12-12-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, December 12th

Dolphins took that Patriot ass on Monday Night. Looks like Leroy was right in taking the Dolphins this week. Tobin rewards him with a point on the scoreboard. Beast is super annoyed with everyone in the building making fun of his Patriots. Tobin hasn't stoppped mocking Beast since he came into the parking lot. Tobin takes over headlines by playing sound of Bill Belichick being surly with the media. Tobin has a problem with Dead Beat Jeets being at the Dolphins game instead of being at the Winter Meetings.


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No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. The dogs I am a Momo. While I don't know it and it. WV one opportunity for take backs. The hood has been good. How well. It took we're going to apply to you that you got the same competitive juices as Jay Cutler. I. Can stand. She humanity they do that and I know you can't tell you settlement yeah. There. Really what you. Well I would tell you this. Note a big difference that team is offensively. Which to. The dolphins go ahead and an ability to move you Drake all over the field. Yet they know that means they don't need gay guy. None of doubts about that you know and is it. That areas are you people this the fairness of both play. The different totally different and and when. You often seem bogged. Even though when he's going and it opens often it's up. Whereas when Kenyan Drake. Is the running back. Wouldn't you could open it up. To me is that they were that though. Yeah it's supposed to have a first number one receiver that he put all over the field and dollars lending to all of the veal into and again he's still the big conjured good on the view. Home just a little Bo is. Well there's about one and a soft spot. In taken advantage of and a lot of teams that intake running back IE Pittsburgh and and now the dolphins. At you can run. Why is your routes. On the linebacker Brian okay. Who. And Chris Carter the match widow at linebacker but they're trying to cover letting you take your knowledge. Did you ever gonna Andre because that's solid that is about today it was that is celebratory day it was a great performance by you under the joy I do want to this will get to usually what gets you sassy pants. Mom. And why it's why a condemn both. Well you look at the saints with the morning and you look at with the falcons did last year little underlining why Italy and why why the decision. To say oh. That we can't take advantage of that having both in the well on this on this. On this team you had. Gives the player and a coach. Didn't really get along. And you have that guy. In canyon jury. You say. In and it's not met today and embedded with both problem absolute. Drake 125 carries a slight. Yeah but here's my thing with that. With with with that in case. He kind of fell ass backwards in the both of you don't mean late start of last year you wanna go there and Foster and Boston got hurt fell the and it got him kicked off the team there why they really gave Damian Williams. The the brunt of it when he first left. He got hurt and venues on the Kenyan Drake. Does it does some miss scope exe genius that all of a sudden not and it was just it is this opportunity opened and get Hendrick has taken us to get him into what would they they run. Who. A different way they do a lot of different formations they do opinion jury they do but I don't know what it was Kenny Drake on the team last year. Yes yes yes I'd still if if he's a superstar if he's like the next guy. Why didn't we know that last year because of the page I ramped 200 yards three done enough but that's my and found on the all the the ever so oh wise Adam gays disposed to know these things let's use the offense whisper or the other coach Bill Belichick last night he's most of Nolasco and I didn't recognize what he had big Kenny Drake until it's forced to recognize we're dedicated break in the cage and Damian Williams got hurt -- he says salty and why he's not. After everybody not going to be reasonable we have today why so my point is this happens all the time in sports does somewhat you get Sue Bird looks solidly at a hundred million dollars out of it for from opportunity and injuries and all that stuff so. Mean. Don't ask don't act like Paul we knew Kenyon was the man when he. I don't know if I'm sitting in IS is part of the commerce and I'll be doing that not talking you aren't. Hock and out of the gates or. Talking directly that a case. You might you re gonna talk to your own don't do you know how he was doing last night and a prophet Micah to get my coaches fiber wells together like that is the best of slaves and eight and have a good game you know not to do. With the guy you would I did to do is not as good as the guide trying to do. I just so whoever you put linebacker. When you're in a formation you put a lot of background deer in his job of the public opinion jury. You have a lot of regular incoming Kenyan Drake. We'll be getting play one sponsor that headline thing. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS SS HD true Miramar my sassy hot cakes and their sponsored by progressive insurance. What in college or just got easier than progressives home quote explore what bottle a lot of progress and I. Come easily to headline you call those not to exceed. No we haven't gotten any more like hotcakes. Hey budged I didn't soup in your mouth is them on your face this is a heartache that he said it. Or did. The got a movie it was in last night did you hear this early bastard let's say let's say here here's your so called genius. He gets his basket one time on national television and gave us an lessons to those who lie that has my headline decode is a bastards should. On to do voters. Oh yeah. Hopefully we will do that that this wasn't. Just wasn't good enough tonight. Across. You. Take any. Week for him. It. Many questions again. They're kind of struggled. That Clinton's McEnroe well we didn't win any coach. Nutrient he's the national treasury didn't read more. It's true that you come down here. Sports on your. Here and I'm here into any place here's a stroke for your last year. Less loss previous itself look every game's its own game and not think what happened fighters doesn't do it tonight. Okay. I hope you like do you think everybody that proved we BS that course is started cringing at duke and. Headlines. Of Israel for eleven on third down I had. A chance for second at two dollars. And disorders that is to the two stories there and it's. Stories. Redding and masters retired aged 350. I think he's a whole family more law. Yeah got on the he'll be different blood got down and the other one is up half the NFL network's been suspended because they're dropping their drunken people shoulders. Here. History. I mean and Heath Evans is against surged in you you boy Marshall. Am I wouldn't. And I thought he'd have causes us to lift weights bro guy now. Are we not know if he's allegedly drop in England show the people. That take pictures that are Lou's new lift his allegedly. And that it and the guy that runs the ringer they got there was the executive. I had already left he's got some real problems Bill Simmons fire area and I'm that guy. Doesn't mean. Though known I just known. Like why can't we as a as a sex just keyboard on ourselves. It's easier for you. Well mines and any side and prop. While it. You know. From what I heard today you don't have any of them believe you want to take your Tom Brady champion and believe. And put it in an area of certain. Dolphin fans body. I did not say that and I am at the table that. It's going to be questioned the tape that question how does a great table confidence. And and it is right here in my confidence perfectly. It's like you're. Don't know this Pittsburgh next week noted that black eagle that you know. I know. Nightingale can hit the ball drop back next week fans everything we've fly diva Maria figured hey linebacker kind of figured it out quite annual everything will be no problem may be that illicit Linda beaten this. Knuckleballer figure never even Hank fifty and find whatever skills he once had. And that's gonna come back I understand. Their best receiver yet this bird's best receiver yup it's just small it's everybody else is she argued this. I have no problem 500 yards like I mean it's a lie that game New England is actually wrote favorites tuna points. You realized I'd take it. He's doing. Money yes. I think because. I think. Yeah I would you. Go down on them and underneath it took and how that rivers named an all three of them. Yeah Allegheny. The Ohio on the man on a mile. So just hours. They mojo going here's what's gonna happen everybody predict major would you like to open a small wager on this. Since you feel so confident what he ultimately. But it's what you could confidently if they admit it is the Allegheny the Madonna healer and the Ohio and have a question you know. Let's have a question call us out answers questions. Hey. After all the winning. Dead at the patriots do. You so sure after it on. She. And he did the shock right now whispering. I should guy yells. And because the odd numbered dork plug. This adds a Smart pig I could. I'm driving didn't Portland but it. Parking lot and then after it like it. Do you taste that it didn't look good can't. He's nervous. Because. Ben Roethlisberger Antonia revenue drops 600 yard. Well to help LeRoy and yeah it'll be right if I could. Name. It isn't what do you see the standings there. Yeah that's the jaguars the red behind the patriots this and but after that it is lose the Steelers. That the leap frogs and let's run into a restaurant high. I'm glad that he make its brick carpet better conference record the jaguars have limo money couldn't wait. And her learned it learned learned an eye on here. Yeah if you are valuable siblings told. Joseph I three didn't after the collapse. Of the past yeah. It's gonna have an agent Chad has this. I'm gonna put us and therefore it is I haven't you lose them you lose a Steelers week. The jars and LeapFrog is sitting in a week off I mean you play the first unit of first round game you know efforts on all of more. First and may be against the dolphins just. Yeah. Okay below I don't want to hunt when you. My dad's. While the economy. And distillers and he's been taught me eat emailed me he should anything and lending and Johnny. I'm not pats fans aren't you let him why and everybody's doing and that's what we don't know if we get a donkeys. Steps Ali just a defend what receivers. Listen listen. What's not only did you get the break doesn't look up in his follow my bleeding face. In picket video. Need to see you right I've never seen a likeness. Your little broken you. And it. You don't more broken overcame losses of at the different that's depression was the Russian. McCain's McCain's haven't I haven't had the the wrongly patriots that sort of feel like he could handle lost a little bit better but. I mean you would think Pete there is and the coach Roy answer questions their linemen just like the Seahawks are cheating at the end of games when they're doing the dirty hits. It just take it lost a command. What are you doing he is sitting here peacock and all over the place are told the dolphins fans to call and written me. Heard that you want to 786360. And I tell you how does global game that was not yet. Really adult fans all over my time unless I all of my manages volley got you know what. Fine you won a little game this is not like Paul Edwards and rivalry week big game they want great you know. I'll watch you guys play golf ball my team in the playoffs. Okay you know the problem that is here's aired your life and you shouldn't even be wrapping. Dolphins fans here's aryan that I do represent dogs and I don't even have their voice and not enough I am not your voice no forget little herb heard jaguars. I know is for the jaguars to but here's the it's a two team you can't beat that guy who's peacock and all over the place after McCain's been in Notre Dame team that finished in the middle of the country that is true and say all of these things all matter. And then until the laws as they can celebrate a big win over the big that is different Soviet style different it's different it's different winds in all it. It's not it's not win less games on the schedule there's only a fourteen play job as opposed to a much bigger Glavine about getting a comedy team right now because my bread dot org I know because you're gonna be an early rounds of the playoffs. Because the pitchers they get a bye and prayers are you a little lower my voice that would you want like they're doing it you'll like lobbyists talk like lobbying issue to them noxious what else there. York and a majority of not because he's been faked like a break. Here. Late. How would you like to be brooms. NASA's I was thinking I wanna hear this crap from you lose a one game. I'm not complaining about losing one game. I'm perfectly fine now you sound like you or I am perfectly finally are you all right you what am I the evil empire. Listen so win or lose. It. And typically fly into you know comfortable. In my own asking why he's so that. We can both be comfortable in your skin. Yeah who wasn't should dissident taken in the game Derek Jeter you Russia. Wants in the game in the sweet. Once thought they had a down who look I don't know. This split American port and then finally to gain it was actually exciting. Because you know you wait but it patriot thing to happen. But it never quite happened so I didn't get to watching the game run. So you know somebody text me bundling music behind justice what 2000. And it's way to 35%. He mirrored the essay in the fourth quarter may admit that it's home lead early on and then it was as bombs away talent doesn't that no points fourth quarter. August on steps curry. He was light enough. And Vijay garbage it's I would love to watch the heat game and evidently plenty into lesson they don't believe in playing local sports on their TVs all gets it Flanagan ran a second but this is the hell of an allegation I. So they're to exit the dolphins game Tuesday and he's getting roasted for of course because. He's not the winter meetings. A text or rights and Tobin as Sandra in front of the box seats in front of deadbeat seats he had security telling our section that we can't sit around and look at them all now. And I I mean Chile's government that's that's there's no that's true on now he says yes gimmick that stuff up even Rossi owner has no problem with you talking to him. Yeah unknown song I sure but that's what it taxes riding in an understudy Derek man. You overuse this is not I'm not mad about. The dubbing payroll with a message about straight Ozuna and yell let's those are both terrible things on their own right. You don't dolphins game in the middle of the winter meetings isn't awful look. They during the bits of a major franchise transition here cut down the payroll send it off franchise players. And you just sit Mike hill to do the dirty work can take all the questions like your job. It's Tuesday. All the owners' meetings. This franchise face LeRoy Edwards and Obama Geithner who's the other German Zynga OSHA. It shouldn't do whatever you do you have we ever have we seen him say he's. The first press conference right now since then has now you're not generators that are he was that he was he handing out on Turkey's. I don't believe when Jeter was an assume Sherman had to stand in. I don't buy it it was so it is I don't know honestly and get in late Izzy dizzy just that dense I don't because there's the they would they're Jeter RA. Let's just say let's go clean slate on it. And you wanna say I understand they had to do the stand straight understand that you wanna start things over with the with the farm system. Jackson and Obi and see if you're if you really saying that you have to start over and you got a plan. Only appearance during your busiest week like hey you know what I care about other sports that more than my team. Man something's just bad looks about and Derek Jeter can have a life so. By China does that we had a 101000 dollar box next Michael jury Michael Jordan had he gained. They weren't allowed to look in their direction he's Michael Jordan. He's my good. So what people like I don't buddies Michael Jordan bullet point is would dare Jeter. Late if it if you want everybody to give me the benefit of the doubt if you wanna make people feel like you're really go out to stake a 100% and you are all in on fixing the Marlins. He's getting not the the week with a the most important moves of your era starting off the team cannot be courtside at the heat gain with Ahmad Rashad. Can he not be in this with the dolphins games when trades that he made its way to beat it to go to most not and it's like you've been here. Late and is it does Michael's dog. And you're supposed to put his stamp on the French does. Don't have my QB that got them because if you're expecting a fan base to have faith that things are gonna get fixed with a guy who was here when I was a dumpster fire. It's not gonna. That's a look LeRoy. And if you want if you if you what reason you decide to get into this thing. Late I'm assuming you've got into the speeches you missed the game or you want some part of this and bureaucracy competitor. I got you to a whole fame baseball career. Those students who are our starting over film and they're starting over scouting they're going over Scott airports and they're they're going over farm systems. He had a dolphins game man. Late this morning of artist and you and you expect is because you don't hit it well. And it went up early and we don't we listen real nice guy and it added to the ball player on onto your. Used to be big about all you can go to book. And now this weekend the weekend. During the meetings with the biggest trades are getting made he should he's there knowing that stuff it's like oh no he should be learning how to know that he isn't due to a job lately there's two things one. I agree with you he needs to be the owners' meeting there's no excuse that right okay that's fine. The fact that he was at the dolphins game. And not be like that wasn't like I don't think he chose the dolphins game over the owners means he wasn't gonna go to the owners means anyway is to really doesn't matter what does he know that it doesn't matter where else you don't want to beat the pit stop it is that high maintenance that is Telus security to have people not look at and say the. And it like that's expected if he's got to get a game I expect there cheated to say don't look in the eye and Derek Jeter too handsome for your your your hasn't faces. I'm wondering. If he shot. Way to fans react definitely I'll know this guy you know this guy not lighting rig under the collar African roses but to me is just that but I'm not. A. Who says that one jeetz. Lot of people. Major League baseball's of the drove it right now. 901 A-Rod no I think until one hour Hamas took but LeRoy you know be liked. It's not late they're going to the bar on the weekend when there's nothing to prepare for any more than the practice has been put in. This is the practice is put it then what you're going to be trading these guys and you you supposedly don't know that you say I'm learning on the fly. What are you learning to learning where. You know to me it seems like he thinks on now I can spot that I can spot a winner I can do this I'm Derek Jeter knew there against Joseph Jackson. I can be in Montana and run the next. He'll play do you think Pat Riley is doing. Don't from colleges from college to college and scouting people read he's actually in Hawaii and it. Yes good heat is committed to bed John yeah you don't remember when Dan Marino devers that are on the dolphins is that there's a lot of work quit right. So. That. You can't just show with your favorite thing this is gonna be easy. So it's a bad book because. If you're so. Aware of how things look and optics of the situation. You have to know right after you do this trade and you have future trades come in you'll probably should be in that environment to show. Well let's okay. Let's just say Stephen Ross you know there's a machine connection Jeter's and his veto loves Michigan he processing guy would've invited him Geller solo. Let's say genes get them being invited to the dolphins Manny wants to play nice and go to that game. Where the owners means. Are they in Orlando in. A gate at worst it's a three and half hour drive. Probably Jeter's his best to 45 minute PJ flight how late you can do both. But does not know that is correct does not that is correct if we knew. Oh. On this leg issue we know he knew that the excuse is not that he what had to go to the W and excuses you just got to beat the owner pleadings. The problem. As I agree. You probably. But it doesn't booted because he's so open really said I'm still in this we know can learn. What's everybody in the crawl now he needs altogether he needs to be there like not like I. I European phase of the organization no fur fake five million dollars a year and you need to be the owner the only reason why. I think he should be there. Is because statues were most of these deals take place yes. And if he's going to be. Have the final say on all these deals. He should be here MI kill. Should be route that should be related by facetime right. Exactly you know usually does that show you wanna get stuff done get it done and timely manner you're going to be there have been conversations. Or what are. That being said. Maybe that's my kills doing. I'm telling you he showed me a year and all it not for the reasons that you're saying because sometimes. If your boss. Is daycare. It since her shoot and you do what needs to be done. Paid to me amend that stuff like it if Mikey Mikey knows you can't debate gets them. I need to go about never got a radio show before you don't say or is he never run the show at Cleveland said hey. I wanna see how all the shows it on him and we haven't really gone out today's needs to be your biggest because shows. Head late to go watch you guys do you show I would have a Rama that is you know I don't and the whole we would get others for the whole weekend but he sure I have during work. If I were to see a light. Hey you guys to you over the I would stay in my regime on the radio station and all I can see him doing is going courtside in using our stations against the heat game he's never here doing work and that's different. It looks like man you see yes. That's. That's the perception I have a look. I'm gonna save this and I believe it's. Based on what he's been saying he should leave it. But. Him not being there. It's not indicative of what type of job or what they're trying to get done. You understood Eminem say it it looks way but it doesn't mean they're not get anything done. Gets you I would just hope that if if the point of having him here. Is that he is going to make his imprint baseball wise I knew he is gone over every press conference to say hey. We big mess that we got to clean up here from the previous regime. But the guy who's running it the guy who has my liaison right now the winter meetings. He's here the entire time for the dumpster fire. Should you be there with him to say hey this is what I want you to look for. Is just as much it'll look for always always looked for. With whatever voodoo they wanna say that he is not involved this involved with this in on the good mood was never on the bad moves. That's still the old regime that's right there picking your players and making each. Aides here's 1 reason if I am jeetz why go to owners meet. Because of how bad that John Colston. And what you didn't get to. That being said if I saw that. And how that Lou won the best players. In baseball. I want to have a better grass below. We can do deals where you work with those guys with my Q and go to. You exhibit at the outset waters doing to join a six hour recital of the shenanigans that went down Hialeah park as I was crazy this past this past we've podium morning the dolphins are we come back after the snow. Putts victory cheers SA great man got a Panthers when dolphins went all the same night glorious it is. Put him to do. McKenzie on do this again it. Does this until fifteenth of January yet suffer. Might have been who did win a BI DB due to the kids were office we can buzz about Boston College beat duke. Agreed to a system for women got to win against us somebody that was ranked us and so I saw money walker got ACC Rick yes easy regularly. And Kenyan breaks up for some FedEx. Ground weakness that. FedEx award I don't know if you get in those emails don't don't hate him at future among and you hit it in the dryer I told you this it does nothing to hate on. There's nothing to paid I but I but I am blessed the little flustered like it does not greatly book. But again YE. Why not have more weapons want to have. I look at I look at all the illegal offices around league. And they don't just have a guy here. What happens here's what happens in ball ball here's what happens on teams that are struck. It's not. That you don't necessarily have the talent. But do you have too much of it and you don't know where to use. So can injury would've not been able to be continued Dre is JJ I was. And jade giant. Couldn't be. When it works on other teams. Everybody has their set roll. And you just go we'd. This team isn't that would yet. Other real quick piece in news is that why Leonard is back starting to. Learn and by the rest to leave no good bye to Marcus Aldrich. Ehlers causes the love of life there is above the limit without coli landed right by the way it's PO by Adobe big guys. And Marcus saw on the firework and Alice Tisdale. Not to knock. What did you study done at that it is doesn't god and you fix all the problems. Not so much somebody. Got a little personal went to sit like Goran. Much it by the c'mon man. Actor who. Terrible. And it's Tuesday though Tuesday of the problem daily commute more on occasion lumber around like Winnie the left some honey. Yeah that's why. I don't know it wants an athletic people on hand and she will immediately look at old is bleak and shoot well he was lucky that he got two lines positive. Take that that. That's right take that for data and a lot of my last night. Any jumps on LeRoy it's. Couldn't you get to the defense if he's jumping in Duncan is no I tell you he's blossoming before our very eyes. He's out of the defense it's so quick so quick let's give him he's out on the wing LeRoy jump shot you know attendance. We already have one of those guys on Boone justice. You missed it you mean missed the developers. And Reynolds is currently. At it's it's how this could go out. Out of work that might be its. Oldest I don't care Richardson is still. It's just a Rleal. And check out his career from the re. Political most of that is a great outlook wanting. Yeah. It. So. Dude you're talking about one best of not the best shooter I ever have a weakness in what observers is that. And drug did she doesn't know what it. In red and yeah. I've. Never been in my life. So the dumbest thing you know you've got a pretty close I think he was Ray Allen he's almost there might at some point he can issue what he was simple we. Yeah sure this isn't. Those 39%. Oh sorry sorry what does that say forty what was this hot. As high. War it is. He shot 43%. Back to back seasons in 2002001. Right. Good and how many how many do you make that year. And attempts announcement of its move holding cool tests. Here in those seasons he shot. 229. Times snow on a red army times he may he attempted 533. Pointers in those seasons where. It's justice when it's just gotten a fifty yet. Alamo has got a terrific show will you. Got a fifty shots yet we'll remember him. You know the totals are all of a sudden he's out all right a year ago ago. This year. He has shot 41 times from now. Let's on his whole round was last July more. In answer to that point. You shoot you three pointers until you don't want. Just is when those defense is a little bit better in rounds. Asked. And I. Not as good as it was a rookie year but he could still. LeRoy c'mon man he's nervous about a bad. You guys are pretty good though 35% from three auditing those common. Rules say that. He stated quite understand how a person could have LeBron late in his city of four years and not realize. Everybody street port cities gets better when you play what the rot that saw them play Leo for four years and his didn't he was voted to Rleal. All right did did in. The go to guy for years and the thing. It shouldn't even be played with LeBron James when he was 15 years old. And his aides like you know what reporting is three point shooting stupid with this guy. I do that anymore. To earn your tail on a guy. It was questionable if he would ever take another she. Have been bugged when we should try to meet Bob it's 43% to three his entire career I think I was pretty confident it was a it was a very well wait wasn't. Atlanta won the orange. Eight. You were pretty competent guy who just whistles start. Only go to Italy too we are sample size switch. To. You were shooting the ball that wasn't. I. Still didn't let me put port. Hitting them did he was sure. Any ocean what's up Tony. And then you guys can go yeah I only got one W can go into the fourth quarter and anybody caught the ball good I'm bidding. And canoeing or they tricked Montgomery County film I feel so good today. Orange you you hadn't been so cool it. Might might I can do I why I talk or understand why I even want I want it or not. I dedicate their country. But I won't they may go forward this garden god and when you well I don't widely you're putting them. Order born in China where Kirk Procter and eat right. Shape or liquor or treatment or whatever and it the concert. Public safety color let's check it doesn't penetrate quite open with you the ball. Was a man out of his fans do. At least you know you're quarterbacks named sir lakes soccer. I'm urged to not cover I know that tour. I'd go all the good majority who would. I never. We don't know if the goal of the adult I was that seasons good old days. In order number. The only driver god my god I believe. And we appreciate you buddy we love these proceeds like I appreciate you a communion until and when you look at it I don't want to help out you know did. Oh. We can install. I didn't looming out there. McDonald. You can come and don't. Wouldn't. You know what it was you who are Joseph I don't know who yet because it's become I got to take a look at the corner and actually go out. We haven't got a job to last night late you have to think you wanna go the punch bowl Kaczynski and real idea. Get a little slots are in the season. Absolutely and and then. Let's go get a New England I had that order trouble and actually got an allusion to grow our outplayed the New England. I'm so sorry shall I ask and I know that he's got to get in and out like knowingly. You weren't watching Mike and weight loss does that sound very without wanting to discuss our secure. How wired com throughout dish it off on right. Yeah and is that why. She Nevis. British investors right now I appreciate your body. You don't think Q Tony I get to appoint you. Tony did you Tony appointed give the checks that allow car we'll put a lot Karbala for Tony here and to me to know I don't know I love back.