the arena in Cleveland. The first time you guys Emerson came back from them don't remember the days when those who could do. So I'm probably talking to be foremost expert witnesses like CNN's situation do you think Irene can again. Whoa anything similar note though they're about as good. And a mugger KD leisure and Oklahoma City Hall doors of the bright. Kyle is coming to Cleveland though. They asked her train that's left it there and refined. Your work on strategies I I remember. There or not. How secure you feel like Michael Jordan good to get some big threats against carrying the way he was playing pool now listen revenues days kids do what he wanted to do. Dallas' best and I'm like a certain number three years that we had together. I'm Lou three years and and I'll wish we could've continued. You know didn't work itself out so. In an online energy is is to energized us don't know and lines coming temptation because educated. Coming as fast food kids yet so it's an. Stability is very condescending. Understandable. It is condescending. We hear no more please also note I mean we don't need Robin L decides it hurts like I don't want my hurt because I don't. Bike I'm done I've moved on. I moved on from those two megahertz and has that you haven't moved well okay you're you're you're acceptance is a dignity applied and you've covered pleasure out of your knee and I don't won't. That that's a problem with you you need to find more balance in life. May get that lead on center. Send your round what. Yeah entered her own rocket. Centered you're getting your result unlike anything. It won't have much in hot exhibits and he's singled out and beat. And I'm not even focus on the weight and it's so does the pizza and at a time. British medical. I interviewed. Me and I would think when you when they promote. He came. And saw I don't need Rachel Nichols might not and I'm I'm I'm. Robbie I am wrong is not wholly any market at halftime show. This fluff the last of three minutes and Chris Berman and went eight what are uniqueness fluff. You watched every moment out in Davis Twitter play by play because I need to be a journalist. I needs I mean. You reduce the resurgence of good to have talks fell into imperial area are you ready. With permission from Dublin here's the text machine and our group tech's last I will be doing disclaimers and yet during. Well action Rachel Nichols love ya get some new material. Rehash city. Robby comes thundering in. That was only part one at that part two is going to be Riley bashing and how much at the Cleveland fans are now there's actually worse I'd rather be that be interesting pickup for Americans don't back of Nichols had the guts she asked how they take checks for assault with goat men owner and play for fans that tossed batteries at them so much love in that interview I go McNeal fluff and butter sandwich. We're my breakdown of colts titans would have a really good old days of old fashioned halftime show comes Robby or she has to Wayne if you would rather be his own man or be the bronze bitch for the same money. Highlights break down boomer sound effects predictions for second half that's how god one day. Robbie the good old days told me and yet or LeBron. Is or LeBron is it going to be difficult play basketball bullied to Wayne's puppet strings at the same time it's a better question. Every night if it is going to be everything oh what's gonna happen and it commit an official of the creek and I don't love it's all night could do all of the same as. Just wait if Tyree Irving crosses over Dwyane Wade. We're 820 yeah. Nothing is going to be on how. Hi rain on every angle every breakdown I can that. It's going to be like the highlights on the double speed it. Slow it down. And you boys and food and instead grand apply now it's gonna Tobin is going to have to watch tonight's game with motionless and by the side. That's not like it's unbelievable and apparently to Arizona causing chaos when Norris isn't in Cleveland it's all been through. That. Yeah just blank if they were Edwards and you're set woody says the B frank and make your other point. I is that it's funny I think it's funny that no matter where Dwyane Wade goes win doors got season. It's on the future. It's funny what that's all because you know he thinks the brown led Cleveland. With her rightly you talk about not getting over it. He's like I'm still gonna get jobs on Dwyane Wade he's gonna be the reason that LeBron leaves now the guys in Texas that is just a new group text. When your phone buzzes yeah your first thought is. With Dallas told. Saying now why exactly what Q so. You know what it see it a little right. Robbie you every Saturday night. Robby what is Magnificent Seven he got a bad. You guys should burn up the text machine a little bit more I think you'd be good for the show Robbie and I were doing our part. No I don't want aggravating everyone Roddy annihilate the Johnson & Johnson high ethics. I'm James he's Tyler. Will it will say he's mixed well the F legislature is it's like that chemistry do well. I don't even have to look and Robby is there with the take that I want her. Oh my goodness what is wrong I feel sorry for you so we're sitting next to Spain and the Celtics and most obnoxious blamed on the heat fan but I leery variable as the SEC violation during the like every single cast comes with a doctorate at thought about it. I cavs over the Celtics. Taught. It to you. Two teams you don't like play each other you rueful one vs the other. Overtime. This bird for 2 things that I am for doing Lydia crossed up by carrier to have the record is ready to and a half you do you. All of these videos are gonna between honest tonight. On the ball and it record number isles a two ways for another missed value that's LaFave that's going to be my favorite this year. You have sort. Of it's it's not a good kids love to hate. How enjoy sports you'll. Like yeah every Jacksonville Jaguars brain. And they could be up. A total points and he'll say. Puerto steadily doing nothing. And it sucks. I mean she didn't do not but you. Yeah that's that's that's differently than my favorite player is doing big things. I know OJ color socks this to color is he's an import it's different. When he does rod to color off also love retirement union ready to go do football games the broadcast. The bulls eye. The world's number three tech now number three commencement as a question you don't happen in the same draft. Just opponents of the Russell Wilson. Could this be where. Attitudes been some time which. Are you wondering how is. Whose careers are to be. I don't know man. Under the hood is so does have a couple Paxson did fine as he might be to first and this would go into the live shot simple don't let it. The motivation to face you know it's funny they put Jay Cutler and general and the same Booth. Oprah's like Tony Romo was good to brokers who not yet had Jacob that is arguably best suited to get on the silence I was gonna take Ella. Yeah even what do you think it's always prediction. That runs the show off and it hit. All mayor Obama and this is I am telling. You. About legend and amp. As an all star quarterback. Me how that person let bluntly and quiet I just think his demeanor. Makes you feel I mean you have a sweep through the jars when there were nobody was around him better. Listen he's every once while he'll pull a great throw item has behind but his W. Here's the problem we Jacob. The reason why you get so frustrated with him. He has all. The tools you lose a. Although he use that he does because he doesn't care if he had the strongest arm in a world. He's gonna try to throw a fade away deep ball he does not care. I think he does well. Demeanor I think there's too much in fact that's I think this one has. Yet I think it's hurting him I think he has respect Trout and days and hurting. He's allowed pony you got to let him Ron Paul. Is. I. Little bit I don't follow. What you're going to be a while horse he's got to be a little wars. Blood to be allowed stout now must dietary melody though while. Only Tuesday colors strike you as a thoroughbred. I mean. A wild donkey. No mutant. A wild ass. And is it legal wager that goes on to shorten. Up my mind goes when it like boxers electronic. Hello all day. So all the luggage can stand up right in line position. Yeah front. I think I think it like this I think and I think Jay Cutler and his natural habitat. Is like Hannah Arnold why build Bender just just like all kinds of sex parties and metaphorically of course. And what happened was is he he shut up with a woman he really respects in that woman is that in gates and is really hone down his wild oats. But sometimes sometimes you let Jay Cutler let loose. And I think what's happening is. How like you know Jake elegiac by the strip club and he's always doing the rubber and equities look look at around and he wants to go and they get two for one Tuesday as. But Denny remembers you know he's got Bible study with. Gates. Now. Who's happier. They were info ball well. JJ where Adam geeks did you add kicks it continued an area. I think I think he I think he wishes he could air it out but he just he doesn't. He doesn't he doesn't quite trust him he needs some wiggle room doesn't quite trust today then we get he's got eleven years to. I as I still feel like youngest grudgingly likes the fact that you guys get. It does it always seems like a Tony gets a good run. I'm. Is at his feel like jade giant role in his Dana annoyance term. Grade. This I mean. Sometimes you just want your team to be different might get a perfect exit. Here's a Baltimore Ravens. Yeah paced and our office coordinator. Brian bill Wright who we scored more points to anybody at the time to history and NFL. Baltimore had a great defense as often as a coach bring him over to. You want a Super Bowl they didn't score any points that you think bothered. Yet at a dead. End. Never got a pitch up. Well evening any another job was losses balls that's why Hong. Yet he lost to one in fifteen dolphins team hard and he did it because he went for the tie ins though the wind and Cleo Lemon east new. That game it was you would have thought the team on the Nancy rural that's now having that dolphins groundless it was unbelievable. Joy said she cried I was in the in the Billy bush is that you cried for that win. I love Gretchen Maria Greg Tim Maria following average Cameron blasted out to an aggregate demand and I. Think what's. A year where I was to get. Three and thirteen. After winning your first game. That's ball other burst in the room. It was like the only time we beat Pittsburgh. That's annoying music over the years to the crap out of Pittsburgh then that was it. Coaches got fired some things may or may not have been said. I think it thirteen was Mo works. Because military to go words we were six did you imagine of one of boosting. I mean to. They got to the point where. Even if we were winning. We weren't really well I can imagine late I'm telling there's been played I wears his and they religious and three wins every year and I'm easily. I can just turn it all goes like I don't care anymore where you re right. Yeah abzug about it in years just to register and pick out a bit out of a topic. But if you're a player. Might its its its fall ball got to go out there you go play hard as it makes it hard to believe the team could go. 313 115 when sixty. All seen the same amount of money. In Cuba to Aetna. I don't do rules so nervous and raise incompetence reason why I mean franchises are bad. It's not because of a team owner it's because of the decisions they may now. That's always gonna this is a global spear decisions I it is this this the sisters has gone out gone cabernet and this press commencing rematch. Limit on the mat when he is as knock on cabinet Maria next. Him back to overdrive is do it you would save up to around 3 o'clock today. NBA opens up that I think he'd open up tomorrow very exciting. Today setting. He got exposed about always going to be on it was as though drummer remember tomorrow at 815 ash city it's an appointment listening. Here the out of your head coach what's the what's the one question you'd wanna spoke right after. As the dollar class is learning what Cisco noted be bigger related. No leg real late for reals not light years late Pope patties at to do you think that just as Winslow. Is that ergo we're like how what do you suggest is if I get an on a two semester what do you think does one's going to be and here's here's what you're ready for an answer to them you know you gotta get there's. You know. Everybody looks at basketball and thanks to all the way you can contribute is by score. This was this. He helps us as so many different ways where there's defending weather is facilitating. He is tremendous and maybe it will score as much as everybody else is still doesn't mean he's not a porn to detain. Wood just woods woods is just ones could go back to being an actual legitimate. Lockdown defender like he was his rookie year. Then he is very valuable there is you date that you never knocked out by young guys who can defend very good when you have to be able to score a little bit. On wheels again Bode Miller underscore a little bit while he was it should truly crucial time for like they just burst onto led to a lot of travel and throughout the the crew to develop you know just. What's that got to the point where he was stopper defender. They could occasionally like what she was his rookie year writers and T and and at least be counted on to be somewhat consistent from outside. Okay. Fine I'll take what is consistent. 40%. Maybe until the rain. Don't know. I was just in general idea for both reported are from Hollywood does all like to thank notice Jesus. She's only you know. An amazing three point shooter relative fees from outside if he's like twenty something percent. It was a blog that is now again 29 like 29 U behind it bigamy slightly under thirty slightly under that are not okay. Well if you're locked down he's got a lock down. Until it can be. A little canyon Kenny I don't know I mean I just like to me. 30. I would do is is is receiving him last wounds on television news won a seven it was a through there yeah. 17 all of this same issue of this year a mile a loss that market were less than 14%. One of seven to sing shooting in the last year and well I was afraid to shoot it though now is not among Hamas and more confused though why has the touch around the room and heal a monster I don't understand the late. I view us what we just both he would ask one question. Well Roy process more question. I'd probably ask him how how easy you know. You know how's that second group and start we're who's gonna stay in. When the second crimson. Or he's just gonna rotate using nearly two point guard in resume go Tyler. JJ. And you know Winslow. Adds to a talented and got a media like Kazaa that that does the dynamic crime fighting duo. The kickass men they kick ass and take baskets they really should Winslow is Andre Iguodala. This. Of. Reasons. I disagree no way what I will say this. Haven't gotten to the boat ready don't go our Winslow. You don't make it would they still garden. Would not it's just leave him by itself. Yeah it would it's gonna digs and develop and it's it's going to be a tough last week as. With everybody who is there already who rubber suit. Yeah I mean I know I know they're gone there with that. I don't I I I hope I'm I'm over that he's not the bottom of the barrel like I don't want to be in this case where you're gonna look at just as Winslow and you're going to think. You using in he's always veto a shooter I I really Italy it's fair. I know there yes it's early it's I know what a disaster was beginning last year I know it was terrible but he was not helped. Introduce the man. Wrist shoulder on an important issue. Here's what Arun Singh. How could guide gold room. Scoring in college to not being able to hit the broadside animal boar. Like and what happened in here well. I wondered does a thing where it's it's now as we don't it's it's also mental. You know he pressed a little bit too much used when he and I mean. It. Okay when he got to turn it just on goes. To Deion. We six of them minute to talk to the Philly cheese I mean look at. But what side his bill to destroy big guys guys can Dixon time. Zia espionage it's realize that you see him beat. So ambient apparently his Mets and understood under Tony early in the season you me hash tag itself the so good in zero clips and never plays to. He was is rather upset about it he says the bleeding sucks so wait here so now we got. Yet to anyway accurate three or it is too aged seven Richard Kahan. Game so much different we. Yet a door and where it is I mean during the criticism I rants don't think he was amazing and that little straightaway is unstoppable digital. To those socialist. As liquids are about. Wave hit first coming out yes that's that's what you're looking in somebody's sick or run a test but I think you cheat and run a test has run a test was decent shooter right. Right it's cooler and name I didn't think of them as shooter per cent I don't weigh very noticing that three game seven for the lakers I know a lot of lakers fans should. All over the admit though memories from it seems that it doesn't belong. To me the ball. You got shot big onions remarked that's who we couldn't keep it. Up. I. And brother just triggered a boat that if you give the Olympic he'd give it that you what it's that McCarthy's. Coming up as you as the headlines abuses in a romper.