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Monday, November 13th

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Didn't. How nice though it was they were dominated football team tonight. We'll I guess a dominant performance but on the scoreboard anyway. I don't know please. True it's either considering impose our will on everybody we play good. Can bring it in play you know we're told and we get to choose who we play together and actually shot and it. The head coach Mark Richt we are going to relive a Saturday night for the next three hours. And offering you'll dolphins football they're gonna money and an affair. In Charlotte against the Carolina Panthers but it's all about the U welcome aboard Curtis Davidson with you we're gonna who rejoined by our resident linebacker former U sensation DJ Williams he'll be with us in about an hour got a couple hours and would DJ. Hands what is seen Saturday night's Pena heard some of the highlights there pain still. Still just. Given you a little bit a goose bumps if you were there are hard rock stadium where you watch it on TV. It was one of the most amazing scenes that hurricane fans have seen. In a long long time. To go text the show 67974. But 67974. AM let's stop let's waste no time let's get right into pairs the thing. What would today. Did it ball did they ever. They not only beat hated Notre Dame. They beat down. Hated Notre Dame. Is that if all Hanesbrands. Got together. Got together Friday afternoon. And said hey what do you want this weekend to look like. I think. It came true it all started with a game day Saturday morning a beautiful atmosphere. A postcard. Not only for the University of Miami but. For the city of Miami blue skies crowd was involved A-Rod was again games. What is seen on game day. And it transferred over to our rock stadium. Which for the first time since they moved into the building. That sounded like the Orange Bowl that felt. Like the Orange Bowl Saturday night's hard hitting. Pick sixes. Herb street and foul Fowler you're right there wow look at this place the atmosphere. The fans turn over chains everywhere. After words after a 41 to eight beat down. Demolishing. Of Notre Dame. All the media detractors. Now singing your team's praises. Late Saturday night. In the Sunday morning today here by the picked against the canes and on total now there are wearing turn over saying offline bomb. And others. Like my old friend and partner Jim Mann ditch the always used to say you never know when the magic carpet is going to show up at your door. McCain's manager undefeated. Your ACC coastal champions. Your number two and all the polls. Some analysts say could be number one when the college football playoff rankings. Our release tomorrow night. I would say that the magic carpet has arrived and it's wearing a turn over chain that's the thing which is sponsored by drone nerds and amateur out. And now and my greatest owner did you Roth tries DJI dealer has all your Joseph needs covered. New purchases repairs customization training sessions in more visit them today Joseph nerds dot com South Florida's high in the last guy. You could not a wrote the script any better what the University of Miami accomplish this weekend. I mean everything other than getting a shot out against Notre Dame. It was the perfect weekend. I mean the game day we are down their Friday afternoon on campus at 101 a thing Bryan Monroe for. For joining us and Rashad Butler and Jon Beason we had a blast you could feel the excitement you could feel the vibe. That led through in the Saturday. If you went to game day if you're watched game day certainly a lot of you watch goes I Israeli game day of the season. And that just fed right into. Saturday night. In the way they pounced on Notre Dame. 27 and nothing at half time are you kidding me. And then you put forty on the Ira. The number three ranked team. In the country. In front of a national audience. Yeah I would I would say if if you were. If you were checking all your boxes and say you know let's get turnovers let's just let's do this that Notre Dame let's count Notre Dame let's option. Sub Josh Adams let's knock out their quarterback let's do this you that at all man. You did at all in Miami. Is the taco. Not only college football. But the talk of of sports in general. Me and everybody is intrigued everybody's. Excited everybody wants to know more about University of Miami. It a couple of regular season games final home game will be Saturday at noon against Virginia they go to Pittsburgh the day after Thanksgiving that's now been announced that the new kick as well. Bill called of their seat at the early start okay. In the ACC championship game. In Charlotte. Saturday night the following Saturday. And that could be for a spot. For the final four. In college football. Who would've thought man who would've thought that this is where we'd be. A couple of months ago with this season heck even after the before or stay the lose mark Walton got some injuries. Pain and how they how they gonna get by. And here they are not only winning games which they were doing in the middle of the season. Now they are crushing people the last couple weeks I was old school Miami defensively. Flying around the football. And never underestimate. This need. All the defense that was a completely neutralize or against Notre Dame. I mean you can't say you're you're shocked by that. About the gains would hang in there to be a tied game going in the fourth quarter. And you get your opportunity to win. But. I do see that one common. I Notre Dame notre Dame's Tim good. And they just throttled. Notre Dame. Brian Kelly knowing answers. No answers. Those two big. Big first round picks up that offensive line. Could not block. The university of Miami's front. Josh Adams. This running backs in football nowhere to run. Random whim bush more athletic. Quarterbacks doesn't throw any interceptions could've thrown five interceptions. Saturday night James had their hands all over some of his passes got hold during the game. Just all out dominance. For the University of Miami and you don't think they made a statement Saturday. You're very mistaken because they certainly did I was a big statement. And I'm not going to word of their back Kirk. They're gone their way all that stuff I'm where Jimmie Johnson your back when you win a national championship. That's when you say yeah we're back. But they are certainly on their way. To something special this season how far does that go all city. But this group. Right now it is. Playing their best football. They're relatively healthy. They got to talk confidence. AMs. You look at anybody college football including Alabama. Miami can beat anybody. Anybody. Would've said that a week ago. Now you can say that. And if the college football committee does not have Miami in the in the in the top four there should be an investigation. And people should not be on the committee. And I set up open until. Up until last week I like to remind me was kind of the underdog role. NF mime who's gonna win all their games they'd be there anyway. Put my mean and win that game on a field goal Saturday night they'd win that game on a bad call. Big Notre Dame best shot in mind we destroyed the number three ranked team in the country and if that committee had Notre Dame a number three. That means they like Notre Dame they thought Notre Dame was legit they thought Notre Dame was the bet third best team in the country behind Alabama and Georgia in the SEC. They thought that Notre Dame was better. That everybody except Tutsis while Miami beat them by 33. I noted it was never an again. So. Did you read that respect for Notre Dame. You better give it to University of Miami. I don't care how you put some. Miami needs to be an ad for this week. This week. I doubt it said it doesn't matter if they win out they'll be fine but no now it's about the statement the day made Saturday night. That needs to be rewarded. And the college football committee. If you had the respect for Notre Dame will Miami just just completely. Crushed Notre Dame. So now you have this at the same. The same respect for Miami out a you know Reza Mays all that not not right now it's about. Football team. The third ranked team. Miami was seven. 33 point win put Miami to the front of the front of the line. Orly maybe in the second in line. Behind behind Alabama for a continue let's get to Monday said the time. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. Are we on Monday Night Football tonight's. The Miami Dolphins there in Charlotte to take on the Carolina Panthers and Miami looked in the get back over 50830. They'll kick it off our coverage begins at 7 o'clock. DJ Williams and Greg likens the awkward or forge pregame show safety TJ McDonald and guard Ted Larsen look at that see their first action. Before the Miami Dolphins imagine the canes or number two in the AP and in the coaches poll actually up for first place votes. In and the Associated Press poll Alabama got 57. The coach while demagogue fall in first place votes with 63. The real all the college football rankings come out tomorrow. A night and the Miami Heat. They are off until Wednesday. When they take on the Washington Wizards could be we're losers yesterday. Bad on the road against the Detroit Pistons so they wrapped up their road trip that at three. And 367974. That tiger reaches. On the grocery autumn on the text line that's 67974. 679741. At a weekend what a weekend. For the University of Miami their fans. Mean that was about as unbelievable. Inexperience. As you will witness. In a sporting event in this town that that takes a back to the Orange Bowl. I you know all the all the great times at the OB I never would have thought. That you could you could rekindle some of that. Hands a lot of it is obviously the team on the field. And how they're playing. But Saturday night. I had that had that feel you you could of put that up against. Any inaugural special giving wrong data but you could have put that atmosphere. As as far as as like how loud it was how engaged the fans were. The domination on the field you could put that up against. And a lot of things you saw your bowl with the University of Miami and I never thought we'd get to say that or see that again. So it is if you never and I I did this all the time it's funny you know you can working fans from abroad and people who rubber came fans watching them on TB. Ed Ed and never got a chance that man there a chance to go to a game in order will never got total big Saturday gave the order. If you were their fur. For that one. It's pretty darn close. I'd say it's right there. Who's out was. That was. Just. I mean it just unreal I went home after the game. And I watch the game over again putting the medal up for a 5 in the morning though I do wanna relive this again. And the crowd and and then here in Fowler and herb street I mean my good to show that they were impressed. The end everybody showed out man what a what a night what a night they were gonna check you with Chris Perkins we'll talk change football with him in his thoughts kind. You are akin Miami pulled off fear. And now I think everyone would want to see just how good this Miami team. Days and they certainly proved that talked to her we his thoughts on that also log DJ Williams is going to be in studio weather is beginning at 5 o'clock sold get a lot of Cain stuff with him. And then now we'll sprinkle in some dolphins. The sick kid Curtis review. I don't know with Chris working in Charlotte is thought to McCain's victory Saturday night TJ Williams and we live in studio with us. Beginning at 5 o'clock who'll do a lot of Cain who do you jailed or some dolphins. During the the run up here here's the question I have felt as DJ this bus us the audience who because obviously. Empty jail is when you start to actually playing in the Lian. At some of that but just from the fan's standpoint. Lemony Knight tonight like gets a big deal. And that over the search warrant. There in the playoff mix in the AFC. I can say at the AFC watered down not as good. You know Lou that the Tennessee's. And that the Jacksonville's. In the Kansas City ease. AMR kind of fraudulent football teams. AME you can you can say all that. Outside of the patriots and maybe the Steelers who have. Won't agers just patriots and Steelers. Really screwed around yesterday they have they have high level talent. Like the dogs golden mex. To win tonight you dig the Tampa Bay at home. They got all sorts of issues. And the canes everybody is on an emotional high and everybody is on. Talking championship and undefeated season and and for the dolphins it just kinda liked and. Iranians in I find myself. Kind of in the same boat. So it's not like hey your bad for me and where's all the Dalton talker or this and that. I kind of thought I find myself even after a playoff run a year ago. Just kind of feeling. Not very inspired. About the Miami Dolphins. Why aren't we Serbia markets are around 445. And five around this time earlier I got every detail in the fellas. 455 right or in a pretty sick when everybody's right. And and you considered the most of the dogs have been in this spot many many many a time. Under Joseph Philbin under Tony's brought O four and three write you know five and 44 and 43 of the all of the been in the mix. But it seems like in the past there's been more there was more the more okay to make Iran OK we can do this okay we got a chance. There's none of that this year none of that. Let's I'm missing it which I mean I think I'm pretty into what's going on but I just don't my own my own seldom like. All right. Yeah and maybe it's as we go have been beaten down by the dolphins. And being down on big N is busy and big gain was in big spots. In tonight's one of home where just allied. That when they're five and four and they're kind of they're kind of got some things going for them but I'm Mike Kelly away in the land. Then I look forward to beat D'Amato her cute well yeah we tell us who we got a little halo disclosure and god does not in our latest album and that's about it and knew it would come out of for saying we do our about a coach. And we got a medical Georgia does what happened to get the talent talent would that coaching would Bulgaria though. Plethora of talent that you can go well maybe the Bob Woodruff and might hurt I don't Baird is that it is apathy with a golf club I mean with evolve they got a case like I mean the guy Doug using the plows us your like that they ought to believe in him. A lot of who got to believe in him I just it's just it's a very strange. Feeling. Tech's regular calls from Beaumont and Tex like forty to nothing does that hit. No I I get it I mean last time you know we would you Lam last week to put up better at home. Courts appoint fully win that was all about and the in the NFL I just did want to put out their just that'd take in the polls will be here a quick reminder road trip with a Rothenberg is back. This time the kaine Virginia game this Saturday of the eighteenth you and a guest can win you would hop on that bus when Romberg it's going to be a blast. To hard rock stadium register now taken my me dot com Uga until it passes to the cores like cool zone at the stadium plus against the canes game. Presented by Coors Light whatever amount climb onto bus by boat trip and Rahm was the kind tears when recent dynamite clothing to win register now to figure Miami dot com. I know be hard to do late Saturday night I get by it. That should be a very good crowd to noon Jack final home gave up I mean it's huge thanks and giving a really good run here so I expect people to kind of show up. It's senior day rack scenarios Chad Thomas. Trent Harris dissident a few guys. That have stuck. This thing out here in our have a big senior year. It's. Me and it's. Obama is the a nice crowd there are a good crowd I know the campy what's Saturday night was black. Saturday at noon against Virginia. And finish that does that is that up and then we see where they go from there as far as the the record in the in the playoffs we know there in the ACC Jim gaming it's Clemson. And Boston with a was with a were they fear in the rankings tomorrow night. I do see on the secondary market last week those Americans who take fifteen bucks this would she be statistically far but so. There is demand out I don't know how we were going to be short of Sutter and don't bear it have gone up. Agassi said he knew they even with a cable. You're rolling. And I mean there are her clothing. In the late in the late nineties and in these thousands. There'd be a new gig yeah truckers are double. And every forty. But I again like guys you know and that's what they were buddies just destroying people undefeated. Undefeated for a few years like. Every every 42000. The real lesson that they don't believe me go to Augusta Mosul media guides. All right anyway and and in some of those things they've inflicted tenants viruses grandest ago. Those new kicks it is Saturday night after a hard night of Friday night activities. They're tough to get to I I understand. Why. This should be the should be one you kind of you kind of 10 wanna get to answer earlier enjoyed 67974. That tiger just the girls resolve on attacks on a couple of techsters. Checked in. Those funny like you were walking around town today and everyone talk about canes this and that. And everybody wanted to give me their top four teams. Eight degrees this I have in the top four. And I'm like okay. They like this is why I have a dual. Because you step toward a twelve football in Auburn Alabama football club we obviously my goes in their bodies for their all canes since Moses like. Baker's is my cup forward thing. Okay yeah I yeah the case three okay oh I get. Is my top four when he got gotten a good case still good job audio. And really double techs this year one note reader will be your top five for the rankings. Output Alabama one all right just because. They're out Mamo. They're undefeated. They play in the SEC which. It's starting to get there starting to play that awful little bit awful reputation. Does the SEC if you really watch these games. The SEC is cool it is not a great conference. Diligent good past. Alabama. Georgia off. All burn you tell me. It was great seeing you tell me who's really really good. I mean SEC east is a come holy dumpster fire over division. Ford is. Awful. Meade can talk to the south Carolina's d.s sin Missouri is okay. Texas a and M is down. Ole miss miss it because some states are right now our quarterback and okay. Even with the SEC all to greatest conference not a got to play in the SEC. Tennessee is a worst teams I've seen all year mile away. So with the SEC buys out of Alabama I'll give Alabama a not for the go ahead take that take those top spot in the go ahead. But after that demy we should be too. I mean should be too. You put clubs and had a Miami I don't. Oklahoma I'd put you on to a much I'd put Alabama Miami. Then I'd put Clemson and Oklahoma though that's how I would and then it was gone to be five. W that we my ranking system aren't we got we got our man Chris Perkins on the same Charlotte, North Carolina. So out of Monday Night Football any judgment on the right tools adults there's Jimmy is sort of a sign they're truly sets. Beyond convenience. We're talking chains here perk and a I can't wait to hear what you had to say after witnessing what we all did Saturday night a hard rock stadium greetings lawman. And he can do and say. That completely shocked I really quote. I predict it and gonna quote it up. Come down to a bad Joseph cool and really did but. Like 27 and up and a half eager to our current total butt cheek he can't. Yep and let them. You know it is it really well told and it I would say that I thought. A large part of the game with them compare notes and moves brought Lebanon. And their ability to stop Josh Adams and a bit running during the open line of let. Entertainment ability to recuperate the big play. And accurate did a good job on vocal rightly they checked both bought her tongue and real sport are. You know the turn urgent it was getting quite a workout on the go on the sidelines. I'll work I was there it was it was that the number amateur was unbelievable. Iraq. That resonate Rodgers you know watching it on TV the energy and just the the overall atmosphere and I'm beyond well Saturday night. Gone on TV it looked pretty and it hit it sounded loud. A couple people that were. That repair and vigorous bid it would it would lower ball flight which had a couple computing Q would you wimp crowd right there really would like being up at all be an end get beat. Played well peck late but I don't blow. The beer and and go somebody. Quote Scotland who actually will end result. On a -- we took the same flight out you're just brilliant and quickly and that there you know during the race and her party melt the whole crowd so what do you visit Egypt completely stripped collect. You know you get to view then options at home but it looked like a rate that I regret. Obviously a Stewart's what's going on on the field. And yells at the the team as a put on a reason for the fans celebrate. And everytime you turn around weather wasn't turn over a big hit. I mean Miami. But in part I got a virus that we'd we'd that the the buildup to Notre Dame. I gotta respect for Notre Dame I thought there're there are one of the better teams in the country. And I just saw Miami completely dominate them that that I believe that stadium Saturday night per going and it's not a good. I'm thinking Miami completely beat the glee out of Notre Dame a darn good football team. I thought he had letter in the book that was the peak bingo let's go out there and it would it would grow like the old ball a Bloomberg. You know the old. The yen seen Gordon you don't speak eighteen or something like that would come in order to play Miami. And my due to run circles around they'd they'd never be back there are all a Mormon weaker growth driven. Yeah both sides of all real it is just a whale over there. Yeah I mean this is this aid was was was solo. It was so apparent here and where you're talking a little bit about the regular. Rankings airport I know I mean a Miami handles their business and other officially coastal division champions. They're gonna play Clemson in the ACC championship game but. I mean how. How do you stack them up now or a mean idea of Alabama gets the nod. When that blood you try you try to tell me who should be in front of the University of Miami. Yes it let it really crop right now and you know it is so bad right now. You know everybody duke got a late brother right. Alabama and and an order of play and and a whimper and Mario you're gonna play. Well that if they're they're the X record you don't talk about or member. A Friday. We are outwardly and awkward bird is that he really meant everything not the code. You know they do they could be toward good in Alabama and win at. Chip but right after saying that active but elect not gonna happen. I still don't think you're gonna happen. But typically into those gains. It's at some major maker of people out there at the top of the charts that are so. Yeah I don't have been built. You know low hum monk with a grin. Miami. Alabama. To work. Let's go Wisconsin and there. Is Oklahoma. It's winds of Oklahoma is going to be a you know it's there somewhere. Offered up but I I just a look so don't the top four are right now I really don't still a little on Alabama and would soon. Are there seemed better that are going to bear but. It picked up the great if Gupta great gap. I don't know I is that there's a lot of football Burke was mailed everyone you know what. Everyone like talk globulin and it is hey what was that the Ford's gonna look like in Miami Indian before we should Miami beat Tunisia might be one where should the bottom. Dan and I Brazil and I'm you know part of it was like hey listen they got a lot of games left here they got they got we know three games left before he had an idiot that's as the Miami. And you know two mobile massage every on the road. We know what to neutral site mobile world so this is a lot of stuff they're gonna happen the law's other gonna happen around college football. You know I kind of kind of got I was kind of wind some because. Miami it's up until Saturday night. I'm not gonna say they were disrespected but maybe they were overlooked. By some in the committee. And if you it like after a Saturday night if you add Notre Dame the third ranked team in the country and you watched that game and watch how they were manhandled. You have to give Miami the benefit of the doubt. After Saturday night do you not. Yep Miami Miami deserved to be in the top court yeah yeah there's there's. It I think they're very little doubt about that. I know what I think volume it would overlooked or here's respected. I don't think it would which looked at who they get lead. What did you go what did go well caliber of Miami a scene that played down to the competition and in games. Such Syracuse and North Carolina. But now you're being that they could that play up to competition right I mean the border state being. Don't Florida State not a not a great school record I didn't get a look at all the heat on the road so your credit prevent. But you know Natalie figure if you scratch we're zero for Purdue Notre Dame great credit score Archie in to turn it. And don't expect to pay. As you noted that the current. Merck will hold check with the weird a little bit later a lot of holes which is up to the dolphins who I'm told have a big Monday Night Football game this evening we're Austin and in all the turn over chains and down here in South Florida right now. But don't get yet it and it could be that that should be mayor that. I don't know it is you know it was the last biggest. The reaper you him but he can get sick but get that Notre Dame look the biggest decrease since. Whatever the oh yeah I did that that begins her talk about right now. I don't know filth on the Blake on that one that we we had a great time on an on campus on Friday and think. Going back to that was that 0405. Game at Virginia Tech and Marcus Vick. Reminded me woods that Imus five amber integrys three and they went up there and and beat them down pretty good but. That was that this is one we won't forget for a long long time for pull out old's computer we'll check with the apparently and a couple of hours per thank you my man. It Chris Perkins joining us from Charlotte, North Carolina below reconnect with him. Probably the 6 o'clock hour and we'll get we get into some some dolphins football here we come back we got a lower relive more of Saturday night we got our. And the game from the from the weekend boy etched its troops from what was your favorite part of Saturday night and Georgia so many I'll tell you what an idea I mean at the Yemeni intensive to say until I watched the game. After after I got home but the shot of the Notre Dame fans. Who are lower. Boom boom putting their ears are like oh my got a team here the two girls or sit there than our name section and in the shadow of the court in book. It was like on the sidelines I going you know and gradually try to explain him payment to get to pick sixes like coach what humans do. Like their date. They're they're planning. It's like 58 on eleven out here in her feet made that comes in my is minding you ought to play with thirteen 1415 guys up there. There was just a lot of great moments were relive them on the on the other side DJ Williams he is going to be here at 5 o'clock. Lot of the entire 5 and 6 o'clock hour. With our resident linebacker former University of Miami legend DJ Williams and of course a decade in the NFL so like you know DJ is going to be. Fired up he's going to be in here at 5 o'clock so we got a lot to get to putting lawyer text messages 6797 for the gold rings on bond detects I'm right here on 79 minutes ago. From from. You can from him. Shaq here on the ticket Kurdish language you DJ Williams is going to be in studio with us our usual. 5 o'clock Monday meet up with the DJ. We got two hours with DJ Williams Merc is up in Charlotte we just talked with him about the hurricanes. Pool reconnect within the 6 o'clock hour and now we'll do little Miami Dolphins report bill I came today we have fifty minutes of heat around. Quarter as well. Augusta thoughts on the on the Miami Heat. As they can come home decompress for a couple of days before Washington. Roles and it's sounds nice nice big gain here. In the middle of the week on a Wednesday come out of the retired music festival are by Ford at the wig in a December 2 and third on Fort Lauderdale beach. And when you're there make sure he's up by the U angling 790 the tickets ports oasis watch the football games at a sports bar. That's Saturday is all the college football Jimmie two days I'm really playing that night against Clemson. Which is going to be awesome and then Sunday all the NFL games. So you're not commits any of the action on our sports bar with your feet in the sand Saturday you know the band the lab is amazing Casey elephant Weezer. Injured man in the wilderness and more Sunday a boy cement KC and the sunshine band for his program salt a couple of and more as well retire does present might in his. 473733. By some Merrill Dino RTZ and water bottle directly at the source in Sardinia. Italy's islands of wellness and I scales where it on the water everywhere Carroll's scales geared dot com preside to get through until now. The ticket Miami dot com you don't wanna be left out of this. So. You don't wanna be you don't wanna be left out of that right there Danielle and be like oh you know probably before diner is gone nearly all right good uniting to might take you now. Did come because it's gonna be the party of the century. Second and 3 December great weather. A unanimous arena football game's great hands music the atmosphere. Idiots on the beach what more what more can you what when everybody is on its freeze in their butts off up up up north which by the way. Game day Saturday in the so much talk about we get we get so much you know that we could just devote to. To the game in this and that. Game day kind of a loss after the big the big trouncing how awesome was that we heard other Friday we did the show about fifty yards from game to. So the set and everything in it was bidder was was a dominant that. Blight. You talk about recruiting. And I again. If your fives are linebacker. And you grew up of Michigan for in all your life in your from Youngstown Ohio. War. You're from the old East Lansing. Or Travers city Michigan. You're on Michigan girl I'll state your dog your go on there some guys you just can't get him. But if you're any other player. And you're on the fence Miami. Go anywhere you want your 45 star guy he offers from Miami. You know Texas. Michigan Ohio State Notre Dame Florida wherever everyone ago. And you see that. That three hour. Infomercial. That's that you could not gay. For that type of exposure on TV. With the hurricanes got Saturday. Blake James and the athletic department could not write a big enough check. For how much that helped the athletic program. Enrollment in general. Even if you're you're a great. But Greg biology student. Or chemistry or whatever and your like your sitting in there and your lawyer football Baywatch and Dave Gainer on them. Boy that looks like a lot of fun man. It's. It's ten days before Thanksgiving. And the kids are wearing shorts and tank tops and wow. That's pretty neat right there David Pollack took him on a pool. Yeah I mean like that is. That is what you sell. Other than the winning it and it dog teams win Alabama wins okay. Michigan was not they would Notre Dame wins LSU wins. Florida State wins Florida wins. I think UN my team record coaches. I'm school putting the players the NFL. Monty lob plays got great facilities. District that. Allows schools have a Miami has when it comes to the weather. And avenue B like that it adds up in my no matter some kids might not matter. Like I'm not a mud that. Dense where every kid wants to be sun and fun. But you grew up in the snow you grow up in the war whether you grew up a Notre Dame figure groping in a California guy and DJ Williams is in here. Bluster about that. But if you're looking around here are sure you don't hear a lot schools offering. You don't think that got some kids did you send. And then the fallen out with the performance. Saturday night. Crazy man. Of that was you could not put it up zeros. O line that type of exposure. For advertising. A decade the University of Miami and and they followed it up. With the victory Saturday in front of a bunch of recruits. Throughout the stadium watching that first and which gets us to our weekend winning player of the game but by the Florida lottery. There's a limo or of course when I go Saturday night and then there's a lot of them favored players got to favour but this is obviously. My favor. Chris Fowler on ABC on ESPN ABC. That's the winning leg of the weekend Roger by the Florida lottery just imagine Dix six Trajan bandy freshman. True freshman and you look at the guys that work in that way. Garvin as well freshmen made a big trip to strip sack later on in the game. Miami Columbus boy I got got a text regular programs ought to monitor a sign about hey cap you don't need to go out of state for some of these guys. That you're talking about what you do once in awhile deal would rather have the manager said the not interest that is my point but yeah. Trade under any Columbus guy Miami Dade maven David Dix six. Note the perfect tapper for that game was a pick six the other way for 65 yards and a touchdown. And in the turn overture and man so that's our winning player of the weekend brought to buy the Florida lottery just imagine and you know what. You know another thing just. Try to keep this thing going to is that there's a lot of emotions that are running. That are running around here. Don't wanna get to a DJ Williams will come in and then I will bring it down to him Livermore. Senior day a Saturday Virginia where this teams lose and lose as a team docs. But. Now more about 4569. The burials a judge Thomas big losses burials arguably the MVP of the offense maybe the team judge Thomas had a big year. Toolbox Trent Trent Harris yes. Trevor darling on the O line McDermott on the O line OK Herndon obviously a tight end. Yeah I'll. Get some other contribute gradually that's not gonna be easy to replace. Bush. Yet and it did their bring in this is there in a great spot and here's the other thing. Quickly is. Testing his makes us a little bit more sweeter nobody saw this coming. And if you did you're the lion your lines if you that that's not having to say you're huge change and we thought to be undefeated this point a year. They would mind he's been good at other than 83. Everyone knew there are going to be in 8789. All the championship years. Maybe at the end of the 99 year. You saw turtle that but don't like no one of these years and our guys they're going to be number one at the end of November. They're going to be number two regular member undefeated. Wouldn't that. Predicted that. Two months ago really knows what quarterback. To meet a true freshman in the cozy very. So I think that's what makes this a little sweeter is and everything is just unexpected. Unexpected. And nobody kinda saw it coming in this quickly. For the university art of mime Arnold's a quick break we'll come back quoted to headlines. And DJ Williams he's going to be in that house. Our Reza linebacker UM grade ten years in the NFL you know DJ is going to be fired up. He's not gonna have just one internal or chain on he's an amateur for. These days is going to be blowing out. And we're gonna talk it up with him so up got a question or comment. For DJ send it on its exhibit 97 for the calls result bonded text line would play on the 5 o'clock hour right here on 790 the ticket. Yeah the rest the o'clock hour here on 796. Curtis. Deals quick reminder come on out of the sand bar in the growth Thursday night for big archangel radio show on the ticket. Can't wait for that is canes get ready to take on Virginia during in any football games. Sand bar offers five for twenty dollar current budgets five for fifteen dollar mil like plug extra dollar. Miller pines and five dollar bordello finds in a chance to win change slashed from and he is just social Harold University of Miami. For your official hurricanes football game and a twelve year. Visit shop Miami Hurricanes dot com and means -- walk to ensure no start Friday's winners are Gardner-Webb and defeated navy yesterday zone. A lot going on man. And who slut is is bill a lot of fun from this kind of 33. Energized. Fan base. This this Renaissance. So to speak for the University of Miami and we all thought it DJ Williams will be in with a here shortly. We DJ's thoughts Alan McCain's but we'll get some dolphins over the imminent we're gonna run you right up to our hawk George pregame show with Greg likens Ian DJ Williams at 7 o'clock. But so we got a lot of more ground to cover your putting more your text messages. At 67974. That 67974. But and I think we all figured out that Mark Richt. With his track record. With his resume. With his own. Personal. I think you valuation and how he was. Last year's Georgia Seattle with something approved. He was kind of reinvigorated. Come down here having played down here. All those things lined up. Heroin into okay Markel that this thing back to. Respectability. Back to you know we're not getting beat by two can Virginia off on a yearly basis. It dot united dot squeaking out. You know. Eight and four seasons. The gulf figured. It would happen. He's been on the job. Putting one month. Like it'll be it'll be two years in January 2 years next month when he retired central. So in less than two years. He's what eighteen and four. And but tomorrow night could be. Who knows number one team in the country. Could be the number one team in the country. And it leads us right into here's the thing. I said. The last couple weeks it did not matter where the university of mine goes right. I said dole worry. Where their ranks. If they win out they will be in the college football. Play offs. Well. Now I I think it matters and now I think now I hear. A defect in Miami was under the radar a little bit. Miami was the punter and not hunted. And after Saturday night's performance. All eyes are around you and everybody's taking notice. The Miami is not really sneaking up on anybody anymore so now it's time for Miami to get some respect that they certainly. Aunt. And then earned it they took it especially Saturday night against Notre Dame. The with a college football rankings come out tomorrow night. You wanna put Alabama number one that's certainly fine with the committee. That is fine. Put any other scenario the doesn't have Miami. In the top two or three. These ridiculous. Let's go to the do through the nominees Clemson. Okay mine is gonna matchup with them and a couple of weeks there on the national Jimmy's a blaster comes got a darn good ballclub they lost to a Syracuse team. Who's got five losses a Syracuse in that Miami OK if you're into the head to head Miami beaten them. How about Oklahoma. OK loss to Iowa Iowa State team Oklahoma. As one loss. Wisconsin. Only other team. Outside a Miami and Alabama on the par five the doesn't have a loss on the resume. Wisconsin. Hasn't played a ranked team up until the fact. They've finally beat wanna play and won in Iowa. If you had Notre Dame as the third ranked team in the country. If you thought Notre Dame was as good as anybody else in the country. Going into Saturday night. You saw what Miami did to them. How do you not say oh OK. Let's let's flip flop those teams at the very least. Miami serial number three and I would say number two. Is what they've earned and what they deserve. Anything other than that. I think is a disservice. And the committee even though this big games left to play. And on the other votes are cast if that's not the case I'd be very disappointed. In our I would consider that committee joke. If they did not recognize University of Miami and the fact they played one less game has no meaning whatsoever. Arkansas State game is is that doesn't matter my measly one less game doesn't match. Seoul. There's nothing that they can say as of right now that should keep Miami. Awful of the water to line. In the college football playoffs and that's the thing sponsored by Joan nerds and amateur and now on pine crest. Joseph nerds is are authorized DJI dealer and has all your Joseph needs covered you purges repairs customization training sessions and more. Visit them today edge owners dot com South Florida I. In the sky. I understand it's an an exact science and that's where the rankings are really iffy and I've heard everybody coming back I I I do the argument myself. But everybody. Is arguing okay well that teams undefeated well that teams got a loss yet but that team actually put the tougher schedule. I don't know what more do you want Miami to have done to this point they want all their game. They are playing their best football when it counts right now. And when they've matched up against the better teams on their schedule. They've not only beat those teams they have manhandled those teams last two weeks of Biotech and noted it. So. To me they've checked all of the boxes I jetted. A month ago you know Florida staying the dole. The kind of barely beat him up there and they didn't have the unfavorable okay I'm. Well Georgia attack was kind of a close game and who has broken. I got you got you guys and it's fun. Now there's there's there's not enough. And if you were they just thought Notre Dame was that good which I do. I and on it was really good and I know that the committee things in noting it was really good but noting it was a good well you saw what happened. So just transfer all that respect. And all that adulation you head towards the Irish and his putter right on on Miami's ranking I tell you got to do we'll see when it comes out. Tomorrow night before we continue let's get the 5 o'clock headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FX Ph.D. to Miramar. Monday Night Football tonight it's the Miami Dolphins against the Carolina Panthers 830 they'll kick you off from Charlotte's. Our okwu in Orange pregame coverage begins at 7 o'clock we'll take you right up until kick off. Safety TJ McDonald back from suspension. Looks to see his first action as does guard said the Larsson who should be lineup one note to one James. Put on IR so we'll see Yahoo! gets the start at right tackle for Miami. Back to McCain's number two in the AP and the coaches poll cain's actually garnered. For first place votes in the Associated Press poll. Alabama was number one in both polls in the Miami Heat off until Wednesday when you take on the wizards lost yesterday to the Detroit Pistons. They come home finally three and three on the road trip and the headlines once my Firestone complete auto care to her car running. No longer come at a Firestone complete auto care and get 100 dollars off any purchase of 500 dollars or more. Whatever you drive drive a Firestone can always sex is Joseph 67974. At 67974. Or turn over chain wherein quarterback. Busted in the shade wherein. Coolest guy in town livid that don's life. DJ Williams is in the house and boy it's been a couple of weeks since we've senior DJ. I'm seat you can hear my voice I hear this guy here man but that's you know what. That's what I wanna hear because that's that means a lot of party Ambien doesn't lie there was a lot of scream and be in on. Those lot of trash bin talked you know there was not a lot of sleet sleet yes it. Boy thank you for joining us here and you got you got a big stint nearly enough to dolphins over and get on the dolphins what is going to be a lot of the University of Miami talk. As you got your your shirt on your ready to go. First just to take us through the emotions Saturday night. As a former player as a fan and just to me you lived in some of those big gains that had to have taking aback because. You talk about atmosphere yeah those are getting better than that. Yeah well you know before they'll have dreamed you know I've been here in a lot about distorted names team their offense and knew that over the line into this you know how have to do 31 round draft picks. And so all the way overdue look at him so I don't wanna I wanna watch ESPN. Get a skewed view war few clips. You know from our sports center some of my best so I went over to the school man up popped in the tape I watch these guys. And they were being cool and they were Smart I was or go to Notre Dame you know but when a song was. They weren't fast and after watching that film. I was confident that you know we can come out victorious. I just go back. We were too fast food two Atlantic haven't seen speed like that. I haven't been in that time. Atmosphere. I mentioned to people we don't. It is probably been too much and they played eight degree weather for us that was cool night to them you can kind of that was a son he sued and stand there and just just just go to the whole wave that's been going on with the with the turn over to turn over chains it's. It's it puts pressure. On opposing team you saw before the game on solar muscled for the game. The defense of coordinator for Notre Dame out of his team Obama touted turn over change we're gonna gets a range that change not coming up to the best putting pressure on the team. They hit Economos kids because. They understand. What happens when that change comes out is not just the fact that. You call to turn over Ryan Walters has the ball tonight now it's a huge momentum swing the crowd gets into it everybody on the sideline the special disease everybody gets into. If the turnover chain has become it's almost like its own player. It's. A hit it because it's O got the secret weapon right I mean that's what it just me it's become that this it's like if Obama mantras like Seattle it's like the it wouldn't turn over chain comes how. You're playing a different team you're playing in a different stadiums different atmosphere where pulls into I mean it's hard to it's hard to kinda I'm trying to think of some other stuff that happens to twelve minutes a good one. But you know oh win it actually happens during the game. Everybody gets fired up. Yeah that the kids run all over you get the chain the kid stands up the Amir you heard the announcers I mean we're going to break up the turnover chain well. The only thing that like I can go for like the site he is. Being in Denver you know you come into play in Denver and he knows the mile high city rent you know you know 52. PDA PD to eighty. Feet above sea level game. When you're playing in Denver is very very tough and you're losing in your game beat. And everyone's allowed during the game they will do an announcement that China needs it sinks into your mind like Omar. It just makes things got worse but I really can't think of another example either but it just destroys the psyche of the team you know when a turnover Jane comes out. And it's become its its nose because it's although I pollutes up. Alleging woods only imagine the speed they're DJ and how the huge take away the Miami was just faster on defense takes you back to your group. Maybe go back to a Jimmie Johnson started this as I I don't care if the guys a little bit smaller litter size give me guys that can Ronnie gets the football. And is not just the linebackers Richard nor great it was a defensive lineman on. And I don't want to. Say you mentioned Notre Dame I think notre Dame's a damn good football TR. I don't think like they got exposed to know Saturday I does that that Miami was that much but he was it Miami's factor is that yes Notre Dame had a lot of shrinks going to work but this didn't happen. I saw him look the problem with it is their formula of winning and while they've been winning this this season you weren't able to do his universe in Miami. You know they didn't have an adequate in pass game but their run game sold Dominic. It would Wear the other team down in would eat up clock and what that means you're gonna always be any game we use all you know people or white. You know Notre Dame can stick to their. To their game plan he date they were thrown a ball a little bit too much in the first quarter they had to. Because if you saw their first three to five runs in that being tackles for loss. So they had to switch of the game plan and you know what I watched film these guys must solve that. I don't didn't capitalize nor Daniel capitalize on their side near Bruton has you've got these guys 35340. Aaron. You need to be doing power run game going downhill double teaming getting off the linebacker. They did a lot of a lateral running game which allowed our defense aligned to penetrate and our front forward a ball snapped to go full. Their goal for their calls and Haddix what I love is how good the young linebackers play off and almost kind of like thumb. I'll be talking about how the the dolphins. You know some not gotta Graham double team and hope this never ball so was golden land and he's going he's going to fold his articles have taken aback unique guys on the on the second level. Linebackers and safeties. That I am athletic enough to read off a bit. Woods sector brings subtle point about Miami is often the line and I told you. DJ and you got a couple of first rounder is on the O line and you throw on the film and you know who was true. You would have said damn they're they're they're playing in Orange rather not mean a minor offense of Laura's some really set the tone and I was that was a big but discussed was on notre Dame's a lot but it was a trenches in general. And paroles board they kept rosier cleaned they use Travis homer holds to run through DJ doubts as well but Miami's offensive line really can deploy. You know what I love about that we know nothing about them and that's how it should be. To be honest over the line that's how we should be in their offensive line is that cruel guys that come any do your job go home. And you know what a thousand timber actually they had. Funny fine system for offensive lineman in Denver if you did interview. You'll find 150 bucks. If you include up if you ended up in the newspaper. It was like 200 bug that's funny and if you ended up being highlighted all exports and some of the 500 dollar fine. Because. There the guy they just love to do their job protect our quarterback handle business as usual. And they don't want the frame and recognition but a lot of it had to do with date they will again you know eight maybe if you pull them apart individually you know they might not have the buzz. American yeah for trumpet now on the line yet but as a unit they're great as you can they play well together. Well let me say Lewis darling. Got the day I mean Donaldson committed by the special here down the line and so young mayor is exceeding nineteen yeah McDermott yeah I mean but I mean. Like yeah he might be immediate probably will be special but you're you're right now let down dessert they don't have real Notre Dame at all to for shop what she wore an. Offensive linemen first of balls intelligence. Com. That that's the number one being armed trio was mine there after that. You you have to have some type. It's. Sad he got to have some sad news to you and you also have a heart. To be honest because it is it is it is one of the toughest positions guy running back run their helmets into your back you gotta deal lime and grab you by the throat every play. You know it it's tough unlike. All of the Lima don't rotate. There and hold. You know they they brought it it's our denials of thing you look at. My result of the line that we really haven't talked a lot about puts a league needs that these recognition off of the line coach Stacy Searle semi noses to. Great job from that unit all and any other leg but he said. DJO you to team me if they're undefeated this when the season. You'll be off the lines is taken but that enemy just and that through your talked about a lot of other guys they haven't gotten the other run that pace. Certainly should happen or sudden started we DJ Williams we come back. We built a target on the mind you will hear from mock. Coach a coach Spoelstra on the loss yesterday. Coming back from the road trip in general boy will be good to have them home. For a opt for a little while here although they play wash in the tobacco by the road we'll get into that here and weather out here. After the road trip the longest of the season. B fifty minutes of heat coming up the organ back to the canes and some dolphins would DJ Williams who is live in studio with us ready Johnson and I didn't take. Am a. Our team then yeah. Ten minutes is customized by just four by fours are boarded a plunging truck and SUV customization shocker guaranteed of the hottest four by four modifications. In down called champions were by reports of an 86502344. Is six Miami. Wrapped up the road trip yesterday afternoon 112103. Was your final. Miami was on fire in the first half. In was shoot the ball extremely well blood. Barely. Gotten to the twenties. In the third and fourth quarter just 23 points in the third just 22. In the in the fourth quarter so they come home only three in three road trip. Six and seven. Throughout through thirteen games in there or get books they were hit shots in the first half but that was not the case in the second half and here's coach spoke on the difference. There's a lot different. Then the second half the weren't as many inside out it's just credit them they flatten this out. No warning of a skid into the paint as much. Didn't have any kind of inside out transition threes. From Surin the clock. He varieties than to that's that's not really. You know are kind of kind of deal so. Again it's sad excuse shouldn't come through to tell but also play it said the pace is so most appropriate for us. Don't back off off the long trip yeah it at those games are always trick to me is you know what what's the energy level going to be. And I thought in the first half from my okay yeah men to some degree wind and the trip here of winning road trip. Before you come home it's as good the second half discs just to be clear. But to stop that shots and it was an energy level that was that they ran out of gas it wasn't them like they're like hey malice is get out of here. Policy in my own bed malice in my wife and kids. I just wanna be home. Those guys as they just stop hitting shots. And I don't think it was. It was fatigue your anything it was just bad shooting all around. Hands at the pistons they were written Miami wasn't. Probably was pesos a little bit more appealing to them then then I'll send them. Do we know what our identity is sent. You know as much as it looked like Richard play that kind of damage in the first half a 48 minute game really has to be on our terms of the pace and there was just a little bit too up and down and and there are of them really capitalized. And some numbers situations to open threes and you know they are role on though seems like every time. You know we were and any kind of drug numbers it disadvantaged they also capitalize on those trees and and made us pay for them. L.'s colts ball stroke on the second half here's the thing that's gonna hurt Miami and we were thirteen games an immediate in this his. This is a pretty good. And we kind of knew this going yearly I thought I thought about this going in. But we've seen enough of the team it's kind of who we know what pieces they have here's leaves it to her limited her to the end of last year were Dion Waiters being out. It is. Who's the guy when you need a basket they go to throw to and say just get this two point. Who's the guy where's the other teams on an aid over on yesterday or 100 run. And you need to stop the bleeding who's that guy. They don't have that guy Dion does that guy at times. When he's not he's not what Duane one it's obviously. He's not what. The halls of the teams haven't all star player. You can just throw the ball over to Wednesday is bogus basket and we haven't scored in a couple minutes. This this crowd as is loud. We just need something good to go our way that we are up and now we're now we're down to go get a Sebastian. Deion did that the other night in against. You at all. He was great. Not so good yesterday. And that's the way Dion is your get hot Deion. Gets called the on. I'm does that's who we aids. Walk and not amused how time maybe all star. So that you'll Goran. Out all of its his personality but. Jesus late in the games. Not his thing for whatever reason why I decided. Yet you like to dumbed down are in him but he's gonna make his free throw which he has this year. But we sought at the end of last ordeal was out who's the guy late games you need a hoop. And I think Dane need. You get it's nice to spread it around. But. Who's that that's almost hard to hard spot to be in man. That's a horror to hard spot for a guy he'll Tyler Johnson hey Iago Bogans basket. A true go to guy when everybody's hot in the ball's moving. And you're playing that team concept that's great. But every once in awhile you're gonna need is necessarily who's into the last shot in the game that's that's sometimes that's overrated. But it's a four minutes to go the other teams on a 144 run. A ten point lead we had it's down it's down to one. Dennison who may get his writing and who's that guy. Dan Dion was that guy Friday nine Utah most fabulous that it. It was a believable the fourth quarter recorders it was a very good job a great fourth quarter hit big shot after big shot yesterday. Just we're Ronan. So it is one thing that can hold that he's this team back a little bit I think needs some of those guys certainly to emerge moratorium three. You'll lose the final game on the road should put coach what you think about it overall here now coming home. Well I'm were grooves server only went out on this road trip there today is going to grow better ballclub now ultimately that's what you want. You know what of course right now we feel like we could finish a road trip a little bit better. Mobile live to maintain the proper perspective on this is all for continuing out to get better. And like I said we know. Pretty clearly what our identity is. Now and and what a successful formula is for us and what to pace we need player. Know what time we kid we need to play. Weren't able to do that tonight. Let's give the pistons will democratic here this intimacy Meester common to tennis three out of date Stan Rizzo a great job on all he's doing I don't have entered coach. Donna how he's doing a gesture I mean yesterday you watch of the other dramas sized player Tobias Harris. The player Jackson's good player. Could Arnett is best game off the bench as a rookie he hit some big shots. But they're not playing with any any guy that you would sell my god how high how you gonna guard him. So Stan van given credit. Miami right to middle Eastern Conference six and seven. Through thirteen. Hand after that long homestand radian Amazon for. What most of it in the road trip now things get a little bit more. I would say normal with the schedule. You got wash your back to back against Washington home away even though it's Wednesday Friday. Wednesday home Washington at Washington on Friday. Then he would Indiana get Boston. Ten years he had Minnesota got Chicago yak Cleveland you're at the knicks. Were four he wrote in a rapid November. Soul. Are right where they are would like to know how one extra win maybe. Woods academic game back somewhere in there now. 97 and six instead of six and seven. I'd be fine. But. Anything other than that I think that's kind of where this team is that especially. He would have the on for a couple of games yet Amazon for what almost two weeks. And you hope you heard coach tried they're just trying to get some things worked out it's and things. Organized. With this out with this group so that's. What's the latest on the he hands Washington and and then it twice this week that's one of the teams your kind of chastened for that. Do think in who's going to be the top 4:5 in the Eastern Conference. Is a going to be Washington. We don't bosses gonna be up there. Washington right now is the fourth the fourth best team in the Eastern Conference. So. Yeah Boston Detroit Orlando Washington in Boston's been amazing boss has won twelve games in a row. So O into Hayward injury we all know about it and in your own man the Cingular really. Kind of struggle a little bit and they won twelve games and Earl. It's pretty wild some blog great stories. India in the first you would say you know what little over almost a month. Of the of the NBA season 67974. At tiger just 67974. We're gonna let checked back in would DJ Williams who is live in studio DJ will we witnessed up until 7 o'clock a lot more on the hurricanes. Victory against Notre Dame and the dolphins matchup tonight against Carolina up in Charlotte Chris Perkins will join us in the 6 o'clock hour as well. But so a lot more on Cheney does DJ how high should they big. If he was it that college football. Committee room where would he bow our hurricane for the rankings come out tomorrow we'll get that. And more on the big win against Notre Dame in. Is this team have a championship look DJ. He's got a ring you know would championship team is all about get get to some of those thoughts enter text messages right here on 790 the ticket. Back on the ticket Curtis Davidson and TJ Williams. Picked up until 7 o'clock come out to the advertising is puzzled by for the we get on December 2 and third on Fort Lauderdale beach and when you're there. Teachers up by the dangling 79 it is against Schwartz oasis was a football games and sports bar. With your feet to sand Saturday. Got this line of KG elephant Weezer injured in the wilderness and more Sunday Boyz II Men. KC and the sunshine manned borders Lou Gramm salt and pep up. And more fans as well Tripp decided that by in a jar Levine action attorneys toy hundreds of reports of free. Let's say hundreds of enforce haven't threesome and 33 by Gloria Detroit has to be good in my Yingli blogger. Yeah tingling is America's old and operates mingling blogger respect is earned. Rip tide to get through until now the ticket Miami dot com you don't want to miss out on that I attending of anything better. Then watch all the games when your feet in the sand. Early December. Fort Lauderdale beach. It's going to be it's going to be on real desire it was unreal Saturday night. And our rock stadium we got a lot of text your DJ 67974. At 67974. And on the Coral Springs on a monitor signed your early. Kind of CEO surmise or some a summary of the game was the speed on defense that obviously but obviously came through on there. And I just thought you know no let up man no let up and even when they brought in the the reserves they brought in some of the younger guy days I mean everybody. Was on point Saturday night for University of Miami on both sides. Yeah it's definitely when we talk about we bring in the reserves but. I think a lot of that also had to do with the fact that even after beating Virginia Tech. You know the teams do didn't get the credit that they OP designer. And coming into this game we were three point underdog. And again. This game was. The defining game own being able to use the term is the U back. You know that that that was the big question is do you back in. The players or coaching staff everybody knew that. In order for that even start to be a part of the conversation. They would have to handle business and again. Here at Miami we can't just win you know we have to house has style points when we win. I don't know for whatever reason but you know when it comes to polls and things like that if there's an opportunity. Board to be left out we will be left out and that performance the other night. Let that no room for that. Why would jumping to number two in the polls be honest I wanted to be number five. Peru oddly I want the team has to be hungry. I want to do I yeah that she put supporters sure do think right now. The coastal there and I know we have Virginia and Pittsburgh left. Of course you know the alternate goal is caused oil in this championship but I wanted every week when his team every week to field. Like they were playing for their livelihood every week I wanted to be right on the outskirts of being in a college playoff. Can touch it but really can't get too. Then then that's how I fell last week but after that the report Saturday you couldn't I just I just a Gallagher at some point you just goes together really good. You hear the committee use got to accept the fact that when he's really good let's give them. What they've earns now that's still on on the players and the coaches because now. Now lol yeah everything's in funny you now it's on you it's not on anybody else took you go and lose to Virginia. That's on you or you lose them a bit that's on you that's not that's all the committee does is add to those are low that was good but I don't know. They gave you all respect me I was like to say the setting a how do you Iran Iran let's say how do you respond to adversity on stuff like that how you handle fortune. And pain and rage and the how do you handle all night through a young right it's a lot of young guys I mean there's a lot knowledge of our young guys. The guys are young. Hadn't started a lot of erosion in his first season start and Gary got a guy like DJ Dallas the whole linebacker whose sophomore. You know he got the Dequan all all these guys they're yellow. Loses the ambassador of the sort of of that message that we're seeing the exact whole roster exact but your senior freshman they've never been never cop I'm gonna training and as a nineteen year old Kia is hauler. Not to local head trauma bag it's hard to. You know not understand this hard to understand that you have to go win the next day in word that much harder. Where you put them in the rankings tomorrow night. We're not where you want to Wear over the desert if you had a bullet here in a room and you're going. You mean the four best and most deserving teams in the country in normal complement to. I've put him to grow Norman fire it right right and I got showcasing put Alabama one I put Alabama and then that a two women and the Internet and. It too is because they're undefeated and they just beat two ranked teams so there might want to talk about toughest schedule or better played anybody. Yes they have and not only did they just. Not only did they beat him they dominated you know bowl both teams are 08 Clemson has a loss Oklahoma already has a loss bomb. It when you look at. Oklahoma's defense amid all the scores boys put their defense gives a fifty as well. And they continue to get in shootouts and you know all in all it takes is all day Bob Baker mayfield and you know Oklahoma will have two losses. Well here's here's the tough thing about college football is. Admiral plays different schedules. Senate and the committee always has a different criteria. Because to me if you're undefeated you're undefeated. Exactly in my Amy is undefeated. So. You'll like this text to rights and Clemson. Before ranked teams including Auburn they lost one game on a Friday night on the road when their quarterback got knocked out in the back of kicker Shane to feel rules how do you put Miami ahead of them. Because Miami did not lose any of that money I mean I had that Friday night Ridder Cayard they're ticker shank to fuel to the quarterback cover. It supported a game right in your leg like to meet the losses mean a big deal to you today is now if if ever got one loss. Then you look at the losses that led Notre Dame coming into Saturday night you lose by one at Georgia. Okay you're going to have the number one team in the country that's a good loss of gravel but when you loss. It's always end there were no losses. To me. What are we doing here Wisconsin. I yeah I can't insist this is is not appealing the way to play this down but they haven't beaten anybody OK fine so let's do the Miami thing strength of schedule. Okay you've played bassoon out of the conference you can control via private so it was an on commerce game right that's their Hauser cupcake that's why didn't I canceled Argus Allstate could namely about that. That's Toledo how bad he's an opponent. In Saudi that was not congress came out wasn't one of those ACC videogame technology rescheduled nonconference game against Notre Dame. You know why is it's almost like what happened two years ago. The pac twelve. Where I believe it was Washington was being our news. Because they see in. A believes org and were a good idea so bold as best web tools were forced state. Because of Florida State was what Florida State is usually big right we'd be able to say we beat Florida State would be Virginia Tech we be ignored day you know we'd be able to drop. Those blockbuster. Schools and names in and get the credit that that is due but now it's only before state when they were down near me down and out things like that so. What are you discredit it without reporters they do it is yeah. It but out of all of the on the beat him in the head Don dragons while rescue earlier this course it was a plan resolved and so you wanna stated but that gets into the back of in college football. When you're not in that committee room. I don't know what they're thinking. This and that natural materials that go with who travels the birds travels well and good things about money too and well yeah but what I mean one thing we do know. Is it minor ones out there yes a mile and we knew that even before the Notre Dame game. But now would be itching to see where they play. Club scene in the money comes are going to play. And presumably. Clemens got the citadel and they got South Carolina left on their schedule so presumably of these teams are going to be. Their move comes as there one loss I'm gonna zero losses and going and acting out of it quarterfinal game I would think. For an ACC represented a CNN. And. Unlike SEC where. It's Georgia didn't have that second loss of George didn't have that loss amino the second lost in May played drama in SEC champ ship in laws. Like Notre Dame lost to Georgia. You concede to SEC teams give you aren't that won't happen to ACC. Now SEC the only conference right where that conversation comes up because. They talk about how dominant the SEC is. Which is BS because the SEC is not as dominant I think who has been with it last year. I think they were five and six Versa exceeded that that guy talk about that earlier today the SEC gets a lot of benefit of the doubt they have not. Being ghoul would. In a couple of years had an Alabama. But that's it he's good yeah Alabama okay. George's good team Auburn does being constantly go there but this year you give it two or three really good teams yeah. Herb and live a couple averaging thereby else's track order trash and garbage Tennessee Tennessee is garbage yet Kentucky's guard venables garbage yes. Mean you know LSU was okay. Other top thirty team. The entire meal east side it is South Carolina is average. And means more illness. Now we will DelHomme is NC state and it's the same team it's it's a trial is better I mean so. Yeah the SEC has been little awesome reputation there about what tumbled aboard this on some things that they have to do that to get better DJ. So we had a judge here what is Miami's weaknesses right now I got one big head. Yeah major player in this thing down the stretch. Got to get some things cleaned up with some more thoughts from mud DJ Williams as we'll take you up until six club come out with a here's a thing. Oh and we'll get to headlines on your house have a ninety the ticket. Back here on the ticket pushing company into the 6 o'clock hour of bursting with that alongside Jay Williams yeah. Our our Cheney Jack but he heard Allan there. You know. What has changed so much I'm just kept putting another warlord in. Look like mr. to anybody who deny your head your head like your neck is hurting because it you've been the change even wearing those strains always told both my kids got bad days and therefore hairs I think I chipped a few people to. There's could do Kobe's got a dangerous. Turn our chain is still ago life of its own man that is a brutal phenomenon. And it's been a lot of fun here we are more. Kaine talked we DJ Williams also we're gonna switch it up the dolphins a Monday night game tonight in Carolina still a big one yeah we're gonna touch on that here but listen to the ticket all weeklong. For fantasy football updates injuries. Who's hot who's not studs and duds and more as a Mayan Charlemagne action attorneys. Have you been an accident call when he hundreds of ports of entry that's one of hundreds of enforceable threesome with 332 Bob. Direct the red card always the right price demise the public adjusters we've got your assets covered point 55 giddy CPA. For release goes public adjusters dot com. You can always text the show's 67974. That's you. Reach us here on 700 to get 67974. We're gonna hook up with Chris Perkins live from Charlotte. North Carolina. Site of tonight's Monday Night Football game against the Carolina Panthers Cam Newton. And company we're gonna portable also quick reminder we're it's a much of going on in in this town sports wise we got to. We got a four pack. To the four eco boost 200. And the 300. So NASCAR that's right NASCAR's season at the Ford championship this weekend so we got four tickets you'll see. For eco boost to honored in the forty go boost 300 to both races we're going to be giving those away in this hour. So if you're gear headed your NASCAR fan. The biggest biggest championship weekend it's always it always ends in our town. And that is this week and kind of snuck up on everybody I think a little bit. But so we got you we got you ready to go that's like materials for tickets and say that's over let's router over on our Robert Rector. So but do little quick map their so will be giving those away coming up here in the 6 o'clock hour 67974. Been all about you and that leads us right in new here's the thing. James did it ball away did today Everett's right. Not only do they beat hated Notre Dame Saturday nights they beat down Notre Dame 33 point victory. And have all the Gainesville and it's all the canes fans got together and said you know what let's let's put out the perfect weekend shall we. Well I don't think you could come up with a better story line or better script than what Miami provided. Saturday let's start with the game day beautiful scenery. Blue skies. Alumni and student body everybody else about him and everybody was charged up an amazing. Scene. And then we get to. Hard rock stadium. The crowd the energy the atmosphere the hard hits the pick six by trades on bandy turn over chains everywhere. Hard rock stadium. Sounded. Like the Orange Bowl. For the first time since Miami has moved into who that new stadium I did think that would ever happen. It happened Saturday night Chris Fowler Kirk herb street. Complementing time and time again the team the coaches fans everything. After words. A nation of detractors. Now singing the hurricane praises. On where in the turn over chain DJ wearing it on national TV debut is backed the U. Is this the U isn't. Everybody Phelan the hurricane love. It was an amazing same. And I don't think if you tried to recreated. You could've done a better job now the canes are undefeated there ACC coastal champs. Number two NBA game and the coaches all some analysts say they deserve a number one ranking with a college football playoffs. Rankings the latest addition emerge tomorrow night we shall see what one thing's for sure. That's. This is a weekend at a game that you'll not be forgotten. Inning. Long long. Time in that's the thing sponsored by Joseph nerds and amateur up. And down by Chris John urges Ross tries DJI dealer has all your Joseph needs covered new purges repairs customization training sessions and more. President today drove nerds dot com tough Laura's. Eyes in the sky. Did damage this earlier. Game day we heard on their Friday afternoon pertinent to the showdown they are we had. Published Keynes gets on we had Clinton Portis. We had Jon peace and stop by in person Bryan Monroe were shot Butler Terence Smith. I mean we knew it was do it the energy on campus was amazing. And we had a texture about that about ash wood to me that she specifically about the put I in I have heard your story before. Blood redeemed. Date of your five stark did sit name you know Slidell Louisiana. You're in you're Travers city Michigan. Near Omaha Nebraska. This led some kids like that you're a California guy if you love California. I don't think anybody could got you out cost California some kids just wanna stay where they wanna snake blood. As far as recruiting tool Saturday morning. Watching that as many as graduate half the country's in a deep freeze. You can't buy that type of exposure I mean just the way you position and set up the fact that. In the background you have. The beautiful skyline you have the campus now you have the electric atmosphere of the college student. You know. General's report deal. You don't never I mean you get everything woman it was I mean it was a looks. It was a sales and this may be at Romo. Of a Miami. And to adamant that. I believe that live inside the hard rock stadium. Would shut down nobly for media. Paul Kurtz. Imagine that Mel Tucker imagined being a seventeen year old kid and your epic game and our rock stadium UC AA agreed all these other legends come out. Moon. Onto the field. And you are in club. Or in a close eye of a wanted to best clubs are you an ambulance that was amazing amid a lot of football game you're watching the game a year. You can't top that you can't you can't top I mean like an experience for some minus seventeen years old wreck and ended the and then you watch a performance. But now I'm topple everything. The U yeah that's performance by that he I mean there there I don't mean I don't believe that there was a moment. In meg game this is what amazes me there wasn't a moment in meg game. Where. People that were in that stadium were sad or upset it was like from the kick off to them the last second base hit off. A big clot Miami fans were cheering and happy and high fives in its live Beers and in hugging and take himself he's there wasn't a moment it meg game where. It was like 00 what's happening here it was it was literally a three and a half hour celebration. There and I think that was what made you uncomfortable for Notre Dame Notre Dame and never been an atmosphere like it was three hours. Oh basically 75000. People celebrate new law. I'm at the it was probably yes the spurs are good ones they'll have a government team we need to go sustaining urged feminist provisional can hold the ball you are now to examine a chest press OK give up now to access your ego I don't like that that's what it was like it was like. It was like they were tested by it they were actions in the film they were casting okay that you gonna stand here and dropped to give the jets. Make it look real. And he did take it week. Together Friday afternoon and said let's put together of the program we get to the mercy of Miami you could out of you could have and how does it did take. 41 AUN. Chemicals and that but you regulate. In what that game has done for the future what a week and is done for the future of the program that can't be overlooked candidate is get it's gonna be amazing because trust me. We we already have been getting some of the top recruit now. With that isn't the best thing is is we did the right way. There was there was not a negative you couldn't say anything negative about the team or universe what negative I got about this team get to it after heads times. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami and WS SS HD true Miramar. Miami Dolphins and then Charlotte to take on the Carolina Panthers okay go off system after 830. We got our growers pregame show they'll be all dolphins all the time beginning at 7 o'clock with Greg likens AM. Amanda DJ Williams called dolphins note TJ McDonald safety and guard Ted Larsen looks to see their for action first action of the season. Has the dolphins also will go without jewel on James who was placed on the IR earlier this week so some issues at right tackle for the dolphins. They'll get into Alder in the awkward gorge pregame show starting. At 7 o'clock Miami hurricanes' Eric number two of the eight people and the coaches poll. College football rankings will be. Handed out to morals so we'll see where the other came stack up seeing those rankings and Miami Heat are off until Wednesday. Where the take on the wizards here to American Airlines Arena. The loss yesterday to the pistons. And were three and three. On their road trip the headlines sponsored by indeed dot com are you hiring Tony over three million businesses. That you indeed dot com for our hiring poster next job opening all the world's number one job site. Indeed dot com -- Texas at 67974. That 67974. On the Karlsruhe on monitors on one thing DJ they got a clean up and I'm not a doer and downloads kind of a tricky one red zone offense. Too many field goals yet too many just to moon gets bogged down other incumbents come into that game we were. You know when one warhead or 1111 worst teams in the country. They weren't good amigos fourteen that it began seventeen. And having aimed toward me yeah I that could have been 35 nothing at halftime exact 42 wound up things that so that's the one thing if you got to be picky about some stuff here and and coach Rick knows it does and of the and they don't know. But for all though we're great run defeated were that were this and that. Red zone offense Scott get a little bit better got a little bit better. Here's what I think that we have to do is it you see how. We operate on offense in the beginning of the game and when we have the whole field. We're very aggressive I mean we came out five whites. You know. Within the first drive things like that. And we we we do a lot of different in an exotic plays and formations. I think we'll get to the red zone get the simplified. Because there hasn't been a team yet to stop our run game. You know it hasn't been a team to stop our run game homer has ran for over a hundred yards amazing a hundred dollars and every game he's played in this year as a starter. I think once we get down to the red zone because the field is restricted for rosier. As we have. We have three to four receiver Lamar squad that are 64 to 66. Here's what we do. Would come they would Jumbo formation. We either hammer hammer it would homer. Oh we don't match sort of phase 21 of our 65 guys. Make it simple make it simple for the kids. What did you do defensively leg of just even in when you're in the NFL notches to just in general. But the reds though we were you gets closed down there the deepest actually has the advantage because prize. You know all of the playbook is now as this fifty page playbook now stripped down to pages. And there's there's not a lot of room. For. Certain plays to develop. And so bored all fancy either you simplify budget's going straight ahead down here. Or use some type of road techniques because it's crowded it's crowded space try to guys. Nothing to neutralize like just Thomas is is is fast guys on the field yet what that means that those you know those you know on the project. So now what you do is you knew you Rhode Island is often the line that has been making these holes in in blown his defense of the defense is all the line. You come out there you bring. Either. Another all of its alignment and ball back where you bring in defense alignment will back you go downhill run a power and bullets do that this year than there haven't been able to do it and a couple of time got to practice it more you can't you can't just you gotta you gotta rely only has to be or you make you have to. No. It's okay that when you get the red zone teams know can be a back shoulder or they're gonna basically is to power running game it's okay. Because there's really not much else to do witness you have to Maceda craft another that's the only thing. Got to get better reds on the eve of proposals so many years to penalties only one held the other night played very smartly did it to everything's improved that the red zone offense. And they handle this I mean that's within their product. Designs and is. Mean their their playing solid on special teams from. But I wanna see which I haven't really seen yet this year. I want to see special teams. Make. A game changing place I want blocked parts I won't parts being taken back. I won't big hits don't kick off team knocking guys come those other things that can get the team and the crowd into the game and. What everywhere solid Ronaldo but the mean that that didn't get to that level DJ. Like. That's what your team came and yet they scored all three phases that the army it was via first that's when you know. And now we're talking championship level when you add another element where. You're gonna get the result Richards last night to get your former team you like that's when you get to that level where we reach all over the field. And in you know what though I think they're on their way to doing that because the next that I assault. The other night was. Fourth quarter I saw burials opium Spezza to trust our starters. It's all yeah don't have your best and I love love honor I love it because you think about. The great Miami teams you know as great as Ed Reed was re was normal response team leader you gotta have your place special players up there. No not that that's good point does that mean that's the next level there if they're gonna you know make a run at this that the the big rain is yet another element on special things are good. You know Badgley is good to make his kicks the Eagles come along. But if you get deal burial some of the speed kick off your game. Creates turnovers that's going to be that's going to be you know another area their area where they can Dominic are we got ours which of the dogs are real money and a match a man. This one of those circle on the schedule here. Bombs in the thick of things in the AFC will tend to Charlotte we'll tell you alarm and Chris Perkins is that stadium and get ready and get his thoughts on the dolphins and the Panthers. All that coming it would DJ Williams right here on 790 the ticket. Back here on the ticket Curtis Stinson and DJ Williams our Reza linebacker with us. Each and every Monday. From five until seven misses a special Monday we go Monday Night Football tonight sock lord pregame show is following us. We DJ Greg likens we're gonna head to Charlotte check in with perk. In just a moment but get ready for the kaine Virginia game. I'd gone out to the Samar the growth tonight. Four actually brought into radio on the ticket. Believe later on this week during any football game sand bar offers Pfeiffer played our Kuroda bug it's 515 dollar middle of August 3 under the fines and five dollar would they'll find. And over a chance to win. Cain's way back from an it is the official apparel. Of the University of Miami for your official hurricanes football and basketball here. Visit Miami Hurricanes. Dot com. So Thursday nights we all cain's radio Monday Night Football is tonight's. Per senator keys to the game and all things dolphins. They get of. Via the array of tools the dells here's your resource just let their choice does beyond convenient answer refund my partner. Chris Perkins hurt a little lowly and here but did cyanide. Were beats you but he chose company here talking about the hurricanes for the last two hours but. The feeling I think it'll get better if the other team in town here to get an inspired performance tonight on the big stage what do you think. Captors were have to figure a way that's more quick barrel. Interestingly enough Adam case. Spoke very will Draco last week there Cutler's last two getting a you know the chip or against Oakland working as rescuing the perceived and they were also the gulf the highest point total of the fees of 31 points against the jets. And India reported four point last week in the loss but. Yeah he he's fit that Cutler played very well you know that certainly he did even better against Oakland so I did against Oakland 311 York retouched there and no interceptions so. At least port could that this is still in good about the offer from the quarterback they. Heard awards you'd. Compare. The practice in the feel of the team. After the forty you have the laws verses. Their last loss against Obama but I felt like. After that forty deny the most days. Basically. My trading at Jai and the comments that he made out. To us in the press put a sense of urgency. What his team is it still there even though it is it is still occurring two weeks after. BJ we know that until the game is here and why this. Remarkable. In its. In it. I I guess nick Parker staying even you old either of them are people who expect the police scandal and iron down the moves very clearly. You know even keel. But she built through all the stuff this season with the hurt seeing them. Crisper during Lawrence Timmons and ID you know when you go into that lock when you see you on the practice field. I I know the a change in their devastating. Good career seemed in the locker room that they payroll even. I I can only kill and getting. When when there's an increased incentive murdered Coke. I I I won't be so and so bright they're bigger and bigger because they've they've got the thing demeanor all year so. Will will be a bit translate into a actors work. Tiger since the urban fear anything like that they they put the state to beat well. And honestly. You know what I watched that game last week I thought they played well enough to win. I don't feel like. They have to go ahead and start from scratch game. You know ripped out the game plan or the playbook I felt like this is a situation where sometimes in football. Listen. You can do things right in the ball just doesn't bounce your way. So you know what what I don't want to seize I don't want to see this team coming in. And feel that they have to do extra even though it probably isn't exactly or X attack or exercise but it needs to be done. I don't want this team to come in impressed because. Once you press that's when mistakes happen that's when you know he's happy and that's when you're in a fallen back into that slot. Yeah and out of current conduct a couple of things about it because they think that they they agree with you they played well. That biblical built. And then that penalty that you were shut drones that are necessary practice. They came right or beyond that they can powered past an interference and let it go. You know I'll ask Adam gave last week is that an example of something that you were into the lead oratory and a rapper. In the coordinator and it yes we be certain to be clear patient. There in the paper which are discussing a more this year. That are going to Helmand unnecessary roughness but it looked questioned include big call. So. You know they they do think that they were playing well up to we have you know treat to your point. They just terrible penalty which were which were crusher. 107. Yards and Coke dealer 120 or whatever upload. But that and you don't the other thing is the end of respect all of them. Look at that or little vertical stretch of beauty of the running back beat period in the passing game. One thing to look or copy Julius Thomas. They and Balkans the passing game in here and I think six receptions for eighty more yards and a touchdown so it you can make him look factor in the two running backs a Specter. Well no you discovered bring new weapons in the opens by getting an update it to he's so. Will will see our I I would think that that statement saying but what sparked the running back being involved. And I I think that that Juliet promised they Google also. Moment Julius Thomas when he when he came to Denver. We called swanky. At the very programs where I can go and he goes he got his first look into failed six. He went out and bought everything has a label or brand name don't you showed a bit ROU Gucci shoes we've had some. Hello. Had. Not exactly yeah. We don't every day you of that product placement right did you look at terrorists comes over from another country where I thought the night's series and we ought to get all the all the music brand is well Seabrook. It's always that we created a monster is undoubtedly our national financial wanted to model has laden Williams make him more money now I know. Who is doing this at. Chris Bergen is joining us from Charlotte Monday Night Football are pretty good covered DJ Williams will start at 7 o'clock to yell update here with Merck. I'll guard TJ McDonald he's expected to play tonight also Ted Larsen I've been guilty this. Well what do they didn't back because the the buildup for this you would think. Earl Thomas and Zach Martin are coming back to route to help this team here you know a two arson back to the McDonald's go back. What exactly are they getting in these two players. Veterans veterans who know what they're doing and that that the biggest thing there it can't Larson broke. He even better than deploying him there in two guys who replaced bill and combine you know that he David an infinite being so you know look you you guard will ever be on court. You know. I come up big different who have left are gonna make. I think it'll be available abate but. But look at it he knows what he's doing and he can pick the guy for the accord Baird that's an improvement. As far as TJ McDonald that are or Peter Korda going to date. And what they wouldn't do that and these guys that are trying to switch to quickly pass into and but you know either guy can be eight million in the pot and eat your guy PPP dark Specter decreased safety. The only issue there appears that they truly are huge role they either laughing one guy effective the police say the it's not really what they do you saw. Rashad get burn them or report yard touchdown pass. It's not really what you it's not really put you wrote the two but they can do what I think they decrepit car note. Be a little extra careful to play the problem and pretty good angle. I would think the TJ McDonald of return could have a bigger corrective Yucca lark. What are we doing their right tackle there would you want James if you don't know they've been celebrating. Turn over chains all weekend he was quietly plays and I are so what he's done for the year what they do that right tackle. I think it going to be Jessie Davis who moved over from left lower bowl. You know just feel good picture own cute but he yoke. But he's it's this it's going to be very interesting relent and go is peppered Lombardo at a sugar. They're they're beard so there pepper lemon will have backed up we have a six. This team him 29 sex which is second in the upper ilk Cutler still has also rerouted so. You know you're you are changing up in the end of the open line by inserting or finger at the start their papers so. Pass protection is going to be absolutely essential to right. DJ Williams as a former defensive player is hearing all this and he is salivating right now. This in his own. I don't know I was just thinking okay he's talking about how to guard he may not make a big difference may. That big of a difference. Yes he will he can make a lot of mistakes you got two guys and offers a line that haven't played with the other core three. Offensive line is all about communication. You don't Jay Cutler still hobbled stiff just me every time it takes a breath he feels those wrists so. May we may maybe may not make a big difference. Helping the team but he can make a huge difference hurting the team is one of those guys doesn't get a call one of those guys misses the stunt. Upfront because again. The team play as well as they played last week because Jay Cutler had a great game he played out play call. He played it more than well enough to win net gain sole. You have to protect is god. Yeah and out code from Iraq and about that these are you know Michael is all from Thursday's. He practiced. This Thursday and it actually technically went Friday everything was back today but he practiced an empty vehicle that he thinks that they need the work force right you're you're inserting you know two new tomb bases five they are doing it. You do need to work on the continuity a little bit open a beer. You know they're they they the year recognize is that they change your routine. From that they employ an elephant strict orders and all the rest yearbook. Yet there to your point or they would recognize they've got to get our continuity it Golan period quick. Our budget turkeys of the game they're sponsored by Lexus the North Miami at a may ease in the automotive experience dubbed club but the dolphins but. Carolina and it's going to be interesting matchup here. Who typically one side Kim knew and all the other side and got some star power there workers are McCaffery the rookie what is a bigger keys of the game broke pulled out of victory here in Charlotte. Well one being clearly development you have to do is control they'll do their second leading rusher we. 341. Yards. And in 28 Russian personnel which is seventh in the area filled though. You know they're four point nine Yorker here that this is the guy who. Once he goes back into The Who have pure you know going to be in trouble. That's only half the job don't know what you got to stop them that you might like him out of their pocket so. You've got to be very disciplined look they have Newton that's who won that number one number troops have actually mention they're going to respect respect and in the end up there milk. So you've got to eat Jerry Cutler up right there and that's been one of the east they're having there but they're getting these fair the last two last two appearances. I think the third billion would really keep that all parents the first you know that the running backs canyon great and Damian Williams with a twelve receptions six reception beach. Armaments into your community. He. He had a good unity six receptions for 84 yards so. You know you've got a lot of target so there picket beta two of them and I think. That that would serve the gulf and off as very well. Turkeys of the games sponsored by Alexa North Miami them he's an automotive experience purples six out and doubt we'll see in here tomorrow afternoon to talk all about it. All right don't have a good trip park enjoy the game Chris Perkins in Charlotte's. Miami and the Carolina Panthers should be a fun one. TJ Williams will have the pregame coverage re at 7 o'clock with Greg likens. Our core pregame show come back or up and it was some more cain's talk DJ a lot of text here when I get to the six of tonight's on four but as promised. The real Michael on the show caller number seven right now to these 790 call in line at 7863600790. At 7863600790. You're winning four back to the floor eco boost 200. That's right NASCAR season before championship this weekend four back to the forty eco boost 200 that's caught number seven the 786360. O 790. Agents. Spoke to me that's the the column in the consequence of any 65340790. At seven a 6534079. B as the that's the take your conscious line let's give that out. 7865340790. That's how you win those delegates to the Ford. Eco boost 200 PM before we saw an awful give you another chance to win the four to to secure the fort eco boost 300. As as well so 7865 before. 079 you'll come back we'll get some more thoughts from DJ on the McCain's victory how high with a legal in the polls tomorrow night where should they be. And and more. As we re live Saturday night which was not quite the a memorable experience. If you're out of hard rock stadium we're just took the game all in love Warwick DJ coming up next here on 790 the ticket. And. Accuracy or else got a few minutes ago no handed off to Greg likens. Clockwork orange pregame show with DJ and Greg we'll take you. Till 830 breath though. Kick off Monday football Miami and the Carolina Panthers. Quick reminder to come and author of Tug is Tressel powered by Ford. The weekend of December 2 or third on Fort Lauderdale beach when you're there pictures dumped by the England 790 take its ports oasis watch football games and sports bar with your feet in the sand Saturday features cage elephant Weezer injured man of the wilderness and more. Sunday a boy's images in the sometime in Ford's program salt Tampa and many more as well you camped that. It's weekend of the a college football championship games and the NFL playoff push will be on retarded is that a by intervene acts of attorneys call 800 some ports of entry that's in hundreds of foursome threesome at 33. By some Merrill Dina RTZ water bottle directly. At the source in Sardinia. Italy these islands of wellness in my scales where. On the water everywhere skills geared not convert I tickets are also now to him I mean come you don't want to miss settlement speaking of tickets we get a winner. Two go check out before. Eco boost 200. Now told them we're not latter on here we got tough for back to Ford eco boost Ree hundred. That's right so caller number seven will do this once again caught or seven right now so if you missed out on the 200 gets into the 300. Caller number seven right now. 2786534. 0790786534. 0790. Witness the epic ending the entire NASCAR season at Ford championship weekend. It's become quite an event down here. Three days of live music tail gates an all out racing action. Coming up this week the seventeenth through the nineteenth at homestead Miami speedway. Ms. at homestead Miami speedway dot com for tickets so would you like tickets all week long where here on the show so. You miss out. Two in the mar 4 o'clock myself from Merck and we'll try to hook you up right now do it yourself four pack of four eco boost 300. Armor seven to 786534079. All right DJ. Canes now this isn't a game. Have a championship. Feel to it so. What's crazy about as. I guarantee at the start of the season nobody well. We be in the position that we correct not even united in the biggest games and not even a big case right you know that it would with think that right now we B nine in the room. Number two in the country. Already clear it's. AC reviewed games or call two games ago in the division which in the company's. And also being the only undefeated team in the ACC. Only two other par five comp teams are undefeated in general fact only four in all of college football Zach. Are going to go where there's nobody thought this could be here and Internet and I think that's what makes his interest in that they can stay that way. I think that it. We just continued to handle our business. Everyone underestimates us. And they keep static in the w.s keeps that in the don't abuse of course. The goal is to be national champions. Let light now let's not start that's not all jump on the NASA German band wagon and just our voice unity and yelling but just take care every week to week. Get too weak and of. You so long with a friend forever and ever mean message and it wasn't January. Yeah but you're talking about three more football games yes. You know one you get it home in Virginia yes he won you get on the road and he never never fought and Roger who has or continue to play your own game. Oh yeah if you get to that you get a chance to play yet but whose song are getting a chance to play in that policy gods are Joseph W just yeah. Does admit of the civic. Let's get the semi finals first honest about it past the ACC chairs again it's Clemson yet and I don't think that's going to be a great game by. If you saw. I don't know who. Bait the interviews that cloud of before the game. He said this season was about redemption they got a checklist on board teams that they've been lost to last year and the government all make ever been to Albany but Clemson. Remember that in there that that although that was viewed below two years ago it appears that yeah yet still hurts me valve that was a normal suburban Los on the experience. There's enough of any did you know it felt like bringing alumni. The game we and so it was like fifty of us in a box like just watching this happen we did it just didn't drunken angry in. Wind whipped Clemson didn't even go in at halftime to make adjustments halftime came these technologies like I mean Israel. It was embarrassing. Whose soldier didn't get the ball well geez man get. Atlas wolf that I was out last game yet. Put in that's the other thing is just two years where. What mark and his staff been able to do actually turn around we ought to about the recruiting stuff that's of them takes awhile to get your life. He's taken an Al left there was some players that not to usually you know crap on now but but. And it's amazing what they've been able to do so quick. Toll on you John I think it it's because of the keys or had he made they bought into. Coach rich philosophy I think that was a problem would allow when I was around. A lot of a lot of the players were had he didn't like the way that he brings to Rand team. Are we gotta get out here you're standing here you got off you put your dolphins had on here again and awkward or pregame show regular against. DJ Williams big Monday night game coming up here though break it all down how they had a gonna handle hit Cam Newton Christian McCaffery. Carolina is good team in this to be a fun game for the dolphins they say everybody that Texan and everybody that sat back and listen we are certainly appreciated. Thanks to a DJ Williams thanks Chris Perkins ex allows an extra column on the other side run in the show we've got within tomorrow just before 4 o'clock. All the pregame okwu Georgia's next right here on 79 to take your work here in about.