12-11-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, December 11th

The guys go live to the Giancarlo Stanton press conference with the Yankees. Tobin says Stanton can’t tell the fans to not quit when he quit. The guys wonder if Dion Waiters is growing a gut. Tobin doesn't know who Kylo Ren is. Adam Beasley joins the show to preview Patriots-Dolphins​


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Tuesday. John comes into place. Braves best arm. Yeah. Torture ourselves and does this stand press conference that's. I don't know a million win some points to get you more drama you know it's officially that's a prominent Carson went struck dailies and the wives. Serenity candidates John Watson and Gaza once moves down the shoe they cylinders base. So so maybe. Nick folks. That's got to go on. I mean come on quarterback before Doug Peterson knows so that's why they got a that's what I got to know no big guy and because a dig that's what Doug Peterson says that's really got to think because he used to be start. Tell it doubly Peterson says it's called the residual effect of having a decent quarterback because he lost his job yeah. That one big game yesterday. But it's over. Maybe Tom Brady situation. Definitely not Dublin I means number it wasn't good enough for Super Bowl you know the only shot you guys give him like forty cares did you judge each game. Let's say you also have the gear to. Who they were go to their pro with the new online this I am most fumbled lastly but yeah I don't he did and almost is not doing it. Did he could be a fan of everybody else. In in Major League Baseball. And in full blown because all you guys keep getting traded. Unaudited boo the hell understand sends a big phony till I mean here's in his Santo one of those so in the city of Miami and you know they deserve I. The EU accused of pocketing it really comes back in the way. Why don't stay. I'm not in first then amok amok and I don't wish good things for stand now Wallace in when the World Series on the other guy. It cherica watchman. So if you as history news. Oh we're not friends anymore. If he history yet. It is not his fault. He's made it known about the thing man the magic is John but the wheels in motion action reports he's the least likely to get traded. Phillies try to make a stink he wants out. What just to secure. Why. You're asking me if I'm that are openly root for yankees. Hey listen we got on to minister for the sponsored and adds quickly get and I certainly can't get. Ambulance. It's got what you XY and south why don't you sat fix it. Oh yeah. Hello but by talk of also reason did so hard to put down ruled Chicago's Rex energy you can also rolled out of the joys of death toll at Taco Bell. Dolphins patriots tonight pictured here by Lebanon have made thirty kick up you brought your pre game starting now on her sister station at WQ and a close so feel free we got the heat. Tonight in Memphis in clocked above some dogs and Tommy tiger we pregame show here in your flex its Asian combined heat and some idea of one of 43 should do that to get. The Panthers are taking on Detroit that's probably on some radio station that's somewhere near here. You can if you look intercept. Carson went over the season torn ACL Tom savage who looked like he had some sort of neurological breakdown. On the field knows tiger's putter back in that was ridiculous. And a coming up a moment will be carrying the John Carlos Denton. Well I got on clearly run alone. The. The the Michigan Wolverines. Just got themselves a quarterback. A transfer from like all miss her she's hasn't issued Paterson area. Big volume problems so it was a fight her way. I was wrong when the polls. It would take a rams didn't chiefs and came acted not render him on the chutes and being in the shoes on as they like it. I remember the ramps but not jeetz illustrate for Sam Bradford. We have this odd answer I and the son Carl Sam Bradford was an eagle yet it's this season. Slipped my mind and it's tournament a first round pick when he turned the vikings Allah and yes the black caucus member debris I got hurt. So they traded their first round pick. For Sam Bradford crazy were waiting for the we're by the way we are we think the MLB network the and coverage of the thanks for allowing just beside John Cutler stand press conference shut up shut up to them LB network gonna get depressed. Although you know like what was getting really assess those stand almost were great to go ten fans that were. Attendance and their brigade and an awesome job grammar that wanna billions on. I'll go with what Eddie to the in April in April and boot stain. On its August because August because done for two games manager Stan it's over. And asked the good meet most expensive tickets. I have it right mounds and every ticket you're here for two dollars and some free popcorn. OC maybe a hundred bucks. Pretty soon there and I have like Derek Jeter autograph signings or via the at the front of the gate I didn't do like Major League. It's kids is stimulative it's Derek Jeter at the ballpark right again. Yes the style and edginess Idaho laureate took all those Bobble heads. Others could have used to replace him with like different versions of the same Jeter Bobble head Jimmy jeetz memorabilia all along exactly. Tonight it's the idea it's the Marlins vs the cardinals you get a cardinals Derek Jeter Jersey. But I I play the royals first 5000 fans at royal Derek Jeter Jersey. Did you miss tonight's gay we'll sell you the ticket is a way that says there are you had a chance to play second base we toured new Marlins. I don't now but I didn't get. Did you imagine I mean this is where we're going with this right. It's a good note is going to be on the team. It's ladies out of Marlins park r.s 5000 fans get an official Derek Jeter gift basket is there they boasts. We only got 2500. Would read it. To you league Jackie moon. Like. What are they. Accord on Jackie. Beat this is unbelievable. He isn't really. Man we're giving an item he says nada and do some dancing intra a stand yet. I'm up problems announced that it can do this whole thing I gotta say if it makes me Saddam Lehman. Sorry we're gonna newcomer like we are an older people who love our. Like I my assembly and I'm merely depressed arms is leaving I'm not leaving we're gonna continue doing the show put. Any idea he's gonna always have that number 27 yankees Jersey on dentists is you know screw. Wouldn't be summoned three years if you put it together in the Marlins are competitive. Who jeetz yet. They better you know. I will say this. Like I don't like the way he kinda. Manipulate the situation to make it sound like it was all stated in bright I don't like OK because we are not the end of that. You know permit anybody who read inside track on all this done. And I will say that anybody. Bought this T. We have done the same thing. It's how he did it their review on. I know of Jorge moss and you spend money. So there's no way to know what he would have done it yes no no it right it makes the Smart is the Smart business move. H specially if you take over team and don't even have enough money to pay the price pilots get hazardous. Crap some do have never seen before Stockton. Who's this guy rather. Our president of baseball operations. When Castro. And minor leaguers Jorge Guzman. And Jose Jose devers and we now we are here to obviously introduce. And welcome John Carlo to the Yankees. The newest member of the New York Yankees. And allow laws are fans for the first time to see John Carlo on the pinstripes off as we begin I'd like to. Take a moment to thank god the commissioner's office who offered up. This space and a window of time. To allow us to perform this press conference. This is a big room. And it's fitting time for this type of news making announcement. The winter meetings attracts. A huge swath of our industry efforts to welcome you here we also welcomed the foreign journalist that covered the sport. I said something. Last week when we introduced. Aaron Boone. As the 33 manager in the history of the yankees' franchise. That I think bears repeating. D.'s are the type of announcements that our fans. Rally behind and they get excited for. And it causes them to look toward to 2018 schedule. It's coming. I mentioned again last week that pitchers and catchers report to George M Steinbrenner Field in Tampa. On February 13. And we're counting down we're now at 64 days. I with that in place I would like to introduce to members of our dais. To my far left gene after men Arabic and let it. Senior vice president just him and I don't wanna hear this dude yeah I doubt we'd let me know and stand start stalking. I'll give a rat's ass of the skies this in Truby Spansion. They have taken a page from his book. Get a kiss their byes as an organization before you get to him courts right. The new people who wrote to George M Steinbrenner would help ever calls and George Brennan what do you think the commissioner for helping us collude with the Marlins to get Stanton. Production despite. The only thing that's missing is a black mask in the garden. We are not out in Arizona passed a dog jasmine. As they do on his name Brian Cashman just sleaze energy aren't. Finally got back froze rapid negotiations through his contracts as a crybaby. Anyway I got you as our coast and you can all worship me now. Let's do this casualty of this they're outing. A new addition to our band of merry men I think that we have a lot of exciting and talented players that you saw play out and compete on a daily basis. Last year. The we have higher hopes and it's part of our job description is defined. Pieces that can help us take further steps pieces I can play a role in the future efforts to try to find a way to be at last team standing. And you know despite what we're here to do it today to talk about which is welcoming John Carlos stand to the New York Yankees. As is another member of that band of merry men. The job doesn't finish you know we got to keep finding ways to improve there's other aspects the roster that we want to attack and fortify and to make sure that we can do everything are powered. Within reason obviously to put. A team that Aaron Boone and his coaching staff can. Can. Go forward with this is Girardi with that idea like sadness over two Aaron Boone. I'll guy another guy does is boxing press thank you Brian and thank you again to the Steinbrenner family for. Allowing such a special day to happen for this franchise knowing that Aaron Boone sent today as a celebration for. The New York Yankees for our fan base. And a celebration of one of the great players in our sport and John Carlos stand. I can't tell you how excited we are that. This is all transpired in. And now it's going to be the realization of this being a. Our that's obviously Arnold's Carla talks man I'm just I don't wanna hear from Aaron bleeping Boone and as sort of tell you bill on the Eagles on the ESP and Richard not know what he's cited a like Bob and I try to avoid that guy he's put a dagger in my party is sound a lot more snuggling. And as soon as he put and it's in there. And. It'd be met judge oh drug it feels right now has the oh really. We get a fire me and then you knew your Junco stand. I'm sure I'm sure he loves that because Aaron Boone has the magic touch. Dead he knows. He's been dot he's been putting out all that was among baseball tonight. Everybody knows. Yeah. I'll I'll honestly. Did you get the winter meetings. She should be on the Asian beyond the day's worth that couldn't congratulations guys as captain surge area was as a whereas in love Iberia area news and again. I'm gonna get in the Jersey is gonna put it on to new wonderful. I think oh he looks so good young fellow get the look in his arms just music handsome fellow is a handsome Fella. And 27 insurance mayor pose a Jersey with the pinstripes. Discussed. Still compared Carlos Pena number 27. Chicago actually halt brunch getting hit April just can't Carlos Pena yes guess who's number and what they damn please exit. That's horrible. I have been. You know plunged to Jersey and take some questions don't islets are yankees fans are just gondola or just a minibus on children. And Jon Garland didn't register if they want to do is read the mission abroad Aaron Jones there's a Donnelly can Big Three -- back in the day about an immense smoke ash coming out of the stage. I put the Jersey on you know to hit the best brother and the hat. That concern also. I mean it turned out Allah it isn't that pretty well ability communal different scandal baseball. And when bash brother decided these guys may be that the bass for those who played. A couple of singles and others. Boom. John post chest is normally got a little dude stalker again what is because Daniel talk men. There is barely go the other Oppenheim. And how's it going everybody not yours to be here and you oracle of the New York Yankees. There's going to be a great new chapter in my life in my career so want think everybody involved do we get this and seeing. Mr. Steinbrenner home and and in mr. Cashman. This is a you don't quite experienced quite the road. To get here. You know I. Well when I signed up in Miami one of the things to work out and now I. A good vision there. A home but you know so sometimes things just to spiral. Out of place and you know you're you have to find a new home so. I'm very excited to be here and be part of the Yankees and no monks looking forward to two. Stefano and being with this morning and environment and winning culture and saw him having to be here. For those who join later again I we have two wireless mics one on each side of the room. Please raise your hands please be patient and kindly and should do she sells for whereas on the morning of John Carlo will ultimately left trying to direct traffic. Deter you direct traffic but you gotta. The cubs a New York media. Where. Doug Carlos or bong with New York Newsday. Can you just give some insight into why you included the Yankees on your list of scenes that were acceptable. Destinations and NYU ultimately typical for this deal. Home. Just watching from afar seeing fingers they're young dynamic group. The way they flow together. On the field held a never give up never quit that I atmosphere of the storied franchise of mean there's not. Much you could say that why you wouldn't want to be there. And then there's pressure on live where wanna be. This is stay in the same location Brendan. Java what's your relationship like with Erin judge you spent some time with them during the home run derby oaks are in. By we met to offer game home run derby. You know a lot of craziness going on during that time we just said hello and respective mum please respect each other's game and you don't have one in the derby in the game and spoken to them they're sense a couple of days ago and you know we're excited we're excited to. Give paired together and and use our talent together who were very similar and you know we're gonna learn from each other and makes the better. It's either plus run the same area. I took Carl rumbling from AP did Derek government speak with feeling try to persuade you to stay or encourage you to leave. And why did you saying noticed San Francisco and Saint Louis. She. We we had a meeting yes home. We spoke about the direction of the team. I wanted. To go forward and and and that perhaps with a pitching staff we I thought our line up with the zoo and we need help with our pitchers and we need to ask residents to attract. And there. Go way they want to go with us attract so. Let that be known I do wanna be part of another rebuild another losing season and that's almost a guarantee you losing season taken way. What I thought was a great lineup so. Yes I do want you part of revealed. Now I gave my list of teams. Mum. Prior to in they went to. December Cisco and then cardinals. And that's to appeal to them so that I was also opening to this puzzle to listen to them but do those who are not my teams in those. Great. They were great meetings and a great organizations and cotton all but that just wasn't it. Who else has questions. Front row right here in the middle this. Can you. It's. You try to. Thoughtful books and collaborate. People's books. I mean you go to the media are you using work has gone on down there so. What I mainly meant it was just no no structure no. No home. No stamp of this is how things are gonna be use us as different direction every spring training go learn something new every wearing a different manager. Every spring Emery. Middle of the season so. That's mainly what I meant. Standing up your right John Carlo. Jake at journal Andrew marsh at ESPN just in terms here we're gonna play how to. Do you envision where you play who you don't respect I don't know what his right fielder. I'm cool. You BR. I yellow wanna be told you to liar. I mean. If a guy who says the no trade clubs. Gives you a list of teams. And you go to other teams. Mean that's when you answer their sincerity. An era of illicit under the bridge dividend and cool come back with a forward royals. That's sounds to me and B is gonna come on the near the end of the show do some Mona football as well hold back after the us. I had match. Okay. Champion robot voice up close and when you drunken as he customization shock. He gets he got the hottest web form obligations in town called champions of about 478650234. Or six good champion for about pork. Dot com. They can you must stop sending. Pictures of. Figured Dion Waiters to a screens hi. Excuse. Well it's an alleged big dealers interviewing an institution that picture. Yeah. Anyway is guess anything else and sing at a rate throughout the year will. He's done talking now way did he did a look at the subtle little bit but he did kind of say that you know he's the Mars it'd be a lot of the group we did during a lot of losing in the coming years is enough to give up. Shut up. All. Told you about. It gave. You went and meeting with Debbie cheats I said Lee Pitt I give up seventy centimeter one of my teams. You don't tell me not to give up. To go to watch the game but I don't give mop up. You get flexing contest are there and judge tell me what to do. God almighty they professor John clay and every Thursday morning was as a Romberg remembered it's wanna. Dubbing and have bill press and those spokesman John Levine Jackson attorneys and even an accident. Call 10747. For those 107473733. The body they got a revenge game tonight there avenging there avenging one of their Brothers David Tisdale yup. Once for sure is. Is it. Well ma'am why do you keep coming in here. And art studio and go over your door fixed. That would cool the tone keeps opening it but giants. Air strikes and let me so. You do not to see the door open. I'm ready to hear back towards it. Attended think that it was open already it was over and over and over although I've done little lack of accountability here on your part that for all I would never lacked accountability. The only food but little G and young. It's. Overdue that on the list. Not an. There were on the list my strategy it's nice to the united and run back down to jinx don't you know he's gonna say we begin to ready for. The trade is done let's just move forward my job is to make this team is best. Put this team in the best position to win now to league agree that jeetz does not give good press conference. Well here's the thing is you have. Now oh so it's. Is that is giving a press conference he's not a city anymore that's going to smooching his champion asks me cares about your rings down here man. While the New Yorkers down. Note the Marlins fans don't care about his ring no no they don't care. Peso today they know it could mean angry. Oh you're still in. Her eyes. Of that happening. Home. To where. It. You know I'm no need of a little bit you can tell us your blood flow you simple tree there. Temple Sloan. I don't know. While you do now it's open plus one hole Orleans. A show for the Michigan alum. And we will now they'll know not don't know. They'll Missouri show but the British hold teachers to new people they don't know me. I was on the bleep list for most people the old the old regime but now I can going to be there. How we cool in my till we're good. I mean the terrible whose job it. No he's terrible and shot. Well I yeah. Well you did it. Well you know it's all the ball. Did you. Make him do it moves in that organization. In Iowa. If if you weren't you in the room it's possible audience this is a bad idea. Just to go yeah. And Jeffrey just a ridiculous rate signing John Buck. Stupid idea. Who that I was pretty good because he has cubism my son's class for years old. John book it was awful to join me he made it worse after he traded jump and did the same thing which hurts on the market and and then John Buck came back and drop my K Mike you about a Mets. Also you like you. Menem's Verdasco we're at we had. You know fathers in the classroom. That job Bucky was nice guy Japan's idol is ugly downward since then but it does not too. Alison hang in there you know there there burden. They're gonna go through some more appears mom. But and once it was advised not to devote to this. People maybe you loss from afar yours you're gonna want to put. Both guys both guys there. They've battled to you know we got throughout they're they're they're good kids and the other in his support to. Found rocks you know if you let me break it down for you kick rocks or would you let me translate definitely a year ago. Pay. Has some patients. Don't tell me about to give up you would you give up flying. Aluminum and here's how we'll say about. It Jon Karl he bought. The what he did give. Why is fine why I'm finished OK did give up which is fine. Just don't tell me not to give we just gave. It's never O two emissions field of emitted he said I don't want to rebuild. So that's giving up and I think he's not justify it. I'm not saying he doesn't have good reasons I believe it was Al Golden said don't ever Yuma to go to it was Jimmy V. A provision of the golden. Say eat eat eggs. Would you guys on. Yeah. It's quick and can quit is I wouldn't. It you've got to work. A yeah moment of doubt isn't telling me. Don't go to a fight and not quit that's what you called a muted. OK so would you like Guillermo Reagan Dhabi my boxing trainer I'm get my ass kicked and he's like. Is still listening Al lose in like nine rounds to not that. God what you know Louis eyes caved in and greeted us how we don't give up I don't like him and you take a flight gave up. Didn't beat this bad as I was and said that over the injured. And if you stand you can do well. I don't think you don't have to sound reason to give up. Don't tell me not to give I'll do what I want now not giving up I'm not given up because I'm gonna listen Al Golden's quote. I. Tell me what to do as well wanna say don't bronze with a judge and mind your business. Unbelievable how. Words not. Home on the most reasonable one here in fact. What are you doing are you giving yourself at. Eight. You. Yourself might. I'm pretty nothing but that. As to know that are no and now Maine he imagines he. We have restarted the so did you see justice Winslow for people. Should drop. Out and and the little series got his advice from. Chris Bosh. Responses back response Smith. Is pretty cool I was critical mid city whose major having had. My vote Obama afterwards the I mean. At the note I was and had read it I think so yeah I mean by. Like it's one of those situations where like as a player. He's mad at everybody because he can't play right. And I mean he kind of took it under the chin in just did their due diligence. Which I do a lot of credit. You could be an avid soccer be expo in the players. It didn't matter ownership I think look I think he was mad the situation that you I think has met Matt and his career was over and you don't wanna believe it was in denial. And Sox and they like him don't know abroad for some propaganda documentary is a little bit too much Toby gimme yo boys but it's today I am. It's it's it's a little mayors who doesn't show up to it deserved though last point I'll please. Ridiculous elect candidate YouTube for the opening monologue. I was a little disappoint you only gave me today into the Yankees is like title rented empire. That. You didn't. I didn't have been. Doesn't bomb hasn't been. It was from the accident. Yeah. Is clear hold my current and. Straight up like that were old and we. We'll look this doesn't mean anything to me I did see the oh. The ones. So once Star Wars I saw the originals. I saw. So what is it Baghdad zoo and I saw this missile toward the snow. With he walks with a book the death star. The book downloads errands and been to rent that yes Wu warned of the first one the first one and I. Never net though so that's beyond adult board of of do Mir for him asleep and you are no reliable well he locked every. Conviction and hey it flies in the garden the big battle. Palin when you go to the gym mean green I want you do when he asked for a handout for money I want you just give the check for one dollar. From all of us from all of us from the ship via a quarter peeks. Out of Beasley joins us now. All my boy is enough you know that. Again an event has been reaching. Why does the division of festivities it. And I started Justin did you and did you miss the part we talked about it last segment he was listening to I think I forgot that this is depicted it as closely it looks a little have to get that picture in Mexico City. And Tobin explanation was maybe he's not that maybe just were in. Look like he's been get ready jump rope out Doug was on the militant jumping it looks like he did make the cut away. Which may be necessary anyway because their outfield NASA's biggest was guess lad whose just dug in there about Adam Beasley and dolphins taking on the page it's night Beasley. Will this be another primetime massacre. I don't oh good to have you guys procedure at. They are the ideas. Well he doesn't publicly to will be right. Calendar COLT point home underdog you don't you that very often that is a really really big number. And I can't say that I blame the betting public is you know whatever time they play. In prime time they just get dropped I mean they get beaten physically mentally emotionally spiritually. It's not good there really isn't and that's forty does that pasting in the the ravens put on him about a month ago I think it took place that. Did v.s you know I'm a little bit biased about this one but I'll put that aside. For the moment and ask you if tomorrow we wake up in the dolphins. Have won the game the reason why will be. Because state. Put the kind of pressure on Brady that they did in the last time in the they don't have stupid turnovers and mistakes that hurt them. Because regularly got crap kicked out of outlasting meters deep quarterback hit. That particular the Bob Keane. I believe was caused by big relief and assistance and get out of twenty. For the dolphins who couldn't capitalize on this bill lost. By three scorers. They had a chance what was that they were down eleven at the ball. Rather own forty yard line the fourth quarter. First two plays sacks and then they've been turned the ball over on downs and and that was that so. But I think that the app that seem kind of pressure tablet could have a big game Domenici is gonna have a big game. Maybe Charles Harris hey we remember him right the first round draft pick. Oh yeah the couple sacks this don't. You have already done doing great and it definitely helped the coaches they loan they they they rave about it to say is affecting. The quarterback he talked him but not sex matter that other stuff that that the matters that map. Let's glow like a permanent. And you want. And the other 12 it is used in any first round that hit 2017. Edge rusher you is he is the future sex of the first round pick. So that I could write it that easily get better and no better time like the present for it to get better obviously there will be without really pays for the rest of the season so there's gonna play a lot. And yet impact on this game is going to be good for the dolphins. These is is this. Offense wearing down on the defense again. Well I think we've already had them. Right I think that happened multiple. Well and that's my point this is now a bit a couple of years. Where you get into December and in if they should happen to go for the and in that. It gets crunch time in the defense has no gets. A quick look at the often taxes start and can't figure out you look at their stats from. Both this year and last year. Yeah out of this era but first eight games of the seat in the first half this season in 20162017. Or something like sixteen points a game. The second half of the seasons that moved up to that point between Portland schemes that are scored a touchdown more now needed two months ago. Went directly right does that even matter anymore because the defense is just debt now I think. Last week that was a really really good a lot of different ways for the for the dolphins if Howard got competence. Pat struck out after. A quarterback. They get really look like it the defense we thought they would be all along now question is can get a get a quality opponent property or straight are generally bad. So can you do that. And and that he consistently what you do but look depending on who you listen to believe it either the first or second highest paid defensive line. Indiana felt stature kind of number to kind of dig it and number one. But it all on the I wanted to fight a defensive line in football and I was over and can't wait they've really had no consistent pass rush naturally I think in my opinion the most public part of the season. Each year we go to your thinking this is the year of the defensive line because he's really that. They are essentially and and and and I have a impact on each and every game they play that this has happened this year. And this game is gonna be grew more frustrating because they are not gonna have a chance to get. The ball's gonna be out of Brady's and so corny. You know it it makes you wonder where Heidi good to do in the secondary because this New Jersey won those games where you know you got. Little smaller receivers cross in the field and then they'll go over the top two or three times and guys usually wide open because your word about the core customer. Yet that would patriots there. You know I think what will ultimately opt out plan the minister that suspension birdie at WW move in the build him. So now the dolphins. That's created that it does not guys. Obviously that that the patriots are used to playing without Rob Gronkowski did it once Super Bowl well Robert county. There 25. In games which is now played that great if it won 80% of the games we played without. Probably the second best offensive players so to speak to you with a local coaching that they have there been Tom Brady is just right you really good about that. Today at age forty. People like when you retire why would he retire is playing better now than he ever has in his career is gonna win this third MVP. Especially since Carson once stopped securities and that that's it for the third time in the NFL MVP this year. I think his numbers against the dolphins are good offers obviously didn't play the opener last year because he was serving his suspension. But on her case and this past ratings like 110 Paulson and yet every times seven touchdowns and one pick in the last three games. I've that you know that you want the body can't take in the last three games against the dolphins didn't really really good. And that the patriots think he's going to be really really good for awhile because of the trade secrets Cisco. A backup quarterback so that one thing your problems that you keep thinking that this is the year that Brady's gonna get old maybe we can probably can now move now. At some point that happen in my happy if he. Bees do with John Carlo out of town bigamy case and Ndamukong Suh is the biggest name as far as an athlete goes in this town yet. I find any kind of goes under the radar like it there's not more. A hype about Ndamukong Suh is one of the most talented defensive lineman in the league one why is that and is that just a matter because the dolphins can't get right. Yeah I think that's that's number one is that the dolphins have been largely irrelevant until they want to send him last year. But there are regional team and there are you know even even that's questionable because there TV ratings. Are you worst among you and you any city that has multiple there's this single and ultimate Elliott multi New York has multi use San Francisco Bay Area has multiple teams. But it purchased the city as one team. The ratings are in the basement every year and I I think it speaks to. Frustrate campus and be sure. Dealing with the crappy product to be honest for the better part of twenty years and I think it has to do what kind of demographics the city you were younger. That you really took a lot of a year out of the out of the sails of the Balkans without running it had I don't think they've won a lot of his stand back. So yeah I think that's part of the reason just playing for a team that's been marred the irrelevant. I think his personality has something to do with that although he's kind of warmed up was and a lot a couple of years. I think playing defensive tackles kind of an. On this position to buy that means is they go with it obviously won't install on got a decade ago but recently ruling what what. But we eat every do we have an atomic. So who's footballers. He was or are there YouTube there. Needs to know how much our powers is just because. He plays position that we really don't think the run. True you. Also. I was not thought I give I give them dollars and only. Reason he plays a position that if he does his job really well. Everybody else benefits but if everybody else doesn't take advantage. In his work is lost. Yeah I'm an hour out of put this to you guys. How hard you think is the whole intent is going to be just because he's put on some really arrest really that defense in the Miami. I don't know like we are done Clint on the morning show he feels like the winning thing is as a fad that's that's starting to go away by it. I certainly do feel like this Alamo it feels like this is almost it's almost worse than being on. Maybe a disappointing. Detroit team that was Megan of Wellesley it's it's like he says it's it's feels mingling to me. And that's that was that the fight about but again because if you look at political football focuses the world you know this guys. They face to his office he's never been better discipline out of his mind. But he has such a big political impact on the team you know. If if a quarterback play out of his mind you'll see if a quarter of play out of mind you'll see it. That offensive tackles went out of his mind that you're gonna watch that Reza want to tackle right. Well and that our outside guys you know get sex and nobody's getting sex did to the naked guy UK Tel. What dumber consumers do in order a nose tackle is actually don't. In order Elton. Not radio demonize all what would it that would put him on the road. Adults so. LeRoy picked the dolphins to the point. No I don't think that's our report seen that he appoints these. Are very important question. Who is coloring. Thank you honestly it's over yeah Munson announced that point yet you know miners and the point. We could do some girls like Hitler yeah. Yeah that's. My that's not what for Adobe and the guy from girls this is is is install this or Adam driver. A lot of ya go to Star Wars that well you haven't seen the last blow why should go to one. The latest open it is that the last I was pretty good I did enjoy that hey you know what I like more it was like. Like that's a pretty old. You're 101. Yeah I enjoyed the other as did not. It saddens me when you died. Us and it. And you don't. The image eight of the care that's who we got it almost always get your 85 Star Wars characters you go to. If you blocks. Don't know if yes so what we're trying to get I was to really figure it. You guys on skywalker. Yeah. Great my wheel house like Al what 5% kinda just. I didn't actually. I was all on us this like zombies. Would you call Bill Belichick Bill Belichick or you call him bill bullets your. Until well. I don't mainly just does that make an announcement apparently have been saying it wrong on the all time go watch that video Altria today and we. Is he correct does quite. 25 years it was. And he was talking about his dad he's Isetan he mentioned his dad Steve bulletin. Bulletin but Mitch. And double. By these brilliant man. Zombies with an idiot abuse and look at all bullet to. Evidence and tell us a rest today yeah. My points now so yeah he's done in his era until you X for his game because the dolphins always play. The pets. Great one time I'm here and on the coin toss of the patriots hit the ball first it's gonna be over its commitment 35 point blowout thanks Robbie you know he's gonna give in the ball first days are you said the disease afraid of the double score. So you know the coach's retreat on into the swollen. My point no we don't score. Jungle stand complaining Yankee Stadium quote I like the dimensions. That's got to stop what more does that matter. Most. Sports why so long that's the problem handling hundreds and he thinks his defense as the. 85 bears when it's not and he picks Tom Brady is Trevor Symbian when he is not even applicable or for the short to mid field and they're Dragan score. In fact the irony here. In the last patriots game they put it two times for two or less at both times the patrons and square dots did you get that paper I've ever waiver was paid for two weeks.