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Thursday, October 5th

Damione Lewis talks about Miami-FSU


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It's got to be right fuels does it really is stewards just drew is just beyond giving it but it isn't there one of our favorite he's a great storyteller. I am sure his play of mine in FSU memories we go out. To the phone and aides did you lewd Damione Lewis what's up buddy. They would score though. The senate that outlawed. It is doubles also cited a Bridgeport a lot in MIT Puerto bunches weekend. But it's my the F as you weeks of the heck would that. I know that's my literary involved good. So you know or on the sidelines with your Boise does seem Florida's Andre gang you sell the team up close and personal. What are your thoughts about the Miami Hurricanes team and specifically his defense this front the Steve for the fraud for Miami the play duke. Almost Teddy bear I really. Didn't twist in the minority in. Don't check the mayor not thank you get a good job told not a game they strip the game with tools that may have been brief and only took one away on the with a normally. But you know just did a really good job getting out quarterback. And I'll really liked it because the waiter swarm the ball up and didn't pull a great job would vote. And you know obviously it's my the F as you week they're not Clinton just came on and said he didn't see enough height. From those guys who wanted to see more height. From the defense. Now they should need behind this week at Florida State we what what did you think about their enthusiasm and just Merrill intensity level. Operating out but you won't air the border gamer thing you know from the second quarter to a third quarter I think it battalion alone is not even keel. Are you just move him like you know you'll probably would also open a great dolphins got the Auburn would be that those thumping great. Did you a lot of that I've been booed what about. And all you know it ran through their player of all it. In order multiples what they got this stuff sort of in the that they. Damien you work you were part of that team that broke the streak of that as you beating Miami you were also part of the team that lost at this view. In on 9747. To nothing but. That year in 2000 when you guys finally we're able to beat them. This team is sort of in the same situation with Memphis you having won seven straight. Did you have. Much more motivation or did you feel more pressure going into that game no wing. The streak or was it just the fact that it's at this year doesn't matter. How many times they've beaten not sweet week you know we need to beat him. I didn't really care about the streak will voter generated revenue perspective it would just what would be. No prosperous new year operational when there. We know we're gonna look past loaded no it don't mean. He's a little bit of a lot of some little upgrade to a lot of residents who wears it well there is flawed they probably look ought to be there have to be part of that being. That's what they they're hopeful we'll all feel figures available for smoke or brought their act or else. Forty them enough to put each year we closed the gap formal that I knew what we year. If you don't smoke implement got you view of what must you we got an opportunity. You know we're we're gonna look even keel they have a good and got a good game but I do better than you would software and unbelievable you'll. And what I've got this jobs bill. If you were look at that level there came to bin who. You don't leave others sick and you'll coach Rick you know beat double digit dip or we didn't get slaughtered spate. In our Megan's walk him just what they're played well in fiscal could have opportunity liberal but I everybody's. Put on a more sort of reveal more about all those great. A big boom sport to go out. Really Ellis got the late great chip and she'll in that need to be out loud that's what we're about you know it has little or they even though it is important. I think it got big rooster rock and look at what they're like get a little doll was back there. You know we've got injured all the way. So they sort of the way out if they need to go web absolutely dominate this thing in the soul no mercy. I'm being coach Rick I want to have more for the benefit level it is absolutely destroyed does care and the as he GAAP don't like they were player who gets what. If you're up there to play well you're bad about putting up where can I got that's your fault not our outlook hope that he told them if it were born there. Well. Listen we're aiming and we don't know yet and we saw. I'm ready to go I don't know I don't know what I would do what I did go when I'm ready to go. But you know coach mark ray T yeah he's cool calm collected guy but let's remember what Coca particularly got older we. Will remember oh. Let's remember Mark Richt is that Florida State for a long time and I think he kind of wanted to be the next head coach at Florida State and they never got a game that gig. Never gave them that opportunity that's why he went to George's so he had just behind it all he may have a little old. Are equal we need. There is where the borders comedy clip you know clip is where. Your god go out and do their job to do their job right. If that means we it'll be a is that enough to know that you you beat that Obama. The player movement and sport there are at the end of the third quarter ink autistic you don't have got the whole bit the Cold War is quite a report on board office. That quiet. We got beat appear while we got to get rid of we want to be a mess we don't know what all seeing it pay sport out if Cuban people that big and about last week. The big the that we would kill we've got people out of Cuba garden Q of the Mick Riordan might. That follow before the polls are on the well that you. Do you mean that I'm. Surgeons and the little things that you know we're all yeah we're not sure whether it be excited or scared to hit hit a good out there have been a lot of I'll. We know I don't really know let's not good. All week. As well and I think about the development well what about what your political cellar epic its third off until you want you to look like. A bomb but that'll say they have the hole that there ought to be what got there. The daily needs you mentioned Joseph Jackson you were. And Norton old what did they seem to be doing well or even get another us act here in the air what what do you see in their game. I think they're really where smoke has wrought up and personal burden than not did not stop the ball. No not holding that gap integrity is a good up and your grocer whole lot of back and there but I always get back what they're able to get out ought. We allow you know exactly and out Blackberry. And then go from mountain got something good about this is up there with the military about they would. He's got people capable where did you feel that if the situation in the polls does it also reported that we. What Serbia the enormous system that many view as well. Damien Lewis right here on. All canes at radio and and deal Lou listen you got all the confidence in the world in this team. And you want them to go out there and just pound FSU. From what you've seen from them. Is that something they're capable of doing. I believe they are following due out walk in court and little what are the what are your. On the board the first war. You know they were in little more out nobody they get home. They weren't swept across know they get all and I'm really stressed that he'd been out. India in the second quarter per quarter they kind of keep it would opt out it wasn't a player do more on what I would go coaches. India and won't want to think I was born this way a little bit normally. Momentum doesn't seem like you've got to have been out way to go they go let it go right back where we don't like that most people right back then in a bank and bank who wouldn't want from war. India pop open and all of Ballmer. Walton without you look we're awful we York what they're capable of going to target and that about being spared. This sport you'll you'll the whole game it doesn't but it Ortiz who eat there and get the ball is you'll be able to gain from our. Jamie you've been a played college throw it eat it always seems like coaches. The kind of wanna play conservative or they don't want you know the young quarterback making mistake so they kind of to go through that the first quarter so and I and I agree with the I think that's been a problem the last three games against Florida State. We played a much better Florida State team and really one play off in your defensively. Away from winning those games. This year we really feel we have a much better team and it sort of state seemed to be weighed down. So it's one of those games like you said you really wanna go went in just knock him out from the first play on. No you don't wanna give we've got right were called me. They won a tough game away so they are well Acosta is in Europe they lost the game to a statement and the pinnacle feel with the imports you know increase nobody ever before they are not playing that what we think we're important will that hurt and not playing any game. India and I have just 11 affect you know regarding what we looked book following these basic ultimately beatle. You know organic are all the way out of debt against well wait for you know within a game. North. So they help operate that now they think they're gonna wanna compete. What would applaud why let you know well. Dollar not almost space that would close we can come out here we go to Domenici optimal from first was all inept they got it as being well the first week. The lip but it cannot given their if you can light cannot yield ops wouldn't bleed himself with the political. Felt that there. They know they might be good and upbeat. But we got a sold there have moved right about that brought is that we've got a blue. Damien Clinton Portis mentioned earlier that you know when when when dings needed to get a little lively on the sideline or or when things were tough. A guy like Nate Webster would start talking and you'd listen or or Dan Morgan. I think you are also one of those guys put Luke who's who's a guy that. You knew that when they got your face you've got chrome did you get ready to get on the field and and knock someone's head off. What we hear how would you like college my alma the name would like Paula god given in the circle. It's called the very end up like what is more at all. What moral of that deal was normal for me it was formal in the middle of it. We let water dominate. India out of trouble. Well not well where he always does the film we have by the way where is more doubt. The you don't get that you'll back but you didn't you pick up there we go out move respondent here. Damien Lewis. Your I mean do we Kentucky for seventeen hours I wish we could. Real doubly gets you on again and you know anytime you get down here we want to with us. You're one of our phase man and they'll we appreciate Dolly's. Are we got them. Out you know. Yeah look little and look we're not trust me that I think something is going on your house right now I meant yeah I sit error it. I better be the package. You know I imagine you know what I got. I sit next to DJ every Tuesday afternoon from one to three. And all he doesn't look at his time like sales charts so I I know all about it makes baseline data and we'll do. Damione Lewis does turn all canes a radio.