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Thursday, November 16th

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All right we're gonna Thursday afternoon welcome aboard. Curtis with superb will be joining us shortly and as you tussle over prom and gave me as the via Miami Dolphins get rated take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sunday 1 o'clock. Game that was postponed due to hurricane thermal get to that as we move forward we got a lot of us up to get to a busy jam packed three hour tour. Here on 790 Syria allows and on the southern Gaza many of ball is going to be joining us in about twenty minutes we'll get the latest on the Miami Heat after they lost. Well last night to the Washington Wizards 102 and 93 will admit he's brain on what is up with this team last night watching the game in Miami got off to a slow start. He ended a big run in this in the third quarter seventeen to three run. It was hundred everything in the first half and almost at ten points in the third quarter my he's back in the game had a seven point lead. Then all of a sudden let it slip away in Washington Expos were. 31 in the fourth quarter in Miami's handle loss last nine out of home and home we'll play the wizards tomorrow night up there and of course you hear all the action right here. On your home of the heat but. Social media last night and into this morning listen to some of the shows. A lot of people. Just push the panic but a little bit. About the stuff about his basketball team sold more that a little bit isn't it it's still early to become relevant they're six and eight. 34 at home. Yeah you like them have a little bit of a better start to look more carry over effect in the second half last season so many thoughts. On no on that of course all eyes on the University of Miami as well. We'll take on Virginia a noon kick senior day. And a hard rock stadium. Drew what's or or talk about the Virginia teamed up to a 51 start on the Bronco Mendenhall. Just how good are they they've kind of the little slippage here the last a couple of games Tony Covington. He is a former. You ga football player. NFL does the the broadcast for Virginia on the as the color analyst he's gonna stop by the 5 o'clock hour plus. Tonight is that night right MVP. Will be announced John Carlos there will be one of three finalists you will there be. We be traded before or after he's announced that BP Jon Karl got a really great chip to win this thing. You look at the three finalists joy motto at a nice nice here or Cincinnati really nice year. And then Paul Goldschmidt with the you would say okay his he made the playoffs we give them a little bit of a nod there. But outside of that yeah I mean there is skin. Pardo witness paying and there's the rumors swirling that it's. He could be off to a Saint Louis could be in Boston he can be out left goes so look we're gonna have that announcement for you sometime in the 6 o'clock hour. When the the MVPs are an ounce on the hillside OB go out to make or. Or area judge that's it's a that's a two man race over there of course you know we sects the show 6797 for the six have a 974. And we told you we got a lot going on including. That's right we push these bad boys out we got a couple of for tax. Per NASCAR Ford championship weekend. We got. Four tickets to the 200. We have Forte gets really 400. The big daddy race. So low if you're if you're a NASCAR fan will certainly give me an opportunity to win those here as though we move forward as we told you we got a ton of stuff. That that we need to get to. Here on the out here on the show. Including some news. We're running lowly grows year that just came up this afternoon. That I certainly know about that ever heard about it all week regarding his his father which is which is pretty pretty light in his pars. The resolve that the young man has lead this Miami Hurricanes football team given that in due course but first let's get to here's the thing. The Miami Heat loss last night to Washington. Petered out six and eight on the season not the start. That you and your guerrilla one especially. Not at home Washington team that Miami is trying to chase Washington as a team that you're trying to get on their level Washington is a team that. You think you're probably gonna have to match up with at some point in other TV to be battling for one of those top 4 spots in the Eastern Conference that certainly was the goal. The Miami Heat when they entered this season let's try to duplicate replicate as much as we can't the second half of last season when they went. Thirty and eleven so you fourteen games into. It doesn't look like 3011 and you're certainly not getting the results. Miami as we know they don't have an all star player they don't have a guy that could throw the basketball to every night and say hey get this 45 points. They have a lot of nice complementary pieces have a lot of nice players scored project. Very good point guard is gunshot walls level no sun Whiteside very good is he joy eleven beaten. No. So how's Miami win games my guess is do things a little bit differently like they did last season in the second half. Enter James Johnson he was the catalyst last year during that big run for the heat. So far this season James had some nice games. But the last three outings two points ten points five point. Those three games no more than two assists in any of those games. And he's played just under thirty minutes a game this is not all about James Johnson. Miami doesn't have that one or two players. That can carry a team so they have to win games and try to find when games differently creating mismatch. Do something that the other teams. Don't do that the heat don't have which is one of those prime premier players. So yes Dion Waiters needs to be more consistent Josh Richardson needs to find his shot. A satellite side need to show up in big moments. When James Johnson was all the difference last year for the Miami Heat. Wind today made that big run. If they're gonna get back to that James Johnson off the bench ball in his hand creating. Is out heat are gonna get back on track this season. And that's the things my Drudge owners an amateur and now buying grads don't nerds as your authorized DJI dealer. And has all your drone needs covered to purchase prepares customization training sessions and more. Visit them today at Joseph owners dot com so Fortis IAA. And those guys go six shows 67974. At 67 at 974. Before we continue let's get to 4 o'clock deadline. Speaks WT XY AM South Miami and W exact fix each each O'Meara mark's bar right heater off tonight after last night's laws. Say little home and home it's a Washington Wizards tomorrow. Will be in DC. To take on John Wall Bradley Bil in company once again. To offset the 7 o'clock so are covered to begin at 6 o'clock right here on your home of the heat and seven I mean if a mortal four point three HD two particular on the college side basketball style cain's. And stare you down the Watsco so that the University of Miami 7 o'clock they'll get it going. In week eleven in the NFL kicks off tonight. Tennessee Titans. Travel in the Heinz Field. The take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. All right Erica Thursday afternoon welcome aboard. Curtis with superb will be joining us shortly and as he's hustle lower prom and gave me as the Miami Dolphins get rated take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sunday 1 o'clock. Game that was postponed due to hurricane thermal get to that as we move forward we now lives up to get to a busy jam packed three hour tour. Here on 790 Syria allows an on the southern ask me a ball is going to be joining us. In about twenty minutes we'll get the latest on the Miami Heat after they lost. Well last night to the Washington Wizards 102 and 93 will admit he's brain on what is up with this team last night watch the game in Miami got off to a slow start. He ended a big run in this in the third quarter seventeen to three run. What did where did everything in the first half and also in ten points in the third quarter my he's back in the game at a similar point lead. And then all of a sudden let it slip away in Washington Expos for 31 in the fourth quarter in Miami's handle loss last nine out of home and home we'll play the wizards tomorrow. Night up there and of course you hear all the action right here on your home of the heat. Social media last night and into this morning listen to some of the shows. A lot of people. Just push the panic but a little bit. About this about his basketball team sold more that a little bit isn't it it's still early to become relevant they're six and eight. 34 at home. You like them have a little bit of a better start to look more carry over effect in the second half last season so many slots. On no on that of course all eyes on the University of Miami as well. We'll take on Virginia a new kick senior day. And a hard rock stadium. Drew what's or or talk about the Virginia teamed up to a 51 start on the Bronco Mendenhall. Just how good are they they've kind of the little slippage here the last a couple of games Tony Covington. He is a former. Uga football player. NFL Bogut. That match and go on at 845 headlines from Roger I've Firestone complete auto care keep your car running. Newer longer but the Firestone complete auto care and get 100 dollars off any purchase of 500 dollars or more. Whatever you drive it drive me Firestone. Those are your headlines were targeted with many tomorrow here in in our next segment in the it's we'll get his thoughts on this saw on this on this he'd group here and Eric ball show one thing it's killing them is certainly certainly a turn overs. And the number numbers high lassie seventeen wasn't crazy high but he has been some of these in some of these games but the journalist in the worst. Worst opportune time in the margin of error for this team is already slim enough but when you give the ball. Oh wait to the other team the other team can turn those turnovers into a media points like Washington did last night. That is not a good. Good blueprint to try to win basketball games and spoke talked about it after the L. Oh we can't control our our decisions and the responsibility with a vault that is probably been more damaging than anything all season long our losses is the and our inability to each other basketball and see what happens in the second half of a book of the possession. And it's it's a synapse impulse. Control. And right now. That we need to get a hold of those albums are dumb turnovers. I you know really BA you leave your your feet you're in the air you're trying to buy me that that stuff that you're taught at the middle school level right don't. Don't jump in the airless you know where your goal won't we are going with the basketball. So army some of art careless turnovers some of them can be easily corrected but let's not forget about this team it'll have a they have one true point guard on the roster hornets at. Seoul. You know we we talked a lot about this in the summer. When your wonder whether this team together. Page dealing with a backup point guard haven the other ball handler get guys like to handle. They're guys that can the can bring it up and get UN's offense justice can handle Deion can handle Tyler can handle. James Johnson we know he can handle. So they got enough guys but as far as a true point guard gorgeous different and that's just that is. You'll quarterback quarterback of of the team. In the mindset of all of a trouble point guard has always been. That's embedded in you when your when your grown up in in middle school high school and college take care of the basketball don't turn it over. Makes more passes. The ball or your teammates want the ball. And Goran is a true point guard Delonte anybody else on the roster that is. Sole. You know any with some other stuff that they do offensively. It's allotted dribble hand offs. There's a lot of there's a lot of that where. When you don't have a point guard your limited what you do and you're you're gonna cut your turn over more so I'm again I'm not saying that. Did they get that would cut down maternal over I when. This team is being constructed. That has to come into play it's like okay we got what we got a lot of versatility. Which they do. Do they have. A guy that's that's true point guard that's gonna take care of the basketball with the second unit comes in or the to have three or four guys know the basketball and it might get a little sloppy at times that's all. I'm not saying it's right or wrong but there's reasons for this. There's a reason when you look getting you'll get more it was another game. Who hit a ball while Tyler Deon Jalen tauzin and James is it just as Palin and Jocelyn. Those guys are true point guards. Soul they're going to be little careless with the fastball times urged commune I was gonna take care of the basketball. What some of those definitely tend can be corrected. For the F for the Miami Heat 6974. That tiger reaches. On the course brings a mob attacks on six have a 974. To quote from Beaumont Texas line or is it that holiday mood man we had to call a big. Pot luck lunch today. And I think everybody in this in this building Eddie either left. Or they're sleeping in their office from food coma. I mean you should see your kitchen right now. It is is like the last supper back there man the most viewed fooled by a foreign freelance are okay yeah I place. Any idea. What I'm well. I will. I was I Canas who delayed to sell oil anything left over there you know one of those deals. All man. Is a time hearing you can't like you can't ignore it. Mean you try to you try to aid you know everyone's on their diet is on the college to run home forget about it there's fruit everywhere everywhere you turn there's food and straighten up or program or use YouTube and I am amused him yell the loudest of them went. Now blossomed from our camera Goldman macaroni right on you like oh yeah oh yeah all that so called rich image of macaroni and lasagna. And we have a be all sorts of a dual will be you up. We have the spin it still working all sorts of breads I want to anyone look at the desert desolate I mean I'm good enough year. With all my starches that match would say those are just a box of three planned limits we plan to install it's all bothers highs back there. I mean. They're supposed to go find a way. Ago this and does disappear before 7 o'clock or are much drunk yeah yeah yeah I don't know whom I know. I'll be loaded up pretty good here for the for the week and how much you 67 Ide 74 but is that time a year and and it was a good time everybody came over. And were on big happy family here around around here in in South Florida park will be out with this year shortly. He's out in group from the Miami Dolphins. Davie facility and doubled the latest on him on what's up with the the fins winnable game against the table today at one of those gigabyte somebody's got to win. Somebody's got to win that game. In the the dolphins could get back to 500 although they got a lot bigger problem that. It of course the the Miami Hurricanes we'll get into that Oleg we get into the sub bully Croshere story. About his about his father. Who who had a stroke. And nobody nobody knew about his thugs doing great he's doing okay is quick to be at the Virginia game. On on Saturday. But just what was on on the young man's mind has as he was playing in the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. And like sometimes you just never know what's going on behind the scenes good or bad sometimes. Nobody knew that here we are. Almost a week later. And the the story comes out so rigs here that is his father is doing great to be in attendance for for Saturday senior day. As well I think about 64000. Other people. Which outside a Florida State. Can you think of a new moon starts. Now the sold out game. I can't I didn't every home game since 2001. Orange Bowl. Our rock. Every game. I can't remember. Maybe Tennessee. Like in 20042. Dozen probably was a new game but for a new chick. To be sold out. In this town. That's pretty impressive lead this team has really rightfully so this team the town has embraced it. And it's a lot of fun again. It's a lot of fun again. Seoul to Los sold out. Mile Virginia okay. I know you south Florida State does not Notre Dame noon kick sold out should be should be not a not a seat available. Per for Saturday's game. And the canes put their undefeated record on the on the lining it's the cavs are we come back we'll talks and he basketball mania tomorrow comes he'd. For the Miami Herald he is going to join us. And we'll get into is in the panic time is it to to reevaluate reevaluate a few things with his basketball club. Log Amanda's thoughts on that next here on 790 the ticket just. Factor on this again. Birthing and you'll be joining many tomorrow the Miami Herald check in on the Miami Heat in just a moment. Birth will be joining us very shortly we know I didn't get through here on this Thursday afternoon. Sacred miner come on out there time is crystal I've for the we get on December 2 and third on Fort Lauderdale beach and when you're they are and make sure is somebody dangling seven that's the biggest sports oasis what's the football games of the sports bar. Quit your penis and went through better. Plus the lineup is is outrageous Saturday got -- elephant -- danger man in the wilderness and more Sunday it's poisoning case in sunshine band borders program it's all about Dan Moore retired at present by inappropriate action attorneys call 807473. That's 807473733. Vice Merrill clean up RTZ and water bottle directly at distortions are -- Italy's islands of wellness and my scale whereas on the water everywhere -- -- dot com her ties to get Toronto now. But you gotta get them now because the price is going to go up Monday and -- and I -- just told us so let everybody know right now all right -- you get a deal because the price is gonna go up Monday at 8 AM. So go to take a -- dot com right now and -- get tickets for the price goes up -- dispute between you guys they're going -- Monday and so -- should take it could ornaments out on the the best concert followed the year. We check in with me tomorrow we head out to the rentals and downs there's a new soars just like they charge early steps doctor meaning and follow. Many on Twitter at many underscored Navarro many thanks for joining us are you today sir. Doing good tourism mechanism my so right now and easy week for Margaret gay men. Wondering you know what chief he was gonna show tomorrow the woman's ready to start being viewed what are records of orbit shown up the first state arms and off to those two. Well it's great that you have a few minutes with as many thanks to make in the time here at zero RD up in the in the DC area on on your Twitter account. You're you're wearing the turn over chain in for the Miami Hurricanes and you know where you don't want this many. Did you semite either tell the Miami Heat the turn. Over stuff is only good for the hurricanes. No good for the Miami heat's. 'cause they don't the turnovers are bad for the Miami Heat that seems to be doing them in in a lot of these losses. There really in the last night it was only evident I mean they had nine or ordered turnovers actually were ordered church goers and basically blew a seven point lead with nine minutes ago against the wizard after the played so well on defense the third quarter midget that a great job. Basically shot themselves in the foot and it's it's been the Achilles heel all these and I mean they've been one of the worst in at least. I'm turning the ball over popping it up and just having bad offensive possessions you. It totally disrupts everything you do you you go back on the defensive end and you're thinking about the mistake you made and that leads to more mistakes so. Erik Spoelstra talked about it that they have practiced under Fernandez they're wrote over practice that you know local evolves now that. You could hear the frustration and old boys coming ease he said this is what we've got to get over to the are we have to clear. We got there you know stopped shooting right so look what would be mistaken and have. Stronger in my book about the stronger stability. And not let these things affect and you know I don't know I don't know how much of it is you know. That poor execution of course played the what Alter call in order to mental. Breakdown what guys you know I mean what example last night. Who went low try to fire the ball in the paper on the white side. Could he think he's opened there he goes above photo we're headed up the ball back ordered. With me I think a lot of this that the services you know traveling calls. Is continued. That you always your call but it is the continuation. You know I I think it is frustration setting and that really looked in club. These so colonel. Yeah I mean I said this these are the show a little bit like the only have one true point guard on the roster and born. So you kind of knew that going in so yellow light as he held the ball but they're not all troop they're not like one true point guard that really knows how to. How to run a team so you're gonna have some turnovers but that it's the careless ones right I mean it's one that need to be corrected where you know you're you're jumpin baseline. And you know there's no place to go to fire past you know and I try to thread the needle somewhere or you get caught in the trap somewhere. And and you try to make a bad pass so I do think there thereof their correct to let me ask you this here becomes struggle with this little bit. I am not the but the sombrero one person got a lot of guys have been hit or miss your boot who would you say it saves you fourteen games has been the most underperforming in your mind. Lose literally your question pat I think all of these guys. A different point have been really disappointing having the guy lately it's been gene's job. YouTube greatest guy sixty million dollars and two out of the last three games he's giving you 2.0 next to nothing in. You know JJ is a guy who could really harm himself. Get their practice he talked about you know the sort of he's got to raise the level players about making turnovers and then make you know mistakes. I think you can look over the whole course is that these very pilot and other guys shooting percentage is really really low he's got a lot of sites where. He's done one of 81 a variety of wondering okay what you could get on the team has been to inconsistent and you know Wayne Ellington at times it has looked rough up very unique what long stretches where report followed already everybody at the Porter Goss. The only guy you can they'd been consistent just about every single night have been bought garbage. And beyond I would think you are for the most part was what was you know do we just you'd also call up the ball with who bought the maternal. Well Amanda Marley a Miami Herald is joining us here on your home that you seven I didn't figure what what what's so this is signed. Not playing in the fourth is that that's as am I reading too much into the does the match up war. Is there some that do that they have to get more out of him I mean where is yet right now. Well I mean you can always Beardsley you know Monday Morning Quarterback these should come back within sooner but it but I'm basically played the entire third quarter yesterday. Played 34 minute. You know he's the guy who's still sort of recovering from you know the bruise me it's something from public view all of the or two. And you really wanna burn him out there and it put him up there to play major minutes in the fourth quarter as well I think he could Billy couldn't quite do it but. I just think sports is thinking long term and you know look at 34 minutes yet this some other guys we got to step up you know of that seven point lead. Got what the critical four point deficit by the department Barbara about port so he used city mayors think mob put. Put the ball back out the need your defensive stopper but I'm not sure that you would have been able to stop. What was going on what everybody opening the turnovers. Foul call that put them and I'm writing about the days. The discrepancy that you have looked up all the how frustrating that bit about. I think all of that stuff just sort of snowballed there in the fourth quarter and I don't know that a somber mood is different. A couple of. Many men Navarro is our guest here disseminated to get our or fourteen games in here you kinda have a good chunk of games here. Let me ask it is the more you reevaluate. Where the heat could be at the end of the season do you look at more of the heat's. Or do you look at the rest of the Eastern Conference at this point meaning. I'm you've got some teams that hey Philly might get their act together Orlando's played good basketball Detroit played really good basketball. Is it more about a Miami comes together they'll be fine and they'll have a 560 somewhere we're going wait a minute there's a lot of the teams here that might have passed them that we realize that. Great question have I mean I feel like there's been some tunes that have definitely surprise her at the knicks and that means a lot with. It. The magic clearly have their act together and different mobile. You know I look at it in the heat team. Look we saw the majority. Letting guys back. And we thought this group together we saw them go thirty and 110. We haven't seen that yet they haven't shown up they've beaten a team they're supposed to beat all the you look at the record. And yet. Teams that are good they just haven't shown up would put together fortieth minute I think they've got to give them all is said today that they're really close. It is keep killing themselves before five minute stretches where they where they just. Where for whatever either fall apart. I'd seen it before them put it together before I think it's gonna pick the little but the I have I've spoken to the playoff seed. You know I don't agree he's that we talked about maybe they could be board acted in the east I don't know what that under the age that you. You know we just talk about this and you'd be that are surprising and excellent. Happily on the rise all of these is the quickest superstar. And and so I don't know the figures that but I still I still believe is the play he and his accomplice. An appeal that could you know not to negate it may exceed the would get in there may be it sixth seventh seed. And and you know. Basically compete all these are open they have edit them. The question is what apparently what does he think in at least sit there you go cold does it feel they have a TV 28 to get a really good age. Oh look kind of he's here. I wrote about this sort of everybody else and all about being proud over the summer he likes this team. When the beloved until there's a contract there that can obviously move. I don't know they're different deadlines of when I got traded to the port but I think it's. You'll like look. An actual that we had last year thirty level great that this team is just dispose of them have a I will I would not be shocked at all and we'll that your country. No no I and and per hour talk about the yesterday I mean. You know I'm kind of like let let I'm of the school let it play out a little bits. Come like this group and and I liked what I saw last year but you're not seeing last year so far. Or you're seeing a little bit of it but you're not seeing enough to have to win some games and I don't pat doesn't like six and eight. So you know decent twenty games art you know the LC at the end of this month here a little bit. They can turn the corner but yeah. I won't be surprised if packets Lansing and tonight. We need to we can shake the apple but in many enjoy the game tomorrow on George DCM thanks for taking a few minutes always always appreciate him and exert. Got a Manny Navarro covers the Miami Heat. For the Miami herald's. Of course we hear him enough variety of roles here on seven I mean it's again vault always home on Twitter. At that many underscored tomorrow and days where like he's got his you know face Photoshop on McCain's uniform again turner were saying there. You know it's not a good with the guitar which is not Goodwin of the Miami Heat added to borrowers have been there on dueling definitely the case last night in the fourth pork does like there's turnovers. In football there's interceptions. There's fumbles. I go to guy throws when yet when your in your own forty. I guess throw you throw a deep 130 yards and a guy intercepts and out of bounds. And they got into the Tony as the ash is upon its interception but it is not the only hurts us for the for the ball and are gonna come down but usually comes down those. Right. It's a fumble. Herrera midfield. Hurts. Let's like fumbling on the on the goal line to Alec fumbling on your goal. Turnovers for the heat there gist. They're just. Hey they're a lot more Argus Carol struck YA is stupid is this all the way around. And then it's just run outs for the other he manages. All those things like as internal terrible for me or let it just so bad there is so. It opportune for Miami you had their run out for the team and eternal over the Miami can get their kink at their defense that I was less Miami watching it unbelievable job back in the game last. Took a seven all of a sudden turn over turnover. Bad shot turn over and watching just feasted on. Feasted on them are we got a lot more to get to here. On 79 ticket gets a text messages that becoming an over the last that when mr. so. On the on the heat in McCain's lead to those 67974. We invite and encourage your text messages. Just I don't Texan drive to be a place to another 67974. At 67 nights and for the corporate Omaha on the text line. Will come back or to get to the canes that also. Before the end of the sour. We will be giving away a four back to the Ford ego boost 200. We will be giving those ways of your NASCAR fan. NASCAR season porch image we get that down. We're gonna push in those four pack of those to get out. Before the end of the 4 o'clock hour right here on 79 minutes ago. And rename the Corzine ticket window your chance to win tickets and upcoming game hornets Miami technology partner in your local self for the technology company. For all your business needs visit them online and recorders court that comes sponsored by open your vault dot com to get the most cash now for your future structured settlement or lottery payments. Only 33 in my vault. And by Lauderdale BMW number kind proud members of the Holman automotive group Cuba's new ticket to win your way into huge game. We had we gave way bulletin last week and so the court is he too winner will be opening up. Very very shootaround here once again but we have the NASCAR tickets which were gonna push out here before the end of this hour for packed the Ford. Eco boost. 200 yielded two under first and then we still have our back pocket the 400 tickets. So we were gonna give those away. Before we handed off to all teens radio ritual. At 7 o'clock and it does sand bar in the grove Beastie Boys in the fellas. Have they a great show lined up Korea as always we basking in the glory of the noting victory. Looking ahead the Virginia couple we have to answer the question detects I'm doing good good about you I ask that you answered it. The last time societies Bosnia sellout enemy it is off hundreds of its watery got. Soul you demean and we've seen that stadium packed and it is a sight to see. What you were canes game and generally happens is they moved to their new facility in deadly hasn't happened on the last couple weeks. Win the since the reduce. Of of our rock so. But a new kick. AM to try to remember the last time the hurricane now FA issue. A new kick was so sellout. I'm back to the audible days ago and I mean I go back to the championship to you know 1020. I'll drown those teams like yeah they were great. New and get. Not sold out Russell's Florida State. Would somebody detects in a couple of times we applicable textures Florida in thirteen thousand new kid that was a sell out I was I was now. I I ask the question you answered I would say nobody knows what it means. So mean as our game. Whatever it was a 50% 40%. Whatever it was back then when Miami beat on. There's going to be good to present a Virginia cavalier fans in the seats set. So my point is kind of that's a big deal man that's a big deal but sensibly says something to you about all you guys don't show up just this straight day. Relax. Relax. Should they relaxed about the Miami heat's Lotta people panic king heard any of our right there talking all about it. Tex rights and guys dinners at that rally having a team and do not know what to do you expect it night after night. It is time that he is out of here. Pat does like six and eight OK you like eleven at thirty enough to give James Johnson and waiters a huge contract. Watch it was more like 3011 did you like that aspect. In the game give those guys. Big big contract they need to vortex coming in the heat team is weak minded one wrong possession and they go to chaos last night up by seven early minutes and chase ago. And gore turns the ball over in the corner trying to register and after the turn. It over they just fell apart that's coaching too. Now also Curtis what do you think of tanking Philly got the formula. I mean that digital a lot to that sixers lakers game last night that'll be an odd dual MB it's going for forty plus. He's been raised a block shots that is dropping dimes and bad Simmons is doing the same thing and I'm gonna bomb I know perk and I are gonna get the tax. Miami should just tag Miami should just hang. And I'm like look at that coming up here perks in the house organ to give her boss also. Where we got to get in this Derek Jeter. John Carlos stand thing stick in my win the MVP were on the air here in about an hour and a half. Seoul and Jeter Jeter looks like the guy it sounds like god has no idea what he's doing. And and said that the public to be expected back to consider he's never done this before. So we should not be shocked by that but it's start to get a little bits starting a little bit ugly here. If if stand once outs and if the Marlins would trade him and where they get a trade him or they get it for him and the guy. Might win the MVP here this evening in the in the nationally will come back and talk all balled out at the headlines. As well but as promised caller number seven right now 786534. 0797865. Before. 0790. You in three of your closest friends we're gonna say and you do the Ford eco boost to a hundred that's right it's NASCAR season Ford championship weekend it's in our town. Three days of live music tell gates are all out racing action. I don't have Miami speedway visit homestead Miami speedway that comfort tickets caller number seven right now 786534. 079. That 786534079. Deep come back purges in the house. Get his thoughts on everything that's going all its smaller text messages. Well off more you talk with your team is he Tim over the 5 o'clock hour we'll us. Hey Miami is now the hunted in college football. Virginia what night like nothing more than a coming here since loyal Miami's championship. Hopes at the national level Tony Covington radio. Analyst for you VA football he's gonna joys and 5 o'clock hour as well. Work at some of the balls be on Saturday in front of them sold out stadium sold out crowd on senior day gold Virginia perspective talk to a cavs football with them what's in store for Sarah so a lot to get to. All of it on the way right here on seven I did take. Thank you Edgar and now burn through. Fresh from the home dame V Florida home of the Miami Dolphins open. Like homeless man they scam I believe I bet my bad yes they plant and equipment was almost four and five things in the worst offense in the history of the. Maverick maverick can get a free battery with Danny Phantom for product purchase watch drone pilot demonstrations and enjoy test flights under the supervision. At noon address repeats of from the big cheese in South Miami final holidays this year withdrawn urged congress largest DJI authorized dealer in south course guy. In the sky and that's that's pretty cool man I'm like that you are drone from drone. And for for the holidays are different now fly at your own room to present the beach yeah the only way you would get a lot of use out of that yet proud salute you really hope. He army was allegedly held up well. I don't I don't know what to get Jon led them now and yet our big feast out here for our potluck at Thanksgiving I feel less like royals beat the almighty god and but like everyone's gonna like everything is definitely the tougher we give us an added there was Kenneth. It is just like it's been driven. You know you I had I walked to the mall today in the all workers is disease plan Narnia you got although the the stuff that isn't on mine cart and there's like off one in my gag at this spurs and give the dampers and again right. And you don't terrible that's tough for me I'm just I'm just not good. Ed do little that stuff. I'm not either camp which you know what I do which is I take the insensitive juror way out gift cards. I run you know the boys at least a gift card. America old at definitely right let me has already well people are happier. That's what got me because there they even let you know even let my family over they would you always want to you know obviously knows this card and it's like I don't know log out solitude not a hole anyway I don't know I don't know I'm I'm one of those like I don't know I I don't I don't really need anything. Tonight some there now you know how low I'll go and buyers Steelers a little. Let's Disney's LA did out off. I'll go home and coming out of the way by the way. Three stores they don't use. You know once they they went to three different stories and and end did it and shoplift. Let me just ask you this let me just ask you this revered as wanna get to ruling on this okay you dial on any I don't want a analysis right. All right. How long should they be suspended for. I said yesterday double digit gains but I I think UCLA did a good being with the indefinite suspension because that. That keeps the team though all the pressure all of them of these. Analyzing last too long let's not long enough. She'll for a second. Get some word you know get some more or. Feedback or from from other people. You know they admitted. It debate that they shop lit so we know that right let's get some more feedback on how long the suspension to be and wide by double digits at least cinder. I don't have the season so you know whatever equates to fifteen game soon you know give teams you know some like the iPad that's fair enough but yeah I mean I was those pretty bad pretty embarrassing so Roy yeah but once did I would you on the dev does engine is legible once it is lifted you right the only year old is a bit of reporting or you pay your enemy and so right that'll happen what but with I'm with you on that that we got a lot of things to get to hear. Would get to headlines also got a fifty minutes if you around the corner and Tony Covington. Would get tea a look at UDA football as other role in the town for a noon kick. Against the number three ranked Miami Hurricanes college football perk. Off point everybody's on pins and needles because. Won the slip up one little slip up. And you could be outs. Of this college football conversation just like that. Nadia you really good and so mom. You really got to pay attention to what to do pay attention to detail. Pay attention to everything that's going on around your program. Include what the kids are wearing. Right at that leads us right into hears of putting all do tell. Nick Sabin not I have nothing against Nick Saban actually gonna lighten I do I have a lot against Nixon as the on the I'm not a Dalton spare us your -- But there's this conference that that that he has. The other day I guess it was yesterday where he's talked about the bid. You know the ripped up jeans as that this was no Wednesday yeah yesterday's talk about he was hum. He was walked around campus and and he saw some kid in some genes that were worn out jeans and he he's cracking them so pop talked about this and he's acting like this is something new and I'm like nick. You Bennett you've been at this school since 07 have you ever walked around the campus I mean have you. Have you ever noticed before now it is aware and ripped up jeans nick Ameen. And any saga about eight at jeans and all of this kind of sellout and we have any of that little let's hear a little bit. Nick say I just wanted to know how we got here. Not to offend anybody out there are good. I just walked by some. Jeans. For all genes. Holes in them. All caught up. Paterson Ramon I was a kid in West Virginia. I was ashamed to go to school girl my jeans were wore out. Only because. We didn't have any better. Now they've gone that way. I'll just confirm how we get here. And they are right I guess that is Glenn it is good to hear nick Sabin laughing a little bit right but. How we get your cat we get that point like ten years though twelve years of lowered in the ripped up jeans I mean there. Still there. Now I mean and I'd add into blows my my he's just now noticing there's that's. That's the thing that I cannot quite understand knew it would be like. In a bill goes going. Yet this Tennessee ball stuff like it's crazy how we hear or oracle oracle is going these. These bones were you have the Internet in your hand it is the we hear as we Aaron does this Playboy magazine. Something on your naked women I guess that it. It seems to be very pop. A young men and it is is is just incredible to me that that you know Nick Saban had had not really. Notice this more right I mean it's it's. You've been born we're a long time did what he round. He has all the time we have kids doesn't. He's got me they know he's got I would he's got a son I think he's got to donated online OK she's got to be I mean she's probably got like it college did lunacy ends involved and so gone I just I recently last year to here in the though whatever god I don't know I don't know what brew ha you might be enough about it while I I don't like it I think it's a drop of a lie I'm gonna yeah some kind of publicized older than Nick Saban doesn't it long enough I know about Nobel ripped jeans. What you gonna ring over or you like a boyfriend or he got Iger said that he's got to where dreams only ripped jeans my tenure. He's been around a bit. Al por lo he goes to high schools to recruit right I mean occasionally. He sees these kids but I. It just blew my mind that Nick Saban was like that ball are. Out of touch that you're rail you know college kids all the time. And and that's gonna that being that led to blew my mind but so we know from from other people. From from you guys out there on the Coral Springs Honda auto mall text line 67974. What does the tree and make you might be behind a tree and that has been around and and you're just kind of now acknowledging it. You know I I don't know whether it's a mode g.s or or anything like that where you're looking at it going while what are what are these I I want idol and so I and that's the I don't know that that does Grammy camp that's added that that it. It is uncertain. Behind 35 is out there you go back. That's what Padilla let solidity is. Here's the thing is buzzer by drone nerds and Kevin Sarah and now in congress has grown daughters is her up the rise DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs covered whether its new purchases repairs customizations training sessions whatever it is visit them today at drone nerds dot com South Florida is I. In the sky. Every time every time that Jack wagons I saw my daddy had West Virginia. In the gas station did in this is that some. Well mine can in this. You know what trend or you are you behind I I got one right away out of nosy so somebody just sexy enough snap to I don't get numb millennial. OK I'll do snapped I know I know I can I know the deal Laura snapshot. The allure meaning that it's what you I don't quite popular like Rasmussen okay al-Qaeda ever tried to you know give with a girl Argo is so mug tires of the analysts who were up to like Alec I can see that as much of your young and you like Tinder I don't enjoy more here here's somebody who as something spears Twitter snapped at Woburn live Tinder. Wow that somebody who's not into only seventeen right. If you don't get all of those that like it you don't get one album is it a bit going. I read this debt did that ever happened. Yeah no it's it's going pretty well knows most dubious military Abydos vote does not take over the world right were all gonna be nice article some who was somebody's just. Like supposedly cashed out for millions and indirect Klansman rounds like almost ten years at number one who restarted. Somalia's new prison seed money. Printed on that and I'm like well what good Cohen looks like it's nothing out of a desire to be out of the seed money to give you a missed out on that I had I had a big sob gotta find out though. I got to find out who that was I got a Google somebody just cashed out or sale they deal and it's like yeah he was little bit shady OJ two quarters of our I got a total I got a couple home that that I miss now somebody says mandates. And it may have made me as a person or amendment says that meg man boobs is that this. I'll hope not are well we're almost an out here we'll get to some of these but so we don't want to miss announce let's get to 5 o'clock headline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. Miami Heat off tonight back in action tomorrow night at Washington he lost to the wizards 10 sued denying these three. On Wednesday. Miami Dolphins back on the field today in preparation for Sunday's game against Tampa Bay wide receiver Kenny stills taken off the practice field accompanied by trainers. No word on his ailment. May lead Major League Baseball MVP awards will be announced today and of course Marlins right fielder John Carlos Clinton has among the contenders. On the NL side. NFL tonight Tennessee is at Pittsburgh at eight when he by college basketball eleventh ranked you win them. Hosting Florida and him at 7 o'clock canes to know. Revelers are of 1 to 5 o'clock tip line sponsored by at surgeons and oral standard the monitor. Ready for bad cold and flu season a cold is cold both blu brings cleaver he compared with the accident some moral standard monitor bank by medical professionals everywhere Bos are your headlines. Fairly good corners. Pretty big now yet they spoke to be like really being guided. Yeah I was big but when it first started out like you were wondering I was ready and you know it was shady. I did too little that's another thing of that I got a couple oval. One thing it was it at PayPal. Then mole yeah yeah okay are right I'd like I don't even like myself on line. All right Obama hard currency transaction type man rig yes all right soul I use a mom. I think legal tender to handle a lot of my situation die all right so I'll life is a guy and our economy I'll I'll begin the castle right to check. All right much garage yes I'm that I do things Burke wow I don't do pay pallor Ben bow and it's it's easier. And you could do it but I like the idea of just. Hitting a button and all of a sudden there's going to be a underdog in your account. Has come out of my account while I love that I'm still old school that way so now. Yeah and at that a lot of things cash. I hardly ever tear gas like you you run if you I have Cassius. I don't know it's it's some I probably just went to move today ATM for whatever reason. I only wanted to ask you refusing to take cash still under the radar dash. And right right that billions. With the cash like you can never get stock. Like Errol is cash yeah. Yeah yeah yeah pretty much like I'm never gonna get shut out. Although although I will tell you this there is one parking lot by those at the C game. You remember this business that it is. But no. As of last year they say they only take cards. Because their guy got robbed with all the cash from a parking lot so now is that. Is definitely part where the guy we just showed up any sort of handing out receipts and singles money even though you weren't there must really. We have bullying does that's sitting in a cell for actually are slow again you know and caught but. That's a brilliant I hope that Julian you're gonna get caught some brilliant idea but like nobody thought of that before the numbers in front of his vacant parking lot free games. I'm gonna hand outs of big recedes into twenty dollars from everybody. Or is it forty dollars now. Opinions on what like idiots you have you know you gotta be low key about it. You know what do you know and play yourself out catches and is awesome Isaiah apart gets a church that's exactly right it's a church that is exactly right that person is right that's the placement. Only takes cars now they are exactly right. What is a church it's a it's a church parking lot of the of the place it's a church from bad calls without charging you go to church. Now OK enough talk just watch it's starting you do it. Park your car there while you go to the heat get broken and I might try to near new little salvation while you're there collected 6797. For the growth in Omaha on its excellent catches for strippers yes yeah. Are you go out there that and a Saturday that's one of the many forms Shia led the gas can dispense it may get rain with PayPal no you can't make Iran with the the data are not American Express it's obviously and I'm just starting to stream movies. While my other one too was Netflix I gotta get Netflix or cap I'm unlike. The last behind the time's person on movies ever. But I have Netflix but I I usually watch TV shows and I usually watch like twenty year old TV shows and but yet got a Netflix like well I'd like oh good channels going to ovals through the roof. Right but I doubt that Netflix. Now in this crucial under the optional civil you'd love that's illegal of the show you a bachelor or is that all Netflix Netflix Netflix my god I regular dispersants and I had this stick so don't. I don't get people that go into the bank or merely under deals. Yeah I. I haven't event you really if it. It's rare might go on to any more recent report times a year maybe maybe as like going into the post office. A little into the post on like you I've Dre is not a package it at Christmas if I don't go to the big often. Like what I have to go to the bank like Iowa and having it but to be haven't checked don't you have the bank app when you snap a picture dollar bottle trust I didn't. I don't filters. All I just so as the bodies that this would detect somebody say this sounds like that happen tonne De'Angelo should be good friends. And complain about young people and how good the old days were found De'Angelo. Es like you may be worse I I'm not planning I mean I'm. Well I guess it just complain about it how good the old days where. Yet complain about young people. And an 80 now on the exit David complain about the holes I see I think it was let's say and having this looked excellent arm. But you know what. I don't I'm not sure that DeAngelo has it have an ATM card. He he he gave he gave me at 30 this list of you talk a little insect that's on the sends a little problem. A problem. Loan and it's it's DeAngelo is DeAngelo is is out there he is out there. Yeah that is is that sick if you have an ATM card. Now I have to I have to get a mile cellphone. I what we're gonna happen as a mix army's own we're gonna have to grill him and and just get exactly where he is as Boris technology but. While somebody similar to a bachelor party we pay the stripper with cash them. Well. Learn only how can listen there's a lot of conversations. There's lot of conversations that are very awkward that you want to have with it's a sliver of what I did not like how my paying you. Okay I would view of that when cabinet Israel and there's nothing illegal about it you know the think there might be Q yeah yeah it's not hey I want you paid her own soccer. It's not that that does not going to be discussed our low blow 6797467974. I don't know Saban in the ripped jeans though that deuce ad that just got me. And I guess it was good to scenic lab and see that he's like. Human but. You know we we asked the question how things get behind a little bit also turned into me just being just. Tom the Angeles are empowered to. Just like to do things old school okay yeah money the evidence. That that's almost. So it will lead to Cass corridor money you're yes yes and happier when you order a that's a lot of money you're not too long ago our we got to does not vitamin no you do it. Yeah aside X I actually do actually that there are now earlier with the Dow wasn't that year wasn't that glowed like yesterday but yeah the old money order in their. Why are we got to get to the body got thirteen minutes indeed Tony Covington he has a radio analyst for you the football the cavaliers are role in the town and we're not talking LeBron. It's all about you with Virginia on Saturday organ of that coming up right here on 79 minutes ago. Thanks to. Might be a Monty fifteen minutes of it is customize my tibia for five more so for the number one gene chuck and as you because it was agent's job you're guaranteed about a four by four months gays and down. Thought Jimmy had four by hordes of 865023446. Or go to champion four by four dot com courtesy of work. Back with you on your home of C boss last night. At home now three and four in the heat's house. To the Washington Wizards they'll be in there house tomorrow night at 7 o'clock a bar coverage begins at 6 o'clock. Jonathan's as Lowe in Tommy tiger. First things first last night perk. He'd come out slow old big run in the third quarter and then it just they just fell apart there in the final stanza. Yes that fourth quarter was. Boy that that you talk about a team just all the Parton and I think I com. Sun one of the text your door or Manny was referring to the the drug is turn over. Passing it to I was a M a makes a cut toward the basket and it did seem like that was like a turning point where. They just couldn't really seem to get a whole lot together after that but. Bomb the fourth quarter three posted it wasn't an attempt nineteen is that what it well I'm trying to go off the top much here. I know is only sixteen at some point Bradley bill lived their for right up front about the notion extremists and he'd be heated. The turnovers and and and and the three throws the battling the poor defense well yeah yeah being sold were the things that pretty morning and get you out of the free throws like kind of I've come they'll forgot about now so focus on the on the turn overs. But yeah I mean that you put your bad does that you put ourselves about this defensively they have to foul we'd gotten the penalty like a cell minutes ago. And Washington Post Washington Smart man they took the ball the basket right. There was either that or try to go three and ill Washington played their game. And it was frustrating last night Osama Whiteside said as much. Seeing the six today and is it about time to really get did upset after a loss like this I'll move through my. I think quality of life they've managed to you know and just to see how we how we go. Had a job how we fought back into windows you mean does the American. John yeah. Every once you've played well it took advantage of things puzzle like those guys went bananas and I like wall and Bil just you know hey you know what just could not his satellite. It is Miami when you're up in that spot. Malicious somebody just goes crazy on the other side for the that team which you appeared to good team closer Tina. Even when you came back economy like I said they had they had a lot of energy to come back from that deficit in the first half where they came out a little bit lackadaisical who but late. Yeah yeah he's he's supposed to you know like that a home. At home against a team again out of hey you know. Dylan say equal quality because Washington we altering his better than the heat but it but it's not like Washington is a sixty win team in the heat as thirty dollars. Squash and made mistakes last night it was given that gave away at times of the like that so solid on his way it would got Farley John Walsh is all of a sudden scored 45 in the fourth quarter loose and not bump. They had. And they caught a break between the heat when no more spelled out because he just he had been doing well there in the fourth quarter but they couldn't take a man. While the four quarters is 48 minutes and the heat's. They played well as spur to a great spurts blood it's about it's about put it altogether spoke mention that last night. Just like we've been saying for a while you know that word to deal sustain hope we have some of the best basketball and while we can play. And some of the worst fastball and go back and forth. Countless times during the course of the game so it's there it's an act up for us to build and develop dismantled. Was. The NC and and to be able to put our best game out there and and sustain it for forty minutes that doesn't necessarily guarantee any anything either but we have these pockets during the course of games where. We're just we're we're simply inconsistent in Austin stretches. And they are bad during those stretches like there's no middle brow with the same it's like they look like they look like my god the Aminu a great regular third quarter. Below and they've had some stretches there where they just got off to a great start in the first half against Detroit and and then all of a sudden they just they can hit his shot and be the only get a shock because the turn it over. Yeah you know what I agree with you on that they're there. Recently they haven't had a whole lot of middle ground and third quarter UL score more wanted to buy whatever it was an endless scored ten points watches the reports that a 73 run there yet. And and thirteen second chance points for the heat coming your hostile when you're playing defense. And by far the best quarter of the game but after that the other three quarters were just reg. Just read it in this town that we need your turnovers. People think good things for the turn over tea with the canes right now with the heat it's all bad with coach spoke. In the turnovers. Even tonight. As much as seem like they're living in the paint penned. Given a free throw line we hope it's 41%. If we have those turnovers more manageable and gave up 216. Those turnovers that probably looks quite different. Not going down the stretch so we've we've we've just got to get to work and downs track really correct them. Yeah well the this team has. They've they've got a lot of talent Tom but. Is it. 4647. Win talent that's who we still don't know right I mean things. I I think is still good enough to finish by hundred of the talent is enough to finish five under. And for 4040 yeah. Yeah five wins perk. Diaz heading out as they like 43 to forty by and if I'm feeling right and I got a guy right. I understand camp I understand let's start there or not but bogeyed the ulcers as we now I'm sort of wonder a little bit about this group remain. He did you can't. A here's here's here's the thing. And not doing here's the thing in the middle our maturity tonight here to update you bet you better. Boettcher your sweet you know what you stay attached to the 500 mark here. You can't starts in either as I don't wanna hear eleven and thirty. Right. Rig count on those things no so you can't get four to 56 games under 500. There to wonder right now you better stay attached to that 500 marked and then I don't know in the hit a winning streak here because the U do that was gonna take five. And nothing is Eastern Conference yes I did pretty deep. Browser bring that up them and I heard Manny. Talking about a UN Manny. Talking about that then yeah let's say you know that listening is a little bit interesting with. The the knicks and Eitan seeks an affiliate Dayton snakes and and we know that Boston is thirteen and two and a thirteen game winning streak and Detroit is it Tim and four and it's still right there the heat of six and eight. It it's still right there to fit in who you know that the big cub at the top you know by over six but but I I agree with you can't let this thing get too far. When I know this as it has about a hundred of everyone's the goal on a seven game when he see right now just the on the accelerator but. To stay attached a 500 here close to it you know you lose tomorrow I'm washing your three under they are now on site in noble Levy. Boston is back in town and the news they give a four game road trip in the month yeah so I mean just like to stay attest there and I don't think. Under 500 gets you in the playoffs almost an Easter converts. Now that I read reevaluate maybe not. Maybe not you better be at least 500 yeah yeah just to be safe I communities are under 500 and get Jim last year. Right at least and that's yeah right and in the east is I think. I think is better I think it's better I don't area I had at least 11 through eight it's better. What is better teams there's play well like like give all of these it's healthy way of doing a lot of games Phillies don't win you know forty plus games and your 400. Yeah you know and and I Cairo Riyadh low. I I doubt it whether Tyree was able to lead a team I knew that he could score. But it looks like he's able to lead a team that looks like ours Lingus is there's learning how to be able to lead a team. And this goes beyond scoring this because this goes into guys becoming leaders. And you're seeing that and a couple of spots around the east you're not really seeing that here in Miami. Where anybody has grown into that role drug is load drug it has been sharp as you know since since he came. Back from Europe and and and you know playing in the tournament over there he's been sharp in training camp and all season. But I haven't seen anybody else like kind of you know show signs that all right I grown my game. In any significant way from last dropping just as Winslow is better. But you know I think our own his game any significant way out. No matter I think he's better I think Hawkins better the shot is better I think his I can remember could hit the play console yet while it's kind of reinsurance and our right. Late it'll Seoul wanted to play like. Well I remember when you look a little time it's his shot was just ugly with no Sasha right and you didn't see that yeah he has already know we have seen in Korea. Yet at least he's not taking bad shots now. The shot or a broken leg it looked like it and it's not broken correct so but but still has yet come barn up but the GM and my point is I haven't seen. Anybody yet on the heat. Make a leap as though. You know and again Yuri significantly better player than last year you see that on some other teams around east but you haven't seen here yet. None. Me your be your right your right I mean out sort of warn there's a lot of geysers up and down. I mean you look you try to duplicate. Here's what I here's what I said earlier perk of the start the show James Johnson. Did they don't have like to your point then how all star that'll have a guy we could say here take the Basque organist 45 tonight let's get out of the way they don't have that guy. So. What and how they win differently and we talked about the chassis in with the with football. If you don't quarterback in the NFL like you can't win it for the most part. College you get a running quarterback you can have defense you have this and that you can win a lot of ways in college NFL fueled have a stud quarterback you're not going in place. In the NBA the heat found a way to win differently last year in the second half and James Johnson was a catalyst. Come off the bench play in a mismatch is tail on the basketball all those things so they felt like a different way to doing it well and all the other teams were for the most part. Playing with superstar players of all stars of the he candidate. Team oriented James Johnson was a big part of that run last year and it enough to lay all on his feet. What does not seeing that type punch pressure off the bench and I know right lamb been a little bit in and out and up to sail like the last three games in many brought it up to earlier. You know and I literally asked nobody he brought an appeal unsolicited Lila Wallace who is the last you'll probably at two points. Right now you know stretch like this the this is no punch their exit two assists. Sources is that my street game yet. I digit there's just nothing there whereas last year and I understand it's last year is hard to duplicate that but that's what made them different unique special. Where OK you guys can do it this way. We don't have Kyra we Irving we don't have LeBron James we don't have Jimmy Butler in the east we don't have Kevin Love we don't have DeMar DeRozan oh we get this is how we have to win. The heat there than that he does have a no other way of winning acted again be two other ways of winning. Because last year it was kind of like we're gonna overwhelm you with numbers would our debt I. I think that. This year either. You're not well person all you're not it's too early to go away for your identity which his defense. Well we're going to be number we're talking about when the defense of the word no or whatever to you shift gears and find something else. Number one you play through Tucson. Number two. I my my one of my favorite things about this team used that seventeen you use that debt use your. Your match up advantages with that second team now having see a day. I think debt is a big problem with this team because James Johnson and Tyler Johnson and Josh Richards junior stars. Of that second team at times last year have been very inconsistent this year. But you know aside from the deep sense of identity and and the shooting the threes. This team does have a couple of other ways it can attack you and that's with the sun and that's with the that second team unit. But neither has worked consistently yet. Our new a subtle to silly text messages at Roland but one to a shift gears which is a McCain's football Virginia's rolled in and out senior date Tony Covington. That's right he is the radio color analyst on the UBA network would get a load of cavaliers can next regular seven and take. Everything went your way. The road trip when Ron Kirk Watson to McCain's Virginia game this Saturday you have one more chance we got a pair of tickets for the game and to pours like Kohl's own tail gate passes to get a B at twin peaks in daily by 8:30 AM the Saturday morning register on site and you and a friend could be on the bus to hard rock city live Romberg. And right chords light from whatever mountain climb on Oz by a vote for Enron was a concierge twin peaks and dime light clothing Curtis and perk back with the on Thursday. Afternoon we'll check in a ball on the Virginia Cavaliers joining us right now from Iraq fuels a doubt there's been a source just like they are truly step beyond convenient. He is the radio sports analyst for UBA football former player NFL. And Virginia cavalier himself Tony Covington is our guest here on a seven that'd take it Tony thanks for taking a few minutes I feel a. Great you know we're a pro football game down here and you have to imagine there were pretty excited here and dummy Miami with a history. You know it very well but it's still a long time since we felt this good about our football team are you surprised that Miami's heads of two insurgency or so quickly under Mark Richt. No I'm not part the army you've got to have always had an up that you have all the squads particulars is America I think the right coach in the year. Took full at all you don't doubt mark comes in with a tremendous track record and it eat that the war. It's too early part this city is in lieu of the correction it is that it is for. And as far as the opportunity. Here and of of the Virginia Cavaliers. Had you picked up an exciting vibe from the players I don't know how how much you've been around him this week putter today. Are they really jacked up the opportunity to knock off the number two team in the nation number three in the college football playoff hole. Are you guys haven't been around much this week but you know I I'd go to bat well you know I talked a couple of that critical switch that it out of date they look at it as a tremendous opportunity. They work but then how they played at Politico last week it felt like a lot of table it. So there's a tremendous opportunity. By India playing extremely. Well I think couple right there our state. Were seventeen point felt so why not. Yeah I've made an opportunity to play place boiler and you know Bronco Mendenhall. You guys up to a great start five and one Tony as you know and then he kind of came back dollar a little bit. And not in conference. So what double football just bronco got to put his fingerprints on this on this program yet India. India since he's been there in Charlottesville. Yeah it is still a work in crack person that we we had our a long way to go you know still being true depth on both are offered to eat air supply arms. I'll still trying to build a little bit depth at quarterback weeks we haven't really had a strong quarterback in place. Equivalent of let you know our record year so that that speak for the Kleiner Perkins or forward to we're really happy with Kurt speaker and what you bring to its people just a matter of if you need. You know GD AE. But at my Beck and particularly it it. You know utilizing them to where he plays and I know what they'd expect them to be that slow but yeah actually with oracle is kind of it's kind of bet that approximate this. That itself is too hard with the women don't get too little with the law ought to speak eat it Q keeper professional ethic that says that take it that I'd much. Tony Covington is our guess is that color analyst for UVA football be detained and cavaliers knew Jack from hard rock stadium. Saturday. Afternoon yeah you describe ever brought here that's where Miami has the advantage in the trenches. Offensive line against your defense of line and and vice Versa. 'cause you can everywhere else I'd look at me Ben Kurt. You know he's a really experienced quarterback. The safety could play in any on anybody's secondary in the country you have some guys that the literally bowlers out there. But the old line deal line matchup could not be the difference Saturday. Absolutely electric vehicles that it will be wander Turkey believed. You'd ever certainly athletic and as. In this field position. You know I'd like our orders on the match up. What you did you get together so much talent a lot of the opposition. Suitors starting tailback Jamaal walls and if you get Albert bell for me that you don't miss a beat. So erratic that is speak to that level debt to elevate path that that's something that Virginia as the only very much a work progress. I ask you about Bronco Mendenhall is mentality that I saw that he said he he likes the turnover Cheney said he got one on order and so I am wondering if if bronco is the type who. Would it would kind of rather short viewed in issue in the memo board or is is that statement indicative of his personality is he a fun loving guy how was he and and how will that reflect on how his team comes out on on Saturday. Currently honestly you know quote an old it is really more of an introvert and eager because I'm that you. You don't signals that you know what it post but he is best way to but he eat eat eat period January oh you'll. Stated the key is that rhetoric it its support that so. That talk about the an overture a big heat heat that is sort of made it public spoke all of it and that's that's that's for PC. You don't what you got to do what we're saying it needed didn't spoil them and if that are obviously that's what's more or is that he just go out there have scored on the which has always. Tony it's abuse it's a great opportunity for for your school because I mean it's it's going to be a sold out crowd here national TV is no end up. In mind it's got a lot to play for your down the stretch so it's going to be a great atmosphere just the way college football should be. And Tony Tony you guys. One thing very quickly. Clemson and Miami what do you think wins lol yeah but has a lot of others who are all alive and play. Scary is this how do you go there and I mean and how we got to go there. OK so I understood that would've been saying about that slips went our separate. I say in. They've they've got to group room. Number I'm not see them I think you got that theory very well at it as well not back at that Ron and sure air is apt to eat. I see they match you or that that Monty outside. And I keep it here they are deep in the front. Or just they make it by ourselves but you know failed at both the local chambers or that from the the whole school. Put a bleak Clinton would have just won the state the best he it would be spared close game where we're at football let way. Rivals who are your answer is after you see Miami's defensive front there is that usually don't do an end yeah. Tough to get into enjoy it's it's nice intelligence possibly five degrees and partly cloudy outside right perk does he just walked into Syria it's really nice done or Tony so I enjoy the weather enjoy the game should be great average for that for joining us for a few minutes I zone. You gotta Tony Covington the color analyst for Virginia cavalier football. The average is there there in the early stages of the Bronco Mendenhall. New information they got some good players but yeah I mean that they're deal line the and then their old line are gonna suffer a little bit against Miami but. Bill Gallagher a tremendous up. Two that's the MS that's how Virginia and Pitt have to be looking at this at this Miami game that. You know our season didn't go the way we want it but we've got a chance here we got a chance to make. Real player's ultimate evidence they got some guys are quarterback will experience. Bob landing the safety of negatively or anybody reasonably on Sundays I mean they got some they got some dudes there but but of Miami those with the Miami's most still. Should be okay. Should be I had Dolan and I just like everybody else I hope the canes do not play down to the level of their competition and there's two weeks again yeah yes like Jaycee now right. Are we got to get to this or stock hour. The next hour we can have a MVP announcements in the National League Jon Karl stand. Could be named the nationally MVP would give you some more details on that as he is one of three finalists that should be announced your shortly. And note it's more your text messages the 67974. Plus. We got the form back to the forty problems 400 at the big NASCAR race in town. We'll give those away in the 6 o'clock hour all that is on the way here on 79 minutes ago. I'm born that we cannot December 2 third on pork laden and Al majors coming up with when here. Their picture is somebody dangling 79 the tickets sports always watch football games at a sports bar would you be better than that always for missing and got it all man Saturday how about this line of kgo Weezer injured men in the wilderness Sunday voiced amenities in the sunshine band for his programs solve that but it. In more. More more. Retarded is that about in Harlem mean action attorneys call 80747. For that's in hundreds of enforceable through 733 by going at his core it has to be good and by being willing blogger you angling is America's oldest brewery. Union being willing blogger. Respect it's earned a retired tickets on sale but here here's the deal. If you're gonna get a deal get done now because the price is going to go up Monday at 8 AM OK am be you know somebody told me this. Here and they said occurs just told tell your close personal friends this okay no problem I go to the ticket I mean dot com. Get tickets now because they're going up. And Monday and and AM Monday date field the sim bay. Sports bar. Sports bar always a sports bar a loser of Pablo I had. I mean clearly a win wars and the time right lord's day in the time miniature bats that yet as this last most movement takes me back the high school that's. It is going to be an amazing event but you don't wanna be. Get to take you say a few dollars like to get him now he is going to Wear the million on either hanging out so. You get that get that done but. Those added to warn him there when donating and this is this is good information I got here so. To take advantage of that. Get your tickets get your tickets now. Wandering. Saturday it's gonna be a sellout yet for the Americans it was pretty wild for new game yet it is against a team not named Florida Stater Florida or thriller that right for a. Are ranked or whatever writer not a not a not an event. Now are we always say we show up for the event center of the regular season start and may be may be now that Libya that's gonna be quite the scene. What do what's on his own a car through. Mayor Webb the dolphins always seem to draw respectable crowd. Correct but yes not going to be pact is not going to be loud is not going to be rowdy is not going to be energetic is just gonna kind of be like the minute they win meant by in five. It's not gonna be anything like you wimp. But I'm allowed it opens today to happen you know that this defense has been just trounced recently. Allowed an average of 35 points per game in the last four games. And and the bad thing about that is. He looked really bad doing it it it's. I guess you can't look good allow or by points per game but. Coverage bus and and and fundamental Ayers and penalties like. Almost every way that you didn't make a make yourself look bad as the defense. This defense has done it. Now coach coach Adam gays and coach Matt Burke the deep offensive coordinator are saying what this deepens needs. Is to be able to play with a lead. That leads us into here's the thing. Miami Dolphins want their all pins to get a lead they think if they can do bet. They can let their defense and more specifically their pass rush go to work. Now the dolphins and coach Matt Birk the deepens and coordinator thing this inability to get a lead is a major problem. And I think their right consider this the dolphins live wire to wire against Tennessee in their ten to six victory. Aside from bad. They only live for eighteen minutes in their other eight games this season and the biggest lead has only been seven points. In the first half of games Miami has been outscored 114. To 43. Coach at a gay CO one of his big disappointments the last two years has been the offense hasn't been able to consistently. Get the deepens leads. Gacy did that this defense was built to play with a lead you get them leave you on rush the pass rush. Unleash the pass rush and you. Just watch the watch the destruction follow. So this is the big thing for the dolphins now. They'd they want that defense to get out there the offense again to leave so that the defense and do what it was built to do. Unfortunate but the door opens its work the other way around this year. The opponents have taken the leads and they unleashed dear pass rush on the dolphins quarterback. We'll see if the dolphins can make that reversal this week when they host Tampa Bay. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now their new location in congress drove nerves your authorize DJI dealer. They've got all your drone needs covered new purchases repairs customizations training sessions. Whatever you need they'll hook you up. Visit him today at drove nerds dot com South Florida's eyes in the sky. Yeah that that's great we wanna get a lead okay. Welding get a damn league I mean like I. We of course everybody wants have a lead so they can unleash the pass rusher make the opponent one dimensional yep you know now worked in certain spots when the colts have Peyton Manning. And they had Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis they built their team specifically. For that reason we're gonna we got Peyton Manning we're gonna put up thirty spot right and you're gonna have to pass to catch up and that's correct punishment we don't there does not have paid me and no legs so by the by the way the ball was don't even have a good offense dogs have historically right now the worst off of the franchise history yet. OK so this is even a decent offense where you're going yeah we have the lead a few times a game here and our unleash our pass rushers. So. It's a flawed way of thinking how you know pretty good sized eggs are mean. I understand it but let's say you meal we got to run the ball. Of course everybody was wrong the boy because over the reveals yeah was only the wanted to do to play with the lead right notably Italy yeah. And and you're not an idea guy I understand I agree with you camp but it it. Because what happens when you don't have that lead led you just heard your. Apparently so glad they've lived for eighteen minutes in and the other eight game like 518. Minutes that image and your only Lee was seven point so. It's not like the other team loses the other teams are on oh my goodness were down by seven now we've got to ask that. Oh yeah be patient run the ball. It's. No you don't Natalie not to be fair they've never really had a lead like I thought the DB and they would be in better spots than this but it just hasn't gone your way. Now and they and they do have resource is a mess in that deal line you have sue you have reverse jump. Introduce you got out ran away yeah paid Andre branch. You got to two guys Vincent Taylor and debunk the price is right he got resort where today's yes traded for him you got dudes there so that's the strength of your team one oval yet so you wanna you wanna showcase that I get it but here. And this is I mean with him being all in year two. Like you after the U wanna be. That's the biggest problem with the dolphins over the years that I have. And this business of this is not out of gays are my ten or markers or promises the problem for since they've been bad for fifteen year for the most part. Who do you wanna be. That's what age who are wannabe. When you dolphins this is this year dip d.s did nothing steadily they have no identity whatsoever. Great to look at a big. Me and Omar talked about that on our video on sentinel dot com today right where they have no opens a Biden and I don't ever do that decision radio show for ten years. The dolphins what do they wanna be what's your identity defense offense special teams throw the ball run the ball stop the run great quarterbacks whatever it is. More today I mean we we know what they want to be but they have not played to their identity LY you know what that is what is even I only. No no less a gates wants to have a a diverse passing game he was to be a passing offense Carolina okay yeah yes he didn't last year was happy accidentally did die there was another front right that I okay yeah and and they wanna user running backs and what a stretch the field horizontally and vertically. They want to run use Tim bowl. To get up to the line of scrimmage before the other team can substitute. And take advantage of of the match up advantages that they might gain by the defense deal being in their base defense or whatever. When they should be a nickel but here's the thing that. Tom. Bill laser complained that this team couldn't run up tempo offense and Dan Campbell couldn't do it. And and now you get to Adam gays and he can't do it so that's part of your identity that's you haven't been able to do this 33 Adam gacy never. Judas correctly passing the ball around well you need somebody to throw it cap that they are both sales okay. Cutler is old whatever but you you don't have the triggerman amid new receivers. I don't want a part of life okay perk perk and and so these that's who they want to be kept but you don't have the people to be there I wouldn't go that far really have the office alignments like that yes are there. Yeah I'd like how do random archive rapids and hill. Well liked yeah 31 round pick summit opens of mine ever drawn James no no of the season but I do. It's IE you they know who they wanna beat they just don't know how to get there was gonna ask Lou the process and I go I guess that's probably about 80% on it right to run around town said you know what I've got to leave it all these games below water yeah and hopefully we've got a lead and be a lot better let's get to 6 o'clock deadline. He speaks WE XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FAS Ph.D. true there. ARAMARK. Miami Heat are off tonight they're back in action tomorrow night at Washington the heat loss to the wizards 102 to 93. On Wednesday. Miami Dolphins back on the field today in preparation for Sunday's game against Tampa Bay wide receiver Kenny stills was taken off the practice field accompanied by trainers. No word on his ailment. Major League Baseball MVP awards will be announced today a matter of fact I believe they'll be announced shortly around 6 PM or so Marlins right fielder John Carlos then is among the contenders on the NL side. NFL tonight Tennessee is at Pittsburgh at eight Tony should be an interesting AFC game. College basketball eleventh ranked University of Miami hosts Florida a and M 7 o'clock. Painter to know revelers are Owens who those are in line. You always sex is so 67974. Let's examine nines have been for the growth is on Mon text line. I think stands out when this thing man. Like George bottle plays in Cincinnati when they were awful this year although models require the so that limit that kind of equal like that eliminates that aspect you know things. Okay Goldsmith Paul Goldschmidt. Let's wire him that well yeah that's the law should. For a while wind when I was letting go of the rope cat he was he was carrying that team he couldn't do it by himself and it. It did you know eventually became too much but dumb. Dude did what Likud. It is stand by becoming a trivia question could you might win the MVP of any make it traded yeah so off armor on the last player minerals they Rodman and A-Rod who. Texas I yankees might have been the last got to get traded and show that that was an MVP year for new. The we want a couple hobby was their takes very long so it might have been but this will be this'll be the talking point this is the talk of all baseball. It's where John Carlos and gonna end up and Derek Jeter. At the the owners' meetings in winter meetings in Orlando asked all the questions about his slugger. You get into the practice of reaching out every time there's rumors every player he'd be spending 95% of retirement homes dispelled rumors. That. Yep if that's not this. Except I mean it if you're six years into your career it was a ownership change of the when your name was being rumors every game you've warned that this franchise like this guy you would want. Should. Michael hill's been in contact. Mike possible and it's my job prison baseball ops so it's vote was not like this radio silence. Of so I guess I'm asking is he yours similar situation and accurate from. I can't relate to that you know I mean because I I had a long term deal. Similar with a no trade clause and the cameras are several teams that were about it. How is it trade rumors early on. But I can't account. You know I can relate to a Jeter because you had a real and now you're the quote unquote owner and you're not a great owner you're just learning how to be an owner and that's not how you do business. Yeah I posted an awful Mike hill. Yeah I can't relate to that I guess that's the the ownership answer I can't relate to that but come on. You do you you know if you wanna hear from the team before you hear it on Twitter or. You know etc. etc. this is that it doesn't get re oh real sketchy here perk here's the here's my mighty ideology or I'd like Jeter my hope this thing works out I'm I'm so glad that the U those other. Clowns are out here. I mean they're they just does suck the life of oh what baseball could have been in this town. And neo good riddance. But Jeter comes in here and Jeter doesn't know how to do any of this stuff. Right Jeter was your energy it was less Bonior who was their year OK and now he's not. He's just a guy that's trying to run a baseball club has no idea how to run a baseball club. And I say that with the abortion back because he's new to this yet so you can build baseball all you want. Packed a mean Turkey you you know all about the newspaper business I I know a lot about the radio business. We should be run and radio stations that run at notre businesses know so they did a good ball player. If you run into baseball team there's going to be things that he screws up there's going to be things that he mishandled. This has got to be 10 and here's the biggest problem. Okay and Jeter right on the rumor stuff that's fine. But when John Carlo has a no trade clause. And you always if you want to trade him because his salary is too much for you to take on and you to rebuild this thing and build it right I got no problem that. You need to be on the same page with him or his representation. San AG. Where do you wanna go dude. Because will send you there but we wanna get the best prospect whether or not talking. Edge and and John Carlos got that got the Joker in the deck and say oh you got that big backers say Lewis. Yea I'm not going to play there he goes prospect from Boston. Watch anyway I don't wanna go there either. So what handcuffs the Marlins soldiers got to go in there sit down with him is it in illicit where he won ago. And then work the deal backwards that way if in fact they want to trade him because it can be a win win for both sides and right now looks like a lose lose. Yeah I I'm very interested to see how Jeter handles this from the standpoint of how high eight to ten you play the market. How high can you get this man's value can you get a bidding war going you continue her and get him complicit in India and doing that with you. You know if if it did you know something comes out from his camp. It is it. Reasonable I yield on anything crazy coming out of his camp like you'd you don't want his camp to. Say you know here have been putting sixteen that he will play four. You know you don't want that you don't have to tell mark price is right you wanna be able to control the situation and control the message. Even if that's in concert with whipped stands people. So that that's what I'm going to be watching is how do you know kind of the mechanics of this being how how does he make it work behind the scenes. And publicly and does he he'd stand happy throughout this process that's. You know that's kind of one of the tricks of of being in management one of the differences. Between being you know just a coach or being justly player admitted being in management. Maybe you could be men's room maybe you just. You could run some businesses via the run them into the ground I guarantee you Nancy you pick. Oh run them into a room you're not man is it material. Biggs he's gonna win is big award here will come back below will get some information on that has should happen any moment now plus it's more your text messages at six of 974 eons. A four pack to the forty eco boost 400 the final race this season for the NASCAR championship weekend brought to buy Ford gets we're really goes way before all cain's radio. It's the airwaves. At 7 o'clock right here on seven I do take. Try the National League MVP was just announced that John Carlo one in just a moment. For this Saturday Joseph thirds of my grasp lab it's three Black Friday sales event save on the DJ I spark in the CIA is maverick. Get a free battery with a penny phantoms for product purchase watchdog pilot demonstration and enjoy test flights under their supervision at noon Detroit free pizza. From the big cheese in South Miami fly to the holidays this year withdraw owners of congress the largest DJI. Authorized dealer itself Florida die. Dan does this guy. John Carlos Guillen is George 2017. National League MVP. First does such award for the entire franchise. The Florida slash Miami Marlins it happened just moments ago. And here is a big G on winning the award. This is unbelievable. You know with the ups and downs in my career and then everything where this happened it's. Just so thankful and appreciative. To everyone around me everywhere and that's just push me everyone Mitch. Bit by my side and then help me out so. This is unbelievable. Big Fella congratulations. Man they take me back and this year. And that amazing adjustment you made closing your stance off what was the conversations that led up to it. Because really you don't do that cannot sit there with this trophy tonight. Yeah. To be honest Nolan. I had a lot of people lived advisory not to do it and even after a couple weeks. Playing. You know still want me to go back why you're doing now why are doing that and it was the first time I really. A 100% trusted. My work and trusted. The process. Making the adjustment you know sometimes you do it and Newman referral we cure all about it and then start to change things lippi will creep in but. This was the first time let it ride and you know pay dividends forward. John Carla congratulations you've talked about everything you've been through in your career of course the beating a few years ago on Milwaukee. You mentioned that people in your life or part of it pours some of those people that come to your mind right now winning an MVP. Are my father for sure. In oh and B is about to close fashion you know would be here she he wasn't throwing. You know throw me balls in the rec park every day after work and home. You don't just taken me. Talk much rumors and everything's so. Especially him. He clearly your emotional. After you were hit in the face was ever a moment where you thought something like this would never happen for you. I knew how to bounce back from that. A it was really there's really calm people pushing me you know. Lamar trainers the people our work our way through and and he'll try to get better with bale bale is pushed me railways said you know you can do this you can be there. And I know I can do about noon vivid it took more than. Talking about he had. You know so every day be prepared and and he'll do everything you need to. That was John Carlos and it is your National League. MVP award winner thanks to the MLB network right there the conversation with the Al Reynolds and and the crew there as though it was just announced moments ago and that was his. His back and forth with the fellas just a moment ago and he has been through a lot of media has really been through a lot with the mention the beatings there but. 59 home runs first is the nationally in the majors for that matter. First in the NL RBI buck 322. In the NL in runs one Tony 37 in the nationally and base on balls 851 in the NL onslaught in 630. Second in the I don't know yes over a thousand I mean. He is MVP worthy no question is is he worthy to stage here in South Florida. He has by far the biggest attraction yet she is by far. Their biggest expenditure and yet by far he is also but there are possibly the biggest thing that could net. The best return if he is in fact on the trade market which to me is the most fascinating thing here perk because it's. What could they did act for John Carlson. I don't know I'm Abu hoping well first of all I'm happy for spam because the he he sings like a a decent guy and though he hasn't always been a media favorite. Where but he seems like a decent guy and he's a guy who work hard you remember just a few years ago win. His building was sketchy. You always have that strong arm but his is you know the angles he would take to the ball and all that kind of stuff was sketchy. And he really worked on that he's become a a good fielders so hum. You know happy for him me and again he seems like could be easing to eight dumb. You know more power to him as he pursues happiness what I think they could get format. I would hope to Major League players and and may be some some prospects. But I really have no idea. But we got fancy gym here on the tax on groceries Obama's excellent the alliger adequate for state and get it done OK for me that guys that read yes. The guys that guys just leave and happy to right I mean I don't do it would get it done bluegrass. What are you talking about that that Renault started in yeah. Just now the contract at this point is it is easy MVP. The contract is not what you're taking on. 300 million dollars worth of contract money. So. Let. You have to do that first. You soul. That and it's all right is a lot to take off for any team in and then you what prospects on top of that anyone hall on top of that. Like Miguel Cabrera was straight it would Dontrelle Willis the blog over at our jewels was it was second aside all the voting had a point to a season coming off of that dontrelle was was still. One of the best arms in baseball. Did that you were trading for them they were under contract. Yeah you you could've negotiated that contract. So when John Carlo it's like to Angela weren't had taken a lot of country even though he is the MVP and it probably worth the money. Boy who you. Act. I don't know how many position players in baseball are worth that money OK but I but whatever what are they put me that he was it about 270 with wit with thirty home runs here. Regulate it like oh that would have been disastrous I doubt you is do you like people like please take the contract will take nothing back right. But at this point. The contract is reasonable. But it's not going to be you know separate prospects like in the it's an idol but it's going to be -- adding teams are just wiser. And smarter than that maybe could do your thinking like yeah I don't wanna take me they overpay a position where forty million we're not giving away. But the doctors are giving Belcher and we know none of this isn't saying there's. You get yeah that's gonna happen. I. Sit and spin to me is is. Boy for another team if you're another teen camper you are you like. Yeah I felt like that contract. I have to look at Stanton a bomb another team and say. Sir. If he stays healthy of course he's you know he could be worth that contract but. And and and it's not all his ball to me got beamed in the bays and any says some other stuff but. It if if ET say the Baylor bubble let me put it to you like Beckham's help me you know it if he can stay available but boy the track record as colonel like. I don't know if he's going to be available leave. Okay well to a discussion like the contract does not as big a blow up a hindrance as it is a could be. Like if you saw the open market right now he'd probably get a contract. Not. Our I agent. Maybe maybe I don't know I I don't know I. Because. Com. Boos I mean Bryce Harper was he's gonna be the next one right yeah nick yeah offseason and miyazato Bryce Harper though right come up. And other organs 400 the other delegate Dublin right now as we're talking right now as it gets closer this on this under the the one point eight leagues. There's not a crazy tundra yes not a ridiculous. I don't see teams W and giving you you know giving you four out of their top nine prospects in two starters at the Major League level I don't know I don't know I don't know. I'd is doled seventy injure a player really cool ago. Contract that would give you will give you a couple of top prospects and that's about it but I don't see the hall that the Marlins again maybe I'm wrong. And somebody over bid I just see the market. Whereas. There's only six or seven teams and go to to begin with the right six or seven teams know that's OK you know that nobody can report. That's of the you don't look to the twins are calling ray dare Jeter right. If you Oakland a's are saying hey look to make a deal right so is only six or seven teams in that it stands camp. Eliminates three or four those teams to the says you know what I'm not playing Saint Louis. I don't want right lay it on the East Coast right then your downed a couple teams though teams know that. And that's why I was saying earlier that if you're Derek Jeter. You've got to kind of worked in concert with Stanton as people and that's part of their pride that's part of your challenge. Then now you're in management you know you are a player you are coach your your management. And you kinda have to work with Jeter and Jeter's people to get this done so another words. Yeah you don't need a list of twenty sixteens becoming public meant that Stanton will not play pork. Because then you empowered the ones that are. On that list that he will assume so this is this is part of the part of the day in store report Jeter it's it's look it's more art than science right so he's got to kind of figure Ralph how do we. How do we you you probably they probably have a pretty good idea of what they can get whether it's like let's just say. It's two starters and a top prospect. Now old Jeter challenge is how to we get two Major League starters and two prospects how do we go above. What good you know what's going to be out there for him because. You don't want to just meet the standard withstand that. You wanna go over the standard you wanna tries to rip somebody off. I don't know of I don't know of peace here capable of doing. Here's the thing we don't know and Jeter's been kind of coy on this because jeers has said as much the last couple of daisies and Taylor as a weakness are all these trade stand rumors. He was the one that said he won't be part of the rebuilding teased gonna put you off like they hell bent on trading Jeter urges her to that it is a you know what. Screw it man you guys or give us what we want McCabe. Like I like a bit bitter and runs and having demand. The worst thing in the world for now. We fail but the I don't know if you want none have begun their clubhouse. But it it and I owed and blew it would do you know we have to see how old. How much the unhappiness might. Affect other players or Oak Hill fester and become a problem the. Player and stand has all the power in this thing so he wants to be a hard ass is I'm not going here here here are there any and then they don't get a deal done. They go away dude you know we're not just you wanted to of the Dodgers look at big it was nothing for you registrant you just as you wanna go to the Dodgers. Like we get a tray digital boss of regulatory ages Chicago would Goodridge is it Francisco very likely at some point and here's all the power. But it's a boy the Marlins are just gonna give them whether there's got to give. Yeah well it. Yeah and I don't remember this isn't an eight all sides there was supposed to Boston okay I let go more. What's what's our money man what this with this deal was Jeter's partner and I'm not sure that over Sherman Bruce Sherman. You know that that that just keep room. You gotta make apple called Bruce OJ Bruce. I know we are going to be off the hook for the 300 million but we're back on all of one year to get a helicopter for one year. Let's go bankrupt those guys that have no other books for one season I would say that you you're going to bankrupt the emits it's you want to get on with rebuild and standing what you get from Stanton is a part of the rebuilding the timber tangible way and no you can't but you you've also view Bruce Sherman you've also got to win hearts and minds of fans. Yes that's that's the hard balance right and come back we allow a couple of final thoughts to get to relocate radio coming up to the top of the hour and on the other side a four pack to the forty ego boost 400 NASCAR season is in our town the championship. Will have those forty coming up next right here on 79 to take. From felt comfortable. For what. She's five we got a few minutes here on 79 and regulatory handed off to yeah. All your Angel radio. Get ready for that came Virginia game this weekend. Thought out to the sandbar in the grove that is tonight's they're gonna really be controlling Airways beast in the boys. From 7 o'clock gone all came to radio worry on it to get during a football games in bar offers five for one dollar per bucket five for fifty dollar mil let's look at three dollar Miller might have five dollar Mattel points if you have a chance to win canes went from Adidas the official apparel the University of Miami for York. The official working football and basketball here. Visit shop Miami Hurricanes dot com. John Carlos and is your National League MVPs. Was Leo announced. About twenty minutes ago. Drugs that's our our first MVP since LeBron. Who was the more foreign BP before it so fast food to eat other regulars over the regular season yeah. And my heart was a Marino. That's the business is it really Marino I guess it is or isn't there is no other heat so there is no moral no no I know I was still able to reveal finals right right. Are your seat ran a great deal in NA Miami uniform. How many admit ninety please have we had. Are you listening right yeah be right since the MVP category. Since Marino oh really taught him golf slides. Right but nobody wanted to also 72 teams are anyway yes no or after all draws a more. And right yeah immediately of the regular season right. That is the guy mainly in the heat history has quit the Marlins history is quick the Panthers history is quicker. Dario hurricanes at the equivalent that would be like Heisman Trophy that had to those yeah you have a one decision on just try to that radicalization. Yeah I know it was sort of certain criteria mr. right it's on the front AdAware yeah we really brought on anybody anybody about it. Yeah. I might be it stand Marino LeBron is any further. More regular season there right if were I don't think we're forgetting everybody. Well there was a creature popped oberg when he we give the panther altitude when has it now has he won as as totaled here. Yeah usually seriously yeah you know. Our older I guess I really MVP of the league com that might be. Maybe I think I think we got there irk me. Tom we've got other guys will come after they won like Shaq right about Iraq right great. Rain earlier aural oral moral go back in the day with the dolphins new. You know blows that you know that's it that's that's short list there does not mean I mean he's kind of a big deal. Yes so you know big men and a big deal John Carlo John Carlos and. Anything else that's there's a Ukrainian that you wanna go out there. Malik Rose cheered with the the father had a stroke com. November 6 right which was Monday before the Notre Dame game generally don't know we knew about it during. Bizarre man hum. You know I saw the story on espn.com. Today and yeah it was. Did you know thankfully is his father seems to be okay here or progressing well I guess but dumb yet that was. I don't know how you would see signs of it amino talked to beat you know I don't know to Q and all but you saw no signs on it Nam. So very very nobody has anything about the story no we don't know I think Obama and the discount pops up yeah I think just barely even in the 01 to tell the coaches and and you know what happened you think and I know we knew we still haven't talked about Greg Greg Olsen story but you would think that. The analysts that the big the guys calling the game. Corporate ESPN would've. Found out from from a Mark Richt or from somebody. You know when they were when they're doing their pregame interviews on an island Friday. Right Friday's game Saturday and. In all of his coaches knew in fact that I'm not a much troubles sketch young man the the coaches do the situation of his of his father move. Liz is scheduled to be at the dig into. Yes so he's a you know he's a lot better so I mean that's the most important thing rightful heritage of Bush's image just goes so you like you never know what's going on remedies and then it just goes the horrible leaks and leaks mental toughness evolves very loyal. All that on your mind my best man Brett had ever lost to him and spun and twirled and drag all of that kind of stuff because that's. This man biggest game of your life biggest game for the prevent prevent a school in an era in years remain well. Mosquito Virginia Tech which you know what I'm normal yes huge game and and how he's able to go out there and and and hopefully win. Convincingly. I didn't think we missed one here has always on the tax line is we got somebody lived it was Shaquille who we know was right when he was here. Somebody asked of Harold miner was the rookie of the year here and it's a nevermind he won the dunk contest twice yet that's not exactly overlooking. John nominees have all the evidence and and you know the total limit three point CA in Canada day and those are boy from Ohio State to a date long daequan because you James at all no busy day I don't know as well yeah. A little bit different. Three guys. While NN and so I understand would be. You know by far the most low profile of the three when you talk Marino LeBron stand and and his profile is. You standings is as high as it's ever been around 59 homers. I mean you have the nation's attention therefore for a for a slick right. Greg Olsen. He is supposed to do the rams vikings game correct for god is this is a weird one yeah we'll have that must on the week. Does this most we got to mention we gotta get to a here. The and we got these we at the Ford 400. Eco boost signature wanna push out here by the way some let's somebody. Really wanting those tickets on the Tex lines of they've been taxed more so now there listening on a I'm a you come to Indianapolis and here we are joining a gym and yes so right you're gonna get your opportunities sir or ma'am. Or madness. To appoint their hearts and here's a deal Greg Olsen he's hurt. All right but it's also the Carolina did is spyware number aerosystems comeback of the next week after the bye week yeah so somehow I never heard of this. In season. Out of those prearranged or if he got its work he I have well anyway this yeah he I know it is good weeks that's all I know we are right. But I yet agreed this that he knew it was going to be the bye week war. Or if I got hurt and they said hey you wanna do this I don't know which one minus yeah my understanding is it's the bye week going and so here's my dad's an injury did development so he's gonna do you go abroad has a fox for the rail vikings in. And the vikings like me or does dudes hang in our practices we don't want to do getting all this and inside information. And now to become the you know they voted the vikings I'll put my music is because credits think that they're going you know what we don't want this guy around. And the horror of a guy in season I've heard guys do in the post season when the seasons are over. And I've heard of that whether my mid season. So this kind of a very strange deal. It is a very strange deal but hit but here's the deal. With that deal. You know the announcers that the analysts and the announcers they usually talk to the teams in and you know attend a practice they'll talk to the coaches. The coastal tell them what to expect what to look more. Both the rams and the vikings. Are our potential. Opponents are there the rams are err on the schedule right. Or the vikings are on their schedule. And for our airline and I could play them in the play host to go to all right. So there worry that Greg Olsen could get inside information that could help film. And the Panthers down the line. Greg Olson stated I never even thought about that. I'm not going to attend a practice. As as the analyst and and and play by play guys do I am not going to be sitting in on those meetings so they are going to tell me any being. MB guys in the Booth analyst than that and the play by play guy or not going to pass information to meet. That those coaches and players have passed on to them. But the vikings and rams are worried the spiel and even sent a letter to the NFL but I believe that your words of pat fox by the bureaucratic now. I mean yes yes yes they are for this reason. You always hear about scenes when you know you're gonna play the patriots this week in the patriots just cut somebody and you sign an older an album for information. How often does that help RI IIIDF so I think it's silly I just one hour. I still around these are going to be around the team he's going to be up in the Booth. If bum bum one of the teams in my got mine I might help him out that I don't want me I don't when he was palatable than it. Then so why is one of the by the way allows Bozell too late they'll have to be read out there and judge. Let's they were in the World Series they overlook random below and loathing in order for the little man right here take this for get out of here. Caller number seven right now here's your chance here existence and it's India the Boy Scouts meeting where I can you know obviously Melamine is going to be got a got a great granddaughters on any event. But did you hear. 786534079. That is the phone number 7865340790. Caller number seven you're gonna win a four pack to afford eco whose 400. It's yet attending the entire NASCAR season right here our hometown. And the Ford Jimmy -- weekend got three days of live music tailgate them all out racing action. This weekend at homestead Miami speedway because of homestead Miami speedway dot com for our tickets good luck out there are thanks to Tony Covington for dropping by radio color analyst. For the UBA cavaliers Obey rolled into town tomorrow to take on McCain's. On no on Saturday a thinks the mini Navarro as well for them by a little bit earlier allows that you sir. Doing it tomorrow just before 4 o'clock as the Texas. Is Jason Taylor do you get a defense of player of the year. But that's not MVP. Good catch by and it's a good yeah. To be sketch about discloses that you don't get for being offensive player of the year that not too many guys win the MVP as that that's on the list that does president exits are very shortly as good job out of you. Park was due to get a ball just 2 or 4 o'clock for Chris Perkins on Kurdistan was all cain's radio obese got a great show lined up for you stay tuned right here on 79 minutes ago.