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Wednesday, November 29th

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It means. Dan and do. Thursday July outside just three minutes of free don't Wednesday here on 790 the ticket as melancholy that they'll get that here as we as we move forward as last time you get to heroes for real for awhile often not 2070. Wrecked while for awhile yes for the hit the end of the year. As as you look under the knife skills street if there has been some I get some things cleaned up in the in the B area within the load in that there's so I haven't have a. Read all in people judge you were our guys we usually do audio every Wednesday he's that dolphins cam look at the latest thing. To a good start against his former club this in Denver Broncos as the as they roll in the town. We got a busy busy show here we're gonna take up until 6 o'clock we got another. He basketball game for you tonight a secondly back to back there are New York to take on the next organ to what happened against Cleveland last night I was a big time bomber. Wish I was ugly now was I mean beyond ugly so fast you point. And they around my 1000 points gathered I mean there was just or Kevin Love is making shots all over the place and LeBron got rejected which brought the only the only fund part of the night for me. And the fact of M D'Amato had a had a good night a career night and know he's gonna get called on a lot more tonight and organ of the asylum whites I news. You know and just mow we got news everywhere today. And that leads us into here's the thing the news does not look good. For the Miami Hurricanes as they get ready for the ACC championship game. Against the defending national champs Clemson Tigers. I'm on Richards was carted off of the field today with an injury. After during practice this morning that we don't know the extent of it. But. Into recorder off obviously it does not look good. I'm odds battled injuries all year long he's been in and out of the lineup so he's up he's battled two allowed to battle through one more injury. And make it to Saturday night's game we shall see but if he cannot goal that's a huge loss for the Miami Hurricanes already down mark Walton as we know they've been all they've been able to overcome that with the emergence of Travis homer Chris turning got hurt the Pittsburgh game this season and his grit the University of Miami is done with a knee injury to Don you're starting tight end and now. Maybe I'm on Richards. It could be too much further working to overcome offensively against Clemson defense that is averaging only giving up thirteen points per game now. Miami's relied on a lot of to step up next man up is it Jeff Thomas. Lawrence K Ager we've seen Carolina make. Big time catches in some huge spots Mike Hurley and other freshly called upon. Marc Rich reiterated DJ Dallas will stay at running back but he needs to be. A big part of the offense if Miami's gonna get some big plays against Clemson defense out to W little run the ball against Clemson. So Amman Richard. Richards and his team yards per catch this season. Will be missed if you cannot play a Saturday night just another thing stacked against. The University of Miami and that's of things want to budge on nerds and amateur and not progress drawn nerds is Roth tries DJI dealer and his lawyer Joseph needs covered new purchase prepares customization training says is it more miss than to wedge owners dot com. South Florida's. I in a thus guy we got the rankings last night Prado and the hurricanes no surprise drop to seven no. And and perk and I were were aligned in the fact that if Miami beats the number one team in the country which was unveiled last night as the Clemson Tigers. That the canes will be in the college football playoff jury without well actually this is. Like a quarterfinals and beat this this weekend as essentially quarterfinals I had no doubt about McCain's win. Their ACC champs. They will be new number one team they capsule we will. We brought high enough to actually make the top four no question about yeah this is on the play out of misery started already getting started and if Miami can get a win and it's gonna it's tough they are. I even before if if Armonk can go. They were when nine and a half ten point underdogs. In in a lot of circles so they are they're clearly coming in this thing as in the underdog role. But if they in fact pulled off I mean they have wins against then number three Notre Dame and then wins against the defending champs and number one clumps and nobody else would have that on the resume so I think you'd be far fetched to mimic the case. You would keep Miami out whether they won by one weather won't buy up a bad call whatever the case maybe they win and that's a big if if they win Saturday night so early they're going to be in the final. Four has got to drive by the way Sabin notes that he's actually powerless over what happens he's discuss it highly by him. And hope like Wisconsin in Oklahoma loses and he is actually no control over team that he says deserves to be in there and which. You know it is the argument do you do you give it to the best the four best teams report most deserving teams audit charters as the best team. Yeah why do think I do think it's a mixture of both. I do think that that's pretty coming in human. You'll human error human biases come into play where yes you won the four best teams represented them but you also want to reward. The four teams that have continued to basically are saying the regular season doesn't matter. Burke was arguing today at the dolphins' facility in the media room that you don't like to Oklahoma. He wins out of I'm sorry Wisconsin wins on a bad calls he'll Ohio State do they still deserve to be in and I mean he's just. Against Wisconsin there's no unless he hates that. And he's just he's looking for ways to exclude Wisconsin from a final mile and yet we've got here it is my one of the best four best teams in the country I'd probably say no. Considering all the injuries that they've had. And right now we are they the fourth best team in the country probably not. But it's big ought to be Clemson you have to among you does it says that they did what you asked them to do so they should be in the UB beatings at the number one team right now and Clemson and again. And a couple weeks after being number through except for beating number three. And you know you you you win the ACC in the committee Fey puts a lot of value on copper champion. Yeah and I find it a funny funny I mean Saban I think Lane Kiffin between this is he as he's become the darling of the Twitter lower rates as it gets ready for great follow his own conference championship game but Leo Nick Saban. Talking about watching you should win your you have to win your conference to rep do you to be in the college football playoff. And of course now lead and he doesn't have that opportunity so now he's he saw you don't ruin marry a much but I mean. All those things is just funny how the coach you'll spend it for area for his club but there's a reason these conference championship games are in place other than make a ton of money for a different for her over the coaches. But as I mean if you're if you're saying let's just take afford to seize any of the news that while the regular season within the matter. Well I mean this as it it will matters to get to this point then you gotta you gotta go one step further and win your conference championship and I you know I disagree per it was Carson Honecker was constant winds on a terrific call and they beat Ohio State by one. There're an undefeated conference champion you have to be in that. And I it's ridiculous to me perk and I we've we agreed to disagree and ever talk about it again the other day because it was just he wasn't James in his mind. And there's no way house change in my Miley very yet you're undefeated tar five. Like you're you're you're going to the you're going to the final four Georgia Tech to show you don't do so 67974. On the crawls brings Alomar undetectable check you will perk from a from Davie as he's embedded with the Miami Dolphins will join us here in about a fifteen minutes but before you continue lot of headlines let's get to Friedel. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. Joseph Miramar. And it's Curtis was saying bad news for the canes Miami Herald citing two sources were for the sophomore wide receiver I'm on Richards was. Injury this morning practice and carted off the field with an unknown injury to herald so they approached coach Mark Richt. When he refused comment this comes less than a week after chiding Chris turner and suffered a season ending knee injury. A source told keen insight. That Richards suffered. That the injury he suffered a practice and he was eighty need not a reality show ms. lingering hamstring or an ankle issue. He's generous on Whiteside who missed practice Saturday because of soreness and swelling to his left knee will sit out tonight's game against the knicks at Madison Square Garden. Because of the same lingering injury our coverage begins at 630 with a pregame show on AM 79 Indian FM 1043 HD two ticket. What tipped off with Mike Inglis at 730. Dolphins head coach Adam Gayssot Jake colorized out of the concussion protocol he practiced today and we'll start Sunday vs Denver both running back Damien Williams and source Perry. I didn't practice today William to a shoulder three Perry is in the concussion protocol. The only other healthy running back on the 53 man roster resides can injury is now Debian Smith who was promoted from the practice squad. The girls also reporting the Marlins are essentially trying to strong arm NL MVP John Carlson and tell it last month that if you were used to trade which is his contractual right. Also Ronald with a skeleton team by dealing only top players in an effort. To reduce payroll quick question pork laden who's treating their player or worse the giants' Eli Manning the Marlins with John Carlson. Love I would say I would lean towards the giants although I'm not crying for Eli Manning like some mark. I mean my goodness you were you were you would have thought that that they basically I mean just yet or wiping all his records the way it does it take you back all the hug millions of dollars that they paid him. Over the years but the here's what did the morals thing quickly is is John Carlos didn't hold all the power here the Marlins have no leverage in the power. Well this gives them a little bit a lever like fine you were you want or use trade you're gonna lakes opera here because we're just gonna lose one game after what was gonna suffer more him or the organization both. What you're equally able who who can weather that more Maliki and financially ready right he wanted the ball mark every night knowing you're getting hounded. OK we but they're running there are organs come here to the ticket you know we love our jobs we have great jobs. You come here at ticket you wanna enjoy yourself with her every day I knew what a great time doing what you love do ride but who's going to suffer more meat or the company. Well look at it in the Marlins are gonna talk more sure but there's there there and he has all the power the army told Johnny Damon I don't wanna suffer the rebuilding when you're giving guy a no trade clause and you have that type of the key is all of the remarkable power in this wall this weather trying to do they're trying to get some rice and corn in and double work like you'll go okay. Stripped down. How that can work I don't think he's new and I think you'll agree to a deal and I'm gonna go where he doesn't adult male thing you most of the Dodgers boys and I you know what I'd be surprised they wanna take time nearly 300 million dollars I mean I easily Alexi here's where I wanna go. Figure it out. And I'm on like blow Wii U we camera work and get where you're dating returned from these two or three things that you wanna go to. So old all the power and in this in this in this thing he can you refuse anything once again him that rate given no trade clause you have you no trick ugly idea I mean anything it's like Dominic did they handle it yes they did handle the portly it was. It was and I was I was very surprised by the news when it came down yesterday during the show but my god I mean you are thought it's funeral for Eli Manning. It's like OK like that comes a time when. You have to move law Hawaii geno Smith and they told you lie fine if you wanna starlet is start to guess what you ordered a bench at halftime no matter what it's this isn't training camp. Geno freaking Smith what their long term answer is wasn't a very good when they went let lets me they bench Warner to get Eli Manning in there originally. Occur more he was also that number will run early wanna want to go right Alexandria Virginia but I mean this Warner was pretty dog is well under center. Eli Eli took his job at the time for five and four at the time and they benched Kurt Warner so it's it's gonna happen. How it happens to everybody. Did they do. In in in a strange way in my caller go far as classless way. It was but it was a strange way in a bizarre way yes. But I'm that I'm a single my god how dare they treat Eli Manning like that ever happens to everybody what does that mean the giants and then MacKey knew. Are just a dumpster fires this year and they're all gonna get fired Jerry Reese the GM been magnified his wonder if Mac to do had the stones to make this move or this came from the only thing that would make it public softer look what was it they had a number one pick sitting out don't they don't Weber GO Smith right that's not to mix a little bit odd just liberal Eli out there and ending cut ties at the end of the year. But that's what makes the islet yet we wanna get a look at geno Smith or wanna get a look at Dave's web that that to me a little bit strange. But I mean if they had a number one pick their I don't think I don't think anybody would really question the motives there they said hey we need to get this guy and just like. They inserted Eli Manning some lower fourteen years ago and the starting lineup and people are gonna wanna hear this armor Tony Sparano was first press conference. With the Dalton's I asked him. Would you play a player that maybe that would help you win. Today but maybe tomorrow we goes I never wanted to not league I know disperse your two wondering what he's going to be like in a second here Arnold especially deposition and yes especially at the the quarterback position are we're just get rolling here Hassan Whiteside. That's a little bit it's not good news to see you lingering you know is all season just left me yes now bail will be Mormon it's not expecting to make seven shots less like six rebounds he do well is really the only bright spot both ends last night Dion was hot early but ever by a top for Cleveland including Kevin Love that thing got out of hand. In real requirements in your opinion dating game old enough upping Cleveland oh LeBron getting tossed was it was gonna award the thought of yesterday and I assure you see this movie here it's category you'd be amazed at the number movies that I haven't seen OK results when was it forget Paris with Billy Crystal he's the NBA referee didn't see. I don't Debra Winger right Deborah Winger and he's an NBA officially NBA referee oh yeah and he's like he's going through a breakup with her and just miserable. And they'd Kareem is having his farewell tour. Like you toss is Kareem out. I'd like for nothing just for looking out and then he tosses out Isiah Thomas and he tosses out the coach because of the entire bench. And he talks Alec thirty people this in the delegate breakdown on the court that I kind of thought I thought about last night with you throughout LeBron because he's he's like he just he threw his arms have been set up not only do you like you'll you know you'll when he threw ramadi is real. You just speculating real money and how about when George proper threat to doctors were lapping on the badge right that yes I do I mean come on what does that. But and and I was a elves watch you on to resolve this American Tony were like yeah LeBron said capable of that word either I don't know who admitted he should have been thrown out at the sports get breast armor queues yesterday even Tosca oh yeah capsule. The you don't throw LeBron James on August it was funny as well I don't throw I gotta be careful how I see this but he saw bull Durham. Past you know he called. The umpire really bad thing he's already has that word your you must haves called me we weeping and that's exactly what he did that back out until there's a mad there's some magical words. You know but look at the pro death after the gonna hate. Use. You do not see that you haven't had a eligible fours are not so that's often. Gophers before. So he was a medium while more befuddled and than anybody to argue with rich Chris Perkins coming up here he's out and David with the dolphins Jay Cutler doesn't matter. That he's going to be back in the starting lineup for the the Miami Dolphins. Mention Eli Manning to the dolphins go with a little bit of a different route here as they they wrap of the season when not a lot to play for audio watched David. Males use that you'll see seemed fails for a fast in my mind I mean Jill Smith is nothing out of the question when your when your. With these two clubs right and there welcoming a club that might be in the same boat as they are losers of seven RO. In the Denver bronco that's the loser of seven Rowe is the paper. Well yeah exit actually the the line moved well again take up the war to the color news. A recent and because I haven't seen the last hour that put tobacco but yes they were favored Europe this is the favorite. Would bow before the other the decals against doing a haunting update on assault 27 than any good team with seven RO. He wrote in your stadium dialog they'll to regular per next here a seven I do take. Yeah. It's. Here on the tickets for a Wednesday about an interest in which regular furcal had to debut it latest on the happens also to his reaction to. For the hurricanes in the match up. Saturday night against the Clemson Tigers be of that coming up the sand bar in the. Oh tomorrow night for a big Paul came to radio show right on the ticket as the canes get ready take on. Saw Clemson Tigers during any football games Embarq offers five for one dollar kernel bug it's five for fifteen dollar mil like bug a three dollar Miller points and five dollar more Dell points. Annual chance to win the canes whack from a deed is the official apparel the University of Miami for your official hurricanes football and basketball gear visit. Shot Miami turkeys are counting is really a nice game tonight a cup in Minnesota in the ACC Big Ten classic let's say. It's a bad matchup of two top fifteen teams missile very good got a couple of law pros on their team coached by. Richard put Tino up there in scandalous or Cameron. No no no no not yet put them to should be good match about tonight to file for the canes men's hoops to and we now it out to the round duels announcers is it was just find they are truly stepped up to me that's where. We find our man on Chris Perkins in a Davey with the young Miami Dolphins today perk I feel and. All men are some feel like it's only five more weeks that. That's how old. That's how you feel yes I had I know how you feel how the players feel army they put not a good face that's probably the case. But you know you've been around as long enough you kind of knowing guys have checked out have that. It I don't know that all of the sector in order to go but what would definitely because. You know your. Here in this situation where you really don't have a hole but beginning. Or are you. But oh admiral. I mean only is being that if they re mentality out it would only. The police vehicle importantly all the way up canal. Fifteen pathetic freak mentality. So I think that their attitude is good but. I think they're at the point that I met. This just by gore. So if you if you're the coach if your Adam gauge how do you motivate guys if you're a veteran I would say the young guys. I know this is tough by north ward seven I know we're making a plastic guess one. If you're a point to the dolphins you're playing for 31 other teams you've got to put a good performance on tape. Had bought to open everybody realizes that it but it but it is why you're putting a bag with her. Performance. Is that the question are doing in order sell or doing it in getting. And I think that's where it yet but lit. At this time Cuba that was opened up with a pentium server and so the the river but a game winning streak coming in Europe but they that the the broke older are in the same spot of in that it is beer beer cup could promote they. A terrific book young guys too good to motivate him to play toward. To play winning football and I'm sure they're the apple veteran. But it helped to encourage them to play winning football. Because inclination intimately well but I'm gonna get paid or you know this doesn't matter kilometer contract so I think it comes down to professionalism but at the epic huge. You bite. We see it all the time it every sport that would get the beside me here. How'd you get guys that still buy in and contribute to winning a pole the women are often do it in this stuff. Chris Bergen is with us from David art without being said and he's going to be back next year I'd imagine. Burke will be back next year's defensive coordinators are no major changes on the coaching staff Mike ten a bomb expert who backed. Chris career all those things so that being said Burke. What do they do what's the biggest question that they wanna find an answer to here for the next five weeks what what do. I mean what is they wanna look at and say okay this is what we need to find out for 2018. Dust running back has gotta be at the top of that is right that you have a running back on this roster they can trust or. You'd have piccolo and training camp competition you have to go out starters. What you have at wide receiver because you know nervously and probably won't be back. What you have at typing and you know Julius promised we'll be back it was starter would you have it right guard children mom push rod probably woke back up starter. So there are a lot of being that you. Look at the belt way either order unique training camp competition. It eat it as a punk shouldn't that put the last five you gonna be itself. Court joining Iraq Chris Burton thought covers the dolphins for the some subtle and it's going to be different you assay and achievements or not. This image again and I think you hear from every day except Wednesdays and now we're on and AM 790 immoral for three should do the ticket. Let me ask you this he's a guest on his own show free alone save that everywhere I've never said that. This entry and exit the fungus and under just regular old Joseph Berger a a it's just a week. I'm positive than that it's time for does that that's the fun this era for god bless you bend area. To me as this has any. Groupon eighteen unit on the team or player on the team exceeded your pre season expectations. Input at the big question. But I hope that well what problem he probably not. He a little bit bit I would sit there and then let the star and purple blossoms into the Baltimore they're built the. Brutal about a player I saw how those are things I can't think of one player that succeeded in mind. No not not at them and he still has built a you know there's there's there's other guys that have been no they were side so. And what do the improved. All of these guys but it eased my expectation. Probably not and then there's probably many U of this means that my expectation these. Whether bad. Mean we get it will love it and then you go the other side of that indigo how many guys have have fallen short of expectations. You you start with Dovonte part there's no Q and as and then you go to another first round victim they're. 00 right yeah. That there of the budget. Looked at and then at you know it they get how. I expect him to take a bigger step he hadn't been a disappointment maybe I expect too much out of you know. Org pivotal battle but it made very grainy impact who plays this beat it may be I expect too much out of you know. Our military branch I'll give you two guys that have exceeded the two rookies two rookie defensive tackles that's been that's been a nice little story that's about it. As far as I'm sure and I got it wrong and there's really expectation yes. Well it that Taylor may be Taylor means that it active for a lot of ink. But yeah Dutch are definitely got target market that's who you are. That's one of the big problems with their scheme is there. When you can look at what you expected the room and there are a whole lot of people look. Looks surprised you were there you go wild like don't last year with which they had gone oh pretty grim and a lot of other guys open your. This year that have not been the case at all. Perk RGJ goes into the start I mean that that is what it is and we'll see how it looks something that really gets everybody all all excited there. But a what she about to Amman Richard all of your news got carted off. During practice earlier today will figure out the severity before Saturday obviously Kurt Busch. Another another thing that stacked against the University of Miami. Going against that Clinton defense and and freed on I gonna preview of the biggest match which is it too defense is coming up in the next segment. But if Monty and goal. But just your thoughts on how mine is gonna find the ins on Saturday night. Well I mean did I get the good and and and as senior legal or if you look at different time. Correct mom has been in and out of the line up on that ate the race. And and the talent in the end an old marine. Disabled by. In a way you've been dealing with this vote ears so. It's not as simple as that live out but that's what you have to make. I know of it the same being built for Chris earned in the same paying lip mark well. I get wind with the on a little bit of a boatload of like the bit. It is really next man up and that's all you can do because if you. This sit there and think about him or on the blah blah blah they're gonna swallow when so. Not get ready for Quinn and that in spoke. That's really all you have to import it it's like Cairo Amman that such a book you'll or by. The train the trainers is still boom would echo that release all retain them do it. But. You know. Don't have time this that are written and it is potentially the big secret that that Evans. You gotta be getting covered up on that so that they did it the same which he couldn't. Okay yes or no and I know you cannot lie to the audience. And you stuck it out long enough to see LeBron James rejected last night. I I did you know yeah I had actually heard the point flooded XP. Platelet or recorded that I did I did see. So there are so when they were down thirty Indian and he'll run off to us a lifetime movie you stuck it out and then release until LeBron got ejected. I would I would have been back importance at the thought actually did not get excited. I I turn back in it look like oh run Berger got it. To go out. There but I gotta go with that there at what point for point for point when they were there hour ago. Millionaire and hopefully we're gonna take away your sports card for that to me as a standalone weekends at that point he does them a lot she doesn't mean that first Monday in America or court order period where don't matter. Merck adjust your your day we'll see you tomorrow thank you going to Merck. I see guys real good luck when you look on the third. Thanks man appreciate it. A freedom and your. You're out of your last show cracked smile I show about 2017 am having a knee replacement surgery next week. Parents and I so need replacement surge have only replacement. Now have you had bad knees in the past I Vivendi's rushed five or six years and a final is got us where no pun intended you weren't there are no pun intended but mine is on its last legs right yes. That's enough senior walks yeah I mean that is. I had I had four different operation remind me never grant how rare young thousand real or ninth 1819. And other wells when he won. And a mine he's basically been a mess for fifteen years really to said the heck with it. So I. I I think he's got any tips for freedom and I'm sure you've heard it all they tell me the rehab is can be brutal Barbara. This friend Trent Dilfer put on instead Grammy had a three weeks at least a posting videos or still shots any put on their. In a recent rehab session he. Pride he said the pain was so ready cry if that's true yen as and a friend of mine said he was they were so bad has really passed out twice right it appears that spoke quarterback. Was from a got the pain tolerance of a billion times more than I do and nobody quite yet yeah it's going to be cried like oh god what am I getting into what you've been around enough athletes and all that to the rehab is always the toughest par or special for your replacement does this one is. Middle center in their twenties and your little illness warnings anymore no but I mean you've been around the NFL players secured an MBA players for yet to win this job for forty years have seen guys you know. But yes the rehab I mean it's got this tough yes but I mean the rehab to get back where they are you just wanna rehab to you can move around yes there's a light at the end of the tunnel now recognized so you got any any tips or suggestions for Frito sort of on. Wind on the farmers are should be on the quote the monetary side six have a 974 we come back though we're gonna look at the biggest key as icy and I think you do 22. How Miami can win Saturday. Day night. And and punch their ticket most likely to be a final four will have that for you next right here on 792 ticket. Check in on the biggest match up in the ACC championship game break that down in just a moment. Frito on myself with the Frito Wednesday here on here on the show come on out to the largest gains toga party on Fort Lauderdale beach at the retired music festival powered by Ford. It is Saturday and Sunday and it's finally here. And when you're there make sure he's up by the New England 79 in the biggest sports a ways of watching ACC championship game with your feet of sand and great music. Two you got Saturday the lineup this cage elephant Weezer. And and more we got the I got the line up here it is wall to wall music from 11 in the morning all the way. Till to the end of the night each day it is amazing Sunday got boys to men KC and the sunshine band borders Lou Gramm saw a couple of and more there's a ban on all the time. Present about and is on the main action attorneys call 180747. For this morning hundreds of a foursome threesome on 33 gulfstream park welcomes your playground in my associates and the a multi specialty medical group delivering innovative care call 1844954. Doctor tied to to throw until now. Get them at the ticket Miami dot com. Lover boy more staying in the time on Sunday. Lie Amos Shannon's gonna be there on Sunday. A Saturday had Brothers Sundance. New politics. Injuring a man in the wilderness of course Weezer and cage element. TJ immoral it is and a portion I can as any of the action. Being the ACC team to game is is Saturday night's American miss any of Miami and Clemson and that gets us to. Our our big matchup which is our look at the defense is sponsored by your local neighborhood sports grill MI NSR Levine action attorneys call wanting hundreds of enforce symmetry between 107473733. And by boat ran rom. And freed I think this is. The matchup. Saturday night whoever's defensive line and these are two of the best defensive lines in the country but that that's just dead needs to be said right there crime whoever you are we gonna rank them. They are two of the top defensive lines in the country front seven even even more so. Whoever shines in that match up who's going to win the ACC championship game. Look at Clemson defensive line all four top. First or second team all ACC that's a tough match up. May tougher now Oakmont Richards is not in their look give you battle mark mark Walton that's. You know October 7 of course Chris Hermann let went down so that's three big pieces that the canes are missing but you know you're right I mean look at deepens the lead. The the country into or over right now Miami's Nolan and their average what three to have sex game. Yep Miami is number one. There plus seventeen of them in the turnover margin Clinton is plus 340 it comes doesn't turn it over a lot no bill torn over time people such kind of that's kind of an advantage for Miami but yet mind you get 28 point nine takeaways. On the season which is the president just eleven games they have 39 sacks Miami's divas only allowed six rushing touchdowns all season long but that comes in front. These guys were all warned that he's clearly Farrell. Christian Wilkins Austin Bryant all the championship experience from a year ago if you don't believe me go look at any mock draft. The couple guys underclassmen by the way they're all projected first round picks that's both defensive end and the DT first round. That's something you'd say the past Alabama right Miami yeah. But this is just a remarkable team you know hey here's a quote director knows we tough sledding against their defense the defense apart he watched the film and like ol' boy because the front. Is so strong and they've been able lined them. You know against the run they put a lot of pressure on the quarterback it's not going to be easy for police rose year and if you don't it was tough against Pittsburgh what's going to be like he gets clumsy. Right on this is this is a wholly other different animal but whoever's the offensive line plays better that team win the game I'm out Obama I've been saying that all week long anomalies that right up until. Game time or Siva plays up that way now Miami's defensive front. And defense in general. It is obviously very good the they did they hurt they got hurt losing the beaches Jackson a couple of weeks ago speaking of the injuries. But judge Kwon Johnson right children red wine I mean when you go now when you get deeper into the secondary Miami's defense that's where they're bigger playmakers. Coach come in the play but they got to do a good push at a Kendrick Norton. And that an RJ Macintosh who who have been great for most of the year. Showed a little bit against Pittsburg and then you know Chad Thomas on the outside then they're. He's gonna have to have one of those games if I mean it's a game where you throw on the film if you're an NFL team and you go okay. How to match up in this game and of Chad Johnson wants to be jumpin do. The likes of low of constant guys this is going to be a game where draw your he's gonna have to Du'Shon Clinton's only giving up thirteen and a half points per game this year so. Miami I don't know how they're gonna do it but they're gonna have to get creative on offense. That's DJ Dallas if they don't have mum on Richards. I don't think they can they they can just turn around and give the ball to Travis homework and expect to grind out to eighty or ninety yards against his defense. And and move the ball in and find the end zone on a consistent basis I don't think they can do that against his defense. Generally TJ Dallas or Braxton burial semi war where who these. You know its outlook Richards. If he's out and and again changes eyes reporting it's a knee injury it's not a Rihanna racially hamstring are earning cool injury. Either her or was the first report that that he got carted off from practice today. But Richards has been you know a great freshman your last derby has been hurt so much things only got 24 receptions three touchdowns. But nonetheless a blow to the office but who makes up for that perhaps imperialists I mean you see the mainland your reliance. What what Jackson is is the opposite receiver I know I mean I was gonna have to I know that from saying who's there to make up. For these reception ligament Langevin KG will get playing time that we'll take his spot if he can go quite as a receiver and he's going to be targeted more than those guys I think in double coincident Klinsmann knows I know that Google did that mean that for the liberal that I have a game plan for idol I don't know how they're gonna make up for that and that's why I'm wondering aloud how's mind might get creative whether it's designed runs with Moly grows year. Whether that's you know DJ Dallas on you know bubble screen or something like that get him in some open space without heard and if you don't have Richards like that exist. Mean we just in next sounds great. But I'd be at some point you run out of men. Here's something I've always been interest in the mental side of the game let me ask you this. Is only one series more Rick pulled more week rosier and put a share Evan sheriff's and there are. Put up for your starts off bad. Does that creep into his mind like oh I can't afford any more slippage for guess what I'm getting the book I have to I think it was such a mistake. For even one series correct to pull him well I mean I just think that mentally you can't have a half mental. Week rosier you know I'm a 100% invested mentally ended his name and if there's any hope it's gonna creep into his head. That's a victory or Thomas and a total in game decree but that's a win mentally. For Clemson nobody if you believe he's that weak mentally where few throws a pick teams at all my got to my gonna get benched then you more than you Marty he's already defeated going into that game anyway. I look at it from the other side is okay boy. I got benched wow I need to focus up here I need to do a better job because obviously I got benched for a reason so now they. I don't of course I don't know what else they're going to say. But everyone said Emily Croshere had a great last couple of days of practice and he's looked a lot better so maybe that was kind of a wakeup calls a goal holy bleep. I can get benched gonna bench me oh wow okay. I I didn't go out and I don't know if your response that way great to be doesn't like that and then then that's problematic to be sure. I mean I'd just I mean it's it up and you brought it up but I I just think that he has bigger issues with time 31 round potential first round picks on comes in front trying to trying to you Alou those guys but I mean yeah I doubt he's a mean of -- Roger plays poorly they lose I don't think he's gonna get hooker and and I believe you Max protect against that defensive line. Also the lines and after have to play great on my middle Aisling give up twenty sacks this year. Now they weren't great against Pittsburgh is what you remember last but the Miami's. Often the lines and that done a pretty good job and her jerking got a lot of trouble that's one thing you watch it all time accountable you wonder. Why he won a quarterback can movie that the pro level. Like third and four. Pocket breaks down you run for five yards you move the sticks. On on a play that the defense had completely covered up that's what a running quarterback you give your quarterback mobility can give you a Clemson has won similar in and Brian on the other side but. Obama look like Rodgers got them a great game Saturday night for Miami took to win that she would agree with that. Not slowly and you know PB audio levels against Pittsburgh then they're in trouble you can recover. And do what he's done sometimes and you know then there's a ball game but. You know it's not going to be easy this is an uphill battle. Think the biggest thing from either simplifying the gonna have to find creative ways in the run game to get darts that's all whether it's you know the reverse. Where their team that's short passing and find ways. You markers that are tremendous job now if you Obama Richards it's a revealed a different. But the of the swing passes. On either side of of the field he's done an excellent job of that. And just gotta get get 45 yard gains and just take those haven't seen that allows the a couple of games maybe he brings that. Back against the against on sincerity and I put Yahoo! including Miami is the underdog but I think the defenses. Are going to be key on no on both sides not to what the two they're talking a bit Clemson. They're preaching those big guys up front and that's that's who's gonna take us back to the the final four a look at the defense is sponsored by your local favorite sport MI and drowning accident attorneys call when he hundreds of them for some free. That's 1800 some foursome with three. 733 AM Bible Tran rom we come back over to the 5 o'clock hour Brito got here's the thing about people texting and about your apparent knee surgery and you've got you get some deer on the kind of looked in the in the crystal ball so to speak here. As as we move four plus got fifteen minutes a heat. Checking what Tom De'Angelo second item back to back there in. Amnesty Madison Square Garden win tonight the F three and one road trip after last night's just kind of a fiasco. Against the the Cleveland Cavaliers it was not good we'll check in with Tommy be coming up here in about 25 minutes right here on your home 87 I didn't take. I thought before I. I'm here on 796 here Thursday was alongside Josh Friedman it's a free no holes Wednesday and get Tom D'Angelo Palm Beach post it was a Miami heat's not a good morning Cleveland we'll reflect on that look ahead to tonight's match ups we're gonna run your right up until our coverage Miami Heat basketball there in New York to take on. The knicks who some of the same start as via the Miami Heat the record wise to watch out for. The forcing its won the unicorn who won tonight Noah son Whiteside freed we'll get that. In the the headlines as we got a busy busy. Wednesday. Headliners for you here we got some cain's news as well which we'll get to. It's been just a moment but first please help the neighbor it's modeled shot impacted by hurricane permit this holiday season with a gift donation at the Seminole tribe of Florida. Incorporated and seminal veterans point drive. What's happening this Thursday Friday and Saturday from 8 AM to 8 PM on the corner of 441 and two on the road in the seminal. Classic casino parking lots of you're in the area the next few days September year. Please bring any a gift donation for area a young child. This holiday season can always Texas shows 6797467974. We did a beer your reading the text or freedom we got a lot of people. Giving you some. I would say out of its advice. But well we'll classify it as that as far as your your knee or Eudora then and they were saying the refrain I've heard a lot of people either did it themselves or. One guy said he worked in the OR an orthopedic surgery assistant he said knee replacement surgery sound like they're building to house. I like that does some very comforting if you're in that to have it's amazing plus my doctors say hammering and yet as my doctor said the surgery itself it shocked me last less than an hour. And Allison and I made the mistake. Going on YouTube and looking at some of that surgery idea probably not a good idea. Well no while she does relic faces the death of some commitment and an amendment ledger you're torturing yourself here Frito. You that you the the gas I guess there I guess in July last currency go into that he's a refinement suffer get out of ovary and a little relevance or remorse about the we have you don't want that neural blocker wears off and players you then then that's going to be but this your final show here on the on the nation's power to. 2017 mile last working day and with all that's going on I mean like I really gonna miss like talking about you know everything that's going on but this gets into here's a thing. Now sports. Curtis like other parts of our lives moves very fast things sometimes capital lightening speed players are added cutter rated. Coaches or hire or fire teams are winning streaks or got mired in losing streaks and changes the one constant and a stated in the song. By rush called Tom Sawyer changes are permanent changes now listeners of my show in the evenings. Know that I'm having knee replacement surgery today Israel national 2017. And academy to wondering Curtis. What changes will current sports green now when the time I return to work to be roughly five weeks. Now looking into my crystal ball which I admit sometimes in the past can be a bit cloudy here's what I think will change in the sports landscape between now when the first week you Jane you're. The dolphins Curtis losers of five straight games have been born seven. I think they're gonna finish the season at five and eleven losers of nine of their last ten games only a victory this Sunday at home vs Denver. Prevent Miami from losing ten consecutive games. Curtis it pains me to write this but the hurricanes used our off season ten and noble for getting massively upset by Pittsburgh last Friday. Wolf this season at ten and three they're gonna fall to Clemson in the first crack at the ACC championship. And then lose to Alabama hard rock stadium in the or people I hope I'm wrong. But I feel your that I am right. Junk moral stand will have been treated by the time I return to work first week in January to mark may the club even more unrecognizable. Both the gore to marshals who you'll also be dealt away by the end of the year. And after the regular season ends on December 31 the following six coaches Curtis will be shown the do or. The first week in January hue Jackson of the browns Marvin Lewis of the Bengals truck gone all the colts. And Matthew of the giants' John Fox of the bearers and maybe a bit of a surprise your Dirk Cotter. Of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers now that's a lot that's gonna happen and relatively short period of time check back Meehan bye weeks and we'll see how accurate I was and that is here's the. And here's the thing is sponsored by Joseph nerds and amateur and down by Chris Joan urges are authorized DJ idea there has lawyer Joseph needs covered new urgent repairs customization training sessions and more. Visit them today Joan urged dot com South Florida's pie in the sky RNC got stand being traded. Got the dolphins going 511 winning only this week in Denver against Denver losing nine of the last ten. The other hurricanes finishing the season losing a three India in a row and six coaches fired and six soldiers fired any good news in there but did the did get my cat dying in their somewhere. It didn't admit it it's a bit of an idea that any anything going to want to welcome in your return early and welcome in 2000 and you know I never heard these I was doing this BI focused on the negative. Seriously what okay what do you disagree. While McCain's part a little bit on the of the match up but yeah Alabama will be doubly tough that plays that if the jays lose Saturday the plane George Ball which is probably about tonight's home game in London and let's Wisconsin and Oklahoma bold idea although got a proposal and it's a damn good football team right almost nine out of ten react maggots acts. Com NFL coaches getting fired a little care about any of those guys Leo we haven't every year. You get six or seven coaches they get fired and you are sick bigotry signature is probably is probably it's inevitable this well I tell them before the first to the error you know right. We got to think when all is slightly aware of the tunnel and yet you continue the the bill the bill the arrows boning up on the heat despite a last night's loss zero point deficit thanks for that it was young guy to like my in my here's the thing hero Frito I hope you get no Steve let. Another guy writes in Frito is the worst so there ago pledge to say mile occurs during gets fired here in the next couple weeks here we go on here too. Still have a great holiday season everyone. It so. Well Woolsey I mean one guys of what about heat knew it was hard to predict I mean were kind of in the you know not even halfway through the seasons it was really hard to predict. You know what about you see the heat are gonna be like six games over 500 I just seemed like a weird way to. Can't hardest element on China beyond looking inside your crystal balls there and say all you know is not going to be at our all star this a matter LeBron James are gonna do time. I'll just you know. A little optimism below optimism to ring in the UPS I have an optimistic about the heat. OK I I'll stick in my 45 to forty wins an operative who beginnings or is it to 44 my friend that's on matter Seattle what do wire saying I don't know. Where else is as much into the regular wallet goes to change things for me yes dull dull curse that's that's you got enough. Curse is going on their sixth coach in the NFL and I'll give you know there's always a surprise and their two there's always a surprise there but that al-Qaeda and could be the surprise this year. Yeah maybe in the it was a surprise those of you retires. There's always somebody some link assuming it's some some weird to think it's weird you know between the management of some than but yeah I mean black Monday around the NFL resist you know what every year it's 5678 coaches and another got settled me as freedom and hope the cut open the wrongly merry go. Thank you Paula bloom I wow. I'm a good surgery effort yesterday I mean you know just little little negative there on the on the front there might jacket really. Disagree with a lot of that's by the news the dolphins when my two games in the for the six intent doesn't doesn't make you feel Ahmet better than than five and eleven. 67974. That tell you reach us we'll tell you Tom De'Angelo coming up here. In about a twelve minutes or so let up to New York CL a he did this one here come home three and one. On the sub four game road trip. How we got some news on Osama Whiteside and for those got short headlines. He speaks WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FAS Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. And we'll get to us on Whiteside just a moment Curtis of bad news for the canes and Miami Herald. So the LaMont Richards was injured this morning a practice carted off the field at the time they said it was an unknown injury. Mark Richt wouldn't comment on this after practice. No source told keen insight that the injury that Richards suffered today. Was keen knee injury not a Rio ration of his lingering hamstring or ankle issues. And this comes less than a week after tightening Chris Hermann suffered a season ending knee injury. He said her son Whiteside who missed practice Saturday because of soreness and swelling to his left knee will sit out tonight's game against the knicks at Madison Square Garden. Because of the same lingering injury our coverage begins at 630 with a pregame show on AM 79 million of them won all 43. HD to the ticket with tip off at 730 with a call by Mike Inglis. Dolphins head coach at a gay said Sheikh powers are the concussion protocol he did practice today and we'll. Start Sunday against Denver. Both earning next Damian Williams and source Harry didn't practice today the only healthy running back and the 53 man roster. Besides canyon Drake is Debian Smith who was promoted from the practice squad. The girls also reporting that the Marlins are essentially trying to strong arm and Helen BP Jon Karl stand. Telling him last month that a pure refuses to trade which is his contractual right. We'll surround him with a skeleton team by dealing only top players in an effort to reduce. Payroll and those are your headlines 67974. That's how you reach us on the court result modest sex lies and they wish as your chart its widget script and here you go for a sex change there so. I don't know you've become Josh she'd become Josh you know I'm Janet I don't I don't know how that's. What the weather when I had my guess survivors out of your UPS surgeries on your knee they common name Eskew a five time to your surgery is just to make sure. Everybody's on the same page what are you having done what haven't done. And there was a guy that it'll last time and you know he's one of three or four people came around what do you what do you forested hysterectomy. He's looks like whoa wait him. That's what's cheapest paying attention again it's always good double checked double and triple check on that on that front pleasant surprise to be against Joseph down that that might be 11 I don't think I thought about the and I thought about that before I didn't put him on the list I don't think you always gonna give up on him after just one year I think I think he's got. He's got. At least a seasonal. I I mean and Natalie in nothing are surprisingly nothing ever surprise me whatsoever I mean how would now would be Elway admitting a really bad feeling. Yeah I'm giving up on the guy that I take. One season whose tenure and that that reflect reflect really badly and now we you to sign a contract extension and he's got in Denver but that would make him look or. I made about retirement at least a meaning you you Dorsey could do was stick with a bad hire I mean some guys aren't aren't. Not a good fit some guys aren't. It does not there right time Castro sightings and your coach was sometimes you just the when -- the first black coach you you make a lot of mistakes and you learn and then second time around a lot better thing was Gary Kubiak was the first coach you know we hired his former backup in Denver. And of course you won a Super Bowl attempt. When Kubiak was hired the wrong wrong. Was vast ocean so they knew him very well going into the last set of interviews no but I mean this to it's kind of crazy how there there come back here they've. There and almost is worse shape as the as the dolphins here organ a lot of Eli Manning self on the on the on the tax line just out off people are serious but. Dick I was gonna start for the Miami Dolphins. In its. If Eli Manning is available you I think. And I don't unless on the crying for Eli I think there's going to be like 718 that would be interest and Eli Manning. Look at there such a shortage of quarterbacks in the NFL he will not be out of work for very long they'll be. The rebate some teams in banging down his door to get a two time Super Bowl one quarter if you're the dolphins would you would you would you be interest and and what's the condition Branson hills knee before Lance. And as I would I would think you'd aka I have 82 quarterbacks. A ton of money I don't make a decision. I wouldn't I'd stick with ten hill because you know ease you right now you why wouldn't make a difference in Super Bowl or no Super Bowl. And he's getting up there what's he probably like 36 right now closed at 37 perhaps I would stick with ten mil who and I don't think he's thirty yet he's on the precipice of being thirty. And you know you were your racquet at the Ely a tall and he's not gonna make that tangible difference right now the did team is just too far away. I would agree and I'd also I'd also think that you I would have some more attractive offers. I think you know Arizona though would be a team that's a little bit. Closer. Jacksonville obviously a lot of people think would be would be one. So I really I think they'll be some other some other teams that are a little bit closer and probably a better fit for you like I did bring it up because I've heard it about the last I her. A little bit last night also from media and now people are texting and hey to the dolphins you know what you what do you think. That's what we think but you know optional I mean right Daniel I have no idea what he's going to look like. That's neither good or bad what I would expect yes ranked and you'll be fully recovered. From from the knee surgery and be in training camp to get all the work. Leading up to that and he's going to be the guy next next year in week number one and we'll see how that one will see about that no. Look how well he did at least I think he did well. Until we got hurt and gained thirteen against Arizona on clay as Campbell. Knocked him out for the year I mean he he was doing well in case is office she wasn't you know setting the world on fire but the arrow was pointing up at least in my opinion. I'm Ryan Shannon will be performed better than he did forge Joseph Philbin or Dan Campbell he had a guy who had his back to trust in them. And and I think he was doing while the air you know he was improving. And I thought in season 21 or adding basis system. He would do less thinking just more reacting and so I think ten hill. Right now they're guys that said. I'll bet within the first three rounds the picker quarterback. Maybe even the top 21 Paulson them that. He should've been a predictions here that's that's of nice prediction when I said that it would happen before the end of the year time OK we can destroy an ordinary let's say that the you know. Had they gets only wielding a look at his would you treated number one pick three why are you hi Nadia and yet you're crazy there's no happy I get my are to be under a seizure as as far as we know are we got genuine Tom D'Angelo comedy. Covers the Miami for the Palm Beach post you have fifteen minutes of heats. As they try to rappel the road trip with a win tonight against the New York mix who. Pay Tim Hardaway juniors played very well this these thereby mocked a big contract they gave him. Port zing guess is having an all star type a year won't be easy tonight in in York should be an edge to game after last night which was not a very interesting as far as. From a competitive standpoint for the Miami Heat plus some Whiteside is out I mean more bam bam bam tonight of an awfully career evening. We'll get his thoughts come up next right here on 790 the ticket. Okay. Fifteen minutes. Curtis Prado back with a here on. 79 the ticket got about a little more than an hour ago cigarette fertility basketball there in the big city take on the next to wrap wrap up. This road trip for the time now for fifteen minutes of heated. We just customize my champion four by fours upload them elegy truck and as you because of his agent shot you're guaranteed about his four by four modifications and down for. Called champion for rifle at 7865023446. Or go to champion for by pork dot com we go to the big city which again. For the big man himself Tom De'Angelo covers the Miami Heat. For the Palm Beach Posey joined his right now on the right fuels and dells here's Julian stores just line their truly steps. Beyond that convenient Tom are you doing today. I'm doing great in my sitting in a call from a net. Spike Lee the other Charles Oakley C got a tape Winslow sheet. Christie Brinkley galaxy where somebody came back. It's like gives them an out. Commercially and give Madison Square Garden you Gaidar a woman opt. Ours are allowed argue the because I love a machine even even after the after the redo. Are you mean it is the greatest arena in the world regular. Post that the second most famous arena the world has been the it to second most famous card in the world the other one the boss the. Let an object yeah and out there and I know I've never been chemistry. It's the best. No I wanted half court short Shockey we were we could lead to cut my. I guess that you need track was dirty mixed playoff series didn't they would have practiced here are some that tour on the court beforehand been. She half court shots I took two shots check on went in and I that was it I never took a double on someone for two and that's Greg Garber went from half court. You're shooting through the years that you're going to Kevin Love them misty right now know he really great he would have made about five of those were out last night or what what what do you make a last night Tom these guys talking how bad at the office and the other team which is an outstanding group was on fire. I mean yet they'd be out you know as what is one of those games that when you have one guy like that giving would have suspected. Kevin Love was going to be the guy with bella. Pregame buildup with LeBron and Dwyane and playing those two for the very first time. In a uniform other that you know together on the eve of other than an e-book all seeing and eat so yeah he was it was it was unbelievable you know. They started with Hassan Whiteside Ottoman in its spoke to him out of there about four minutes pitching and off. Chosen Kelly Olympic and after Foreman achieved excellent follow peace god it would have been a lot of I L who actually. Could actually had the best game out of three shelters in May start tonight. It's probably want some Whiteside sitting out tonight he's got soreness and swelling in his left knee is this something you're just. Gonna be chronic throughout the year. Well I don't know ballclub a year gosh it's just being blown. I tried to keep. And that's what it's doing it's taken it's taken tactic you wouldn't you know his. I think you can see him I think they're going to. Treating him and a lot of it. You know I just kind of be. Careful with him at practices he's probably an assist you gotta get we don't do that take either some practices that try to make sure this thing gets better. But it just it is take time it was. McCready Bolton will use I use it out finding out what's about to breach that happened and now we we Armonk a little bit more than a month later and still. It still bothers themselves. I think it's going to be chomping down until you know what is it it probably probably will heal at some point this year but it just gonna. Take some time in one that swelling and and I thought it was good I'd have to shorten that assists on big ball that we've practiced on top. On Saturday partly because Jessica it was couples at that they. You know they've had but you know we consider this game in but now they they're at a track. They're either what height disadvantage you know if they have started to expand and just the start at 67 they don't against 73 was going get some. 611 Venus cancer that can be very interest and. Well let me just this is one of the ways they made. Guard you don't protect Whiteside if you will for lack of a better word. If you look at least the only good enough he'll play the may be one of the ways that protect him is the second night of back to back that might be a night arrest them. I don't think they're going to I think they're just going to not play him when he doesn't allow us to help okay. Okay it I don't think duplicate where you'd gone out to clamp younger court to be sure to now and he's doing the play but I'm seeing here. You know that sleepy and any keys were might swell back to back slap in the face yes yes because the night before the order that the opinions at least. You're play forty critical to being played I think 21 in nineteen basically. Oh yeah and yet that it isn't yet again in spoke to the Saturday at Chicago. One of the issues out but so what color sketch fourteen road games in 1980 and ninety out of my game. So in Namibia have a four game road trip they you know getting on a plane during cold weather all that stuff affects. And I guess this is probably eat all the result of all back to back traveled there you know whether admin group on the strip actually pretty by the considering cities have been in back. But still cool weather. I probably a result of all of that and they just decided you know what if he had not and I I thought he looked a little bit more hobbled Sunday than he did last night at the shore. So on day immediately what quarter of course gave what I did it put Cordoba. It gave that game little work up an integrated for a quarter I thought is they existed about the dude but he I don't believe it I think they just. He just wasn't feeling right indeed beaten you know they didn't wanna see about there going the assignment. Those 8% 7% sometimes exponent of like what I'll be separated wanna see doing that I didn't leave this moderate. And all of the analysts on him if he's not feeling right the attitude is always follow you out the body language all went off in the house. I don't know is he gonna let us know gonna make sure that we know he's out so. That's what you have them in at a lot of guys like that in you know disposed OK and Scola just go sit until. Until your healthy so no really no big surprise there is Tom D'Angelo for the Palm Beach. Joins us is courtside at the second most famous arena in the world that Madison Square Garden art poured Zynga city job. Seven and all star a year he's been great averages 27 a game who's gonna camp tonight to do well that assignment. Which we attack if I'm wondering if you put because he should have been three I can't see 67 deficit will look guarding him. So may be FL I guess Graham and then you know critically with Kelly is seven order behind him. That would but that would mean they earbud he's more extra degree you'll perimeter player that can't or sexual Levitt. So. So I guess it is so I you look at it both ways what will's ball wants. What people want bam on the low post guy which would be cantor. Ideally yes to the catapult forward that was seven right so who knows I actually we obviously wouldn't it can be adjusted to see what they. Cap when they get an op here who goes whose coverage who let. But I can see him going going either way the elegant album you know it is good or bad for the eat but he he's been in a little bit of a nineteen swampy started off a fire you know average closed thirty. Last seeking to sell us down about 21 shooting down sequentially and down the whole team actually kind of coming back to article we kind of expected them to be silk. So what Alessio filed that it'll be actually going to be interesting to see it peaked. You know how he lays it whether he had a smaller guy on him he decides it's justices in its coverage into does that mean they you know they backed him back out. And so so putting it doesn't it about as much on the perimeter as a village of the going to be very interesting chess match. How do you talk to bam is is it a little challenging her him I think he's only played like two of the last nine games and any kind of the last nine Abbott and he did really well now you know he might start and I do who do grant entry is is tough. You know mentally I'm I've physically Elian. I think for younger guy he said last night I government yesterday that we tackled at the head of was. Because that was the that one of the toughest things to get used to it is not playing guy and I said parity this young guy. Was but prodigy so career he'd have a seat played every basically. Every minute of every game he's played in the averaged. It started all 38 Pataki who averaged thirty minutes a game in the course of our school you know each and every game and every minute ever regain self. So that's been tough but I think he yeah it really well considering what he did last night but he get east played. He played two of the previous eight going into last out to a previous nine may be a thing going into last night and now. Coming off the bench and you know goes seven for seven and and I grabbed six rebounds and tell you what the that they know the press so that was one wayward course where. He got he got it was done on switching it on now LeBron in the brom looked evidence that I'm gonna take a man and he he. He played a very well stated credible force LeBron to top shot. Kelly so I I think alum you know I think because of what he what they shot him last night that's why I think he gets startled Kelly. But also because slowly gospel like to keep its rotation and that would be the most natural thing to do. Not you know and it is it's really. You know this flashlight came to the west and I did it the silver lining was getting banned the playing those minutes especially the start tonight. You know treated correctly a little bit better starting tonight knowing what he did last night it goes he had weight Kirk a week you know what appeared played the last fight game. General question and even then if it continues to play well. And her son is you know hey I might take a few more games aren't then you might just OK son just. Let's just as the that a shot and let's shuttered down for a couple of days there. Because we got yeah I am playing well that's always the flip side of things hey Tom enjoy the game tonight and we always appreciate your time thank you very much. And hopefully 31 road you'll be very nice don't tackle. That was the I tell you that probably when they left the furthest thing that I would be up to a two would have been OK satellites started to you want to be right and stripped. If that loss and I'd almost be a buzz kill come back to deuce a nice nice big game tonight your after the loss last night to answer a rebound Tom always appreciated thank you sir thanks Tom. Have Julia valmont corner of your heat veteran NBA for it's a must follow on Twitter that Tom De'Angelo 44 from the from the Palm Beach post from. Courtside of the second most of I don't know he's big boss and a Boston garden and their parents from Boston. Right not I figured that much but I mean just like him Boston cardinal I never saw old garden. But he can't compare the the new guarded with the with the old old guard is there any like I've never been a mystery that's in my book list until the biggest thing in my vocalists and it would you'd have to burn some calories to get there. Lambeau Field I want to Italy and I want to go to a game and I'm not talking mid December. But that's on my blog what do you what what stadiums are on your. Could you travel a lot yeah lucky you you've gone away our stadiums arena is that I a limbo Leo I'm urban Lambeau effort that's pretty cool stuff obvious that probably be I would wanna go like mid December that's that takes and stones man that I mean. We've got to go when it's like at least coal can collect it for me I mean there's only eight it's always cold up there give me for pre season game you me October without a jacket near that. But you know this kind of it moderately. Alia a couple of times they're filling more than a few times friendliest ever saw a game at Fenway but have been through the I was there for like during a winner so I would like to sit on the on the seats on top of the green monster for those are cool guy yeah those. But not about you know Lambeau I mean is that not a lot of the old stadiums are now it's funny because now. I wanna go see the new stadiums right. But I want to go see what's it like when I saw oversaw. Jerry's world there was this Giant Eagle there it was like oh my god like this there was an aide I try to explain it to people say it's like. It's something it's unlike you've ever seen before if if I could come regain their I would get their hours early and just it is almost I was allowed to just walk around just see a lot of Doris. It's it's it's like you're here it's electorate city and the poll by the way there's the football field down on the down there somewhere and I don't writers of the public the dolphins there in this the only look at the field and look at the video screen writing and they got the athletes that big as you could see that from anywhere where you're standing so you're getting hot dog. And you're like you're basically probably. 400 yards away from the field essentially after. And you and you can just watch the the big video screen which are which is in the center. Of their like the new Atlanta stadium like you know as far as like that one you'll see just saw. How cool you know there was trying to outdo everybody else now and all these deals the cool thing about juries world that video screen is sixty yards wide and they wanted to show how big that is. They wanted the NBA all star game there that's twice as long as an NBA court. Right now and it's just a product like the definition on that thing is it mean now know what it is when it's until the Chinese shaver and hope that you missed a whisker. It's it's pretty crazy have a square garden is pretty cool you know like especially if you take that subways in the great range that's right yeah you get off there and you kind of walked and so. Amnesty is it is is critical evidence of the kind of re did it ranked by the mean pulled tolls kind of it's better but the Tenet in that kept the a lot of the blob that nuance in the the atmosphere of the of the joint there are things that Tom the Agile fifteen minutes of kiwi still a lot more to get to an hour from now. Wilson knew we'll send you to a new York and I get the coverage there Arco which begin at 630 so we got a little bit middlemen abbreviated show. Develop a lot more to get to we got some disturbing cain's news. Which which will touch arise as a relates to the championship game Saturday nights we also got some had used for one of the Errol sweetly jets and that is one of those somebody screwed up big time you'd wanna see wonder when that when they finally realized their mistake. The horror that they must experience I don't know how old how you can make this mistake in the modern day. But it was. One of the major airline industry's on her. Has a little bit of a crisis on their hands night. We're gonna get of that coming up next right here on 79 minutes ago. Come out of the largest cane toga party on Fort Lauderdale beach other side music special power buy for the weekend. Of December 2 and third it is this weekend Saturday and Sunday it is finally here and when you're there retrieve stuff by the New England 79 into the sports oasis. Watch the ACC championship when your feet in the same and great music too. Saturday decades ago and Weezer injured man in the wilderness in so many more other acts Sunday its voice to man KC and the sunshine band. Borders program salt and pepper and more. Tons other a great band Tito Puente junior. And more stay in the time Shannon unbelievable lineup ripped out his present manager Levine accident turn his call 800 some force of entry that's in hundreds of foursome threesome went 33 mice Merrill dean RTZ and water bottle directly at source inserting yeah Italy's islands wellness and by rip it energy fuel real energy for real people were tied to to throw so now. Did the man to remind dot com they're going fast. You don't want to be left out this is a huge concert great event we get some good for everybody in arguments any of the games whether it's Saturday or Sunday. Obviously the canes game big sun Saturday night get all the NFL games on Sunday just hang on out at the unions have an attitude a sports oasis pop in and out. Well you're listening to all the the bands we got all different types of food if you could think it. It'll be there Saturday and Sunday this Saturday and Sunday weather is supposed to be fabulous. I get your tickets now you don't wanna be left out of tig in Miami dot com rip tide Saturday. And Sunday. It is finally. Here 67974. That's a Regis on the growth rings on the monetary side we got a lot to get to hear. As of the clock is ticking on us here freedom because we gotta get out here at 630. For our Miami he'd cover Jeanne pizzazz on Tommy toggle. Take your read until tip off from a image she was just checked in with our Tom De'Angelo no Osama Whiteside two nights. So expect him out about it at the start and now went on after that big performance last night a couple of things blow out a couple of things are great allows and was just telling us some of the tells. On the of the map like our skin. And here's the thing for NBC to fire him like that and basically terminate him. You knew the the alleged details were going to be pretty scandalous I'm not going to repeat them. But I think you bother to go look them up they knew that they were going to be pretty damning and pretty like alarming. So there's that and our Dan and stewed in the crew title but today or visit of what all these a meteorologist there is a big name every week it seems like. Charlie rose's last three no shot at Matt Lauer delegates are people that don't know these people what I don't know these people. But I'm like him electrode rose seemed like you really sound nice guys the guys and apparently he allegedly is a sleaze ball Matt Lauer. Very good whose job it is is like you really did like at this point I don't know. Porn surprise you. Well I was asking the same things at at the in the mean you're with the dolphins today. Like Charlie wrote shocked me that came out of left field in a mine used to work for CBS radio and she. Said I'm stunned that people are shocked this will shoe was on the inside she knew about this I didn't know. People or all over the you know announcing always hurt real bad rumors about male while I I never heard anything so I'm wondering I I wanna throw the question out there. We're hearing rumors about the may be that it is there going to be more shoes that are gonna drop on this thing I mean it seems like every week regularly has people were surprised like. Like like like Harvey Weinstein it and it okay delay. As things OK a movie producer. Maybe the other casting couch all those all those things. Kinda paint the picture in your own mind in your imagination. Is that we don't know anybody mat hard PubSub on the TV. Every morning and you watch they assume that he's a decent guy either Charlie Rose and I was in like somebody's father grandfather we don't know all of these people places like. I don't know like he's it's just it's amazing. Some of the names you year and then you're going OK that inning whose national housing and you know was was telling us some details which you'll read it the once each Elie said. Which just suppose leaves Matt Lauer had a blood on his desk people come whose office instead of getting up to lock the door pressed the button adorable also block. And people couldn't get. That's. If that's the case that's why don't always like in a door policy one doesn't want people to get out meaning mainly women I like I yelling that's that's at it two more shows 2 and 3 morning shows Charlie Rose from CBS. Matt Lauer now NBC I mean. I don't know George step up. This is clean and he hasn't done anything really bad. I mean that's why this point and rightly saw a mean of everyone lived in the all these things are true than yes they they're when these dude to be called out for this and then note you may what's punishment and they're getting cancer I agree a hole hardly yes it just deliciously yummy. Again we don't deal goes through what everyone. But you invite everyone it whether it's even radio you invite people in your home every day. Or in your car every day. We're on TV every day every morning or every night he watched the news or you watch I mean anyone who'd trust these people in the very trustworthy. And you think that you have you know them the same level in the U never. I feel people if they really like somebody they might. Read more about them and and some of these things and it's a site you know one. Big bombshell after another just like go wake up to they are today's Matt Lauer done boom done he's one of the yet he's now with all the other guys that have been the only good heavens bases in the wind Steve and everybody else it just seems like every week somebody new and and you know it's I think we're far from the engines are that was shocking stories. As is our next story here there's a related to the sports but it's probably if you are playing the travel. On American Airlines here during the holidays you might wanna take notice here real what the hell happens. To American Airlines were. I fly all the time by the way I used to that throwing miles aren't American Airlines shuttle computer glitch you'll all these pilot was trying to make. Take time off for Christmas let every pilot that requested it take time off wall now. There'll whole bunch of flights around Christmas time. Suddenly have no pilots at American now is trying to rectify the situation there offering pilots one and a half times the regular hourly play pay. To. Don't pursue their vacations and fly these flights they seem confident there to be able to correct this. Blood that you know it's old course have the public face of putting I don't know what's gonna happen between now and holidays they got a little less than a month. To figure this out but I wanna see that people when they realize this happen like wait a minute you know a threat look at all these pilots like we got no what are you apply these white. Bully here's here's those here's what happened so they have all these pilots and whether it was two months ago or two weeks ago. All these pilots go in and what it takes some time off from Holland which is normal. Actually I can't imagine being a pilot around Christmas time the weather is the weather is bad. A lot of parts of the country it's our colleagues that you don't wanna you wanna do what even if you're around here like you wanna take some time around the holidays end of the year sure to shut it down a little bit if you got kids are around that he gets no credit it's. Like how it's. You're always all these pilots when is that you know much take. The 23 Tony for the 25 off okay. And it's a good green lighted and the next go commitment to the Tony for point six that we have a green lighted them Nolan got stock plummeted the final two weeks off I got two weeks to use usable mall there on the on the fifteenth of December green lighted room. And all these are what this judge is taking time off which lab will take time off from Holly's obviously Eddie just said. Everything's accepted and then they finally figured this out to wait a minute. We have army pilots they have we have a hard 970. Pilots. Well we have eight. It's your deal Merrill scheduled off this week well one the American pilots association represented fifteen I was an American pilots. And it says here in the article I'm reading that some of the the scheduling problem was left place from some American airlines' biggest hubs allow pilots including Miami Dallas or O'Hare. And no LaGuardia without pilots according to a memo from the airline to the pilots and which CNBC got. Now they sit there contract that that's that the most they're allowed the pay is is a well with the time and a half time and a that's what that's gonna get up diphtheria if you do in my creates he said stands cattle are urged. Pilots have all appear all of its advocates the content of neglect that seems low. I got time and a half two and a half times I'll do and I'll cancel out EB two would have to as a right normally make ultimate okay but I would say like those guys should double title. But you know who's gonna get hit with that. Costs have sought me out does it. And all of a sudden there are real by the way that that flight or Milwaukee that was three somebody forget doubts it's for AD their freed also you know we're gonna get stuck with a anyway because some computer error screwed everything up. It says your by the way another headline airlines raked in 57. Million dollars in fees this year and it just a torrent they get your Revver and everything. You know and it's it's it's crazy but I hold for people who have made X I play American all the time I hope people that. You know have have these reservations on American are are are taking care of this is this will be just awful you're landing yeah finally go to does your family your friends or whatever. And suddenly because of a computer glitch and Americans. You know and and their computers. You your your trip could. I saw if you're if you're on American flight around the holidays I would check on that because of the right now thousands of flights without pilot hole. Right now they might get that rectified that still a lot of that's a lot of positive like a good. All of the time now yeah I. I'm good argument mile trip. I'm not come to work here for are on the holly sorry figured out figured out American Mohawk but you're you know your wrestler you went down a road I didn't think of in the more they pay guess what it's going to be the passengers and recycle those you know Americans just gonna pass and can't. Don't know why I said it that far and you it's her head out of the consumer that is an area Aaron there's somebody's gonna pay for a paperwork. Really feel very welcome you don't for a Stephenson Josh Freeman everybody else of flies America that's on standard time for the dollars or Frito you're not going anywhere and I'll always told me to go off. December 23 up to Lambeau to face to see Green Bay hosts Minnesota I don't think. My bosses here at the ticket would say you have got to miss work for the whole month of December rehab may need an obstacle to agreement go to Portland and I don't think they they take too kindly till I mean a toll but he forgot them. Doing in secret they're a comeback as a TV camera was somehow find me among 80000 fan. Either of the World Series W restaurant very we come back Kenny elements cheese heads fuel might get suspicious around around here are getting it to the 6 o'clock hour at the headlines. Not good news for the Miami Hurricanes I don't rankings or anything predictions. Off Frito we'll get to that also low get over your right up until he basketball gets more thoughts on them out of bios. A big night last night what that means moving for all that. Coming up next right here on seven on his ticket. From our. Did you talk to. Five or six there are. On seven I just take your hatred it's alongside Josh Friedman joined the peace and seven unused tickets employment growth that's tomorrow from seven and nine for the ACC championship for additional walk into radio enjoy food and drinks. Which the company about former canes rates they suspended the biggest prize will where we give away for you on the official surprise backs during any. Football game at the sand bar you get five for fifteen. Dollar Miller buckets five for twenty dollar Kuroda buckets three dollar Miller pines. Five dollar more double points in four dollar fireballs soul was all I mean and that means a good time. The swagger is back broad gains football and basketball year visit shop Miami Hurricanes dot com walking radio tomorrow Miami's number one sport or. CN bar grill in the grove he can always texts show we invite him encouraging text messages. Articles result Lamar Hunt it's excellent at 679746. Of 974. A Friedel got it at all in the list of headlines including. I'm not a good one for the Miami Hurricanes we're gonna get to that in in just a moment but first let's nugget here's the thing. Some Whiteside will not play tonight for the Miami Heat a little bit Leo lingering bone bruise. So looks like damn out of bio is going to get the start the young rookie out of Kentucky the first round pick. One of the only if not the only bright spot last night played eighteen minutes and had nineteen. Points he was seven of seven from the field. It all it's free throws which resolve five for five was active on the boards even block the shot him out of bio had by far. His best game as a pro now he's had some. Some slim pickings as far as playing time is concerned but. This might be a great opportunity for him to play. 45 to thirty minutes tonight against the New York Knicks now what does that mean well it's about the long view with bam out of bio. If he turns into yet even a better perimeter are better post player that assigned Whiteside than may be down the line if he won re tool their roster. Hassan Whiteside might be available. Via trade to acquire another piece if you're the Miami bottom line is you won your first round pick. To work out condemn out of my he's going to get a chance here if Assange certainly is out tonight or fees out for. Future contests so far so good for them out of bio he was very raw coming out of Kentucky he's gonna get more minutes. Spoelstra on the coaches trust him and homage to deceive what he brings tonight. Against the knicks and they will need that we'll have to count on him if they're going to get a victory to finish up their road trip. At 31 big big test for the Miami Heat tonight. Against new York and that's the things want to budge on nerds and amateur renowned tigers donors is Rother is DJ I'd dealer has all your drone needs. Covered new purges repairs customization training sessions in more visit them today edge owners dot com South Florida's I. In those sky. Everyone's quick to make a trade Frito with a sub basketball club but one thing that Tyrod is always been about is acquiring assets. Poker chips. And bay about a mile might be a player of the future. Theme or he might be a poker chip. But you want one of those things to be clear to the rest of the league. In that that's why this dispute this could be this could be present critical it is to be important for the Miami Heat when you have a young asset and if a player. Or players. Com shake loose here in the next couple months. Dude what is BM out of bio look like to the rest of the league or if you have faith in them out of bio maybe you move on from us on whites and I'm not advocating that. But everyone thinks that. The end game for the Miami Heat will be this team is going to. Get to the next spots. Via a trade considering they have all these guys and a contract. Iowa an argument to do it do you know in the offseason because they're you know that the salary cap as you know right up against the current but you know ban got a bio I don't think other teams I don't think he'd seen enough from me and after all going in the last night he only played two of the last nine games. And you know it's he's had a very small sample size of freeze we deferral all our you know out of line now he plays a lot of plays consistently and does well well then maybe the decide we can either. Keep him and perhaps. You'll assign or he's a good trade ship something as does someone's desirable. Four other teams but I think everybody needs to see him play more for the at least make you know more of an educated guess as to how well groomed. Well into the no question them and I'm not saying that this is this is you know the end all be all tonight during I don't know but I think he's getting an opportunity to play in last night and some that was in garbage time I agree that you put out the first round pick for a reason. He's got he's got he's got a lot of talent which received so we'll see where this goes from now maybe it goes nowhere maybe he flames out and he's awful tonight he goes back to the bench. And he doesn't play a lot the rest of the season assigned to a back find blood. You gotta start somewhere in the NBA all sorts of the coaches trust you and you earn minutes you can't do what he thinks sitting on the bench so when you get the minutes now it's up to you. To pollsters gonna say here are your minutes whether it's via your. Even if Hasan was hurt. There weren't going to play or start BM out of bio if he had earned the minutes in the on the practice for. So I mean that's one thing you know from Spoelstra and I just gonna play you just play you don't know you've got to earn those minutes so now he's earned him here you go young man what are you gonna do with those men and. And you said earlier I mean it this is a guy who started probably since he was and what first grade probably every game he's ever played unless he's been hurt. That's what he's on he's been that good and now we know you're at the highest level and again he played only two of the last nine games and that's got to be tough mentally and and perhaps even physically. Just have to sit on the bench so long and just wait your turn wait your turn you through what 67 games I haven't gotten in their finally. The coach is calling me last night because a sign got in trouble Kelly when nick was in effect of so we calls Humberto and what made his first seven shots got six rebounds he performed well. Counseled amid some of the team and on here have in this lingers with the sun Whiteside they're gonna happen there and they didn't want to win two win games here in the in the present but he's one of those. You look at one of those. Young peace is what you have what are you have that may be attractive from a as a young acid standpoint obviously they didn't ever had a lot of first round picks around here. Because they traded most of them so Alabama at a mile certainly would would fit that bill before we continue freed those gotcha headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. true. Jeremiah. And Curtis the news is not good from Coral Gables UN announced today the only two games left against Clemson and then the the ball game whichever one they play and and Amanda Richards is out for the rest of the year he injured his meniscus in his left knee during the morning's practice needs and have surgery. This week so bad news what this is on top of mark Walton being gone since October 7. Chris Herndon was lost last week in Pittsburg. Due to a knee injury so the offense once again suffers a setback he sent her son Whiteside who missed practice Saturday because of soreness and swelling to his left knee. Will sit out tonight's game against the knicks and Madison Square Garden because of that seem lingering injury our coverage begins at 630. With a pregame show with Johnson's as Lawny M 790 and FM 1043 HD to the ticket with a tip off at 730. Dolphins head coach on gay said today Jake calories out of the concussion protocol he didn't act recklessly and he will start Sunday against Denver. Running backs Damian Williams with a shoulder injury and source Perry who's in the concussion for a called didn't practice today. Until they promoted Debian Smith from the practice squad Kenyan rate was the only healthy running back. On the 53 man roster of herald's reporting the Marlins are essentially trying to strong arm. Alan BP Jon Karl stand telling a last month that you were used X raid which is a his contractual right. Also Ronald basically a skeleton team by dealing only top players in an effort to reduce payrolls and those are your lines so real bad news I think people suspected when. When you hear that a mine Richard was carted off no notes Carter off I don't think. And comes back relatively soon so you know this was bad you I'm just confirmed separate. Yes he's done for the year I'd imagine which is to get on Saturday to and you know you're pulling offer the ball game but mistress yeah. Meniscus as a surgery this week yeah that's he's done so. To be back next year and he's to your soft more so. Amman will be back in but on for this year and it's all about Saturday night and I don't know I mean you're down remark while they've been able to overcome that and now surprise whether. But homers and fantastic. In the off at the lines of a good job and guy enough running rushing yards from rosier and from his legs. You lose Herndon. We haven't seen them Ludacris turned and known that this is to body blows in a row and a memorable eyed gaze. And then you lose Amman who's been an out and it's just. You know and I know they haven't almonds that in and out all year. But. The keys he was one of the saw that against Pitt. Late do you just changed the game and against the defense like clemson's. Late which is Hezbollah while pros on there I'm all as a pro. And sometimes you just gotta match up he's he's that guy out there are even if it's just the threat of that guy. So you know it's great to sit here is our next guy out in this matter and all scholarship and all that stuff what. I mean at some point you just one out of gotti's. Oz so you know it's gonna be left to lying I'm in Lawrence Kaczur. And you will soon out of mind he's gonna have to find just something that we haven't seen. To move the football as of yet against a colonial and an ailment that Marc Rich job and Margaret can do at. But they're gonna have he'll be creative around these are just gonna be what we've seen all year and say yeah we're gonna work we're gonna run our base against the against Clemson will be fine. Melanie and you Denmark are now only get to put your offensive creativity. On the line and all C a to convince your teen ignored don't feel sorry Boris no one's feelings are there this is what teams deal with and we just have to you know it. If if I'm a Kosher I know it's so cliche but what else can you state your team except to say except next man well it's it's sounds basic. It is a good shape but if I'm a coach that's what I'm you know that's what there's nothing else I can say in my team. Bent out of I was officially starting tonight so our Tom De'Angelo alluded that we kind of took his though word for that opens the official so he's in the starting lineup for. Hassan Whiteside but yeah an arm on Richards just like they've. And yeah. I mean I don't I don't know where else ago where he suggests I mean those you have those kids get an opportunity and Travis homer nobody really knew a lot about Travis homer. Mentally got an opportunity and I hope is boards catered their Liam who told some big big slug catchers here this season. Whoever else may be maybe is one of the freshman and in Jeff Thomas or my Carly but just one of those things where you was already stacked against you a little bit against Clemson the and now just like it was so nobody gonna another shot here OK now what else we got to worry about. We'll meet earlier you know read it between here by men or. Covers the team to the Palm Beach post this is interesting though what do you think in this. He says somewhat related to Richards who couldn't get right after mid camp. Hamstring issue and picked a more ailments along the way I wonder about any possible Paxson played eleven games are Rollyo misplayed every weeks in September 24. Which was right after Burma enough players are gonna say the right things they are saying they say they're feeling good. But you know that's that's got to be a little bit of food and exhausting thing for well I said that the day and any of it it gets it gets filed under the excuse category. You know the Pittsburg it's like that look like a team that cut just ran out of gas. Played ten straight weeks going in that game. Gets filed on their thoughts on that she is not mean they got grass will buy it by Pittsburgh pretty good I'm. The got to beat up front they could move the football rosier was awful like does a lot of things that contributed app that look like a tiger. Hired football team so yeah you get be reset a few things you have a full week given extra day now for Clemson you'll play till Saturday night. So yeah I think there there is something there's some into that now as far as the injury stuff I don't know bodies break in now it's football so many guys get her all the time out and I'll Mann's been he's been limping off the field every everywhere right. So I mean I'm all about injury stop as far as a tired team in a little bit thing that we their limit tired he's got to regroup here and everyone's tired it was dealing with injuries. So we discuss a deal with the enemy does Demi college football and in the paint a little bit with the conservatives because of the hurricane. A bud and but college sports it's like NFL man. We games are playing now. 10 hey namely I mean you know Adam gay straight to best handle the situation is they're playing sixteen games without a highly so. You know they'll play on Thursday it was players forty's off general he he try to build in as many days off to keep his guys away from. Devious possible to try to give them sort of a fate or. Capped by a week. Right anything you know than in college football to me and it's industries are almost scheduling to like you see what the SEC teams have done. The other cupcake and immersed serves in the coastal Carolina our line is you look at the SEC. They scheduled those like it would be week twelve and college football which was which was two Saturdays ago. So you are usually open up against the with who took pains in the fan news. Seoul via the FCC kind of went with OK we're gonna do that kinda end of the year. Give our team a little break before the final which is sick game of the season which usually rivalry game and obviously if you feel your Alabama Auburn LSU Florida some of those other teams. You're gonna play in in a conference championship game so take it cup Gigli. Right it's almost like a week off. You look at that way let's wrap clashes in Michigan and well now the Mosley the first game of the above likely he'll teams have them recognize that programs that recognize that and and also a law article on that route are we got we own segment to go come maggots and final thoughts here we take you right up until heat basketball. Is as low and Tommy tiger will have. Our pregame coverage you'll get things warmed up for the New York Knicks tonight. It's a 730 tips so we're gonna go to just before a 630 so cut a couple of text messages roll and on Richards and also on now. Whiteside and bail amount about which we'll get to as well right here on 790 the ticket here. Only you. Ready for your Wednesday. Listen to get all week long for fantasy football updates. Injuries who's hot who's not studs and duds in more than by Andrew Levine accident attorneys have you been an accident. Call 1807473. At twenty hundreds of men foursome threesome of threw three. Sponsored by auto directly right Karl has the right price embodies the public adjusters who value assets covered call 855 cities CPA. Or visit East Coast public adjusters dot com what do you. Thanks early here thanks to Tom the end of the job by Chris Perkins joins us. From Davie earlier in the show lecture by that Texas in there and took us in last a couple hours and certainly. Appreciate you making us apart or busy busy today. And always thanks to a allowed in here will be what in the world just before 4 o'clock we got about ten minutes here Friedel before. He basketball comes your way let's grab a couple of text messages phone calls from Ottawa. On attacks on at 67974. Wide side of the Dinah store. Literally and figuratively in today's MBA need to find suckers for his contract in Pilar Johnson's contract. Jones'. The ones ruling and ask when I was making six million this year is me what eighteen and 1990 minutes teachers the next two years in those borders to keep it keep you million. When you know them of big money and really coming in the final two seasons of that deal nest that's going to be something to consider it's going to be harder to move for. But then everyone everyone I think everybody. In the MBA is is sitting with a contract that they'd love to get rid of it you might as straight bad contract for bank robbery happens all the time in school correct me you know most pressing in the MBA by the day you know there was a lot of guys that that was or did that says so what you'll. Somebody's WB desperate enough to get rid of their bad contract for your bad contract but. I mean in reality it's not a great Contra we no valid is this early it's a bad contracts. But it's certainly one that you've got to think of their but I am out of bio showed to move of his dunks post moves and passes a look very nice. Autry Whiteside and TJ or Josh Richardson or even a gore and get a good two guard or point guard like Damien lowered. So now are based on the the trade permutations. I didn't I didn't mean to get into that I just brought it up as you know you want your first round picks to work out in and Riley. Whether it goes back to when he took over the team and you know any sat there looked to Glen Rice and what he had England rights. Or we you know when he sat there and saw Lamar Odom on as as they. You know rehab project in rehab his career and look at you know those those type of players incur on Butler. Or you know whatever it is. It's always about accumulating assets for when you wanna make a big move in the MBA. Because it's there's very few ways so of acquiring big time talent in the MBA and Riley is on the route time and time again. Outside of the Big Three error and I guess Mattingly tells a trade with Cleveland but we all know is it was via free agency. But Dow's snows haley's comet you know the Big Three coming down here well. But Riley is always done it weather was Alonso. Whether or was Shaquille O'Neal who was making that big trade and cannot do that lets you are accumulating as many assets as possible. And the heat gamut of Iowa's first round pick you want that guy who worked out and you want him dubious track attractive as possible if not for your own liking but for others. Plus Riley what he's done in the last years he's got the disgruntled athlete some of the wasn't happy with the club wasn't happy with him. Any straighter for the guy he's he's done that pretty well over the last few seasons I think more on what he was the latest one you know though the was he was unhappy with Al Gore wanted to do he wanted to on out of Phoenix and Andy got out of there are born gourds I don't know when I mean these two go we're kind of forget about that trade it was mostly. All picks again gore and I mean I was. A big one here Edwards started that they were artery certainly hit that time Frito here. They're talking about Dionte jordin now to the clippers blow up after the bleaker for an injury and I'd say Deion drew it is that he really only Dion Jordan. But I just in now it's to start to get to that point where okay teams are gonna. Are gonna Fisher cut bait here and if Miami wants to make a move we we we shall see. If they get in the in the into that pond so to speak plus we talk contracts earlier Yani after reader your thinking about contracts number which is what three years ago. How much or the the that the salary cap was and then it went up and then when a more adult like a bad contracts settle to a kind of reasonable I mean. You people kind of wondering Goran five years 85 million is he worth that a boy the way he's been playing and and he's he's the heat's most consistent player took a bargain. No cornmeal corn yet or been finalized you know it's just. There that you are put it into an interesting spot here and I'll talk about dealing gore and he yelled sometime last year maybe you even start this year. That's a guy you hold onto it and you don't deal this guy and what does your blown book no one's untouchable I don't care what we're talking about. But added happier very enticing deal for me is to say our economic package him. And get one. But like I made like LaDainian -- Daniel alerted and they are so yeah yes feuding Mueller back kiss you move on from war again I get all that stuff with a mean that that has just plain fantasy basketball on the on the Coral Springs or tomorrow on hollow on the ball. Undue under the tax line which is you didn't text takes on in here and get it under the wire at 67974. That's at 67974. On the Coral Springs are monitored such trip in the next coming up here I'm on Richards is outs. For the season and that no go on Saturday hopefully there won't have any more other injuries but we Bruce you're between now and kickoff Donald perking fans can taken can take any more here. Embassy in the luncheon move too much but I mean. I don't I don't and listening to the all the all the guys last night Herbie and and Reese Davis and Galloway all the guys are on the show last night. And those guys you know did have a lot of virtual guys have seen everybody play and then have all their repeatedly does not a lot of Miami won its anymore. You know I mean like Miami. There's basically nine teams. That can be in the final four. Rocket right and with a chip or win the champions when there's nineteen missed. Left remaining. If you wanna throw Central Florida in their fine but their dad and they're they're they're on their own little island there so there's nineteen left and two weeks ago or vacuum a week ago. Miami was coming out of everybody's mouth. Last couple of days nobody's mentioning my enemy do real what you read that in Pittsburgh I mean. We surprised at all that I mean did you get the feeling everybody particularly the doubters Miami is Ari at some point. Shoes gonna drop at some point is gonna happen they're gonna come back down or not going eleven though. No I thought that they would come and I thought they got their mild wakeup call against Virginia at. And they pulled through that. And even watching the Pittsburgh game. There I thought that they were gonna dead. All they needed was one touchdown drive. It in and was gonna come in the kept getting opportunity after opportunity after opportunity. And it was three and out and it was negative runs it was a sack and it was amiss passed on the field what goes opened. It was just like this one there were going to they've overcome so much. That this Pittsburgh team really isn't very good in all they needed was. Five. To seven minutes or maybe seven or eight good employees. And they would pull out of victory and I thought that it was coming in and never came. You know and I think it was probably on the mid fourth quarter when I thought all right this is not gonna happen I kept thinking. It's gonna happen it's gonna happen they're gonna let you drive on and maybe about mid fourth court especially that. When not when hit eight up upon a time off the clock I think they started the drive going nine plus minutes and they were just converting 11 one you don't third down. To indicate they kept extending that drives. And and then I was like you know what that this is the loss this is one that's gonna happen or not can pull this one out. They went I mean they went twelve plays in ninety yards and took six minutes off the clock I mean I was that drug to make it 24 sevenths and obviously at that point was over but he many men with his second quarter. Who at halftime third quarters of their eggs they kept the ball back and we'll still want drive register at one drive. And receivers were open and Malik was bad news 1230 when they pulled him and it was just one miss after the other. Any future okay what Travis homers gonna get one. One squirt the it was just scored out of they're getting thirty yards on Iran you know as opposed to one. And it is they do it just never happened for Miami. Could you give credit to Pitt and all that's the that's fine but but yeah a little bit surprised but yet everyone off Miami now everybody nationally is off Miami. Again it's like god yeah you beg to last week every once talk about Miami now. Nobody's talking about mind numbing muscle maybe maybe you're accused they'll look at all the doubt I'd like no I don't nobody believes in us. It's us against the world no I don't complain that a lot like that it is it's funny the fact those of they would if they haven't beat Clemson. Which would you know would be the greatest upset of the history of upsets like they're in control no question about it which is funny you know something we talked about it beginning of the shuttle this this is McCain's core whoever everybody's quarterfinals it's the playoffs before. The official playoffs started yet and that's why even if Miami. Would have won in beaten Pittsburgh. Like. Nobody loses this weekend is going to be and as I see. No even appeal it if you're clemson's year you know I had the autopsy are known yet that's it you're you're you're on the outside looking in you're not among the top so I didn't. Yes I would I would like to change to be undefeated going into this game. Like late I I didn't feel real good. About wealthy that they lost that game they would be they would be like if you lose. Saturday wherever you are your out. Right now they are probably millions you're done for in terms of compelling things have been if you're you know a consolation people who lose an old wants him to. Think it's hit and Nixon. Near the Orange Bowl at home that's that that that to me is that it it it's. You were you wanna you wanna move on of the top four bought that's still a pretty damn good we have they're gonna go there there aren't what they believe accomplish a lot with the wanted to this year but my house money you don't wanna say that go on into a champ which of you when are we gonna finish of the year of the certainly can't. Are we're certainly finish we got to go. As well Tommy tiger coming up next. Friedel. He Gooden a man okay you take care yourself and and we'll see in 2008 and 2018 Prado is is out he's gonna surgeries thing at some time off. Our thanks everybody out there allows and that you very much mom Mandel doing it tomorrow just before 4 o'clock perk we back. Offer free dom courtesy basketballs to underway next right here on 790 the ticket.