11-13-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, November 14th

The guys are pumped after the Miami Hurricanes destroyed the Fighting Irish on Saturday. They relive all the takes from Paul Finebaum, Tim Tebow, and even Robbie saying Notre Dame was going to win. Solo D of the hit Turnover Chain song joins the guys in studio and talks about how the making of the song went down. Tobin and Beast wonder if Manny Diaz is going to take a Head Coaching Job. There was a weird Monday Night Football promo that used Jarvis Landry to get you hyped to watch the game.


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. It's going to be Notre Dame takes a step closer to the playoffs with a way and that. Over the U. Look I know the party was supposed to be over last week in the doors was we do we got another week of partying. It's. But eventually the party's over how the bill has to pay what is kicking the can down the road. Notre Dame has two for tropics on the offensive line that a monster running game with Josh Adams and want to McCain's defense has been suspect this year is against the wrong. Let's not go through the Cali and that is Notre Dame average into an Iraq. Yard. They gave a 145. Yards before they get. It's blowing people off the ball that's. This has been made. Battle with the line. It disrupted the timing when people. Manny Diaz and the cater to mistake prone to many to return over too many don't penalties league teams. And I think any good belief for four course to win this game I think that's gonna happen. At a Notre Dame wins by one or two touchdowns at least. Maybe the dolphin to pay the bill to Africa could not get a bad that I. Wanna learn about that on me. That money ball was. That was an ass. Kicked in boy is now. You've watched that game. And like you can tell right way hopefully I got a within the first five minutes and gave you what you know. What kind of gave who's going to be. And I are big and why. Did everybody have so much faith and that freshman quarterback. Of his apparently the off of the line does everything. Except block I don't. Last week I sit I don't know iron I know named all heard this week. He's all that the model that our Larry it's great and you were below the lesson of the ya I wanna gain listen. Can we. There's a lot of places I could go at this game. And you two weren't at the stadium. But holy geez some news I will say this. You people all you know and a minute. You people from the 305 and I've four and five's X and whatever whatever whatever whatever it took before the game whatever kind of chemicals. It took to get you in that kind of fury for the game. Do that again because that quarterback whisperer. Was awesome he has got yet. And and it's easy. To be in for a right. It's hard to be to chase and and believe me I know about chasing. It and and it just seems like. You know they had played a certain level football witty just go out base would just pulled everybody. Court begged it would he wanted to do write a bag do whatever he wanted to do offensive line it is office that line that it puts him out. It is too did you get under. You can be a competitor fight like hello. And they go beat that tied the game. You fold up shop as are a gift that they've pulled up shop folded coach because there was no fight. You know and one thing I'll say about. What I know about Miami football since. I played against my. Amanda how bad is got. No matter how bad it is no matter how many struggle going on during game ain't nobody quit. There's always that fight and edit and see that I owner Dave also. Slowed it didn't look. So slot Eileen slow you try and hide from and back. Rice who who has who's there who's that all pro linemen they have McGill cutting via a glitzy. It didn't get turned around by a by a nineteen year old correct. All right well hey wait listen to other garden that got yeah yeah yeah good look at the pros. Good luck we'll sassy Pete has already been on in is already stated for the record that whenever offensive line drafts him is gonna suck. I agree you know that's again take right there the less down the stretch and can. He has to be better to where they let those perilous. We don't podshow today solo date. Audits of the turnover chainsaw hottest thing that's in the nation or not he's gonna just suited to nation. The nation it is odd assignment unit at offline on dancing to the turn overture and if he's he's yet complete. Jane there's there's other spoilt by mum besmirch the chain. Stay in the chain I want to learn all things he says he does not deserve to win the chain black market. On collude there is about the real pop garbage and change I'll amazing that now knows it's just me clown. Ball knock at the hell out of you don't departing with us. You tick you see your calls from slimy that Bob Jethro. Well. You get the hell out of our out of our city yourself talk about our school. You bald bastard he's anything about Georgia. Through. You never beat down no. You know. That would go well caught it. I ordered out of it. Mark Richt. All be raised to Mark Richt is raising doubt here a little Taylor and Mark Richt won the big game back to back. Can socket Athens remember last week certainly not in Athens Georgia socket sucked all of it good. With the headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS SS HD true. ARAMARK. Concert sponsored by somebody who will get that moment. That bat but he is due to a level figured. The we do all of my little one and mental log in tonight. It's. It is like a let down Carolina I don't know let me. It was until we're gonna have fun to be you mean he grows a book campers memoir but that's tonight yet. You know exits early. Preempt a good start it's something. We dirty no. Would I. Obama already know Miramar. Knows sailed right by your house. I did not ever do right by your house. And got. Oh ringgit Yzerman plantation. You get there and every spot weld is people office Max to had a big year to treat yourself to great deals on tech and furniture and all the people all the smack you deserve resolves the bombs next to you and your business Robbie something's facies what does line it was around eight now. A half after going at it ignited a half now back up to nine. Some fishy is going well yeah. A lot of fiscal rifles that Caroline's diploma as I predicted on the where estimate two picks and Caroline and I. It should be like 3530 tonight in the personal Friday. Deep wow you sure you trust yourself after your this won't this one on this law. A lot he says if the dolphins on the road in a prime time game against the good defense you do the math. Can you may have just Davies Jessie Davis Plano right tackle so on the money leader off until Wednesday and after disappointing loss yesterday did as justice I got two points four points or something. Whose form of women's us is when it's not an Internet and the entire team does forgetting how to shoot in the second half a son had a double double. Born new site you don't have felt like. Fella that if Philly watching that game college game the other now is delegates that got to the second half to like our planes almost here boys. Long as Georgia Moses got packed in. What was lead. What was that lit up by eleven at one point right and they just. Is only fair and I am I mean eleven point me read means what ended up in the NBA and until he's been down in the fourth quarter. You gotta do it against the clippers. You know you lost the buzz the nuggets and you're gonna get waxed by the warriors I mean. MM abandoned as a player really well right now you know a disappointing I think we did you try thought this use you're going to be better than the pistons. So the fact there after the so they are the and then you're kind of floundering is supporting but she got. She wanted to do. Indeed which can do on. The University of Miami they not have been anyone noticed turn up the beat the crap out of Notre Dame or we can. I hate it it's amazing blood that was in any. Other. You're not mentioned it on Monday nine and you wouldn't say. It's that he that was two days. I just in case you're wondering Miami beat the hell out of Notre Dame. And got. Some awards for op Ed Lyman Yvonne Donaldson named the ACC offered lineman of the week excellent Zach McLeod named ACC co linebacker the week love it to call on Johnson named ACC defensive back in the week. And that and change I change soco. Mon now cast your question yeah. On the chain along moral new story Donald Trump is gonna try new get the three UCLA pass well players are back here. Of these these intervening president Z that before after he's gone can John and stupid on the Canada post shortened fat Choi and that our. About Osama media center on world lead out. No room you just know about the guidance and the only new slogan no couple trolls saga of patrols some nukes. So the driver chain it's they've had four games in a row with four turnovers death the first time since two. Thousand in. Us. This late date. See it's my own personal opinion. And after the season you retire that you can do and now all we told him agility Giannone seventeen year old right now bright dying to come yeah. Yeah we go are you kidding you might like what about the link to turn over bracket Coke. When you're golden brick. Really want one more. Note note journal that you align step for this is where you go principle what. You can even comprehend doings and that is if it's an undefeated national championship season a guy that's a look at that. That's that's a look at that. Even sell that thing is such a recruiting tool. Now maybe you get a new chain. If you wanted that every year when you retire rich and you get telling him that's fine for that. I put the idea pictures as the odds on answer out of you. Same chain it looks exactly like he just retired the chain. That's that's that's the seventeen Jane that's the eighteen chain. Some public debt and cool with that again the idea that you're gonna get rid of it all together I just just I don't know like is your chance to change jumps the shark. Well I do know that the the problem right now is the unworthy humans that are wearing it like Paul find Bob. Who's ruining it and what the hell that was who's doing on the on the sports and assess. What is that what is that. Frees me out. All right well don't stay in the chain right now the biggest song on the country is turn over to him by none other than solo and he sewed these covenants studio with a seat at talks in canes a song. Sweep in the nation that's next. But ten turnovers and turnovers and I don't know the strength to kind of what's. I think straight big coming. And it's right now. Spain. We demand created the yes so ridiculous so. Mrs. Johnson really Christian America don't you know some what was it like that we'll play at all decision last week. You would do after school but laid out on a good enough that's. You know early my kids up early Saturday. Mike as such here and and on on sports center in the sun here on college game day. There was very that's crazy men that don't mind. Men Andre coach who'd be honest with stickers. Amid notice for a while make it's worth new drugs and if Miami men and there's been cool like you know most open government there and everything for god played it knows how an hour hi while badges alone it's almost 790. Don't sleep very allows me. What you're going to take marriage is gonna monetize on seven night it was a seven night. Time ago occurred in the fiesta in light to reach out to me and put Osama noses. There's the bless remember it you know like I say it became involved in this for the city of opportunities missiles. Is a good you know. So so you are Dodd you're not new to make it songs about Miami and you are you doing songs about the dolphins you don't Sandra McCain's when they went to the idea though of of say and I got you some and about the turnover to anyone who when that hits you may have actually. Early in the season. All of us don't I don't know whether I knew those will be some special you know. But it was you're summer's gone on and then heading got to a game you know we had other than that they canceled again and everything I had actually been to a game group. There was conflict mag photo where you don't and it's going to because again since they're cute. And when I got to go to Syracuse and and I got suggest they have an associate you know first Hamlin Matt has got to happen there's got to have and so. You know from mayors is when it's creative president and knows that I wanted to do it it is no wonder you know so I was an example. I had a hook on my. You know him and kind of silent meego and as going Greta meego be put it on the job and then went home. When the history reached no no as before yesterday d.s at the stadium resentment bribery said he wanted to play seven of these they would of want to play. Well OK now we have put us on a reasonably so I got a reason to be made seven DC studio who put it together Canada recording an out there. Our guys so loss making those I was like as soon as any time the turnover was it was out in this we have noted MI got to go I've followed. Right with the bad. So it catchy it's a movie you here here we got to do is go to play very entrapment have formed its amusement. We need to Soledad it's a little bit of the Cheney. And his stadium Manny let friends now would like everybody is credited fell about everything not only that in the stadium I think it's because. Our guys are pleased and were not I don't know or I think big they can't see any real soleil we have played his song you know he's there are blood -- week we need to make that happen but talk about. There's there's some connection going out this team that and change your song it's all dislike coming together as revenue 305. Into the that is legal for where I'm from my America's. Miami's means good day. It's amazing right now at a wind defeated another type of group from McCain's fair regardless to receive the privacy is whatever it is. Course we ran high right now we undefeated so cause we cashing in on that it into the daylight this is my mr. closures and loyal friends the good days than bad days. We put it down this time I would say I was there as a frenzy right now is going crazy most important thing by the time I would say. Is the turn over those branches which candidate zoo like a high remotely like. And they like to see your defense that's brilliant turn over the national by capitalizing on line defeated from a that's what I wanna highlight the changes make fun you know like I'm different in a time of part of you know it. You know listless let's have a point witted enough that mandated a defense is my men like this sentence if Obama I'm excited about I'm excited to be upon him. It's richer man late in the music that you think back to I think he'd times would you be everybody and you know knows do you know The White Stripes I was kind of identified with that teams have grown look back on. On this team if they especially continue to have the success of our of the holiday no member of the turnover chance August. It's is a wish they would memory music and and the sport's all kind of Lincoln together as I love that stuff doesn't go away Akron so that's that's. Emblem in my from my. Looking at a price that is also gremlin I guess that meant a friend also we won because a lot of those coming out there and don't let you economic SO. Almost always the song without sort of losing you take him think he has all summer manhole or Los adds instant. It is meant it got them. Maybe it's and I don't win we have fourth turn over the again and so is beautiful mountain wed reply to them and you know. Four games in a row afford to. So you know that's what I wanna side on his defense and his son before so I don't know and I don't is happen at least 1012 years and I've ever in history yet now I don't know that. I'm gonna run never heard of Manny Diaz is diva coordinator who came up with the content are retained to doing your job can you events. You talked about that defense wins championships in this this team is young they're guaranteed to go to the ACC championship and who knows what's beyond. It's what will my you haven't. Tiller dissension ultimately I think. This is cinema who don't want to give them were played a lot of blood and elegantly put on one recruit a lot is being used again and we're just talk about it I'm not recruits who normally would talk some recruitment apparatus on the manipulators constant reminder of problems there is put me and you know Kevin. I'm on his side right now as run and had met turnovers and let go. You know what seventeen year old is look at this were an on this I definitely wanted to hers and wanna be part of its I think it is it's you wanna be a horror. Of some banana sold beer and he's a man. You got enough to be on it he gets all the kids are you have to deal and if you got in his foot. Ball only trouble is this thing where they stop about individuality a lot of the times god by the team don't step out on B. Don't don't don't show anything and end this team went the opposite delight. Take off your helmet there. Go laws of the top of the bench in Britain has had a moment and that's something that's that's just way different than today's vote. Back and that's what we do what I like about eleven Miami as the flag and anyway it's on Zuma. So to not be skit go out and embrace nowlin on that criticism of small car from a towels than moms talk about crazy you know like on attacking and other fine he likes it now yes our own not to name. Life and I'll just society's cancer and on life. It's this way men you Bragman. Is is that where it makes me more amazing about these young men. Is that it's an individual honor a day. All over the years to double team is sort of like we've got somebody put his chain no work and so from that standpoint they still keep it. Within the team concept even only one person whereas as your card you give it. On the far mom though did the person you see is dancing to Jessica. Listen dancing does this I'm not an analogy is I got not supremely qualified to criticize him. Who need it. We literally doesn't make you lose them out there shadow box and blow it up everybody and sell it looked like it was the it looked like both my mom has never if I haven't even late. Bill with a toe tapper before it was with a oh yeah. It was strange it's very strings do. I notice doom the measure by you know so anything in the works kids Lusk is you know they're going to the ACC chairwoman and you know they got some going on the. Era actually have a Sloan. Where it made the national numbers and I say that tad cause he has scored in no way and down the list it's a slow footed dolphins then McCain. Going to set on them video slow them tools loaded double thickness on you know amoeba that's anti missile defense and then cry his score. Does look out for that. The dopamine is for music in general got Miami sports music on every phone platform on dot com. It's a ground check out from news of course I'm McCain's music right now we ran on term notes Aaron you know. As prison but he's just Aussie put out a dolphins you'd Buddha and ultimately you still a mice logo that that is what is Hollywood that it is it by him and you don't get it has become a miserable can't we are and have been as I needed and Rubin's tonight. Monday Night Football yesteryear is going down I just put a song I like to I was ago as the sun comes every week for the last seven or use solar. And 130 songs Jesus and tonight I remember is one week Arabs who have been through. We started 2011 season always have a new estimates on common and we. Arabs and militarily as the Miami delusional in saying it. Yeah and Carl Malone man and it did feel they've been bad news though did not us amid playoffs all know like I felt like too horrible for. It's wherever and we're going to go directly to his word yet. The and its anti songs does Bowman mr. and it. Who bomb. Asset managers for an automaker is Exxon for him you know. That is what is those injuries to Williams the longer we lost that pogo bounce back tonight. It is like this week we've got us well tuned and movement and an ounce we just got to bear some bottom of the fifth and a pretty well. But this auger program Zandi the way but we are welcome back and we want to play exit to the doubles golf club that has now we went into much Iran that we just got to keep on. We facility in studio with us the office of the turn over to you guys follow I don't know what you tell what impact and puts on ten at Miami sports music. Footage at a demand I know you do some work in the community is of it out with these on what is of most of yuck on on the however. Men. Like Esther I mean. In town as far as like our roots. That would help would our campaign in Houston I was in Houston at the time we would have probably put together target just days given management runs at a percent Henri. Miss and then it is about a dissipating as we pulled put together a Turkey jumbled together at Toyota Christmas. Find me follow that times of these have him arms what new no more credit finale so much talent to its unionized when the camera on. Beyond his which I was there after ago. We do this so Rumsfeld when McKim one missile more people now about Clinton wanted on one with seven to the communities in Miami and brow and west on where we can't. Is people images news and I remember it was a from Miami on every aspect. Asia and a mallet they were style bus suited on is one avenue yes. And we are going to keep cranking on over there's an overlooked him more time I would say generally that it was very out and executed ought to let us know what you got coming days yeah Paul Beaulieu then enjoy listening to a veteran of properties through these Jamaica and give it to him song Norman I'll just click now to help him get on and what is this let's all of you who needed it. They they had it. Is on. Who knows a small sabotage. Just floats on oh on each other people originally from its its inspires me to detail on game day. And sports center in new easy plane and gain you know but you know I'm in between right and amend us on the need to get a cone and importantly foreign affairs tanks and listen in the I meet the same amount of energy that we've yeah and zoom yeah. And yet I need that every week all right just volume and then they. As far what do we are made a shirt but he the last two grand. Make the show this Saturday are we need every game's toda did you bet a lot of swagger some embarrassments when the Seattle seeks no more no all right Todd. Scene of the seasonal loyalty he sighs of death penalty every out of the stadium. Bring you put taxpayers and consumers Miami's was news. Download at violence is the ground solidly news let's go. As a top matter the issue about after this. And I welcome back over there on these that would. To remind yeah. They get so it was dominant man. Pretty much I don't. On how close a few hysteria on the outside of noble got ago. Gets into his first it was at the biggest game they've got to go into his life yet the biggest game he's ever been doing his life in any sport. But he's big isn't pickets dolphins games been to some gains gains. Spending he volatile stuff but that was a fan hooker like Allen though alone he hears it isn't here I would write a perfect spot as US Sox. It and the pins are right and they Kader dominating the and slowly but surely he's forget about his little allegiance that he had to what's gone on in Gainesville I'm sure makes the what. Now which is but it's conforming to find this good for you it is conforming. Oh what woody is because if bush was to raise a child threw for a school that had a sharply as a coach. But the school with a total over this big W we get a little bit of breaking news Darren height or who is. Really good when it comes to the college football reporting a who does he writes for. Never heard of them. He and it was an aids you know he's an agent put it well he was an agent but he writes for Forbes and he's really just tied in what to say that got you he's got the info. He is confirmed the UF was looking at Chip Kelly is the next head coach decision could be as soon as this week also. Her that Florida was becoming very frustrated was Jimmy sexton clients. He represented many of the other potential candidates chip is represented by David Dunn. I've heard about Jimmy sexton like you'd there's a lot of people a lot of franchises and college programs that get fed up with him and he represented tonic huge coaches is that because he just plays everybody and his other via. Now it's just I mean that is his job you know listen sometimes it works and on the doesn't. Do you think that do you have solid organ answers and I don't know you need to play defense the FCC which is I would win the SEC would it would I don't. Armaments that Kelly is he so 2009 to me it's it's it's just like one of those things where. You can't run that style offense. And have your defense of coordinator. Send his guys back out there to play stubborn defense. After they've been only off the field for like three seconds Christie ticket to get ideas and lost by us this year while. Here's what Miami is going for the one from from here grew up with us and fun here. Too. I think that all these coaches. Kind of see that. Let's just let's just say the Miami does not win the title this year that there on the cuts that they can win a title here. And you don't often mean the you don't condemn any chances to put that on your resonant. Not a jab him right Erica so that's that something now he's gonna get about to offers like. I feel like with the influx of money that's been coming into this athletic department. They are brought to marais is that will be able to give him a raise. Enough to release keep them one more year. I mean because think about any many Diaz has been around admitted a bunch of different places and and he was always looked at as as a good at defense of coordinator. This is this is gonna solidify him as. One of the best. Let's when the boils award the good the guy who who brought the canes defense back yet I mean it's so. She I think he would like if he's gonna leave here it's gonna be because he gets to pick the job he wants. Yeah and I also think I think if you are doing this good out of school like Miami. I wouldn't imagine he goes to like even it even if it's any SEC school. Mean. What would that to pay for him to go again and imagine him going to. Analysts say Tennessee or somebody like that unless they just. On month yeah. C is that they will be able overpay. Yeah the SEC has no shortage of money they will overpay. So you talk about Tennessee label Manny Diaz be swayed by five million to go coach and as he could at Tennessee of course he would wouldn't so money. You don't say and but on the other hand you know some other job comes open up in the northeast very you know I'll last somewhere that's not perfect. Even if they're paying 34 million dollars he may say listen I'm gonna wait to a job that's right for me. How long do we think Rick does Danica which I did read if richt does is on how do you feel like. He directs a guy you plan on being here firm let's say seven years or do you think that he. Gets indicted here and and calls and a career but it's tough you know. Because he's been doing it for so long. And then yet. The good news is that what he's completely reinvigorated him and to make keep letting him. Basically do what he wants position he totally takes whatever staff he wants each heat he's in charge of the football program right. And they give him all the tools that he needs. Well you gotta actually. We got were wrong it will build it to you play you want especially nutrition plays for all your players that have its movies in this and that would build it like no problem. It's pretty crazy like he's getting even bigger the indoor facility. The they he got here right when the when when hard rock got its renovations. So. It dome presently have has it been crazy but the fact that is also just a better place to play it looks better. Width of the seats the roof the fact of the roof makes it in insanely loud there all of those things consider you the roof. Making it loud and there's like I've been dude dolphins in there and it's been packed and it's it's not saying. I'm telling you were drunk and here's the thing they were drunk people cry you just it but there's something about the college environment. You ever get it online legitimize this is this is different because. There's not too many college atmosphere is better. Overly corporate. You do it's an NFL right most of the seats that's why my friend you know what will go to graduate. He as dolphins tickets. It is domestic is over and a quarter. Of the end zone and it cost twice as much. And so debt makes all those to get corporate. Whereas they cut its. You know allegedly went all own game so. It's much more accessible to go to college games in sold their for the crowd. That you gonna hand in the seats. Or less corporate more fame. But I also think the way the games are laid out the blue with all the breaks in the NFL. That it never gives the crowd at the stadium a chance to really get revved up because before you know there's another timeout let's also not missiles off forgiveness. The dolphins saw him let's move this boring. Well did you dominant in boards for fifteen years you gotta you gotta hear this I heard this today at 4:1. In the morning because drive when I was driving our. It was an ESPN radio on the way and and this is the Romo. To get you high for Monday Night Football tonight. This week on Monday Night Football it's a crucial matchup of two teams in need of a win this stadium playoff contention. One of the most exciting wide outs in the Jarvis Landry leads the dolphins in the Carolina. Monday Night Football dolphin Panthers tonight and he didn't he's odd years. And I. Nothing against I was what did you do at high. Have you watched the gay. Out illegal I don't know do you watch again. And I was like ho ho man of the Atlantic that weren't there to be honest look at why didn't the US. To be obviously to. It probably had to remake debt because I've yet to have what we. Follow up there on the. Our offense a lot of times. With those Promos. They record like just all meant to be into the year and these have their voice guy knock it out. Maybe and wait I know this for. So that makes it look even worse. Would be on offense. So so so they recordable media the air. And then all of a sudden like you'll get trade whatever then they'll they'll do like another session to come in and redo it looks like that's the message you do on the redo. Well it's just like hey it's not the Jarvis and its Lebanese about a fine player to take its dislike exciting we. Don't lose your shoes and these three are since. And then and you know run behind and you know. We gotta get rowdy to to get everybody pumped up for tonight. A. On Monday Night Football it's a crucial match up for the two teams in need of a wind is being playoff contention. One of the most exciting wideout in the Jarvis Landry leads the dolphins in the Carolina. Monday Night Football dolphin Panthers. Tonight at 8:15 eastern time yet. How. Who would you use and I guess there for and I went to a would Dudley showed him yeah sue. Yeah let's see if and Dominic in soup can take off cam Newton's head park mom talked in real decapitation here. Parking. Let's see which quarterback can as the biggest sour puss. Let's see you were overweight tight and shows up tonight is it going to be in any of us on O or Julius Thomas wanted a global. It's really I mean you being moved to his house puffy. And that they let. But he's TJ McDonald that was suspension tonight. That man a dollar donors lender that's. It huddle Packers feel about Martellus Bennett. It was as you get monotonous. Yeah yeah I don't eat dinner Thursday immediately three crucial catches. Amazing to me that you. Try to. I think if something should go an. Enemy giving to rob we efficient. We give you two instances. Where I've never seen this happen in NFL. We care what. Most dealers. At. 800. Ends why we are patriots within. I moment. Martellus Bennett right sides big contract win Green Bay yeah. Unhappy. Well I disagree on is on his medical situation. And eating. It to you. And some about that we'd been. Sort of an eyewitness not only is he playing so well we go. The reason the Packers cut him. He won that season ending surgery on her shoulder right and and there are like you need surgery and he let my doctors tell me I need the surgery gradually gotten him. And the next week he lunged am fine playing the patriots. This question about that. It might have something to do it day. And I know beyond which you take this is all players patriots doctors about milk. Do I want to sign up. To go no we. Yeah I mean Aaron Rodgers goes down what do you what do you have to play four. South oak. And when you just a little did she. Both you guys don't sign a big contract. And don't mark. What cleared waivers. Now. Supposition about that there's an. Awful I. He had and to peak and brag on bank president. Saddam. The pitcher now there's no no ignored that none of their front really but did not edited and they run I think you're. I'll tell you though it the best Portland brought up an eleven to our local our feet I just realizes after here in this Matt Patricia walks throughout the pencil in his does that. You know like he sticks the pencil not here. Is play she'd eliminated he can't right their their best or witness more than seven. Seventy per year also signal that there was Elijah good conversation. Here's conversation. Here. We're not gonna take you. Go it to sign of old news. Didn't do hopeful that like we sit. And eat comeback and win some ball. And I just quite. How all of and visit us here. Contender when the sumo and again. It's. Which readers. And just eat. At the beach right. We seem to gold right there. Real pain it's no problem earnings on a policy here are little wink and a nod I'm gonna see here. Headlines are next.