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Clinton Portis talks Miami-FSU


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On the ticket message and Gatorade may apply don't text and drive as the national. Contest does not go route do one of our favorite people on the right fuel and downstairs you mean stores gas line it took steps beyond convenient. Then there is mr. Clinton Portis. Clinton how are you man. Are you all we're doing great where even a doing better because we know it's Miami in Florida State week. And that gets the juices flowing. They're definitely didn't nuisance or mandate we've got to go on the ground and didn't know in the end there. Should put duke away her little. The work that Bob didn't gain much militant views were outward. Are the ones saved you know the quarterback injured but we can't overlook we'll definitely gotta go the to tell her new addiction. I so Clinton you were there on the sideline right up close and person electing Dell what you boy dear Lou is there aren't Andre king was there. You were you watching the kids boys what were your takeaways about this team. You know actually seeing it it was different the different bug big. Are amused and cultural ball and smooth out some light on the defense so dumb blonde who want it there ought to deal with secular war com. It down and did you like starred in no one's really interact no one is why it is important he walked in he. You know you got to beat her then every every time you walk the it goes so he didn't want come to motivate you argue you Limbaugh who gave you would have your bar there. Picture from the now you you've got to be no blood back. I'm scared beaten you know just the looking at their blood outcome not to feel it would die. I'm not sure it was more than it did when we're here your player pool ball it seemed like cooking that you know we're where we got our feet. But to go out and played a gain clear what do you need to Syria. You gotta have been you got to be more than that that's not what you would be if somebody they are Garrard look like Brady to go I'm a big lead in the big. Arnold was you know like up beat me but nobody jumped on the ground and in the face site actions so. We don't need that I think that it's even cultural all their briefing about cows horses and did some. While it's a pretty indeed iTunes or your site though. Outlook he get it. Putting you know they say a team got a takes on the personality of its coach. We know coach Mark Richt he's he's a laid back dude cool calm collected. But he did say this week that one of the things he needs to improve about himself. Is getting more excited to help the guys get more excited. And I think that's what you're talking about. Yeah you have got to have our main you can worry about how to coach should coaches. Go to the person whom you were because we got in the men's game would feature one mission. In the gain in sort of got to go out that they can make it gave me look even more laden. Our business culture and what coach flip it. No you're. Would have cleared the smoke that still wouldn't let you feel can they cure it didn't so. No doubt that they could upon them they can't wait articles 88. Or pig and you know experience that he gained in could do it say all of the no doubt be rated. I mean one point that they were getting hyped that was when the turnover team would come out Clinton. You eat solid Dick kids excited he saw that helmet even come off a little early while they're on the field. Is that is that is not enough and he needed more consistently and you can't just wait for the turn over an end to where the blame. Well. Mean that's great weather you don't get any Arnold that you might get too too big return over the Gary followed considered to be put it bluntly they are technically. You got three high ball you know. Are you need to introduce all of the problems admit there's been. There's been beaten bad day you know although I'm not really gotten into evidence our gold straight off even bigger return home saying that the new big blue. Are deadly turn with chains know all his. All of Sharon's I'll hold down like I mean he may indeed include personal and your album will ever bargained turnover change. It is their position all game. Clinton when you played who who were the guys that got you fired upper god bless the team fired up. You know currently in action and other guys that you are that you watched many lips. Or do what they want you barks is where you. We went cable that it will all that the ball on it and you don't want now beaten me why did it would be in the jaw where our audience will there. And your quarterback ignored our own bill. Come on and that. Called her so. The energy that you know the or guarantee that you know we ought to be about to go. It all the while he seemed muted effect on earned on the why is it. Coach will be O did you become a deal. You don't do and what actually in the market you need to be pigeon that was. All they don't congress. That you guys we got to pick on oh. Before the game that you beat company and you bet that put children gave. The home or have a big or surgical if you've used the more all around the B word eco. Well great blah I bet predicted that you should go on that situation Hedo will even though you don't do it renders it down again and probably you don't get hockey so you need to be that big that it would be all the that it. Change won't. That you would we've heard some water. I. You heard your own interest to let beat you. Beat Britain you know what are over his third you know it's quick short epic need to be worried at all. Oh you're the head it. Lot of great things go as the hour on the former players back on the sideline. Or you know week or bit me and it's almost thirty all he beat Charlotte Uga beat all of them god affect their all of them do that she does well bar. Calls. Mine premiered you know might be create the leg and by the children mood. Although the idea of them sure everybody plant turnover changed the book called my and it may use your immigrated you're creative do you think you won't. All of which that they were due to personal Marin who didn't expect this particular swagger they picked it because mom they they keep it. Our Gainesville and they say is it any other place but no big deal or didn't have to leave minded. They know we'll get back to the football the seg you know you've been through a lot we've run all the stories. What did you learn about yourself. Through all those trials and tribulations that you went through. Leonard Cole of our Mary you know where the pain and I want you. Our cabinet preparation you know commitment but the game and while it allowed you bill loud loud need to be our home you know go out these. Nobody will know never have been. In the person that he departed to. All they the first northern may have been a year since the enable them you know. Old situation what we market arsenal all in the immediate boost their strong prepared to support. When your personal Miami walks into it you don't want to do that I. Great to me you know I mean rectangular. You're being able to make it out of you so much so that I didn't. You hear the you get all of this and then moved around now more open where I. Ought to be a good way to union big Republican creed when you can go and have liked there toward those are in the war epic. When it is a direct hit by the wall now would we even Margaret Hague a bit. We have been in it is wouldn't be black and white boy at the mercy burned into the if you cute question I'm not give you know I liked it but he got here but yeah there are a lot of them. Mark Simone got. So how are you putting all of those ideals that you just talked about in the in fact seem like what are you doing now what are you wanna get into what he would stretch running over and. No they're actually going to bite you noted they're great they're great they're all brought their I couldn't tell. What's more strictly is doing pretty good right now of women out remove the good. There and allow college football you're a cougar so. I wish they don't like it but everything got the ball back and include blurred are you sir are you my dear how did you do your work. Also want to up it didn't mind he knows he brought yourself if people. And they grow ports and you couldn't eat I got a great part religion generally is you know you learn so much and you know. Might seem to know people they're they're though there may be in this day that mother on the slope on the hit it helps out. So had a note here it's you can that you didn't know that don't build. Natural world like a bill that they're shielding your form you don't have to know when we go deep into a home in the bowl. Although dad mow the patient who do you guarantee that the city and have you been he had all of these important what you borrowed. On it a burden. It didn't want. Glad you're here. These are illegal immigrant or not relate to her album born in. You've got people who doubt we'll never know mobile home so expect that he didn't leave that he would be a war lord who did better than its momentum here. Couldn't mortal son join us journal kindred you go to fund. That Clinton would like an industry where yes to talk. Indirectly it you should hit the word gotten backlogs northern new there have been there are new book. All haven't they been brilliant game where he. I'll be in the run worsen my. All in all we've never have to deal he. All you know contribute that we'd all be good kid. But no the as you know but so are pretty. It is cold in there who couldn dorm life is going to be everything go go forward they consult god or make the. Clinton that back to the football side of things well what do you think about mark on the job he's done thus far this season and and how difficult it is for him to be battling the ankle injury that battle. They're not below market longer are a little more walled if you look at more people and being. All in good terms only it would you you are and how long term okay. Global and look at more and walk them down that you usually I do what you get more help you that you look at. All you can look at all these mountains they you know there's we do so this will work you Jack you Jack. Read a book then read your we look I'm I'm all. Cabinet that you are more prepared me you're the young beer per. All the while he was so. Just haven't you know stereos unbeknownst so that's where did they did that you are you practice. Owned it and you know you'd be deported back. We're like no one expects you won't hear about it favorably that you don't read so once you can put it all together you'd get more won't tell. I'm not they didn't Derek who don't pay you who don't know what Ecevit yeah you. Our shared you know you don't believe that there are some. Oh you don't know do we had our own words they had a moment we've all been. Are on because that I think. Did you will be bears or the bigger than they were doing internal malt the underdog who got rid sort right now is life. Get people have followed you lose that it could impact these all of us to come together and update you would get more walks. We knew what to say more about what them that you don't bother. Opted in college he yelled at I'm white you know do we may do. Our homes that you come out. All our captain bring them though moonlight were not about what what do you know who do that but. There is gave you know that the Kelly are ordained women did important battle in the they nagging injuries doesn't the issue is he didn't help you know I'll put myself that would be N. D. Kalu outlet into the game. You pick in the town that I got a rubio a portrait he. Yeah it did with anybody who learned their Dave Warner. Dave did consider me a little different games so we'll leave it like. Take advantage and are so you've got a little uncharted what did you think when you don't get out of the game teacher strike gold community. Didn't believe what I got a hundred yards and so we both get slow when no. Didn't didn't I didn't get a lead here and there appeared weary pretty huge. Already weak market that are who wouldn't go out. Indeed things. Are you usually go out in dumb move didn't hurt me you know instead you get you home. Come in the conditional and there's not a big drop all those those are just a bit more help me in the future he did the that they'll. What don't they. I think that that more often done great but he didn't have those those stay over and bite you played with so I think the art in the normal war than than maybe they they should they've got to trust the other guys give some other opportunities. The other thing is is is I think mark's good can catch the ball out of the backfield or even split them out a little bit trying to. Taking that the defense about about the issue an important in some situations are not used to steer more care and. I think that they actually yeah we have become active on the ballot they didn't. Oh isn't sure if you had finished maybe we'll let me. Caller yes they did not what was that it would lose a little bit with a gain more grip you were you good. This mother of a gallon bill would not be heard about. Old world Mark Green what will be the bottom of the list it in the old people make and you could be great. I mean every time you couldn't even get a book war. No I don't know what they don't have confidence here this. You know we've been fortunate probably got a relationship. They're more economical way home in my eight of the game you know and publicly bulk. The Japanese did he went off the road and don't support that but what about the coast may that this election and there you guys. Writing code to make that. You did they gain the oldest is it's boom boom they couldn't get it every day and who knocked a ball to first second and third. The more material. Who are the mom when likable that thing is I hope it happens all the feel of what. When they don't need to separate package from anybody else see that everything is that you could do the research did you do it with whom he knew that was something we. Would James yet not being given what you are pretty. Mark Dell. Will be played pool. Jason get a do over debate will air like this do everything in there were also costar Owen who bought it wasn't paying you learn whom. They learned in double file leave them we're not called me. I'm watching the game and you've earned it OPEC whoever picked that we could. There will be you've been in the UK if you Kate because they don't worry about being in being there in the in their house so we will. How old they actually do it is. He also packaged it is wow del what he Gandhi did on The Who and what well. They keep it out there dig it out there comeback it is yeah yeah I think some technical. Two more Clinton before we get Johnny hero war this one just a direction I had to think Saturday is gonna go. You know because honestly he seems to be really always so. This will be open bin bill that would be called their their sincere should be a bit of a deal which Newton. There and you've also ordered Burton Hulu and it gave me these vintage ports you'd. We're back. Well what might be big news that it is much purchase of human oldies is what they don't have a Worthington. Renegade that you would have been higher than. Me in everything that there's. I. In all the while the the ball you'd like a matter they and you wouldn't Argo boom. You know it's a good area that you are huge jump into the open pit urban jumped awkwardly and being equal of those pretty cool oh. On. He. Wouldn't go cold remote it. Oh million things you didn't you can take that. The Big Dig them out won't you keep me than what wall ball they omit them but the more on her. What it would do it so. It wasn't the board. Quote and now that you might. They did not move it oh I mean yeah I'll walk out the one. I don't have what did that mean that. The well. I wonder is someone who dominate. The ball out there are no more what do our soldiers out there and they're with. We don't advocate the ball boy bill. Let them go there all these you know they need to be first we didn't meet meet them on million. So when we get there are some of the great quarterback make them there's 10. All of your Google you'd go for all of the boot those 2000. Or shall we big afternoon food in me you know create colts are great but urged. When you eat you talked about when you don't you tell Frankie to get in or JJ would tell you to get in. There was a moment where wasn't JJ telling you to get game but it was cold solved injured telling you to get into the game. When maybe coach Davis didn't necessarily want UN what do you remember about that game vs Georgia Tech in the Gator Bowl when. Coach davis' yellen at soldier why did you put Portis in the game and by the time he could finish yelling at soldier you had taken it to the house. Pay your code data load in the bag made he's got it and all of you know either no doubt that you don't want to persons. He wanted to do it. Goes so goes into the home consultant who coached June. I gonna look terribly that he dumps it off you know dictates you came all the colts couldn't they'd destroy articles about. Did dated back on the field and luckily the ramp will appear in the it's it is that would give the ball record since. Or a bit that he not only are so I don't know can be another one. Mean you know you are a very they're working he'll want the game he ever by the celebrate your that. All the while they won't then it is a one hit golden the so called. Me and they told me that you didn't care if isn't it a warned Wednesday that affected you personally that the patent to break into the great group yet another guy at least the blue in the blue blob so. I'm happy it worked out well but could say that they UK history than you do that you would help. Lugar is great for universal mind you can put their child he mentioned you know bring up the wound of mean he didn't notre Schwartzman who read I didn't like refused I was with you then they could. This war he does his her vote in. The same but they are looking like it's more of your. He owns the mine are my junior I don't doubt you can't open miniature. I'll go what would be you do William Greene Michael reward yeah. There's been used yet at all. Yeah. At Atlanta. Actual. Letter you try to do. If it. About Clinton one. Hello I was about telling you that I had a broadcasting job ready for you down here but you know after we had the dump it in three is it. I I'm curious. He's got the record I'm Ares I main reason the job offer but I could tell anybody we love you man we thank you for everything you've ever down here with luggage on the radio and I appreciate you. I look at them and word may be good dough boy that got me out. And a personal courage you know. But we'll do billion oppressor is like a band like you say that all. Of those but I do have a have a bit. Our if you get the attention you've. Coach Martin retreating they don't put your. Yeah and Rick as mark mark rigor Margaret not to get defined by the FCC a a. Yeah I think you can that you guys have I think even though he did a real good looks book written and we appreciate our charter boat. Now turner co leader now. Don't roll yeah yeah he will replace. Yeah and I'll learn I'll read it won't say their big Mukasey can't and I know we don't know we don't know why isn't exactly what we couldn't. We specifically how we supposedly wanting you for this week we'll have that done but isn't any time you want but we loaded thanks man. You know parliament they are relatives and loved that guy like me well. Who supply could I don't already one of my favorite in a ball moments when he'd get on his interviews back through the Redskins and you go to the ultrasound dressed up. We were talking about a character you know. He's you something. I love that I really didn't use one of my favorites of all time I mean I just it's I'll tell the story forever for the rest of my life. You know we get to talk to him as a freshman he comes in Piazza's what's the record for rushing college and get a break it. You know insist. OK let's go back. We're at daybreak on the other side. Pretty rejoin.