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Thursday, November 30th

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Man oh man I'm I'm I'm doing good man out of the dolphins today it was a call in day out at dolphins and which is which have been rare actually. Every pretty much every player in the locker room today which is also rare you know you're in the five game losing streak guys high volley look I back or right and I got tree man ago everybody in their today. Guys who you normally don't see like Charles here is Lawrence Timmons. We see Taylor hill more than we see a lot of these other guys everybody was there today today. The move was a little more subdued than it's been in previous days in previous weeks I will say that but. And everybody showed up. Work well well that's a good thing and a spark up his regularly win did on the agenda and if they feel as big of a victory you know on doll on Sunday we'll get a little bit a level gets so much stuff to get to. Obviously the Miami Hurricanes in the Clemson Tigers Saturday night that's the showcase that's the headliner. Here in town and now reporter for the Palm Beach post over the canes get the Amman Richards news yesterday during the show or right before the show he's gonna join his. In about in about 45 minutes also have Clemson. Talk of one of their a big radio hosts up there. India in the 6 o'clock hour so Gil Clemson tiger perspective and of course will always except text messages we invite and encourage your text messages. At 6797467974. We knew the heat loss I don't know which was worse the two nights ago or last night. But she went towards Lingus goes out with the two minutes into the game here okay and your schedule will break here are some without are they lose the unicorn you'll see if they could finish as Roche are mere 31. And it was just it was just another fiasco last night. At an amnesty. If your hopes for a last night you did have a little solace as you turn to another channel and you saw the Miami Hurricanes men's basketball team and you came on here fired up. About a you're like yeah have we got most of the talk about the hurricanes in my yeah amendment you know it's easy Jefferson got I know at the basket and it. And Mike. Dale right that you heard this they they did out Minnesota with a six point favorite Minnesota is they good good good teams in a couple of pros on their. Tough place to play that is a very very impressive victory that should not. Overlooked and you will not let it happen no depth because look we we've we've had a lot of bad news around here that he has been up and down the dolphins have been down looks like John Carlos de and is going to be traded. In the next couple weeks. And out there on the horizon. There's you win a basketball that leads us and here's the thing. The second best coach in town had a great victory last night. Miami's Jim Larranaga coach of the nation's tenth ranked team went on the role to twelfth ranked Minnesota. Came away with an 8681. Victory Larranaga whose team is now sick and no hitting in the Saturday's game against Princeton isn't the best coach in down. That honor still goes Erik Spoelstra he's won two titles under immense pressure and the worldwide microscope. And we took an underdog team to game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals. Still Larranaga who did George Mason to the final born 2006 is doing it the hard way and that's what you like. And Harold program taking unheralded players beating duke North Carolina winning conference title winning conference tournament. I like what Larranaga is doing everybody in this area I believe likes what Jim Larranaga is doing. His coach and shot him ahead of other guys locally such as Adam days learning tip in Butch Davis. Pretty much anybody else that you wanna put on that list except per Eric's bolster. You win a basketball is not sexy but they've gotten outstanding coach. And that's good for now in the future. Here's the thing is sponsored by drove nerves and Evan Shura and now their new location implying rest. Drone nerds as your authorized DJI dealer they've got all your drone needs covered weather is training sessions new purchase repairs customizations. Whatever it is check them out they will hook you up there at drove nerds dot com. South Florida's I. In the sky I don't think it's going to come back unanimous you thrown out there that Spoelstra is the best coach in town this sure bolsters got the most of got the two titles may seem pretty emphatic with that statement end and I agree I agree with you because the championships. That's that's the end all be all art that's the Michael Michael Jordan argument that show me it's 60 in the finals. Championships is is what everybody plays for and he's got to a album he's got four championship appearances. I can argue his best coaching. Season was 20092009. Season before the Big Three got together when he mall those guys were on one year contracts. And he got that team to the playoffs would Dwyane Wade a bunch of guys outside Udonis has them Dwyane Wade in UD. That all all knew that they weren't going to be on in the right to the future this franchise and they played their butts off. But bow where you Mark Richt in that I'm just saying you kind of due to a link given a Butch Davis CMR. Yeah it is is pretty target it would he. Does yet Mark Richt is probably got to be what number three on the list because a career accomplishments. Larranaga has gone to the final 40 and one idol. So I've got to have them here at a rate. But look over wins Saturday night he's basically in the final for the equivalent of the final four yes he is in the equivalent of final four subtle. He would get some some more consideration but. What Larranaga has done with you William. You're not willing to ACC. Right let you know if if Rick couldn't do that in the SEC when he was a Georgia I think you could kind of make an argument right now at this comparison ACC basketball SEC football no doubt no doubt I'll try to take that away from similar and I thought I agree and I'm not and I'm trying to take anything from Rick I'm just saying we imagine on the clouds kind of singer well yeah I unreasonable for the showy I'd I didn't. I didn't mention him there we're out of everybody else where this gazans bawling. Jason's bawling. Exists only about whisperer yet he only a one year of experience also your coach. So let them also works against him you gotta you gotta have some kind of body of work. I need you know top three in this area I. As if we if we did this all six months ago someone you don't Bradley or does this conversation. At these days was viewed totally different ways they're not days would have been up there yet gays would have been there. Com. Your goals are still would have spoke number one. Of the season you know even even you know exit and I also had a good season was out of these words where were you got caught you on the next obligatory coach and now. Right he wouldn't yet his stock I would not have them over Larranaga even coming and coming into this year though. Because I can't do your beating duke and North Carolina your your willingness ACC conference and ACC tournament. With a you're you're not turning out in a NBA players. As as Jim Larranaga a year and you're not but your beating programs that do on a regular. He's an excellent so this way so you've got an interview Danube into a final four and I got items do is not with the clerk in both George Mason got right now right now I'd bring more meal in itself. Quite a talisman but 67 ides of afford to go a comment on this on the Coral Springs autumn on its exit ides let's just say. The very close top three for me stole one. Larranaga to. Wrecked three very close I'll. I would say is very close it is getting closer between one and soon. Really OK all right fine an idea that's I just got those like you almost every day you cannot do that you can film at Internet stuff. Add to that is really relied on sale but you know I think about the fans got a Bible are you right teasing Brantley right you've got Mattingly who just looks like. He's okay yeah he's he's he's not really you know given the tools to write you to three thru lane okay we know you're really stressed creditors would say it was obviously yeah. Is is got accords resume and then out of days kind of sits in there in the end there's one there's gonna want a good distance overall mats and over and I guess we had a we are you in baseball and in Baltimore and Ramirez to a familiar and as we have with Jim you know we can't sort of soccer team down here we get done right here. I doubt he ever gonna how bright eyes and I mean jays exactly we that whole that whole deal are right so so bowl. Suppose you got are gonna be a pretty good the last the last couple of nights Louis coach in town man up to go back the blackboard gets some interesting comments bolstered that. After last tonight's game and he looks pretty perplexed and confused about how his team performs. On a nightly bases loaded and all that now Porter is gonna join us talked changing clubs in coming appeared about fifteen minutes the first list at 4 o'clock headline. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. My heater off tonight they host Charlotte at eight tomorrow. He has now lost bank to bank gains and they've done and and pretty disappointing fashion. Drilling by thirty in each of those losses at one point. Miami Dolphins were back on the practice field today in preparation for Sunday's game at Denver against Denver running backs in Norris Perry participated on a limited basis he listens suffering from a concussion. That millions hope to have trouble trouble running back situation. May be Kenyan Drake gets a little bit of help back there in the backfield Thursday night football tonight Washington Redskins at. At the Dallas Cowboys at age when he by those are your Hitler. 6797467974. Lets you Regis. On a quote from Altamont Tex I'm a couple of early techs fly in here what is your a basketball one Coachella hasn't taken him to the final four. Guys who hurricanes basketball program continues to win of the monster come thing they'll generate as much excitement throughout the city that some of our other sports teams do when they are winning considering nobody else. It is is winning right now yeah I think there's there's opportunity there I mean. I don't know how much interest they're gonna drum up in the regular season. I don't know Vista I think the debate go to the final four the in next year. And you're gonna get that bump right now they've been stake sold out. Those blue Watsco surrendered last two years correct yeah episodes of letting people go you know but people people it's in an -- you know and they it's a small arena but then like a buzz and they're not gonna create UN football type most well but to create a buzz I think people have to see purse from you whim basketball they. You know even if needed if this year's day. I have a march toward the final war. I'm not sure that it would be the same buzz as it would be early next year if they got to the final four this year. You understand what on sale like I don't until people actually see it then I think that's when they'll jump on the bandwagon for you remove the Miami Heat have had a lot of. Bad losses and it's and in broad broad we're not immune to December yet. They hated the bills and they've had a lot of losses where you sit there. And you're just shaking in my head on a lot of as a majors and last night would have won a home park and is not just. Did they lost a road game on the second item back to back. Without the other teams best player. All of that in the fact that they got ball out of the building yeah last night in that was that was just to go back to the Indiana game. There's oh there's there's a lot of games this year all clauses where the they're just amassing their stunning because yet they're not to win every game. And they're gonna lose a lot of games but you just sit there oh wow wow that doesn't look like that that that doesn't look like the team and I'm accustomed to watching. No we are unfair. No less bear that that's definitely there and spoke talked about it last night after the game about. How he can't just eighty can't put a finger on this team on und. What this team is gonna do night midnight tonight it just swinging so wild greens so he's not really sure what he has out here what these players. Last night I got home. It may be 8 o'clock bird horse or something like baton maybe a little bit early but. Towards this was not on the floor I got to know your rows failed to listen to two minutes into a game somewhat in the game and in my most. I'm unusual Corzine uses is still allowed night. A wuss like you know in five minutes and Indiana heard or read say that Corzine is without mills like. Will be and how the knicks look like what it looked like what is going on how are they doing what what went and then as you watch in their day I mean they're down sixteen and and it's up to thirty NA is just ridiculous. Here's the best coach in town on his team's performance while less than discouraging. Part of the game is regardless of who we have out there you know you want to lay it all out there and compete every single possession. Come out and it just you know it's it's hard to figure out this team right now. I think that says and that says about that sums it up Greg there mean and that's how I feel you know and I mean that's how he gave me if he feels that way. And he has the polls slow every player every team everything out there and I know they have a silenced and all that stuff. But you should not be getting blown Seve down thirty to the next illiterate and under any circumstance I mean the Cleveland thing kind of OK right. Kevin Love right just we're just went off just went off when you're in first quarter just took a Sauna out to a three point line and abused them. I always say this in an eighty and 82 game schedule. You're gonna have about five to seven scheduled losses as just a leading into the all right three and other nights you know another team just catches fire from report ranks. So they've had more than their fair share of Indiana. Cleveland yeah the next last night I usually. We did agree yellow with a three and end when he EU Sudan. Beginning run you're not you're not the suns yeah he's getting beat by thirty and and abide by a team we guessed 56 times a season. They're scheduled losses they're scheduled blowouts there's nothing Spoelstra to do there's no magic wand original lineup changes just. Hey man. They're pros on the other side. That guy's gonna drop forty on us and there's nothing we can do about it and we're gonna take DL and go on our way it just seems like they've had a lot of laws where you go geez man Mike what what will. What's wrong with this team especially. After that you look like they figured out after in the now them that a couple days off day they beat Boston last Wednesday and then they they won three in a row after a little too rough then the three game winning streak before coming into this week's games. Yen I thought they were getting back to their defense of identity we were both talking about that how they're getting back to playing good defense. And again yes the sun was out last night now but these assaults on the rim I mean. It is it's and it's every being it's it's in transition offenses out of half court sets is all pick and rolls I mean the they're trying to you know we're going inside we're there's no Amazon were going on right side while and it's it's ridiculous I mean it's. You know I guess that the exception would have been mum. Would have been Kevin Love shoot threes on the little un Hasan buy it again if a suns here does none of that rim. There's no and I mean of the perimeter defense is not even there. He has my colleagues not just Clinton's action right it's right exactly Tesla is not just rim protection and then there's still turn it over and then that's there that's leading to easy hoops on the other is just a lot of there's a lot of stuff that needs a good does one thing. And I heard Dan and and -- Dotson and Mike Ryan is a big heat fan and and they had amino Haas and in local hour and you break it down you know what's wrong with the heat. And these are Il former front office guy in his leg like Pat Riley is sitting there. And you're looking at this group and yours wonder is going to get better. And I believe there's two weeks. When you can trade guys that you signed in the off season so then it becomes December 15 right it becomes open season on everybody in the MBA. And we're gonna be a little bit more than what 25% in of that one. And the authority teams like the clippers probably blowing up. We deal John. And people always includes a season that ball right so I'm just. Does rob do you get to a point and really the only really expose of and probably only. Real the O'Reilly. Is is the guy obviously doesn't do what do you get to a point where okay. Mean need to shake it up we need to do something even if there's there's not that huge whale out there we need to make a move because. At this rate were just a 500 basketball club and that's not what we had our sights set out for just asking the question distort or else there yet quartz. I mean you know we can't buy I I never bothers seemed was on in the season together. Anyway so. I do think that there is no way old but I do think the trade will be made with the interest of moving US step closer for or next year not necessarily to help you now. Are we're gonna move to Matt Porter ACC championship game Saturday. How's Miami gonna move the football Holliday hit a moving is that clemson's defense in front of some of the keys of the game yet the other the latest also out of their play someone Richard map portal the Palm Beach post ups by next here on 790 the ticket. McCain's opponent Friday morning was that low Romberg and amber. Respond to budge on nerds and average era and now on my interest owner does your authorized DJ idea there it has all of your Joni covered. New purchases repairs customization training sessions in more of us in the today donors that John supplement. In the sky Curtis and perk back with you on Thursday and we jump out to the right fuels announcers can resource looks like they're truly stepped. Beyond convenient that's where we put our eye on the ACC championship and joining us says he's join us. Throughout this a remarkable season for the Miami Hurricanes Amanda covers the canes for the Palm Beach post Matt Porter is whether this can valmont Twitter at Matty ports. And I believe met US safely arrived in in the Charlotte in preparation for the ACC championship game Drexler. This is true I am currently uptown. The view from my hotel window I tweeted a picture of this. Is of a Christmas fair and right next to the Christmas there. We can buy a year's Christmas trees and other holidays good and I assume is that college game day those kind of a neat little scene here in uptown Charlotte. Yeah I mean it's kind of like of like the first time at the big dance because that her aides have never bid in this game and it's like well this is a pretty cool deal the ACC championship game not face. And yes this is you know there there are only a few of these championship games happening across the country. Right now and so my knees and won a little bit and I guess not a moment too soon right. That's it that says it doesn't lol overdue I I think we connect really say. Meant what happens in the days passing game this week without among Richards and Chris turned it. You know. I think it was murder happened really earlier. You know you just were not accurate the entire. These men and you know Richard has been in and out of the lineup he's played sparingly in some of the game that he has. Outplayed and he's missed you know three games heard it with a bid is a big loss I mean I'm not saying I'm on Richard is the big loss was. Gergen and huge loss for the scheme. Really need to see what Michael Irvin can do. Are you know it in this game obviously big shoes to fill there you come to a five career catches and you know person who just got a good bailout. Yup it's when I was struggling. Obviously you know but really nothing bailed out Miami's offense at Pittsburgh you know which. The lack of protection that legal here had an engine is generally the accuracy I mean I I put a lot of it on his shoulders that loss since. Refer guys you reserve obviously motivated. Like most athletes are by performing poorly he should be more than motivated to bounce back. On Saturday night. Wanna stay out on that front Matt it Clinton's defense gives up a little bit less than two touchdowns per game bumped up thirteen and a half points. Well with those injuries and what we just saw against Pittsburg. How does Miami move the football I think they got to get creative how do you see N. Is it in the run game the asking how can they move the football organs is clemson's defense and ultimately try to find the end zone. I think they don't have the movie too far will be in good shape so obviously turnovers in the future you know getting short yields. I mean 418 against Notre Dame and bid that would have been offensives. You don't juggernaut performance by my and I mean we're getting short field did you know pick six all that kind of stuff. On terms are huge and if Miami's defense and you know can get Kelly variety of distant third and longs and its institutions were you have to try to beat them down field. Then no I like their chances but that's a tall order you know getting a concept that. Point you know given the weapons that it has a pretty good offensive line though a little bit inconsistent. Excellent receivers. Or running backs that you know you use any he'd like to have an eight yen. Especially you know some say Easter. And I know the threat of Iran Chile right do so yet yet the question about the African talking about you can be met that kind of shows you. You know wherever I need that at this point I mean road you have to be incredibly sharp or else they don't stand a chance against that you have gotten. And and you know stated bluntly is that if you if you had a game. That he had against Pittsburgh there's no way they're gonna win no matter what the defense. Dollar and yet they're small sharp pressure well I agree I hate men speaking of of a road this year and having to be sharp. Or the players who need to be sharpened in in this game to retains victory yet. Rose zero at the top of the list are what they may be Travis homers on that list may be Macintosh I'd lose on that list. Yeah I I don't know yet they question you know I kind of think you guys to have a bench sharper review to step it up like this but the front not. Worried about all I just think that entity perverted all year that that they're going to play at eye level. I'm thinking that the linebackers you noted the head. A few issues that you don't pass coverage and what not you know McLeod and back in the public inspect it bounded. I'll the other secondary as well and I'm not. Super concerned about that we're really did did he and so what I'm thinking of I think need to step up a month ago about obviously we're here but the offensive line as well. You know Travis armor. I'm pretty hearted and reveres for a three yard as well but they don't have the room and you know it did really look bad would. No they're running into eight man fronts in and you know that just it obviously that makes this acting. I used they can make it a little easier but when we're here as an accurate he was last week in a small community people. Be nicer from ID there at the goals you know on the ground to run through and and then. You know. The minor but major saying look seemingly minor we're talking about on your body is a major saying you know and in the game of this magnitude is that Eagles struggled again. But like it and you know you wanna get on the short field because the sudden. The most unskilled and make it any easier on them so I would say offensive line and and the true freshman now under these things we. They'll not out yet I just with without banged up they are accused. Ivan Ivan. I hit bottom on an official no beach post at the right next year but are you guys executed. A semi low scoring game you know maybe in the twenties. You know that you can't increased thirty mark but I don't I don't think my need to get thirty you know just with Richards and and heard it being out you know my label and distributor eleventh we can role play game without a break. And that when you look at your injuries and they're gonna come into the game with about 64 healthy scholarship players which is not ideal. And that bucket so I would right now you know pick mighty wind although I mean I've I've it's about when the game but. I guess I do you happier and it's gonna happen star defense. Yeah no I mean if you're looking at the defense is gonna have to play probably there one of their best games on your op you would you would say the Clemson. Is by if it is not by far but definitely the best opponent they match up with all season. Yeah no question and then really from the talent standpoint but also from a depth standpoint and that sort of date. The first stated but it talent. I'll you know as its side way to think things have gone up there Tallahassee hospital talented roster but. I'm gonna just recruited so well for so long you know I mean it's you look at past decade as. You know top five top ten classes and when you start back in northern part of you know one another you get you get guys that are coming out of the woodwork that nobody heard of who were able to make plays just because you know they're talented they did coach got the right way so. And he's still building products and has it it going and that's kind of along ensured that we can. You know from a deficit point Clemson is where my wants to be in in a year or so already year and a half for probably two years. We look you talk about the defending national champions who are. Are right back in the a figure things Matt Porter joins us from Charlotte, North Carolina site of these easy James your game Miami and other clubs and I'll get out here on the mat just. That the loss against Pittsburg abs just I know you don't think they're gonna win but. Do you just kidding around the coach in the Guidant was an eye opener may be okay. How to refocus or is that just kind overstated in the game like that like this in the ACC championship game. I think it was I think the eye opener and I don't think you don't have any trouble getting motivated for the agency forget championship game but you know yeah. You know if you're. If you're worried about why he you know in their ability to bounce back you know I wouldn't that's been too much time worrying about patents you know the biggest game of the year. That's another reason you know maybe you're. A little kind of low key. Think he encouraged about Miami's Biscayne because they have proven that they do play their best they can play their best when their hated you know people picket against them. All they do play their best when. The issue of their backs are against the wall they did play they've got to get big name opponents so. And again no bigger game and that's been DL this if if Miami stays true to people even. Still as a human element fight on Saturday and you know again if the defense come of the internal visits that could be a new ball game so that we help people figure that. I've got out of Miami and certainly that I actually pass them in this but it's certainly not an easy. Thought I was gonna discuss the break right for them unknowns are in and if they're gonna pull this thing off pick Matt always a pleasure enjoy Charlotte and enjoy Saturday night we'll see what happens things are. Matt Porter for the bomb explosion of valmont where'd Matty ports if you Horry. Hurricane fan or off in college football is a must follow on Twitter how shares of McCain's game Alabama they lose. And we know Alabama it's. Chuck beginning right at Alabama the media and they're probably matchup in the war on hold on here probably be the ties that I had and SEC team you know that's what competent and though. Yeah I would think because the loser. No that is not common no but the loser of the SEC. The loser of the SEC championship game with probably fall behind Alabama rankings yet. Whether it's out Auburn or Georgia so that now because they're camping in Tulsa like gimmicks they've they've been in Durham and Miami weakened Nixon even now Miami match of that media interest thing that's a rough forget here. How Miami opens up against LSU next president just there on the sale like in the stretch here material from Clemson and Alabama and LSU possibly I don't know. I hopefully we're not going to ban Monday pull out of a say in the they go to the final four. But I think what Matt just talk about and we'll come back and talk about all of a more just from a talent stand point. What Clemson is drawn out there another Miami doesn't have talent platoon there Clemson is. Has had this thing rolling here for for a number of years and has reason why they won the national championship beating. On the aforementioned Crimson Tide shall welcome back to talk a little bit about that also give back to the here fifty minutes of key around the corner as well Porsche text messages sent on and 6974. And that dolphins coach said something today the golf but you haven't did anything inches thing. If not the last three weeks now know today. There was a nugget though that not did their part and I go really. I think he's lying I think line calling BS on this golf coach. We're gonna get to that coming up right here on seven I do take it. Take the largest gain delegates party on Fort Lauderdale beach at the retired music wrestled five board it is hours away just hours away Saturday and Sunday when you're there pick trees up by the mingling 790 the ticket sorts of ways as watching ACC championship with your feet in saying maybe. And great. Music to Saturday. He got kgo in Weezer and and so many other bands Sunday the headliners are boys to men case in the sunshine band borders Lou Graham Saul a couple of and and more than about an astronomy in action attorneys call wanna hundreds of enforceable entry that Tony hundreds of enforceable threesome at 33. Gulfstream park welcome to your playground in my associates and the and multi specialty medical group delivering innovative care. Call 1844954. Docs ripped I think it's wrong sell now get them at the taken my me dot com it's Saturday and Sunday. You don't wanna miss out and it's only about this for a couple of months now it is finally here so we unit. To be beat him and if you've been pro procrastinating and waiting and then a lot of us do and dull any more tickets are going fast you don't beat. Shut out any documents any of the action whether it's Saturday were hall Jamieson games including the biggie on Saturday night. And then obviously Sunday as well so all the NFL games so other taken Miami dot com and enjoy a great content was Hosni fab fabulous. Any great US will just you don't just dug and its own Mandy even if there wasn't on the beach with the sand and a sports bar out there where you can watch games it would be a great. Amid which doubles benefit. Now when it was there's something for everybody out there I mean there's food of of every every swords. There's a wine bar a mean where were talking about our our sports oasis. The being willing seven irons into sportswear is is because Bruce ports they're only for everybody out there's too much to go into so yeah I get their role model on the of them do for me was. I'd like music to be like this so that you like people Watson and if you like great weather. Themselves. It acted against you're not gonna feel shortchange try and ensure that it in my back comes just a pitcher tickets there. The one thing on the Clemson deal like for people that are unfamiliar. With with what they've been doing up there and Clemson, South Carolina and and we're gonna lie ahead of their in the in the 6 o'clock hour as the other morning host of wealth. Five point five the roar. So you know they talk a little more guys to rule our minutes and I have Mickey Bleiler he's gonna join us here and I'm sure there are a lot of clubs that football. I'm not on their show obviously but Blake perk and I know your not the biggest draft to guide them. But ledges let me just say that that comes in front line their. Austin Bryant the end no Christian Wilkins DTL. All the national james' team a year ago they are all projected to go oh. Urged room first round of the NFL draft. Three. Defend their defensive line for a guy is now. Projected in the first round of the NFL draft they're they're we're not talking about first day pecs were not talking about conference off. All the all American. First round draft picks and all you need to know about talent that's how you control college football games. I mean I won't got a first round picks and on your Frontline yeah. Right now and finally brought it and and what are you talking about the offensive guys and came on the outside and everything else and it all those other players. Net that is three of their four defensive lineman who you know are projected first round picks those named to be called maple so. I mean you talk about yet wise Miami almost ten point favorite why you didn't know he really given a chance to charge right there and I think the key to this whole ball game is. The defensive line in the front four and may be we went through the front seven wore my don't quite have the advantage with the linebackers. But who controls that part of the game. And if Clemson does the concert went if Miami doesn't Chad Thomas and art and Macintosh and Norton those guys can ball too. They've had a hell of a year but. A look at those guys and Google and year out 31 round picks you know that's that's there's a reason why the they won the national championship last year and they all came back so. I'm just that that will be the big key here minding my handsome and and he's I think they do in the secondary but as far as upfront that would clumps of rules out off the boss. Yeah and I'll answer you this scam that. You've you've got a really really. Eager router you're the Miami coaches what is going to be your approach to attacking these guys and you've got you've got to drill that into your players ready I don't know if it's smarter to run at these guys are try to run away from these guys logo. I honestly don't know I don't know they have too much speed where you can't. You know but but whatever you do you you've got to drill this into the players and solemn look. This is this is going to work this is got to work. On the flip side. I know your. You did this against Notre Dame with those two but being offensive lineman on the left side and I know that the Miami the prince of lying is better than the Miami offensive line but. They had a game plan they handled but what they wanted to do to those Notre Dame opens of linemen and they stuck to quit and now you've got to do that. The other way with with regard or offensive line against their deepens in my. Understand that you know Miami did the talent gap is going to be bigger like that between Miami's defense of line and those Notre Dame opens of linemen. I don't know how big a gap in talent there is value slip it today Clinton deepens blonde in the Miami offensive line. There's a big talent yet they like to legendary game plan and you stick to it and you teach it and you get the guys to believe in and because you don't have the talent so you've got to get that belief in that technique in net loss of the end and you stick to it you've you've got to coax these guys up. Often times over the last player who played a flawless yet you all just a dusty mentioned learning to get the Nelson immigrant children to go to red number to 61 round in Miami and Miami the on the lodge record that I hold my soul me and I think it can't be done and just seeing that now that it's just a little bit different with the community when when ye of little bit but it's much easier to find ways to move the ball I guess is the right spot enough to -- special teams is going to be biggest supporter mentioned yes Jerry yells yes summary of Beatles and I know you have a twenty yards and no one you know you haven't in this game. Also there's there's a lot of things there where yes you could see where Miami wins is it you gotta keep stacking a lot of different things can they just turn the ball. Turn around him off to Travis homered 26 times and can run it Duncan's throw I doubt and I highly doubt now so we know there missive on offense on the outside the Richards and her and in so. Find creative ways to get the football. Follow moved out moved down the field yes short fields would help all those that hitting garden special teams there's lot of different things but yes there are there are some creative ways. Where Miami needs to find. Two to move the the football a little bit 67974. That's a U reaches on the corporate Omaha on the texts like 679. 74. Win jump to the Leo the 5 o'clock hour here fifteen minutes of heat. Are you pay anything at all now are you worried at all. Look there till eleven and number I'm not sure that threw 21 days to board thinking they were gonna be like seventeen in war. So I don't see any reason to panic. Some people are. Well that that espy to mean people are always used you've got a hardcore fans who were always going to panic at times like this. What is it you're 1011. And if you pick this team to win and I make them you know 4345. Wins. If you pick to win like fifty gained twelve okay it's time to panic but if you dumb. Anywhere by 800 ish soon war by six games over 500. There's no reason to panic there's reason for concern. But there's no reason to hit rock. I want an old school all Hassan Whiteside because he says is he's really hurt me and EO both teams that to be fine. And he did not play last night and a lot of that mean if he can't goal. Then that really not a huge problems that got huge problem today he's yet you can't make a move trade wise even if you wanted to I would think. And then be obviously he's not available room. Soul he really become ham strung from that standpoint so he's got to get that whatever is going on with his knee they got to get that thing figured out that if they got a set him again for another week to but he's got to be healthy because. Sun gets the is morning to begin with them so that when you get. Injured assigned that's even more more units that's him that's of me that's even more of all the deal that you don't wanna you wanna you don't wanna have to win the war. So and and and you need to deal. But to be fair like leg when you're hurting. Guy's attitude is not good. In general. But the suns' attitude is come and a question at times even when things when he's under the Sinhalese and minority at to have the meeting with them the veterans yes captain Wright and the Alitalia and signed in December yet we argue we don't need another a meeting get that we got fifteen. Fifty minutes we DNA crazy revelation revelation from dolphins game and has nothing to do with football. We've got to tell us where this Miami Dolphins team that loses them 05 in a row and they are underdogs to the Denver Broncos who lost seven general as they roll and roll into town. And something called Trevor Ximian will be quarterbacking the Denver Broncos once again my my goodness Jay Cutler you were its revenge game perk. Against this form Wednesday right yeah as for per annum gays Superman's Joseph sued Tumblr beauties people I've given you good material that's an article it needs to be really there are does that sort of sense that hatred somebody less hatred you don't know what it charges as his in Denver right now budget that's. Out there we storyline to this game can be gotten don't grow well whole X hope her. Just an odd revelation their cubby bio off guard is pretty odd. Jim Fisher what is going on in Florida stable yet his. His radio show he had he did that last night and I got a little ugly as Florida State seminal fans wanna know what exactly. Is is Jumbo gonna do is gonna go to Texas a and M. And take a bunch of money or is gonna stay in Tallahassee ruled or that as well 5 o'clock hour come on experts and here's the thing they'll get the headlines right Johnson and on the ticket. I'm here on seven on the ticket going out into the world famous Harlem. Globetrotters on Sunday December 10 but the American Airlines Arena the globetrotters 92 anniversary. Celebrated ball handling wizardry. Basketball artistry. And great family entertainment for special offer them tickets go to the ticket might be dot com and click on. Get my Burks. Like I always liked Ben didn't I've heard. Is like it's so ladies that are good perks. Third use so important group correct yeah. I'll miss them so when you're gonna tell the class. And Alamo with you here at she's Ellis those two yeah. Oh the actor. And it was podcasts are a lot of other things in yeah. Yeah sorry I categorically denials. Ferguson committed relationship this is this this is where I have to say I'm might have hurt others in the past him to deal in my apologized that like the tree and nowadays that. United I didn't realize that my behavior was inappropriate Amazon remember that. That's a big men say you know of your met lab where. Whoever I. I grew garrison Keeler the united Bill O'Reilly right loses cross is always on real well you're not there you don't wanna be and there are no no no no and you're not that now gaga and not know all the. Let me think Matt our shocking and Charlie Rose just cured be very very shocked that the zone. You know you are the utmost integrity of welcome anybody. I didn't do so beholden. That's you know. Well I consider we console that that that craziness their but the we got a lot to get to hear in the in the 5 o'clock hour and fifteen minutes of us and money and don't be shy six have a 97467974. And it is boy it is the mean insisting. It's saying is this can't wits and albums and a slam I I don't even know where to go with with with the with this with this team right now like I don't even. Know what to say it's it's it it's beyond commentary. Other than I guess how do you fix it and I don't even know how to approach that conversation that. At this point because Adam gays and he's guilty just passers and his fire everybody right okay. Borrowers are you need to improve the offensive line or are you need to get a quarterback or you need a new coach or whatever it was it was different this guy yeah a lot of it was a one sentence Dix ragged you do such and such and promote partly. Yeah I read a filled with a guy or desperado and everybody and you did dressed in a hill and blah blah blah no I don't I don't. But I don't see any major changes in the front office of the coaching staff do you now. O'Sullivan though then then what they're. Enemy in Kokomo that's that's the old being camp but I don't know I don't know who do get in. When you when you talk about get a Meehan and coach amount that leads us and here's the thing. Dolphins running back situation is bad. Kenya injury booed derives a 108. Of his 200 yards rushing on two key Ares. Is now the leader. Behind him dead beyond Smith and Sinorice Peary. Makes you wonder if they need to address that position in the season I mean that in in states say one Barkley maybe he'll be there in the draft. Course you just traded away running back but that's another story. Your world star in the wing. Draft a quarterback. And draft them high. May be even in the first round even. If peace sits behind Ryan and he'll look at it this way. Your animal case all defensive guru. You just make your last dram on defense. This time live up to your reputation as a Altman's the Wii is cute to do day you need opened to talent. And that starts with the quarterback now I know that's a tough proposition with so many holes if you get a high. First round pick you could trade down and bill you holes. And I know Ryan and Tim hill is coming back as the starting quarterback for next season. So drafting a quarterback Kyle I could be a waste. In the short term. But then look at it like this also if Tim hill doesn't work out the way you play and you're gonna be glad that you have that other guy win. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds and Evan Shura and now their new location and prying press. Drove nerds as your authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone needs covered whether its customizations. Training sessions repairs and new purchases. They will hook you look LaMont. Drove nerds dot com South Florida's eye in the sky you might as well get in front of this because that's that's kind of I've never been that guy attack and I dollar dollar I don't believe in drafting a quarterback every year because it gonna take you two years to see if the guy can play. So. You know if you keep drafting them your gonna have a bad lo the singing. If he can play. Well not like that island thing you've got a six round and the real seventh seed you know march probably that is if if this is a guy who you really really think can take over for you someday. Why you pass that what are you trying to get out on the cheap get out in the fourth or fifth and sixth round and hope. Would your fingers crossed that he developed get best player available. And the senate this is this is gonna be this is going to be a conversation here for the next in my it is. I'm I'm really not a big quarterback. The public guy but I am starting little. A little bit softened on that it's going to be a great quarterback draft I mean there's yes there's guys there to rosier jobs Arnold Lamar Jackson means very intriguing and Josh Allen at Wyoming you'll I don't really like but you know because the team's total is you know losing game one quarter of I was like what I'm home I mean just good but like this team scores like twelve points a game like everything I look up there they're getting between a seven is just like you can't move the ball everywhere. There's just a lot of the really some guys there. My point and if you own a gun charge in front of us feel fracas you'll have a following him because even the last day and a half we've gotten Eli Manning tax yeah yeah it's a -- any size or you'll bringing you try to compete with Ryanair or whatever you wanna do with that. Soul yes we all know how you'll feel about Ryan. And my point might thinking on this is is I'm OK you wanna go that route that's fine you know how about it. Here's my thing did they don't have the and not Tuesday meaning my ten among pressure and in case. 'cause because 95%. Of the problem is we're not we're not have the the Coe Jones to do that you I don't think they're going to have the the the courage to do that I donated soul. That's that's one thing I will say this. If you believe even a guy and you think man discussing about this guy is the absolute truth this guy's the next luck that the skies the next luck Elway you know whatever you wanna go. Do you think is the highest we believe that this guy is much better right Daniel then that I say did you did you go for it and you just you figure it out. But dad is still a little bit of risky proposition but if you're gonna be bold you can't be half old. You can't write that would Hathaway that's that's what I think about try ended. Yeah will get a guy in the fourth round of the fifth round it's like the dude if you're serious about it. You know I'll probably if you're serious I probably wouldn't go below second round and do the Jimmy the rubble opening. That even if he doesn't play perhaps perhaps you can trade him and and you know kind of recoup something per. What's your loss but I'll also say this the patriots are. Different position they can work some draft somebody in the second round and say I will just real there and here. This is thought about this is loved by the drafting in general where it's well you know what we reached formulation of Arabia if you think the guys stud Q were you taken. I don't tear. All you think you're good value there and what what what what difference does it make would you he's the first overall pick of the hundreds over a hundredth overall pick you know if you think that guy is is a Boller. Then you take him. I don't care where he's ranked where you if you think and your scalp to you all sit in a row when you're going you know what this guy's a stud. Then you take him you know Eagles got to wait till the third round Tigger quarterback because Nazi we can't take one of the first round now. If you think that guy's the man bigger mayfield so we Tex and everything they may feel. Is this as an engineer and get him and he said that I'd like drew just don't. I mean I'd rather I'd rather just go yeah I'd rather go all in on a guy and believe in a guided this thing out and play a little bits. A fade in and here's the other thing cafeteria if you're Adam's case the offensive guru and you spent I believe it was by the you're seven picks last year run defense go back and check the number and anyway. You need to get some offense going you've got one of the worst offenses in the inner bill this year. And the first round where would you look would you would you look Altman's mind you know would you look tied in no. Me receipt would remain. Who saying no matter how often look at that's what they got the dolphins taken. I don't think Adam gays is going offensive line from from conversations with a I don't think he's going to impact skill position. Type player look mom you've got a problem there running bank and you've got a big problem that receiver also where you've got. Two guys right you've got injury and you've got steals. I office of lying just isn't it I to me it's not going to get your offense going to exude you know so. I think that I think you have to. Go impact that that will be the thing about blowing with quarterback calls although it's not gonna help you this year. Well there are no I never know but. But I'm sorry to lean toward. Yeah I started to adapt your bring me around I'll start airing. Now let's say replace anybody but don't know right gray like him the got to get that from her position figured out first and a foremost before you. Continue let's get to 5 o'clock headline. He speaks WE XY KM South Miami. And WS FX Ph.D. Joseph Miramar. Miami Heat all tonight they host Charlotte at 8 o'clock tomorrow. He has now lost back to back games and has not looked good doing it. Thirty point deficit spend at different points in both of those games Miami Dolphins back on the practice field today in preparation for Sunday's game against Denver. Running backs a Norris Peary who was in concussion protocol. Participated on a full time basis today in practice. Maybe there's hope on the horizon for that rubble running back situation Kenyan draped. Was the only healthy starter. Starting caliber player as of a couple of days ago finally Thursday night book ball today in Washington Redskins at the Dallas Cowboys at eight Tony of those are your headlines. Got fifty minutes he'd come and appear in about about nine minutes willow. All of the McCain and tires and we talked quite a little bit here and there about the you know the heat in the the last couple games have been a fairly ugly. The I guess I'll call the trade deadline but when you can make trades for the players you signed in the off season that's approaching and I believe. If it seems sixteen days exacts a like everyone's on the table so to make a blockbuster move or make a decision or declaration on the team. They're everybody is is certainly would be available to anybody yells at this point I don't know how many. Players if you went on the heat's roster there'd be a lot of other teams were good that would be saying we need to get that guy you know and that right that's obviously the one of the bigger. The bigger talking points when you talk when you talk trade. This this this entering you know not the quarterback thing but I found this very interesting wrinkles of strange reason coming out of dolphins can and senate are with this season. This is the sum up this but the when they do those dolphins recaps and they are all over no we third chain what's hot button issue and it's like. Derek raising who's the idiot easy at the associate head coaches is an SO US special teams coordinator recitals in Portland that's his title and he's one of the best most teams coaches around. And you'll know him he's always the guy that looks like his eyes are gonna to bug out of his school. All he all he's always wearing an orange cap on the sideline right so there is sort of blind black is into Atlanta's Ilya he's the the the throats a challenge got right. And I love I love coach resident and and he's one of the best in the business but did he say today that he's never he's never had a a cup of coffee in his life sort of sit never had a drop. And in view doesn't seeing rear is just absolutely Colombo list items of on the side I its amenities that Schwartz handicap right right but Risley as he has never had a double bogeys and you know die of mount doom. You don't some debt being but he is never had called weird. You never had Cuban coffee even then not now on and never had a you know kept a seat though no. Yeah this get a few looks like the most caffeinated personal that's. Does he does man and and and eyes are either bug and not a member of the game where he chewed out port Terrence today and just mean he he look like he was about like lose his mind here in receipt. It's all natural it's its own natural excitement Korea's planned it and it would when you see him on the sideline he's jumping up and download and and he's yellen. Good guys I mean it up funny guy Brad maybe that did the best assistant coach that we have to talk to of the three round also as coordinator deepens coordinator and special teams coach was his grisly. He's probably the best but. Definitely the most excitable but native never had call because this couple about the companies they should be you know what I I don't know from trying to get away with a golf on offense yeah there was a golf game you know what happened was he walked in and I you know a month. Hope for some reason I'm like the special teams guy of the media contingent solely. And there's been like a running joke with breezy that they've asked them the last few weeks paper as and questions paper doesn't suggestions where you and so you know they have a fake punt against new England and so when Griese came in people. Or like low reais Perkins got some questions where you and risen oh yeah well I'll have some questions report I'd like to see him get a pop Warner team out there now LSU questions about it and site. We went back and poured them in somehow. I don't know how somehow it got to. Breezy and and drinking coffee and so bit. This is like the five minutes before they booed booed the interview with release starts we're talking about real Zia and so you never had coughing you know not a drop never ever like really. Now don't never. I don't really just lose I think that you look over captain there I'm. Guys and a okay first of this out I think that's I think that's BS. He's never had a simple cost glamour had a drop they could signal like copyright and a couple people on the girls on its businesses. That they don't like it is coffee and and her for a number of years I was the same way. But to say that you never had a drink a coffee. Like there's some people tell me I'd never had a drop of alcohol even a great year right right and I go and you went to college now and oh yeah and I'm like come. But OK like I can understand that might be a mother that's a little bit of a different decision. But coffee in your entire life do you think rip the puts money on the table could have a drop of a silly sort of coffee let's face to know that you don't like it. Act like he doesn't always missing how to read our I mean that's what it's like how do you you know met. There's somebody here here as Salem Cuba and I don't drink cup either smells good but I don't like the taste that's what you probably had a border relatives you don't like right exactly and I know I know there are people who love the smell but don't like the taste that likely like a wake up in the morning to the smell of coffee but they're not poppy drinkers. But they probably had a he'd sit. At some point in their life to know that they don't like coffee iced coffee anything that you've got to have caught future grown man. Or woman for that matter you don't have to somebody say is I tried it once and never headed again all right. Let us trying you know it's like regular if he's allergic or some like Delhi's pounding mountains I did not do lose he once the caffeine yet he's not adverse to death being. He's not adverse to cap mean it's just how he gets that camping and its not coffee. And and every is is rears his excitable Rhee is is excitable but no call for. And I look at this some 36 this sticks. Never had a drop of copied the smell was discussed the somebody says they asked if he hits here and assume that's coffee. I mean it is I don't think that come. Yeah I don't know that well. By is we're not about like at all oysters here like you are never had like we're a coffee leg is a deal. I don't know maybe a just and I've tried basically anything and get my hands on yeah yeah and obviously golf is pretty available geezer is a Starbucks on like every single corner. Treat our in the entire world basically yeah I am guessing that is just like you never try that shocking. Let's see here. Them are probably not yeah probably not such as somebody says. This takes never had to drop a call being neither of my parents drank did. I hate the smell so never tried it slows warm drinks. Gross. No no hot go go no see. No hot sunny right now can no longer. Maybe I'm maybe hmmm maybe I'm with now or in some of the Chris first heard jokes America want yelled coming out there you know lead put these guys. Wouldn't doubt it. I now would this right let's not go down a rash usually to get down let's go let's stay on the legal. The legal side of things as far as being caffeinated and being bing will be jacked up there. All right in the desert any that you haven't tried their got as he tried everything like that that's that's the Mabel look good as ours like to me oddly I've never tried that before the always. Fascinating when like you reach and they agree like 45 years to your that you that you never had a drop of Cobb is like okay. All right Jim I'll get to the Miami Heat we got a team it's he'd. It'll come up next is how do they are rebound here got a day off before Charlotte roles in the town and Janet what's the big take away from the last couple of nights in Spoelstra Molly trying to figure this team out here from the coach them up next right here on 790 the ticket. Match. Fifteen minutes. I. It. This image of its customized by champion for about yourself sorted them plunging truck industry customization job you're guaranteed them honest for my for modifications and downed. Thought Jimmy at 45 for tonight's expired you'll putrid for 46 through the champion four by four. Dot com the last couple of nights have been the butt ugly for the Miami needs. Cleveland is one thing again rolled by the New York ticker rockers with out their best player interest up boards Lingus who rolled his ankle. Two minutes into the ball game last night. No sunlight side OK we talked about that earlier you gotta get him right figure that one out but then where do you go with his ball club as far as. There's just a lot of inconsistency a lot of up and down with this team maybe this is who the are. Maybe this is the roller coaster that your gonna have to ride. One other thing Lesley gore and looked absolutely gassed during that game. All those good minutes he played over the summer does is that catching up with him a little bit. Just it's look at this team in your going. They got to be one of the more inconsistent teams certainly in the Eastern Conference that we have seen throughout. Because they have shown you that they can play high level basketball against the likes of of Boston. And some other teams. And appeal for stretches and then they look like one of the 01 of the also rans in the Eastern Conference when you look at especially the way they get beat by Indiana and then when you're down thirty the last couple nights you need Josh Richardson to. Johnson took to even out their gained so it you know what you're getting from those guys every night. Thanks James Johnson has made strides in an evening out his game and figuring out how he makes contributions even if he's not scoring. But. Tyler and and Josh. With with the scoring the end uneven. They need to be hero in another way to impact the game whether it's on and on defense or. Through through whatever is dated it's lay up sore org or tip outs or org or some. What ever it is you've got to find a way to to make a contribution and I'm not sure that those guys have. The year that out as much as James Johnson has figured it out to the square. There's a lot of theories in just watching the games here in the there's a lot of things and the change did changes from night tonight a lot of things one day. But they keep going going back to the losses when they're not playing well when they're not. They are an easy team to defend. Anyway what I mean by that is stink about it you're playing defense for the Miami Heat. What do you have to worry about okay you're not gonna throw down with some Whiteside in the post right you're not yet know low post game whatsoever yeah all right so so that's easy to defense. And then you have a bunch of guys in Richardson ended. High alert even beyond understanding around a lot who case so so. Those guys reason to defend and that's all we don't have to defend okay Goran. All right keep him out of the lane and will be fine yeah. So when the window and a lot of that is the ball sticks a lot of guys their son Joseph Johns nobody you have to double team. I want Soledad this is there's no there's no cutting there's no there's no screens although it just they they get into okay. Shot clock down to six let's just say let's just take a contested three. And of those shots aren't falling their screwed so there's there's just a lot of that's where there and. Easy team to defend. In in those losses that's what I see more often than anything. The end I don't know how they fix that other than they do is he more rhythm offensively solvent is in transition and it starts with their defense. But it's like OK just bridges and you wanna take you wanna take. A contested three have added guard Dion you wanna take you once again doesn't three. Just have attic and there's just a lot of those shots when when they're playing when they're playing poorly now weather playing well. With a playing Portland where the other teams like last night Blake that there was really no. Movement there was literally as yet there they went back import last night between. I thought between a lot of quick shots and and then just over passing. Uncertainty. From from the over has merit. Did the offense doesn't have enough of a rhythm but. Really what. Why are you coming off your men of few words defending the heat. Comes yeah Leslie wants you what's gonna have to juggle a man yeah why did you make just fine now let or or or even if I mean or lord black. I guess I'm saying why why you know why would you be afraid to come off your man I miss stated that and so in other words if it Dion Waiters is driving to the whom. Al come off of Josh to help. And you've ambassador Josh he's not him that three he's not in that shot and and I think that's a lot of of of what we're seeing here is that. Yeah boron is going to the rim and I am coming off both James Johnson sued to double team him. And you can pass it to do to James Johnson but there's probably not going to be a big price to pay for that. He's not willing to punish me for coming off opium and I think you don't see a little bit of that with this off Princeton. I mean more probably in the here's here's another frustrating thing it is. In the guild under for the imports lessons of defense has to be better but just from an offense of them were like even when they're there working the ball around and you're you would you think that they are. There and they're moving the ball. Which is which is which is a cornerstone of great basketball in the Golden State is the best at doing its San Antonio. Even when you're moving the ball it's like okay Tyler Johnson is taking a semi open three point shot so a good shot. We did the shot the shot we can get a lot of times if you're the Miami Heat so it's like yeah okay. Passed passed passed Tyler Johnson Tony do footer that's not a great shot. You know I want you know I know there's too many of those possessions perk where you're going to. And especially when you're not going to stick that. You know they would stuff curry gets that shot or somebody like that right Berkeley Thompson or Danny Green for the sport but when tallies are okay. So Tyler's got a semi open three. That's not the that's not a shot I want to. Antitrust like that yet seen failure of the opposing team probably likes that. But look at relentless spaces. Pretty much everything would this team starts would be printed is where you're gonna get your energy. Is where you're gonna get most of your successes where your identity lies. And so as much as we can talk about the offensive problems then and there are offensive problems. They got to hook up this defense first that that's what these do happen purse that's where. You're going to get yours wag your confidence that's where your rotation is going to be developed who deserves minutes and and why. That's where it all stars would this team so. You do have major opens of problems and all princes is is it. It's just very ragged there's no rhythm to it there's no smoothness there's no polished. But you could say the same thing about the defense and and to me that's that that's a bigger problem because you're the Miami Heat. None of us I mean at the they're they are. That's something that they're always gonna hang hang their reputation on his defense of silent about bombing out at stride this is different you're watching them like this. White and but now you have now I just don't think they have rhythm on and on either side a game and I don't know you're I don't I thought that they were playing more to their defense of identity during that three game winning streak yet. I didn't think it you know OK now the rest of the season you know you go on to 55 wins I think it was going to be that. But I idea being that. You know you you could exhale where little Britons say. All right we got that deep in salt now lists are to work on the often splits the defense is not salt is a that is currently these cubs beat her got the got destroyed right no less less lumps and that's what I'm cite him I'd like I. I thought we were at this being I thought you had this being solved but. He gave 75. Points to a Cleveland in the first app is that right and 65 and brightens expired last night so the defense. I bet that that's you know I thought they had a handle on that by the nearly half I was wrong didn't that this isn't just the AA little glitch or or a blip now it looks like the three things. Where the three game winning streak was the was the little blip. Are we got a bunch of textured to tonight's him for let's let me get took abilities here perked fellas I feel like were beating a dead horse until the heat make a move this is will be who they are we'll see I I don't really disagree that glass roof of last week their and there are little greats. Yeah they. I looked at this again this is not a fifty win team but. They should be better than what they sold the last two nights especially. Defensively. So I. We we know that but that they're not they're not going to you know go on to great beings with this roster. But they can be better with this roster. This team has no identity that rally at fooled like he did with Whiteside. Hell yeah the same exact team last season and the words as they all got paid. Another it's near. That another doctorate and get out here do you go look at the stats corn just doesn't show up in the second half dude dude sucks he's already at 31 years old who's Pete already. Can I don't agree with that can someone informed Winslow he is a man can attack the basket his timid to The Who. While he's I think he's just unsure what he wants to do with basketball when you see that every time he goes baseline he tries the these bounce passes they'll was intercepted my dad needs to stop. Every player has no blow over chief last year is underachieving this year. The so there was another one here's somebody says personnel with the same so why no. That's easy because you weren't that good you were fifty win team last year you finished 3011 but she still warning fifty win team this. This was not going to be a fifty win team why no. I don't know but I don't know but they they should be playing better deep but there's no they weren't fifty win team effort. This is my favorite Texans came in the last few minutes here this this guy I was lived in this guy's world and had the certainty. And and clarity that this gentleman or woman has right here trade Whiteside and Winslow built around being a problem assaults. Exit problems all events on the board of trade. Problems solves okay. The house and senate that overdue 21 he placed on their Biscayne boulevard problem solved there ago we haven't well let's see what about this camp that. Same team doing same being as last year you are who your record says you are. I kinda believe that I mean but if it again if you think they are 43 or 45 win team. They're a game under 500 now is not panic time. Not that I don't know ask Jose you debate you can meet frustrated because of the defense orbital what I really because Amazon and has injuries what ever you can be frustrated. If you thought that they were a mere forty win team they are now a game under 500. I don't think you should be ready to piracy bow and trade the roster it's not it's not rare elements of your expectations were fairly reason. I think these detect the frustration is is high. By well it is not a lot of matters is what Riley and in the organization things to do what their expertise or expectations out thing is not for 500 Basque walk. What I said no no no no definitely not but I don't know but again I don't think they were expecting 4850 wins either. Well I mean you look better when you were that correct that's right Greg Greg Greg I do antenna and it's really the way that they're playing not not necessarily the record to me. It's the way they're playing right it's probably got stolen riles and all these points just off route. What you'll talk lobbying pissed off Florida State fans they don't know what's going on with their their head coach Jim Lowe Fischer were doing the national championship to see what happened at his I guess his college radio later yeah yeah I young younger crop was it iron out is a young man was escorted nobody was more like shuttled down I mean yes you down in this is this is getting ugly here in Tallahassee and I think it's. It's pretty fascinating what's going on out there and how relates to my hurricanes down here one of their biggest rival arms in recruiting. The end of Jim Mobil's to Texas NL worst quarters they go from there but wait to hear this this audio a last night while that Korea. On the other site also we're gonna head up to Clemson, South Carolina we'll talk to a big radio hosts up there as we continue to preview the ACC championship we'll do that via 6 o'clock hour as well also allow more to get to right here on 790 the ticket. Yeah. I can't make it a rip tides come to the sports grill watch CC title game on Saturday try to address the special grow wings and drink specials. Presented by a journal mean Jackson attorneys call when he hundreds of reports haven't free that's 180747. Threes 703. GCC. Championship game Saturday. When the college coaching carousel I've found them that you funny. Headline does Tennessee's still looking for coach Wright and everybody in the end and their Brothers turned them down and Lane Kiffin is out there trolling with on Twitter. Yeah and there's just a lot of funny thing is like the headlines read no volunteers for Tennessee job does great I love those who kind of funny you know they heads. And and that is one of the crazy. Like that those people deserve to not have a head coach out there. Because you argue or Tennessee football. And fill former brought won the national championship lose. And they were winning ten games a year and nine games a year ago and had and people that's not good enough for us were bad work where Tennessee's. Yeah and I said what and I remembered I'm numbers boggle your Tennessee overly okay. Okay so you're you're you figure Alabama near Notre Dame dedicated USC and Georgia just knew that to mark where I guess that. We have Mike and we are beyond beyond two days ago. And he enjoys it cool like cool right. You know at at. Let's look at hurricanes basketball you mentioned the big win last night earlier Leo. It's like all of a sudden like Janelle McLaren they is winning 25 games a year and they're going to the sweet sixteen. And then and then the minute spiral and the worsening. Round your going. Height sweet sixteen is like right way to Miami basketball right right it rightly exam. Yeah I had a little fun like we beat duke. Right. You know we have duke football right. Call and I find. Nightly 19. Tennessee united you know go to observe anything if you're run still for around one Janette did when he took the rectangular it's pretty girl at. Your Tennessee like you here if you're the don't let you win ten games a year and you're a big change that you could tell the national championship fine would you tell the C. Did you get to that level don't you can. Mad at you win the title in you start thinking all right now let's let's take a certain extent pool and this guy got us so far Nomar. Rick does as a bowler or Phillip fullmer got us to this level. Now let's really put our foot on the accelerator or harassed. I think you've I think that's what a lot of programs that. Is being is that the natural progression. Whether you're you know whoever Washington. Word US he or whoever gets the know your place did well. They know who you are let welcome all of these that he went back to back championships. As that's where yes where you donuts selects. Does the next step is after I won a title and was good and I guess I guess like you know Georgia Tech didn't get that back in the day when they won their title right. No and Bob Ross yeah Aaliyah Aaliyah was early 99 and the only area but did they were Smart but yeah out of the typical visitor but the the so this is funny and it's. Thought he Herm Edwards is cars on the state. Do school loans and let her I think her. I. Okay yeah. Perk out out of my bank account numbers aren't here. All that's going to be an unmitigated disaster area I don't right. Alison you know that it's just that bad that's ladylike and how well is not quite as bad as Lovie Smith and Illinois by. Term are doing in there you're not win like you it gives you get eight wins a season and thank your lucky stars. Your journal I wants the coach Bo certainly colds and recruit to cheeks like ten years ago that was messed you around the united you know yeah I. Like I looked more powered zoom mind you that that the tell me all of the guys that's a good work here use went back you just want to challenge you to get back into it but man our house they ideas Ian and collect those check rejects all of us. They did. Arizona State that's all that's all upside for you saw how money for you don't like. If you've got a guy who come into living rooms this. You remember for awhile and it didn't seem like a lot of the college basketball coaches or or even NBA were coming off of TV. Because people knew somebody you felt comfortable with this guy you you know from TV every night that's what. That's what recruits will her worm but. I think that we Herm. Edwards is it throughout your buddy come on you've seen this guy on ESPN for years you'll be like a group walk into your living room he's in a pre and yeah big I don't know amendment cold to your high school football player. You know him as the guy from ESPN. Like you were T when he was a I'd coaching. Herman Edwards but but your parents know and you know domestic guy and a leg up. He used to coach I don't know and I don't know that they exist and I don't know what he deal with the Eagles and you know as a player but they know did they know from yet so for Arizona State. And that's a huge win for her little good that's an. You've got and they recognize it looked. How easy how much easier is going to be to raise money camp when you have that alumni golf tournament how many people are gonna wanna open their checkbook to Herm Edwards and the new facility that he promises and all these new recruits. Like to hear Arizona State that's a big score. If your hurtled dude you're starting to get back to the line and words. Cobra getting her some I don't know no cat using you're looking at this from a Nevada Arizona State. This guy gives me instant I didn't see and fund raising ability. To school I mean to me this is what renewed. This win some games like Herm Edwards like get us a big score Burleson rock and I couldn't disagree more than that that to me is just like you're giving up that point appears on a state. If you wanna waste of money at the golf tournament all Herm Edwards are you don't know raise. Money your your get better and these people other people open comes later I mean first like right now. Did you want her to get into the living rooms and and with the name recognition get to some recruits. And then during this off season raise money get those the so lease sale season tickets. Give us money. I'll give us identity get us on TV. Your term we got site we get some equity that both intersected. At higher. Personal listening yeah yeah yeah no I do I I I think it's I I look at her and allow you to get back in the go to that man. But for Arizona State yeah that's just more. Home. OK I. Brought out a new one of those that you might hear those Dave leg. All right magnets that the best again I I what you Tennessee get to that is that there's as it goes. That will Sewell looked at what's left for for Tennessee here. I'll get to the 6 o'clock hour well article to Clemson, South Carolina. And done and we're gonna talk to. The morning host them 105 point five the Rourke so you know they're all in on the Hudson tiger football team. On the keep violent he's gonna join his right around six when he bully get to here's a thing where it's 6 o'clock headlines. As well and good summary text messages so keep those coming on and at 67974. 67974. Right here on some ninety the ticket. Bump up against the 6 o'clock hour Kurds are factually if you hear it to here's just a moment. Come on out of the largest chains Joey party on Fort Lauderdale beach. Adrift on music festival powered by Ford at. It's Saturday and Sunday when you're there make sure you stop by the England 790 the ticket ports oasis watching ACC championship game with your feet in the saying and maybe and great music to Saturday a cage elephant Weezer injured man in the wilderness and many more fans Sunday as boys to men case in the sunshine man Foreman is the Gramm saw Tampa. And more ripped out of present a much in the journal of being an accident attorneys call. 80747. For this it hundreds of enforceable threesome into retreat. By some Merrill dean RTG a water bottle directly at the source inserting yeah Italy's around the world is about rip it energy fuel real energy for real people. I think it's there until right now get them that it might dot com we're just basically a couple of hours away Grammy Saturday it starts so. Biggest tickets now you waited long enough so you don't wanna be left out it's going to be. A huge event the weather is supposed to be absolutely breathtaking Saturday and Sunday. Watch all the games you Gary are gonna miss out on any thing in what we better Fort Lauderdale beach first week of December. But Fo all those great musical acts or go to to remind me. I dot com. We got to a lot to get to on the 6 o'clock our particular until seven tonight. We've been abbreviated the the last couple days free basketball so we get the full three hour tour here. We got a Mickey Bleiler he's the other morning host welcome Clemson, South Carolina for 105 point five Rourke solo Los Kim Clemson. They feel maybe there are a little bit overconfident this matchup against Miami. The last couple weeks perk I've heard and are everywhere talk about Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami. Nemo all those people on TV like Herman Edwards by the way all's all those of you on TV and I granite your TV that's big but all that but. And then liked this past week and they lost we all of Latin. Nobody mentioned Miami. Nobody nobody mentioned well it'll might we can get in there now we all they know. Would concede the winner of the ACC championship game but they all were assume they all were bass whose job Obama to talk mine because it's going to be content. So for my heels might be I mean I'm beyond me I mean everybody pay when George Gallup say hey what is Reece Davis okay Herbie what CIO Fowler. Mighty I'm a Miami and now it was no amid those laws and all that now the injuries. Did you know clearly they are the they they're playing. The the underdog role. So sold in that come and appear in about in about twenty minutes or so. Also audits of your text messages 67974679. 74 we go to the the TV's on here and we I see a golf course on on one of them end up golf season is back you and I are big fans of golf. I am a card carrying member of the Tiger Woods the president of the Tiger Woods fan Compton. And he is back his first competitive term I pleaded ten months is that now is that correct yes you have met right wasn't too long ago we are stared at a mug shot of law hold guilty Greg. Oh media over the summer so old big headlines he is back on the golf course and he's saying all the right things and I'm just kind of wondering if how this story ends with. Probably still the most. And I know soccer people are gonna jump in the most recognizable. Sports. Figure in the world maybe Tiger Woods still. Up there yeah up there I would you know messy Renault though LeBron tiger he had his short list the buddy rice and in a decade right is it it's a short list. But I'm not really you know residency and tiger played this and that leads us in New Year's opening. Tiger Woods back on the golf course today out in Nassau Bahamas they hero world challenged. Tiger show out of three under par 69. Tigers just three strokes behind the leader Tommy Lee Lewis. I don't care all I care about with Tiger Woods is seeing him win majors. All I care about is seeing him chased Jack Nicklaus. Any thing other than that to me from tiger. It is is just got ancillary stuff. But does the big thing about tiger was being the greatest golfer of all time and that's what got everybody into watching this guy this. This guy who could electrified crowds this guy who won majors just. Out of nowhere win. He was seemingly out of it there was tiger stalking you the leader now he should now he's making bogeys when normally he makes Paul hours. That was tiger that was the power of the black pants and the reassure the Sunday of a major. Setting records getting big TV crowds. That's what I wanna see from tiger. No lunacy tiger at the hero world challenge I don't wanna see tiger dropping Honda. Those things don't matter this guy is pursuing greatness. And that means for this guy chasing Jack. So if tiger is not in a major. I really don't care to wash the guy anymore. Here's the thing is brought to you by drone birds and Evan Shura and their new location in congress. Go nerds user authorized DJ ideal they've got all your drone these covered. Whether restraining sessions repairs customizations. New purchases whatever it is look these guys they will help you out. Visit him today drove nerds dot com South Florida's I. In this guy. Are among remember that because I don't want shadow what you busing in here when not if he does make it back to route to the top. Then all of a sudden your mr. Tiger Woods guy. Hello when he's when he's you know coming down the stretch Sunday at a gust and a few months in your. Raw yeah I don't know. If he's adding major I want to watch him I don't wanna see him at Honda I don't wanna see him at the hero world challenge. He he won the player of the year a few years ago without winning a Major Wright I guess I don't give a damn about. It can't ease what is the right time. Did the time because he was in the mix but you just come got to start somewhere and I know this is a shady terminal where there's only eighteen dude playing. Out of the Bahamas but like he's got to start some where a no no bandwagon guy like all of a sudden he's going into the final round all I'm Tiger Woods got elegant and placed at a time. No you're not hearing me. I don't hear if it's not a major. I don't care if if tiger wins the tournament championship I don't hear he didn't win any mayor he's not gain on the Internet that. Let's I'm not gonna jump on the bandwagon V if he's if he's winning somewhere in the port where if tiger wins more straight tournaments. Capital era. Big Tiger Woods and correct. Out I don't Obama beat Tiger Woods fan but I I'd like tiger I'm you know I don't but he's Tiger Woods thank you Celek offensive I want my team has won a championship rocker bottom. What got us ourselves. Where he's got to win these little tournaments that get some gadgets you all know that he's done that nobody has done that the number of years though has been going into the player of the year. That's like wells aimed at like twelve. Commitment of 4000 of them likes likes the filing -- year ago yet but what does that time perking golf cap I don't wanna see him at the Waste Management tournament and in our minutes that I understood it to say the F starts he's had he's got to do something to show up on the tires to get a gust no I don't play any tournaments and wait no I know what I'm saying is idol I don't care about this stuff like that but I want to watch tiger import tournaments this year. And it's the port majors okay but let's say. But I mean I don't wanna see him in anything else it doesn't matter I get it I understand that it's about winning those meters and most will think that there's no he has a chance to work my point is this like. The first for me to watch those majors. And watch with that level of curiosity. He has to be doing something in these other tournaments. I agree I agree I just don't wanna watch these ultra. Gloves I mean like I mean you wanna watch that the sausage being made I don't hear about that I just liberals and sauerkraut on it and some mustard and enjoy it. Like I don't know really how tiger makes. And the sausages is going to be yeah me having me running to the bathroom. What nobody used to whip like but tiger likes episodes. It just shows up as it expects to do anything in these majors like woods play golf. I don't say I know I understand tiger doesn't have a beer and Portland and sits tight tiger must prepare I don't care to watch don't care that's when I was really kind of yeah as a I'll wake me up and deport me to the idea I got you out that's all. Forms of from talking to keep me updated candle have to watch any of that I am good idea I got you there are 6797467974. Its acreage is the Coral Springs autumn on the text line. Let's get to 6 o'clock headlines. He speaks WE XY AM south Miami Heat and WS SHD to show me. ARAMARK. Miami Heat off tonight they host Charlotte at 8 o'clock tomorrow he lost back to bag gains looked bad doing it trailing by thirty points at one point. In both of those losses Miami Dolphins back on the practice field today running backs a Norris Peary. Who had been in concussion protocol practice and a full basis. Lending hope that maybe there's some help coming for that troubled running back situation. Thursday night football tonight Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys at 825. Those. Are your headlines are so every college coach in Mosul marsh sponsored. Has their own radio show call in show TV show. And last night Jumbo Fisher. Whose team is playing against Louisiana Monroe Saturday noon which is that that's a game that was canceled due to hurricane Irma. So they actually have a game left. The try to become bowl eligible small things the Florida State Seminoles the mighty some animals. So yesterday last night. He has his radio show and they have open Mike which a lot of lot of coaches still do in the past the Mike around the fans and they ask coaches questions that usually they are. Hey you know hey coach what do you think about this week in the you know what are we gonna do it's dramatically to go get them in all all this stuff and here's here's what transpired last night on not on the Jumbo Fisher show. I'm excited when he came on our program very excited about music that's 400%. In the head coach is there has been kind of season. And I remember watching on your press conferences and how you talk about how we need to be committed to a program he sure for the team and we need to be. The ball well too tolerant yeah. Yeah. It's here. But that's this year that I don't wanna do. By its own movie dagger off committed to try to defuse the situation there but that the fan and I believe I saw ESPN say this earlier. Then that person who asked that question was actually in the marketing department at Florida State. Moon. No way and at the end which you do not see there obviously to this radio but the video is everywhere. He got escorted out of that that show area very quickly yes and it was kind of being shoved out yes that's a question. And his question what where's the loyalty. And yet it is those rumors that nick had that Jamal Fisher almost a Nixon who sleaze of coaches bolting. A very nefarious way but Jim go Fisher. Going to Texas say them and they're gonna give him that his gave him bags and bags of money. And he's gonna go to Texas and it which I think he will ultimately move at Florida State. Since then has come down here in the last the last summer hours and said we need a decision out of view. Dude like to read what I live for Mario. Area and photo Dave Wright don't leave us variant million that we got stuff to do regularly you know let us know we need to move right you'd probably forget off the pot right if you wanna stay here you're making your top five coach paid. In the country you'll make a little bit more point maybe needs a little bit after he added divide by two after the wife you know an adult milk which are odds are full extent I get it. We have Mike Bianchi on a couple of days ago. And he called he would be called the gutless of Jim official news wars and yet that's exactly word he used. And I don't have all the details we don't. But here's the thing maybe Jim what was gutless and one bad year and he was the hall last move but I know part of Eagles how bad is it up at Florida State. Where he even thinks about leaving because you're right come down perk he's got it rolling at Florida State recruiting wise race he has got as much talent. As Clemson. As Alabama. And as anybody else in the country of this year crappy year this year. Bad luck you lose friends who offers Kay radio is the battle night like it was this has nothing to do with talent Jim Ball hasn't rolling in Tallahassee you know. So something tells me old okay it's like the well went dry in Florida and Urban Meyers as long I got just remains a gust Tebow left. That's not the situation. Going on in Tallahassee he's got it rolling from a talent standpoint so this is a very very weird weird deal. Yet say it's it's almost a show me some load deal or gig you know give me some more money or how just how bad do you want me. And it's. Boy go in the Texas NAM is is. It is a strange deal because number one. Years in the state Euro is going to be second fiddle to Texas I mean united I know I I used to cover Texas I lived in Texas for twenty years. That's just the way it is throughout the ninety's when Texas and Jim was much better program. It was still Texas getting all blew out all the attention. So in your state you're gonna have been issued there spreads in your conference you're you're in the SEC yeah I am so glad I guess that's another major problem bears so. It is just a money grab. It might be just a MoneyGram Armenia because I I just think you have a quicker wrote to the top at at at Florida State playing in the ACC. And you have a better shot at becoming the big dog in your region. At Florida State I don't know it all right I know Florida and and and you whim or in your state. You you won a title there like Europe you've done it there at Florida State and you're gonna go to eight and AM and almost a year not starting from scratch but you almost dark. I and I am a little bit puzzled by this because you I I don't. I don't really see any advantage that you have at Texas they and him over Florida State I mean. I love Texas used to lit. There's not a better job it's not a better job and I'm a better situation right well in the stadium but did a better job at at some point you gotta build it bigger stadium. It's not a better job no it's not a better job it is not a better job. So line yet ms. batch exam was all right that was statement closed easier when the biggest brands and India contractors taken a step down. Its regular step down. You open it now to get I don't know that's a that's fine and he can win there a little bit eyewitness a pretty big step down. Well I don't say a it's a step down his resemblance to the money like that you you dream with this Tom eight million bucks a year yeah yeah but unlike a look at the profile because they slumming it now. You're in the SEC you're never gonna win your conference you're never going to be the most popular team in your state I think he's on I don't know allow it comes back after this they'll see what transpires in the next 44 hours because. The that out of they want him coaching that game. But even then they definitely he's gonna be gone even if they make a bowl game which they should be Louisiana Monroe yup but that my biggest thing is and how relates to the hurricanes and everything else like where does that work towards ago. Yeah. I get a late in the game the that the early signing periods coming up there's an gather listeners are and yeah a couple of week or two after Saturday like like Laker all the U numbers are just come from UN because down here but every coach cross country. They'll be on the road now. Like all this time it yes OnStar signing guys gathered on the road behind coach is already on the road right now I'm still Miami like on select obviously regain a rare forcibly can be recording the guest Mark Richt in those coaches will leave the ACC championship game win or lose and they will go directly on the road to recruit. You know four until the dead period which is I got you know I'm a little got to look up when it early signing period but yeah renewed. New to football Florida State like I have no idea that I got to oil Woodward he'll likely tire you out some nights right round but I all the organs gonna let you know somebody just come and coach their coach of the just hired. Bright daylight right you know there SA OK you know and organs got money there what's illegal he had he had a rocky start there to the yes some some within the rest of some kind of personnel Saldana player issues and peace movement strength and conditioning coach in the right it is the you know the players were pass announced you know right in his daughter's you know very rocky at the start of the mosque you know get right -- glass. I don't have another regular love to see here when he's yeah he's got a smooth about. Another lap. December 20 through 22 I believe as early signing period would of seen here so you add those coaches. Yeah you're in your coaches if you just if you lose your go to the next couple weeks. Good luck. The look for the early signing period. I'd make geometry Bleiler that's right he is the morning hosts over Clemson, South Carolina we're gonna behind enemy territory their perk we get a that a Clemson view of this Miami team and look closer look at the tigers for the ACC championship on Saturday. He has a set to join us next right here on 790 the ticket. Taylor ever day for the corners and ticket window your chance to win tickets to an upcoming game hornets Miami technology partner. And your local South Florida technology company for all your business needs visit them online at a quarter score dot com sponsored by both. And your vault dot com to get the most cash now for your future structured settlement. For a lot of repayments calling 33 in my vault and by Lauderdale BMW farmer finds proud members of the home and automotive group keep listening to the ticket to win your way into. A heat game courtesy of her back with you on this Thursday afternoon treading into the evening and we got a big one all Saturday night the ACC championship game. And to discuss it all is a Mickey Bleiler. He is the the big time post up in Clemson, South Carolina host of the Mickey Pilar show. Every morning from six to nine on 105. Point five though roar and our ACC. Championship. Look ahead is a sponsored by your local liberal sports grow in my Andhra Levine Jackson attorneys call 10747. For that 107473733. AM Bible tram Rahm. As we head down to the Iran feels and announcers who his source guess when they're truly steps beyond convenient that's refine our man Ricky father Miguel you don't it's evening. From Belgrade a big guys are also. We're don't recommend where we're have a blast down here at the hurricanes. We've had a tremendous run here and and it's been a lot of fun at you guys have been a charmed the school the last a few years. Under devils winning of course the national championship a season ago how is this year different here as their back in the ACC championship game for the Clemson Tigers. Well that I lost a lot of got my actually cost you your view but pray in school history and Shawn Watson who lost the when I go home until by the for the all time rusher single seat that the tide in Kabul halt any type in school history a wink in and Jordan. A first round draft pick wide receiver Mike Williams. Aid the all time leading receiver and our favorite Scott a prehistoric senator you know an all American linebacker bimbo lawyer and and though because to tackle calls Walken and that they owe a lot like Miami will have gotten these no vote truck trailer lost on no place on Saturday night and only to be candidate kind of linebacker there they're all he kicker. Is out for the year to put all of that record number one in the comparable oil portrait is that a lot about eight the recruiting and indeed really the culture. He wrecked clumps and while some people might be surprised. A lot of people got this program expected this to be. This kind of yup that context protections program now. Though may make either the defense. How good is this deep in summing it you can quantify it like as it. Is it like that the best the dabhol has had it would crush last year's deep inside they give me give me out of the resistance how good are these guys. Tito about four years ago will be Beasley senior year armed great teacher and step on anti some. Hot draft picks and gouged them NFL right now home or they have an award because the country specifically about one yard effort almost lost this defense is. As good a Taylor really good spot pursue Wilkinson and extra or a Lawrence. Has been hurt throughout most the season you'll be not harmed should help he'll play. Saturday night to get two really good unity and to frantically looked Earl. And Alter Bryant on their their banged up at linebacker but they've got a lot of built that linebacker in the second period is probably more solid than anything else. It's a good scheme it all start to Brent venables the go to coordinator who. Oh you've got a lot of looks and you know when goal in two games oil like last year's national semifinal to shut out of state 31 not that. They've played a lot of press lot of hard man quarter. And gotten very aggressive they go to get sticky bear in the shut up and played mostly ball. All they do a potable bullets and you'll sleep well 396 with five to persecute Opsound bookie because commenced. Playing playing quarterback who played hard pressed coral on a wide receiver and dropping in our producer Chris you've woken up. We're gonna pound tackle drop then covered it it is a good job of all of this gotten things a lot like many Beers. They do crazy part over not a major guys who with its multiple they they prevent fraud Bopp won't even fronts and pressure come blood appeared. Mickey Bleiler is with the CI has the morning shopping clubs and South Carolina on 105 point five the war what the roar also check out tiger net dot com. Other big Clemson tiger web site up there aren't what I mean listen you guys are loaded we know that mine he's come a little bit banged up here. But you'll think the canes are running out of gas your down the stretch. How how does how is Miami viewed in your part of the country think hey this is just up. This is just a pre courage to us being back in the final four reportedly Miami's legitimate threat Saturday night ma. I think I'm good Madrid made it popular herbal Margaret Margaret on played here a year or transferred out on their crude against each other you know in this critical to order you got on that what Mark Richt has been out about a minute stability. Now how was. Down there was going to be to pick it up and in this team this program. Going into the game from a lot of crazy about it but I think what we close a good show and but with a Morgan feel different now and put respect Miami Clemson though. Issues in the respect a lot of people into the coastal visual stuff and and Miami got a lot of attention and the yard got dutrow and Belmont C a at all can't expect from I have now that being said. You can run out of gas and I had thought about you mentioned it. About. Five years ago. Clubs were undefeated late in the season. And they did they really weren't used to the big stage and it ran out of gas at the end of the year. It's a long these guys you know the food it's the twelve Libya and Cuba the thirteenth game. You know the winner is put into place fourteen particulate fifteen games. And I think one of the advantages. Of going through this thing you have been a player left two years later left two national championships. Is going through and seeing how important depth there's. That blow a lot of teams out because the tigers play a lot of guys lead to a game to go to school were. They played tons of guys in and may be on a Margaret got a great recruiting class coming in this year and in the following year looks like to. That that maybe that might be the next step for Miami it's continue to build a dip to play potential future keeping entries. Mick you know we've talked a lot about personnel. And matchups and coach seeing all of that mass. Mickey what do the people there think about the journal during. You know I think people I think they like it I think they respected epic day. You know it's on god you don't and a world we're happy with August of two serious followed and and if it's a pity I know Manny Diaz was data militant state coach from my public starts to. Political super years and we know you know about it background and some some on your trip coach they have commented name any of the Mac truck. And it plays right in what looked will we know Buckingham who got the got leaving it in a little bit different here in net. Dexter launch that they're all American kind of deconstruct what they asked about. They turn or what Brent venables gives a term changing it will come to support your work were a rule likely to pop this you know is it works in Miami amateur workflow wherever by trot out not only like. But you know one of the bottom on world Miami it is. It playbook culpable playoffs Saturday night in their they're playing for forward you're going to program and whatever words and its the dialogue cannot I think a good idea and I think that I think if you respect for what. Mr. Bleiler is the the host up in Clemson, South Carolina from a morning show on 105 point five the roar I'd check it out also you can bomb on Twitter at Mickey Weiler. Omelets and Kelly Bryant win the game on Saturday or lose the game on Saturday can he do both in your mind or it goes beyond that with Clemson. Do you think it goes beyond that because Clemson. Those those stripped of their program. Is is in the dipped. Of a lot of really ballplayers but Telecom affect the quarterbacks looked bored position. I think a lot like Miami in that road you're on Playboy guy who can win or lose the vote comes nearly put together apathy could have won gains. And and not only lost one Ito gives the ball game what both put shaky at times to armed Bryant. Too much better passer but how would ever believe Pete developed into that he beat out. Five star hundred jobs many in could be up to forestall or in the back of your libido but but he's he's the guy bit. If you could say one thing about it you know if people think it's great owner so accustomed had to get my in the years ago. It will be banged up so he's not this natural loner. But he's a little bit of passion than you think I think the best thing about Chile Brian we're the most intriguing aspect of the game as he doesn't make a lot of mistakes he had not force balls and at UT EP principal amount of we'll try and appeal board rule that forced the ball in coverage. And really get fumble the ball low you know hold up this year so he's been very protective but would club defense. And their running game it kind of they do veto it would ask him to do it so what if anything else don't lose the game he couldn't he can win the game. They don't meet a group that they need him to protect the football. I think if there's a key I'm not sure. Know Miami came to win the game without great field position at a can't seem. Would you interviewed had not yet bought you know get the tide in that in the wide receiver Richard had those gas. It might be to restore I don't think Miami lining it up and have been. Twelve play eighty yard drop consistently get called something Perot over field position special teams. And gold and have felt it would be won't could lead to toast thanks to Miami. I'm Mickey I I assume you're gonna pick Clinton to win but. Humor us tell us who wins and give us a swore. I do that for a web site today and I assets 3117. Epic kind of safe pick I don't know that's up. 4470 were content Gormley the sealant or that spoke. 31. Of skin in the game and mines quickly to make it a little bit cloture. On again Miami it is very capable of beating clubs and book club cannot learn this in over the last three years and watched Alabama go with. I think Clemson is very very comfortable in big gains. That Miami is you know a whole. On the but I'll I'll watch these are completely. Between LSU and and beat Oklahoma twice the house statewide portion left three years. An Auburn the last four count that played in the Georgia and he bought this and it sure will be in Alabama last year their beard culpable. In big games I think Miami but I know club and it but think that kind of atmosphere with a 639. They get comfortable. Slightly better team now up with that with both Annika again this is looking at the way. Put recruiting literally minor occurring this might read the first of several your next two years. The dollars the Miami's trying to get to where Clemson is under are under mark so they're they're trying to you know another year and a half to couple two years. They're trying to get where we're Clemson in Davos got this thing no role in pretty good. It's not get build up their right I mean they're gonna they're gonna show opened Charlotte Saturday night correct. Yeah but the weird things about this on this who these. Before before what maybe in the 6100. Tablet front the memo mind it's the get older on the one general and laughter with a little bit different but I. Punitive mania to seven that big stadium. When they play North Carolina two years ago was about it deep down the club about two went up Norcross of consequence than. Wrap it up so much earlier than vulture on a bid on this one it's weird because the fold all the corporate tickets first. Includes only got 5000. Counting band and in coach the players only 3702. Student Cuba to go to the yeah. I end up here so. Yeah it they'll be at a critical to people they cannot play this note in this. We've seen what happened all over the place we can happen Puerto Portia right now. Content Randall digging his supper granted that they'll they'll be in full force and an appreciative oh well of any opportunity to look at port through. Particular to program have got to know Miami's good they're relieved look reported Saturday night. Yeah let's let's get to go on man let's CEOs see how it shakes out here who's gonna represent the ACC in the college football playoff it's going to be it's going to be pretty wild hey Mickey thanks you're time is always great inside and and don't enjoy the game on Saturday thank you mommy is pretty. Aren't Oregon job and I I don't you do you've got a Mickey Bleiler. Up there and Clemson, South Carolina yes Clemson is an actual city club you'll get a Clemson is an actual. City comes in South Carolina and the the morning host on 105 point five the Rourke in blogger for tiger net dot com the big guy at Clemson tiger web site up there so. You can tell lot of respect for Miami yet but I mean I think we're all let's let's be honest if Clemson plays their best football in the in Miami plays their best football Clinton will win the game. Yeah and and should win again 'cause yeah they're they're that good Annette. Barry bakery very talented. And speedy and athletic. I didn't I agree that the next thing you know he's got the formula there. That's less a luckily Bryant like to could you know throw you couple interceptions publish short field talk about talk about what Matt Porter a little bit earlier in the show. I'd just Miami. Could you can't give a typical twelve plays eighty yards and a defense right so but you know good grades in short fields being flooded field this a special teams you can have that punch. Can't have all that lost yardage against him that comes in could you just looking likely gonna that's for money ball every every drive started the minus eighteen yard passing like yeah. And yet and you can't have. The the dumb stuff the preset penalties in which are where you're playing behind the sayings and and all that kind of stuff you've got to be. Really really under game your mind. Me to win this year's drill bit modest in his arm Osama talent there and so. Rooted for the several of those names of gray haired big bees I know they've had some they've had some some more daddy's on the united but I mean. Do they just they they they got it Roland what they value added they're they're loaded with recruit certain talent and all that kind of stuff man dabble is has done a really really good job and it's Alabama it's what Miami was in the late nineties early 2000 there was all of another guy another all American another birdie on the third straight title game. Yeah I mean that's it is here as codes and is silly that out at our look at the EC championship game sponsored by your local neighborhood sports grill and buy in a journal of the accident attorneys call when he heard some foursome for the 2807473733. And Bible Tran Romo who Yale come back. I'll get a segments ago all cain's radio that's going to be the top the hour got a very. All American type guest list at all came dread of sand bar in the grow over the b.s in the boys to say about that. And obvious where your text messages to get to and some final thoughts here you rapid on any Thursday. Evening radio 790 the ticket. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. They join the best and seven that the bigots and Martha groves and I expect strides going on right now but they'll be broadcasting live following us at the top of the hour till 9 PM for the ACC championship edition of all came to radio. Like guests include former 2001 champs and NFL players nods a Davenport in Phillip Buchanan how about that that is right there will be on hand. Enjoy food and drinks to discredited his prize wheel where we give away for UN official apparel prize packs during any football game of the sand bar. You get five for fifteen dollar Miller buckets five between our current of history and arm of the points. Five dollar model priced in four dollar fireballs shots the swagger is back fraud came to radio in basketball gear visit. Shop Miami or he's not come walking radio which is coming up following us here in about twenty minutes. Right now at Miami's number one sport horse in our growth in the growth and of course imagine the football games all the special because them. Week thirteen starts tonight you have the yet the Washington football team. And the Dallas Cowboys seem him I don't hear from Texas perk you Panetta. There's just certain join me watching the cowboys. SATA I'm enjoying this a little bit. Too much watching the cowboys in disarray out I don't know I don't know what it is a pins Alex America's teeing I'd just like oh what is in those this kind of like. I idolize. Just I am not a big Dez Bryant guy he. I like debt press Scott although I don't I think he's limited who. I'm kinda soured on easy you'll LE calling his kind of the resort is has been allegations are doing that he's suspending the you know you know Jerry Jones there's just kinda like. I like them really had their run last year and in of this kind of like they I don't want them to be. Enjoying life a little bit too much here that you love them. Oh yeah you win or lose you don't win or lose don't destroy your America's but I just like out of like that as victims it's always better when they're suffering a little bit. Or you'll like it when when I first moved there in 87. Cowboys were awful are used to were reports are telegram most in college and I used to. We say have this thing we had a answering machines set up and people will leave messages about the cowboys after the game Merck and they were terrible at that time and so it was just usually people ribbon the cowboys and they were to leave their name and phone number or how come there and transcribe the tape and on have to call and Vera by that this is you and I would people would do they know it called a you know logged promise so spore wars start selling brand did you leave this message. Yeah I left that message and here's what else I think today people what does it just ripping the Calhoun and Odom and live wars when Jerry Jones came in and and bought the team and takes rams fired Tom Landry is like low. The cowboys sought but they were our cowboys and dammit now we hate you. Just like three years of just bid YouTube loved beautiful love them they ate it. Team but as I can they had their big shot that a shining moment last year. Yeah yeah yeah so it's either dialect of ideas there one of those scenes ever polarizing yes yes yes they are yes I do like not lose the eye candy busy in the enjoy ID really enjoy them. Last year winnings and now this gem like I like to see them squirm a little bit so is paid by the way you mention it answering machine someone feels like what is that yes yes and a voicemail right right investment in voice mail within actual to say it tonight there was a machine nightmare that back in the day that young Perkins walked into rules. Any course or play right and guys screaming voice gave out yelling about Herschel Walker we. We used to call it drunk some brave right yeah that's basically what it was right. Lou. Yeah those who is it's great it was some of the quarterbacks we have to hello who has been the core is Steve pure Illinois. A floor alone. Yeah. Please. Walsh a dozen times today they had before that but yet those those guys the cows were at the actor Danny white. Really are the maybe the last day anyway years but anyway yeah they were well. Let's see her squirm a little bit here and so that's the Thursday night game we get up. And both teams are rested to they both played on on Thanksgiving here. Pay we got a few minutes as well as you because I'll be out tomorrow and also rule we will reconvene on Monday. This John Carlos and stuff is it's been pretty wild here it is and I think I think ivory fan what's left of them out there. Are kind of reserved the fact he's gonna be gone feel like she's not going to be running for loans that are more. Soul in this team wants a complete trip down and and Derek Jeter and hit in the group which I don't have a major problem with. You know I'm like hey Tony on either but it but this is easily average coming out it's funny when that. It's always great when the local story is the national story right visit because it makes our jobs a little bit easier in the to be great honestly mean that it it makes a little bit more. I would say enjoyable. Like with a Big Three are in your backyard yes and you turn on ESPN it's all about the Big Three of your team in this of that or the hurricanes are number two in the country and every. But he's talking about what you're talking about every single day. It makes it fun but I find your body that you turn on in every baseball persons are about John Carlson being traded you come down here in Britain don't we talk about. Yeah yeah and no other way other opposite yes there there's sometimes where the story is bigger nationally and ideas locally yes and that's what we're seeing with Luke with a stand aimed at. Yeah I don't think people. Around here really really give a damn it's so like wake me up when them when Marlon start winning when they're onto something. Who blinks first the Marlins are standard missile base right now to threatening Stanton. Eight Emmitt stand in my mind has all the power of the is a no trade clause and he has an enormous contract. And obviously the Marlins. They made it very clear that you're not in our long our long term plans. So my goal and then stands made it clear to the kind of showed his in Seattle Barbara real billing process yes I just fine yes now I look at it. Opposite from UCL a thing. If anybody has the power or the leverage to me it's the team. But I think overall they need to work together to help each other route but I would say that it's a team. Because stay at sincere that he does not want to play here. And so he wants now is not like the teen wants to dump his salary although you know they do this is not like. The New York Nixon and Carmelo. Where the team won it to get rid of him Melo had the no trade clause. And you had kind of had to go to mellowing goad you wanted to weird you want to go here come up to the instead. It well here Mel sat there and said I don't wanna go to Milwaukee. The title but it's but she was Charlotte but you need you need it then you need it mellow. In in that case because. He's there he was the guy who could look good I hope you facilitate being irked if it appears as the Marlins. If John Carlos in Syria and I'm not gonna go here I'm not gonna go here. It's like all right well you sit here and the S most productive years of your career will be spent where you've already seated you don't want us in the you better you'll move you'll lose your your marketing opportunities. All these home runs and RB is mogul for a last place team you'll never make the playoffs got profile will never be raised and sure you'll be will beat. But you're gonna be you're going to be in the same situation that you wanna get out of right now OK you're not helping yourself who prosecutors questioned again who blinks first. I think they got to work together I think there's got to be like Qaeda read and Cleveland member went Tyree gave Cleveland fourteens. He's not on any of those sport he's in Boston. That's that's our that that's how it's gotta you gotta work together I know it's like this junk Carlo I know there's places you don't wanna go but we've got to get something where you where not trading you for a bag of peanuts if if that's the case. You sit here and your most productive years will be spent in front of 121000 people you'll get no commercial opportunities. Nobody will know your name. So work. Thus there is so it's not a it's not a who blinks first it's they we've got to work together to get the best deal. I read got the best deal right we'll double him and I know you have a wish list but working with the ace who blinks first Comstock who. I mean. And I had that doesn't matter it's that they can work together to get into the matter whether Jeter calls stay understand calls Jeter. It matters that they worked together to get the best deal. If I'm to answer our go to the Dodgers so working out figured out have a no trade clause I have I have you but I have a no trade clause so figured out I wanna go to the Dodgers but it don't work like that commits its hundred. The good we're not trading you to the Dodgers spores some are some guy that they drafted in 1983 people get more than that it's him once it did just ride this out he'll he'll ride it out like I. He'll say okay. South Florida make thirty million bucks a year but he doesn't wanna do that we are no we all know he'd Carmelo including. Carmelo eroded outcome is that I don't wanna go there so you guys figured you guys do what you wanna do. How to sit here and I'll averaged twenty points a game on a bad team. Now they didn't I don't see that well then wants us if you want to play for when they're that bad and yes Dan's going to have to say OK I'll go here here here here here. So I don't like those acorn is going to blink first. Because August and is on the roster they can't fully. Are rebuilt until he has brought as that's that's grow so that's the other thing like that the market as a regular thing we got to start from ground zero and I wanna get rid of their contract and just start and its prospects just kind of come do the reboot. But you didn't say nothing stand best opening. I I'm pay per IC both sides but both sides are Republican you would you give guys no trade clause that means he could be toll trade. If you write if you want to sit out there right field Bible by his lonesome I could thirty million bucks for the next couple years you have the right to do. I of course but but he's go to be an unhappy. Five years from now as he is today may be. Did it or maybe he might just say you know what I'll sit out right field until you make a trade with the Dodgers. Maybe it won't happen this right but maybe next year. Video coming years since and he'll give up a little less than big egos anything else then I mean. Though the latest deal is December Cisco added and John Carlo for years now we know he's green deal we wants to play on the west yes and it ended a couple things horribly in Southern California right here and I northern by my West Coast West Coast of Italy a couple of teams can absorb that kind of contract. Problem but it but it jungle city is that picky. It's that it's the Dodgers a bus that yes that no. They didn't know the other option would be him languishing. In more in the Marlins outfielder or a yes no that's the other yes. That's like say I mean they've got to where they can't look at this as a who blinks Burris who wins or loses that they've got to work together on levels dollar Joba there right now it is a staring contest between the two sides it's seen as a dot. Holds the job that plays out here over the the next couple weeks here are we gonna. We got Iran and we got all canes radio Samar to grow its coming up next on links the Mickey Pilar. From a total Clemson football up there and knock Clemson, South Carolina also up Matt Warner joined us normally CC championship as well from Charlotte, North Carolina. We got a lot to get to come and appear in the next in the next day as we route to the ACC championship game as well also keep it right here. Well the figure is always my man and go all cain's radio not to Davenport Philip be candid. They're gonna be the president has b.s in the boys coming up next for perk Tom Curtis talked you get the ball just before 4 o'clock right here on 79 you take.