12-11-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, December 11th

Tobin goes on an Epic Rant bashing Derek Jeter for trading Giancarlo Stanton. The guys talk about the Jaguars-Seahawks brawls that took place. Tobin thinks it was smart for Rigondeaux to quit and preserve his energy. The guys preview Dolphins-Patriots tonight and Leroy says he is always going to take 11.5 points it’s just the competitor in him. Beast and Tobin recount the boxing fights in Hialeah on Friday.


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and could. Casino. He's enjoyed yeah. Today yup that's right. What is legal and most people. The captains are. Yes lieutenant lieutenants and media so I don't know. Yeah Hosea Williams have been Rush Limbaugh confuse. They sound exactly sailors they could just do the same person I. Can just do the same person. Good week for. She went out for me in Korea we don't only only interrogated him. Have to hear students go. This even though you know you know what's gonna happen. Formosa. Especially because this is all a ruse and Major League Baseball use the Marlins to make based Vogel state warriors. Because rob Manfred has a weasel and we are treated like he'd bastard of Major League Baseball. We were screwed over we've been given a Yankee mole who is the golden child because they figured they'd just polish heard by putting. Handsome boy down here I want to decide to do jobs due to give the on unsuited given too much for a team that retirement number I'll monument in this stadium. Here's a bass player. I'll take her seventeen year old back. Well I knew a guy that's going to be here five seconds conciliatory. Is it gets on this conference call and he's still. This. So that beast you're listening to this now we're listening to this where we were ease jumping up on the conference call. And he's sold bad at this because he likes to think it seemed like music control where is like ally. You know we have three deals on the table we took the best one you didn't enjoy it why it's not you trade clause to trade clause four. You have no control with the dealers. So therefore John caused and you'll see energized still and he flips the middle finger edit you see your cardinals deal and he gets another middle finger at a and he does that tell. The Yankees ago be with no that's that's five point oh. This is very us I don't think that's the scenario the scenario is that the jeetz came down here to send John Carlo to the Yankees. Did that that that is much more plausible than what he shot throughout the night. You know I'm sure goes wrong we don't I know you want to go to Saint Louis we really would benefit us. If we can go. If we can have you has Obama added that's not my did you boy I like. What ever you wanted to believe there collusion at that point. And bright at that point state could go wherever he wants. They didn't persuade him to go 38 he wanted to go to yankees so it worked. When he sets. And he did John closeness that we would build with you. Or you could choose a gold somewhere else. We sell in Alameda Jenny slate because because that's what we've been here. And here in the Marlins went to him instead eight. Either agree to a trade or. You're not gonna have anybody to where it. Guys not at the owners' meetings like Tunisia say it's got me I believe gets a five million dollar salary to show up but you know. Al tepid ten does not has not issued a jewel luxury yet another golf tournament to go to a summit of some debt would hold a foundation said that Michael those jobs. Yeah yeah that's Michael Hilton now. Don't easily Michael just a global Dave centage. Mark for right now my everything's Michaels at my good let's go to Michael did a great job of industry to get his thing man. The policy Derek Jeter deserves patients as they deserved for his plan I think I agree fine fine. That's fine. It doesn't mean I'm not be as this week it doesn't mean I'm not upset that Major League Baseball what. Just not right now more upset with then their year because I understand I understand how Major League Baseball. Looks at this situation down here. And they think for years man we have a clown show being run down there we have a guy who we give a loan to he screwed city offers stadium. All right it should all work down there. What are we to do here boys. We'll see we we got donors for money. They don't have Derek Jeter. We had Derek Jeter who can't seem to really stick and ownership group I mean he's he's he's running off Jeb Bush. He's rub it on a es he's run it off. All these all these investors. We got a jeetz jeetz is that Kate. Now and the key. And you. Gonna get mad at Derek Jeter rule long. Rex. That's about their cheated out here nobody. Cares. What brings you want. Eastern city of New York. Is let's get to those five rings and offers me. Or us a lot to succeed him. That's. Due to a real bread. You stick that's what it. It's league Christ sakes. All these options and talents of the ballpark. I don't that was down here all you don't stick. But all dealing only if you went waters. Well. How is that possible. All right here's the situation guys. We're about to sell this team. And I got a player and he may hit sixty home runs this year so that's a pretty good traction. And we know Morales pretty pretty down their because you know. The best pitcher just died so maybe we should just keep the one good thing that I have a baseball down there and get an owner who can afford it but not. No don't fix it jeetz Smart little cheeks and she each just. Into the based. I'll I'll be. Good it's. All. Of these. What do you smell like black. Let's get the headlines. Speaks W. Why AM south Miami Heat and tell what you could do is teach teach your car. Three sponsored no word headline yeah that's Mubarak. To beat you in. For those and in a Connecticut anticipate once mostly don't have had them. How did you not know who went peoples with 25. 01 point two. This wasn't good it into a five million. Million he's loading 25 you can get it right yeah that's what your job sit down. On a conference don't Joseph. Does it didn't watch my my freedom but did Sampson left it's fantastic people who would probably does go ahead and sanitize myself. Crisis. Won all seven and one drink a couple of deep crowd Phillips Harris. You said do you have believed its annual nose and I don't care for all you people wanna say you know you go let it play out the guy's got his vision. It's not that. Is that you want them if you think daddy well and he got the steal. Oh. Oh you just don't really doing. Any team had to go west wanted to go reason why it was such a few in the negotiations. Is too as you said it was tall. Phil Jackson didn't it was right in your city you can see who's gonna play out. My god I mean honestly Derrick and that's the way he wants to think that this is the best you got. Skeptical of you. Don't his job because he does it's a fantastic job anyway. You know did it all that money to weigh ins and an Edinson Volquez forgot. That looks at him and it's never him the hell is he still this organization. This opens on October losing his mind run Dubai indeed dot com your hiring going over three million businesses they use indeed back out prior and butchered a double into the world's hammered dobbs I need to come. Where somebody get over an hour and 105 new record for Tolbert. Rick Green tinted or not though and I. And then I was daughter Sarah. This is not major sort of got I was fine I was vibe that I listen to that the food on the Internet telephone line and is like. You know low I was there and I told you know Joe Carollo we're gonna do this you want us to do this with. Did. A year man run you talking about do we have any of the sound off. And use of a newsroom Carlo. Would you would you leave it looks of my chi is about clutter here. Lovely caviar I got this from Winn-Dixie it's what Dixie Branson. Cut corners here Marlins park. What I got from Iran while the hell's. Honestly. We are. Just like our I something that you expected said he wanted to make that that you'll Morley. And that the yankees' Gil what the bet he'll that you walk. So why yet and we've spent the cardinal into right field just yet. Because I told him point blank that I would present she would be that offers that were on the table. And those really opera there were on the table go through the only opera they'll run the table and we presented each and everyone to have. So that's why presented to him because I was out of them. We were honest without Michael hill as well we rod for them and we told them the opera that we have review we will present to them. You compete at the no trade clause he had an opportunity to move move along if he wants to so we presented him with all personally given to us. So did you just Apollo and at any point or that had -- make clear you. The 123. Whatever number is that what it was willing to go to or what they're not people app you put that that. No he he had me he was very clear with Michael hill and he told Michael built a team that we're on its list. So we knew what team Iran has went there we were we told them that we will get back to them what what Popper who are on the table. Aren't all fantastic. I'm glad to know that the you know getting the the top four prospects in San is gonna giants you're telling me that you got no prospects in the second baseman gonna flip the more money. It was about a deal is a lot obviously because you can you can take off more money. Hell out of here man you don't sell the better deal from his well what can I tell you it was more money. You don't somewhere deep breath a deep breath Yahoo! somewhere on their front lawn. Probably naked laughing hysterically right now to him attempts. Probably. It's good to be those guys. Well lord I mean he's often friends collect in his billion but does goblet red lion dances in the days left here in South Florida. Wouldn't lunar views on Levitt art show and just laughing hysterically you know is still being paid by the club. Mission laughing hysterically he got. He's the one who was part of the big scheme got the got to see it got his guys stadium they got themselves a billion dollars I'm sure he had a cut of that. That whatever is ownership was and now he's gonna get to go do Iron Man contest and reviews for the rest of his life he's got a good live and heist was odd man. All Major League Baseball had to do was put somebody in here would do it right away or eight at the guy question. Owners. Approved. Would have to deal dead this owner agreed to. You're as evidence they wouldn't Major League Baseball have to do. Well they got they got it approved to Tibet and bright blue bird. Agree. Why do you look at that brought down all Vick and I was told us. He wasn't offered the most he said it's not much they don't have money it's fake punt. No it's that it's okay not a. Only do they not have the money they take not to wait wait wait wait this is immediately put gift grass that they've had problems are coming up. Focus on this for 12. They don't have the money. But the offered the most of their nonexistent money that's right monopoly that's what happened. Easy don't they don't have the money they're still out there are looking for money from people into investing their group. And gave maple but they are the most of the nonexistent money which is why they got the club. That's why impression created this is nothing but treated like that Miami has been treated. So horribly by by the sport of baseball. When the blast still happened they get to a guy who wrote the Expos. A money that you humbled to have the team. This gives them a stadium. And then he gets a million dollars which is you gets little all over the right on your face. I mean there's some serious stuff going on science and of the piece of Chinese settlement that is him believe this rat bastard. Traded him to the Yankees. I'd like to say you'd turn amounted to a motive but this started. Discovered hospital here like might have been Courtney. At. You go through what is done. No smile this did you break it has been at it this is real good I could not test of the emergency Tilden to. This is real you know I feel like this is Oprah feels like when people think like a lottery is rigged in the NBA or the free agents. Like he just going along in the when Oklahoma City Katie went to the warriors. Probably would've felt like because it feels like it's rigged system. Did she stop it's like. Harper's own next. Eight. It gives it to. Dolphins pats and that's fine you'll. Because they always do was a boycott the team don't go to the games like baseball my first sports love. My house a little blood LeRoy noble. My grandfather took me to my to my first sporting event there was a Marlins game. Album first mistake. It fair fair. I can't put that. So. That. There's no west president and I assume that's don't let me keep going to you. You should have yup it's. Now for now. Yeah we don't know. It until Jeter to get a instead of four. He's Michael O'Leary who knew a little while well. Look at the straight royals. In extra. Again. I get a one I get a one legged shortstop. Santiago. It's. To help fly he went to the holidays that ticket courtesy of drone nerds he's giving away a 400 dollar gift card you can find it. DJI spark that price we use the 400 dollars towards other. Over control nerds dot com or visit either Revere locations and having tour or my grass drove lyrics. Thrown her South Florida's high in the sky. The FM 104.3. HD two tickets broadcasting why. You aren't looking studios and the majority Levine accident attorneys 1807474. That's 18074737. Guys if you love poker you want to get over to the seminal horror casino poker room this week. Wednesday Thursday and Friday. Yourself eventually get you in the lucky parts poker open. 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I look back don't they run is it that you must day we will Kerry. You'll you'll torture ourselves. Good job Carlos de yankees press conference it scheduled 2 o'clock the department of ghost as diplomatic statement today. Hahn is it's a Rampage got these kids if you want to. Seven I think on Twitter or seven I think on FaceBook. But here and it's he says thank you to the Marlins organization an amazing city of Miami. The city adopted me at seventeen with open arms and I love the place over the years and will be always be special to me I appreciate all my teammates and coaching staff that battled day in and day out I feel for you fans. You stuck with me as your shares of roller coaster years. I've tried always be professional right now that's possible even during the unprofessional circus times there. Yeah. Or does the ups and I've grown to learn a lot as a person a player so I give thanks help there are better days in Miami. The city and people are too great not to be stay positive and much love and and a bunch of crap about you. So in viewing audiences horse man. Think my entire family Yankee fans I'm getting nothing but mock all we know makes it worse than the sleep number Red Sox and did you guess did you see the the modification children while this. Is the steel leader editor David Green monster so tall. There's so but out. A medium or. Jeff whatever of the green monster like 78 feet tall. That's the oil is a matter don't know there used as though the pedal the little baby ballpark in New York. Planes are going to be hit me. Funnily got it's laid it would've that would've for the green monster and Boston had almost later retractable wall would like we're glad they have lawyers. Yankees. I did all right David yeah. Uses a hundred feet taller. At a strategy. So I tell you what. You won't be any more yankees Red Sox bites kitty kitty locker was and from the beach and this morning to the beach huge Red Sox and from Connecticut was walking around this morning like dismayed and describe the area. Let walk around the hallways of like no please Eagles and what's wrong he's like. Don't wrong. The Yankees Carlo. The idea of the because he's I'd like to direct talks minimum like racist city extra. And every day you know Jesus said to a bit. Our. To. Spare why. That majority of the fixes and without note that's the notes. Matt Scott. Is all. In Major League Baseball is going to assure the fact that the Yankees will win the next 27 World Series. Leo this is what this with Scott Boras wrote to Ken Rosenthal says a Bronx opera. The three tenors how is genius vision a lone three there were stars now a galaxy of international popularity will weirdo. He was asked by the New York Post if he met harper joined images. Muslim players. Oka. The world's closed down. Just a crazy like yeah it is a job as. An aide changed jobs. Is to move the price up or his plea not so. If everybody thinks the Yankees. Have. I chants of get a harper. When you think Boston's gonna. He's not go to Boston and in New York to get a editing art it's it's the fixes. This man. My guess is merely get a big project about it honey you'll collusion. YA and KES. Says says the Red Sox sent Cleveland well when he. Welcome Bob O'Brien speaks. Is yeah. You failure should not either gonna win again. More politics. Like we. Did this. To. Yeah and told them all went up in the air whatever. You. Did yeah. Plus the browns week. Afflicted in mobile technology cotton and a moment you didn't want to admit it didn't it record Roxio. Obligates our best out of Redmond based when he wants them all the I don't know laundry like me. I don't think until you're entering I was one I was on too and I think I picked him last when he into this week. Robby is probably was on fire you really should and keep your betting some very meaningless gains as CSX and Yemen to the karma where it. The cardinals went by. A modified but Tennessee was favored anyways how on the one and to you beat the cardinals yet. I don't believe in the probably the Tynes a right right nominal part of the season where I'm rooting every every fiber in my being tested against the zone explain to me how odd that the jets over the Broncos. It was a lost eight straight before that. I mean why they didn't score. Macabre disarmed and in hand he has handy cam hey I. Other quarterback who would have to put it. Was actually built the Phillies are about the savage. You don't know that actually yeah yeah. And you got to see the field in no way that does to an end in the end though yeah it okay to the billboard in the same will you go to the the blizzard there have been as close as it is impossible to watch that he's the bulk of it up and smell on the fetal life. I've ever seen a pass was incomplete and it just like landed on the snow and to stop it didn't bounce did roll nothing in the Amazon does is all to second fiddle. Resolves the second fiddle dolphins on ambient and I don't care of the dolphins and out of playoff team. There in the hunt officially say that you see that us open I was on the Seahawks. I as well I know like to. Open. Ask your mom on her and in Ottawa really anybody to think right now. Now what I'm doing is defending. A professional athlete. What I'm doing his defeat an enemy. Because it didn't look like. If somebody. Were to throw something. You. Or anybody else now is crazy you supposed to get a beat Dan. Office isn't. Failed my ticket. What makes you think that yes I like this for I still got so my dad buy dot. It was like that I want to that because that famously happened. At a Bruins game where the Bruins players went into the stands the fight the fans. It's one of the most famous incident and sports not the mouse and it's not famous more things than. I'll show you the video would you tell me it's not like that everything in the mouse the palace was a dream got in my dorm and elegant one Ohio into normally. Well this is an unlit. I don't understand it and I'll say it almost. The mouse in the ballots in the Bruins game OK in this game. This is what we should know better. That guy he's done a lot of money totals tickets so we have to be pretty slow. No I think does sorry your. Your point to excuse yourself by being a fan and having that behavior goes out the window when you throw something at somebody eight. If you. And it did and bud Jackson injured dogs and Aybar in the streets I think that guy who brewed stuff down at the link here. Is never gonna is what does the port. No more time at WW Angela back beautiful and hit. It and now you're going to die. All supposed to feel sorry for the player who is actively trying to injured jaguars. Lost that game that's different. Is that if you want an ally that bull bleep you not supposed to do that that's what he got kicked out of the game what is that like hasn't thrown. Yes oh Annette oh yes its OK you're not supposed to go out there and injure people that's against the rules man so it's a matter. Yes. I and I just tried to come into the studio out of a not important. Actually I don't know Michael is gone instead on the air. Our war in Iraq. Little under no circumstances. This would give me. And I would go into. It in braids like just. But I'm not gonna do what. Because you've already has little karma yeah. Lubchenco and all eyes on. I think is what happens scare into the box in and put another one up on the board and getting like Reagan now. That's gonna it's OK I'm OK with you know he lost that fight what's the point. He's just quit the sport. It's similar to save money injuries takes a lot of engines digital bongo. I've but it words were the front end. Be a pretty big a town about fitness OK okay. House. I can be an eating contests. When you realize religious. Items. You didn't. Unlock the line to us. That's a lot nuts yeah yeah. Certainly mr. who's smarter and smarter. The guys who has no mathematical or physical chance of winning a fight. This is you know what screw it my hand there it's a done. Or goes out there and it's not the bleep out unconscious. Magnitude we saw Friday night right hall. I got era. Zorn we're at we're highly of Parker. Got out of times on the story will come back we'll tell him all the shenanigans that went down Hialeah park that woman well she I don't know how you say annoying. I was whose name. Michael my god if it's I don't wanna be in training camp all the times I never had to be near you you're my woman. We backed up to that's. It's just that as an amber on the ticket Thursday mornings and 8 o'clock hour Roger by East Coast public adjusters who got your assets covered. Kelly 55 Getty CPA abilities goes public adjusters dot com adults of the last Alison just to time seven on FL model for three HD to the ticket. We got a pair of tickets to crawl Abacha they'll get away a little later on in the showed today in about twenty minutes we plan on going. Live to the winter meetings to hear Joan Collins stands introductory press conference as a New York Yankee has put the statement. You guys can read that it's a reminder that come on Twitter or seven and it's it's FaceBook page. Out of diesel join us late next hour as we are a little preview Monday Night Football as well dolphins take on the patriots. Who bullish. The dolphins so. I know man like him would you pick them with points lead to get under way. Get them out Arabs to. Me is the competitiveness. In me. I hit a ball port on believing. Yeah it's legal to that's already been in in not only leg. Sixteen points I gave up and it was my point. Like I did. Like. I'm always gonna lose that. Like if I was a betting man I wouldn't even I would never touched those games because of how I feel about. You tell me that. Two guys toward the same job that one is that much better be neo. I just like maybe it's me. Maybe I look. I weird feeling that they're gonna you're close tonight to know I come down. On. You know I just think that the idea that you're gonna you're gonna get your ass to every single time on runs on the that's gonna happen. They're gonna go out there and and get shelled every primetime game this year let's say they're gonna win. Religious of one what is a flight is to play usually angry whom. Pretty good one game and he. Usually. Usually a throwback rock and tonight in and out at night and how it's gonna tell just once I saw an outside it is what's. Underneath those jurors it's gonna be like 75% selling and Murphy and that's stadium that I really. She might think. You'd think. Your boy. Oh. Cutler knows about throwback jerseys. Once you my boy. And to sing is your boy kind of my parents came in yesterday. From the waiting game another now I mean we try but it's just I'm in new pew people want too much for your tickets for your bad day voodoo people. The but. The airport they said Logan Airport was all patriots fan. No matter what I will reduce the concession stands back in the day in college. I don't think I've ever feared for my life more. Then when I told a bunch of Bostonians at the end of halftime while all sales. You. Yeah and they just pounded on the Plexiglas eaten well you know. Lose. I mean they were short simply go to get any more alcohol. It was unbelievable that the fight you guys yet some rat or Hialeah park on Friday because my father in law and b.'s and we watched we want you brings. No relate. Actually. I got cinema though all access pass some walk round ring side I'm like look at forming on the look at what you know what you are you. He's like bomb up in the stands this section three. There was of their currency so they're scheduled to. We get there and the ridiculous it was Luis Ortiz his comeback fight he's he's Cuban have you undefeated he was oppose the idea that a lot of money proper. Good test and snow. That I got scrapped so in the middle of the second fight with a business annoying brought rubies was laid on a second. See you really really tall do. In. In the in the front row and late then that is super tall might. The guy's jaw looks a lot like Gionta bother. Oh that's Dionte want to. Sit some would not go down yet. This guy looking to set up a fight. So. Admits that it. This watch this fight Pellegrino. Against I remember the guy's name was Diaz or something like that I. Oh Morton I think it was Martin and he had. Hey number one fan. Who wanted to stop shouting his name she was a knowing. I mean every. I would say at least every thirty seconds. Oh. Nonstop. Out. And UK imports and should yet I mean this one woman. One thing one this one fan you can literally hear throughout the entire. Highly of wind. You do what he did okay and Z was she was a beyond the mother the first fight was fixed. Oh yeah it was it was terrible. It was horrible one it was a clear clear I think what out of and that's about him and whoever won was now -- diagnosing him at the old Jude's is not an idea how do you got it. The Tobin he's like 620 my god had a 53 W this guy and also they raise the hand the other guy like the 162. Other way to the other guy is just completely flipped. Anyway so. Is Ortiz he's the spirit and then blocking gold listed 67 looks like his name is Daniel martz is nickname is the mountain from West Virginia. He's over let's call the old tomato cans. So yeah. A flight controller well in the midst of the foot the second fight in this fight which is the co main got a lot of works is way over to the broadcast Booth. And he's gonna be on the call for this fight I. This is boxing set up 101 to put the fight that you wanna put guys ringside. Now a syndicate in Iraq in the ring and so. This this ends up happening on them face plants guys he's done as so Luis Ortiz is gonna stick his head right through the ropes. As start taunting Dionte while other. Demanding a flight and then they get into the ring with a one another by the way. The only drawback was we couldn't hear the in Reno audio yeah I. I don't like for like seven minutes we're like I was sure it does here than in Yemen and it was it was a huge Ortiz crowd does their way. He. That. New or teeth yet he not know he got you lumbering now he's not. What in my. Oh he was plumber but if he's just a much better puncher yet the Miami Heat in his fists they'll break you. There was some opened it Apolo. Yet sleaze. By the entire can only downfall was do you buy that yet. And he material on the ropes is to a deal on in the chest. Crowds donuts crowd is huge Ortiz spans a Dionte when I mean that's Maine. The majority. Is a big boy. I dealers and avoid on the devoted to this article says. It seems like go back to Washington on DVR and that looks like the next fight and it seems a bit it'd Joshua while they're at the end of this year so they want one more fight for each of armed to set it up. That's letting it happen though I mean so. You're saying which he's going to be set. No and I think is not a plight is it is a tough fight which I like I like the baggage they're gonna do the fights like album play competitive fights. On to get these guys even more hyped up. And it's certainly a fight and while there -- he isn't a bit of his own right now Ali he's he's he's seasons throwing for skis in like he's he's found a a good group right now. Bomb loaded Jesus still dangerous man it's not easy by form and they they set it up masterfully I think I wish I wish that house speakers on Ottawa that was and everything. Weird. Weird. So annoying choose the worst. So I've been in that was. That was the main event I was a comment I left I think you are obsessed with the maintenance bills within I was now in Pasco putt on on I see it like the first round of that sign that doesn't end. Then as the guys pass so. Comedians pulled out. Will Eliot daybreak the BM we have lunch uncles roster. And that is some good football yes there was some beautiful boy is that a man really go full ball. We're back into the it's.