12-12-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, December 12th

Tobin is loving this Tuesday outside of the fact that he had to watch the Stanton press conference yesterday. The guys talk about the whole situation with the house of Chris Bosh's mother and wonder if Chris Bosh is real life Heisenburg. Tobin starts to wonder who in the league is most likely to have a drug ring. Tobin is still angry about Jeter at the Dolphins game, which leads to a conversation about if any owner in Miami gets thier own Publix Sub. Beast went to Flannigans for the game last night and they had a policy that they dont put the sound of the games on and Beast had issues with that. The guys start having an arguement about John Heisman and if he had the best stiff arm.


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I'm used on live on its that is still out there what was coming out and about 22 minutes. But I wouldn't let him play for the segment because I don't want to embarrass us. With the seeds and have you exhibit of the world again data that are obvious we got we got a reputation Opel. But it's obvious they have funded the fun Tuesday lots of when he went down yesterday and I especially after after watch in the junk calls to impress god you may wanna puke quite honestly to see him in the Yankee uniform. Horrible I just. Not saying it's his fault has got to like it. Sure well I don't understand what you wanna go out there and home I don't understand why you want him who don't know what it looks. No but now the Yankees icon no I don't like the Yankees did liberal when they come into town I mean jut post and she gives him innovation. I would give him I will give them applause you'll is announced you won't stand we stand off think about it. When the game starts all when the game starts I'll let's not act like you've got an even beat the year ago. That's moans games ago huge element huge to self lords was at least ten children still among social Marlins late. Alan too highly of boxing. In a little with the people. Oh marks the people. That do muzzle us is likely accounts which opened its knowing TE. They have embryos for two years because they aren't. As elitists in new played a pretty pleasant OK great news and we'll all split as a with the new logos. Larry you can get like. I'd already been there a longtime analyst Linda having a fight about it when dislikes us to dutifully someone else know I was followed is get in the orange is. Yeah but. I don't know do you pay more affluent for the play. Maybe I don't know I think you do line you Tim for that play button so that at least two. Whatever you had jumped. Perhaps. I think extra caused dozens pitches last night he sent. But at. But your headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. true Miramar. I just want to buy Dell get the right solution would Dell's small business advisors get up. To 300 dollars off select servers and business PCs with Intel Core processors until. December 17 visit Dell dot com slash small business or call 877. By Dell not too much going on in the world sport we have a couple of stories. Going on as a relates to the NFL Devin Hester announced to Viet acquitted today. But he is retiring at the age of 35 he did that tell its own league so much truth is good let investors like. In the league decided they were moving the kick off line and yet it's like well. The tough. The we're doing and oh why Leonard is back for the spurs tonight. So that's something that might affect the entire bass well world and the big started annual sports is kind of about sports media whereas. The bunch of people at the NFL network but. He's Evans Marshall Faulk Ike Taylor. As well as. The former executive Eric Weinberger. Being accused in a lawsuit by. I'm a former think hairdresser on the set of sexual harassment allegations and if you read the details. Of this whole thing. Newsman as I mean got a degree dunk off what in Childers. You have regular news guys a pigs in every field. Let's stop and Monday. What you do man that's. If if they did that Gaza of the you know they should everywhere here without with a or make anybody feel that way. WW Wear it on don't be grossed bag. Just historic christmases modern. Yeah club onto drug issues for a well apparently. Her house. In Texas got raided it was it was a drug raid there. And she's the owner of the house but all these headlines are coming out over the weekend Chris Bosh is mum. Caught up that a drug ring Chris Ross's mom is Heisenberg. And it turns out she apparently says that it was a a short term Tenet. I had nothing to do whether she rented out a house to cover legal bills. To fight the eviction from her son. Says it's really she's legends Monica has Bausch and ideas must and others on a script by the Brothers Allah. As of the story says. Dallas reportedly raid on Friday. No the decision Milan be yelling police found cocaine and marijuana during a traffic some of a car leaving the house and further surveillance done in large amount of vehicle traffic was coming and going. And they saw several hand and drug type transactions. What are we crazy Chris Bosh was a drug lord I could Judi is he he least what about. Native nick. More cylinders mushy on Chris Bosh would be very surprised and by the way could spot does have a brother named Jill Hawkins that's what was going on their seriously Chris Bosh. Being Heisenberg. I would be stunned. It would fit the bill is Eisenberg was accused been thirty chemistry teacher back in the day back and bring him bad but. MD and pretty stunning lake who also be the case is really going. As much money is why sent her own reason why would be shocked. The third of urgency reprieve for the cowboys got caught. Yeah that's right. Is a big kingpin. God I. You don't know. You know be sunny and corn dry. No he would he would do it and I'm pretty certain I'm pretty certain that there's some kids I just don't want to watch it. To sang and read maybe he's not doing it but I think he knows it I think Gordan is news and check he knows the guy who knows a guy. Don't we all six degrees going on though got a nose in six years I'm producers on writers is running ring. In Russia. From Russia. Now he's playing in Russia. Sort of plays in Russia oh Zorro on drug to death I'm pretty sure the brother he handles on the dirty work once has the finances behind. It would be eaten in. What is wrong we knew they are ready. I will. We got enough trouble with the big bomb. Big deal or do brewed Joseph Gordon Georgia running your triggering. You Merlin to rumors. Of they give me fifty heels Molly drop its. Rocky I thought you was. Built let the Arista IDs. What's the big deal. Why why do we allow this. We should've put you know excited Sunnis who started on this. She's just put the brakes on booze and who's most like drug runner drug ring in the MB. Most likely now. I'm not too soon but I'm that is steadily now all high and announced at moments I. There's people there's things in here. Is that Komodo dragon I don't need that and then up the Comodo. Comodo. Blown. This I know you sick kimono electric chair they do. A mode do. I don't want to give up fearless of reason to drug dealers in the NBA Galati a Leo back. I mean. You do live up north. Now let's citizens too dumb to drug runner Droid. Who might cut. I an hour. I've done and I don't know I don't know should I hope it's fiction an all. Time. Women's game. Most too obvious to hide I don't do any name. As honestly euros and a sack of potatoes man known cosic. It flake. Somebody's at Michael Beasley but I feel he did time is on supply viruses there's there's no seven on while what are you doing what. What fits. Robinson was and let's. Did you madness a unicorn. Like if he refuses running an Irish and see like Pat Riley was I mean apparently but. In New York. Phil Jackson these kind of right. It was forcing they booed in mellow them. Booted. Him right. That no. Now. Lies are about Melo is because. What Jake is now he was so insulting to mellow that he country and on and no I'm not saying he did it. The right way know. What he was saying was accurate. Lucinda Melo is totally fair. But how he did. Is there with the warts yes soak. Skeleton there Tuesday and yet it's not it's not let each agent Gus and probably my you're gonna trade junk cause then it's. Now I only did seem like he's the one who had the idea right and a lot Elizabeth good teams are on the list and on that others and don't Monday Night Football in the winter meetings are going on. Really we don't do that I mean I don't dull. Do that anyone she'd say don't you didn't go to winter meetings I don't think you really mattered but altitude until go to London a football you go to public's. Derek Jeter wants to go get some. I had chances online order but don't sit there live and let them make it. But if you wanna order had anyone any role in the supermarket the last time was a Derek Jeter and rolled into a supermarket in sub. When he picked out surges knock on the summit while. He'd not himself. He's have a guy you're gonna show of course even the president gives Burger King I mean McDonald's. A gate yet. Well I mean the whole story about the president of the ships at the White House Fedorov replicate the big Mac they couldn't do it it added security to get it over to the head of security tiger again the big. But no she isn't rolling the public see you know publish some. Mon what you paid you right. And there I don't think go to the federal lines and Pat Riley roles in the spotless ever gets above son now I really does just you know who I've been good at what. Who Mickey Ericsson. No no way no way to know you know what he's. Judges don't you commitment and getting a pub sub. Yes it is the way you're never going to be in front line. No way Mickey arsons ever got to PubSub by himself since he's been a billionaire all of all the owners are there if they never. That's true. Would match I should admit garrison in the younger days as rolled into our public to know what that does Stephen Ross. No way he's talking about the Little League know. Now you know away I can see one 1000000%. I hear how much money. Had ever had. Never call and hit. To have a make must question perhaps it be done what we trust one atom of all the good of all. Of all the clowns like you meandering through the just look at where there. Any new tsunami or of the management or owners or upper Echelon people must town's sports. Who'd be the most likely. To go to public to get a sub. Sun and it's not only does data as it. Management anymore I won't put it was big I think Portugal still get oppose. The graphic yet I don't Garfinkel would have to come in a moody who Tannenbaum you gotta know who they are though. I give you Vinnie my O Doug gates is get a pulse now. Jason is doubly hit no Dunkin' Donuts on the way home to read more. Drive through word arrives to drive there is going would he got commitments through standing not the Nellie knock me out no he does too many people friend to have decided I would insists. In my keywords what we're even now in editor at him ordering a PubSub leg feeling I want lettuce. And we wouldn't know. Doesn't that that's echoed over well. We're a Mattingly. Bobby and I. I should not get it right etiquette don't scams the spot. Did they send somebody or Diego on the days and given the have you whichever of the world Yasser while did you think he still would Joseph and I think he lives in Alabama but let's say his version of whatever Alabama's yeah. Publics today at Kroger. Whatever it is do you think he still as heavyweight champion of the world. He goes and he's an honest man. Just yet. This if Alabama or your fights and you don't know who. It is. 68. Okayed it sold probably the end you don't go ask him down here we're pretty neat. New board of these and is that what if he's in his element leg you don't that right if you weeks at a fight. Right in Vegas serial beer like I. Went back to Schenectady skin packets of Schenectady yet. Like he would go out to the local. Delhi placing get a sub that is home now. And reveals top violator 65 public's locations in Alabama really is and he's probably yes yes yes I would also agree. Let's find out next only ten. No me into the lives and I came under. So we're enemies the victory Monday it here on the ticket out respect to be joined by Dion there while there and a matter of minutes. What's normal and down and highly apart does does he can where. He started to bleed for doing sorties. Masterful plan. I mean that's a lot of what. Or two didn't. Annul its low on annoy the hell he was thinking commit all the way down here and usually do. Vegas. You know it a little bit of mud WW we should mention that I'm now a days. I love shenanigans you can say no thank you probably called them. I don't know that's what I wanna know it seems it seems like it was a little bits. May be surprised if senate get together at. We were. Does the hello mile apart don't just yet. I would do an may. You would dig but this is this is the guy who was supposed to fight many pop for. PD tests. And so. Vague cancel that flight I showed that knocked Hillary murdered the doodling 92 blow. And show and so then. He's like aren't that was for Luis Ortiz and so they this as a come down to Miami. As somebody bobbled them. And so yeah I wanna know what the how one into that decision I mean I get them. He's not been a line in the fight to the hell out of here. You'll summit DB Ollie at home John whoever's crock. His big cat week and that geo wild we all. Know this is like this is apparently they follow. What goes into that stocking of the jaguar going after the drug and I do look set up a need to know I need to get some background on that. And they went down when they don't it's not one of the mr. would you. Is it so like lions do not see I think I think the jaguars is they is a solitary hunter. Yeah I don't make them have no idea to be Gaza the he should better be used as the dolphins really David CES today I feel great and I got no drama at all. They really did that's. And by the way I'm making the playoffs another signed into the final last year I go far in the playoffs. Noticeable there's another sign them get no I'm just start made these out. One was Cracker Barrel. In two went away native Greg bear. And to. Head to put on he list. We were under your quell. You have to Sox yesterday. Crocs and Crocs and Sox take away. Reliever right premiered on players yes your class and up. Choice. My socks shirt there just go yet you can I mean you can't Wear shorts Florida and he's addressing bombs I'd. We're gonna gallery yes right by the I mean to Wear jeans and shirt. But not Crocs knock rocks Newser yet. Her. Goal is that I don't like dark sneakers may be. You'd dark sneakers classes and Flanagan is there a beast. Well I bubble flag it's listen I love flanks when his big part of my life for along I guess we AT and other let there's rep. It's one of lust and the one right there with Leo on the water right here yet it. We love to go their 'cause they get the water in the back to you sit out there's really nice. We show there my son's that you must on birthdays today have a birth is record ten. Rumored days the big one yeah that is got to self confident on the other issue why yen won't iPhone I've funny. No yeah. We've lost them yet known though although I got it first last night I put every parental neglect he can basically only go to espn.com. How does that work at all I went you can put your own passcode in the parental passcode. It's gonna hack not I don't you'll put a you know at least for now he. We questioning. Smarter this that or not sounds obvious. I know my daughter can run an iPad better than my wife can autos and so in my wife were judged parental controls. Gimmick can be want sort of she want to. And it ends so the Floridians Weston generally we love going oh what the specifically to my someone to go there much to watch the game right okay. And we go there. And it's 8 o'clock so I have now before again and look around and all the TV's. And I seed documentary on the NFL network I see the avalanche game on one TV. I've seen other hockey game from some other parts unknown I don't know minority or somebody whose plan you and other non team anymore. And there's nothing going on like where's the heat where's the Panthers know that games coming up whatever sounds like you know opposite down to a much. Now it's getting closed Monday Night Football pan but the game on but duties but no sound. We just comes all right go patriots are sound like no we don't do sound. It would mean you don't do sound sight yet for four volumes generally only at the outside Bart reduce down because we find that it does disturb our diners. Why it's like we're sports bar right. Six yet but we we find the sound disturbed or diners. So we don't put sound on of the games Williams classified as a sports bar I mean they got a 110 TV's. They analyze his team. Oh my goodness TVs their rules so. Fine I'm like okay. A sense of that now as are tweeting at corporate is apologies I get the blue check marked and of course when he's manpower. Surgery. So that Elvis onto a tremendous amount they look like they've got a phone call. They stuck in the volume. Ends. They are grudgingly the Britain bury my day look angry. No way to. Do this in the wake of Auburn goes I guess you got what you wanted got you sound. You have they yet what he's been issues like guesses is a big game we never do this. So that put the sound on here and then the managers coming over to laws in our section but the sound up Lego pacer you know the heat the Panthers played as well yeah. They want to get the avalanche in the some other hockey game on itself local budge put the heat and dancers on take. Wait wait. I don't care you honeybees. Client note noticed it's the New Orleans. Pay fled billions your policy of not putting some of the ballgame his horse crap seriously and lower I don't want to know the have TVs and Dallas and ridges game while he and there's a bands are playing. Also the team together and have a documentary not always a good idea not. Get it done. Isn't I don't letters you almost more smarter. And listen I love I love playing against one away. Have you ever lets you know but here's the problem becomes that guy did not the best thing that does that not do know is going to. It doesn't matter where they're down here they are usually not always true I usually just Portugal on pines which they're great sponsors ice that like all these places. And they got James Bond that no like a hockey gauged the West Coast we can't complain they'll just on the networks and write imaginative. And the best is locked into a sports bar and a rerun of walker Texas Rangers on my. Like yeah yeah. Do you live was on NBC the night before ready whatever whatever mid day Jody. It's not seems like. Hours ago that the other day I was out of and downtown was parliament to sports bar and walked in. Zillion TV is not he came to be found and I go to the guys. He game. Find enough and goes. Gazelle you heat if you and that he'd been ready CEOs who nets. Prove he you to let you get there isn't much. How important that's again listen listen in the in the control room right we got four paper schedules we got. Came scheduled dolphins' schedule at the scheduled to heat's schedule and in season the Marlins get to all of free. We all three critically about the computer. And we know. If I look at the wall I know when the games are on it hasn't won a Marlins split every day game I know there will evidence I know who's playing whom and when it's weird how that works with the schedule. These sports bars. Can't kill the schedules. I don't know what our local team to play I don't know managers don't let the NHL network can have a keen to get the radar and then doubtful we'll know it's amazing to me here's what kills me. The advertisement that they have. What's the game words towards more. If you don't watch this genius they think. That. So would have been like when you when when you're there and you watched the volume on the page is in their ass kicked he was that I wrote in your face like. We can now you're probably will for Jersey right. Now as our eight utility. I was on the wolf fortress two but probably made it worse it now it is this guy's no digits fans know we're all entitled nozzle. The wake. You the wagers you could tell that she was a little bit like someone had said something and and the met the two managers running around and they you can deadly to other solid from corporate had given them a call and scare them out of their office does. They'd know what they were done with the remote controls are all over the place. Instead of the heat game did not make you know one TV in a place that while. Theories. Figured out. And it all three local team to win that let's do like 67%. Of the teams the TVs and NFL game with the volume up on that. They'll put the rest of the TV's most of money heat game has little popular. And then you know level every every corner will put a patent game on just gives you some hockey fans were good night and. We had football game after I begrudge Lee said something and documentary on the NFL network. Locker Texas ranger and the avalanche game whose football inflows. And you know. I was so. They are skewed McCardell amusement. And keep. A little bit I don't want to say hello once or it's every day plays out here it's a play big cat well. Scandal. And the have vision. Maybe we're just in the minority like maybe where the weird doesn't really did most you'll probably go to sports are for the food and like going to watch the games fruit in us. I don't know the content I can never complains of these constant problem for the whole summer. Porsche and for the food get rid of the I don't know every club did well. It is. Your clients. Keep in mind that also into it aired on the eve of general hospital bond. Will Stephen basement shows the bones and hospital. That we have Stephen A Smith from yesterday amid that that homer Max Kellerman. It's driving me nuts I was always wears a dark yeah it's amazing does does this comes with a magic peace wedding and is considered a bar and grill now sports bar. Engines. If bar there's really no reason to have television that a bar does not for sport direct that is correct militia like one of those Buckley got out of the hard rock. The hard rock plays music videos does they're the hard rock tracks or like you can link up fancy Italian restaurant in a one TV at the bar. Just because yeah that's fun I did you like maybe you put the big game out of the barges engage wanna go to Jacqui jet jet leg. What do you get like a hundred and he's. No not a secret and that they have the right on please don't need. A bit dirt and handled it very Israel did play. I wrote that have influence on those just listened and and did feel this is time restaurant really really does not open anymore the only sold but Nam. We had this to be had this waiter come over to our table in the World Cup was going on there was Italy vs Germany right and so the guy comes out it's in time restaurant and he's like ham and it. Up like Luigi static. I'm a little Q that's you know what ever kissed whatever we want to drink up and and that all other. So then this phony your time this horrible whatever this phony walks around. The point oh it's supposed to be horrible at it's like a horrible below and I'll I'll I'll Italian accent I didn't hit me when I get to welcome home analysts and he walks around to the other side the bar we concede this does it's like it's the way the way the the rest ozone is the dining area then there's the bar that has like. This Billy glass windows and has locked off. And the one TV is the World Cup on its believers as Germany and and so missed a bit beat up the ball but he he he goes and all the sudden his life. Saying he can you dig she's wrong. You came here and you can then it was like best holiday at my table and all of a sudden you're going to burn through for the rot. A sense this text comes in BC a single handedly 56 a single handedly making 56 degrading the better good sir we on them to do. Does that. Yeah. Yeah. Now by champion for about a horse upload them and Jeep truck and SU customization shot. It guides that got us more about what modifications in town called champion Paula port 7865023446. We're champion former Ford dot com. We Lou trying to reschedule Dionte wilder for tomorrow's of people coming in on the Ole pub sub. And San apparel absolutely it's about sub. Europe's millions of sub aha ha and as far as most surprising. Most surprising drug dealer in the NBA Beaubien. I'm oh that would that would be surprising to these seven hole MB into some illegal. That's naked so surprising. Although the Bogut and was a drug lord they got richer him. As one that would have a giant office with like the old traditional wooden furniture and petting a cat. He's as the late and I feel like I feel emboldens the kind of monster that would have a furry creature to balance on his monstrosity. Of hands. That is either of these in just a lion. No like I pictured he'd like you let your body the couple. To like. Offset his monster way is what we knew why did you bring. Look at this guy is is is is this is not normal. What with this guy is would look at him next to his little wife Lucille Ball in he's he's not of this or. I can't imagine you are drug can get his wife yes which. One thing is who brought you public policy. Seven plus so so loss mean and is and his she's she looks like she's barely five feet no. She's at least two feet. If not more. Shorter than him moon. These he's an insanely John Burson. Otherwise discuss it features. A giant has wimps from a giant. The medic got a seven point and say oh he's got size and beat. We were fighting about right now Miami Kenyan Drake or boom are a lot of by. An injury injure her in. We got there all day or convict and school how many times last night at least three or four that I can count of was he running into the pile stopped. June right. Or left. And then gained a bunch GR the spin room was the one that impressed oh yeah that's the outclassed by the Spaniard and I think out of violence in answer because you know a year from now tricks will be flipped for fourth round pick. Yeah we care Susie it's a little bit on the high enough to show the way it is great news tip arm. It's. That that he's he's so he's just got to take indexing a little full of himself. And as soon as somebody makes a Kenyan Drake shared enemies into it. I want to it does is look and we're going down below what if if an injury is gazes. Not. Know how do you think. Williams is though aside from Joseph the way it was this is guy aside from the alienate a little past their prime issue is Thomas say aside from Jay Cutler and Julius Thomas is there anybody that's really gays guy. And tentacles and this guy has delayed. I mean I don't ever there. Yet color I said Nicholas who was I'm features color on this I think par is this guy but. And idea not the same can do. That to testament which I guess anybody Porter are now. Now I don't like to do with the Boston. He had a few cuts are an integral cuts on the fourth down yet a couple of big drops to. Mr. tax comes in and I wholeheartedly agree if trials does do the pub sub and it seemed going exclusively boards head. Our. Can I. This also comes in known and he organization would need a public sub does they would be afraid there'd be afraid to disrespect Haslem in this Subway Restaurants. To. It is the only for the ticket and or someone its own special. No I don't think they go there I think impatient with the OG may get subway you can't get ticketed to submit a way that no that's your. It's two million eyes which you. Alleged shoe that's net outlook. You don't have so I'll do that Jeter would take your foot mignon from the Marlins kitchen and try and traded for PubSub. I think you probably takes to go tree take a home. Where he died this column. Of course you did here so ask the same question I did which is Haley read that you do has been moved yet. Been moved people who what's what's coolest remover hurdle. It doesn't always will be always. Could work. You know casinos bamboo go back on the other way Google's move her I don't give a little very rarely goes bad because basically what you're going to use of the guy. Has leverage its bid. It pushed up at the right. You don't. That things can happen at things can happen in the most important thing is so we'll see you don't Joseph besides you need composure June. Why do it. It may be in doubt serious and you got to put. But I'm says a lot of the ball yet I'm saying a simple on off of simple golf is isn't going to pull off the hurdle pull off the spent the Sokol Kubel grounds removed. Big doesn't. Always bring it. I know gravity anytime you can take eight top notch athlete. Just make with. So when you jump over him this just means you bigot he was scared to hitch you jerk back rubs to mark. The drum cadence as he amok on those so. Like give stiff armed as late as is part of the tricks of the trade like that's right in the toolbox is different items upon. You spoke to me like I was no doubles you gotta have long arc beats the whole point of this or is your arms a longer it is if you speak and you. Tell you the Romberg running backs. Oh and husband have long arms. As. Now. Does have barely won that uses might ensue if I was in my does lose what sort you guys are immoral. It is. Regular Joseph goes and he didn't say. Well edit and husbands and it was an advertisement edit. Know from now on the I really don't know. It would as John highs and easy coach he was a coach George Pataki touted some school Cumberland College but it hundreds odd that has been how long arms. It's allows us department sports listen listen. Some polls this masterful every time. Mosul as the as the former minister win every time that you come in. With some nonsense you have your belief eating grin on. You got in because you you just trying to get a lot of things that there are good and Sally. Let's try to sell for lunch today I. Ha ha aren't Smart guys John Heisman. Some arms on and look at that it'll tell you don't have shoulder pads or ago. Does matter got a long arms and legs political basket when we're little we use that dude pulls when he took a little too individual picture red apples or didn't. No not that I'm making a rule from the show let apology on the funeral home and get upon I don't know I'd make funeral saw guys that hello I'm. Over the show anytime you come thundering in with what are your bleak eating grin expressions that just trying to get merely read to stop you get minus 2.0 yes that's not fair and it's not a punishment for points you get her that I'm sorry to numeral. That was your question Tobin. It. Roy. All report 1940. Who all uneven oblong it was a law you and your ball doesn't matter he's got the most famous stiff farm in sports. No the most famous holes not most famous pupil. Thought any ruling on this is the Heisman Trophy is doing the state farm. Here I got a pretty easily missed if we're right there second go. I don't. A group to write it out. Corporate right now go to the right. Oh you go back you gotta go back Jesus this is horrible. The U ruined yeah are we do this that's hot. On the Wikipedia page of the stiff armed fend. It does it at the Heisman Trophy in American college shall also the players to baiting delivered a stiff armed then. Well. And I don't know do you do it now where would you just do one. No. I that's a five point oh. We are today I just left the show a smarter than that to everybody can't sniff for. But shock. He's been put it he's as long arms and I got that qualification from you said he almost arms can't sit farm so I need to know John how. Weizman how long arms and he did I think I could still form you know it was the Foreman. One time went to sticks or somebody and you literally our moms. Who pals like keep in my hands to myself. No motive fantastic.